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I. Now Russia's President Putin Calls For A "New World Order"!

II. Both prophetic elements required for the complete annihilation of the Palestinians have just taken place.


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I. Now Russian President Putin has issued a clarion call for a "New World Order"!

Once again, we see the truth of the prophecy in Revelation 17:17: All the final leaders are "acting in harmony"!

NEWS BRIEF: "Time to establish a new world order, says Putin", Russia Behind The Headline News, October 29, 2014

"Russian President Vladimir Putin has called on the international community to establish a new world order with the aim of preventing future conflicts."

The Global Elite have been selling this concept of a One World System for 200 years on the basis that only a global government / economy / and religion can bring "peace and safety" to this world. Putin is sounding exactly this type of note in his speech.

"Speaking on Oct. 24 in Sochi during a meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club ... Putin called for priority to be placed on building a new system of relations that would prevent global and interstate conflicts."

Of course, Putin then blamed the United States for the current morass in world relations! That was to be expected. But, he emphasized the future Russian role in a multi-polar world, a world comprised of a group of cooperative nations rather than antagonistic ones.

"The Russian president said that the Kremlin was open to dialogue and to normalizing economic relations. Russia is also willing to engage in a substantive discussion about nuclear disarmament ... Commenting on Putin’s speech, President of the Institute of Strategic Studies Alexander Konovalov pointed out that historically, shifts in world order had been determined on the battlefield ... The Cold War is over, but there was no peace agreement, nor was there an agreed principle of mutual relations. We need to create them, but no one knows who should define this new world order,” Konovalov said."

"Stripped of its anti-American rhetoric, Putin’s speech says: we are entering a new period when there may start a discussion on revising the rules of the game. We are still living by the rules that were established by the victorious nations in 1943-1945. The whole logic of the development of the modern world system is moving towards the question of whether it will be revised ... "


Putin's speech is remarkable as it comes after a long period of conflict over Ukraine, as Russia is attempting to draw the nations into her orbit -- a new union constituting Supernation #5, and Western Ukraine wants it not! Truly, President Putin's speech is remarkable as he calls for the same system of global dictatorship, economics and religion as the "NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM" that has been on the back of the American One Dollar Bill since 1935, and which was created in 1789! (Covered in great detail in "Eye of the Phoenix" DVD, pictured left).

What does that prophecy say?

"And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast ... God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree (to act in harmony), and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the (prophetic) words of God shall be fulfilled." (Revelation 17:16-17)

Let us be very clear that the New World Order is the prophetic Kingdom of Antichrist. Therefore, President Putin shows himself to be on the same page as President Obama and other key leaders throughout the world today. Please disregard the portrayal of the Mass Media that these leaders are opposing one another and may even trigger nuclear war.

The prophetic truth is quite the opposite: they are cooperating under the loud surface of world events.

II. Both prophetic elements required for the complete annihilation of the Palestinians have just taken place.

NEWS BRIEF: "Israeli police kill suspect in Temple Mount activist assassination attempt", JTA News, October 30, 2014

"The man police say was responsible for shooting a Temple Mount activist was killed at his eastern Jerusalem home in a shootout with police. Israel Police surrounded the home of the suspect, identified as Muataz Hijazi, an operative for the Islamic Jihad terror group, on Thursday morning and returned fire after being shot at ... Hijazi spent 10 years in Israeli prison for past involvement in terror activities and was released in 2012. Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the attack on Rabbi Yehuda Glick, saying it was in retaliation for recent conditions in Jerusalem."

Tensions are running high right now between Israel and the Palestinian people for a variety of daily reasons; however , when this Palestinian terrorist shot a Rabbi four times in the chest and then was killed by Israeli police, an air of confrontation settled quickly over the entire Temple Mount area. Police cordoned the Temple Mount off to everyone, and then later, only allowed Palestinian males over the age of 50 to ascend the Mount for Friday prayers.

When we remember that the Palestinians plan to blow up their own Dome of the Rock, blaming it on the Jews, we have to pause to wonder if the conflagration foretold in Obadiah 15-18. In this section, God foretells that He will use Israel to annihilate the "House of Esau" (Palestinians) man, women and children.

Listen to God's prophecy:

"For the day of the Lord is near ... And the house of Jacob shall be a fire, and the house of Joseph a flame, and the house of Esau for stubble, and they shall kindle in them, and devour them; and there shall not be any remaining of the house of Esau; for the Lord hath spoken it." (Obadiah 15, 18)

In this DVD, above, "Israel's Prophesied Annihilation of the Palestinians", we show how Israel is now nearing completion of her detailed plans to completely destroy all Palestinians, in precise fulfillment of this 2,600-year-old prophecy. You will be shocked and utterly amazed.

The second side of this coin of the utter destruction of the Palestinians is found in Isaiah 34, where God is again talking destruction of the modern-day Palestinians.

"And He (God) will stretch over it (Edom) a measuring line of confusion and the plummet stones of chaos over its nobles. They shall call its nobles to proclaim the kingdom, but nothing shall be there ..." [Isaiah 34:11b-12)

Let us hear that key prophetic sentence once more time:

"They shall call its nobles to proclaim the kingdom, but nothing shall be there".

When you hear this proclamation of a Palestinian State, know that Bible prophecy has been fulfilled, know that nothing will come of it, and know that the final annihilating war of the House of Edom, the Palestinians, is close at hand.

This week, another nation recognized the Palestinians as a nation!

NEWS BRIEF: "Sweden becomes first European state to recognize Palestine", Euro News, 10/30/2014

"Sweden officially recognises the State of Palestine, the country’s foreign minister has announced, making it the first European Union country to do so."

While this announcement is prominent in the news today, and rightly so, for Sweden has broken the taboo of the European Union to recognize the Palestinian State, many other nations throughout the world have already done so! The Palestinians are trying to create a global force that neither Israel nor the United States can stop, a force which will force Israel's hand.

"The 130 other nations that already recognise a Palestinian State include Hungary, Slovakia and Poland although these three countries took this step before joining the EU ... Israel has protested Sweden’s decision and the Israeli Foreign Ministry summoned the Swedish ambassador shortly after Lofven’s statement ... Palestinians are seeking to create a state in the Israeli-occupied West Bank and in Gaza, with East Jerusalem as their capital. They demand also that Israel withdraws from occupied Palestinian territories. With the near collapse of direct peace negotiations with Israel, Palestinian authorities have been trying to lobby the international community to recognise Palestinian sovereignty. "

Thus, the two elements required in this prophecy of destruction are now in play on the world scene:

1) Conflict between Israel and the Palestinians which will result in an explosion of "fire" that will consume all Palestinians.

2) Palestinians nobles (leaders) will announce formation of a Palestinian State, but nothing shall ever come of that announcement and these leaders will disappear.

God's judgments will fall and no one can stop them.

But, when the peoples of the world shall be incredibly repelled by this slaughter, Christians must be ready with the answer.

Of course, when this ancient prophecy is fulfilled in our world today, that action signals the beginning of the slide into the reign of Antichrist and all the prophecies in the books of Daniel, Revelation, Major and Minor Prophets.

Are you ready to witness to God's Omnipotence when these events begin to occur?

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Global Genocidal War Against Muslims Continues!

The Illuminati 'Blood In The Streets' Strategy Against Muslims Is Bearing The Evil Fruit The Elite Planned In The First Place

Enraged enemies are easily neutralized and manipulated by superior power and strategy. From October, 2001, when America led forces into Afghanistan, to March, 2003, when America led forces into Iraq, to ISIS of today, the Global Elite carry out their 'Silent War' designed to annihilate all Muslims.

But, now the time has arrived for the Elite to provoke exceedingly hot hatred amongst Western citizens against Islam, a hatred which will allow them to annihilate all Muslims.

Presidents Bush/Obama 'Regime Change' Plan In Action: A Final Scorecard

Have the interventionist overthrow actions -- in Iraq, Afghanistan, in Northern Africa, the Middle East and Central and Southern Africa -- by Bush/Blair/Obama failed or have they succeeded beyond anyone's wildest imagination?


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