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I. Senator Rubio (R.Fla) quickly compromises and reveals himself to NOT be a candidate for President that genuine Christians can support.

He states his belief that gay and lesbian people are "born that way"!

II. An Iranian ship convoy of 7 ships is steaming toward Yemen, protected by a naval destroyer.

Is the battle over Yemen about to expand to ocean warfare?

III. Why is billionaire Elon Musk so adamant about setting up colonies in Mars?

New Age doctrine has always held that Earth will one day be unlivable, so space exploration is critical to mankind's survival.

"Behold A Red Horse

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Revelation 6:3-4; KJV)

Did you realize that this is a 'technology' statement? (This would make no sense if we were studying this during the Civil War in 1860. We can't visualize mankind destroying itself with muskets and bayonets.) Did the requisite technology exist prior to our present nuclear age?

We do live in an unprecedented period of time. Unique. Just as prophecies warn.

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This process was developed to change those most-deeply held attitudes, which naturally are traditional Christian values. Once you hear this process, and understand the examples of its use, you will realize it is being simultaneously utilized in many areas by the Mass Media.

Even more ominous is the reality that, once a person's attitudes and/or values are changed by this method, they will not realize they have been changed by external forces. Rather, they will believe they have arrived at this new set of values on their own and they will defend against any attempt to change back to the old values and/or attitudes. You must protect against these change-forces from the beginning or you can lose your children.

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I. Senator Rubio (R.Fla) quickly compromises and reveals himself to NOT be a candidate for President that genuine Christians can support.

He states his belief that gay and lesbian people are "born that way"!

NEWS BRIEF: "Rubio: ‘People are born gay, but don’t have right to marry’", The New York Post, April 19, 2015

"Sen. Marco Rubio believes gays and lesbians are born that way– but they don’t have a fundamental right to marry. Marriage should be between one man and one woman, but states that disagree should be allowed to make their own rules, Rubio said on CBS’s 'Face the Nation' Sunday."

Senator Marco Rubio has just COMPROMISED a key Christian doctrine, i.e., that no one is born gay, lesbian, transgender, or bi-sexual. God's standard for sex and marriage is forever enshrined in His original commandments to Israel. Marriage is to be between a man and a woman, and sex is to be reserved within the bounds of heterosexual marriage. Any other relationship is sin -- purely and simply.

God's massive capital execution of Sodom and Gomorrah is eternal proof that He will not long tolerate any widespread practice of homosexuality. The destruction of these cities is also proof that, when the leaders of a nation/city refuse to enforce God's law, then at some time, God enforces that law on the entire nation!

Pause and calmly think of that doctrine!

Returning to Marco Rubio, we lament the fact that one more "Conservative" and "Christian" candidate has revealed himself to be a rank compromiser who cannot be trusted any more in anything he says and does. And, certainly, Rubio does not deserve any Christian support for his presidential campaign.

What is the most grievous slight that Rubio has delivered on the body of American Christians? The answer is explained in detail in "Invisible, Invincible Mind Control" DVD, pictured above. Rubio fulfills Step #1 in this virtually invisible Mind Control technique which has been moving Americans away from traditional Christian values since the beginning of World War I. The fact that America has slipped so far from her traditional Christian values is proof positive that this invisible mind control system does work!

What is this Step #1 that Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla) has fulfilled by this announcement?

Step 1. Some practice so offensive that it can scarcely be discussed in public is advocated by a RESPECTED expert in a RESPECTED forum.

Senator Rubio is a RESPECTED expert and he certainly is speaking from the RESPECTED forum of a presidential campaign. Furthermore, he is seen as a bona fide Conservative, while many Christians believe he is one of them. Therefore, when he expresses his belief that men and women are born gay, he does severe damage to the cause of Biblical marriage! Words fail to describe the horror of Rubio's statements.

Rubio has just reiterated one of the key principles of the LGBT Movement, i.e., that no one can help their sexual orientation because they are just "born that way". If this is true, then God's condemnation of homosexuality cannot be true because it would not be loving nor fair!

Rubio has abysmally failed the Republican/Conservative/Christian voter, and he deserves to lose 10 Christian votes for every gay vote he has gained. I hope he loses by shockingly huge margins!

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"Bringing Saudi Arabia Down: Without Destroying World Economy" by David Bay

Saudi Arabia's brutal dictatorship must be overthrown according to the Pentagon's New Map Strategy. This war strategy -- followed since the 2001 Afghanistan invasion -- is overthrowing every single dictatorship in the Middle East and Africa. Already, Saddam Hussein of Iraq, Gaddafi of Libya, Mubarak of Egypt, and Saleh of Yemen have been overthrown, while Syria's Assad is holding on to power by a thread. Find out more and Watch the Trailer

'Egypt's Prophetic Tsunami' - Isaiah 19

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Egypt is dropping into the Abyss of her prophetic End Times Judgment - Isaiah 19. Current events are aligning perfectly with 2,600-year-old prophecy! Prepare to be amazed.

Isaiah 19 foretells two major events occurring in Egypt that will deliver her End Times destruction. These two events are:

1) Her government will turn severely dictatorial and will oppress the people. This oppressive government will spark a civil war in which Egyptian kills Egyptian;

2) The Nile River will inexplicably rise up in huge volume and will destroy Egypt's ability to feed herself. Ethiopia's Renaissance Dam is so poorly designed and built that it could burst, literally sending a tsunami wave all along the Nile River in Egypt.

But that's not the "end of the story"!

After pronouncing a death sentence on Egypt by the rampaging flood waters from the Nile River , God turns in great mercy to pronounce a millennia of blessing upon the Egyptian people!

Truly, these are exciting prophetic times - Watch the Trailer or order yours today.


II. An Iranian ship convoy of 7 ships is steaming toward Yemen, protected by a naval destroyer.

Is the battle over Yemen about to expand to ocean warfare?

NEWS BRIEF: "Iranian 7-9 ship convoy moves toward Yemen", The Hill, April 17, 2015

"Iran is sending an armada of seven to nine ships — some with weapons — toward Yemen in a potential attempt to resupply the Shia Houthi rebels, according to two U.S. defense officials. Officials fear the move could lead to a showdown with the U.S. or other members of a Saudi-led coalition, which is enforcing a naval blockade of Yemen and is conducting its fourth week of airstrikes against the Houthis."

What is the composition of this naval "armada", because just the name given this convoy implies that some ships are "armed"?

"Iran sent a destroyer and another vessel to waters near Yemen last week but said it was part of a routine counter-piracy mission. What's unusual about the new deployment, which set out this week, is that the Iranians are not trying to conceal it, officials said. Instead, they appear to be trying to 'communicate it' to the U.S. and its allies in the Gulf."

In other words, the Iranians are getting bolder in their confidence that Saudi Arabia's war against Yemen will result in a disastrous defeat against the House of Saud. As we look again at the Pentagon's New Middle East Map of 2006, we can see that the planned result is that Saudi Arabia is not only going to be defeated, she is going to be humiliated!

Note the ways in which the Desert Kingdom is going to be humiliated:

1) She loses control of Islam's Holy Places, including Medina and Mecca.

2) Iran takes control of Medina and Mecca!

3) Saudi Arabia loses land south of Kuwait along the Persian Gulf down to Qatar. A few weeks ago, we also showed the current Saudi oil rigs and terminals in this area, and realized that Shia Iraq is going to be given control over these oil facilities.

4) Saudi Arabia loses territory to Yemen, Jordan, and Shia Iraq.

5) Saudi Arabia loses virtually all access to both the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea.

6) Saudi Arabia even loses her name. She will henceforth be called "Saudi Homelands Independent Territories".

7) The nation Saudi is attacking is Yemen. Not only does Yemen survive, but she gains territory from the current Saudi Arabia.

Now that you know the plan for this region, you can sit back and see how it unfolds. And, since the Illuminati has carefully built up crude oil suppliers that are now pumping as much increase in oil as Saudi Arabia is currently pumping, the world economy will not be severely damaged once Saudi Arabia starts to suffer a shut-down of her oil exports.

The price of crude oil will return to normal levels, but the world's economies will not be deprived of the crude oil it needs.

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Important End of the Age DVD

"Messianic Signs of Christ's Return DVD"

"...I watched that wondrous city, the Holy Jerusalem, descending out of the skies from God." -Revelation 21:10

Join documentary filmmaker Ken Klein and Bible scholar and theologian Dr. Noah W. Hutchings as they journey in and around Jerusalem revealing the 25 Messianic signs of Christ's return.

When the Jewish people returned to their homeland in 1948, these signs, described in the Old and New Testaments, became evident and clearly seen. In the final book of the Bible, which describes Christ's return and the end of the age, the Apostle John writes

These 25 signs will lead to the New Jerusalem, which is the place where God's people will reside. Both believing Gentiles and Jews, who have been faithful to God, will live together on the new earth

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III. Why is billionaire Elon Musk so adamant about setting up colonies in Mars?

New Age doctrine has always held that Earth will one day be unlivable, so space exploration is critical to mankind's survival.

NEWS BRIEF: "Why is Elon Musk so hellbent on going to Mars?", Slate Magazine, April 16, 2015

"Years ago, when Musk announced he was going to launch the first privately funded liquid fuel rocket into orbit, I figured he might be able do it—it’s a daunting but not impossible task. Still, I was pretty skeptical. But he did have a bit of a leg up: He’d been pouring money into SpaceX, a personal fortune made from running earlier companies like PayPal and (and now SolarCity and Tesla)."

You have to admit that Musk has an impressive resume. He has proven that he is brilliant when it comes to running a private company. So, why is he pouring hundreds of millions of his own money to build a rocket to Mars? The answer may surprise you.

"“I know Mars is a long-term goal for SpaceX,” I started. Then, pretty much as an aside, I said, “because you want to retire on Mars … ”

Retire on Mars? Why would anyone want to retire on this most inhospitable planet? Why, the most advanced and most expensive human machine designed to make human existence possible on Mars cannot compare to the most average, boring ocean sand beach on Earth! Musk's answer is both revealing and telling.

"Musk didn’t hesitate. 'Humans need to be a multiplanet species', he replied."

What can this statement mean?

"... a single global catastrophe could wipe us out. Space travel is a means to mitigate that, and setting up colonies elsewhere is a good bet. As Konstantin Tsiolkovsky (the father of modern rocketry) said, 'The Earth is the cradle of humanity, but one cannot live in the cradle forever'.”

My initial research in the late 1980's revealed that the Illuminati was panicking on the continued availability of crude oil and other resources needed to sustain an Earthly lifestyle. In my extensive readings of New Age and occult New World Order authors over the past 20 years, I have noticed that the Illuminati leadership seems to be panicking over the dreadful volume of oil and oil products which our current Industrial Civilization is consuming. These global leaders truly believed that the supply of oil on the Earth is limited. In other words, every barrel of oil consumed today takes away from the supply of oil in the future!

These leaders did not want to finally gain control over the world -- after planning for it since 1773 -- only to discover that only about 100-200 years of supply remained. The largest single motivation behind the NASA space program was to discover another Earth-like planet to which the Illuminati and their families could escape before the Earth ran out of oil and other commodities necessary for life!

Therefore, space exploration was originally envisioned to find other planets on which humans could survive before Earth runs out of all the raw materials needed to continue mankind's existence as a species.


Furthermore, Musk might believe the propaganda of Former Vice President Al Gore, when he preaches the lie of Global Warming. Many times people begin to believe the lie they have been telling others. Perhaps Musk believes the lie of Climate Change ruining Mother Earth.

Seven years ago, we posted an article on the five global catastrophes which the Global Elite were shouting loudly as such great dangers to humanity. This article is NEWS2193, entitled, "Five Major Created Global Disasters Are Being Constantly Preached To The World As Reasons To Form The Global New World Order!"

These five created disasters are:

1) Global Warming / Cooling / Climate Change

2) Global Terrorism

3) Global War

4) Global Economic Disaster

5) Global Virus Pandemic

And, every one of these disasters could possibly -- in the mind of adherents -- ruin life on Earth as we know it.

If these very smart men could just believe and depend upon God's promises to sustain Earth so that His Son, Jesus Christ, could come back to put all His enemies under His feet, to rescue Israel, and to rule for 1,000 years, they would not be panicking today over some imagined global catastrophe!

Truly, it is sweet to trust in Jesus and to take Him at His Word!

DVD - "Escaping Common Core: Setting Our Children Free"


Key Speaker Ray Moore, Executive Producer of "IndoctriNation" DVD

Common Core is a new label for state -controlled public education standards in an ongoing attempt to dumb down' the American educational system, a struggle that has raged for decades. Common Core will cause some students to become confused and to give up on academics. Are you horrified at the limited reading skills of children and young adults today? Just wait until this curricula has been taught for ten years! Few people will be able to read anymore.

We are NOT advocating that Christian parents aggressively try to reform the public school system from within. That concept is NOT biblical, has been tried for 40 years, and will never work. Scripture commands families to provide Christian education, not a secular or godless education.

We advocate that Christian parents remove their children from public schools to enroll them in the safe sanctuary of private Christian schools, home school or online Christian education.

The Bible tells the believer: 'Come out from among them and be ye separate, says the Lord...' (2 Cor. 6:17)

This 'Call To Action' is Biblically based! Many parents today refuse to address the spiritual forces endangering their childrens beloved eternal souls in public schools. Many are too in love with the worlds system - even if they have to send their precious children to a pagan, atheistic, hostile public school. Our approach is Biblical, following the express teaching of the Bible on how to raise and educate children, an essential part of our Christian walk of faith and obedience to Christ. We are hopeful that the Holy Spirit will use this message to spark the next revival.

Speakers include: Ray Moore - Exodus Mandate, and Executive Producer of 'IndoctriNation' - will be the featured speaker.
Other speakers include:
Mac Dominick, Cutting Edge author
Walter Corbett -- Retired Public School Teacher of Advanced Physics

Brian Ray, National Home Education Research Institute
John Becker and Andy Thompson - Ohio Representatives
Dr. Carl Broggi, Pastor, Community Bible Church.

Run Time will be 1 hour, 30 minutes. Ready to ship mid June

If you could possibly help us out with a donation to properly fund this monumentally important goal of producing this DVD warning of the dangers of Common Core and providing a workable solution, we would greatly appreciate it. Common Core is both an educational and a spiritual problem and, as such, we are praying that the Holy Spirit trigger an End Times revival on the level of the Great Revival of 1741.

But, we are short of funds to send our film crew to the locations needed to interview key speakers and to properly present this documentary at key shows in the next 30 days. Will you help?

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