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Monday, January 13, 2014

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Hot News

I. Former Israeli Prime Minister Sharon died, and was buried, according to the "sacred numbers" of the Luciferian Kabbalah!

The Kabbalistic curse on Sharon worked to perfection.

NEWS BRIEF: "Israel's Sharon Dies at 85 (8+5=13): Died Saturday (1/11/14), Voice of America, January 12, 2014

"JERUSALEM — The body of former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon lies in state today Sunday in Jerusalem's Knesset where mourners pay their respects ... Sharon died Saturday at the age of 85, eight years after suffering a massive stroke."

As Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon turned back on his lifelong Conservative credentials and ordered an Israeli unilateral withdrawal from the Gaza Strip! Conservative Jews were most angry because Sharon had always portrayed himself as a "Conservative" and won elections with their votes. Now, abruptly, he turned on them and announced a unilateral withdrawal from the Gaza Strip. Kabbalistic priests were so furious that they held a killing ritual and cursed Sharon to a special death.

Further, the dates surrounding Sharon's death form the very "sacred occult numbers" precious to the Kabbalists.

Sharon died on Saturday, 1/11, thus forming both an '11' and a '111'. In Satanism, these are very sacred numbers. The key number is "11', which is the occult number for the coming Masonic Christ, the Biblical Antichrist. By adding a "1", the Satanist is strengthening the symbolic power of '11'. Further, the ultimate number for dark spiritual power is '333', the symbol of Jesus' death, burial and resurrection.

Did you know that the attacks of 9/11/2001 were carried out by the power of '11' and, to a lesser degree by both '111' and '13'? Please read our archived Headline News Article, NEWS1789, entitled, "Events Continue To Occur To Occur By The Numbers".

Adding more symbolic power to Sharon's demise was the fact that he was Israel's 11th Prime Minister.

Sharon was 85 years of age when he passed away. An occultist would add the numbers together (8 +5 = 13). The number '13' is a symbol of "extreme rebellion against constituted authority". Obviously, the entire scheme of world control for the coming Masonic Christ in the New World Order is an act of 'extreme rebellion' against God and His Bible.

Practicing occultists cherish the number '13'.

Finally, Sharon was buried on Monday, January 13, again highlighting '13' in Sharon's life.

What does this all mean?

First, this means that Sharon was a puppet of the New World Order, that his life and death were controlled by the Illuminati.

Secondly, since Sharon was smitten by a Kabbalistic death curse, his final death and burial would be staged on days that carried the "Occult Kabbalistic Signature". Now, all the world who knows Satanism will know that the killing curse was real and that it worked to perfection.

When Ariel Sharon ordered Israel to unilaterally withdraw from the Gaza Strip, he incurred the wrath of all Conservative Jews. But, Kabbalistic Jews were so angered that they held a "Killing Curse" occult ceremony in which they doomed Sharon to a most hideous end of his life, lying in a hospital bed for 8 years in a deep coma.

Now, all Jews who know Black Magick Witchcraft will think at least twice about acting against the will of the Kabbalah.

I also find it most interesting that Sharon's death has occurred just prior to an anticipated treaty whereby a Palestinian State would be created out of tiny Israel's land. Sharon's killing curse was placed upon him because he was dividing Israel's land. Current Israeli leaders like PM Netanyahu and President Peres are thus placed on notice that they, too, might be murdered by a Kabbalistic curse.

II. World Powers have just announced that they have reached an agreement with Iran to avoid any further conflict over their nuclear facilities!

The deliberately created crisis of a threatened military strike should now be over.

NEWS BRIEF: "Iran, World Powers Reach Deal", ABC News, January 12, 2014

"Iran has agreed to limit uranium enrichment and to open its nuclear program to daily inspection by international experts starting Jan. 20, setting the clock running on a six-month deadline for a final nuclear agreement ... In a statement, Obama welcomed the deal, saying it 'will advance our goal of preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon'."

Since Summer, 2003, Mass Media and Western politicians have beaten the drums for a military attack on Iran to prevent her from gaining nuclear weapons technology. From the beginning of this media campaign, Cutting Edge has repeatedly stated that prophecy prevented Iran from ever being attacked before she marches with Russia in fulfillment of Ezekiel 38-39. Now, we have been proven right once again.

To fully understand how and why Iran will never be attacked, please take a few moments to read the following Headline News articles:

NEWS2517 - "Nuclear-Armed Iran Fears Can Be Buried Once and For All!"

NEWS2120 - "Nuclear Armed Iran vs Nuclear Armed America: Whom Should the World Fear"?

NEWS2183 - "Will Russia Allow The United States or Israel To Successfully Attack Iran?"

You will discover that Russia has warned the West that an attack on Iran will trigger a war with Russia. And, you will discover that the Ezekiel 38-39 prophecy protects Russian military reputation during this time period.

We hope that this nonsensical "Rumors of Wars" scenario will finally be silenced. Prophecy prevents the West from attacking Iran and that is the end of that story. This 11-year campaign needs to be forgotten finally. The peoples of the world finally need some peace of mind. We have stated from the beginning -- April 2003 -- that this media campaign was a partial fulfillment of this prophecy:

"And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet." (Matthew 24:7)

This 11-year-old Mass Media campaign is nothing more than an End Times "Rumors of Wars"!

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One thing is certain, UFOs are not going away and at some point the UFO Phenomena will become self evident. Listen to the Illuminati plan: 'UFO's and Aliens are part of the New World Order. They are benevolent beings which will aid mankind in attaining the goal of becoming one humanity. They will appear at the proper time to enable mankind to make that Quantum Leap of Collective Consciousness -- when the Christ appears'."

UFOs are not going away! They are being reported to the tune of 2000 sightings per month, and that only represents the ones that are reported. At some point, there will be a revealing of the so-called extraterrestrial presence. Perhaps by the President of the United States. UFO's and aliens are part of the scripted agenda to produce Antichrist; the very fact that their reporting is so dramatically increased can only mean that the appearance of Antichrist is very, very close.

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This 3-DVD, 250-minute presentation takes you into the fall of Satan and his demonic horde, into the reality of what they do to try to destroy Jesus Christ and His Church and His believers.

Subjects of this study: 1) The Fall of Satan, God's curse on him and his angels (now demons); 2) Satan's army of demons; 3) Demonic influence throughout the world; 4) How demons take advantage of our flesh to defeat us; 5) Putting on the Armor of God, enabling Christians to successfully fight these insidious battles throughout our life.

Satan and his vast host are actively working to lead you away from the safety of God's Word and into the careless, thoughtless and powerless life of a rank unbeliever.

3 DVDs, 250 minutes -

"Future Events: Can We REALLY Know The Future?"

Since the beginning of time, mankind has earnestly desired to know what the future holds. Today, the Christian has the answer right in their own homes; simply dust off God's Word, open the pages,and find the answers -- authoritative answers.

By studying Bible prophecy we can know in great detail where the world is heading and where we are right now. The Bible lays out a timeline that tells us what the world will be like just before the return of Jesus, and what will happen immediately thereafter.

Once they know what is going to happen and they can see it in their Daily News, Christians should be motivated to tell their friends and loved ones so they can avoid God's Judgment through His Wrath coming upon this wicked world.

Subject Headings:

1) Yes! We Can Know The Future;

2) Bible Prophecy Is Common Sense; 3) The Rapture and Daniel's 70th Week; Since the 70th Week prophecy is the most exciting, but the most neglected, in all the Bible, Pastor Crone is to be complimented on discussing it as he seeks to prove that Christians can know the future!

4) Judgment, Revival and the Millennium.

Nearly 4 hours -

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End Times Prophecy Unfolding In Israel: God Preparing Jews To Accept Jesus

The Rabbi Who Found Messiah (DVD)

Mystical death curses. Visions of Messiah. A renowned world political leader under the threat of death. Religious leaders in absolute shock. A cryptic death note ...

The story is shocking. The story is true. The story is still unfolding today!

This is the sensational story of Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri, the 108-year-old rabbi who declared the name of the real Messiah was Jesus and further proclaimed that Messiah would not come until Ariel Sharon was dead; within days, Sharon suffered a stroke and has been in a vegetative coma for 7 years now.

Ezekiel 37, 'Dry Bones' prophecy, stated that Israel would return to her land in the End Times in a state of unbelief in Messiah, but would gradually come to believe in Him. When this most powerful Kabbalistic Rabbi stated that he had seen Messiah in a vision and that His name was 'Jesus', he set in motion powerful forces that are awakening many Jews in Israel to the reality of Jesus.

This event is a true 'Sign of the Times'! This documentary is based on the book "The Rabbi Who Found Messiah" by Carl Gallups. Renowned Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, New York Times bestselling author of "The Harbinger," appears with Gallups. They give insight into the messianic Jewish perspective, Hebrew messianic expectations and the profound nature of Rabbi Kaduris amazing pronouncement.

Did the elderly, revered Rabbi actually have a vision from God similar to the Apostle Paul's vision on the Damascus Road? Did he really see Jesus as the Messiah who is soon to come?

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Rabbi Cahn's DVD's

Preparing Israel To Accept Jesus


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These prophetic signs are many, and this Combination Offer contains the first eight: 1) The Jewish People and their reborn nation, Israel; 2) Modern Technology; 3) Explosion of Worldwide Unrest/ Upheaval; 4) Unprecedented Falsehood; 5) Rise of Wickedness and Perversion; 6) Rise of Religious Apostasy, One World Religion; 7) Big Brother; 8) Going Global - Economy, Religion,

Government; 9) Mark of the Beast.

This fresh look at world events through the lens of prophecy is intended to convince unbelievers that the End of the Age is upon us NOW and to urge them to repent while the Age of Grace is still being offered by Jesus.

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NEW Headline News Analysis

Pope Francis I Preparing To Be The False Prophet Revelation 13:11-18

BREAKING NEWS JUST IN! Pope Francis has just announced he will visit Jerusalem in May! Will he make the planned special announcement then, that all religions are united under his leadership?


Abruptly, Significant Progress Occurs In Prophetically Reorganizing All Nations Into 10 Supernations

Prophetic Supernation #9 is forming, with a deadline of December, 2015

South and Southeast Asia (ASEAN) is now coalescing into a single giant nation. When this nation is formed, it will be part of the fulfillment of Daniel 7:7-8

Since Antichrist cannot arise until all nations of the world are reorganized into 10 Supernations (NEWS2363), we must watch the formation of these supernations to gain an understanding of the lateness of the prophetic hour.

In the past few months, impressive progress has been made. The prophetic hour draws near!!

This article reports very "good news" to Christians everywhere!

Finally, after 2,000 years of history following Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection, wicked forces intent upon producing Antichrist are now taking concerted action to reorganize all the nations of the world into precisely the ten (10) supernations foretold 2,600 years ago in Daniel 7:7-8.

While it is not possible to know the precise date on which all these supernations will be completed, at the very least, when we hear some false prophet setting a date for the end of time, or the appearance of antichrist, or proclaiming imminent economic collapse, we will know enough to check the status of this Club of Rome Plan to reorganize all nations into 10.

Personally, I believe that the Rapture of the Church is going to occur before all ten supernations are formed. Once the Church is out of the world, and once the Holy Spirit no longer restrains the plans of evil rulers, the Club of Rome Plan can be finished within weeks at the most.

"Look up, for your Redeemer is drawing nigh". The End is finally seen on the horizon!

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President Obama Is Unilaterally Disarming America!

From the Middle East to the Far East, American forces are signalling all-out retreat. Will America survive Barack Obama?

Nuclear-Armed Iran Fears Can Be Buried Once and For All!


May Jesus Richly Bless You,

David Bay, Director

Cutting Edge Ministries


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