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Friday, October 9, 2009

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Key News Events


I. President Obama's nominee to head Equal Employment Opportunity Commission thinks that Gay Sex is "Morally Good"!

Barack Obama's lifelong commitment to the Prince Hall Masonry, where he is 32nd Degree, is becoming very apparent in these unbelievably radical nominees he is appointing! Obama truly is the "Master of Deception".

NEWS BRIEF: "Obama's Nominee Thinks Gay Sex Is Morally Good!", World Net Daily, October 5, 2009

" 'Gay' sex is morally good and is as 'wonderful' as heterosexual relations, according to Chai Feldblum, President Obama's nominee to become commissioner for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. 'Gay sex is morally good', she said. 'Now you may think that might be a little crazy to go out there and say gay sex is good. But think a second. Society definitely believes that heterosexual sex is good. Right. Heterosexual sex within a certain framework – marriage ... Continued Feldblum: "If you're not being cynical for the moment, I think that does reflect a correct understanding that sex is often a basic building block for intimacy and that intimacy and connections within couples and within families are integral building blocks for a healthy society."

"Feldblum is an outspoken homosexual rights activist and Georgetown law professor. She offered her sex remarks at a UCLA symposium on homosexuality available on YouTube."

Ms Feldblum openly declared war on America's values!

""This is a war that needs to be fought, and it's not a war overseas where we are killing people in the name of liberating them. It is a war right here at home where we need to convince people that morality demands full equality for gay people," she said at the symposium."

Undiscerning, lukewarm Christians have for decades chosen to bury their heads in the sand, even as radical homosexual advocates were pushing the envelope very hard to change the way Americans feel about the gay/lesbian lifestyle. One of the key points of emphasis has always been to state that homosexuality is just as valid as heterosexuality. Now, under the most pro-gay President ever, gays are taking over responsibility for key institutions, like the "Equal Employment Opportunity Commission".

But, of course, an even more important post to bring under the thumb of homosexuality is Education. Let us examine another shocking high-profile educational position which Obama has filled with a radical homosexual.

NEWS BRIEF: "American Family joins calls for gay activist Jennings ouster", World Net Daily, October 6, 2009

"The American Family Association today joined in the call for the removal of 'gay' activist Kevin Jennings from his job as overseer in the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Safe Schools. 'This man is not a good role model for the nation's children, nor will he fairly represent all Americans due to his spiteful attitude toward evangelical Christians', AFA President Tim Wildmon said."

" 'Are we to believe Kevin Jennings will fairly treat Christians who believe homosexuality is wrong?' Wildmon asked. 'Students of faith will hardly be safe from bullying and intimidation in any school that listens to him. It's time for the Obama administration to demand his resignation'.”

Wildmon's concern is certainly valid. Homosexuals who have become radicalized most definitely turn to bullying of straight people. Lately, gays have been emboldened by the realization that political Washington is strongly supporting their effort. In the last few years, gays believe they can do almost anything against straight people and get away with it.

Why is President Obama becoming such a pro-gay President? We believe there are several answers:

1) He is Illuminati -- the Plan most definitely calls for tearing down this "Old World Order" so that the New World Order can be established. Christianity is one of the most important foundational stones of this existing "Old Order". It must come down, and radical homosexuality is one of the tools of choice.

2) The timing is right -- Henry Kissinger predicted that Barack Obama was poised to bring about the New World Order. This statement means that he will be President at the time the World War III breaks out to produce the Masonic Christ. And, this reality means that the time to establish homosexuality is now.


3) He is Freemason, a 32nd Degree Prince Hall Mason as we show above.

What is the connection between homosexuality and Freemasonry? Masonry is "identical to the Mysteries" Religions, teaches Albert Pike in his most important book, "Morals and Dogma". This means that, like the Ancient Mysteries' practitioners, Masons "worship the creature rather than the Creator" (Romans 1:25).

This fact means that, like the pagans of the old Mysteries' Religions, Freemasons worship sex and the sex act.

We have posted two very important articles on this subject, which we encourage you to read.



Also like pagans, Masons believe in the "balance of Nature" in all things. They represent this "balance in Nature" in a number of ways, like Ying/Yang, the black-and-white squares on the Masonic floor and by teaching their members that they need to practice sex "both ways". In other words, good Masons will practice both heterosexuality and homosexuality. Believe it or not, it is true.

In our eye-popping video, "Eye of the Phoenix", we show film clips of the annual get togethers at the California Bohemian Grove. The rich and famous of every era have congregated there. While the membership list is primarily Republican, some Democrats have been noted present at some of the meetings. In one of the meetings, we quote President Richard Nixon as complaining that he noticed while at one of these meetings, there was a heavy sense of homosexuality permeating the entire meeting!

Since Barack Obama is a 32nd Degree Mason in the Prince Hall Lodge, we should expect that he will promote homosexual causes.


II. Can you believe this turn of events? Jews are attempting to keep Jews from worshipping on the Temple Mount!

Kabbalistic Jewish Rabbis are attempting to persuade the Israeli government to keep observant Jewish worshippers off the Temple Mount!

NEWS BRIEF: "Jews Might Prevent Jews From Entering Temple Mount!", by Hana Levi Julian, Israel National News, October 8, 2009

"( The Temple Mount is sacred to the People of Israel, rabbis agree, but at least one -- Rabbi Yosef Sholom Elyashiv -- has urged President Shimon Peres not to allow Jews to tread the site. Rabbi Elyashiv, a leader of the Litvish-Yeshivish hareidi-religious world, discussed the matter when Peres visited the rabbi's sukkah Thursday in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Mea Shearim. The president was accompanied by Western Wall Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovitch."

Most people could never fathom a Jewish rabbi demanding that the government keep observant Jews off the Temple Mount. However, remember that you are dealing with a Kabbalistic Jewish Rabbi. They have mystically reinterpreted the entire Bible, they believe that the current Orthodox Jewry are not the true worshippers, and they believe the Orthodox Jew will one day be destroyed so that only the "genuine" Jew as defined by the Kabbalah will survive. Then, according to this thinking, Israel will be purified as a nation so that her Kabbalistic Messiah can appear.

In fact, this was exactly the attitude of the Pharisees of Jesus' day. They knew that Jesus was the promised Messiah, but He was not their messiah! They wanted a Messiah to arise from their pre-Kabbalistic secret society who would arise as a Warrior King, defeating the Romans with the magical power with which they believed he would possess. The last type of messiah the Pharisees wanted Israel to accept was Jeus, the meek "Suffering Servant" Messiah which was prophesied in the Old Testament, but Who was rejected by the Pharisees.

We demonstrate, in the MP3, "Secret Societies Killed Jesus Christ", that the Pharisees were practicing an oral Luciferian tradition which, 1100 years later, was codified and written down in what is today called the Kabbalah! The Pharisees believed that, as soon as they could make Israel into their spiritual image, they could stage their Messiah who would exhibit great occult power with which to defeat the Romans, bring Israel to the forefront of the nations, and then rule the world forever from Jerusalem.

When Jesus proved to be not that kind of Messiah, they coldbloodedly calculated how they could force the Romans to execute Him. Then, they reasoned, they could get back on track changing Israel so that their own style of messiah could appear.

Today's Kabbalistic Jew is trying to do the very same thing: change Israel into their spiritual image and then stage their own Kabbalistic Messiah. Worldwide Freemasonry has incorporated Kabbalism into their ranks, so that, when the Masonic Christ appears, he will be acceptable to the Kabbalist leadership. The Kabbalists do not care if they have to murderously eliminate Orthodox Jewry in this attempt.

Jewish journalist, Barry Chamish, has devoted his entire life to warning Israel about the designs and purposes of the Kabbalistic Jew. They would rather see Israel go into the graveyard of nations than to perpetuate the existence of an Israel who is under the religious control of regular Orthodoxy.

If you are surprised at this attitude, you simply do not know the attitudes and values of the Kabbalists/Illuminati who are controlling Israel today, nor of the Luciferian power they wield. From the Kabbalist, Antichrist will arise.

In our award-winning video, "The New Atlantis", of the "Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings" series, we examine the Jewish Kabbalah and note that this mystical re-interpretation of Old Testament Judaism, is the foundation stone of the Illuminati. Beginning in the 1580-1590's, mystic channeler John Dee and his protege' Sir Francis Bacon, incorporated the Kabbalah into the heart and soul of both Rosicrucianism and Freemasonry.

Then, we examine the great effect the Kabbalah has upon the key leaders of history.

Once you understand the effect of Kabbalah upon Illuminati leaders, you will better understand the key events of our age. We demonstrate that you can better understand why President Bush invaded Iraq if you can comprehend this effect the Kabbalah has upon all members of the Illuminati.

Shocking, but absolutely true!


III. As the government asks us -- no, demands us -- to trust in our medical establishment in taking inadequately-tested Swine Flu vaccinations, we must remember that medical mistakes regularly kill 100,000 Americans per year!

Greed, callous behavior, and an attitude that certain categories of people do not deserve to live are the reasons so many Americans are dying at the hands of our doctors.

NEWS BRIEF: "Medical Mistakes Kill 100,000 Americans A Year ", by Dr. Mercola,, January 2, 2008

"The promise every doctor makes is, “Do no harm.” But doctors and hospitals do make mistakes. And the November 30 shocking report from the Institute of Medicine showed medical mistakes are a common and potentially life-threatening risk. If medical mistakes counted among the leading causes of death in America, they would be eighth."

"Medical mistakes costing lives. Medical mistakes are a stunningly huge problem, says a new report by the Institute of Medicine. It quoted studies estimating that at least 44,000 and perhaps as many as 98,000 hospitalized Americans die every year from errors. To put that into sharper and more alarming perspective, even the lower figure of 44,000 deaths exceeds the number of people who die each year either on the highways, of breast cancer or of AIDS. It is an intolerable situation, especially when it's taking place in the United States, which leads the world in medical advances. The cause, according to the Institute of Medicine, is not as much recklessness on the part of doctors, nurses and other health providers as it is basic flaws in the way hospitals, clinics and pharmacies operate."

My Dad always mistrusted doctors and hospitals and often joked that "doctors are the only profession which is allowed to bury their mistakes".

Thirty years later, Dad died by accident on an operating table, as the doctor performed a "routine" heart procedure.

We must remember these facts as we are told to place our blind trust in inadequately tested Swine Flu vaccinations.

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Science is catching up with the Bible! In this video, Pastor Michael Hoggard shows the amazing correlations between the Holy Bible and DNA, and how the Gospel message is literally encoded in our genetic structure


"DNA - Mother of All Secrets"

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This DVD is Part 2 of 3 of the DNA series

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"Triple Helix: Genetically Changing Mankind Into Beasts"

by Pastor Hoggard

God created man with a Double Helix DNA strand. But modern genetic scientists have created a Triple Helix DNA strand, a change which transforms the man God created into a Beast! Illuminati scientists intend to turn the Global Elite from humans created in God's image to Beasts through genetic engineering. It is highly significant that this transition of the Elite to beasts is occurring just before the two Beasts of Revelation appear on the world stage: Antichrist (First Beast) and his False Prophet (Second Beast). Hoggard really hits the nail on the head with this DVD!

This DVD is Part 3 of 3 of the DNA series

Satan's Invasion of Our Christian Churches

Satan's destruction of Biblical Authority - Part 1 of 3of the "Watchman on the Wall Series"

"Satan's War against or homes, our churches and our country" Part 2 of 3 -- Watch Incredible Trailer

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"The Emerging Church - Discover the Hidden Agenda behind the modern Church Growth Movement"

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One Cutting Edge subscriber called to tell me that, not only is this a "must-see" video, but that it dove-tails with our own DVD, "Riddles In Stone" She said that this video also contained a lot of great information about Masonry not covered in either "Riddles" or "New Atlantis"

Author Michael Hoggard reveals from the illuminati the most darkest, diabolical secrets in the world. Using the elements of Scripture numerics, Bible Typology, and the prophetic Word of God, Michael reveals the truth behind: 1) The meaning behind the sacred of Washington D.C. God's Longitude. 2) Freemasons using children to bring in the New World Order. 3) The hidden truth behind the Star of David. 4) A new understanding of the Mark of the Beast and the number 666.

"The King James Bible Code"

See the unique numerical design in the King James Bible.

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Your faith in the uniqueness and beauty and power of the King James Bible will be dramatically strengthened by these three videos!

This Scriptural information is sorely needed in Christians and Churches today.


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"Emerging Church Part 1: Mans Spiritual Journey Past, Present, Future"

Roger documents Satan's three-legged stool plan, which was introduced at the Tower of Babel and which has been re-introduced today.

This active plan is setting the world up for a One-World Government, a One-World Economy and a One-World Religion. Exactly as End of the Age Bible prophecy reveals will take place!

Part 1 of 4 - only $14.95


"Emerging Church Part 2: Road To Rome"

Presents documentation to prove that many worshippers are being drawn into the Roman Catholic Church's New Evangelization Program without even being aware of the spiritual gravity of what they are doing!

Icons, incense, candles, sacraments and images are preparing the way for the introduction to the world of the Roman Catholic Eucharistic Christ

Part 2 of 4 - only $14.95


"Emerging Church Part 3: Road To Babylon"

This video shows the extremely fast-growing church movement, showing how it is seducing this generation, leading it toward a false One World Religious System and an equally false Utopian Kingdom of God which is supposed to be established by humans on this earth.

This DVD also documents the present-day Contemplative Prayer Movement which the Emerging Church is heavily promoting and implementing

Part 3 of 4 - Only $14.95 -

"Emerging Church Part 4: Proclaiming The Gospel In Midst of The Last Days"

Roger demonstrates the proof that God's 'Stong Delusion' of 2 Thessalonians 2 is already underway! This massive worldwide delusion is occurring right now, unfolding in our Daily News!

While documenting the dangers and pitfalls of Purpose-Driven, Emerging and Contemplative Christianity, Roger encourages believers to boldly stand for the truth and to be witnesses for Jesus Christ.

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Even the Boy Scouts are being trained by Homeland Security!!

Once the World War III designed to produce Antichrist erupts, severe economic collapse will set the stage for the Elite to begin the massive sweep of anyone even remotely thought of as an 'enemy of the state'. Can we win the information war against our own elected officials? Has our entire Federal government been hijacked by Constitutional terrorists men and women who are set on enslaving the very population that they have sworn an oath to protect? This DVD is an update to our perennial best-selling video, "Barbed Wire Over America".

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New Headline News Story


America's Occult Holidays

"Too many Christians are enthusiastically celebrating pagan holidays, thinking they are Christian. Once you understand how very pagan America and the rest of the Western world has become, you can see how God's judgment cannot be far behind.

"... all who hate me love and court death." (Proverbs 8:36b)

You will never look at America's holidays the same way again!

"She has become a resort and dwelling place for demons, a dungeon haunted by every loathsome spirit, an abode for every filthy and detestable bird ... I then heard another voice from heaven saying, Come out from her, my people, so that you may not share in her sins, neither participate in her plagues." [Rev 18:2, 4]


"Dynamic 'Book of Revelation' Study" DVD

"The Church of Pergamum - The Church of Compromise - The Modern Church of today!"

VOLUME 10 - Rev 2:12-17 - 6 DVD Set

Watch This Fascinating Trailer -- Judgment Is Set And Will Be Poured Out Upon Some Who Believe They Are Saved!

Are you ready to meet the Lord?

Current topics covered in this study: 1) Exposes how the American Evangelical Church is guilty of Caesar worship as well as worshipping the demonic idols and false gods of Dionysus, Demeter, Bacchus, and Asklepios. 2) Exposes how the worldly compromise of the American Church is stirring up a worldwide hatred of the Church. 3) Exposes how false prophets today are conditioning people to accept the coming Antichrist with his False Prophet. 4) Latest progress of the Rebuilding of the Last Days' Temple. 5) Latest developments in Mark of the Beast technology. 6) Speaks to the reality of Swine Flu pandemic and how leaders are using this panic to set up both mandatory global vaccination and mandatory global Implantation! Compulsory vaccination and implantation go hand in hand!!

Six hours of instruction on 6 DVD's --

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20 Experts Offer Experienced Advice On How To Survive And Thrive During Unsettling Times'

As America and the world hurtle toward their prophetic destiny, alarming signs and trends are heralding the last days: 1) Geopolitical maneuverings are marking a rapid push toward one world order. 2) Explosive political turmoil in the Middle East and elsewhere are making nuclear Armageddon more of a reality than ever. 3) Newly developed and emerging strains of influenza, plus the unpleasant reality of biological warfare, are provoking discussions of when, not if, a global pandemic will transpire. 4) Extraordinary scientific advancements are opening a gateway for genetic mutation and transhumanism. 5) Technological developments are making possible the formation of a national I.D. and ever-increasing surveillance. 6) Between now and when the Lord removes His own from earth, significant trials and terrifying challenges could develop for which everyone must be prepared to survive.

Christian J. Pinto, the Editor of the 'Secret Mysteries' of America's Beginnings' videos, wrote a chapter in this book, entitled, 'The Church and Secret Societies'. Over 500 pages -

New Headline News Articles



"Arab Strategists Are Using The West's Preoccupation With Iran's Nuclear Program As A Tool By Which They Can Force Israel To Give Up Her Nuclear Arms!"

Don't be surprised if Israel agrees to scrap her nuclear weapons. They are, after all, totally obsolete!




"Freemasonry Stands Condemned For The Supreme Court Decision in 1962 Throwing God and Prayer Out of Public Schools"

The truth behind this ungodly High Court decision is now being made public for all the world to see. This ugly, sinful fruit of Freemasonry is now made public so you can see the truth of Masonry for yourself.


Behold A Pale Horse

"Wall Street Is Now Packaging and Selling "Death Plans"!

Investors will not make money unless a great number of people die suddenly -- and soon!

Wall Street Seems To Be Getting Ready For Antichrist!

"They must eventually resort to war to balance the account, because war ultimately is merely the act of destroying the creditor and the politicians are the publicly hired hit men..." (William Cooper, "Behold A Pale Horse", p. 49)

"Genetic Genocide: Annihilating Entire Races of People - The Prophetic Future of the World!"

Subtitle: "... scientists in their laboratories trying to devise certain types of pathogens that would be ethnic-specific so that they could just eliminate certain ethnic groups and races" (Defense Secretary William Cohen, addressing the Conference on Terrorism, "Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and U.S. Strategy
Sam Nunn Policy Forum"
, on 4/28/1997




"The Lost Riddle DVD: Expose' of How Dan Brown's 'Lost Symbol' Novel Validates 'Riddles In Stone' video"

by Pastor Michael Hoggard - 3-DVD Set, 6 hours

Pre-Sale Saving You $10 - Regularly $39.99, Sale Price Only $29.99

Pastor Michael Hoggard could not believe his eyes! As he was reading Dan Brown's 'Lost Symbol', he saw instance after instance where Brown was validating the teaching of the 'Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings' videos, but especially 'Riddles In Stone: The Secret Architecture of Washington, D.C.".

Pastor Hoggard went back to the beginning of 'Lost Symbol', this time keeping a journal.

Hoggard will demonstrate all the ways in which Lost Symbol reveals the same symbolism as we showed in 'Riddles In Stone' and with the same definition. Pastor said that it seemed to him almost like Dan Brown used the 'Riddles In Stone' information to flesh out his plot!

Indeed, listen to this cryptic statement by Dan Brown about how his plot was influenced, in part, by an "unfair anti-Masonic video"!

NEWS BRIEF: "Freemasons Await Dan Brown Novel 'The Lost Symbol' ", Yahoo News, 9-15-2009

"The plot centers in part on an 'unfair' anti-Masonic video that 'conspiracy theorists would feed on like sharks..."

The only anti-Masonic video dealing with the symbolism in Washington, D.C., is "Riddles In Stone", a video which caused extreme consternation amongst the Masonic leaders which we interviewed. Pastor Hoggard may be right to believe that the plot was based, in part, on 'Riddles In Stone'; in fact perhaps that 'Lost Symbol' may be the Masonic answer to 'Riddles In Stone'.

Pastor Hoggard is producing three DVD's in this set. These are his titles, just sent to me today:

1) "Capital Secrets" - Detailing the parallels between 'Lost Symbol' and the 'Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings' videos, but especially 'Riddles In Stone'. The material on this subject is so vast and so interesting that Pastor Hoggard may have difficulty fitting everything on one DVD. He will show film clips from the 'Secret Mysteries' videos where necessary to prove his point.

2) "Masonic Symbols Revealed - The Ultimate Guide To Lost Symbolism" - Hoggard will demonstrate the many scientific discoveries throughout history where the inventors/scientists were members of a secret society and were given the scientific information through communication with the spiritual realm! In both 'Lost Symbols' and 'Riddles In Stone', we see instances where Masons and Rosicrucians themselves claim to be receiving knowledge from the supernatural realm.

3) "Prophets of the New Order" - Teachings on Masonic and Rosicrucian symbols and how they tie tightly into the pervasive Masonic influence in Washington, D.C.

We are excited that an author as skilled and knowledgeable as Pastor Hoggard has offered to create this video! People need to realize how thoroughly Dan Brown's 'Lost Symbol' novel verifies the controversial teachings of the 'Secret Mysteries' video series. You will discover that this video will be an excellent witnessing tool to a Mason.

We really need your assistance in making this Pre-Sale a success. While creating this video will cost less than each of the 'Secret Mysteries' videos, we will still have significant expenses, especially a trip to Washington, D.C., to film specific images which Pastor Hoggard wants to include in this video.

We realize that many people are reluctant to buy on a pre-sale, for fear that the video will never get produced and they will lose their money. Cutting Edge has offered pre-sales on three items in the 'Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings" videos -- and we have delivered all three! No one will lose money on this pre-sale.

NOTE: Both the title and the front cover of this 3-DVD Set are temporary, working titles only. We are planning to have this cover professionally created by the same artist who produced each of the 'Secret Mysteries' video front covers.

Will be available December 10.

"2012: Is This The End? Countdown To Midnight Has Begun"

Will the world come to an end on December 21, 2012, as so many people of so many religions are now saying? Hang on to your hats, for it is possible that Satan has been preparing his people for this date for a very long time

Hildebrand examines the common belief about 12/21/2012 from a wide variety of ancient religions, including: 1) The Mayans - their calendar is one of the most quoted of all sources in the world today; 2) The Q'ero Inca Shamans; 3) The Toltecs and Aztecs; 4) The Book of Changes; 5) The Hopi Indians; 6) The Cherokee Indians; 7) Merlin, the Magician; 8) Mother Shipton; 9) Nostradamus; 10) Roman Catholic Church - Last Pope Prophecies tie into this date; 11) Hinduism; 12) Buddhism; 13) Modern Science; 14) Zoroastrianism; 15) Islam; 16) Judaism; 17) The Web Bot Project; 18) The Holy Bible

As you can see, a lot of people over a lot of centuries have predicted cataclysmic, end of the age events in 2012

What does the Bible say? What should Christians do to prepare? This book shall intrigue you, inspire you and possibly frighten you. 259 pages -


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