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October 13, 2008

UPDATED 10/13,08, at 4:30pm


I. The slip into the Fascist Economy is so far advanced that the word "Nationalization" is actually being heard - though not in America yet.

NEWS BRIEF: "British Banking giants to be nationalised", The Independent (London), October 13, 2008

"Two of Britain's biggest high street banks will in effect be nationalised today in a dramatic move by the Government that follows a day of international negotiations aimed at co-ordinating a pan-European approach to the global financial crisis. The development, where the state will take a majority shareholding in Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and a large share of Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBOS), emerged as European leaders appeared ready to follow the UK-led strategy of bailing out ailing banks by using public funds to take large stakes in them."

Notice the words carefully, "banks will in effect be nationalised".

In Socialism, the government takes total total control of a company, while in Fascism the government owns either a significant proportion of a company or over 50%. In one instance, above, the British government plans to own over 50% of RBS while owning a "large share" of Halifax Bank of Scotland. Therefore, a true nationalization is apparently not planned, at least not in the purest sense of Socialism.

The European Union (EU) is said to be planning much the same "rescue" plan, but a plan tailor-made to the individual countries comprising the Union.

"Mr Brown added that last night's meeting at the Élysée Palace was an 'important moment for the world economy'. He said: 'Decisions that we make in the next few days are decisions that will affect us for many years ahead'. Although Mr Brown declined to take the credit directly, French and European officials said that the European Union strategy was largely inspired by the 'radical' proposals adopted in London on Tuesday. There will be no single EU-funded rescue package but there would be what the German leader, Angela Merkel, described as a 'tool box' of measures which can be adopted at national level without shifting the financial pain from one EU country to another."

Therefore, can we expect the E.U. to own a significant and/or controlling interest in the banks of Europe? We will have to wait to see how these planned developments unfold, but we suspect that they will follow the Fascist ideal.

This next news article indicates that the Bush Administration may be planning to carry out a similar partial nationalization of banks.

NEWS BRIEF: "Bernanke running out of ammo", By Julian Delasantellis, Asia Times, October 10, 2008

"US Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke's belated interest-rate cut uses up valuable ammunition in an attempt to keep the financial system afloat a little longer. The question now is whether the government can hold back from nationalizing a bank such as Citigroup before the presidential election."

I would think that the Republican White House would like to avoid carrying out a Socialist action like nationalizing private industry until after the November Presidential election! Why unnecessarily anger Conservative voters prior to the election? After all, Conservatives are traditionally very, very resistant to Communist/Socialist actions like Nationalization. Genuine Conservatives voted for George Bush rather than Al Gore because they felt that was the best way to avoid a "Liberal" like Gore from taking actions like the Bush Administration is taking now -- overthrowing Capitalism and instituting Fascism.

World stock markets on Monday opened up higher, as investors seem to like all this Fascist planning.

NEWS BRIEF: "Dow jumps 400 as government pledges bank aid", Yahoo Finance, October 13, 2008

"The Dow Jones industrial average surged more than 400 points in early trading today as investors rushed into stocks after eight sessions of devastating losses, hoping that the stock market is finding some footing following pledges by governments to further aid the banking sector, including plans by the Treasury to buy U.S. bank stocks."

In other words, investors who were panicking last week over the possibility that they might lose their financial shirts are now coming back into the market, reassured that this massive government aid stream might save them after all. These investors either do not care or do not know that they are cheering the fox who has recently been promoted to guarding the henhouse door! Today, investors may be saved by this government action; tomorrow, they will be eaten alive!

Some people are awakening to the reality that a master plan seems to be unfolding, rather than events occurring simply by accident. More people are seeing the Socialist/Fascist side to this charade. Jim Cramer, moderator of "Mad Money" on CNBC News, stated this morning (Monday, 10/13), "A year ago, we would have called this plan Socialism"!

Cramer is partly right, for Socialism features government control and regulation, as does Fascism.

We are encouraged that people are beginning to see through this horrific change, as Capitalism is being killed so Fascism can be erected in its place!

NEWS BRIEF: "World stocks rally strongly", Yahoo Finance, October 13, 2008

"LONDON (AP) -- European markets rallied strongly Monday following Asia's lead in response to the widespread government efforts over the weekend to shore up the world's battered financial system ... A rally late Friday on Wall Street, overnight gains in Asia and coordinated attempts by European and U.S. authorities to prop up the banking system brought a measure of relief after last week's stock market drubbing."

Coordinated efforts by Central Banks around the world seemed, temporarily at least, to reassure investors.

There will be more shocks and more panics, but the one thing that did not happen in September or on October 7 is an economic collapse. As we have stated earlier, the Illuminati plans to take the economies of the world right up to the brink of the abyss, but will not plunge it over that brink. They have calculated that they can get their economic changes without plunging the world into a severe recession or depression. But, you must expect some further panic news headlines before this planned crisis is past.

UPDATED: The American Dow Jones skyrocketed all day Monday, closing at +936 points!

NEWS BRIEF: "Dow jumps 936 as governments pledge bank aid", Yahoo Finance, October 13, 2008, 4:30pm

"NEW YORK (AP) -- Wall Street stormed back from last week's devastating losses Monday, sending the Dow Jones industrials soaring a nearly inconceivable 936 points after major governments' plans to support the global banking system reassured distraught investors. All the major indexes rose more than 11 percent. no one expected this kind of advance, which saw the Dow by far outstrip its previous record for a one-day point gain, 499.19, set during the waning days of the dot-com boom."

"Still, while the magnitude of Monday's gains stunned investors and analysts, no one was ready to say Wall Street had reached a bottom. The market is likely to have back-and-forth trading in the coming days and weeks -- and may well see a pullback when trading resumes Tuesday -- as investors work through their concerns about the banking sector, the stagnant credit markets and the overall economy."

At least one Central Banker has placed a time limit on how long this crisis might last.

NEWS BRIEF: "Global Financial crisis to last a year", YNET News, October 13, 2008

"Bank of Israel governor talks about global financial crisis, tells Yedioth Ahronoth Israeli public has no reason to panic. He anticipates world markets will take about a year to bounce back, says Israel's banking system solid."

I would anticipate that the Illuminati would need a year to get the economies of the entire developed world transitioned into the planned Fascist system.

Watch for increasingly active government intervention and partial ownership into the private industry, as the tentacles of severe regulation continue to grab firm hold of the entire marketplace. That is the plan and it will unfold over the next year, aided and guided each step of the way by the tremendous threat of economic collapse.

For more details, please take a moment to read one of our newest Headline News Analysis articles:

"Financial Coup Completed"

"American Economy Now A Tightly Controlled, Severely Regulated Economy"

Transition To Severely Regulated Fascist Economy Is Now Going Global -- Europe, Great Britain, Ireland, and Iceland Are Going Through Same Planned Disaster As American Companies! The Whole World Is Transitioning To The Planned Regulated Economy of The Coming Masonic Christ.

The "Bailout Plan" was never intended to solve the economic crisis, but only designed to establish a powerful Economic Czar!

Capitalism is DEAD in America - Fascist Economy is now a reality


II. The war in Afgahnistan is slipping away from NATO's control!

NEWS BRIEF: "US report says Afghanistan conflict rapidly worsening", Yahoo News, October 13, 2008

"WASHINGTON (AFP) - The situation in Afghanistan is liable to get worse in 2009, the chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff has warned, amid reports of a bleak draft US intelligence assessment that details a slide into corruption, drugs and insurgent violence ... 'The trends across the board are not going in the right direction', Admiral Michael Mullen told reporters at a breakfast in Washington."

"A US military official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told AFP that the downbeat 'tone and direction' was not unexpected. 'We heard about this for several weeks, and were not surprised by the tone it conveyed -- that the situation in Afghanistan was getting worse, certainly not better, and that a lot more attention was needed to try to remedy what is going on', said the official."

How many people remember that Afghanistan was the first foreign nation Bush ordered invaded after the attacks of 9/11?

How many people remember that the reason President Bush offered to invade this poor nation was because Osama bin Laden supposedly operated from there? Cutting Edge repeatedly stated that Osama was a "straw man" created by the Illuminati so that he could easily be knocked down, and we stated that this whole scenario would work best if he was never caught.

Of course, that is exactly what happened, and now we see reports that he may have died a long time ago!

When you contemplate the war in Iraq which was "won" only when Iran handcuffed the Mahdi Army, you have to realize that these two wars were planned to be wars not to be won. Both these wars were to advance the coming New World Order, and set the stage for the eruption of Islamic fury which will cause Islamic leaders to launch repeated wars against Jerusalem, just as Zechariah 12 foretells!

President Bush has accomplished a lot in his two terms of office:

1) His actions set the stage for the fulfillment of Zechariah 12 regarding Jerusalem being surrounded by armies

2) His actions carried out the global Illuminati plans faithfully. Not only did he lead America into these two disastrous wars, he took the actions in the banking industry and in the oil industry which the Illuminati expected him to take.

What a privilege to watch Bible prophecy fulfilled in our Daily News!

With Pakistan teetering on the brink of fiancial disaster and all-out war, the entire Middle East may blow up into greivous war for the upcoming 44th President.

III. Obama leads McCain now by 10 full percentage points!

NEWS BRIEF: "Obama leads McCain by 10 points", Reuter's News, October 13, 2008

"Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is leading his Republican rival John McCain 53 percent to 43 percent among likely voters ... Sixty-four percent of voters now view Obama favorably, up six percentage points from early September ... Nearly a third of voters have a better opinion of the Illinois senator because of his debate performance ... 52 percent of voters now strongly favor McCain, down seven percentage points from early September.

"More than half of respondents, 59 percent said the Arizona senator has been mainly attacking his opponent rather than addressing the issues, up from 48 percent who said the same thing in August ... Sixty-eight percent of respondents said Obama has been mainly addressing the issues."

The economy has been the main issue in this campaign. Since the Republicans control the White House, the Treasury and the Federal Reserve, the American people blame the Republicans for the mess, and McCain is bearing the brunt of this developing fiasco.

This planned economic transition from Capitalism to Fascism was planned to occur this year under the Republican President. Political pundits will not forget that the last time the Republicans held the White House during a severe economic crisis, political leaders delivered a Great Depression; therefore, the "Talking Heads" can intone that this seeming repeat of history has propelled Obama into the Oval Office.

It does look stronger every day that Obama may be the 44th President of the United States. As I have stated many times before, when the Illuminati plans a Domestic Affairs focus over the next 4 years, they cause a Democrat to ascend to the White House; but, when they plan a Foreign Affairs focus over the next 4 years, they cause a Republican to become President.

Obviously, a dramatically changed economy will likely force a Domestic Affairs focus.


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New Headline News Articles


"Obama's 'Universal' Service Plan - Part 2

Mind Change and Collective Service"

Jesus was a community organizer." (A visitor's response to "Training an army of world servers")


"Financial Coup Completed"

"American Economy Now A Tightly Controlled, Severely Regulated Economy"

Transition To Severely Regulated Fascist Economy Is Now Going Global -- Europe, Great Britain, Ireland, and Iceland Are Going Through Same Planned Disaster As American Companies! The Whole World Is Transitioning To The Planned Regulated Economy of The Coming Masonic Christ.

The "Bailout Plan" was never intended to solve the economic crisis, but only designed to establish a powerful Economic Czar!

Capitalism is DEAD in America - Fascist Economy is now a reality

Iranian President Ahmadinejad Revealed To Be A Freemason!

Another Reason That Iran Will NOT Be Invaded or Attacked!

Proof positive that Illuminized Freemasonry controls both sides of any conflict. President Ahmadinejad is one of the Global Elite and, as such, his country will not be prevented from playing the role which Biblical prophecy has assigned it.

Proof positive that the conflict between the West and Iran is staged according to the principles of the Hegelian Dialectic!


Did U.S. Military Set Off Micro-Nuke Which Destroyed the Pakistani Marriott On Sept 20?

The huge blast which destroyed the Islamabad Marriott created too large a crater to be a conventional bomb. Islamic radicals do not possess this sophisticated type of bomb.

The Pro-West Pakistani government was nearly caught by this blast; was this bomb a warning to Pakistani leaders to continue a pro-Western policy or face destruction?




" 'Christian Theologians' Preparing People To Accept Aliens!"

The depth of the Apostasy of the Christian Church gets deeper as Christian leaders are now preparing people to accept Aliens, using Christian words and concepts. This current new story focuses on whether Jesus can redeem aliens!

Prophecy: "Let no one deceive or beguile you in any way, for that day will not come except the apostasy comes first , unless the predicted great falling away of those who have professed to be Christians has come, and the man of lawlessness (sin) is revealed, who is the son of doom (of perdition)." (2 Thessalonians 2:3)

Obama's 'Universal' Service Plan - Part 1 - Training a Socialist Army of World Servers"

Obama: “I will ask for your service and your active citizenship when I am president of the United States ... this will be a central cause of my presidency."

"A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced because they love their servitude. To make them love it is the task assigned... to ministries of propaganda, newspaper editors and schoolteachers." (Aldous Huxley, 'Brave New World')


"Todd Palin IS MOST DEFINITELY Flashing A Masonic Handsign During The August 29 Photo Shoot With Governor Sarah Palin and Their Children!"

As we demonstrate through pictures, Todd Palin is clearly inserting his hand into his coat in a typical Masonic handsign gesture. This gesture sent a message throughout the occult world that Illuminized Masonry is in control of the Republican Presidential Ticket, including the selection of Governor Palin as McCain's V.P. candidate!

MAJOR UPDATE -- September 10, 2008 at 9:45 AM! Sarah Palin shown in a staged photo in an Illuminati pose

"Barack Hussein Obama - THE Most Liberal, Antichristian Presidential Candidate EVER!"

Are the American people so disgusted with "Conservative", "christian", Bush that they will gladly accept a President far more Liberal than Bill Clinton?


"Eye of the Phoenix" DVD Now Has A Revealing Trailer!

Video #3 In The "Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings" Series

This video will prove that three occultists of international renown conspired to place the Illuminati "Symbol of Antichrist" on the left side of the back of the American One Dollar Bill! The All-Seeing Eye of Horus hovering over the unfinished pyramid is the Eye of Antichrist and American rulers of that time knew it!

Occultists consider the One Dollar Bill to be the highest "Magical Symbol" in world history! You will also be surprised to learn the reason Masons chose the Dollar Bill as the most important document on which they could place this startling symbolism.

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"Masonry Officially Admits That The Luciferian All-Seeing Eye Symbol On The Back of the One Dollar Bill Is Masonic!"

After years of denying that symbol of the All-Seeing Eye hovering over the pyramid on the One Dollar Bill is in any way, shape, or form Masonic, official Masonry is now bragging to their members that this is precisely the case!

Just another indication of the inherent Satanism within Masonry!



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More New DVD's From Pastor Hoggard!

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"The Emerging Church - Discover the Hidden Agenda behind the modern Church Growth Movement" - Part 3 of "Watchman on the Wall" series.


Part 3 of the "Watchman on the Wall Series"

Pastor Hoggard thoroughly explains the Illuminati HEGELIAN DIALECT and how it is being employed to destroy the Christian Church! Hoggard understands how the very use of this technique points to the End of the Age, giving us another strong reason to believe the prophecies of God's Holy Word

Hoggard also details how secular Marketing Strategies are being successfully used to market the Christian Church -- including SEX!

Other secular techniques which these modern apostate churches are using to increase their numbers include: 1) Drama; 2) Entertainment, 3) Social Events; 4) Psychology; 5) and numerous programs galore

Occult New Age Techniques have been renamed and introduced into the seeker sensitive churches. Youth Pastors are being especially targeted with this New Age programming, as they are aiming at contemporary teens already programmed heavily into the New Age Movement

Contemporary Music is strongly used, with the goal of ultimately moving church people into mainstream Rock

Hoggard lists the 4 areas which Satan is attacking through these apostate churches: 1) Attack against the Word; 2) Attack against Prayer; 3) Against traditional church music; 4) Attack against traditional preaching - Joel Osteen, Bill Hybels, Rick Warren, Benny Hinn are prime examples.


"Invasion - Satan's destruction of Biblical Authority"

Part 1 of the "Watchman on the Wall Series"


Global leaders are using tragic events to force people to give up freedoms for safety, a very persuasive tactic to bring about an Absolute Dictatorship! Events like: 1) Attacks of 9/11; 2) Threat of Nuclear War; 3) Threat of Economic Collapse; 4) Threat of more terrorist attacks 5) Scare tactics in quite a number of other areas

These scare tactics then allow our governments to take actions to destroy our freedoms. Executive Orders, Patriot Acts I and II and other anti-terrorist laws are then passed because the citizens are terrified by these scare tactics

But equally important is the Apostasy of the Christian Church, which has collapsed Biblical authority and the awareness by the people as to the accuracy of prophecy! In this era, "Seeker-sensitive " churches have virtually abolished Biblical authority and awareness on the one hand, while slowly moving her people into the arms of the Vatican on the other hand

This video is one of the VERY BEST from Pastor Michael Hoggard! We highly recommend it! Hoggard's specific examination of Executive Orders is alone worth the price of this DVD!

"Invasion Part 2 - Satan's War against or homes, our churches and our country - by Pastor Hoggard - Part 2 of the 'Watchman on the Wall Series' "

Pastor Hoggard teaches that much of the spiritual power seen in today's apostate churches comes directly out of Ephesians 6. Witchcraft, ESP, Telekinesis, Holy laughter, altered states of consciousness and Music

Then, Hoggard goes to Deuteronomy 18:10-12 - Palm reading, tarot cards, Ouija boards, guided imagery, hypnosis, channeling and necromancers. He covers more on heretics and false teachers

We recommend Invasion Parts 1 and 2 as some of the finest documentaries in the Christian market!



2) "The Babel Conspiracy: 9/11 & Beyond" - DVD - by Pastor Michael Hoggard

"The Babel Conspiracy" proves that the Illuminati conspiratorial plan to unite the world so their Antichrist can appear is controlled by the "Evil Master Spirits" in the supernatural dimension. BUT, these Evil Master Spirits are controlled by prophecy and doctrine in God's Bible!

What a faith-building experience, as Pastor Hoggard reveals the startling degree to which the events of 9/11 and since then were controlled by prophecy!

Your weak faith will be wonderfully strengthened as will your ability to convince people that the Bible is the only roadmap we need to understand the events of this Age

In speaking of the attacks on 9/11, Pastor Hoggard teaches the "pattern" of them all and then ties them in with the bombing at the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City, the assassination of President Kennedy and other key events of the last 20 years -- and demonstrates how these events fulfill Bible Prophecy!

Great soul winning tool - refreshing approach to this subject -


3) DVD - "Holy Bible: Sure Word of Prophecy" - by Pastor Michael Hoggard


Occultic manifestations are occurring in Christian Churches throughout the land - and the Bible foretold them all! Pastor Hoggard shows how prophecy foretold that these types of Satanic activities would infest the church at the End of the Age
Practices well known in occult circles are being practiced in churches with the people thinking the Holy Spirit is causing it, not ever realizing that a demonic spirit is deceiving them greatly!

Satan is sweeping churches throughout the world with his full infernal spirit, fulfilling Bible prophecy

This Bible study will surprise you as to its accuracy in foretelling the events of the End of the Age now unfolding uniquely right now, in front of our very eyes!

Pastor Hoggard has also produced: 1) Secret of Solomon's Key Revealed; 2) Biblical Secrets Revealed; 3) New Age - Rick Warren And The Great Prophesied Falling Away


4) "New Age - Rick Warren And The Great Prophesied Falling Away" - DVD - By Pastor Michael Hoggard - Watch the Trailer

Pastor Hoggard reveals the shocking truth that the foundation for Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Church is New Age Doctrine! In fact, one of Warren's major church pillars is the infamous Marilyn Ferguson's book entitled, "Aquarian Conspiracy".

This reality places Rick Warren squarely in the camp of the 'Enemy of Our Souls' and labels him and his entire movement as being part of the fulfillment of 2 Thess 2, where the Apostle Paul foretold that Antichrist could not arise until the apostasy of the Christian Church comes first. Therefore, RICK WARREN IS OPENING THE DOOR TO ANTICHRIST! And Pastor Hoggard proves it!

Pastor Hoggard also authored: 1) "The Secret of Solomon's Key"; 2) Biblical Secrets Revealed

2 1/2 hours long


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