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Friday, October 3, 2014

"How Do We Know the Bible is True?"

4-DVD SET - PLUS Leader Guide and Workbook

How Do We Know the Bible Is True? is an essential primer of basic Christianity and Apologetics that every believer should know. Can you defend the authority of the Bible? Government and media leaders have been eliminating the Bible and its teachings from society for years. Now there are Christian professors, pastors, and other church leaders who cast doubt on the reality of Adam, the age of the earth, and the inerrancy of the Bible.

Packaged in a sturdy library case, each DVD features the acclaimed British theologian and Bible teacher Brian Edwards (one of Ken Hams favorite apologists).


"Proof of God"

New DVD by Chad Hovind

What do skeptics truly believe? What key evidence will satisfy an atheist? In this high-energy lecture, Eric Hovind answers these questions and reveals four more that atheists hate to answer.

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"Tower of Babel"

"Babel points to Jesus Christ"

New DVD by Bodie Hodge

This exciting new video answers the most important questions about the Tower of Babel in Genesis and the intriguing topics related to it. Many Christians- including many theologians and academics - believe the events the Bible describes at Babel are myths or legends, and need to be reinterpreted. They attack the account, saying it cannot possibly be based on fact. But are these assaults on the Bible warranted? Apologetics expert Bodie Hodge says the Bible is accurate and answers such questions as:

* " Who built the Tower of Babel?
* " What did it look like?
* " Who was Nimrod and what was his part in the rebellion?
* " Did the continents split at the time of Babel?
* " Why did God confuse the people with multiple languages?
* " By what means did the people travel?
* " Where did all the different people initially go?
* " Why the sudden decrease in longevity?
* " What do extra-biblical sources say of a language split?
*" How does Babel point to Jesus Christ?

"Three Ways to make an Ape Man"

"Are You Smarter Than A Five-Year Old?

New DVD by Dr. David Menton

Comfortably situated between a human skeleton and a table covered by skulls, the witty, award-winning professor David Menton reveals how 'even a five-year old' can easily know that certain fossils are not human, and others are not ape.

This DVD debunks popular restorations of ape-to-man evolution and gives their Biblically based explanation instead. Adults and teens alike will enjoy this humorous presentation by one of the most respected creation scientists and lecturers in the world today! And when not laughing, your jaw might drop in disbelief at quotes from leading believers in the ideas popularized by Charles Darwin over 150 years ago.

If Darwin knew what we do today, would he have promoted the concept of naturalistic evolution as he did? You and your friends can avoid the mistakes and misinformation that are now taught so widely, and so dogmatically. See hard evidence that confirms the truth of the Bible.

We are NOT just evolved apes!

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NEW BOOK - Grappling with the Chronology of the Genesis Flood - Huge New Book, 828 Pages

The Flood as described in the Book of Genesis not only shaped the global landscape, it is an event that literally forms our understanding of early biblical history. Now an experienced team of scientists and theologians has written a definitive account of the Genesis Flood with detailed research into the original biblical text and evidences unlocked by modern science and study.

Delve into the technical aspects of the chronology, historicity, and significance of understanding this landmark event, including what we can learn from the Hebrew words used to describe it.
Examine the numerous geological, geophysical, and paleontological indications pointing to the reality and global scope of the Flood.
Learn how and why the authors' exhaustive research began, putting forth objectives, criticisms they would address, and identifying obstacles to be resolved.

Often recounted and discounted as just a myth or children's story, what we find with deeper study is instead a cataclysmic event, the flood truly wiped out life on our planet with the exception of those preserved through God's plan. The devastation the Genesis Flood wreaked upon a rebellious world remains an important part of the biblical narrative we should understand for what it was - a divine act of judgment on a sin-immersed world. ORDER YOURS TODAY

Proof of Hell

"Hell Is For REAL: Cancel Your Reservation"

Powerful Trailer

DVD By Renowned Bible/Prophecy Teacher, Gary Frazier

Now Shipping

When I walked out of the theater after watching 'Heaven Is For Real', I felt uncomfortable, for the almost subliminal message was that, eventually, all people go to Heaven. Since the movie did not show the Biblical road to Heaven, it leaves a message that all people will go there.

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Pastor Billy Crone Updates!

"Final Countdown To Eternity"

Volume 10, by Pastor Billy Crone

Updates world events regarding the following subjects:

* "The Jewish People"

* "Modern Technology"

* "Worldwide Upheavel" -

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This is NOT a matter of Cutting Edge owing the IRS money, as we have always paid on time and in full. This is simply a matter of an unreasonable levy against us.

We do not have the money to pay these fines! Furthermore, if we do not pay them, the IRS could triple or quadruple them, forcing this ministry to close. We also need corporate support. We know that significant numbers of supporters own their own businesses. What better way to invest your donations than with a ministry reaching over 130,000 people annually with the Salvation Message?

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"Why We Fight"

4-DVD Collectors Edition Set - by Frank Capra

Regularly $39.99, Only $9.99, Saving You $30.00!

'Why We Fight' is an incredible overview of the events leading up to America's involvement of WWII. Master Filmmaker, Frank Capra, was commissioned by the US Army to produce this documentary series to show the soldiers what they were fighting for, and what evils they were fighting against. This video adds a new dimension to the study of history, a dimension that books and photos cannot match.

Capra provides you a greater understanding of the issues, the battles, heroes, and villains of WWII, as told from America's perspective. The films in this series are as compelling as any war movie, but the battle-weary soldiers are not actors, they are real soldiers fighting a real war, with death menacing at every angle.

Far from perfect, 'Why We Fight' stumbles over ideas like religious pluralism and President Roosevelt's New Deal. Viewers will have to sharpen their worldviews by keeping their minds engaged. The hope is that this video set will enable viewers to learn from the past so they can copy the triumphs of past generations and learn from the past.

Far from perfect, 'Why We Fight' stumbles over ideas like religious pluralism and President Roosevelt's New Deal. Viewers will have to sharpen their worldviews by keeping their minds engaged. The hope is that this video set will enable viewers to learn from the past so they can copy the triumphs of past generations and learn from the past.

"Jesus Unmasked"

"What Jesus Taught About Himself"

"The Truth Will Shock You"

How much does God hate sin and how much does He love you? If you ever doubt how kind, good and loving God is look at the Cross. Jesus' brutal death on the Cross is God's greatest and clearest demonstration of His holy wrath and perfect love.

Jesus Unmasked will blast a bright light into a dark and dying world. Give the book to the atheist in your life. -- RAY COMFORT

Todd Friel has written the book you always wanted to give to your friends. Jesus Unmasked is clear, direct, and simple all without ever being shallow. Get several copies so you can share them with friends who need Jesus. -- TEDD TRIPP

No matter where you are in the Christian walk, you'll find "Jesus Unmasked" a profitable and spiritually uplifting study. -- PHIL JOHNSON

224 pages - Download a free preview - Watch the promo


Have the interventionist overthrow actions -- in Iraq, Afghanistan, in Northern Africa, the Middle East and Central and Southern Africa -- by Bush/Blair/Obama failed or have they succeeded beyond anyone's wildest imagination?

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