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As stupendous news events have been occurring, we have been creating Headline News articles at a furious pace! Many people over the past 17 years have remarked that we are a "Connect the Dots" ministry; they knew something was wrong with our nation and with the world, but could not understand why or how deep and wide this coming New World Order was.

We connected the dots for them and they tell us that they never have looked at the news the same way again.

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Vegetarianism Is The Required Diet During The New World Order

Higher marketplace prices for all kinds of meat will drive untold millions of Americans into a diet of Vegetarianism. This reality is why meat prices are skyrocketing!

Has Israel Secretly Given The Vatican Control of King David's Tomb? Then The Plan To Create A Jewish/Christian/Muslim Area of Jerusalem Is Being Enacted!

Signs abound that Israeli authorities have secretly given the Vatican control of An Upper Room Above King David's Tomb. Such an agreement would violate traditional Judaic laws.

But, if the Vatican controls King David's Tomb, that is a clear sign that the Plan for announcing all religions to be one is underway just as planned.

"V.A. Doctors ALMOST Admit That Veterans Suffering Outside V.A. Hospitals Are Afflicted With Sicknesses Caused By Depleted Uranium"

Subtitle: If the Government is ever forced to admit that soldiers by the tens of thousands are dying from exposure to our own weapons, Presidents Bush and Obama and many of their officials could be charged with "Crimes Against Humanity" at the International War Crimes Tribunal!

"American Nuclear Missiles Are Controlled By Exceedingly Obsolete Computers Still Using Floppy Disks"

Subtitle: Why am I not worried? Calm down as you take this reality pill.

"Is A Shooting War About To Start Between Russia and the United States?"

Subtitle: Is World War III Possible over the current Ukrainian crisis? What saith the Prophecies?

Islam: The Beautiful Truth - 3/DVD Set by Larry Spargimino

At the age of 4, Kalam Saleem learned at his mothers knee that the highest calling for a Muslim is to die a martyrs death trying to kill Americans and Jews. When 7 years old, Kalam went on his first mission, smuggling arms into Israel as a child soldier for Yassir Arafat. By 15, he was already an explosives expert. He then trained international terrorists for Libyan dictator, Ghadaffi.

As a young man, Kalam developed quite a reputation as a ruthless killer. Pursuing the cause of jihad in Paris, London, Afghanistan, and the opulent palaces of Saudi sheiks, Kalam was one of the up-and-coming stars of International Arab Terrorism. He had raised millions to support the ruthless Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO).

But, suddenly, a life-changing crisis forced him to re-think all that he had been pursuing for all these many years. Through the kindness of strangers, Kalams heart was changed and he came to know the unconditional love of the Savior.

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Monday, June 16, 2014


Watchers, Nephilim, Giants

"And just as it was in the days of Noah, so will it be in the time of the Son of Man." (Luke 17:26)



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"Fallen Angels: Giants, UFO Encounters and The New World Order"

One of the most fascinating and strategic topics in ancient texts is the record of fallen angels, giants, and UFO's. Fallen angels and giants are shrouded in mystery and belong to the age of pyramids and other great wonders of the world.
There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown' (Genesis 6:4). This vivid language defines the conspiracy of evil which has beset our world. The ancient books, Enoch and Jubilees, tell us of a race of nephilim, which are hybrids, alive in history and today, fathered by fallen angels. Strange as this may seem, the Lord declares that this conspiracy of evil is to be repeated before His return.

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"The Watchers"

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Genesis is shrouded in mystery and belongs to the age of pyramids and other great wonders of the world. It is the epoch of a world once destroyed by Gods' judgment, later recreated, and then again destroyed by a worldwide flood.
Genesis tells us of a race of Nephilim (giants that were fathered by the Watchers). Strangely and interestingly for our generations, the Lord declares that this conspiracy of evil is to be repeated before His return.

Therefore, it is highly important for believers at this End of the Age to understand the Watchers, aliens and UFO's so we can properly understand today's society.

A storm is gathering which will lead to the end of the world as we know it. This culmination will be so terrifying that fear alone will one day cause men's hearts to fail them. We must not approach this coming apocalypse unaware or unarmed. Surprisingly the secrets and clues for our survival are found in Genesis!

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daily news updates

Hot News

I. Israel looks at a collapsing Iraq and realizes that they are being asked by the Americans to accept the same "Security Guarantees" which America provided Iraq!

Kurdish forces are moving from the north and Iranian forces are moving from the West, as hapless Iraq continues to fold like the proverbial "House of Cards"!

NEWS BRIEF: "What America's Failures in Iraq Mean to Israelis", Israel Today, June 15, 2014

"Israelis are growing increasingly skeptical over whether or not they can trust American security guarantees as they watch a previously US-occupied Iraq crumble in the face of a jihadist onslaught. Over the past few weeks, the armies of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) have scored major victories in northern Iraq, and are now said to be moving on Baghdad itself. One of those victories was the conquest of Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city. Reports indicate that the US-trained and equipped Iraqi army units in Mosul folded like a house of cards as ISIS approached."

How badly does the easy conquest of Mosul reflect upon America?

"Israeli analyst Guy Bechor ... noted ... that 'the Americans built this army, trained it and have invested tens of billions of dollars in it in the past decade. But its thousands of soldiers have escaped without fighting, leaving their shoes and clothes behind, as well as advanced American military equipment, an airport, hospitals and prisons'.”

This is Vietnam all over again! Just as President Richard Nixon spoke glowingly of the capability of the South Vietnamese Army to defend itself, so President Barack Obama deemed Iraqi forces capable of defending Iraq against her jihadist foes. The South Vietnamese Army collapsed in matter of hours, just as Iraqi forces are collapsing now.

What does this despicable military situation have to do with the Israelis?

"Those same hallucinating Americans designated a security plan for us in Judea and Samaria, like the plan they designated for Iraq. US Secretary of State John Kerry, with all his security experts, thought that it would be enough to have an American plan on paper in order to stabilize a [Palestinian] regime and a state there.”

If I were the Israeli government, I would trust nothing coming from the American military these days. The American decline is as obvious as it was planned. Israeli Defense Force generals are far more likely to create a militarily sound plan than the Pentagon. In fact, the Bible says that Israel will be defended by Michael, Israel's Guardian Angel (Daniel 12:1).

Returning to the collapse in Iraq for a moment, if the American-trained and equipped armies of South Vietnam and Iraq collapsed so quickly and spectacularly, what does that mean when Afghanistan troops assume full responsibility for their own defense? The answer is self-evident, I do believe.

Why has the American military won only one war 69 years? Have we forgotten how to fight a war? The answer may shock you.

"Oceans of blood and tears may be spilled but It is indispensable for our purpose that wars ... should not result in territorial gains." (Protocols)

Wars will be fought to lose!

Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War II, and Afghanistan, were all wars fought to not win. Once you understand this sad reality, you will realize that our leaders have achieved great success in accomplishing their hidden goal.

But, this reality means that every soldier who died and every man who came back with life-long crippling injuries, have sacrificed themselves in vain!

The Kurds (Ancient Medes) are advancing into Iraq from the North -- the Medes are starting their move to fulfill the last segments of the prophecy of Isaiah 13.

NEWS BRIEF: "Kurdish Forces Move in on Disputed Territories: ‘We Are Here to Stay’," Rudaw Kurdistan News, 6/14/2014

"ERBIL, Kurdistan Region - It took Kurdish Peshmarga fighters less than two days to take full control of not only the oil rich city of Kirkuk, but also most of the long-disputed territories that Kurds claim as their own. Following the surrender and departure of Iraq’s army from these territories -- after the swift takeover of Mosul by insurgents -- Kurdish Peshmerga forces were deployed along the disputed areas to 'fill the power vacuum', Kurdish military officials have said."

In other words, Kurdistan has taken advantage of the military defeats suffered by the Shi'ite Iraqi Army to invade and take control of most of the areas which had been considered "contested" between Kurdistan and Iraq. Further, the Kurds are warning that they have no intentation whatsoever of ever leaving these areas. Iraq has permenantly lost control of these lands.

As if the military reverses to the Kurds and to the Sunnis were not bad enough, Iran is on the move, and may cooperate with America!

NEWS BRIEF: "U.S. considers air strikes, action with Iran, to halt Iraq rebels", Reuter's News, June 16, 2014

"The United States said it could launch air strikes and act jointly with its arch-enemy Iran to support the Iraqi government, after a rampage by Sunni Islamist insurgents across Iraq ... Militants from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant have routed Baghdad's army and seized the north of the country in the past week, threatening to dismember Iraq and unleash all-out sectarian warfare with no regard for national borders."

In 2005, we posted an article which shocked most people, as we boldly declared that the winner of the Iraqi War was Iran!

NEWS2060 -- "Iran Winner of Iraqi War? How Could 'Axis of Evil' Nation Possibly Engineer Defeat of Mighty USA?"

In 2006, we posted an article in which we stated that Shi'ite Iran was soon to be Shi'ite Iraq's closest ally!

NEWS2135 -- "Iran May Be About Ready To Become Iraq's Closest Ally!"

Then, in 2010, we posted an article in which the Council On Foreign Relations stated that Iran was the winner over America in the Iraqi War, a conclusion we had reached in 2005.

NEWS2427 -- "Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) Pronounces The Winner of The Iraq War To Be -- IRAN!"

Now, I ask you: what greater evidence of American defeat in Iraq can there be by a former weak, notorious, 'Axis of Evil' nation sending its military forces to cooperate with American forces in Iraq? But, you see, this entire scenario was laid out in the Illuminati plan and backed by prophetic Scripture.

Therefore, we knew America would never defeat Iran, either by an attack on her nuclear facilities or by invasion. When the war spun to its conclusion planned by President Bush, we could see that Iran would become the regional power which would naturally defend territory which she would consider part of her "Sphere of Influence". Shi'ite Iran coming to the defense of Shi'ite Iraq to stave off defeat at the hands of Sunni militants is not as shocking as it may have seemed a short time ago.

The only question is whether Iranian ground troops will actually invade Iraq? Or will their presence be limited to smaller units in the field of battle.

Militant Sunni ISIL fighters aggravated the situation by a bloody massacre.

NEWS BRIEF: "ISIS 'execute' 1,700 Iraqi soldiers, post gruesome pictures", Russia Today, June 16, 2014

"Radical Sunni militants who have been capturing cities in northwest Iraq claimed on Twitter that they executed 1,700 Iraqi soldiers. The radicals posted graphic photos as evidence ... The photographs, which were posted on the Twitter account associated with the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS/ISIL), came with captions that described their alleged massacre. They did not provide a date or location, but chief military spokesman Lt. Gen. Qassim al-Moussawi said the killings took place in Salahuddin province, located north of Baghdad."

"It is impossible to independently verify the photographs and the number of people killed."

Whether ISIS really did murder 1,700 people is not the point; the real fact is that their allegation, their bragging, plus the gruesome photos, will greatly aggravate the situation within and without Iraq. These radicals must believe that neither the United States nor Iran will act on the ground to defeat the militants. Iranian ground troops, aided by American airstrikes, should crush the ISIS very easily.

We who opposed the Iraqi war from the beginning as a war that will fulfill Bible prophecy in Isaiah 13, are not suprised by this desire to slaughter the religious enemy, because Isaiah 13 predicts such a slaughter, albeit on a much larger scale. Listen to this prophecy, written 2,600 years ago.

"Everyone who is found will be thrust through, and everyone who is connected with the slain and is caught will fall by the sword. Their infants also will be dashed to pieces before their eyes; their houses will be plundered and their wives ravished." [Isaiah 13:13-16; Ibid.]

"Behold, I will stir up the Medes against them ... Their bows will cut down the young men [of Babylon]; and they will have no pity on the fruit of the womb, their eyes will not spare children..." [Isaiah 13:17-22]

Wanton slaughter of civilians is Iraq's immediate future. This massacre of 1,700 Shi'ite men at the hands of Sunni militants is just a foretaste of what prophecy says will come.


II. The warnings given by Dr. Wolf Wolfensberger in his book pictured left are now coming true throughout the world with a vengeance!

Euthanasia is becoming so wide-spread that it is now labeled a "Culture of Euthanasia"!

NEWS BRIEF: Ignore the Advancing Euthanasia Culture at Your Peril: Your Loved Ones May be Starved to Death ", Life News, 6/11/2014

"I wonder if we are paying attention to some of the more recent stories that have been reported in regards to euthanasia and assisted suicide ... just within the past few months we have seen Israel trying to approve assisted suicide, while Quebec has already pushed it through. In Switzerland where assisted suicide is permitted, the Swiss went one step further by officially approving assisted suicide on the grounds of “old age”. In Belgium, physicians are averaging the killing of five patients per day by aiding in their deaths."

"The Belgian Parliament, in an 86-44 vote, did the unthinkable by legalizing euthanasia for children with disabilities. But it’s not just Belgium targeting children; it was reported that British doctors were killing terminally sick children by secretly giving them deadly overdoses."

This tactic was used widely by German doctors and nurses in the decade BEFORE Adolf Hitler came to power. Once Adolf was in office, he had a "Culture of Death" already in place; all he had to do was to throw official government sanctions and power behind a Euthanasia campaign already in position. Results were catastrophic! Hitler's genocide campaign killed 12 million people with some sort of disability and over 6 million Jews.

What was Dr. Wolfensberger's warning in his book, "The New Genocide of Handicapped and Afflicted People"? He warned that America had developed a "Deathmaking" culture. What is "deathmaking"?

"... any actions or pattern of actions which either directly or indirectly bring about, or hasten, the death of a person or group. Deathmaking includes actions ranging all the way from explicit, overt, and direct killing of another person, to very concealed and indirect killing that may take a long time to accomplish and may be very difficult to trace; and it can include active participation as well as silent, unobjecting collusion." (p. 1)

"Dr. Wolfensberger shocks the reader when he states that our medical establishment is killing more people per year than Adolf Hitler killed during the entire Holocaust. [Dr. Wolf Wolfensberger, "The New Genocide of Handicapped And Afflicted People"]

Remember, America is leading the world into The New World Order, a system precisely identical to Hitler's Dictatorial, Fascist, and Satanic Germany. If we are going into this system, soon, we must be developing the same personal characteristics concerning Hitler's low ethical view of person's lives that Germans exhibited from 1920-1945, as detailed in Lifton's book, "Nazi Doctors".

Let us now return to our featured news story:

"... it was reported that last year there were more than 100 physician aided deaths in the state of Washington, where physician assisted suicide has been legal for years. In New Jersey, an assisted suicide bill has just been approved by the NJ Assembly Committee. A New York Times story reported that cost of treatment is now having an influence on doctors and the care they give to patients. Then, there was the story out of Massachusetts General and how their ethics committees were imposing unilateral DNR’s on patients ... Finally ... bioethicists are suggesting that nursing homes and hospitals should be “legally required to starve patients who can eat and drink, if they have serious dementia and have ordered their starvation deaths in an advance medical directive.” This is referred to as VSED, an acronym for “voluntary stopping eating and drinking” and according to Smith is, “the latest craze among the ‘death with dignity’ crowd'.”

Dr. Wolfensberger warned in the last chapter of his book, "The New Genocide of Handicapped and Afflicted People":

""In hospitals (even those run by religious bodies), mentally retarded .. people with other handicaps, and elderly people are commonly denied relatively elementary life supports such as antibiotics, basic resuscitation, the simplest medical procedure, or even food and water. In fact, the likelihood is relatively high that persons afflicted with multiple devalued conditions will not leave a hospital alive ... In many locales in North America, it is dangerous to admit to a typical general hospital a moderately retarded person who is above the age of sixty ... Often, the only way to assure the safety of such afflicted persons in hospitals to place at their bed a twenty-four [hour] guard ..." (Pages 60-63)

The Bible states that, when sin fully matures, it brings forth death. America is now at a fully matured dance with death.

"Devil Worship"

" Rise of Satanism In America Today"

"Pope Francis says sex abuse is like 'a satanic Mass' ", Christian Today News, 27 May 2014

"Married couple used Devil Worship to terrify girl to take part in sex sessions", Standard Digital News, May 15, 2014

New DVD by Jeremiah Films

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The startling expose' of the frightening growth of Satanism in America. Features testimonies from law enforcement officials, practicing Satanists, and others. Understand why Halloween is so dangerous. Especially informative for parents, teens, and those who work with youth.

Since Antichrist will practice Black Magick Satanism, we should expect to see a resurgence of this pagan system of religion. Antichrist will receive his unbelievable power through precisely this kind of Satanism.

For mature audiences.

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"God's Final Jubilee"

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The purpose of this book is to sound the horn to the people of God. Jesus is coming, and He is coming soon! Global events are happening so fast it is hard to keep up. Everything is in place for the rise of Antichrist.

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CURRENT NEWS: "Should Israel rebuild the Temple? Israelis say ‘Yes’," Israel Today, 7/30/13

"Israel Housing and Construction Minister Uri Ariel (Jewish Home) recently declared, "we need to build a real Temple on the Temple Mount.""

Surprisingly, the majority of Jews interviewed on the street agree.

"Judaism says that when Messiah comes, we will rebuild the Temple. "


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'Police State USA' chronicles how America has arrived at the point of being a de-facto police state, and explains what led to an out-of-control government that increasingly ignores the Constitution and exploits 9/11 security fears to justify spying on its citizens. Stunning new surveillance technology now makes it easier to keep tabs on people. The acquisition by police departments of major battlefield equipment emboldens officials to strong-arm those they should be protecting. The failure of the news media to report government violations of citizen's rights sets the stage for this slippery slope. Hardcover, 263 pages.

"Satan's Watchers" Are Back =====Aliens Are Part of the Plan To Produce Antichrist

NEWS: "Online video claims UFO attacked Taliban camp in Afghanistan", New York Daily News, May 8, 2014

"An online video claims the U.S. has a new ally in its fight against terrorism - one from another planet. The video from the group Section 51 - titled 'UFO ATTACKS TALIBAN CAMP!!! March 2014' - allegedly shows a UFO firing multiple times at a compound that then goes up in smoke. The organization, which seeks to show the reality of UFOs, claims the footage was shot by the U.S. Marines."

NEWS BRIEF: "That Viral Video Of A 'UFO' Attack In Afghanistan Is An Obvious Hoax", Business Insider, May 9, 2014

"A YouTube video currently making the rounds across the internet showing a "UFO" destroying a Taliban camp is an obvious hoax."

Aliens/UFO's Are Real - They Part of the Plan to Produce the New World Order 'Christ'


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Hitler envisioned that he would usher in a thousand year reich for the nation of Germany and believed that he was 'Selected by God to be Germany's Messiah'. Hitler was determined to eliminate any who resisted the evolution of the supermen, a purification that would be accomplished through fire.

The christian church proved to be a soft target for Hitler. As one pastor later lamented, 'The Church made peace with an enemy with which it should have been at war. Called to warn and protect, it tolerated, then saluted, then submitted...' and stood by while perhaps the greatest sacrifice to appease the gods of darkness occurred in modern history.


"Blood Sacrifice: Cleansing The Soil For The Aryan Antichrist"

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Chris Pinto reveals in 'The New Atlantis' that planning for America began in 1590 between Queen Elizabeth I and Sir Francis Bacon to use the power and wealth of the British Throne to establish history's most powerful nation out of the North American Colonies. America's Masonic Founding Fathers precisely carried out this plan, a scheme designed to bring the New World Messiah into the world.

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PROPHETIC ALERT! President Obama Is Quietly Forming The North American Union!

Progress toward forming Supernation #1 of the Club of Rome Plan is suddenly lurching forward. Daniel 7:7-8 is now rapidly moving toward completion.

This prophecy is the only one in the entire Bible which must be fulfilled before Antichrist can arise!

Is President Obama Going To Make An Announcement Confirming The Existence of Extra-Terrestrials?

He has just appointed a UFO adviser!


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