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Since Antichrist will practice Black Magick Satanism, we should expect to see a resurgence of this pagan system of religion. Antichrist will receive his unbelievable power through precisely this kind of Satanism.

For mature audiences.

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"Blood Moons DVD: Decoding Imminent Heavenly Signs"

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Something remarkable is just on the horizon. God is about to move mightily in the world. Are you spiritually prepared? Are your loved ones prepared?
From the beginning, in Genesis, God declared He specifically created the sun and the moon as 'signs'. God would use these heavenly bodies a signals of coming climactic historical events when the Creator of the Universe was about to intersect human history. But, how do we unlock the code to interpret God's signals?

Mark Biltz very well might have discovered the key, as he documents in this DVD, 'Blood Moons'. http://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=2614


"False Flag Over Boston"

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On April 15, 2013 multiple explosions at the 'Boston Marathon Race' killed and injured hundreds; was this just another 'jihad by some radical Islamic group' or, is there more to what happened at Boston?

No one should doubt for a minute that the Boston Marathon was a 'False Flag' event carried out by the Illuminati.

News Alert

Friday, May 30, 2014

"God's Final Jubilee"

New Book by Dan Goodwin, Intro by Dr. Noah Hutchings, SW Radio



"Should Israel rebuild the Temple? Israelis say ‘Yes’," Israel Today, 7/30/13

"Israel Housing and Construction Minister Uri Ariel (Jewish Home) recently declared, "we need to build a real Temple on the Temple Mount.""

Surprisingly, the majority of Jews interviewed on the street agree.

"Judaism says that when Messiah comes, we will rebuild the Temple. "

"God's Final Jubilee" demonstrates the shocking reality that so many pertinent prophecies are now being fulfilled according to a set timetable that Israel is now entering her "Final Jubilee"!

This book is being proclaimed by some as, 'The most up to date study of prophetical events of our day!' Others have called it 'a stunning and even chilling revelation of how close we are to the end of the world!'
The purpose of this book is to sound the horn to the people of God. Jesus is coming, and He is coming soon! Global events are happening so fast it is hard to keep up. Everything is in place for the rise of Antichrist.

This book reveals: * The 70th and final Jubilee is on the horizon. * The Bible's built-in Prophetic calendar. * The customs of a Jewish wedding and the Bride of Christ. * The purpose of the Tribulation from the book of Daniel. * Ten solid proofs of a Pre-Tribulation rapture. * The reason the Tribulation is measured in days not years. * The Kinsman Redeemer and the title deed to planet earth. * Why we may be the last generation. * A seven thousand year history of the world. * The identity of the two witnesses. * When the New Testament really began. * What in the world is going on. * The coming blood red moons.

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daily news updates

Hot News


I. A major End Times prophecy took a firm step toward fulfillment yesterday.

Russia signed the Eurasian Economic Union into existence, officially setting Supernation #5 into place.

Remember, once all ten of the planned supernations are in place, functioning as nations, Antichrist can arise. Conversely, he cannot arise until all world's nations are reorganized into ten.

NEWS BRIEF: "Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan sign ‘epoch' Eurasian Economic Union", Russia Today News, May 29, 2014

"Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan signed the historic Eurasian Economic Union which will come into effect in January 2015. Cutting down trade barriers and comprising over 170 million people it will be the largest common market in the ex-Soviet sphere. 'The just-signed treaty is of epoch-making, historic importance', Russian President Vladimir Putin said ... In fact, we are shaping the largest common market in the CIS, with huge production, scientific and technological potential and enormous natural resources..."

" 'A new geopolitical reality of the 21st century is born', Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev said shortly after the final treaty was signed by the three leaders."

We agree wholeheartedly! But, not for the reason the Kazakh President had in mind. We understand that the creation of this Eurasian Economic Union is "an "epoch-making", event of historic importance, because it is setting another building block into place for the global 10-Nation reorganization plan of the Club of Rome, which when fully completed, will precisely fulfill Daniel 7:7-8.

As we explain in our archived article entitled, "There Is Only ONE Sequential Prophecy Which Shall Provide Us A Clear Gauge By Which We Can Know The Approximate Time That Antichrist Will Arise!", this prophecy also contains the only sequential events leading to the appearance of Antichrist. The "Man of Sin" cannot arise until the world's nations are reorganized into TEN.

Supernation #5 was just "birthed" into existence.

The problem Ukraine is having with Russia is that the Club of Rome Plan envisioned that she would come under Russia's control once again, and Western Ukrainians want nothing to do with that scenario. They remember the many millions of Ukrainians murdered by Communist Josef Stalin so they want nothing to do with the Russians again.

Finally, remember that the West is deliberately feeding violence and discontent in Western Ukraine because, for some economic reason with which I am not familiar, Western sanctions have a "pressure cooker" effect on the new single currency of the Eurasian Economic Union. Without the sanctions, Russian leaders will have to struggle for 11 years to bring this currency into reality, but, under the "pressure cooker" of Western sanctions, the new currency can be operating in 3-5 years!

Now you know why the West is poking its nose where it does not belong, and where we have no significant strategic interests in play. Throughout all the public rhetoric concerning Ukraine and Russia, leaders of the Western world are secretly cooperating with leaders of the East and the Orient.

Just as God's prophecy reveals:

"And the ten horns which thou sawest ... God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree (act in harmony), and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled." (Revelation 17:12, 17)

Underneath the surface, all leaders of the TEN Supernations pictured above are cooperating, and are not really in conflict. You will not truly understand current world events until you understand this reality.



II. Vice-President Biden urged graduating Air Force cadets to actively create a "New World Order".

Suddenly, we noted that other people started using this term publicly. Has the "right moment" come to popularize "New World Order" in people's minds?

NEWS BRIEF: "V.P. Biden challenges graduating Air Force Academy cadets to create a 'New World Order' ", The Gazette, May 28, 2014

"Under a blazing sun, Vice President Joe Biden challenged graduating Air Force Academy cadets to help create a 'new world order for the 21st century'."

Biden then proceeded to define this New World Order falsely, a very, very positive spin on the most hideous system of dictatorship the world has ever seen. Listen to the Vice-President's definition.

"Biden described the new order as a world that seeks human rights, free trade and an end to poverty and oppression. 'First and foremost our work begins by rebuilding America's foundations, our economic foundations, our moral and strategic foundations', he told cadets."

"That work, Biden said, won't see America leave the world stage."

In the "New Atlantis" DVD -- pictured right -- we prove that the Illuminati / Rosicrucian Plan for America in 1590 was for America to never " leave the world stage" until she had led all nations of the world into the New World Order. The Guiding Spirits of Rosicrucianism emphatically stated that America's Destiny was to lead all peoples of the world into this new system. Therefore, when Biden states that America will never leave the world stage until this new order is in place is exactly consistent with the occult image of our nation which started over 400 years ago.

Immediately, the Mass Media began to trumpet this term in various ways and through various people.

NEWS BRIEF: "The New World Order has started", Business Insider, Editorial by John Mangun, 28 May 2014

"Now, more than 20 years later, Russia is forcefully defending its western border and China is aggressively protecting its eastern boundary and, once again, the common adversary is the US. But this time, the largest country on the planet in terms of size and the largest nation in terms of population have decided to take advantage of the fact that they have little to fear from each other and have much to gain through an alliance. The 30-year energy deal between these two nations is a global game-changer, much like the defeat of the Spanish Armada, which signaled the beginning of the end of the Spanish Empire and rise of the British Empire."

The gas deal between Russia and China is, indeed, a "game-changer", but not for the reasons John Mangun believes. There is no American Empire to go down in dust, as did the British Empire, because God's prophetic Word stands strong and true and it states that all leaders of the final ten kings cooperate with each other so that God's prophetic utterances are exactly fulfilled.

Listen once again:

"And the ten horns which thou sawest ... God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree (act in harmony), and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled." (Revelation 17:12, 17)

Leaders of America, Europe, Russia, China, Japan, etc., are all "acting in harmony" so that all God's predictions will come true. No individual leader of any of these ten superstates is planning to destroy any of the other ten superstates, at least until Antichrist is on the world scene.

What is the real definition of the New World Order, you ask?

The New World Order is the kingdom of Antichrist. I features a global dictatorship of frightening capabilities, a global economy and a global religion. Once these institutions have been changed, the Elite plans to stage their global messiah, a man whom the Bible will call "Antichrist".


Now, let us see other articles on the New World Order, which you can read at your leisure.

NEWS BRIEF: "The unfolding Ukraine crisis signals a New World Order", by Tony Brenton, The Guardian, 16 May 2014

"The world has moved beyond the point where big states can tell small states what to do."

This author demonstrates his total ignorance as to what the New World Order is all about. When Antichrist arises, he shall formally set the world's governments into his global government. All nations -- large to small -- will be forced to surrender their sovereignty! This new world system will force small states to surrender to the all-powerful global nation, the one headed by Antichrist.

NEWS BRIEF: "The New World Order is Real: Former U.S. Intelligence Officer, by David J. Dionisi, American Free Press, October 28, 2014

"When asked for a definition of the New World Order, he elaborated.

“It goes by many names,” he began. 'It’s basically a secretive cartel that follows a religious format ... I was able to see firsthand, and specifically by following the money, that this cartel is real and is orchestrating events that are currently leading the world to a third world war.”

David Dionisi is entirely correct as he identifies the foundation of the New World Order as a secret cartel based on a "religious format". He then correctly identifies the leading players of this movement now over 400 years long.

"All these secret societies share the common thread: they’re all known as ‘Brotherhood of the Snake’ or ‘Brotherhood of Death’ secret societies' ... 'Freemasonry is one of the largest of the New World Order cartel’s front organizations ..."

NEWS BRIEF: "War Machine Investments For The New World Order", Forbes Magazine, 5/28/2014

"Given this new global reality, the following are five companies that stand to benefit ..."

Of these articles, only the American Free Press interview with David Dionisi demonstrated any knowledge of what the New World Order truly is, and what the ramifications truly are. These authors are bantering the term around without knowing what it means. And, this is my point entirely. We have reached the point where people are to be made comfortable when they hear "New World Order".

This newly created familiarity with this poisonous snake is, itself, a new sign that the Kingdom of Antichrist is close at hand.

Just watch the formation of the ten superstates to ascertain how close Antichrist is to appear (Read full details in NEWS2363)

"Police State: How Orwell's Nightmare Is Becoming Our Reality"

New Hardcover Book by Cheryl K. Chumley

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'Police State USA' chronicles how America has arrived at the point of being a de-facto police state, and explains what led to an out-of-control government that increasingly ignores the Constitution and exploits 9/11 security fears to justify spying on its citizens. Stunning new surveillance technology now makes it easier to keep tabs on people. The acquisition by police departments of major battlefield equipment emboldens officials to strong-arm those they should be protecting. The failure of the news media to report government violations of citizen's rights sets the stage for this slippery slope. Hardcover, 263 pages.

"Pray For The Peace of Jerusalem"

Against All Odds Israel Survives

"Does A Divine Power Continue To Uphold Israel?"

6 DVD set - Run Time: 9 hours

CURRENT NEWS: "Jerusalem Imam Urges Muslims: Invade Israel!", Israel Today, 5/15/14

"An imam at the Al Aqsa Mosque atop Jerusalem’s Temple Mount has publicly urged the armies of the Arab world to invade Israel thus fulfill the great Muslim longing of destroying the hated 'Zionist entity'.”

Arabs had better beware, because they serve a false god and are really making the REAL God very angry. Muslims are not aware that the biggest, most powerful, Zionist in the world is the God of the Judeo/Christian Bible! Zion is, among other things, the name of the eternal City of God (Rev 14:1; Holman Bible Online Dictionary).

But Arabs will not learn to be afraid because they do not believe in the Judeo/Christian God. Hatred is venomous.

"In a televised sermon from Milan, Italy that was broadcast by Al Jazeera, Imam Raed Al-Daan said that Muslims everywhere are beginning to realize that 'the Jewish state will vanish, and that the morning sun will rise on Palestine'.”

What does Omnipotent God say"

"And I will bring again the captivity of my people of Israel, and they shall build the waste cities, and inhabit them ... and they shall no more be pulled up out of their land which I have given them, saith the Lord thy God." (Amos 9:14-15)

"Al-Daan went on to state that he and the other clerics who serve on the Temple Mount as part of the Palestinian Authority-appointed Islamic Trust (Waqf) 'await the legions of the conquerors. We await the armies from Tunisia, from Jordan, from Egypt, from Iraq, from the Maghreb (Morocco and Algeria), and from the Hijaz (Saudi Arabia)'.”

God foretold, 2,600 years ago, that at the End of the Age, wave upon wave of invading armies would sweep repeatedly toward Jerusalem, where God's power would await them, to annihilate every single wave.

"In that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it ... In that day shall the Lord defend the inhabitants of Jerusalem ... I will (make it My aim) to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem." (Zechariah 12:3, 8-9)

With this understanding, let us ask that question again:

How does Israel survive against all odds?

Modern-day Israel is truly a divine wonder of the current age. How has it triumphed through four major wars and survived relentless terrorist attacks? Meet the actual people who lived through what can only be described as miracles of Biblical proportions, and share their remarkable stories.

But, most of all, meet the Almighty God of the Bible.


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We simply need to get back to Biblical values and God's definition of the family unit. We seek to equip you with the foundational truths needed to have a Family Built to Last that can only be found in God's Word, the Bible. Here you will discover such things as seeks to equip you with the foundational truths needed to have a Family Built to Last that can only be found in God's Word, the Bible. Here you will discover such things as the critical Role of Man, Husband, Father, Wife, Mother and children.

God's way is not just the right way, it's the best way for having the best possible life this side of heaven. There is still time and there is still hope, no matter how far things have gone. We just need to get back to The Biblical Family today!

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"Satan's Watchers" Are Back =====Aliens Are Part of the Plan To Produce Antichrist

NEWS: "Online video claims UFO attacked Taliban camp in Afghanistan", New York Daily News, May 8, 2014

"An online video claims the U.S. has a new ally in its fight against terrorism - one from another planet. The video from the group Section 51 - titled 'UFO ATTACKS TALIBAN CAMP!!! March 2014' - allegedly shows a UFO firing multiple times at a compound that then goes up in smoke. The organization, which seeks to show the reality of UFOs, claims the footage was shot by the U.S. Marines."

NEWS BRIEF: "That Viral Video Of A 'UFO' Attack In Afghanistan Is An Obvious Hoax", Business Insider, May 9, 2014

"A YouTube video currently making the rounds across the internet showing a "UFO" destroying a Taliban camp is an obvious hoax."

Aliens/UFO's Are Real - They Part of the Plan to Produce the New World Order 'Christ'


"UFO's - Great Last Days' Deception"

Volume 1 - 3-DVD Set by Pastor Crone, Nearly 5 Hours

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What a person believes about Aliens might strongly determine whether you go to Heaven or Hell. Does that sound unreasonable?
You see, Aliens are part of the plan to stage Antichrist on the world scene. Aliens will help deceive mankind into thinking the Man of Sin is a god and must be worshiped and obeyed. Aliens will usher in the darkest prophetic time in all of man's history. http://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=2584

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"UFO's - Great Last Days' Deception"

Volume 2 - 3-DVD Set by Pastor Crone, Nearly 5 hours

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Virtually EVERY HUMAN on this Planet now believes in aliens. One New Age author stated that people must believe in Aliens before they will believe the claims of the New Age Christ!

Pastor Crone Biblically PROVES that Aliens are demons!

One of the greatest lies in the history of mankind is about to break upon our heads and upon the peoples all over Planet Earth.

One of the greatest lies concerns the Rapture of the Christian Church. When the Rapture does occur the Christians who have disappeared will not have been taken up off the Earth in UFO's! http://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=2599

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"Blood Sacrifice"

DVD, Volume 2

"Thy Kingdom Come"

Hitler's Complete Conquest of German Christian Churches

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This video continues our study of the Biblical Antichrist by studying the life, the values, the attitudes and the Black Magick Satanism of Adolf Hitler. We will examine how thoroughly, easily, and quickly Hitler intimidated, and then completely controlled, most of German christian churches.

Hitler envisioned that he would usher in a thousand year reich for the nation of Germany and believed that he was 'Selected by God to be Germany's Messiah'. Hitler was determined to eliminate any who resisted the evolution of the supermen, a purification that would be accomplished through fire.

The christian church proved to be a soft target for Hitler. As one pastor later lamented, 'The Church made peace with an enemy with which it should have been at war. Called to warn and protect, it tolerated, then saluted, then submitted...' and stood by while perhaps the greatest sacrifice to appease the gods of darkness occurred in modern history.


"Blood Sacrifice: Cleansing The Soil For The Aryan Antichrist"

DVD Volume 1

This video is a unique look at the coming Biblical Antichrist through the eyes of Adolf Hitler. Embark on a journey that will likely challenge the highest scholar to the one beginning his quest for truth. This documentary will go where many scholars and historians are not willing to go... To the heart of Adolf Hitler.

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"Countdown To Antichrist" Collection Set

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World events are picking up speed so greatly that discerning Christians everywhere are asking 'Is the appearance of Antichrist close at hand'? They are also asking what human forces are acting to produce this prophesied 'Man of Sin'?

Answers to these questions are taught by Chris Pinto, Doc Marquis, Dr. Stan Monteith, William Schnoebelen, and J.D. Grush. But be careful, your understanding of current world events may never be the same again!

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Doc Marquis teaches in 'Arrival of Antichrist' the plan of the global Illuminati to produce their 'Masonic Christ', the Biblical Antichrist. Marquis shows in 'Illuminati Is Fulfilling Bible Prophecy' how many current events occurring right now to bring Antichrist to the world are specifically fulfilling numerous prophecies, especially the furious pace at which all nations of the world are forming into 10 Supernations!

Chris Pinto reveals in 'The New Atlantis' that planning for America began in 1590 between Queen Elizabeth I and Sir Francis Bacon to use the power and wealth of the British Throne to establish history's most powerful nation out of the North American Colonies. America's Masonic Founding Fathers precisely carried out this plan, a scheme designed to bring the New World Messiah into the world.

In 'Riddles In Stone: Secret Architecture of Washington, D.C.', Pinto proves that the full blueprint to produce the Masonic Christ can be seen in the street layouts, the pictures, the monuments, the frescoes and building adornments. Pinto proves that the god of Washington, D.C., is Baal, a bloody pagan god who is a forerunner of Antichrist. Once you know the secrets of the Illuminati, Government Center reads like a book!

In 'Eye of the Phoenix', Pinto demonstrates that the incredibly complex One Dollar Bill also tells the story of the Masonic plan to produce Antichrist on the world scene.

In Armageddon: Return of the Warrior King, Grush reveals Biblical details about the furious battle between Jesus Christ and the armies of Antichrist that you have never understood before!

Six DVD Titles, Ten DVD Discs, almost 16 hours of teaching. You will never look at the news the same way again! And, you will be looking up, knowing that your Redeemer is drawing nigh.

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The 'Countdown' To Eternity series takes a look at 10 major prophetic signs God has given to lovingly wake us up so we'd repent and be saved before it's too late.

1) The Jewish People and Israel; 2) Modern Technology; 3) Explosion of Worldwide Unrest/ Upheaval; 4) Unprecedented Falsehood; 5) Rise of Wickedness and Perversion; 6) Rise of Religious Apostasy, One World Religion; 7) Big Brother; 8) Going Global - Economy, Religion, Government; 9) Mark of the Beast.

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DVD - Vol. 1, 'Hyper-Reality' Series

The immense leap in technological advancement is changing the way we live, learn, interact and believe. Since before the Pharaohs, man has tried to become like gods. Transhumanism has taken this desire to the next step, with the pursuit of immortality, omniscience, and ultimate power. Technology may be paving the way for humans to achieve this version of godhood.

At this point, Transhumanists will become immortal.

How should a believer react to these emerging technologies? We are entering into the Hybrid Age. This drive has become a Divinity Cult, using science to become gods.

Speakers include Dr. Chuck Missler, Dr. Thomas Horn, and Joe Farah.




NEW Headline News Analysis

PROPHETIC ALERT! President Obama Is Quietly Forming The North American Union!

Progress toward forming Supernation #1 of the Club of Rome Plan is suddenly lurching forward. Daniel 7:7-8 is now rapidly moving toward completion.

This prophecy is the only one in the entire Bible which must be fulfilled before Antichrist can arise!

Is President Obama Going To Make An Announcement Confirming The Existence of Extra-Terrestrials?

He has just appointed a UFO adviser!


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