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I. President Obama nominates CFR's Ashton Carter to be his next Defense Secretary. Rhodes Scholar, Harvard Professor

II. Police brutality is in the news -- again! Race war is becoming a possibility.

III. China makes New Year’s resolution to finally stop harvesting organs from executed prisoners

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Taking Saudi Arabia Down

How Can The Illuminati Destabilize Saudi Arabia In Accordance With The 'Pentagon's New Map' Strategy (2001) ?

Overt military action would cause ripples which can destroy the world economy. How can Saudi Arabia be overthrown without the landing 'boots on the ground' and planes screaming through the air?

Saudi Arabia is next in line to be destabilized and overthrown.

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I. President Obama nominates CFR Ashton Carter to be his next Defense Secretary.

Carter is also a Rhodes Scholar and Harvard Professor, thus making him the ultimate Illuminati insider.

NEWS BRIEF: "Obama picks former Pentagon official Ashton Carter to be Defense secretary", Fox News, December 5, 2014

"President Obama has picked former Pentagon official Ashton Carter to be his next secretary of Defense, a White House official confirmed ... If confirmed by the Senate, Carter would be Obama's fourth Pentagon chief in his roughly six-year administration ... In national security circles Carter is closely associated with a concept he and former Defense Secretary William Perry championed in the 1990s. They called it "preventive defense." Its basic premise is that in the aftermath of the Cold War the U.S. could forestall major new security threats by using defense diplomacy - forging and strengthening security partnerships with China, Russia and others."

"Carter's view of U.S. defense priorities appears to fit well with the Obama agenda, including better minding of defense alliances and partnerships in Asia and the Pacific, as well as more attention on cyber-defense and countering the spread of weapons of mass destruction."

These next facts demonstrate that Ashton Carter is well prepared to continue the plan of the Global Elite to move the world into the New World Order.

"Carter has bachelor's degrees in physics and medieval history from Yale University and received his doctorate in theoretical physics from Oxford University, where he was a Rhodes Scholar."

Both Yale University and Oxford (Rhodes) University are key centers to train selected men how to achieve this new global system.

Ashton Carter is listed as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations in the book, "Who's Who of the Elite", by Robert Gaylon Ross, Jr. All Presidents -- whether Republican or Democrat, select many of their Cabinet officials from the ranks of CFR, Trilateral Commission or Skll & Bones. President Obama proves once again that he has not been a "change" President!

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Over the past 1,500 years, the Roman Catholic Church has perfectly fit Jesus' description. Claiming to be the One True Church of Jesus Christ, they have been full of dead men's bones and of all uncleanness.

We prove that the only way to understand why Rome brought in truckloads of pagan doctrine, practices and dress is to realize that the Vatican is practicing Witchcraft!

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Current News Stories

"Catholic sexual abuse case is Spain's biggest of its kind, has Pope's attention"

"Catholic school official charged with child sex abuse"

"Gay Sex Lives Of Irish Catholic Priests Are Exposed, Including Visits To Gay Bars"

"Chicago archdiocese releases 15,000 pages on priest sex abuse"



II. Police brutality is in the news -- again! Race war is becoming a possibility.

Police simply cannot afford to keep killing unarmed men, either black or white!

NEWS BRIEF: "Phoenix police officer shoots dead unarmed black man during scuffle", Reuters News, Dec 5, 2014

"A Phoenix police officer shot to death an unarmed black man during a struggle and authorities said the officer believed the individual had a gun, in the latest fatal incident amid national turmoil over the policing of black communities."

"The shooting in Phoenix comes at a time of tension between law enforcement officers and the communities in which they operate. Two grand jury decisions not to indict officers who killed unarmed black men in Ferguson, Missouri, and in New York City have triggered protests throughout the United States."

Various New Age authors have boldly stated that, at the end of the period leading up to the appearance of the New Age Christ, race riots were going to erupt simultaneously in a number of cities across America. These riots will increase the pressure against this old world order, aiding in its fall, so the New World Order can be established.

Other incidents keep throwing gasoline on this fire.

NEWS BRIEF: "U.S. to launch civil rights probe into New York chokehold death", Reuters News, 12/3/2014

"U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said on Wednesday the Justice Department was launching a federal civil rights investigation into the death of Eric Garner, an unarmed black man who died after New York police put him in a chokehold. Earlier on Wednesday, a New York grand jury decided not to charge a white police officer who applied the chokehold as police tried to arrest Garner in July in the New York borough of Staten Island on suspicion of illegally selling cigarettes."

NEWS BRIEF: "Cleveland police use excessive force: U.S. Justice Department", Reuters News, 12/4/2014

" The Cleveland Police Department systematically engages in excessive use of force against civilians, Attorney General Eric Holder said on Thursday an investigation by the U.S. Justice Department has found ... Holder was scheduled to meet with police, community leaders and elected officials in Cleveland on Thursday to begin discussing reform measures. Previous reforms have included installing a federal monitor to oversee the department."

"The announcement comes at a tense moment between law enforcement and their communities, particularly low-income black communities ... The Cleveland investigation was launched after what Holder called a series of troubling high-profile police use-of-force incidents that brought appeals from city leaders for a federal investigation."

NEWS BRIEF: "U.S. lawmaker wants Ferguson police force dissolved", Reuters News, 12/4/2014

" The U.S. congressman for Ferguson, Missouri, said on Thursday he hopes the Justice Department disbands the city's police department after the recent shooting of Michael Brown, and turns law enforcement duties over to St. Louis County Police. Representative Lacy Clay, a Democrat, said he believes the Aug. 9 shooting of Brown by Ferguson officer Darren Wilson is only one example of the mostly white department's 'oppressive' treatment of blacks."

An all-out Race War becomes more and more of a reality with each passing occurrence. Maybe the time has arrived for all concerned citizens to buy a gun and pay for training in how to use it! Your life and the life of your loved ones may be at stake.

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III. China makes New Year’s resolution to finally stop harvesting organs from executed prisoners!

NEWS BRIEF: "China makes New Year’s resolution to finally stop harvesting organs from executed prisoners", Quartz News, Quartz News, 12/5/2014

"After three years of pledging to stop harvesting organs from deceased prisoners, most of whom have been executed, China has set a a Jan. 1 deadline for ending the common and highly controversial practice ... According to researchers, 90% of Chinese organ transplants from deceased donors come from executed prisoners, who have either been pressured to sign a release form or have their organs taken without permission."

China is making a lot of money by harvesting and then selling human organs on the black market.

"Ethan Gutman, author of The Slaughter, a recent book on the topic, estimates that since the 1990s as many as 65,000 “prisoners of conscience“—including political dissidents, Uighur activists, Tibetan monks and Falun Gong followers—have had their organs harvested after being executed."

These macabre practice is really a new form of cannibalism, which is defined as taking parts from one person and inserting them into another. Please read an article we posted years ago, which resonates with greater intensity than ever before. This article is NEWS1364, entitled, "NEW CANNIBALS HAVE TAKEN CONTROL OF OUR MEDICAL INDUSTRY".

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How Can The Illuminati Destabilize Saudi Arabia In Accordance With The 'Pentagon's New Map' Strategy (2001) ?

How can Saudi Arabia be overthrown without the landing 'boots on the ground' and planes screaming through the air, for such overt military action would cause ripples which can destroy the world economy?

Sick and Tired of All This 'Sky Is Falling' News?!

Chicken Little News Media always takes a news story to the absolute maximum, even though the news hardly ever warrants such an evil report. News is designed to be bad and to discourage as many people every single day as possible! You can avoid being such a casualty of the news.

Global Genocidal War Against Muslims Continues!

The Illuminati 'Blood In The Streets' Strategy Against Muslims Is Bearing The Evil Fruit The Elite Planned In The First Place

Enraged enemies are easily neutralized and manipulated by superior power and strategy. From October, 2001, when America led forces into Afghanistan, to March, 2003, when America led forces into Iraq, to ISIS of today, the Global Elite carry out their 'Silent War' designed to annihilate all Muslims.

But, now the time has arrived for the Elite to provoke exceedingly hot hatred amongst Western citizens against Islam, a hatred which will allow them to annihilate all Muslims.

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