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I. Iraq dramatically increases daily oil output, setting the stage for Saudi Arabia's dictatorship to be overthrown -- without damaging the global economy.

II. Muslims are making fools of themselves as their protests spread worldwide.

III. Boston Marathon Bomber may get the Death Penalty.

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I. Iraq dramatically increases daily oil output, setting the stage for Saudi Arabia's dictatorship to be overthrown -- without damaging the global economy.

Remember, 'The Pentagon's New Map Strategy' calls for all dictatorships in the Middle East and Africa to be overthrown. Saudi Arabia's time has arrived!

NEWS BRIEF: "Oil prices slip on record Iraq output", Reuter's News, January 19, 2015

"Brent crude oil prices fell below $50 a barrel on Monday after Iraq announced record oil production and the global economic outlook darkened. Iraqi Oil Minister Adel Abdel Mehdi said on Sunday Iraq pumped 4 million barrels per day (bpd) of oil in December, its highest ever thanks to higher output from its southern terminals and a surge in supply from the north. Abdel Mehdi said Iraq planned to a big increase in exports from the northern city of Kirkuk and the Kurdistan region..."

While we are pleased that Iraq and the Kurdistan region are pumping enough oil to drive down the cost of oil worldwide, what impact does this have on Saudi Arabia and the overthrow of her brutal dictatorship? As we discuss in NEWS2540, the Illuminati must remove the Saudi Arabian dictatorship because their Pentagon's New Map Strategy' demands it.

You see, before nations in the the 'Non-Integrating Gap' region -- including Middle East and Africa -- can integrate into the modern economies of the rest of the world, and before all nations within this region must surrender their national sovereignty to the planned Supernations #7 and #8, all entrenched dictatorships must be removed.

For this reason, President Bush invaded Afghanistan (2001) and Iraq (2003), overthrowing entrenched dictatorships, one secular and one religious. For this reason, President Obama is waging war in Yemen and South Sudan, just to name a couple of dictatorships.

But, now, the time has arrived for Saudi Arabia to be overthrown, and that is tricky because her post-World War II position on the economic scene has been monumental. Her daily oil production was so important that any thought of losing it to anyone for any reason for any length of time would send powerful shock waves through the global economy.

The United States committed an aircraft carrier group to protect the narrow Strait of Hormuz. Powerful American bases were established throughout the region to aid in protecting the flow of Saudi Arabia.

How does the Elite take down the dictatorship of Saudi Arabia without destroying the global economy? The answer is simple, but profound: they build up Iraq, the Kurds, and United States' oil shale production which will more than compensate for the temporary loss of some Saudi oil.

That process of building up Iraqi and the Kurds' crude oil production is now underway, as this current news article reveals.

Right on schedule, ISIS verbally threatened Saudi Arabia and her fighters are beginning to launch attacks on her borders and within the fragile country.

Watch this situation in the Sunni Desert Kingdom, because the Bush 2007 Middle East Map shows that the Illuminati has shocking plans for Saudi Arabia, such as:

1) Force her to give up territory to Shi'ite Iraq;
2) Force her to surrender significant oil wells and oil shipping facilities to Iraq;
3) Force her to surrender territory to Yemen;
4) Strip her of control of Islam's most sacred sites, Mecca and Medina!

Watch Saudi Arabia, as she is entering the most explosive era of her modern existence. The Western Illuminati has drawn its knives against her.



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II. Muslims are making fools of themselves as their protests spread worldwide.

No other religion on earth gets so upset over a cartoon depiction of its founder! Isn't the founder of Islam powerful enough to defend himself?

NEWS BRIEF: "Charlie Hebdo Goes Global", The Atlantic, January 18, 2013

"The effects of the January 7 attack on Charlie Hebdo have spread worldwide. Protests in two cities in Niger turned violent on Friday and Saturday, as mobs attacked French buildings and burned down churches. The riots have claimed at least ten lives in the country, an African state that ranks as one of the world's poorest."

"National leaders across the Islamic world have condemned the attacks in Paris while at the same time expressing outrage at Charlie Hebdo's offensive content. In France, president Francois Hollande reacted to the protests with befuddlement.

" 'There are tensions abroad where people don't understand our attachment to the freedom of speech', he said."

The fact is that Islam will never permit Free Speech nor any of the freedoms enjoyed in the West. The more they incite and behead and attack nonsensically, the more they prove that the contention of the Pentagon's New Map Strategy' is correct. They can never integrate into the modern world.

Therefore, they need to be boot-kicked into fully joining the world body. This is the thinking that started a 30-year war in October, 2001, when the United States invaded Afghanistan, and is continuing to spread southward, even as far south as Cameroon and the Central African Republic. Africa is on fire, and Islam is providing the gasoline to start it and keep it burning until every obstacle to regional government is removed.

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III. Boston Marathon Bomber may get the Death Penalty.

NEWS BRIEF: "No Plea Deal Likely in Boston Marathon Bombing Case", ABV News, January 18, 2015

"The focus of the Boston Marathon bombing trial figures to be as much on what punishment Dzhokhar Tsarnaev could face as on his responsibility for the attack. With testimony expected to start later this month, the Justice Department has given no indication it is open to any proposal from the defense to spare Tsarnaev's life, pushing instead toward a trial that could result in a death sentence for the 21-year-old defendant."

"Despite his own personal reservations about the death penalty, Attorney General Eric Holder says the government is committed to seeking that punishment for Tsarnaev ... 'The nature of the conduct at issue and the resultant harm compel this decision', Holder said in a statement last January."

The Government is likely to carefully hide the fact that this whole terrorist bombing was simply and only a "False Flag" designed to give police and military authorities the opportunity to practice shutting down a major American city for a short period of time. Consider how closely this terror bombing paralleled the plans of the "Illuminati Card Game".

Scenes From 1995 Illuminati Card Game

Scenes From 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing

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Caryl Matrisciana, who grew up for almost 20 years in India, insightfully explains how India's Eastern Mysticism is being practiced by millions of unsuspecting Christians in most mainline denominations. 2000 years ago, in conjunction with the birth of the church, Gnostic heresy (the foundation of Eastern Mysticism) attempted to creep in. Today, it presents itself as Western Mystical Spirituality and by hijacking Christian terminology, its 'doctrines of demons', warned about in 1 Tim 4:1, is deluding the Church.


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Western Mass Media Reports That The Russian Economy is Crashing!

Out of the ashes of the crashed economy, a new, more powerful, Eurasian Economic Union will be "reborn" like the mighty Phoenix bird of Ancient Egypt and of Illuminized Freemasonry

Dumping Saudi Arabia Without Causing Economic Crash

Shia Iraq is being built-up just as the 2007 Pentagon's New Map reveals! Imagine a world without Saudi Arabia being so powerful.

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