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I. The time for Saudi Arabia's humiliation is at hand!

The goals of the Pentagon's Middle East Map of 2006 will be met as Saudi leadership predictably chooses war to prevent loss of territory and of Islam's holy places.

II. President Obama continues the tilt toward Shi'ite Islam which began under President Bush in 2006.

The Pentagon's Middle East Map of 2006 also shows Shi'ite dominance over Sunni

III. Evidence is growing that the co-pilot of Germanwing passenger jet who deliberately crashed the plane was a converted, "radicalized" Muslim!

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I. The time for Saudi Arabia's humiliation is at hand!

The goals of the Pentagon's Middle East Map of 2006 will be met as Saudi leadership predictably chooses war to prevent loss of territory and of Islam's holy places.

NEWS BRIEF: "Turmoil in Yemen grows as Saudi Arabia leads airstrikes against Shiite rebels", CTV News, March 26, 2015

"SANAA, Yemen -- The turmoil in Yemen grew into a regional conflict Thursday, with Saudi Arabia and its allies bombing Shiite rebels allied with Iran, while Egyptian officials said a ground assault will follow the airstrikes. Iran denounced the Saudi-led air campaign, saying it 'considers this action a dangerous step', and oil prices jumped in New York and London after the offensive. The military action turned impoverished and chaotic Yemen into a new front in the rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran."

This article segment captures the essence of this war against Yemen. Sunni Saudi Arabia has gone to war against the Shi'ite rebels who have conquered Yemen because the new Saudi king does not want Shi'ite Iran to have hegemony on the Yemeni/Saudi border.

Cutting Edge predicted in 2006 that Saudi Arabia would go to war to prevent the level of defeat and humiliation to her which was depicted by the 2006 Pentagon Middle East Map. Let us examine this map, pictured below, as it relates to Saudi Arabia:

Saudi Arabia is slated to become much weaker and to surrender some of her oil facilities- to Shia Iraq!

This supposed American ally suffers grievous loss of territory according to President Bush's new map. She gives up land on all parts of her current border.

* She gives up land on the Red Sea so Jordan can be expanded

* She gives up land on the Persian Gulf so Iraq's Shia State can be created

* She gives up land to the south so Yemen can be expanded.

One incredible fact is that, if this map is implemented, Saudi Arabia will be stripped of almost all her access to the ocean -- both on the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf! This reality must mean that some other nation is going to control Saudi Arabia's oil export terminals! How can the Saudis tolerate this violation of her sovereignty? The answer is that she cannot tolerate this kind of violation to her national pride and sovereignty. She must either go to war or she must be overthrown.

Please consider this map of Saudi oil fields.

Saudi oil fields and facilities are shown in green. As you can see, Saudi Arabia has a considerable number of oil facilities in the region immediately south of Kuwait. Now, check the first map, above, the New Middle East Map. You will discover that Shia Iraq is planned to extend around Kuwait, leaving that country as a sovereign island.

But, then, Shia Iraq extends downward, all the way to Qatar! The tiny nation of Qatar is the kidney shaped country extending out from Saudi into the Arabian Gulf! This somber reality is that Saudi Arabia will be stripped of a considerable amount of oil facilities that will then be handed to Shia Iraq.

Since the House of Saud is a proud and a greedy monarch, he will never allow this map to be redrawn like this. He will likely resort to war to prevent this plan from being carried out. This war has now begun, against Iran via the proxy war against Yemen.

But, this map reveals much more horror planned against Saudi Arabia! Saudi Arabia is going to be stripped of all management and control over the Islamic Sacred Sites! I cannot imagine any Saudi leader voluntarily giving up control of the Islamic sacred sites! Checking the map above of the New Middle East, we see that she loses control of Medina and Mecca.

Further, since the area of this 2006 Pentagon Map colors the Islamic holy places with the same color as Iran, you have to conclude that Iran will be given control over this sacred sites! The ascendency of Shi'ite Islam over Sunni Islam will then be completed. Just as Presidents Bush and Obama have been working toward!

Before that happens, the leaders of Saudi Arabia will either have to be dead or in custody. (Read full details of all the ramifications of this map in NEWS2540)

The world stands at this point now. Saudi Arabia has now launched war to prevent Shi'ite Iran from completely controlling Yemen. Yet, the new result will be exactly what this 2006 Middle East Map depicts: Loss of territory, oil fields and control of Islam's most sacred worship places, Medina and Mecca! This goal may take months to achieve, but it will finally come down to what the map depicts.

Once Saudi Arabia's brutal dictatorship is overthrown, Northern Africa and the Middle East will be ready to move to Supernation #7 of the Club of Rome map, and fulfillment of Daniel 7:7-8 will have moved forward one significant notch. These are very exciting times in which to live!

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"Bringing Saudi Arabia Down: Without Destroying World Economy" by David Bay

Saudi Arabia's brutal dictatorship must be overthrown according to the Pentagon's New Map Strategy. This war strategy -- followed since the 2001 Afghanistan invasion -- is overthrowing every single dictatorship in the Middle East and Africa. Already, Saddam Hussein of Iraq, Ghaddafi of Libya, Mubarak of Egypt, and Saleh of Yemen have been overthrown, while Syria's Assad is holding on to power by a thread. Find out more and Watch the Trailer

'Egypt's Prophetic Tsunami' - Isaiah 19

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Egypt is dropping into the Abyss of her prophetic End Times Judgment - Isaiah 19. Current events are aligning perfectly with 2,600-year-old prophecy! Prepare to be amazed.

Isaiah 19 foretells two major events occurring in Egypt that will deliver her End Times destruction. These two events are:

1) Her government will turn severely dictatorial and will oppress the people. This oppressive government will spark a civil war in which Egyptian kills Egyptian;

2) The Nile River will inexplicably rise up in huge volume and will destroy Egypt's ability to feed herself. Ethiopia's Renaissance Dam is so poorly designed and built that it could burst, literally sending a tsunami wave all along the Nile River in Egypt.

But that's not the "end of the story"!

After pronouncing a death sentence on Egypt by the rampaging flood waters from the Nile River , God turns in great mercy to pronounce a millennia of blessing upon the Egyptian people!

Truly, these are exciting prophetic times - Watch the Trailer or order yours today.


II. President Obama continues the tilt toward Shi'ite Islam which began under President Bush in 2006.

The Pentagon's Middle East Map of 2006 also shows Shi'ite dominance over Sunni

NEWS BRIEF: "America Is Starting to Pivot on the Shia-Sunni Divide", Atlantic Sentinel, March 21, 2015

"Almost three years ago, Greg R. Lawson wrote for the Atlantic Sentinel that the United States should “pivot” on the Middle East’s Shia-Sunni divide ... the Iranian-led fight against the self-declared Islamic State and a possible nuclear deal with Tehran are pushing America in his desired direction."

We must pause here for just a moment to reflect on the fact that we began warning in 2006 that President Bush was inexplicably siding with Shi'ite Muslims in the region and tilting away from the Sunni. Bush quietly supported Nouri al-Maliki for Prime Minister in the Iraqi 2006 elections and then further stood idly by as Maliki fostered firm ties to Iran. Events proceeded on this basis so quickly that we posted two articles warning about this development.

NEWS2135 - "Iran May Be About Ready To Become Iraq's Closest Ally!", Posted June, 2006

NEWS2209 - "Did President Bush Order The Invasion of Iraq -- In Part -- In Order To Defeat Iran's Enemies For Her?", Posted June, 2007

Our most poignant statement in NEWS2209 was "Is America silently working on Iran's behalf? The startling fact remains that America's war policy is delivering the Iraq government to Shi'ite Iran and is building Iran into a Middle East superpower!"

This attack by Sunni Saudi Arabia is simply a logical outcome of America's 8 years of tilting toward the Shi'ite faction and courting Shi'ite Iran!

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III. Evidence is growing that the co-pilot of Germanwing passenger jet who deliberately crashed the plane was a converted, "radicalized" Muslim!

When Islamic leaders threatened terror attacks in Europe because of Western war against them in the Middle East, were they planning to sneak suicide pilots aboard passenger jets to deliberately bring them down?

NEWS BRIEF: "Germanwings Co-Pilot Deliberately Crashed Plane, Says Prosecutor", The Wall street Journal, March 26, 2015

"The co-pilot of Germanwings Flight 9525 appears to have deliberately crashed the plane after he was left alone in the cockpit, according to a French prosecutor. The captain was intentionally locked outside minutes before the A320 crashed into an alpine mountain ridge, French Prosecutor Brice Robin said Thursday. Co-pilot Andreas Lubitz, a 27-year-old German national, was silent throughout the plane’s descent and was alive at the point of impact, according to the prosecutor."

Immediately, people began to correctly charge this co-pilot with "mass murder", not "suicide". While some people began to question whether this co-pilot was a Muslim, others took real offense at this suggestion, claiming that a man's religion has nothing to do with this tragedy.

Yet, since 1982, Muslims in the Middle East have been blowing up civilian and military targets with suicide bombs strapped to their waist. Suicide murders have become an Islamic signature! It was not long before people began to notice Facebook posts on individual websites that were clearly Muslim.

NEWS BRIEF: "Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz praised on Facebook: ‘Our holy martyr Lubitz died for our prophet’, Pamela Geller, March 26, 2015

"Piloting a plane to crash is not suicide, it’s mass murder. Lubitz was identified as a German citizen and Mr Robin said he was not known to terrorism links or extremist links ... Marseille prosecutor Brice Robin added his religion was 'unknown'."

However, the very fact that numerous Muslims were praising him on their Facebook pages as an Islamic martyr to the Prophet seems very clear to me that this co-pilot who drove this passenger plane into a mountain was carrying out a suicide mission for Islam. for the past several years, Islamic leaders have warned that they are going to strike at Western targets in Europe in retaliation for the continuous Western war against Islam.

Western airline authorities must be shaking in their boots right now, contemplating the impact on business if passengers decide not to fly because they are concerned about one of the pilots being intent upon a terrorist suicide! Millions of jobs are dependent upon the international airline business.

The terrorism called for in the "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" is hitting home right now!

DVD - "Escaping Common Core: Setting Our Children Free"


Key Speaker Ray Moore, Executive Producer of "IndoctriNation" DVD

Common Core is a new label for state -controlled public education standards in an ongoing attempt to dumb down' the American educational system, a struggle that has raged for decades. Common Core will cause some students to become confused and to give up on academics. Are you horrified at the limited reading skills of children and young adults today? Just wait until this curricula has been taught for ten years! Few people will be able to read anymore.

We are NOT advocating that Christian parents aggressively try to reform the public school system from within. That concept is NOT biblical, has been tried for 40 years, and will never work. Scripture commands families to provide Christian education, not a secular or godless education.

We advocate that Christian parents remove their children from public schools to enroll them in the safe sanctuary of private Christian schools, home school or online Christian education.

The Bible tells the believer: 'Come out from among them and be ye separate, says the Lord...' (2 Cor. 6:17)

This 'Call To Action' is Biblically based! Many parents today refuse to address the spiritual forces endangering their childrens beloved eternal souls in public schools. Many are too in love with the worlds system - even if they have to send their precious children to a pagan, atheistic, hostile public school. Our approach is Biblical, following the express teaching of the Bible on how to raise and educate children, an essential part of our Christian walk of faith and obedience to Christ. We are hopeful that the Holy Spirit will use this message to spark the next revival.

Speakers include: Ray Moore - Exodus Mandate, and Executive Producer of 'IndoctriNation' - will be the featured speaker.
Other speakers include:
Mac Dominick, Cutting Edge author
Walter Corbett -- Retired Public School Teacher of Advanced Physics

Brian Ray, National Home Education Research Institute
John Becker and Andy Thompson - Ohio Representatives
Dr. Carl Broggi, Pastor, Community Bible Church.

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