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Monday, June 7, 2010

"Nephilim Stargates"

"The Year 2012 and the Return of the Watchers - Book"

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Something alarming has been happening since the dawn of time, which has been recorded in the history, holy books, and mythos of every great civilization.

Beings of super intelligence sometimes referred to as 'gods' descend through openings of sky, earth, and sea to interact with this planet's creatures. According to Dr. Tom Horn, prophecy says they will return... and at a time much sooner than most people realize. 'H.G Wells wrote in War of the Worlds, '..that this world was being watched keenly and closely by intelligences greater than man's..'. Dr. Horn's brilliant research capabilities illustrate how through history, we as humans, have been not only watched but sometimes manipulated and used for a far more nefarious purpose... travel with Tom through the gateways, portals and dimensional openings of earth history and prepare to be enthralled!"

Dr. Horn has inside knowledge of a demonic cabal that may be controlling the worlds leading governments. In addition, Horn believes that the fallen angels who sired the Nephilim may be the unseen puppetmasters. Chilling!" L. A. Marzulli, Author of Politics, "Prophecy & the Supernatural"

231 pages --

"The Magog Invasion"

The Magog Invasion An Alternate View"

In a moment, in the blink of an eye, the invasion could begin! All the prophesied nations participating in this End of the Age invasion of Israel are now in place and are now allies!

For many years we have been following the conventional view of Ezekiel 38 and 39. With the growing tensions between Iran and Israel, these passages are the subject of much current debate. However, the conventional view still leaves a number of puzzling inconsistencies and contradictions. Ezekiel 38 indicates that Israel is dwelling safely and 'without walls.' Yet, with walls being built and missiles landing each day Israel is hardly dwelling in peace. This leaves us with a puzzling anomaly: the players listed in Ezekiel seen to exclude any of the bordering nations:

Where are the Palestinians? The Lebanese? The Syrians? The Iraqis? The Jordanians? The Egyptians?

Why are these most militant Israel-hating nations not even mentioned in this climactic battle headed by superpower Russia? You have to know that these nations would have to be dead to not be marching with Russia in this battle which everyone assumes will be successful in eradicating Israel.

You might be right: these nations just might be dead!

How close is this prophetic battle? You might be surprised.

Key News Events


I. Jewish Rabbis declare that the Gaza Flotilla confrontation is parallel to the prophesied War of Gog and Magog (Ezekiel 38-39)!

NEWS BRIEF: "Rabbis: Flotilla Clash Similar to Gog and Magog Prophecy", by Gil Ronen, Israel National News, 6/3/2010

"The Rabbinical Council of Judea and Samaria issued a statement Thursday in which it said that the results of the incident in which Israel intercepted a flotilla trying to break the naval blockade of Gaza seem like the Biblical description of 'the beginning of the Gog and Magog process where the world is against us, but which ends with the third and final redemption'."

At this point, the Rabbis drew a distinct difference between the religious and secular Rabbis, one which we Christians too often fail to take into account.

"... while secular Zionism always wants Israel to be beloved by other nations, 'the legitimacy of our people is not derived from the nations of the world and their poisonous traditions, rather from the Torah of Israel which teaches us that [Israel] 'is a people that shall dwell alone, and shall not be reckoned among the nations' (Numbers 23:9). They emphasized that there is no reason to be alarmed by the world's condemnation as it is a predicted result of fear of Israel's success."

Actually, End of the Age prophecy declares that Israel will come under the condemnation of the world for a couple of reasons:

1) The purpose of the End of the age 7-year period is to cause Israel to pass through the 70th Week of Judgment, known as "The Time of Jacob's Trouble". During this period, Israel will accept a false Messiah, will undergo an attempted genocidal campaign killing 66%, and will finally welcome Jesus as their Messiah.

2) Satan is the true "Lord of this World" during this final age, so a hatred of Israel will burn with unprecedented fury.

3) God will have to become Israel's protector because all other allies will have deserted her. Therefore, when Israel's enemies are totally destroyed in wave upon wave of murderous attacks, God will receive the glory, as all men will recognize God's Divine Hand.

The Rabbis then make it quite clear that their reference to "Gog and Magog" was taken from Ezekiel 38-39.

"'Gog and Magog' is a reference is to chapters 38 and 39 in the book of Ezekiel, a part of which is read on the intermediate Sabbath of Sukkot (Tabernacles). These chapters describe a vision of a war where the world is united against Israel that will precede the final redemption of Israel and the world. The prophecy's symbolism involves a prince called Gog of Magog, leader of Rosh, Meshech and Tubal, who leads a coalition that includes Persia (Iran), Cush, Phut, Gomer, and Beit Togarmah against Israel."

We urge you to take a few moments to read one of our explanations of Ezekiel 38-39, as the Evangelical Christian interpretation is far different than the Rabbis, simply because we hold Jesus as the prophesied Messiah, while Israel is still looking for her redeemer. This difference is quite huge. Please read NEWS2373, entitled, "Constant Israeli Threats To Bomb Iran Is Setting The Stage For Fulfillment of the Russian-led Invasion of Israel (Ezekiel 38-39)".

When one considers the probability that the way in which the world is gathering against Israel, possibly including America, one verse in these two chapters in Ezekiel offers significant reason for alarm if you are not a Born Again believer. Listen carefully to the wording of the prophecy:

"And when you, Gog, are no longer they who dwell in the cities of Israel shall go forth and shall set on fire and burn the battle gear, the shields and the bucklers, the bows and the arrows, the handspikes or riding whips and the spears; and they shall burn them as fuel for seven years, So that My people shall take no firewood out of the field or cut down any out of the forests, for they shall make their fires of the weapons." (Ezekiel 39:9-10)

Since I take every word of God's Holy Bible literally, I read this prophecy literally, just as it is written. God is foretelling that, at the time when He destroys the armies of Russia and all those nations who marched with her, Israeli citizens are going to be living as they did 400-600 years ago, i.e., depending upon fire for heat and for cooking!

Israel today is very modern, and certainly does not depend upon firewood for their everyday lives. Then, how does Israel suddenly become just such a backward nation, after she has built up her civilization with the most modern Western technology?

The answer, quite possibly, is that the Arab armies surrounding Israel are going to pummel her so severely that they will destroy her Western technology. At the time of the Russian-led invasion, Israeli people just might be depending upon firewood again for everyday living! After all, the Arab armies surrounding Israel are armed with 50,000 different kinds of missiles! At the very beginning of the future planned conflict, Islamic strategists do plan on unleashing the vast majority of these missiles, before the IDF can attempt to destroy them.

If this scenario is true, then Israel's armies have now amassed the weapons which can destroy Israel's current civilization. God will never allow Israel to be defeated and annihilated at this End of the Age, but He certainly can allow her to be badly damaged -- all the way back to depending upon firewood! Is this the reason God foretold that Michael, Israel's archangel, will have to "stand up" to come to her defense (Daniel 12:1).

These times are somber for Israel's future and all Christians must pray for this tiny beleaguered nation, praying that God's prophecies come true exactly as God spoke them. Thank God that He placed His "Protective Omen" over Israel the moment she came back to her land in May, 1948. This protective mantle is the reason that the badly outnumbered Israeli soldiers could defeat Arab armies over and over again, and is the reason Israel will never be defeated and annihilated.



II. The crisis off the coast of The Gaza Strip may flash into war very quickly if Iran and Turkey join forces against Israel.

NEWS BRIEF: "Two Iranian ships to sail to Gaza", Haaretz News, June 7, 2010

"Iranian aid ships are due to set sail to Gaza by the end of the week ... The Iranian Red Crescent decided to send the vessels, which will carry food, medications, and medical equipment, following a meeting with the foreign ministry ... On Sunday, a representative of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said that Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards are ready to provide a military escort to cargo ships trying to break Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip."

" 'Iran's Revolutionary Guards naval forces are fully prepared to escort the peace and freedom convoys to Gaza with all their powers and capabilities', Ali Shirazi, Khamenei's representative inside the Revolutionary Guards, was quoted as saying by the semi-official Mehr news agency. "

A clash between the nations of Israel and of Iran would likely provoke a far more serious backlash than the confrontation between Israel and pro-Palestinian "activists". In fact, such a naval battle could provide the spark for regional war.

Not to be outdone, Turkey's Prime Minister stated that he wanted to have his navy escort some "humanitarian" supplies to The Gaza Strip.

NEWS BRIEF: "Turkish PM wants to visit Gaza: Wants his navy to escort another flotilla", YNET News, June 5, 2010

"Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is considering a trip to Gaza in order to break the siege imposed on the Strip by Israel, Lebanese newspaper al-Mustaqbal reported Saturday, quoting 'knowledgeable sources' ... According to the report, Erdogan told the American administration he was planning to ask his navy to escort another aid flotilla, but that American officials asked him to delay the plan in order to look into the matter. "

What a danger to world peace a combined Iranian / Turkish flotilla trying to break the Israeli/Egyptian Gaza blockade would represent! In fact, wars have been started over less of a provocation than an Israel/Iranian/Turkish naval battle. While Israel would undoubtedly succeed, the cost could be bitter, including a rapid escalation into all-out military war in the Middle East.

However, since both Turkey and Iran are prophesied to march with Russia in the Gog/Magog War of Ezekiel 38-39, we believe this naval confrontation may not ever occur. Turkey's generals are still very pro-West and pro-Israel; they might retain enough power with the pro-Islamic politicians to derail this idea of Turkey's naval forces escorting ships to Gaza.

But, just the thought of Turkey escorting Iranian ships is enough to ratchet general war fears upward through the entire Middle East.


III. As world markets tremble and slip downward because of fears over the debt owed by individual countries, remember that the goal is to implement the Fascist System of control of the individual countries within the European Union, not to crash the European and Global markets.

Also please remember that government regulation is the key factor in a Fascist system.

NEWS BRIEF: "U.S. to Push for Bank Rules in Large World Economies", The New York Times, June 3, 2010

"The Treasury secretary, Timothy F. Geithner, said Wednesday that the United States would urge the world’s largest economies to pursue a financial overhaul agenda that would 'restore fiscal sustainability over the medium term'.”

"Mr. Geithner, who will meet on Friday and Saturday with finance ministers and central bank governors from the Group of 20 nations, said he would press for greater transparency, new restrictions on derivatives trading and more stringent capital and liquidity requirements for banks ... At summit meetings in London and Pittsburgh last year, the G-20 took on a new prominence, as leaders laid out basic agreements on responding to the economic crisis. Mr. Geithner said the forum had been “remarkably effective at summoning collective will to meet common challenges.”

"With sovereign debt problems gripping the European Union, the challenges facing the G-20 this year are no less severe."

Do not be deceived: the debt problems of individual countries within the E.U. will be used as leverage to gain tighter European Union Central Bank control, just as the American crisis of November, 2008 to today are designed to give the American government tighter control over independently owned banks, insurance companies, and the automakers.

The objective is to gain these new government powers over independent European countries, not to crash the global and the European economies.

European markets rallied early Monday morning because of good economic news, news which counteracted investor's debt fears.

NEWS BRIEF: "S&P 500 Futures Rally, Euro Rebounds on German Factory Orders", Bloomberg Financial News, June 6, 2010

".S. stock futures and European equities rose while the euro and crude oil pared losses after an unexpected surge in German factory orders allayed concern that the global recovery is faltering ... Manufacturing improved in Germany for a second month in April after the euro’s plunge against the dollar, which now totals 16 percent, made prices for European goods more competitive in world markets. Sentiment also improved after Hungarian officials toned down comments about a potential default that rattled investors and helped send the S&P 500 to its lowest level in four months on June 4."

While the markets will slip and slide and rise and fall, depending upon the news of the day, there will be no great crash. The Illuminati determined right after World War II ended, that Americans would never allow themselves to be pushed into a New World Order unless they felt prosperous enough to continue seeking the gods of Materialism. The Global Elite also does not want to repeat the religious effect of the Great Depression of 1929-1939, when millions of Americans reacted to their financial loss by going back to church and rededicating their lives to Jesus.

The whole purpose of this deliberate wrenching of the economy is to overthrow Capitalism and institute Fascism as the economy of choice in the Developed World. The major difference between Capitalism and Fascism is that the government heavily regulates the businesses in Fascism, even though they allow private interests to continue owning the "Means of Production".

In Europe right now, the economy is being deliberately roiled because the European Central Government wants to force the individual sovereign nations to submit to government control. Using the same "bailout scheme" through which the American government gained regulatory control over private industries, the European Government is using a "bailout" to similarly trap individual countries in Europe.

Now you know the truth.

IV. Right on cue, voices are being heard, calling for a government takeover of British Petroleum!

"Never let a serious crisis go to waste" -- White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel

NEWS BRIEF: "Crisis not 'wasted': Obama to nationalize oil companies?", World Net Daily, June 6, 2010

"While management of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill has shaken many Americans' confidence in the current administration, some voices in entertainment, news and academia see the crisis as reason to give the federal government even more power – namely, the ability to take over the oil industry ... A CBS poll recently tabulated 63 percent of Americans believe the Obama administration should be doing more in response to the spill, and activists working through the website are planning protests in 50 cities throughout the week demanding the federal government take over BP, the company that owns and operates the leaking oil drill."

Entertainers like Rose O'Donnell, political pundit James Carville and former Clinton cabinet member Robert Reich have joined those calling for a federal takeover of the chaotic situation. This scenario is exactly why the Illuminati creates deliberate crises, because people will allow dramatic changes to be made under crisis situation that they would never allow under times of peace and tranquility. Listen to this great quote:

"Public pressure for greater government involvement in the spill has raised alarms among some writers who recognize the same trend of federal takeovers mentioned by Reich and wonder what might be next ... 'when there is tragedy and suffering, intense human pain and disaster, a political expert enjoys a unique opportunity to push the least popular parts of his agenda past a distracted electorate'."

Exactly! This idea has been around for over 600 years, and is strictly an Illuminati creation. The name for this idea is the "Hegelian Dialect" or the Six Step Attitudinal Change Plan. The Illuminati has used this theorem in a great many ways, some of which we listed below:

1) The attacks of 9/11/2001 -- Two of the Illuminati Card Game cards foretold the attack on the World Trade Center Towers and The Pentagon. Shortly after 9/11, the President demanded, and Congress provided, the most dictatorial laws seen since the days of Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin. Terrorist laws were also changed so that the government had the power to arrest anyone for any reason and throw away the key.

President Bush also could never have invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, were it not for the 9/11 attacks.

2) ObamaCare could not have passed were it not for the perceived crisis in Health Care, and were it not for the 'ill-timed' raises in premiums.

3) Government Bailouts to "save" the banking and insurance industries could never have passed were it not for the deliberately created financial crisis which scared everyone to death. Once these bailouts were in place, similar plans were implemented to save America's Automakers. Citizens discovered that, once a private company accepted bailout monies, they were, in reality, selling the government huge amounts of their company's stocks; therefore, the government was now able to heavily regulate these companies, even to the point of hiring and firing the CEO's.

Now, Europe is using the 'bailout' scheme to bring individual countries under the regulatory control of the Central Government.

4) World Wars I and II persuaded the peoples of the world that mankind needed a global government. Immediately following World War I, the Elite tried to establish their coveted world government by establishing the League of Nations; however, opposition from key Senators in the American Congress scuttled the plan. But, after horrific excesses of World War II, the opposition was gone and the world government was born.

The entire Plan of the Illuminati is to create destructive or nearly destructive crises in order to put into place the New World Order. The international oil companies are the current target and being threatened by the government response to the BP oil spill. We believe that we shall soon see other governments swinging in behind the American management of the oil spill. You see, British Petroleum is still a British company even though it merged with AMOCO. Perhaps America could seize control of the North American assets of BP, but even that is not clear at the moment.

But, if President Obama is joined by other governments, then international oil companies would certainly be brought under regulatory control.


Now that President Obama has pledged that he was going to place the full resources of the Federal Government behind the oil response effort, are we likely to see fully armed National Guard troops patrolling key cities and towns and beaches? Humvees and other military equipment might be seen patrolling key neighborhoods.

One of the key aims of the Plan is to implement miltary control over this country. Obviously, the average American is going to have to be preconditioned to accept military intrusion and control in their lives.

We saw massive intrusion by the military in the Katrini aftermath.

Might we see such intrustion in the oil spill aftermath? We can only wait to see.



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Key New Headline News Articles

Warning To All Islamic Leadership: You Will Be Destroyed If You Persist In Plotting The Annihilation of Israel!

God's Omen of Protection is hovering over Israel today just as it did in Ancient Israel. No weapon can destroy God's nation, or God's promises will be proven to be impotent and He a liar -- which is utterly impossible!

Has Iran Outflanked and Outmaneuvered The West In Its New Deal To Swap Nuclear Fuel With Turkey?

Suddenly, the West powers are faced with a nearly complete loss of "moral high ground" on the issue of Iran's enrichment of nuclear fuel needed to produce nuclear warheads. Talk of severely tight sanctions on the Persian Kingdom is almost meaningless.

Iran, Brazil and Turkey have turned the tables on the West; will Israel, the United States, and the E.U. now accept the very proposal they originated several years ago? The Anti-American bloc has scored a significant diplomatic coup.


Global Illuminized Freemasonry Is Secretly Committed To The Preservation of National Israel

Secretly-held Masonic doctrine absolutely guarantees that the Illuminati will not allow national Israel to be destroyed. Even though current news seems to be demonstrating that President Obama is not Israel's friend and may desert her in favor of Islamic nations, the President's controllers will never allow national Israel to be defeated, for such a defeat would destroy Freemasonry.



Satan's Seven Divisions of Hell -Organized To Put Men and Women Into Spiritual Bondage And Then Destroy Them Utterly




President Obama Seemingly Makes World History As He Negotiates A Nuclear Arms Reduction Treaty With The Russians - A Goal Which Eluded His Predecessors For The Past 40 Years!

However, our enthusiasm should be tempered by the realization that missiles and atomic warheads are completely obsolete and are ready to be phased out anyway! Furthermore, satellites can detect nuclear devices anywhere on earth, making it impossible for terrorists to carry out an attack.


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"A Lamp In The Dark" DVD is an exciting documentary showing the intriguing history of the Bible, the most blood-stained book in history! You enter into a world of saints and martyrs batting against spies, assassins and wolves in sheep's clothing.

This DVD unfolds the fascinating 'untold' history of the Bible. Reveals critical information often overlooked in modern histories.

During the Middle Ages, Catholic Popes and the Inquisition forbade Biblical translation, threatening imprisonment and death to those who disobeyed this edict. Learn about the sacrifice of men like John Wyclife, Martin Luther, William Tyndale, Myles Coverdale and others, who hazarded their lives to communicate the Bible in languages which the common people could understand.

Can This Be The Key to Understanding? With the fall of Constantinople, ancient Greek manuscripts came into Europe, and with them, the clear streams of understanding that produced the Protestant Reformation. But what few people have ever heard, is that Rome launched a Counter Reformation, fully intending that they would destroy all the works of the Reformers. This is the key to the 'untold history' of the Bible. It is possible, even probable, that this ancient war on the Word of God continues to this day!

Filled with rich visual graphics and dramatic re-enactments of key historic events.

You will appreciate and love your King James Bible much more after seeing the personal sacrifice which so many saints of God went through to give it to you.

Approximately 3 hours.


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