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Friday, February 28, 2014

"Uncensored Science"

Bill Nye Debates Ken Ham

Watch Biblical Creation scientist destroy the arguments of Evolution advocate in a televised debate!

Ham, a former science instructor who moved to the USA from Australia over 25-years ago, is joined by the popular children's program personality Bill Nye 'the science guy' for this first and only-scheduled debate.

Each man delivers what he believes is the best information available, then has an opportunity for rebuttal, and then answers questions submitted by the audience. Presented in a packed 900 seat auditorium, this event sold out in the first 2-minutes of online ticketing, and includes an audience of Christians and non-Christians, creationists and atheists.

The topic: 'Is creation a viable model of origins in today's modern scientific era?'

This DVD documents the actual, uncut statements, arguments, and audience reactions to these two leading spokesmen. You will understand the faith and facts behind the worldviews of each proponent - and those whom they represent - better than ever before!

This historic event took place at the Creation Museum near Cincinnati February 4, 2014. Approximately 2.5 hours on three DVDs.

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Hot News

I. Russia may be preparing to invade Ukraine through Crimea.

Russia deploys formidable military forces: 150,000 troops, 90 planes, more than 120 helicopters, up to 880 tanks, more than 1,200 military vehicles and 80 ships

NEWS BRIEF: "Russian Troops Raid Crimea as Ukraine Condemns 'Armed Invasion' ", International Business Times, February 28, 2014

"Russia appears to have effectively invaded Ukraine as reports indicate Moscow's forces are being deployed across the pro-Russian region of Crimea ... Russian troops and regular forces are being mobilised all across the region, where the majority are ethnic Russians. Kiev's caretaker interior minister has said an 'armed invasion and occupation' by Moscow is underway."

Throughout history, various governments have sought to control the Crimea. (See Map ). "The Cimmerians, Greeks, Scythians, Goths, Huns, Bulgars, Khazars, the state of Kievan Rus', Byzantine Greeks, Kipchaks, Ottoman Turks, Golden Horde Tatars and the Mongols all controlled Crimea in its earlier history. In the 13th century, it was partly controlled by the Venetians and by the Genovese; they were followed by the Crimean Khanate and the Ottoman Empire in the 15th to 18th centuries, the Russian Empire in the 18th to 20th centuries, Germany during World War II and the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic and later the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, within the Soviet Union during the rest of the 20th century. Crimea is now an autonomous parliamentary republic, within Ukraine." (Wikipedia Online Encyclopedia)

Now, when President Putin wants to invade the Ukraine, he logically would want to begin the invasion in the Crimea. Its citizens are much more pro-Russian than are Ukrainians, and Russian military bases, infrastructure and forces are already in Crimea because of existing agreements between Ukraine, Crimea and Russia.

The Ukraine instantly began moving forces toward Crimea, but were blocked by Russian troops already there.

Meanwhile, deposed Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych showed up in Russia, at a military airport!

NEWS BRIEF: "Yanukovych Escorted to Russia By Fighter Jets", Ria Novosta News, February 28, 2014

"Deposed Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych landed at a military airport in southern Russia late on Thursday escorted by fighter jets ... Yanukovych, whose whereabouts have since his ouster been subject of feverish speculation, is scheduled to hold a news conference in the southwestern Russian city of Rostov-on-Don at 5 p.m. local time (1100 GMT) on Friday."

Finally, after days of speculation as to where the ousted president might be, we learn that he was protected by Russian forces from the beginning of the coup against him. Yanukovych immediately announced that he was still the President of the Ukraine!

"Yanukovych, whom Ukraine put on an international wanted list on mass murder charges, said in a statement Thursday he was still the legitimate president of his country and that he had been forced to ask Russia to ensure his personal security from 'extremists'. Anonymous government sources in Moscow said Thursday that Russia had accepted Yanukovych's request for security."

At this point, the diplomatic struggle will be a long-range one, as the deposed president will wage rhetorical war against the new rulers in the Ukraine from his position within Russia. For his part, President Putin is counterattacking with military force and with pro-Russian dissidents.

"The toppling of Yanukovych’s government at the weekend has provoked a wave of pro-Russian rallies in the southern and eastern parts of Ukraine, particularly in the Crimean Peninsula, where ethnic Russians are in a majority."

The struggle for the Ukraine is between the European Union on the one hand and Russia on the other. While the E.U. may be rhetorically supporting the Ukraine, evidence suggests that this support is thin and temporary. Why would the E.U. want Ukraine, anyway? She is very poor and struggling with national bankruptcy. As Russia pulls back her monetary aid, the E.U. is not likely to replace those monies.

Remember what is occurring here: Russia is moving to organize Supernation #5 of the Club of Rome Plan. Christians should be very excited that the Elite has finally kick-started this plan to reorganize all nations into exactly 10 supernations, as this struggle will fulfill Daniel 7:7-8!

People are asking all the time when Antichrist will arise. Our answer is always, "watch the formation of the 10 supernations". Antichrist will arise only after these 10 supernations are formed and are functioning as nations. These are truly exciting times!

In our Daily News Updates section, we are now organizing the news so you can see up-to-date articles which are forming all 10 supernations. No other ministry is even aware that Daniel 7:7-8 is being aggressively formed, nor are they aware of the significance of this plan on the timing of Antichrist's return.

But, through our Daily News Updates you can have a front-row seat!


II. As the Abortion on Demand industry is being forced backward by anti-abortion efforts, Planned Parenthood is said to be very concerned that Republicans might take over the Senate in this year's off-season election.

NEWS BRIEF: "Planned Parenthood to Spend $15 Million in 2014 Keeping Senate in Democrat Hands", Life News, 2/28/2014

"No pro-lifer doubts the political muscle of Planned Parenthood’s “political entities”– the Planned Parenthood Action Fund and Planned Parenthood Votes. As a key component of the Democratic Party’s 'left of center' coalition, they have access to gazillions of dollars and a voice—a large voice—at the table ... NRLC Executive Director David N. O’Steen, Ph.D., addressed the cost of allowing pro-abortion Democrats to frame the issue."

But, despite all this money and manpower, pro-abortion organizations like Planned Parenthood are running scared these days, as anti-abortion forces have scored impressive victories lately, even forcing many abortion mills to close. Finally, abortion activists are truly concerned.

"At least for the time being, Democrats remain confident that they have the upper hand on any issue that can be placed in the broad category of ‘women’s health’ — and that Planned Parenthood’s investment in the 2014 campaign will be a clear net positive for the party."

The rhetoric from abortion activists is always white-hot against anyone who wants to shut down the abortion factories, accusing anti-abortion people of being against "women's health". Women who are uneducated on this issue react emotionally. They instinctively want to preserve "women's health" and so vote for the political candidate -- whether Democrat or Republican -- whom they perceive as being more "pro-woman" or "pro-health, ignoring all the women who have died during abortion or who have been sterilized for life from the procedure.

This Fall, Planned Parenthood is going to spend $15 million to ensure that pro-abortion politicians -- mostly Democrat -- will be elected so that the Democrat Party will retain control of the Senate.

Now, all Christian voters know what they must do this Fall!

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At this point, Transhumanists will become immortal.

How should a believer react to these emerging technologies? We are entering into the Hybrid Age. This drive has become a Divinity Cult, using science to become gods.

Speakers include Dr. Chuck Missler, Dr. Thomas Horn, and Joe Farah.

Aliens Will Introduce Antichrist

"Watchers 7: Alien Implants"

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NEW Headline News Analysis

PROPHETIC ALERT! President Obama Is Quietly Forming The North American Union!

Progress toward forming Supernation #1 of the Club of Rome Plan is suddenly lurching forward. Daniel 7:7-8 is now rapidly moving toward completion.

This prophecy is the only one in the entire Bible which must be fulfilled before Antichrist can arise!

Is President Obama Going To Make An Announcement Confirming The Existence of Extra-Terrestrials?

He has just appointed a UFO adviser!

Was Ronald Reagan A Secret Member of the Luciferian Secret Society, The Rosicrucians?

While the information I am about to share with you seems to answer the question as to how Reagan could allow himself to be made an honorary 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Mason just before leaving the White House, we must be very careful in assessing a complex person's life well after that person has died.

Pope Francis I Preparing To Be The False Prophet Revelation 13:11-18

BREAKING NEWS JUST IN! Pope Francis has just announced he will visit Jerusalem in May! Will he make the planned special announcement then, that all religions are united under his leadership?


Abruptly, Significant Progress Occurs In Prophetically Reorganizing All Nations Into 10 Supernations

Prophetic Supernation #9 is forming, with a deadline of December, 2015

South and Southeast Asia (ASEAN) is now coalescing into a single giant nation. When this nation is formed, it will be part of the fulfillment of Daniel 7:7-8

Since Antichrist cannot arise until all nations of the world are reorganized into 10 Supernations (NEWS2363), we must watch the formation of these supernations to gain an understanding of the lateness of the prophetic hour.

In the past few months, impressive progress has been made. The prophetic hour draws near!! This article reports very "good news" to Christians everywhere!

Finally, after 2,000 years of history following Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection, wicked forces intent upon producing Antichrist are now taking concerted action to reorganize all the nations of the world into precisely the ten (10) supernations foretold 2,600 years ago in Daniel 7:7-8.

While it is not possible to know the precise date on which all these supernations will be completed, at the very least, when we hear some false prophet setting a date for the end of time, or the appearance of antichrist, or proclaiming imminent economic collapse, we will know enough to check the status of this Club of Rome Plan to reorganize all nations into 10.

Personally, I believe that the Rapture of the Church is going to occur before all ten supernations are formed. Once the Church is out of the world, and once the Holy Spirit no longer restrains the plans of evil rulers, the Club of Rome Plan can be finished within weeks at the most.

"Look up, for your Redeemer is drawing nigh". The End is finally seen on the horizon!

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Angels Battling Aliens In The Heavenlies

Daniel 10 Battle Being Fought Daily

"Angels Volume III DVD: Aliens, UFO's, The Denizens of the Metacosm"

Volume 3 explores the contradictory behavior of UFOs and other demonic deceptions characteristic of

the End Times.

Subjects Are: 1) Are they real? 2) Why do UFOs enjoy a military classification higher than our most sensitive weapons systems? 3) Why are the events which occurred in Roswell New Mexico still classified after 66 years? 4) Why is the Vatican openly preparing to receive an Alien Visitor? 5) How should a Christian deal with the occurrences of Alien abductions? 6) Jesus admonished us to 'Be not deceived.'


How do we prepare for the deception which, 'if it were possible, would deceive the very elect'? Order Angels Volume III

See also first two volumes

"Angels Volume I DVD: The Angelic Realm"

"Angels Volume II DVD: The Invisible War"

Demons Battling To Capture Mankind




End Times Prophecy Unfolding In Israel: God Preparing Jews To Accept Jesus

The Rabbi Who Found Messiah (DVD)

Mystical death curses. Visions of Messiah. A renowned world political leader under the threat of death. Religious leaders in absolute shock. A cryptic death note ...

The story is shocking. The story is true. The story is still unfolding today!

This sensational story of Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri, the 108-year-old rabbi declared the name of the real Messiah was Jesus and further proclaimed that Messiah would not come until Ariel Sharon was dead; within days, Sharon suffered a stroke and has been in a vegetative coma for 7 years now.

Ezekiel 37, 'Dry Bones' prophecy, stated that Israel would return to her land in the End Times in a state of unbelief in Messiah, but would gradually come to believe in Him. When this most powerful Kabbalistic Rabbi stated that he had seen Messiah in a vision and that His name was 'Jesus', he set in motion powerful forces that are awakening many Jews in Israel to the reality of Jesus.

This event is a true 'Sign of the Times'! This documentary is based on the book "The Rabbi Who Found Messiah" by Carl Gallups. Renowned Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, New York Times bestselling author of "The Harbinger," appears with Gallups. They give insight into the messianic Jewish perspective, Hebrew messianic expectations and the profound nature of Rabbi Kaduri's amazing pronouncement.

Did the elderly, revered Rabbi actually have a vision from God similar to the Apostle Paul's vision on the Damascus Road? Did he really see Jesus as the Messiah who is soon to come?

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Preparing Israel To Accept Jesus

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David Bay, Director

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