Seal of Our Doom #2

The Eagle represents the desired Future, the New World Order. Note that it is on the right side of the dollar bill and is looking favorably toward the Pyramid.

Thirteen Stars = Depravity and Rebellion

Thirteen Total Vertical Lines on Base of Shield = Depravity and Rebellion

28 Shield Guidelines Surrounding 13 Stars = Eternity

E Pluribus Unum = One out of Many (Call for Global Government Out of Many Peoples of the World)

Eagle = Originally designed as the Phoenix (Occultic legendary Eagle which arose out of its own ashes)

12 = Perfect Government

18 = Bondage [3 Sets of 6 lines or 666]

6 = Man

7 = God

8 Talons = New Beginnings (Note the Eagle is holding 13 arrows and an olive branch with 13 berries and 13 leaves, giving us 3 sets of 13 = 39, a "triplicity" of sacred numbers)

9 Tail Feathers = Finished/Completed

This New World Order will eternally be crowned with depravity through rebellion. Rising as the Phoenix, the Illuminati's NWO is planned to forcibly take over our government. The NWO places man above God (666)

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