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September 19, 2008

UPDATED September 20!

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Many youngsters today are jumping from Contemporary Christian Music into Hard Rock because they have been pre-conditioned by their "Christian" music

"Occult Symbols in Christian Music" video demonstrates that Luciferian symbols permeate Christian Contemporary Music! This video will literally blow your minds as he reveals how churches are regularly being inundated with occult values, doctrines, and symbols, without anyone ever understanding!

With this kind of conditioning, you can understand how easy it is for kids to later jump into hard rock

"They Sold Their Souls For Rock-n-Roll" video shows the true Luciferian nature of Rock Music because the author is a former rocker before he got saved and now pulls no punches in revealing how Satanic this industry is.

12 Hours of video on 5 DVD's, for only $44.98; you save $10 over buying these two videos separately, but normally, 12 hours of video would retail for $70.00!



I. Don't look now, but the Federal Government is pulling an "Enron" in its plan to seize control of the banking industry!

NEWS BRIEF: "Paulson, Bernanke Push New Plan to Cleanse Books", Bloomberg Financial News, September 19, 2008

"Sept. 19 (Bloomberg) -- U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke proposed moving troubled assets from the balance sheets of American financial companies into a new institution."

Excuse me!?

A lot of Enron executives were sentenced to prison terms because they transferred losses from Enron's books to the books of new companies which they owned! But, now, the Federal Government is essentially doing the very same thing and now it is OK?

It is no wonder that financial markets are reacting so positively to this news. They are not going to have to struggle anymore with horrendous debts and equally horrific bad loans, because they can now legally transfer these debts to a new institution which the Federal Government has created! We all have learned something new, have we not? We have learned that the Federal Government can act illegally and get away with it! The imprisoned Enron executives must be mighty mad right now, and I do not blame them.

Since this plan is so illegal, will Congress cooperate?

" 'We will try to put a bill together and do it fairly quickly', House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank, a Massachusetts Democrat, said after the meeting. 'We are not in a position to give you any specifics right now' on the proposals, he said when asked about the potential cost."

The Democrats never met a proposal of the government expanding its power that they did not like, so it is not surprising that they are backing this concept enthusiastically. However, Conservatives should be outraged that such a Socialist/Fascist economic plan such as this has been offered to private industry, for such government/industry cooperation has always been greatly opposed by Conservatives.

Conservative voters labored greatly to keep Al Gore out of the White House in 2000 to keep Socialist measures like this one from happening. While they knew that President Bush was a more Liberal Republican in the Rockefeller mold than they would have liked, most of them did not ever realize that a Bush Administration would be capable of proposing such legislation. This reality demonstrates, once again, that there is no practical difference between "Liberal Democrats" and "Conservative Republicans". Leaders on both sides of the aisle are equally committed to the New World Order.

While private interests will continue to own these banking institutions, the Federal Government will own enough of the company that it can control these companies through thorough regulation. As time moves forward, the Federal Government will likely use this plan as the template by which they will bail out other companies whose balance sheets are sobad that they can go bankrupt. In fact, this overly generous plan will encourage other companies to file for similar Federal bailout provisions!

UPDATED September 20

This next news story captures the essence of this government move to seize enough control of private companies that it can create a Fascist Economy.

NEWS BRIEF: "Free markets seized by government", Swiss America Trading Corporation, September 20, 2008

"$1T plan to save the world, stocks soar ... Upcoming Treasury plan pledges gold reserves to back mortgage debt."

"GOLD prices rose Friday on news the U.S. government plans to patch up then rule the economy with a $1 trillion rescue of the ailing financial markets."

This is the essence of creating a Fascist Economy: the government uses a deliberately created crisis to "solve" the financial problem it created in the first place so it can then rule the entire economy through complete regulation. All companies allowed to survive will still be owned privately, but the government will regulate them tightly, determining how many companies can make the same product, how many of each item a factory can produce, and the cost of the finished product. That is Fasciscm, the planned economy of the New World Order.

"* "The last thing government officials should do is try to bail us out of the economic crisis they are responsible for creating in the first place. The longer we fool ourselves with feel-good government bailouts, the longer the problem will remain," said Swiss America CEO Craig Smith "

""The U.S. Treasury has promised 'hundreds of billions' to save the U.S. markets using its own gold reserves. President Bush approved making available as necessary from the Exchange Stabilization Fund for up to $50 billion to buy more illiquid mortgage assets."

""The most important asset in all of the recent bailouts is tangible wealth, real estate, not paper. Our government just backed the mortgage debt with its gold reserves. 'This could be a precursor to government confiscation of all bullion if things get worse', writes Swiss America Sr. broker Jim Carrillo."

The scene is now set for further movement to a Fascist Economy, which is the planned economy of the New World Order.

II. Israel might just have her second female prime minister in history!

NEWS BRIEF: "Livni likely to form coalition after clinching Kadima leadership", China View News, September 19, 2008

"JERUSALEM, Sept. 18 (Xinhua) -- After winning Wednesday's ruling Kadima primary, Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni is likely to form a coalition which will make her Israel's second woman prime minister, analysts said Thursday, though pointing out that there are stumbling blocks for her to clear before she manages to do so."

Just as we have stated repeatedly that the elevation of the inexperienced Senator Obama to the position of Democrat Presidential nominee proves that the system is fixed, so the elevation of the weak and dovish Foreign Minister, Tzipi Livni, to the office of Kadima Party Chairman demonstrates, a political win which may bring her to the office of Prime Minister. She would be only the second woman in Israel's modern history to hold this office, following the illustrious Golda Meier.

Her victory came at the narrowest of margins.

"Livni clinched the primary by a mere margin of 431 votes. Over half of the some 74,000 registered Kadima members voted in the party's first-ever primary on Wednesday."

Observers were surprised at the lack of voter turnout, given the political reality that the next Prime Minister will grapple with some of the most serious issues in modern Israel's history.

* Will there be a Palestinian State?

* Will Jerusalem be divided between Jew and Palestinian?

* Will Palestinians be granted the "right of return" to Israel?

*Will Israel attack Iran?

These issues are exceedingly serious, so it is surprising that voters seemed so apathetic.

Since these issues are so grave, it it surprising that Israel chose a weak, dovish candidate to be the head of the Kadima Party, which catapults her into the position of the favorite politician to form a coalition which would allow her to be the next Prime Minister.

If Tzipi Livni does succeed Ehud Olmert as Prime Minister, Israel will have elevated one of the weakest politicians to ever hold that office. Islamic strategists will be further convinced that the entire West is ripe for the picking, and will speed up their invasion plans. Soon, at the right prophetic time, Islamic armies will start attacking Jerusalem in fulfillment of Zechariah 12!

End of the Age prophecy is hurtling down upon an unsuspecting world. Can you see it in your Daily News?


III. At least one thoughtful Israeli journalist can see how President Bush has decimated the power, the resources, and the authority of the West -- and he fears for Israel!

NEWS BRIEF: "West’s decline threatens us", Editorial by Eitan Haber, YNET News, September 19, 2008

"History is taking shape right before our eyes; we can even call it a tragedy. The Western world, which Israel is a part of, is losing its political, military, and economic power. Even though it is still strong, the direction it is going in is one of collapse and disintegration."

These are somber words, and yet, I have known for many years now that the Illuminati Plan is to slowly take America down in power, authority, and influence, so she can meld into the Community of Nations known as the United Nations. Following World War II, America towered over all nations, much as King Kong towers over the rest of the jungle animals. And, everyone knows that King Kong takes orders from no one! If America is to meld into the United Nations obediently one day, she must be systematically taken down from her high perch. Today, President Bush has accomplished this Illuminati goal like no President before him.

America is no long King Kong, and Israel is threatened.

"George W. Bush will be leaving the White House in January, and he would do well not to meet with historians in the near future. They will fry him ... We can rub our eyes in disbelief: Not too long ago, America was at the zenith of its political, military, and economic power. The US was the queen of the world in the face of a crumbling Soviet empire, whose military officials were selling missiles in exchange for food and cigarettes. The great Europe was being torn apart, and the countries of East Asia were mocking the Russian giant, which repressed them for generations. Meanwhile, the American economy was taking off. Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, and others were taking the place of the Temples. Yet where is everyone today? And more importantly, where are we?"

"Yet only a deaf fool would fail to notice the typhoon approaching us, and fail to understand that a weak and beaten Western world is a recipe for disaster for a state like Israel, which relies on America’s shared values and sympathy ..."

Israel has always depended upon the backing of the United States economically, militarily, and diplomatically. Many Jewish observers belief that Israel cannot long survive if she loses her American benefactor. Israel is too isolated, too limited in manpower and economic resources to stand for long against combined forces of Russia, China, and the Islamic world.

America is becoming weaker and Israel is becoming frightened.

We are reaching the point prophesied 2,600 years ago in the Book of Daniel, Chapter 12.

"AND AT that time of the end, Michael shall arise, the great angelic prince who defends and has charge of your [Daniel's] people. And there shall be a time of trouble, straitness, and distress such as never was since there was a nation till that time. But at that time your people shall be delivered, everyone whose name shall be found written in the Book of God's plan for His own." (Daniel 12:1; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary)

How serious do matters appear right now?

* Israel has just elected a weak, dovish woman who is the favorite to become Prime Minister.

* Israel has shown weakness ever since her unilateral withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and the 2006 Lebanon War.

* America has essentially been beaten by Islamic forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

* And, now America is losing her King Kong status among the nations of the world.

Israel, should be afraid, and praying to God Almighty for the protection He promised in Daniel 12:1. The stage for the fulfillment of this prophecy is being set right now, in our Daily News.


New Items

"Atonement Matters - Call To Declare The Biblical View of the Atonement"

This resource is a book which calls Teachers, Preachers, Counselors, and Parents to follow Paul's admonition to Titus to declare UNASHAMEDLY the full, rich Biblical teaching on the Atonement.

This doctrine is essential to Christian belief because it declares that Jesus did not come to make all mankind savable; rather, He came to save His Church, and His Bride, into full salvation.

In other words, Jesus truly saves sinners!

This teaching is absolutely critical at this moment in world history, because the Enemy of Our Souls has thoroughly corrupted this teaching, confusing untold millions of people about a doctrine without which no one can go to Heaven! In New Age circles, this corrupted teaching is called the "At-One-Ment". Sadly, too many Christian Churches have begun teaching this false New Age doctrine. Can you tell the difference between the True Biblical Doctrine and Satan's New Age counterfeit? You can, after reading this critical book.

368 pages -

"What The Bible Teaches About ... Being BORN AGAIN"

Too many people believe they are "Born Again" and on the road to Heaven, when the reality is that Jesus does not recognize them. This sad reality means that such people will miss the Rapture and eternal Heaven
This book dispels many misunderstandings as to what it means to be "Born Again" and it outlines the Biblical definition, explaining why it is absolutely necessary to be spiritually regenerated by the Holy Spirit. You will also see lives changed as the result of a genuine Born Again experience!

You will realize that being "Born Again" is a shattering, life-changing experience, not a "change of outlook", or even direction, by an everlasting change of our very nature - a change down to the depths of the foundation of our soul!

128 pages --

Corrupted Christian Music In Our Churches

DVD - "The Occult In Christian Music"

by Pastor Hoggard - Watch The Trailer

Regularly $29.99, On Sale For Only $14.99 - You save 50%!

Did you know that much Contemporary and Rock music being played right now in Christian Churches are heavily laced with occultism? Pastor Hoggard will literally blow your minds as he reveals how churches are regularly being inundated with occult values, without anyone ever understanding!

Hoggard lays a Biblical foundation for the kind of music which is proper for worship. He illustrates how much of today's CCM comes from Rock and Voodoo and shows symbols used in CCM videos that are occult

Pastor also shows the sensual wordily nature of this music and why it is not worthy to be played in the House of God!

This warning is BADLY NEEDED during this time of unbelievable End Times apostasy threatening to engulf the Christian Church -- you and your family are being affected if you are attending churches playing this kind of music. -



"Can We ROCK The Gospel?"

Warning in a Christian music magazine to naive Christian lovers of "Christian Rock": "I'll bet you aren't aware of all the occultic propaganda in your record collections".
Does God endorse music of every kind? Can we 'cut and paste' secular rock music and 'Christianize' it in the process? Should the Christian Church unite in bringing Rock Music to the altar or should we unite in sending it to the bonfire?

Two respected Christian leaders and best-selling authors who together have many years of hands-on experience in worship, preaching, and evangelism and music, combine in this book to examine this controversial subject, using both recent evidence and time-tested truths.

John Blanchard - internationally known author, apologist, teacher with over 15 million copies of his books available in over 40 languages.


"Why I Left The Contemporary Christian Music Movement"

Untold thousands of Christian churches across the world are abandoning Traditional Music in favor of Contemporary Christian Music. Writing from his own personal experience as a Christian music leader, Dan Lucarini severely criticizes using Contemporary Music in the worship of our Lord Jesus Christ. Dan illustrates how churches have been deceived into thinking they have to become like the world in order to reach the world.
This music is causing divisions within the church and gradually turns the worshippers from a focus on Jesus to a focus on themselves.

This warm and heartfelt account highlights these dangers and is intended to aid church leaders in reversing these modern trends, understanding the truth of the Scripture: "Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls" - Jer 6:16


"They Sold Their Souls For Rock-n-Roll"

10-Hour DVD

Do you have precious children who love Rock-n-Roll? This dynamic and provocative DVD is exactly the kind of tool you need! Written by Pastor Joe Schimmel, who was a minor Rock Star before Jesus seized control of his heart! Joe knows the inner workings and nature of Rock Music!

Contains 6 updated hours of Rock-n-Roll video clips like the "Lesbian Wedding" of Britney Spears, Christini Aguilar, and Madonna! This full length video series contains 10 hours of eye-popping rare and some never before seen footage that will leave you picking your jaw off the ground, as you see hundreds of artists, most of whom were not covered in the abbreviated 4-hour version, being used by Satan to destroy many lives. Come behind the scenes with us as we expose the deceptive agendas of many of yesterday and today?s secular artists, such as: Elvis, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, U2, Creed, Madonna, Britney Spears, DMX, Tupac, Tori Amos and many more.

It?s time to remove the blinders - guard yourself and those you love from one of Satan?s most powerful tools!

This video takes you backstage, showing the true nature and face of Rock stars from the 1950's through today.

"Music and Morals: Dispelling The Myth That Music Is Neutral"

w/FREE CD Providing Examples of Moral and Immoral Music

"Music has power: It influences our thinking and not only conveys emotions, it produces genuine emotional states in the body. This power has been speculated about for centuries...and now, these speculations have been substantiated by scientific evidence." -Excerpt from chapter four.

Music and Morals examines the effects music has on the listener, putting to rest the myth that music is amoral. You will learn... 1) Scientific evidence proving that music has positive or negative effects on the listener. 2) Why immoral music is more powerful than Christian lyrics. 3) The difference between moral and immoral music techniques. 4) The underlying meaning of certain types of rhythms -- and much more!

A mini reference guide to different musical styles and their origins and a CD with example clips of moral and immoral music are included.

Focus On The RAPTURE!

Living "Rapture Ready"


"Last Days For Catholics: Will They Be Raptured Or Left Behind?"

When the Trumpet of God sounds and the saints on this earth are raptured into the heavenlies, will Jesus recognize the average Catholic as being saved, and therefore, raptured? This issue is critical, for apostate Evangelical leaders have long stated that Catholics do not need to be evangelized, as they are already saved!

Are they really saved? Does Jesus recognize them as saved, thus taking them in the Rapture? This DVD sets the record straight by objectively examining Catholicism through the lens of Scripture. Seven Biblical principles are presented as essential for effective witnessing in this huge and essentially neglected Mission Field.

Help Catholics learn to examine their salvation through the eyes of Jesus, not through their twisted and pagan religion. Their precious souls are at stake!


"Biblical Teachings About The Rapture"

2 DVD Set - by Pastor Hoggard

At long last! Rapture teaching that is squarely based upon the Bible. Pastor Hoggard provides a fascinating study of the Rapture of the Church that is badly needed at a time when critics of this wonderful teaching are reaching ever-increasing numbers

Did you know that the Rapture is not just New Testament doctrine, but is visible in the Old Testament? This part of the study is very interesting

Some say the Rapture is the first event on God's prophetic calendar, but do the Scriptures foretell that an extremely significant event will occur BEFORE the Rapture? And, what might that event be?

Finally, discover why God used the symbolism of a whirlwind when He translated the Prophet Elijah!

This study of the Rapture is the most interesting and decidedly unique you have ever seen

Now you can Biblically answer critics of the glorious Rapture of the Christian Church -

Biblical Discernment In These Last Days - New DVD!


"Death of Discernment From Christian Pulpits"

The major cause of the malady known as "Death of Discernment" at the End of the Age is a steady but steep decline in Biblical preaching from the pulpits of Christian churches! Many pastors are now more interested in entertaining the goats rather than feeding the sheep.

Therefore, the critical issue in the church today is defending the purity of the Gospel against compromise and Ecumenism. The Bible is meant to be the rudder which guides the ship called the Church through stormy waters; these waters have been mightily stirred by the "Enemy of our souls" through casting "every wind of doctrine" at the believer.

If the Church does not start practicing Biblical discernment, tens of millions of genuine Christians are heading for serious trouble. Remember, the enemies of the Gospel are more outspoken and more cunning than are Christians, just as Jesus warned.

The second part of this video examines man's greatest need -- to be forgiven by a holy and righteous Judge. Too many Christians live in a shadow of fear and without inner peace because they have never heard nor understood genuine salvation -- "The Best Kept Secret In The Church"

* Wow Items For the Day


More New DVD's From Pastor Hoggard!

All these DVD's are on sale!

Regularly $29.99, On Sale For Only $14.99

"The Emerging Church - Discover the Hidden Agenda behind the modern Church Growth Movement" - Part 3 of "Watchman on the Wall" series.


Part 3 of the "Watchman on the Wall Series"

Pastor Hoggard thoroughly explains the Illuminati HEGELIAN DIALECT and how it is being employed to destroy the Christian Church! Hoggard understands how the very use of this technique points to the End of the Age, giving us another strong reason to believe the prophecies of God's Holy Word

Hoggard also details how secular Marketing Strategies are being successfully used to market the Christian Church -- including SEX!

Other secular techniques which these modern apostate churches are using to increase their numbers include: 1) Drama; 2) Entertainment, 3) Social Events; 4) Psychology; 5) and numerous programs galore

Occult New Age Techniques have been renamed and introduced into the seeker sensitive churches. Youth Pastors are being especially targeted with this New Age programming, as they are aiming at contemporary teens already programmed heavily into the New Age Movement

Contemporary Music is strongly used, with the goal of ultimately moving church people into mainstream Rock

Hoggard lists the 4 areas which Satan is attacking through these apostate churches: 1) Attack against the Word; 2) Attack against Prayer; 3) Against traditional church music; 4) Attack against traditional preaching - Joel Osteen, Bill Hybels, Rick Warren, Benny Hinn are prime examples.


"Invasion - Satan's destruction of Biblical Authority"

Part 1 of the "Watchman on the Wall Series"


Global leaders are using tragic events to force people to give up freedoms for safety, a very persuasive tactic to bring about an Absolute Dictatorship! Events like: 1) Attacks of 9/11; 2) Threat of Nuclear War; 3) Threat of Economic Collapse; 4) Threat of more terrorist attacks 5) Scare tactics in quite a number of other areas

These scare tactics then allow our governments to take actions to destroy our freedoms. Executive Orders, Patriot Acts I and II and other anti-terrorist laws are then passed because the citizens are terrified by these scare tactics

But equally important is the Apostasy of the Christian Church, which has collapsed Biblical authority and the awareness by the people as to the accuracy of prophecy! In this era, "Seeker-sensitive " churches have virtually abolished Biblical authority and awareness on the one hand, while slowly moving her people into the arms of the Vatican on the other hand

This video is one of the VERY BEST from Pastor Michael Hoggard! We highly recommend it! Hoggard's specific examination of Executive Orders is alone worth the price of this DVD!

"Invasion Part 2 - Satan's War against or homes, our churches and our country - by Pastor Hoggard - Part 2 of the 'Watchman on the Wall Series' "

Pastor Hoggard teaches that much of the spiritual power seen in today's apostate churches comes directly out of Ephesians 6. Witchcraft, ESP, Telekinesis, Holy laughter, altered states of consciousness and Music

Then, Hoggard goes to Deuteronomy 18:10-12 - Palm reading, tarot cards, Ouija boards, guided imagery, hypnosis, channeling and necromancers. He covers more on heretics and false teachers

We recommend Invasion Parts 1 and 2 as some of the finest documentaries in the Christian market!



2) "The Babel Conspiracy: 9/11 & Beyond" - DVD - by Pastor Michael Hoggard

"The Babel Conspiracy" proves that the Illuminati conspiratorial plan to unite the world so their Antichrist can appear is controlled by the "Evil Master Spirits" in the supernatural dimension. BUT, these Evil Master Spirits are controlled by prophecy and doctrine in God's Bible!

What a faith-building experience, as Pastor Hoggard reveals the startling degree to which the events of 9/11 and since then were controlled by prophecy!

Your weak faith will be wonderfully strengthened as will your ability to convince people that the Bible is the only roadmap we need to understand the events of this Age

In speaking of the attacks on 9/11, Pastor Hoggard teaches the "pattern" of them all and then ties them in with the bombing at the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City, the assassination of President Kennedy and other key events of the last 20 years -- and demonstrates how these events fulfill Bible Prophecy!

Great soul winning tool - refreshing approach to this subject -


3) DVD - "Holy Bible: Sure Word of Prophecy" - by Pastor Michael Hoggard


Occultic manifestations are occurring in Christian Churches throughout the land - and the Bible foretold them all! Pastor Hoggard shows how prophecy foretold that these types of Satanic activities would infest the church at the End of the Age
Practices well known in occult circles are being practiced in churches with the people thinking the Holy Spirit is causing it, not ever realizing that a demonic spirit is deceiving them greatly!

Satan is sweeping churches throughout the world with his full infernal spirit, fulfilling Bible prophecy

This Bible study will surprise you as to its accuracy in foretelling the events of the End of the Age now unfolding uniquely right now, in front of our very eyes!

Pastor Hoggard has also produced: 1) Secret of Solomon's Key Revealed; 2) Biblical Secrets Revealed; 3) New Age - Rick Warren And The Great Prophesied Falling Away


4) "New Age - Rick Warren And The Great Prophesied Falling Away" - DVD - By Pastor Michael Hoggard - Watch the Trailer

Pastor Hoggard reveals the shocking truth that the foundation for Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Church is New Age Doctrine! In fact, one of Warren's major church pillars is the infamous Marilyn Ferguson's book entitled, "Aquarian Conspiracy".

This reality places Rick Warren squarely in the camp of the 'Enemy of Our Souls' and labels him and his entire movement as being part of the fulfillment of 2 Thess 2, where the Apostle Paul foretold that Antichrist could not arise until the apostasy of the Christian Church comes first. Therefore, RICK WARREN IS OPENING THE DOOR TO ANTICHRIST! And Pastor Hoggard proves it!

Pastor Hoggard also authored: 1) "The Secret of Solomon's Key"; 2) Biblical Secrets Revealed

2 1/2 hours long

Exciting New Book - The High Cost of Illicit Sexuality

"Hooked: New Science on How Casual Sex is Affecting our Children"

Hardcover Issue

Consequences For Having Sex Outside Biblical Boundaries

Our sinful society tells us that sex is an act of self-expression, a personal choice for physical pleasure that can be summed up in the ubiquitous phrase “hooking up.”

However, many millions of American teenagers and young adults are finding that the psychological baggage of such behavior is having a real and lasting impact on their lives. They are discovering that “hooking up” is the easy part, but “unhooking” from the bonds of a sexual relationship can have serious consequences.

A practical look into new scientific research showing how sexual activity causes the RELEASE of BRAIN CHEMICALS which then result in emotional bonding and a powerful desire to repeat the activity.

This book will greatly help parents and singles understand that “safe sex” isn’t safe at all; that even if they are protected against STDs and pregnancy, they are still hurting themselves spiritually and emotionally and likewise hurting their partner. -

Seven Years After 9/11 - New Video Tells Compelling Story


"TRUTH RISING: The 9/11 Chronicles"

Regularly $19.95, On Sale Now $16.99 - Introductory Pricing

Seven years after the attacks of 9/11/2001, a global awakening has taken place, the likes of which the world has never seen. As the corporate-controlled media dwindles into extinction, a new breed of journalists and activists has emerged. Without the staged attacks on 9/11, this kind of change in the Mass Media would not have been possible -- and YOU are the target!
Join Alex Jones, Luke Rudkowski and others as they set out on a mission determined to expose the ruthless global elite, and alert the masses to the truth about 9/11

Strap in and get ready to ride along as Global Elitists David Rockefeller, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Alan Greenspan, John McCain, and many others are confronted about their lies and manipulation

Including interviews with Jesse Ventura, Rosie O'Donnell, George Carlin, Willie Nelson and Martin Sheen, this film is unlike anything you have ever seen. The only question after viewing it is, "will you become part of the Truth Rising?"




"Israel's Connection To Rome"

Prophecy 666 Audio CD

Genesis 15:18 -- This is a unilateral covenant, not dependent upon the actions of either Abram or his descendents. In God's eyes, the great conflicts of the Middle East have already been settled. The land described above has belonged to Israel for 4,000 years and will belong to Israel until the end of time. Only the implementation of God's decree is not yet settled

Today, Israel is dealing extensively with the last Gentile Super Power, Rome, the Revived Roman Empire!

This study details how the leadership of Israel and the European Union are leading the peoples of the Middle East into the false "Peace and Safety" of which the Apostle Paul spoke in 1 Thess 5. This message is as fresh as your Daily News!

"The Cost of Freedom" -- Prophecy 666 Series - Audio CD

All Romans of Paul's day understood how exceedingly valuable their freeborn Roman citizenship was and they valued in within the context of a respect of Law.

People today do not realize how precious this type of freedom is, or even what freedom truly is. This is a study of what freedom means to an individual citizen and what the implications are to our life today.

Click Here To See All 29 40 Of The "Prophecy 666" Audio CD's

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"The TRUE Story of the Bilderberg Group"

Expose' of the World's Truly Secret Governing Body

Still On Sale!

Regularly $24.95

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An expose' of the most secretive, most powerful, ruling group in the world! Exposes who really runs the world and the lengths to which they will go to establish their globalist hegemony

This investigative report provides a fascinating account of the annual meetings of the world's most powerful people

The Bilderberg Group has been comprised of European prime ministers, American presidents, and the wealthiest CEOs of the world, all coming together to discuss the economic and political future of humanity.

Using methods that resemble the spy tactics of the Cold War—and in several instances putting his own life on the line—the author did what no one else has managed to achieve: he learned what was being said behind the closed doors of the opulent hotels and has made it available to the public.

408 pages -


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Headline News Articles

New Headline News Articles

"Barack Hussein Obama - THE Most Liberal, Antichristian Presidential Candidate EVER!"

Are the American people so disgusted with "Conservative", "christian", Bush that they will gladly accept a President far more Liberal than Bill Clinton?


Rick Warren Leading Evangelicals Into The Prophesied Global Ecumenical Religion!

"Purpose Driven Church" is fulfilling Biblical prophecy in its leadership toward the prophesied One World, Anti-Christian Religious Church which shall serve the False Prophet and Antichrist.

"One World - One Dream"

But what about Truth and Freedom? Guest Column by Berit Kjos

"Russian Invasion of Georgia Is Meant To Be A HUGE Warning To The West"

Once Russia pulls off this invasion without military intervention from the West, the prophecy of Ezekiel 38-39 will have come a lot closer to happening! If God has "put hooks into the jaw" of Russia's Putin, Russia must bring Georgia back under her control before the attack on Israel can proceed!


“…his right eye shall be utterly darkened” Zechariah 11:17(b), KJV

"Prince William Taking Two Huge Steps To Become The "Masonic Christ"!

In line with our belief that Antichrist will come from the House of Windsor, Prince William joined the "Order of the Garter", a secret society formed in 1348 which has long exercised great control over the global Illuminati.

Step 2 - Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth II announce plans to put Prince William through an unprecedented course on how to be a King -- a course of training never done before in all England's long history! Is William going to be trained to be Antichrist, the coming "Man of Lawlessness"?

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"Obama and McCain Are 22nd Cousins Descended From King Edward I of England!

"As many as 15 American Presidents and numerous Presidential candidates are also related to King Edward I. Can anyone see an incredibly long-running conspiracy here? British "Generational Witchcraft" is operating here!


"Eye of the Phoenix" DVD Now Has A Revealing Trailer!

Video #3 In The "Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings" Series

This video will prove that three occultists of international renown conspired to place the Illuminati "Symbol of Antichrist" on the left side of the back of the American One Dollar Bill! The All-Seeing Eye of Horus hovering over the unfinished pyramid is the Eye of Antichrist and American rulers of that time knew it!

Occultists consider the One Dollar Bill to be the highest "Magical Symbol" in world history! You will also be surprised to learn the reason Masons chose the Dollar Bill as the most important document on which they could place this startling symbolism.

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"Masonry Officially Admits That The Luciferian All-Seeing Eye Symbol On The Back of the One Dollar Bill Is Masonic!"

After years of denying that symbol of the All-Seeing Eye hovering over the pyramid on the One Dollar Bill is in any way, shape, or form Masonic, official Masonry is now bragging to their members that this is precisely the case!

Just another indication of the inherent Satanism within Masonry!


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"Barack Hussein Obama - THE Most Liberal, Antichristian Presidential Candidate EVER!"

Are the American people so disgusted with "Conservative", "christian", Bush that they will gladly accept a President far more Liberal than Bill Clinton?


Rick Warren Leading Evangelicals Into The Prophesied Global Ecumenical Religion!

"Purpose Driven Church" is fulfilling Biblical prophecy in its leadership toward the prophesied One World, Anti-Christian Religious Church which shall serve the False Prophet and Antichrist.

"One World - One Dream"

But what about Truth and Freedom? Guest Column by Berit Kjos

"Russian Invasion of Georgia Is Meant To Be A HUGE Warning To The West"

Once Russia pulls off this invasion without military intervention from the West, the prophecy of Ezekiel 38-39 will have come a lot closer to happening! If God has "put hooks into the jaw" of Russia's Putin, Russia must bring Georgia back under her control before the attack on Israel can proceed!



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