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Friday, August 27, 2010

Most Unique New Study Bible!

"KJV Archaeological Study Bible"

" Illustrated Walk Through Biblical History and Culture "

Hardcover - Regularly $49.99, On Sale $39.97

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A unique study Bible filled with informative articles and full-color photographs which will take you on an illustrated walk through Biblical history. You will see how God is using modern Archaeology to prove that God is real and that His Word is absolutely without error!

Features of this unique Bible: 1) In-text color maps to assist you in placing the action as told in the Scripture; 2) Bottom-of-page study notes exploring passages which speak of archaeological and cultural facts; 3) 520 articles covering five main categories: a) Archaeological sites; b) Cultural and Historical Notes; c) Ancient Peoples and Lands; Reliability of the Bible; Ancient Texts and Artifacts.

500 full-color photographs interspersed throughout.

Detailed introduction to books of the Bible providing basic, at-a-glance information.

Detailed Charts.

Hardcover, 2,336 pages - Note that the sample which Zondervan provided is the NIV version but we only sell the King James Version. The sample does allow you to see the studies that are in this Bible.

Key News Events


I. Did you know that, in certain states, government officials can sneak on to your property, slip under your car in your driveway, and position a GPS monitoring device -- without breaking the law or the Constitution?

The Big Brother surveillance system so critical to the implementation of the coming dictatorship is spreading its deadly tentacles all over this land! We are getting very close to losing our freedoms.

NEWS BRIEF: "The Government Can Use GPS to Track Your Moves", August 25, 2010

"Government agents can sneak onto your property in the middle of the night, put a GPS device on the bottom of your car and keep track of everywhere you go."

To all Americans who are used to the Constitutional rights to privacy, this is shocking news, indeed! How could any court in this land allow this to occur? The extremely Liberal Ninth Circuit Court of appeals is the one court in the land which has created this draconian dictatorship scenario. Granting police this authority smacks of Russian Communism during the Stalin days. The Communist Secret Police took surveillance actions with their level of technology that was just as troubling as this new authority given American police departments.

How does the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals justify granting this new police power in light of the privacy restrictions of the Fourth Amendment?

"This doesn't violate your Fourth Amendment rights, because you do not have any reasonable expectation of privacy in your own driveway — and no reasonable expectation that the government isn't tracking your movements. That is the bizarre — and scary — rule that now applies in California and eight other Western states. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, which covers this vast jurisdiction, recently decided the government can monitor you in this way virtually anytime it wants — with no need for a search warrant."

The Absolute Dictatorship which Doc Marquis describes in his new DVD's, "The Protocols of Zion" and "The Illuminati Is Fulfilling Prophecy" is now coming to reality very quickly. The "Familiar Spirits" told Illuminati leaders over 200 years ago that, at the right moment in history, they would be able to establish the most ruthless and cruel and efficient dictatorship the world had ever seen. And these leaders of 200 years ago accepted that revelation of blind faith; now, in 2010, we can see how incredible advances in technical surveillance coupled with equally shocking loss of Constitutional rights, is leading America directly into the terrible teeth of this dictatorship.


But, even more frightening is the scientific advance into Mark of the Beast technology that will allow the implanted chip to even control your thinking! You realize further the type of trouble we are in when you learn that the Federal Government is heavily funding the most advanced chip on earth and that the specific agency spearheading this effort is the dark and shadowy "anti-terrorist" agency known as D.A.R.P.A. This agency is the one we fingered in 2002 as the one who would bring dictatorship to this country under the guise of fighting terror!

We describe this incredible technology in our newest DVD, "The Illuminati Is Fulfilling Prophecy" -- which is shipping Monday, August 30!

Returning to the Ninth Circuit Appeals Court, we sounded the alarm back in early 2002, when President Bush and his "Christian" Attorney General, John Ashcroft, took their case to the Ninth Circuit Appeals Court, arguing that the Federal Government had the right to arrest citizens without charges, without right to an attorney or to a trial and to even execute them secretly!

That is how Liberal the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has always been. It is no wonder that the Western states who fall under its jurisdiction have been hit with this horrible breach of our Constitutional rights to Privacy.


II. In another example of the encroachment of our increasingly hostile government intent upon taking away our rights, we learn of the plans to over-react to a cyber attack in such a way as to seize control of infrastructure and communications networks!

The Council on Foreign Relations is proposing to turn this new job over to the Department of Homeland Security (Internal Police Force) and to the National Security Agency (Spy Agency)!

NEWS BRIEF: "Pentagon's cybersecurity plans have a Cold War chill ", By David Ignatius, The Washington Post, August 26, 2010

"With little fanfare, the Pentagon is putting the finishing touches on a new strategy that will treat cyberspace as a domain of potential warfare -- and apply instant "active defense" to counter attacks that, in theory, could shut down the nation's transportation and commerce. America's closest allies would be drawn into an early-warning network of collective cybersecurity; private industry would be mobilized in a kind of civil defense against attackers; and military commanders would be given authority to respond automatically to electronic invaders."

The public rhetoric states that the purpose of all this is to make "America's infrastructure robust and redundant enough to survive any attack".

But, the powers granted the government on the basis of any type of cyber attack far outweigh the threat. Whenever you see this kind of action occur, you know you are looking at the excuse by which the government intends to impose its coming dictatorship.

"William J. Lynn III, the deputy secretary of defense, explained the new approach, known as "Cyberstrategy 3.0" within the Pentagon, in an interview this week and in an article that appears in the new issue of Foreign Affairs. The formal policy should be completed by December, he said; meanwhile, the Pentagon's new "Cyber Command" will have responsibility for "active defense" starting Oct. 1. "

At this point, this Washington Post journalist pleads for restraint on the part of the government.

"In the debate about cyberstrategy, I hope officials will recognize the dangers of militarizing the global highway for commerce and communication. Of course we want to protect ourselves against threats. But as with human viruses, hostile computer bugs will evade our best efforts at quarantine. A new (and expensive) obsession with cybersecurity is not what this traumatized country needs. "

While I can sympathize with the feeling of Mr. Ignatius, the issue is not what "this traumatized country needs"; the issue of the hour is what the Illuminati is planning to do to our formerly free country. They plan to institute the most repressive dictatorship in world history, backed by the most sophisticated technology the world has ever seen.

All across the board, the Federal Government is slyly and as quietly as possible, getting all the laws changed and all the court decisions they need, and then they will pounce, taking away our freedoms in a moment of time, after the World War III has begun! That is our future and that is Bible prophecy. What should we do? We should take all action possible to spread this word to an unsaved people, urging them to work diligently to sow Gospel Seed so as many precious souls may be saved as possible.

Think of standing before Jesus on Rewards Day, to have Him judge your actions and motives after you were saved. Do you think Jesus is going to judge you on any other basis than the number of people to whom you reached out with the Gospel once you saw the "sword" of the Illuminati approaching? Through Cutting Edge, you are more aware of how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together in this End of the Age period. You know the Illuminati Plan and how it is fulfilling Bible prophecy. Now you are alerted so that you can alert others so they can be saved.

Listen to God's warning:

"But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman's hand." (Ezekiel 33:6)

Now that you know what the Lord wants, make sure every day you are "about your Father's business"!


III. Right-wing Conservatives are rising up in enough numbers that they are starting to defeat regular Republicans in local and state elections!

While we applaud our fellow Conservatives as they rise up to say to the Establishment, "Enough is Enough", "Don't Tread On Me", their action may so splinter the Republicans that the Democrats more easily win reelection in the Fall!

NEWS BRIEF: "Sarah Palin effect? Alaska GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski trails Tea Party challenger Joe Miller", New York Daily News, August 25, 2010

"Tea partiers may have a reason to party big time. Moderate Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski is trailing in Alaska's Senate primary — though the final results likely won't be known for over a week. Murkowski, who was thought to be a shoo-in against Sarah Palin-backed challenger Joe Miller, is behind by approximately 2,500 votes with 84% of precincts reporting. If Murkowski falls, she'd be the third incumbent Senator to lose so far this year — following Republican Bob Bennet and Republican-turned-Democrat Arlen Specter."

"The race is being viewed as a litmus test for the Tea Party, who has backed Miller, and a continuation of the battle between Palin and the Murkowski family."

The Tea Party is truly a grass-roots organization, fueled by people who have become convinced of one of the most important fundamental teaching of Cutting Edge, i.e., that there is no difference whatsoever between the Democrat and Republican parties. We applaud their efforts and hope they can bury the Republican Party.

But, if the Republican Party is only wounded and not buried, the Democrats will be able to win in November, probably to the point where they can retain control of Congress and perhaps the majority of the state houses. The danger is that the force for change in our government will be divided between the regular Republican Party and the new Tea Party, thus giving the Democrats the victory in November.


IV. Economic news is so see-saw up and down and contradictory, are you "wearied" yet?

Doc Marquis reveals in his new "Protocols of Zion" DVD that the Illuminati planned 200 years ago that they were going deliberately so weary the people that they would accept any new system offered them as better than the one they have now.

For the past two weeks, corporate earnings have been pouring in and the stock market notched modest gains.,

But, scarcely had the good news sunk into the minds of the people than bad or disappointing news struck, and the stock market began to retreat. Some of the "disappointing" news was simply a matter of driving up expectations unreasonably so that, when the actual number came in below the unrealistic expectations, the news is reported as bad and investors worry mightily.

The best example is the "Durable Goods Order" report. The news stated that the stock market was in retreat because of "weak economic data", specifically the Durable Goods Orders. But when I clicked on an actual news report, I discovered that Durable Goods Orders did not decline, they really increased 0.3%.

I expected the Durable Goods Order report to decline, but they really increased. The reason people perceived this number as so negative is that some "financial expert" somewhere had stated that the number was expected to be much higher. Thus, Mass Media is playing the "expectation numbers game" with us.

Doc Marquis revealed that the Protocols foresaw the need at the end of the period prior to the appearance of the Masonic Christ, to deliberately weary the people. This weariness would be carried out in a number of different areas, such as:

1) Repeated Wars

2) Repeated Rumors of Wars

3) Repeated "Peace Conferences" all of which fail.

4) Repeated bad economic news

5) Repeated assault on our personal values and liberties

6) Repeated outrageous conduct -- especially intentional incompetence -- on the part of our elected and appointed officials.

The end result is planned that, when the Masonic Christ -- the 'King of Despots' -- arises, he will propose a new system, called the New World Order, in which he promises that all these most wearisome issues will be reversed. People who have grown so tired and so weary from the deliberate failures of the old system will flock to these promises, believing that nothing could be worse than what they have right now.

Oh, how wrong they will be.

Truly, Jesus' prophecy holds true when He said that at the End of the Age, men's hearts will fail them for fear (Luke 21:26).

But, Jesus also said so many times, "Do not fear"! Our Lord has promised us so many times that He will keep us safe, secure and without need until the End of the Age. Believe him!

Doc Marquis also states boldly that the Illuminati will cause all these bad things (Examples 1-6) to occur at the same time, at the onset of the World War III to produce Antichrist, an event dependent upon the final formation of the world's nations into only 10 supernations (NEWS2363).

Do not be fearful!

Exciting New Bookstore Items


New Full Color Pamphlets

Click here to see all 88 pamphlets


Pamphlet: "Christmas Story In Prophecy"

This beautiful pamphlet presents Jesus' birth as the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies in a manner which can be used as a handout during Christmas.

Uses traditional wording from Matthew and Luke, illustrated with beautiful full-color art.

Starting with the angelic announcement of John the Baptist's birth and the angel Gabriel's visit to Mary, it continues with Mary and Joseph traveling to Nazareth for the birth of Jesus, the shepherd's visitation and the arrival of the Wise Men.

19 panels, 8.5x5.5 inches, unfolding to 38 inches Fits inside a Bible cover.

Pamphlet: "Why Truth Matters"

What is Truth and how can we recognize it when confronted with it? Is there any Absolute Truth in this world today? That is a major point of debate raging throughout the world.

Explore nine (9) enemies of Biblical truth: False gospels, false doctrines; false miracles, false gospels, false gods, false christs (messiahs), false spirits, false apostles, and false teachers. Learn to recognize these counterfeits through the light of God's Absolute Truth.

Size 8.5x5.5 inches, unfolding to 38 inches, 14 panels, but fits inside a Bible cover.


Pamphlet: "Parables of Jesus"

Jesus taught in parables to communicate important truth about God's Kingdom, while hiding the truth from the wicked.

This full-color pamphlet is a perfect introduction to the parables of Jesus. All 39 of these 'heavenly stories with earthly meanings' are explained: The Prodigal Son, the Good Samaritan, the Lost Sheep, the Mustard Seed, the Talents, and many more.

Excellent tool by which to focus on God's purposes in the world, including tips for studying parables, especially useful for Bible study groups.

Size is 8.5x5.5 inches, unfolding to 38 inches, 14 panels. Fits inside a Bible cover.

Pamphlet: "Who Am I In Christ? You Are Complete In Him "

This beautiful pamphlet informs us what God accomplished through His Son's life, ministry, death, and resurrection! We are forgiven, beloved, are new creatures and much, much more.

Each word identified has its Bible reference. Be reminded and reassured of the many qualities and characteristics you possess as a believer.
you are accepted, forgiven, and made holy in Jesus, and that is just the beginning!

Study dozens of promises and where they are located in the Bible.

New Hoggard DVD!

"Revelation 666"

King James Bible Code Series, Volume 5

Regularly $29.99, Now Only $14.99

Pastor Hoggard continues his signature series THE KING JAMES CODE with this latest DVD. You will discover that the Number 6 carries unique meaning for both God's Plan and Satan's counter-plan.

Gods Plan - You will see Gods numerical signature in the King James Bible and gain a deeper understanding of the use of the number 6 as it relates to Bible Prophecy. God assigned the Number 6 as the number of man and 666 as the Number of the Ultimate Man, Antichrist.

Satan's Plan -- In full accord with God's Plan, Satan assigned Number 6 to their 'Perfected Man' and the Number 666 as the Number of the Ultimate Perfected Man, the Masonic Christ. As always with Satanists, a man becomes Perfected through Masonic rituals.

The hexagram is Satan's most powerful, most evil symbol in all the world. Therefore, Hoggard emphasizes the hexagram in his presentation. 1 hour, 40 minutes -

"40 Irrefutable Signs That We Are The Last Generation"

Book by Dr. Noah Hutchings

Jesus Christ said there would be a last generation. Is This Generation It?

Forty is the biblical number of probationary judgment, and in this forty-chapter book, Noah Hutchings presents without controversy forty signs given in eschatology related to the last generation.

All these signs are in evidence right now!!

Jesus, Peter, and Paul all stated that the last generation would be without excuse concerning the signs of the last generation. Peter said, 'Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation. For this they willingly are ignorant. . .' II Peter 3:3-5.

Can we really know if this is the last generation of this age? How many signs would it take to convince you?



Protocols of Zion: The Plot Against Israel

Dynamic Trailer

"The Illuminati Protocols of Zion: The Plot Against Israel"

DVD #5 From Doc Marquis In Secrets of the Illuminati Series - 2 DVD Set

No other document in the past 2,000 years has continually set the world on fire more than the Protocols of Zion. Yet, a majority of people consider this Illuminati blueprint to be fraudulent. Marquis shall prove that, while the Protocols is NOT a Jewish conspiracy, it is an Illuminati conspiracy to take over the world for their Masonic Christ.

The Protocols has already set the world on fire many times: 1) Fomented and directed the Great French Revolution (1789-1799); 2) Created the great Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917 that established Communism; 3) In 1870, planned Three (3) World Wars to stage Antichrist on the world scene. World Wars I & II were precisely carried out. World War III is being set up exactly as The Protocols envisioned, and will be the most bloody war ever; 4) Planned the attacks of 9/11; 5) Planned the global terrorism campaign now underway; 6) Planned economic collapse; 7) Planned the most murderous, most severe global dictatorship history has ever seen. 8) Marquis will reveal other bloody plans.

Will demonstrate how parts of The Protocols were later fulfilled in modern history.

This DVD provides the only true understanding of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion ever and is only possible because Doc Marquis is a former Satanist trained in the Illuminati Plan.

You will never look at the news the same way again!

Will Be Shipping 'Illuminati Is Fulfilling Biblical Prophecy' late August

"The Illuminati Is Fulfilling Biblical Prophecy"

DVD #6 In Doc Marquis Secrets of the Illuminati Series - 2 DVD Set

Do you know how Doc Marquis came out of his Satanic coven and the Illuminati? He read the Book of Revelation and realized that he had just read the Plan of the Illuminati! Doc checked to see when the Book of Revelation was written and found it to be late First Century. He already knew that the Illuminati Plan was written in 1773. Therefore, the only reason the Plan so perfectly paralleled Revelation is that the power of the Holy Spirit forced Satan to write his Plan so that it was a mirror image of Revelation.
Doc had always been taught that the Satan whom he served was the most powerful in the universe, but he fell on his knees right then and there, asking Jesus to become his Savior!

Marquis will demonstrate how completely the Illuminati Plan will fulfill Bible prophecy once it is completely worked out. This DVD is intended to prove to the unsaved that Jesus Christ is real and will sit in judgment one day for all mankind; this DVD is also intended to move the backslidden Christian to come back to Jesus in repentance because world events are rapidly moving toward the appearance of Antichrist and the completion of all events. Time is short!

We will present a Plan of Salvation at the very end of this video -- 3 1/2 hours long; Shipping begins Monday, August 30.

"Combo Offer DVD: Secrets of the Illuminati"

Series of 4 by Doc Marquis, 7 DVDs, over 11 hours of teaching

Regularly $139.96, Combo Price $99.96

Each of these unique DVD's provides information on a part of the Illuminati Plan which only a former Satanist / Illuminati would know. Furthermore, much of the information Doc Marquis provides is the 'Oral Plan', which is the parts of the plan to produce Antichrist which is so evil that it is never written down.

1) 'Arrival of the Antichrist' - Focus is on the infamous Rothschild 'Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion' and how leaders are following that plan as a blueprint

2) 'America's Occult Holidays' - Former Satanist, Doc Marquis, delivers a knockout punch against the practice of all our major holidays, providing details only a former Witch would know. Doc begins by demonstrating how the Illuminati effected the change in our calendar and how that change has created a dramatic change in our everyday lives.

3) 'Front Men of the Illuminati' - 'These men pull the strings and we dance'! Doc boldly outlines the real 'movers and shakers' of the Illuminati, those organizations most responsible for driving us all into the global dictatorship, the New World Order. Focus is on the most important 'Illuminati Card Game', explaining the importance of the insights provided by these remarkably accurate cards

4) 'Magick, Mysticism, and Masonry' - This is THE ONE video every Mason to whom you are witnessing must see! Doc Marquis drives a wooden stake into the heart of Freemasonry by exposing truths only known to a former Satanist.

4-Pack Combination Offer Saves You $40.00!

"Catholicism: The Church On Haunted Hill"

Newest DVD by Bill Schnoebelen

We Have Added The Plan of Salvation At The End, Written Especially To A Catholic

Why, oh why, has the Catholic priesthood been sexually molesting little boys, young women and married women for the past 1,000 years? Former Satanist, Bill Schnoebelen, answers this question once and for all!

Shipping Now

Click Here To Read Full Write-up

Nearly 2 hours - Now Shipping - Today!

Bill Schnoebelen quotes from the King James Version.

We present a Plan of Salvation, at the end, written specifically for Roman Catholics, making this DVD a most effective Soul-Winning DVD!

Concluding Plan of Salvation Trailer

Introductory Trailer

New 4-DVD Set

" A Fearful Creation"

Volume 1 In A Series, by Pastor Billy Crone

Open any children's book on dinosaurs and what do you usually see on the very first line of the first page? 'Millions of years ago', right? But have you ever stopped to think that if God created all the life on this planet, including dinosaurs, then why doesn't the children's book say 'In the beginning,God'?

Can it be that we are being brainwashed with an evolutionary lie about dinosaurs that most people will never discover the Biblical truth about God?

The answer, simply, is 'yes'. This series not only shows the true history of dinosaurs, but it also demonstrates the true lesson of dinosaurs.

Four provocative chapters:

1) Does the Bible mention dinosaurs?

2) Did Man coexist with dinosaurs?

3) Did a worldwide flood destroy dinosaurs?

4) Did dinosaurs get on and off the Ark?

Very Provocative and Eye-Opening!

Volume 2 now available

New Hoggard DVD

"The Mystery of Contemplative Prayer"

"New Age Practice Invading Churches - Trail Leads Directly To The Vatican"

The fastest growing source of Satan's influence into fundamental and evangelical churches in America is a new age, yoga-like meditation called Contemplative Prayer. Those who practice it say they hear the voice of God inside them. But is it God's voice, or the voice of a familiar spirit?

In this video presentation, Pastor Michael Hoggard examines the roots of this practice and follows the trail to the Vatican and beyond. Since the trail ultimately traces back to the Roman Catholic Church, then you must understand the deeply Satanic power behind this Mystical practice. Literally, those who practice Contemplative Prayer are being led by the spirit of Antichrist, and are being used to facilitate the rise of the Beast in the last days.

Regularly $29.99

On Sale $14.99 --

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"Beyond Blasphemy: The Hidden Faith of Our Founding Fathers"

Featuring A Public Refutation of David Barton And His Teachings About Freemasonry And Our Founding Fathers!

If you are not familiar with this most unique video, please take a moment to read these few paragraphs and look at the trailer.

The Church & Secret Societies is perhaps the first and only documentary to go where no film has ever gone before: into the hidden faith of America's founding fathers. Many founders were involved in secret societies, and yet it is often claimed these men were Christians who were trying to build a Christian nation. But was their faith the true faith of the Bible? And is it possible, as some claim, that the exact opposite is true?

What did the founders believe about the Person of Jesus Christ? Were they fighting for Christianity, or against it? Moreover, is it possible that the events of the American Revolution have a much darker significance in the pages of Bible prophecy than most church leaders are aware?

Charles Thomson was the Secretary of the Continental Congress, and the man responsible for the final design of the Great Seal of the United States. He was said to be more familiar with the events and people surrounding the American Revolution than any other man of his era. He spent years documenting the history of the War for Independence, knowing many details which had escaped others. Though encouraged to publish his remarkable history, he chose to destroy it. He said: "I shall not undeceive future generations."

What was Thomson hiding? And how has it affected the Church in America today?

Included in this DVD: 1) The faith of Thomas Paine - the man who inspired the American Revolution. 2) The faith of Thomas Jefferson - author of the Declaration of Independence. 3) The faith of John Adams - the second President of the United States. 4) The faith of Benjamin Franklin - the only man to sign all of the founding documents. 5) The faith of George Washington - known as "the Father of our country." 6) Confronting David Barton's "fabled" view of American history, showing from his own writings the error of his teachings. 7) How Secret Societies have worked to change the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 8) Patriotic Christianity; its role in Dominionism and building the New World Order. 9) The prophetic implications of the Church being used to build the kingdom of Antichrist.

In The Same Historical Context As The Three "The Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings" Videos

We are continuing the Introductory Sale price of $19.99. We shall continue this price until we begin to ship product.

Bookstore Items!


Going Home

by J.D. Ashcroft

Death is considered by most people to be a morbid topic; but, only those who have no hope beyond the grave will feel this way about Death.

Genuine Christians will receive comfort and encouragement at this most difficult period in anyone's life.

Great for anyone going through terminal illness, whether saved or unsaved. Excellent Hospice resource!

One Second After You Die

If there's one universal truth in life, it is this: What lies beyond the grave?

And even though most people seem to be in the dark on this, one thing is for sure, One Second After You Die, you'll find out.

Dynamic 'Book of Revelation' Study VOLUME 12

Part 2 of 2 The Church Which Tolerated Sin Series - 6 DVD Set

Jesus gives a serious strong warning to the false teachers who would dare invade His Church.

He then gives a death threat to the followers of these false teachers to repent as well or He will strike them dead because with each succeeding generation, the yeast gets even more perverse.

You will see how this is unfortunately happening in the modern Church today, bringing apostasy and swift destruction.

6-DVD Set






Camp FEMA2: Behind The Barbed Wire

Alex Jones talk about the types of camps, control grids, HR 645 and Presidential Decision Directive (PDD 51.

Topics of concern for John Stadtmiller are the Second Amendment, the FEMA Budget and the old FBI brochure, now coming to life.

At this point in history, when all the required preparations to dissolve our Constitution and impose the most powerful, most capable, dictatorship in all of human history, 'Camp FEMA: Behind The Barbed Wire' is must viewing.

The Fabric of Time DVD - Shroud Of Turin Yielding Exciting Evidence

Secular scientists seem on the verge of proving that the Shroud of Turin is, indeed, the burial cloth of Jesus Christ.

View this exciting evidence and decide for yourself!


The God of Transformation - Paradigm Shift Coming When Everything Is Suddenly Changing

Suddenly, our entire Western society seems to be going through a 'Paradigm Shift' in which everything seems to be changing at once!

Pastor Michael Hoggard shows, not only what is being changed, but HOW it is being changed. Using the language of occult symbols, with the Bible revealing their true nature, you will see how the New Age is transforming everything we see into a New World Order.

The number 6

Revelation 666

The King James Bible Code Vol. 5 on DVD

by Pastor Hoggard

You will discover that the Number 6 carries unique meaning for both God's Plan and Satan's counter-plan.

The hexagram is Satan's most powerful, most evil symbol in all the world. Therefore, Hoggard emphasizes the hexagram in his presentation.

"The Babel Conspiracy"

9/11, 2012 and Beyond by Pastor Hoggard

Book $11.99

DVD $14.99

A dark conspiracy exists that will one day lead to global domination of Lucifer himself.

Discover how events and prophecies given thousands of years ago are being fulfilled in front of our very eyes!

Discerning Truth

Errors In Evolutionary Arguments - Book

By Dr. Jason Lisle

Everyday Christians are faced with an increasing onslaught of criticism from evolutionists for their belief in God and in His glorious creation.

Discerning Truth provides a practical and engaging resource on the use of logic in this critical debate.

Elite Serial Killers of Lincoln, John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr.

Each of these fine leaders were murdered by the Global Elite because they threatened the Plan which had been set in place.

You will be completely surprised by the revelations of this most interesting video!


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Key New Headline News Articles


"Top Secret America Is Now Here!"

Virtually every single communication in America can be copied and reviewed. The unparalleled surveillance capability which is foretold in the Mark of the Beast prophecy is now enveloping America. The face of the coming Absolute Dictatorship is now visible; the attacks of 9/11 were the keys to making this possible!

We quote extensively from the warnings of NEWS1576, posted in early November, 2001, to demonstrate that our warnings were exceedingly accurate!

"Catholic Priestly Sex Abuse Is Now Oozing Over Every Continent on Earth!"

The sheer magnitude of the priest's sex scandal is shocking beyond belief; but, remember, the statistics we are about to share with you is simply the proverbial "tip of the iceberg"! The true total numbers of deviant priests and victims reach into the many millions of victims.

Even the infamous Kinsey Report may have its roots in the 12 Centuries of sexual deviancy from priests and nuns and their victims!


Warning To All Islamic Leadership: You Will Be Destroyed If You Persist In Plotting The Annihilation of Israel!

God's Omen of Protection is hovering over Israel today just as it did in Ancient Israel. No weapon can destroy God's nation, or God's promises will be proven to be impotent and He a liar -- which is utterly impossible!

Has Iran Outflanked and Outmaneuvered The West In Its New Deal To Swap Nuclear Fuel With Turkey?

Suddenly, the West powers are faced with a nearly complete loss of "moral high ground" on the issue of Iran's enrichment of nuclear fuel needed to produce nuclear warheads. Talk of severely tight sanctions on the Persian Kingdom is almost meaningless.

Iran, Brazil and Turkey have turned the tables on the West; will Israel, the United States, and the E.U. now accept the very proposal they originated several years ago? The Anti-American bloc has scored a significant diplomatic coup.



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