Friday, November 21, 2014



I. President Obama took a major step in creating the North American Union when he announced unilateral action on illegal immigration.

II. Hamas' assassination attempt on Foreign Minister Lieberman is foiled.

III. Ukraine's gold reserves are gone! How much longer can she hold out against Russia?

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I. President Obama took a major step in creating the North American Union when he announced unilateral action on illegal immigration.

Now the Republicans will step in to battle Obama, thus setting up the diabolical "Six Step Attitudinal Change Plan", which will guarantee the formation of this Supernation #1, the North American Union!

NEWS BRIEF: "Obama enforces US immigration overhaul through Executive Order ", BBC News, 21 November 2014

"Millions of immigrants living illegally in the US will be allowed to apply for work permits under a major shake-up unveiled by President Barack Obama. They include immigrants who have been in the US for five years and have children staying legally in the US. About four million people are expected to benefit from a reform package forced through using executive orders, which allow Mr Obama to bypass Congress."

Only a Lame-Duck President -- who does not fear election defeat -- could carry out this bold one-sided action. And, even this Lame-Duck President waited until the mid-term elections were completed before announcing his bold new citizenship policy.

Republicans immediately accused the President of illegally grabbing power through his unilateral action. GOP reaction immediately sets up operation of the despicable "Six Step Attitudinal Change Plan" which will silently accomplish its deadly work in steadily changing people's minds about America surrendering her National Sovereignty to the new Supernation #1, the North American Union!

Before we get started, let us view a map of the Illuminati Plan to reorganize the nations of the entire world into precisely 10 Supernations, a plan which will fulfill Daniel 7:7-8 and 2:40-43 once it is completed. Here is the Illuminati division of the world into 10 nations.

As you can see, Supernation #1 is a union of Canada, the United States of America and Mexico. Its name is the "North American Union"!

Before any nation can be established, the citizenship of her people must be determined. There are over 11 million immigrants currently in the United States from Mexico. How can their citizenship status be the most easily changed from illegal Mexican immigrants to North American Union citizens?

The answer is simple: grant them a temporary citizenship status which can later be simply changed to citizens of the new supernation, North American Union.

Now that the President has thrown down the gauntlet of creating these new type of citizens through unilateral Executive Order, the Republicans can step in to fight this proposal, setting up the "Six Step Attitudinal Change Plan".

What is this plan whereby people's attitudes on a specific subject can be invisibly changed? Here are the six steps:

Step 1. Some practice so offensive that it can scarcely be discussed in public is advocated by a RESPECTED expert in a RESPECTED forum.

Step 2. At first, the public is shocked, then outraged.

Step 3. But, the VERY FACT that such a thing could be publicly debated becomes the SUBJECT

of the debate.

Step 4. In the process, sheer repetition of the shocking subject under discussion gradually dulling its effect.

Step 5. People then are no longer shocked by the subject.

Step 6. No longer outraged, people begin to argue for positions to moderate the extreme; or, they accept the premise, challenging, instead, the means to ACHIEVE it.

President Obama has just taken Step #1 - a RESPECTED expert speaking from a RESPECTED forum, has just advocated a plan for citizenship for illegal immigrants that Conservative Republicans find very offensive.

Step #2 automatically follows the President's speech. The public is shocked, then outraged.

Step #3 is a spirited debate on TV, the Internet, Radio, newspapers, magazines and public debates all across this land.

Step #4 begins to slowly set in. Incessant public debate begins to provide "sheer repetition of this subject, gradually dulling the attitude of people on both sides of the issue.

Step #5 begins to occur. People are no longer shocked by the subject.

Step #6 occurs when some really smart person steps in to offer a "compromise". You see, compromise at the end of this propaganda exercise is always required. Christians always argue against any kind of compromise of Biblical values, as the Absolute Ruler of the Universe -- Jesus Christ -- Who taught that HE is the only way to Heaven, will accept no compromise from His followers.

Someone or a coalition of public officials, will step forward with a compromise that seems so brilliant that both sides "reluctantly" accept it. Of course, this "reluctant compromise" establishes the citizenship status the Illuminati wanted in the first place, a status which will help pave the way to the North American Union.

As a Conservative Republican, I am totally opposed to this surrender of our National Sovereignty.

But, as a Fundamental Christian, I know that this plan to reorganize the world into 10 Supernations will fulfill Bible prophecy precisely, so it will happen no matter my opposition. What did Jesus say?

"And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh." (Luke 21:28)


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II. Hamas' assassination attempt on Foreign Minister Lieberman is foiled.

Since we know the Palestinian plan to plunge Israel into the regional war they hope will destroy her is internal agitation focused in Jerusalem, we have to wonder if their timetable is now in its final stages.

NEWS BRIEF: "Israel: 'Hamas plot to kill FM Lieberman foiled' ", BBC News, 21 November 2014

"Four Palestinians have been arrested by Israeli security forces over an alleged plot to kill Israel's foreign minister with a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG). Israel's Shin Bet security agency said the group planned to assassinate Avigdor Lieberman during the Israel-Gaza conflict of July and August. It said the men belonged to Hamas, the group which runs Gaza. Hamas said it had 'no information about this issue'."

But, Hamas leadership immediately issued an inflammatory statement, saying that all Israeli leadership was a fair target for murder!

NEWS BRIEF: "Hamas Threatens: All Israeli Leaders Are 'Legitimate Targets' ", Israel National News, 11/21/2014

"Hours after Lieberman assassination plot foiled, Hamas calls for more 'revenge' against 'leaders of the occupation'."

""The leaders of the occupation, who are responsible for the killing of women and children and the desecration of holy places, are legitimate targets," he said ... Less than twelve hours later, Palestinian Arab sources revealed that another series of attacks had been prevented after the ISA busted a large terror cell in Judea and Samaria - Hamas terrorists who had been conscripted via Hamas agents in Turkey to commit terror attacks in the region as well as in Jerusalem. Hamas leader Mahmoud Al-Zahar on Sunday declared that the group was intending to widen its terror scope throughout Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, and that it intends to continue to lead the Palestinian Arab camp which advocates for armed struggle until Israel is destroyed."

Terror attacks have been dramatically increasing during the past few days. For example:

* "Palestinian militants killed five Israelis in an attack on a synagogue in Jerusalem on Tuesday ..." Attackers used knives and a meat cleaver to hack off arms, hands and heads during this horrific attack as Jews prayed.

"Tensions have also soared over a disputed major holy site, known to Jews as the Temple Mount and Muslims as al-Haram al-Sharif..."

* " the killing by Israeli forces of an Israeli-Arab and a Palestinian in Hebron."

* "... heightened rhetoric and social media, releasing earlier this week a music video in broken Hebrew encouraging "car attacks" against Israeli citizens.

* The attempted murder of a Jewish Rabbi who had been active in securing the rights of Christians and Jews to pray at the Temple Mount.

In January, 1997, American intelligence forces released a report on the Arab plan to destroy Israel. Please take a few moments to read this report, in two Archived Headline News articles:

NEWS1056 - "Next Arab-Israeli War -- Pike's Third World War Planned To Produce Antichrist - Part 1 of 2 "

NEWS1057 - "Next Arab-Israeli War -- Pike's Third World War Planned To Produce Antichrist - Part 2of 2 "

Notice the role of the Palestinians in this Arab Plan. Quoting from NEWS1057 :

"The plan calls for the war to begin with an uprising from Arafat's Palestinians, led by their heavily armed paramilitary police. These police will be fighting with heavy machine guns, with shoulder fired anti-tank missiles and shoulder fired ground to air anti-aircraft missiles. They will implant bombs at key roads and intersections, and they will attempt to prevent Israeli reserve civilian-soldiers from reaching their bases or their battle stations. The Palestinians are also going to try to create such a fierce battle that Israeli armor and other heavy equipment will be drawn into the center of the country, and away from the border. "

The key flash point in the Palestinian plan to destroy Israel is the Temple Mount, home of the Dome of the Rock and al-Aqsa Mosque. Therefore, these clashes at the Temple Mount are serious and just might signal that this planned war is imminent.

We Christians must remember God's promise: "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee." (Psalm 122:6)

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III. Just as we suspected earlier this year when the Russian/Ukrainian struggle began, the Ukraine is going to run out of money as Russia conducted "near-war" drills on the border and supports irregular troops on the ground within the country.

Yesterday, the Ukrainian government announced that its gold reserves are GONE!

NEWS BRIEF: "Ukraine Admits Its Vast Gold Reserves are Gone", Macedonia Online News, 18 Nov 2014

"Back in March, at a time when the IMF reported that Ukraine's official gold holdings as of the end of February, (just as the US State Department-facilitated coup against former president Victor Yanukovich was concluding), amounted to 42.3 tonnes or 8% of reserves ... and notably under the previous 'hated' president, Ukraine gold's reserves had constantly increased hitting a record high just before the presidential coup ... In an interview on Ukraine TV, none other than the head of the Ukraine Central Bank made the stunning admission that 'in the vaults of the central bank there is almost no gold left. There is a small amount of gold bullion left, but it's just 1% of reserves'."

Where did all this gold go? Some believe that the gold was quietly shipped to the United States. But, I wonder if the Russian government spirited the physical gold to Moscow at the time they were flying the former president Victor Yanukovich out of the country to head up a Ukrainian "government in exile"?

"As Ukraine further reports, this stunning revelation means that not only has Ukraine been quietly depleting its gold throughout the year, but that the latest official number, according to which Ukraine gold was 8 times greater than the reported 1%, was fabricated, and that the real number is about 90% lower."

Wherever these gold reserves are now, the fact is that they are not in the Ukraine. The Ukrainian government cannot use these reserves to fight the Russian campaign of "threatened war" from outside the borders and real war from pro-Russian separatists. Now we can see why Russia has been conducting this type of campaign.

Soon, Ukraine will fall to Russian control, as it slides into the grip of Supernation #5, the Eurasian Economic Union, headed by Russia.

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