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Critical News Headlines

Convergence of Prophetic Events!

1. North and South Korea are reportedly ready to announce an end to the 1950-53 Korean War!

President Trump is said to be supportive of this diplomatic action.

Does this mean the planned nuclear confrontation - planned for decades -- is averted?

2. Vice President Pence announces to the delegates of the "Summit of the America's" that the United States, Canada, and Mexico are very close to agreeing to "modernizing" the NAFTA accord!

President Trump is going to keep the North American Free Trade Agreement in place, and may move to create a political superpower which would parallel the economic superpower.

If that occurs, a most important Antichrist prophecy will have been fulfilled (Daniel 7:7-8)!

Trump will then have betrayed American Christians/Conservatives!

3. Former First Lady Barbara Bush passed away yesterday at 92.

We need to remind you of some pertinent Bush facts, as her husband and her son led the United States in ruinous New World Order wars.

4. Is the pro-American government of Jordan disintegrating?

Her upheaval comes at a critical moment, as all signs are flashing that Israel and her Arab enemies are preparing for a climactic war!

News Snippets

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Headline News Analysis


1. North and South Korea are reportedly ready to announce an end to the 1950-53 Korean War!

NEWS BRIEF: "North and South Korea reportedly set to announce official end to war", CNBC News, 17 April 2018

"North and South Korea are in talks to announce a permanent end to the officially declared military conflict between the two countries, daily newspaper Munhwa Ilbo reported Tuesday, citing an unnamed South Korean official. Kim and Moon could also discuss returning the heavily fortified demilitarized zone separating them to its original state, the newspaper said."

What most people do not realize is that the 1950-53 Korean War never ended officially; rather, the war ceased according to an agreement of a Truce. Therefore, technically, North and South Korea have been at war all these years.

An official statement by both North and South Korean leaders that this war is now over, and that the countries are at peace, will be met with almost unbridled enthusiasm! People the world over will fill the streets with joyful celebration!

President Trump is said to be supportive of this diplomatic action.

NEWS BRIEF: "Mike Pompeo’s secret diplomacy opens door for potential breakthrough in North Korea talks", The Washington Examiner, April 18, 2018

"POMPEO, THE ICEBREAKER: That giant cracking sound you heard yesterday was the sound of the ice breaking between North Korea and the United States. 'We've started talking to North Korea directly. We have had direct talks at very high levels — extremely high levels — with North Korea', President Trump said yesterday during his Mar-a-Lago summit with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. 'I really believe there's a lot of goodwill', Trump said. 'A lot of good things are happening'.”

If these talks succeed in moving North Korea into a peaceful coexistence with the South, President Trump might actually get a Nobel Peace Prize?

Does this mean the planned nuclear confrontation - planned for decades -- is averted?

The answer to this question is a resounding "NO"!

First of all, this scripted hair-raising confrontation in Korea has been planned by the Global Elite for decades. A lot of money and diplomatic effort has been expended on both sides to get military forces in place and armed to a "ready to go" status. The Illuminati does not change plans often or without substantial reason.

Since the objective of this planned war in Korea is to set the stage for Antichrist to arise, Christians must be very skeptical that peace is suddenly going to break out in this corner of the world.

Secondly, both North Korea and the United States need a bit more time to prepare for this war.

North Korea needs 6-8 more months to perfect her guidance systems so she can precisely strike the targets for which she is aiming.

The United States needs a bit more time to fully arm her forces, because ammunition levels during the Obama Administration had fallen drastically.

The United States also needs a little more time to fully harden our electronic systems, both military and civilian, against an EMP blast.

If you are skeptical that each side is cynically playing the "peace now" card in order to earn more time before hostilities can begin, let us remind you that, nearly 80 years ago, Adolf Hitler, Absolute Dictator of Nazi Germany, felt he needed a little more time on both his Western and Eastern fronts. Therefore, he reached agreement with Great Britain and Communist Russia that promised peace, but only bought a short period before collapsing beneath the weight of German Panzer tracks.

Western Front Preparation

Munich Agreement on 30 Sept 1938. Wikipedia Online Encyclopedia

"Chamberlain decided to implement 'Plan Z' and sent a message to Hitler that he was willing to come to Germany to negotiate. Hitler accepted and Chamberlain flew to Germany on the morning of 15 September (1938) ... The face to face meeting lasted about three hours. Hitler demanded the annexation of the Sudetenland, and through questioning him, Chamberlain was able to obtain assurances that Hitler had no designs on the remainder of Czechoslovakia or on the areas in Eastern Europe which had German minorities. After the meeting Chamberlain returned to London, believing that he had obtained a breathing space during which agreement could be reached and the peace preserved..."

"The response was a passionate demonstration, with members cheering Chamberlain wildly. Even diplomats in the galleries applauded. Lord Dunglass later commented, 'There were a lot of appeasers in Parliament that day'."

What was the response from the British people?

"Chamberlain returned to London in triumph ... The streets were so packed with cheering people that it took Chamberlain an hour and a half to journey the nine miles (14 km) from Heston to the Palace ... My good friends, this is the second time there has come back from Germany to Downing Street peace with honour. I believe it is peace for our time. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Now I recommend you go home, and sleep quietly in your beds."

"Peace for our time"?

"Go home, and sleep quietly in your beds"?

The protestations from Conservatives led by Sir Winston Churchill fell upon extremely deaf ears.

After gaining his space to finally ready Germany for war, Adolf Hitler launched an attack on Poland, September 1, 1939, one month short of a full year since Munich. England immediately declared war on Germany, and the war Chamberlain feared so very much that he repeatedly groveled in front of Hitler to get, was thrust upon him anyway.

And, Great Britain was very unprepared!

Eastern Front Preparation

1939 Agreement Between Hitler and Stalin, the Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact

"On August 23, 1939, representatives from Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union met and signed the Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact (also called the German-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact ... which guaranteed that the two countries would not attack each other ... By signing this pact, Germany had protected itself from having to fight a two-front war in the soon-to-begin World War II."

Only seven days after inking this agreement with Stalin, Hitler launched an attack on Poland, and World War II was underway.

Likewise, today, both North Korea and the United States need a little bit more time to fully prepare for this war. Therefore, do not get caught up in excitement if peace is declared. The time will soon come when this war feared by everyone will begin!


2. Vice President Pence announces to the delegates of the "Summit of the America's" that the United States, Canada, and Mexico are very close to "modernizing" the NAFTA accord!

NEWS BRIEF: "Summit of the Americas Inks “Commitment” to Globalism, UN Agenda: "United States is working very closely with Canada and Mexico to modernize the North American Free Trade Agreement" (VP Pence), The New American, 16 April 2018

"With U.S. President Donald Trump and Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro missing, government leaders at the Summit of the Americas in Lima, Peru, signed a 'commitment' promising to keep advancing the cause of globalism and even the United Nations Agenda 2030 all across the region".

The Summit of the Americas is Supernation #6 in the Plan of the Elite to reorganize all the nations of the world into the prophetic 10, as this map below demonstrates.

"The final declaration, officially dubbed the 'Lima Commitment: Democratic Governance Against Corruption', could have easily been written by the Communist Chinese Party, or any one of its totalitarian-minded allies in Latin America. Under the guise of fighting 'corruption', the same marketing gimmick employed by Beijing in recent years to justify everything from purges to power grabs, the Inter-American agreement calls for governments to implement the UN's agenda, collaborate on indoctrinating children, crack down on legal tax avoidance, share information on citizens with each other, and much more."

Of course, whenever one of these Supernations is created, all independent sovereign nations within its borders surrenders her National Sovereignty to that Supernation. Our troubling concern since the election of Donald Trump as President, is that he is not inherently opposed to this kind of national sovereignty surrender, but is opposed only to the reality that the United States gave up so much economically to NAFTA.

Therefore, Trump is logically going to negotiate a much better economic deal and then urge Congress to create the legislation which would create a political Supernation along the lines of the economic supernation.

At this point, the plan to reorganize the entire world will have just taken a giant leap forward. With this concern in mind, let us review the troubling remarks from our Vice President.

"Speaking of the OAS and its summit, Pence was as enthusiastic as can be ... 'At that first Summit of the Americas, we issued a Declaration of Principles, in which this body agreed to work together as never before to advance the prosperity and democratic values, as well as institutions and security in our hemisphere'.”

Now here is Pence's truly offensive -- but revealing -- remarks about NAFTA.

"Pence touted NAFTA ... 'I’m pleased to report the United States is working very closely with Canada and Mexico to modernize the North American Free Trade Agreement', Pence said. 'We believe we are fairly close to a deal, and we’re going to be working earnestly to make that a reality for all of our nations'.”

"We are fairly close to a deal" !

Supernation #1 -- the North American Union, of NAFTA, seems ready to be launched. And, only a President thought of as a Conservative politician/businessman could persuade enough members of Congress to end our 242 years of sovereignty so that we can become part of a regional government.

With this huge obstacle out of the way, World War III could begin that would put Antichrist on the world scene more quickly than anyone has ever imagined.

If that occurs, a most important Antichrist prophecy will have been fulfilled (Daniel 7:7-8)!

Trump will then have betrayed American Christians/Conservatives!



3. Former First Lady Barbara Bush passed away yesterday at 92.

NEWS BRIEF: "Barbara Bush, former first lady, dead at 92", Fox News, April 17, 2018

"Bush, 92, died Tuesday, shortly after her family announced she was in failing health and would decline further medical treatment in favor of 'comfort care'. There were no details of her specific health problems. The announcement was made in a statement from the office of former President George H.W. Bush."

We need to remind you of some pertinent Bush facts:

* Presidents George H.W., and George W. are lifelong Adepts in the Black Magick Coven, Skull & Bones (Read full details in NEWS1314)

"The Order was founded at Yale in 1833 and membership in it is a Bush family tradition. Gov. Bush was inducted into Skull and Bones in 1968; his father, [President] George Herbert Walker Bush, was inducted in 1948; and his grandfather, Prescott S. Bush, who served as a U.S. Senator, was inducted in 1917."

The German Brotherhood of Death Society is the Thule Society. Adolf Hitler joined this society in 1919, becoming an adept under the leadership of Dietrich Eckhart. Later, the Thule Society selected Hitler to be their leader of the New World Order, as Eckhart revealed on his deathbed, saying, "Follow Hitler; he will dance, but it is I who have called the tune. I have initiated him into the Secret Doctrine, opened his centers in vision, and given him the means to communicate with the powers." (Trevor Ravenscroft, The Spear Of Destiny, p. 91).

Like it or not, all these Bushes have experienced the same Satanic rituals as did Adolf!

During the "Roaring Twenties" (1920-1929) Prescott Bush was one of the Wall Street leaders responsible for a 1934 military coup attempt against President Franklin Roosevelt, as they planned to establish a Hitler-style Fascism!

Prescott was also head of the Union City Bank, New York City. 'The trouble started on July 30 1942 when the New York Herald-Tribune ran an article entitled "Hitler's Angel Has $3m in US Bank". UBC's huge gold purchases had raised suspicions that the bank was in fact a "secret nest egg" hidden in New York for Thyssen and other Nazi bigwigs. The Alien Property Commission (APC) launched an investigation'."

The American government agreed with these allegations, and seized "a string of assets controlled by BBH - including UBC and SAC - in the autumn of 1942 under the Trading with the Enemy act."

* Her husband, George H.W. Bush, led America into a Depleted Uranium War against Iraq in 1990-1991. On September 11, 1990, President Bush declared that the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait threatened to upset the "New World Order".

Precisely 11 years later to the day, the attacks of 9/11 occurred, plunging American and Western military forces into the New World Order series of wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, and Syria. This series of wars were designed to overthrow entrenched dictators so that, when the time arrived for Supernation #7 to be formed -- see the map above -- no one nation could resist.

* Her son -- George W. Bush -- led the United States in the wars mentioned above. In order to gain American acceptance of his invasion of Iraq on March 20, 2003, President Bush led a series of monumental lies that should have gotten him impeached.

During the early part of the Iraq War, we began compiling a list of evil deeds that no Christian would ever do, so that we could counter the earnest desire of most Christians to believe that George W. was a Christian, in face of tremendous evidence to the contrary.

To read this list, compiled over about 5 years, click "President Bush -- Bad Fruits versus Good Fruits".

Remember Jesus' Truth -- ""Ye shall know them by their fruits" (Matt 7:16 )

Remember Paul's Truth -- "For although they hold a form of piety (true religion), they deny and reject and are strangers to the power of it [their conduct belies the genuiness of their profession]. Avoid all such people; turn away from them." (2 Timothy 3:5; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary)

Did you catch that phrase? "... their conduct belies the genuiness of their profession..."

Barbara Bush kept a pretty low profile, but she was pro-abortion and pro-feminist.

And, she loved the Satanic rocker, Ozzy Osbourne! (Read details in NEWS1758, entitled, "OZZY'S WHITE HOUSE -- "Bush's Headbanger's Ball")

I truly believe that the Bush Family has done more damage to America than any other family, except for maybe the Clintons!


4. Is the pro-American government of Jordan disintegrating?

NEWS BRIEF: "Is Jordan About to Fall Apart? ", Breaking Israel News, April 17, 2018

"The kingdom’s intelligence directorate, the Mukhabarat, is the regime’s main arm for maintaining control, but there are significant outside forces – the USA, Europe, Israel – who never cease to guard the kingdom from those who have undermined the foundations of law and order upon which the modern world bases its existence."

"Israel, especially, sees the Jordanian Hashemite Kingdom as a buffer zone between the Jewish state and the general chaos characterizing its neighbors to the east – Iraq, and Syria – and peace with Jordan is considered a strategic asset to be preserved at all costs, even if Israel has to pay for it with hard currency in relinquishing sovereignty over parts of Jerusalem."

But now, the Hashemite King is in danger of falling.

"In the early part of 2018, a new and previously unseen series of demonstrations began with slogans containing problematic content as far as the king was concerned ... The immediate background to these protests is the economic deterioration in Jordan, stemming – among other things – from the decrease in economic support granted by other countries, mainly by the Gulf States ... Israel’s intelligence forces and those of other countries must expend manpower and resources to follow the developments in Jordan most closely. The world must not allow itself to be surprised again when the next Arab volcano erupts, this time in Jordan."


Remember that Israel is preparing to fulfill the ancient prophecies of annihilation against the Palestinians (details in DVD shown left).

God's wording is stark: "And the house of Jacob shall be a fire, and the house of Joseph a flame, and the house of Esau for stubble, and they shall kindle in them, and devour them; and there shall not be any remaining of the house of Esau; for the Lord hath spoken it." (Obadiah 18)

Since God's purpose is to destroy 100% of all Palestinians, then Israel will have to strike into Jordan, because about 66% of the Jordanian population is comprised of Palestinians.

Jordan's upheaval comes at a critical moment, as all signs are flashing that Israel and her Arab enemies are preparing for a climactic war!

News Snippets

NEWS BRIEF: "How Social Media Giants Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Suppress Conservative Speech", CNS News, April 16, 2018

"A new report by the Media Research Center (MRC) documents how the major social media sites -- Facebook, Twitter, YouTube -- and the Google search engine suppress conservative speech in a "clear effort to censor the conservative worldview from the public conversation."

"This is more than just a free speech battle. It is a struggle for the future of our nation and our world."

NEWS BRIEF: "Alan Dershowitz: ‘Sessions Should Un-Recuse Himself’, Breitbart News, 17 April 2018

"Harvard Law School professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz ... that Attorney General Jeff Sessions should withdraw his recusal from the Department of Justice’s investigation into Trump associates — at least as far as it considers President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen."

" 'He’s not a witness or a potential subject there. He’s the attorney general of the United States. He ought to be in charge of supervising the New York investigation, not Rosenstein' ... you have to lean over backwards and make sure that you don’t give your enemies any ammunition. The idea that a witness is going to be this person supervising the prosecution just defies common sense'.”

I am beginning to wonder if Jeff Sessions is one of those "RINO" Republicans, "Republican In Name Only"! Is that why he recused himself from the Russian investigation, thus opening the door to the Special Counsel, Robert Mueller?

NEWS BRIEF: "Did James Comey just accuse himself of obstruction of justice? He threw Hillary Clinton and Loretta Lynch under the bus ", Canada Free Press, April 16, 2018

"Why do I get the feeling that the more James Comey talks, the more he’s digging himself into a legal hole? First, James Comey threw Hillary Clinton under the bus by listing all of her many crimes – even if he decided no prosecutor would ever take the case. Then, he threw Loretta Lynch under the bus with the whole 'investigation' vs 'matter' thing. Then, Comey threw Sessions under the bus in his Janurary testimony, McCabe threw Comey under the bus by accusing him of perjury, Lynch threw Comey under the bus by saying he never made his concerns clear, and now, there’s barely any room left under the bus for anyone."

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