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Breaking News! 10:30am EST

The United States is convening an international conference to deal with Syria, Turkey, Iran and the Kurds!

Has the time arrived for the Pentagon Middle East Map of 2007 to be created?

Critical News Headlines -- End of the Age

1. Is the Democrat Party ensuring its demise by this nonsensical stand against everything Trump advocates?

In the current Southern Border Wall controversy, 79% of the electorate agrees with President Trump!

Remember, in the Dialectic Struggle formula, the Anti-thesis party must be abolished so the new Synthesis can be established.

2. The Democrat Party seems to have an open death wish! Consider their recent actions which will add up to death and defeat at the polls:

3. What is the human cost of an "Open Border"?

Angel Moms and Dads airing their grief will become more and more public, as well it should.

4. Jesus shouted "Hypocrites, Hypocrites, Hypocrites" at the Pharisees

We, the people, have every right to shout "Hypocrites, Hypocrites, Hypocrites", at the Democrats who not only have supported border wall in the past, but whose homes lie behind walls!

5. Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee has introduced a bill that, if passed, would force all whites who have never owned slaves to pay significant reparations to blacks who have never been slaves!

6. On January 20, the Second Anniversary of President Trump's Inauguration, a "Super Wolf Blood Moon" will be visible in the United States.


NEWS SNIPPETS -- Below Headline News Analysis

Breaking News! 10:30am EST, 1/11/2019

The United States is convening an international conference to deal with Syria, Turkey, Iran and the Kurds!

Has the time arrived for the Pentagon Middle East Map of 2006 to be created?


NEWS BRIEF: "Sec/State Pompeo announces international summit on Iran", Fox News, January 11, 2019

"CAIRO - The United States will host an international summit next month to promote stability and freedom in the Middle East, focusing on Iran’s regional influence, said Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, in an exclusive Fox News interview, while traveling in the Middle East."

"Pompeo added that the summit will bring together countries from Asia, Africa, the Western Hemisphere, Europe and the Middle East."

Kurdistan News also reported on this International Summit.

NEWS BRIEF: "US to stage international summit on Iran in February", Rudaw News, 1/11/2019

"ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The United States will hold a world summit in February that will focus on countering Iran in the Middle East. 'I am pleased to announce that the US and Poland will jointly host the Ministerial to Promote a Future of Peace and Security in the Middle East in Warsaw', US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tweeted on Friday evening. "

“ 'It will be a forum for countries to address a range of critical issues toward a more peaceful Middle East', he stated ... The summit will take place on February 13 and 14."

Since the day we first reported this Pentagon's New Middle East Map of 2007, we believed that the most logical instrument by which the Global Elite could achieve the goals as represented by this map would be an International Summit comprised of superpowers and regional governments.

The news of the day seems centered on the Kurds, who are going to receive their own government, shown on the map as "Free Kurdistan". Iraq, Syria, Iran and Turkey are going to have to relinquish territory to create the new Kurdistan.

Turkey, in particular, is kicking up a storm.

NEWS BRIEF: "Turkey Threatens To Invade Kurdish-Held Areas Of Syria", One America News, January 10, 2019

"As American troops prepare to withdraw from Syria, Turkey is threatening to send its forces into Kurdish held positions ... The Kurds have invited Syrian troops under Assad to these areas being vacated by the Americans, along with Iranian and Russian support."

We encourage you to read our full report in NEWS2213 as it now seems that this original plan is soon to be implemented, thus producing monumental changes in the entire Middle East.

Critical News Analysis -- End of the Age

1. Is the Democrat Party ensuring its demise by this nonsensical stand against everything Trump advocates?

In the current Southern Border Wall controversy, 79% of the electorate agrees with President Trump!

NEWS BRIEF: "New Poll: Vast Majority (79 percent) of Voters Believe There is "Crisis" or "Problem" at U.S. Border", The Dan Bongino Show, January 9, 2019

"Anew Politico and Morning Consult poll finds that 79 percent of voters believe there is either a 'crisis' or 'problem' at the southern border."

The Daily Caller sheds more light on the issue of voter sentiment on this border security issue.

"While less than half of those surveyed (42 percent) agree with President Donald Trump's assertion that the border is in 'crisis', another 37 percent concede that there is a 'problem'— meaning 79 percent of voters believe the situation at the border is a serious issue. Only 12 percent of voters polled said that the situation at the border is neither a crisis nor a problem."

The Democrats are in serious trouble if they continue to strongly defend the indefensible!

If the Conservatives are skillful in taking this message of life-and-death to the American voter, the Democrats are slowly slitting their throats. They are committing a great many political mistakes which could destroy their political appeal for a generation!

Remember, in the Dialectic Struggle formula, the Anti-thesis party must be abolished so the new Synthesis can be established.

2. The Democrat Party seems to have an open death wish! Consider their recent actions which will add up to death and defeat at the polls:

NEWS BRIEF: "2 Illegal Alien Killers, 1 Sanctuary State, 200 Miles of Terror", Sultan, Knish Blog, January 08, 2019

"Less than 200 miles separate Tulare County and Stanislaus County. And a little over a week separates the two reigns of terror in these two California counties by Gustavo Garcia and Gustavo Perez Arriaga."

"Both Gustavos were dangerous and violent illegal aliens. On Monday, December 17, Gustavo Garcia went on a murderous rampage that killed at least two people and put seven more in the hospital. On Wednesday, December 26, Gustavo Perez Arriaga murdered a law enforcement officer at a traffic stop. "

Both murderous men were out on the street because of the insane Leftist / Democrat "Sanctuary State" law. Both murderers were known to law enforcement and should have been in jail.

"Sanctuary state defenders claim that these illegal alien criminals are exceptions to the rule. But when Gustavo Perez Arriaga went on the run, after murdering a law enforcement officer, a network of illegal aliens stepped out of the shadows to help him flee justice and return to Mexico. 7 men and women were arrested for aiding the cop-killer. Every one of them is an illegal alien."

NEWS BRIEF: "Raising the Jolly Roger, Democrats Aim to Raise Taxes", The New American News, 08 January 2019

"If the "power to tax is the power to destroy," as Daniel Webster and John Marshall warned, the new Democrat Congress is bent on destruction. Not only has upstart socialist congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) recently proposed a 70-percent top federal income tax rate, but her socialist colleagues (avowed and closeted) are set to call for a 33-percent corporate income tax rate increase. Just call them the Monkey (Money?) Wrench Party."

One of the major reasons Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in 2016 was that he promised major tax cuts to all American taxpayers. His promise sounded sweet to the ears of a tax burdened weary people.

One of the major reasons President Trump so successfully and so quickly released the American economy is that he carried out his tax cut promises. Several million news jobs were created within these two years and the American taxpayer responded gratefully.

But, the Democrats refuse to watch and take note. They are now embracing trillions of dollars of new taxes as a path toward winning in 2020 and beyond. Even though Democrats recaptured the House of Representatives in the 2018 election, Republicans lost significantly less seats than the party who controls the White House loses in the first off-year election.

This next Democrat action is even more puzzling, because history has proven that Socialism always lead to the death of the nation and the collapse of the country.

NEWS BRIEF: "Gallup: Socialism Becoming Normalized Among Democrats", Breitbart News, 6 Jan 2019

"Socialism is becoming more normalized among Americans who identify as Democrats, according to a recent poll, as their approval of capitalism falls at the same time ... A recent Gallup poll showed that 57 percent of Democrats view socialism positively, while 47 percent of Democrats view capitalism positively. Across the aisle, only 16 percent of Republicans view socialism in a positive light, a number still frighteningly high among those who identify as conservative."

"The Gallup poll adds that the youth are more likely to favor socialism than those who are older. 'Evidence for this is found in the strong support younger voters gave Bernie Sanders during his 2016 presidential campaign', says Gallup, 'and in the candidacy of Ocasio-Cortez'."

"Socialists — running for office as democrats — are indeed getting elected, as they promise to provide young Americans with free services, in which they will make other generations pay for."

You cannot point to a nation in history that was both Socialist and successful. Socialism always fails while Capitalism and Fascism always succeed!

NEWS BRIEF: "Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Proposes 70% Taxation to Pay for ‘Green New Deal'," Breitbart News, 4 Jan 2019

"Newly-installed Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is calling for 70% taxation on the wealthy as a way to pay for her 'Green New Deal', which proposes to use government to create new jobs by investing in renewable energy."

Everyone who advocates that Government can create more prosperity by heavily taxing productive workers so they can give money and free programs to the unproductive is ignoring the reality offered by history.

Socialism always fails while Capitalism and Fascism always succeed!

NEWS BRIEF: "Beto O'Rourke Supports ‘Concept' of ‘Green New Deal'," Breitbart News, 4 Jan 2019

"Beto O'Rourke supports the 'concept' of a Green New Deal, a proposed economic stimulus program designed to transition the U.S. from fossil fuels to 100 percent renewable energy within a decade, joining other potential 2020 presidential candidates in backing the initiative."

The fact that such an Establishment Democrat is joining with Ocasio-Cortez in pushing the "Green Deal" means that the entire Democrat Party is jumping on board with this failed Socialist concept. If President Trump continues to grow the economy with his Capitalist program and if he skillfully campaigns on his success in 2020, AND if the Republicans can prevent widespread voter fraud, Trump should virtually annihilate the Democrat Party.

NEWS BRIEF: "Democrats Introduce Bill To Eliminate Electoral College", The Daily Wire, 3 Jan 2019

"Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) introduced two bills on Thursday, one to eliminate the electoral college and the other to prohibit presidents from pardoning themselves or their family members ... "In two presidential elections since 2000, including the most recent one in which Hillary Clinton won 2.8 million more votes than her opponent, the winner of the popular vote did not win the election because of the distorting effect of the outdated Electoral College," Cohen said."

The fact is that Hillary received 2.8 million more popular votes because she received a huge percentage of the illegal aliens living in this country and because of massive voter fraud. The major reason Democrats are going to the mat to allow illegal immigration to continue is because they know they will get 98% of that vote.

NEWS BRIEF: "Former Canada PM Calls Trump a "Motherf***er", Independent Sentinel, January 6, 2019

"Former Canadian prime minister Kim Campbell said on Saturday that President Trump is a 'motherf***er'. Then the classless Canadian said she sort of didn't, but she did ... Campbell, who was the first female Prime Minister of Canada for about four months in 1993, used the same expletive as a newly sworn-in Democratic congresswoman, Rashida Tlaib, who said she wants to "impeach the motherf***er!"

"It's a way of silencing opponents."

Yes, as are the words, "racist", "homophobe", and "misogynist"! All these horrible words are leveled against anyone who dares to disagree with the Leftist Democrat agenda. No evidence to prove the meaning of these words is necessary; a desire to diminish your opponent is all that is needed to level one or more of these terrible words.

You can appreciate the depths into rhetorical hell into which our country has fallen. I remember well how shocked I was during the 1960-1970's by the sex, drugs, rock-n-roll and the bold, cursing which was mainstreamed by Rock-n-Roll bands and their literature.

Now, filthy cursing is sounded in the Halls of Congress, on TV and by the former prime minister of Canada. Remember the basic indecency of these type of people when you pull that lever or push that button in the voting booth.

NEWS BRIEF: "Golden Globes: Anti-Gun Hollywood Surrounded By Security Walls and Armed Guards", Breitbart News, 6 January 2019

"Anti-gun Hollywood celebrities enjoyed presidential-level protection by barricades, bomb-sniffing dogs, armed guards, LAPD officers, and numerous security checkpoints as they arrived for the 2019 Golden Globes ... 'The recent attacks in Europe only reinforce that nothing can be left to chance tactically and strategically', a Los Angeles law enforcement official told Deadline.

" 'Our plan is to have eyes everywhere and shut down any possible disturbance that could arise long before it gets anywhere near the venue or the event'."

"After the good guys with guns keep Hollywood's upper crust safe at the Beverly Hilton, the celebrities can go back home, and wake up Monday to start pushing more gun control for commoners."

3. What is the human cost of an "Open Border"?

NEWS BRIEF: "President Trump, Oval Office Address", by President Trump, Jan 8, 2019

"In the last two years, ICE officers made 266,000 arrests of aliens with criminal records including those charged or convicted of 100,000 assaults, 30,000 sex crimes, and 4,000 violent killings. Over the years thousands of Americans have been brutally killed by those who illegally entered our country, and thousands more lives will be lost if we don't act right now. This is a humanitarian crisis, a crisis of the heart and a crisis of the soul."

Let us reiterate the cost in human lives by allowing an uncontrolled open Southern border:

" 266,000 arrests of aliens with criminal records

* 100,000 assaults

* 30,000 sex crimes

* 4,000 violent killings (murders)

At what level of crime and death of American citizens would make the Democrats admit that we have a humanitarian crisis at our Southern Border?

Yet, the Democrats are shouting that Trump is manufacturing this border crisis in order to get his wall built.

Political cartoonist, Ben Garrison, captured the truth of the Democrats exceedingly well in his cartoon, "The Democrat Response: Open Borders Forever and Ever and Ever"!

Angel Moms and Dads airing their grief will become more and more public, as well it should.

NEWS BRIEF: "Angel Wife Ruth Martin: Democrats Want to ‘Sweep the Loss of American Lives Under the Rug'," Breitbart News, 9 Jan 2019

"Angel Wife Ruth Martin said Democrats are "trying to sweep the loss of American lives under the rug" by opposing President Donald Trump's border wall proposals ... Martin recalled meeting with Trump with other Angel Families."

" 'I just wanted to go back to how [Donald Trump] referred to as as remembering us, remembering holding our hands, [and] remembering talking to us', recounted Martin. 'President Trump, we remember you. He sat across from us. He listened to our stories. He heard our cries. He watched our tears roll down our faces. This man truly cares. He's trying to do everything in his power to secure our borders, but we have a Democratic Party who's more concerned and focused on impeaching this great president'."

Enough said!

4. Jesus shouted "Hypocrites, Hypocrites, Hypocrites" at the Pharisees

We, the people, have every right to shout "Hypocrites, Hypocrites, Hypocrites", at the Democrats who not only have supported border wall in the past, but whose homes lie behind walls!

NEWS BRIEF: "s There A 10-Foot Wall Outside Obama's House? "Obama does not have one wall. He has many", The Daily Caller, Jan 4, 2019

"President Trump has often criticized former President Barack Obama for having a '10-foot wall' around his house in Washington, D.C. I agree, totally necessary for their safety and security. The U.S. needs the same thing, slightly larger version!"

Does former President Obama have a 10-Foot wall surrounding this mansion in Washington, D.C.?

"Obama purchased a mansion in the D.C. neighborhood of Kalorama for $8.1 million in 2017. Beefed up security features have certainly been added to the home, including a tall pilloried wall around the front of the home and a high-tech guard tower for Secret Service to control entry to the home."

But, there is more security!

"Obama does not have one wall. He has many. He has barricades. He has armed guards entirely blocking the suburban road where he lives. Multiple cement and iron barricades block the road leading up to the Obama mansion. A Secret Service car and agent keep people from entering the stretch of road on both ends approximately 1,000 feet in both directions. "

The Daily Caller asked the Secret Service agent if we could walk to the Obama house on the sidewalk. The officer told us he would be forced to stop us if we tried."

They could not even get to the 10-foot wall because they were stopped short by other barricades and walls. If Obama feels he needs this kind of security wall, why is his Democrat brethren ardently opposing a less imposing wall on our Southern border?

NEWS BRIEF: "Nancy Pelosi's Wall Around Her House- She Even Locks the Doors", The Rumor Mill News Reading Room, 9 January 2019

"Socialist Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi does not want you to have a wall around your country to protect you. But she has a huge wall around her house. I bet she even locks her doors."

Take a good, hard look at Nancy Pelosi's home so you can see how hypocritical she is in acting to keep the average voter so highly taxed that we simply cannot get ahead. She wants to immediately raise your taxes by over $1 trillion, so she can continue enjoying her $200 million lifestyle!

NEWS BRIEF: "FLASHBACK: Seven (7) Democrats Who Once Endorsed Border Fence, Tougher Border Security", Brietbart News, 8 Jan 2019

"Prominent leaders of the Democratic Party once fiercely endorsed border security, and had even voted to secure a border fence along the nation's southern border ... In 2006, Senate Democrats — including then-senators Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Dianne Feinstein, and Joe Biden — voted to secure a fence along the United States southern border. Check out the instances in which prominent leaders of the Democratic Party championed the border fence and stronger border security overall."

1. Barack Obama

2. Hillary Clinton

3. Bill Clinton

4. Chuck Schumer

5. Dianne Feinstein

6. Nancy Pelosi

7. Vice President Joe Biden

As we stated above, "Hypocrites, Hypocrites, Hypocrites"


5. Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee has introduced a bill that, if passed, would force all whites who have never owned slaves to pay significant reparations to blacks who have never been slaves!

NEWS BRIEF: "Sheila Jackson Lee's Plan To Take Your Money To Make Up For Slavery", Tea Party News, January 5, 2019

"Sheila Jackson Lee introduced a new bill 'which sets up the framework for Americans to pay other Americans reparations for slavery despite no one alive today having anything to do with the abolished godless institution'."

"House Resolution 40 was introduced, which seeks '(t)o address the fundamental injustice, cruelty, brutality, and inhumanity of slavery in the United States and the 13 American colonies between 1619 and 1865 and to establish a commission to study and consider a national apology and proposal for reparations for the institution of slavery, its subsequent de jure and de facto racial and economic discrimination against African-Americans, and the impact of these forces on living African-Americans, to make recommendations to the Congress on appropriate remedies, and for other purposes'."

Sheila Jackson Lee is worth $3.5 million, far more than the vast majority of black voters in America.

During the time that President Lyndon B. Johnson was pushing his "Great Society" debacle, I was in high school and in college. I well remember being told that white America's national guilt for slavery was so great that we needed to temporarily give blacks an advantage in their access to higher education, training in market place skills, and in entering armed forces.

President Johnson's Great Society was designed to be just such a "national apology and proposal for reparations for the institution of slavery".

Passed in 1964, Great Society is now 55 years old. How much reparations for slavery has Johnson's program raised and given away?

NEWS BRIEF: " "EDITORIAL: The not-so-Great Society turns a rickety 50", The Washington Times, May 21, 2014

"Graduates at the University of Michigan were the first to hear Johnson publicly outline his grandiose scheme for federal intervention that would end poverty, feed the hungry, provide care for the elderly, knock down racial barriers, improve education and promote civic culture."

After 55 years, Johnson's Great Society is an abject failure. It did not "end poverty, feed the hungry, provide care for the elderly, knock down racial barriers, improve education and promote civic culture".

In fact, all of these problems are even greater and more troubling than ever before!

How much has Johnson's boondoggle cost?

"Most of the Great Society was designed to fight LBJ's War on Poverty, the total cost of which has been the sum of $22 trillion in current dollars, as reckoned by the Heritage Foundation. The tally rises by about $1 trillion a year ..."

Since this article was written five years ago, the total cost to America as of 2019 is $27 trillion!

How much is the National Debt?

NEWS BRIEF: "The US Debt and How It Got So Big", The Balance, Updated January 05, 2019

"The U.S. debt is the sum of all outstanding debt owed by the federal government. It exceeded $21 trillion on March 15, 2018. "

In other words, America has already spent $27 trillion on slavery reparations, thus triggering our National Debt crisis! America might not have any national debt if we had not launched President Jonhson's infamous "Great Society" program.

But, Sheila Jackson Lee wants MORE, much more!

Now do you understand how excited President Johnson was when he signed the "Great Society" reparations bill into law. Johnson exclaimed "Once we pass this legislation, we shall have them 'Nig***rs' voting Democrat for 200 years"! (Video -- "The Inconvenient Truth About the Democratic Party" by African-American Professor of Political Science and Law, by Carol Swain, Prager University)

But, reparation dollars aside, what was the human cost to the Union to fight to end slavery and to free slaves?

NEWS BRIEF: "The Civil War Facts", by the National Park Service

"The 642,427 total Union casualties have been divided accordingly:

* 110,100 killed in battle

* 224,580 diseases

* 275,174 wounded in action

* 30,192 prisoners of war"

This casualty figure is enormous and cannot be forgotten! Almost 650,000 Union soldiers paid with their lives in order that the black slaves in the South could be freed! Why do people like Sheila Jackson Lee pretend that reparations then, and in 1964, have already been funneled to the blacks who were unfortunately enslaved for over 200 years, and to their descendents up to the modern era?

The answer is simple: Greed and Hatred toward the descendents of the people who fought to free the slaves and end the culture which had perpetuated slavery.

Finally, we highly recommend a video which recounts the true story of the Republican and Democrat Parties battling over slavery and black repression since 1865, Please view:

Video -- "The Inconvenient Truth About the Democratic Party" by African-American Professor of Political Science and Law, by Carol Swain, Prager University

6. On January 20, the Second Anniversary of President Trump's Inauguration, a "Super Wolf Blood Moon" will be visible in the United States.

NEWS BRIEF: "A ‘Super Blood Wolf Moon' Will be Visible All Across the U.S. on the Second Anniversary of Trump's Inauguration", True Conservative Pundit, Jan 9, 2019

"On the evening of the 20th of January, a very strange phenomenon will happen. A total lunar eclipse that has been dubbed a 'super blood wolf moon' will appear in the sky above America. The entire eclipse from beginning to end will be visible from every single location in the continental United States, but much of the rest of the world will miss out on this experience completely."

What is a Super Blood Wolf Moon?

"A 'super moon' happens when a full moon coincides with the moon's orbit being within 90 percent of its closest approach to Earth, and that can make the moon look much bigger and brighter than normal… up to 14% bigger and 30% brighter than a full moon at its farthest point from Earth, known as the apogee..."

"... a "wolf moon" is simply 'the year's first full moon'…"

End of the Age prophecy mentions a "blood moon" as one of the signs of the impending End of the Age". Consider:

"The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the Lord come." (Joel 2:31, KJV)

"And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood..." (Revelation 6:12, KJV)

Finally, Jesus included a "blood moon" as part of a group of signs that, taken together, signal to believers that Jesus' return is near.

"And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken. And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh." (Luke 21:25-28, KJV)

When we see all these things occurring, then we shall know that Jesus' return to start His 1,000-year reign from Jerusalem is very close.

Notice that all three of these mentions of a blood moon occur at the very end of the 7-year Tribulation Period. Therefore, this upcoming "Super Wolf Blood Moon" will not bring any significant prophetic event to pass.

It will simply add to the many other signs that are occurring in the world today.

Pastor Mark Biltz adds to the intensity many feel by this extraordinary blood moon:

"Trump was born on the night of June 14, 1946, within 15 minutes of a total lunar eclipse and 700 days before the state of Israel was established. When he was sworn in as president on January 20, 2017, he was 70-years-old, seven months and seven days. Also, very significantly, the Super Blood Moon also falls on the Jewish holiday of Tu B'Shevat. Even more significant is the fact that there was another Blood Moon on Tu B'Shevat last year! Last year the blood moon was seen over the Middle East and this year will be seen over the U.S."

Mark Biltz and Pastor John Hagee built up such a turmoil several years ago with their tales of Blood Moons and of coming judgment that many Christians held their breath in September - October, 2014. Of course, nothing special happened, except that untold millions of Christians stopped listening to prophetic teaching, thus fulfilling the prophecy:

"Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation." (2 Peter 3:3-4, KJV)

But, boy, did these men sell a lot of books and DVD's!



NEWS BRIEF: "Democrats Funded A 287 Mile Wall In Jordan – Last Year! But Won’t Fund Border Wall In US!", Tea Party News, JANUARY 10, 2019

"Nancy Pelosi argued this week that “walls are immoral.” Chuck Schumer called President Trump’s stand against open borders a 'manufactured crisis'!”

"But less than one year ago Pelosi and Schumer approved funding on a 287 mile long border wall — in JORDAN!"

"Democrats had no problem funding the wall in Jordan. It was not an 'immoral wall'.And that was only 10 months ago!"

NEWS BRIEF: "President Trump Walks Out of White House Meeting with Chuck and Nancy: "Total Waste of Time", Breitbart News, 9 Jan 2019

"President Donald Trump walked out of a White House meeting with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi after they made it clear they were not willing to negotiate with Republicans to reopen the government and fund construction of a border wall.

“ 'Just left a meeting with Chuck and Nancy, a total waste of time', Trump wrote on Twitter"

NEWS BRIEF: "Trump exposed the real collusion – It's between Media and open-border Democrats", Fox News, January 10, 2019

"Rather than giving us in-depth, objective reporting on the effects of illegal immigration on average Americans -- all of you out there, on your jobs, on your schools, on your safety and on your health -- the media spend their airtime parroting Democrat attacks on the president's character and motives. Now, before the president's speech Tuesday night, the media vowed to do their insta fact-checking - they wanted to do this in real-time."

"The real collusion, my friends, is in Washington, and it's the one that Trump has so masterfully exposed. It's the collusion between the American media and the open-borders Democratic Party."

NEWS BRIEF: "Disgusting: Nancy Pelosi Calls 66,000 Opioid Deaths And 25,000 Illegal Alien Murderers A 'Manufactured Crisis' ”, Tea Party PAC, 1/10/2019

"This is how you know this woman is pure, unfiltered, undiluted EVIL. Nancy Pelosi recently called the crippling opioid epidemic and illegal alien murderers a “manufactured crisis.”

"Tell that to the countless grieving families who have lost their loved ones to heroin or at the hands of murderous illegal aliens, Nancy."

"In 2007, 66,000 Americans died of drug overdoses, with the majority of illegal drugs coming into our country across our southern border. Meanwhile, a 2011 study shows that there were 25,000 illegal aliens in prison for homicide."

"Based on the GAO’s sample of criminal immigrants, it’s estimated that the study population of these 249,000 criminals had actually been previously arrested around 1.7 million times, averaging about seven arrests per person. That translated into a half-million drug related offenses, 70,000 sexual offenses, 213,000 assaults, 125,000 arrests for larceny/theft and 25,000 homicides."

"Are you going to let someone who blatantly denies tens of thousands of deaths as a result of our open border tell you what’s 'immoral' ”?

NEWS BRIEF: "Holy of Holies Was Not Where You Think it Was", Breaking Israel News, January 9, 2019

"A Temple Mount expert, a rabbi who has been studying the subject for years, combined his knowledge of Jewish sources and archaeology and arrived at the conclusion that the Jewish Temples did not stand where visitors now see the prominent golden Dome of the Rock."

"If proven accurate, Moskoff’s theory would permit the construction of a structure for Jewish worship without infringing on the Muslim structures currently at the site. Moskoff is working to bring his theory to the attention of Israeli politicians."

This news is exciting, indeed, because it conforms to prophetic Scripture!

"And there was given me a reed like unto a rod: and the angel stood, saying, Rise, and measure the temple of God, and the altar, and them that worship therein. But the court which is without the temple leave out, and measure it not; for it is given unto the Gentiles: and the holy city shall they tread under foot forty and two months." (Revelation 11:1-2, KJV)

Almost 2,000 years ago, the Holy Spirit told the Apostle John that he was not to include in his measurement of the temple of God and the altar and the court of worship the Court of the Gentiles.

If this new evidence proves that the Islamic Dome of the Rock is built over the old "Court of the Gentiles", then we have one more instance where modern archeology proves the accuracy of Biblical prophecy!

The Muslins who built the original Dome of the Rock in 666 A.D. intended to build it exactly over the ancient Jewish Holy of Holies, so that the Jews could never rebuild their temple. But, the Holy Spirit confused them just enough so that they built their Golden Dome over the Court of the Gentiles!

Praise God to the highest!

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10) Christian Martyrdom, (The Fifth Seal Saints)
11) The Two Mysterious Witnesses of Revelation

This critically important video prepares the reader for powerful future world events! Don't get LEFT BEHIND to face these NEXT PROPHECIES!

This title is also available in a Book:

"The Now Prophecies" - DVD

The key word in these historical examples was NOW! What does God's Word say for us to prepare for NOW? What are the tough decisions we need to make?

The NOW Prophecies identifies the biblical prophecies that were written centuries ago for THIS GENERATION! These ancient inscriptions predict powerful events that will profoundly affect everyone. This video makes it easy to understand how to get ready NOW for what to expect in the near future!

The titles of these critical NOW prophecies are:

* Disaster In Iran!
* Destruction of Damascus!

* Decline In America!
* The Final Arab- Israeli War!

Christian, it is time to 'look up, for our Redemption draweth nigh'!


Volume 2, "Israel's Past, Present and Future" DVD

Regularly $24.99, Now Only $19.99 - You Save $5.00!

While many Christians in Bible-believing churches are familiar with the biblical history of the nation of Israel, many know very little regarding the sequence of events after the New Testament period that led to the founding of the modern state of Israel in the region known as Palestine.

Additionally, today's Christians have a very sketchy, superficial, and foggy knowledge of the progress of the Jewish state that has led to the conflict and confusion broadcasted by the current news media.

Find out more here

Almost 2 Hours long

Salvation Plan given at the end, so this DVD is a soul-winning DVD

You Can Also Order Volume 1, "Israel's Past, Present and Future" DVD

By Mac Dominic, Cutting Edge Films

Regularly $24.99, Now Only $19.99

Running Time 1 Hour 30 Minutes


It Was "Secret Societies That Killed Jesus Christ"

DVD by David Bay - Watch Trailer

You will never read the Gospels the same way again after you understand the REAL reason that the Pharisees and the Sadducees plotted to persuade the Romans to kill an innocent man.

What were they thinking, since they did recognize that Jesus was the prophesied Messiah?

How does their thinking and plotting then impact us now, 2000 years later? And, what bearing does their belief against Jesus have today, as the Biblical Antichrist is soon to arise?

Modern Secret Societies are once again driving the world to the Jewish Messiah!

"Prophecy Fulfilling Now" -- DVD Combo

Regularly $44.97 if bought separately

Only $29.97, saving you $15.00!

The "nuclear confrontation in Korea" will first break out, followed by the Israeli attack against the Palestinians, which fulfills Obadiah and Isaiah 34. Other wars will soon break out, thus giving the Global Elite their World War III!

Then, once Israel is triumphant over her Arab foes once again, the Arabs will turn to Russia, asking for President Putin to invade Israel with his more powerful Russian military, since the Arabs can simply not defeat the Jewish State by themselves. Even though Putin was planning to use the Russian military in a different manner, the Holy Spirit forces the Russian overlord "Gog" to "put a hook in his jaws" to turn him around to lead an attack against Israel in fulfillment of Ezekiel 38-39.

Iran (Ancient Persia) will be destroyed by God as her forces assemble with Russian forces on the border of Israel, just as this Ezekiel prophecy foretold 2,600 years ago! (Amazing detail given in "Russian Bear Poised To Attack Israel")

The Rapture of the Church will occur somewhere along this time frame!

We tell this complete story in the three titles of this Combination Offer!

Christian, look up, for your Redemption draweth nigh


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