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September 16, 2021

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Key News

North Korea Launches Ballistic Missiles at Japan

Did Chinese premier turn down Biden's request for a meeting?

How can we convince the inconvincible?

Gavin Newsom to Remain in Office: Democrats Want to Limit Future Recalls

Nobody Is Coming to Save California

Weather, Climate and Model Madness

Official Treason

Republicans Blast General Milley for Speaking with Communist China Behind Trump’s Back

General Mark Milley Told Military Officials Not to Take Orders After Capitol Riot

Trump on ‘Dumbass’ Milley: ‘Action Should Be Taken Immediately’ for Secret Calls with China

Biden's Afghan Fiasco News

As the Administration Obstructs, Americans Keep Trying to Save People Left Behind in Afghanistan -- (PART 1)

Americans Try to Save People Left Behind in Afghanistan -- (PART 2)

Sec/State Blinken Confirms: Child Brides Evacuated with Older Men from Afghanistan

Family of U.S. hostage held by Taliban calls for envoy's firing

The Newest Forever War: COVID

Watch the U.S. Navy Literally Snap a Warship in Half

Israel/Palestinian War

Joe Biden’s next blunder – Jerusalem

Bennett’s first formal meeting with Sissi fell flat in terms of substance

Bennett: ‘Not Relevant’ to Meet with Palestinian Authority’s Mahmoud Abbas

Israel Ramps Up Security Ahead of Yom Kippur

With Afghanistan Collapse, Israel Learns the Value of International ‘Security Guarantees’

Key News

Federal Judge: Roe v. Wade is Wrong, There’s No Right to Abortion in the Constitution

Gov: 'I had no idea anyone alive could wreck this country as fast as Joe Biden is'

Gregg Jarrett: Gen. Milley's alleged treachery and betrayal merit a court-martial

Campaign to investigate Milley for 'treason' surges forward

The ‘Foul Spirit’ of George W. Bush and America’s Ruling Class

Afghanistan Horror

Afghanistan: Was Joe Biden Forced to Abandon Americans?

China's Afghanistan Dilemma

Taliban gives thousands of Kandahar residents three days to leave their homes, protesters

'Whats wrong with China's construction of Afghanistan'

California Recall Disaster News

California's Gavin Newsom to Remain in Office

Liberals Have No Standards: Newsom Recall Fails as US Dems Save Ailing Governor

California Dems strike back – Future recalls will face blowback in state's One Party Empire

ALERT! Up to 70% Republican Voters in CA Being Told They Already Voted: “This has been happening all morning”

World War III News

Here it comes! CCP prepares to take over Taiwan

As Tensions Rise, CCP Propaganda on Full Throttle Against Taiwan

Military holds anti-landing drill, nighttime exercise

Taiwan drills military as concerns over China grow

Japan candidate for premier singles out China threat

Amid rising Chinese threats, Taiwan launches campaign for UN

Blinken reaffirms US’ commitment for Taiwan and Ukraine

Taiwan War Games Simulate Chinese Biological and Chemical Attack

Why the next major war is likely to start in Taiwan

China warns US against adding 'Taiwan' to name of Taipei's representative office in Washington


Korea War News

North Korea increases tension with ballistic missile launches

US condemns N. Korean missile launch: urges Pyongyang to return to dialogue

South Korean top nuclear envoy discusses NK missile launches with US, Japanese counterparts

Un-vaccinated Priests Ratted Out By Their Own Bishop At The End Of Sunday Mass

'Within 6 minutes, my arms and legs went numb': Woman voices her vaccine nightmare

France's Le Pen proposes nationalizing motorways, selling tv, radio: France turning Socialist

Russia / Ukraine War News

Ukraine’s Zelensky says all out-war with Russia is possible

Ukrainian president says war with Russia a worst-case possibility

Russia uses new hardware at big military drills

"Zapad-2021" – should Ukraine get ready?

Ukraine and Russia war news: Daily updates as of September 14, 2021

Biden's lofty climate goals collide with political, economic reality

California wildfires could threaten giant trees



Key News

UN Secretary General Delivers His New “Common Agenda”: New World Order

Case for Biden Impeachment: He’s ‘Aiding and Abetting’ Terrorists in ‘Plain Sight’

Texas Right to Life Faces Bomb Threat: Abortion Activist Makes Terrorist Threat Against Pro-Life Group

Black Homeschooling Group: ‘We Stand Firm Against Critical Race Theory’

Students at Ohio University: Pro-Life Group ‘a Danger to the Student Body’

AOC Wears ‘Tax the Rich’ Dress to $35,000 Per Ticket Met Gala

Somali Asylum Seeker Stabbing Spree in Italy Sees Child’s Throat Slashed, Four Women Injured

List of over 100 Dead Microbiologists

Fauci Wants to Ban Unvaccinated from Traveling by Plane

England Drops Vaccine Passport Plan

Courts Will Rule Against Biden on Vaccine Mandate Penalties: Alan Dershowitz

Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Dead Copycat of ObamaCare: Much more Democrat-run “Hate-Trump” political battle than it is a raging pandemic

Greek Government Introduces New Restrictions Against Unvaccinated Citizens

Biden's Vaccinate Mandate: Open letter to governors who want to fight back

The National Guard is driving kids to school in Massachusetts amid a bus driver shortage

World War III News

As Tensions Rise, CCP Propaganda on Full Throttle Against Taiwan

Taiwan begins 5 days of war games with simulated bio-chemical attack

Is the U.S. really prepared for a war over Taiwan?

China Warns Taiwan Directly: Independence Means War Taken

China warplane enters Taiwan air defence zone on Monday

Chinese Warships Sailing Near Alaska's Aleutian Islands Shadowed By U.S. Coast Guard

Japan’s defense minister calls for peace in the Strait

Japan, U.S., ROK affirm 'dialogue and diplomacy' to denuclearize DPRK

Amazon to open 2 Whole Foods stores with no cashiers and no cash

S. Korea's submarine-launched ballistic missile called 'game-changer'

N. Korea claims it test-fired new long-range cruise missile

China deepens security ties with Africa

California fires are burning at high elevations than ever, creating new dangers



Bringing Saudi Arabia Down

US pulls missile defenses in Saudi Arabia amid Yemen attacks

America alarms Saudi Arabia by withdrawing anti-missile systems

9/11 Families Say Unclassified FBI 'Secrets' Prove Saudi Arabia Involvement

Biden's Big Saudi Reset

FBI Declassifies 9/11 Document

Outrage over George W. Bush 9/11 Speech Attacking American ‘Extremists’ — ‘Americans Are the New Terrorists’

Reflection on 9/11: American Lessons Trashed by Biden Mayhem Machine

Trump For Speaker of the House

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “They Are Going to Decertify This Election!”

7 reasons why Gavin Newsom has got to go!

Western fires are burning higher in the mountains and at unprecedented rates as the climate warms

Taliban Reportedly Engaging in Revenge Kills of Afghan Security Forces: U.N. Official

Taliban Celebrate After Beheading Afghan Soldier

Father of first soldier killed in Afghanistan asks what all the bloodshed was for

Biden's hasty Kabul airstrike is shaping up to be an ugly war crime staining America's honor

Biden Goes Golfing While Americans Left Behind in Afghanistan

First group of Afghans evacuees arrives in Japan

Don’t Underestimate Tajikistan in the Afghanistan Crisis

Russia strengthens base in Tajikistan with anti-tank missiles: 25 August 2021

Russian Defense Ministry handed over 12 combat reconnaissance vehicles to Tajikistan

Biden Proves Promises Made Are Not Promises Kept

Biden's vaccine mandate deadline creates perfect storm for deadly nationwide nurse shortage

Courts Will Rule Against Biden on Vaccine Mandate Penalties: Alan Dershowitz

Viewers of one TV network are worst at estimating true COVID death risk

COVID: The medical cartel destroying millions of lives is nothing new

Data shows Covid booster shots are 'not appropriate' at this time, U.S. and international scientists

COVID Vaccine Proponents Need to Remember the Thalidomide Tragedy

Disaster In Leander

Karen repeatedly says N-word while reciting N.W.A.’s ‘F*ck The Police’ at school board meeting

Leander elementary schoolers see ‘inappropriate sexual content’ in Zoom-bombing

‘Put a Stake in the Heart of Evil’: Rose McGowan Endorses Larry Elder

Joe Biden Responds to Criticism on 9/11: ‘I’m a Big Boy’

Israel/Palestinian War

Hamas punctuates Israeli air strike with another rocket – a shift in tactics

IDF attacks Hamas outposts: Iron Dome intercepts rocket

River In Jordan Turns Blood Red

Bennett meets with Egypt president in Sinai, in first such visit in decade

Terrorism in Jerusalem: Three stabbing attacks reported within three days

Iron Dome intercepts rocket over Sderot for third consecutive day

N. Korea Tests New Cruise Missile After 2-Year Break Under Trump

N. Korean nukes, missiles on agenda of U.S., Japan, S. Korea meeting

EU Security Chief: Growing support for ‘end of Western civilization’ among young extremists

World War III News

China warplane enters Taiwan air defence zone: "Thursday's intrusion marks the seventh day in a row Beijing has sent planes into the identification zone"

Taiwan reiterates commitment to defend its sovereignty

Live-fire military Han Kuang exercises begin

Taiwan begins 5 days of war games with simulated biochemical attack

What the Fall of Afghanistan Means for Taiwan

Almost 90 per cent Taiwanese opposes 'one China, two system

Seizing On U.S. Weakness, China Warns Taiwan U.S. Will Not Defend Them

Airlines targeting post-pandemic ‘revenge travel’

Where Does the China-India Border Dispute Stand?

China’s PLA Upgrades Its Forces Along Disputed Border With India

Meat industry rejects White House blame for rise in consumer prices

Capitol Police 'covering up 14,000 hours of video about what really happened'




US pulls missile defenses in Saudi Arabia amid Yemen attacks

Biden's Big Saudi Reset

Afghanistan News

Meet the New American Taliban Government

Biden May Have Droned Innocent Family in Kabul; Possible War Crime

Last Missile Fired By U.S. Military in Afghanistan Killed Only Innocent Family–Not ISIS ‘Facilitator’ as Gen. Milley Claimed

Taliban celebrate beheading of police officer in grisly video

20 Years Later: Remembering 9/11

Will Americans Wake Up Before the Ship of State Sinks to the Bottom of the Sea?

Biden commemorates 9/11 anniversary with stops at all three attack sites

Lessons We Didn’t Learn from What We Were Forbidden to Say

Archives September 11, 2001

September 11 Attacks: Occult Signatures

Twenty Years Later

Anniversary of 9/11 is over-shadowed by Joe Biden’s grotesque betrayal

Hamas threatens to escalate West Bank clashes after capture of fugitives

Red alert sounds in southern Israel, clashes in W. Bank

IDF intercepts Gaza missile

Why You Can’t Watch the ABC Miniseries “The Path to 9/11”

Key News

Biden's dishonorable service academy purge

White House says it didn't expect such 'vehement opposition' to Trump-approved COVID-19 vaccine

White House Advisor Says Biden is Prepared to ‘Run Over’ Republican Governors Who Fight His Vaccine Mandates

New Biden Decree Forces Employers to Require Employees to Get Vaccinated: Or Face Weekly Testing

Biden to Sign Executive Order Mandating Vaccines For All Federal Workers With No Exceptions

Desperately Seeking Sedition

'NATO is Cold War term: Quad looks into future'

Removal of Chiang Kai-shek statue in Taipei prioritized

World War III News

Why China is unleashing air assaults on Taiwan and Japan

WW3 fears as China ramps up island ‘invasion’ war games: Taiwan develops new ‘carrier killer’ warship

China flies 19 nuke bombers and fighter jets into Taiwan air space for ‘invasion’ war games: Sparking WW3 fears

Taiwan says China using Honduras election to 'create controversy'

Navy’s info chief trades Twitter barbs with Chinese journalist over destroyer in South China Sea

US aircraft carrier, destroyer busy in South China Sea despite Beijing’s new notification law


"Mark of the Beast" System

President Biden Orders Vaccine Mandates: ‘This Is Not About Freedom or Personal Choice’

"... he causeth (requires) all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name." (Revelation 13:16-17, KJV)

RNC to Sue Biden Administration over Unconstitutional Vaccinate Mandate

GOP Governors Slam Biden’s Vaccine Mandates After He Vowed to ‘Get Them Out of the Way’

Airline Professionals, Passengers Unite Against Vaccine Passports

Biden’s Rush to Bring Disease and Extremism to America

Contractors #DoNotComply to send government into death spiral

Biden to Sign Executive Order Mandating Vaccines For All Federal Workers With No Exceptions

New Biden Decree Forces Employers to Require Employees to Get Vaccinated or Face Weekly Testing

Key News

Will Americans Wake Up Before the Ship of State Sinks to the Bottom of the Sea?

L.A. County Sheriff Calls Attack on Larry Elder ‘Hate Crime’; Blames ‘Woke Privilege’

Public Interest Legal Foundation Reports: 440,781 Pennsylvania Mail Ballots ‘Went Missing or Undeliverable’ in 2020

China Provides Over $30 Million in Aid to Afghanistan

Donald Trump tells Newsmax: 'We Rebuilt Military,' and 'They Gave It to the Taliban'

US Army working to recoup Afghanistan withdrawal costs

It’s Time to Leave the Democrat Party: Anti-American, Bad Intentions & Incompetence

Justice Department’s Foremost Felony Charge May Be on Thin Ice

Biden Marches Through History, Checking His Watch: Perhaps Joe’s real model is not Franklin Roosevelt or Bobby Kennedy but Forrest Gump

Biden Files Lawsuit to Overturn Texas Abortion Ban: Falsely Claims Abortion is a Constitutional Right

Another Japan-based F-35 Squadron Ready For Operation

Another guided-missile destroyer joins Navy’s Japan-based 7th Fleet

Israel/Palestinian War

Police: 117 COVID-carriers returned from Uman with fake tests

Bennett Promises Settlements’ Leaders: No Construction Freeze

13% Increase in Jewish Visits to Temple Mount in Past Year

IDF Makes Additional Procurement of Micro-Tavor Assault Rifles

DOJ Disrespects SCOTUS on Texas Abortion Ban – Seeks Punitive Enforcement Against Pro-Lifers

Biden Admin Shows More Passion For Abortion Than For Stranded Citizens


Key News

The Earth Is Pulsating Every 26 Seconds: Seismologists Don't Agree Why

National Archives Has a New Trigger Warning...Even For America's Founding Documents

Documents Show Fauci-Funded Wuhan Lab Created Novel Coronavirus with ‘Enhanced Pathogenicity’ for Humans

White House Officials Resist Biden’s Push To Purge Trump Appointees

Calls for Pentagon chief, Chairman Joint Chiefs to step down over Afghan debacle

Senate Republicans Demand Hearing on Afghanistan: Sworn Testimony from Military Leaders

Taliban Reportedly Allows 200 Americans and Foreign Citizens to Fly to Qatar

Taliban Interim Government Agrees To Let Foreigners Leave Afghanistan

Rep. Waltz Warns Taliban Is Growing Into A Terrorist Super-State

Mother Gaia News

New Orleans Residents Rely on Each Other After Hurricane Ida

Ida Curfew Lifted in New Orleans; 11 New Deaths Reported

Biden Visits Areas in Northeast Affected by Ida Flooding

Biden to Outline ‘6-Step Plan’ to Curb COVID-19 Delta Variant: White House

Australia’s Constitution Clashes With Vaccine Mandates

Vaccine Mandates Affect Hospital Staffing Wars

Tucson Pauses Vaccine Mandate After Warning By Ariz. AG Brnovich

Texas Governor Signs Election Reform Bill Into Law

Latest Approval Ratings for Biden Are His Worst Yet

I Bet You They Can Ruin Sports Even More

States making up the SEC have low vaccination rates: "Games were held outdoors or in stadiums with retractable roofs"

CNN pooh-poohs packed college football stadiums where fans ‘exhaling with vigor’ could spread COVID

Libyan presidential contender offers Israel recognition for backing

Palestinians open fire at troops in riots sparked by jailbreak

Many Businesses Expect to Hike Selling Prices in Face of Higher Input Costs

World War III News

China is Taiwan’s Sworn Enemy

Will China Move On Taiwan Now And Risk War With America?

Taiwan commissions homemade ‘carrier killer’ warship

Joe Biden and Boris Johnson 'Discussed' Taiwan: As China Increases Threats After Afghanistan

Why the next major war is likely to start in Taiwan

US warship sails near disputed South China Sea islands

Japan's PM Suga to visit US for 'Quad' summit

Taiwan Coast Guard to replace aging radars

Japanese PM candidate urges cross-strait crisis preparations


Afghanistan News

American Feminism is Killing Afghan Women

China Welcomes 'End Of Anarchy' With New Afghan Govt

Taliban terrorists declare Afghanistan to be a 'caliphate'

Psaki Says There is 'No Rush' to Recognize the Taliban as Afghan Government

Taliban willing to establish relations with all nations except Israel

Biden Builds the Taliban Back Better: Weapons, Military Equipment Fuel Resurgent Islamists

Former Acting DNI Ric Grenell: Gen. Milley’s Lying About Who Decided to Shut Down Bagram

U.S. Officials Looking Into Afghan Child Trafficking Amid Reports of Child Brides at Evacuation Intake Centers

Rescue Team Members Blast State Dept. For Falsely Taking Credit for Evacuating Family From Afghanistan

Senator Lindsey Graham Predicts U.S. Will ‘Be Going Back into Afghanistan': As it Did in Iraq after Obama Withdrawal

U.S. bases prepared to process up to 50,000 Afghan evacuees

House Democrats Pushing to Boycott Israel Suddenly Go Silent on Taliban

Iranian political analyst questions 9/11, Bin Laden’s death, claims US promotes terrorism

Victorious Taliban gloat over ruins of CIA’s last Afghan base

Explained: The Iran-Taliban connection

American Rescuers Say State Dept. Only Obstacle to Private Flights Leaving Afghanistan:‘Not the Taliban’

Rep. Nancy Mace Decries Democrats Killing Investigation into U.S. Abandoned Military Gear in Afghanistan

Afghans Arriving in U.S. with ‘No Paperwork’ or ‘Just Scraps of Paper’

Key News

Teaching The Aztec Chant: Walking School Kids All The Way Back To Pagandom

US Central Command absorbs Israel into its area of responsibility

Rand Paul: NIH, Fauci Still Funding Wuhan Lab

Voter Fraud Is a Supreme Court Problem

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem Issues Executive Order Banning Telemedicine Abortions

Larry Elder Highlights Newsom’s Failures At L.A. Area Rally

Biden’s Broken Economy: Goldman Downgrades U.S. Growth Forecast, Sees ‘Harder Path’ Ahead

London report seeks to unseat New York as top financial hub

Confused Joe Biden Doesn't Think Tornadoes Are Called Tornadoes Anymore

Israel/Palestinian War

Jewish and Israeli Population Figures Released

Israeli Police on high alert over possibility of attack by escaped Palestinian prisoners

Israeli police investigating guards for collaboration in jailbreak

Gilboa Prison Escape: 'It's clear the inmates didn't dig the tunnel'

On Rosh Hashanah eve, a look back at a year of COVID

IDF strikes in Gaza following incendiary balloon attacks

FM Lapid to meet Sec/State Blinken in Washington

World War III News

If Taiwan is lost, US loses Indo-China

Taiwan Sovereign, Never Ruled by PRC: Foreign Ministry

What War With China Would Actually Look Like

Taiwan fighter jets warn off approaching Chinese aircraft

Fighter jets ready for drill

Taiwan Sounds Alarm: Says China Can Paralyze Her Defenses

British Aircraft Carrier In Japan On Indo-Pacific Mission

Taiwan's air force budget reveals the high cost of China's aggressive military flights around the island

S Korea tests submarine-launched ballistic missile

Nearly 20,000 Of 4.5M Fully Vaccinated Massachusetts Residents Have Tested Positive For COVID-19: Only 144 deaths, or 0.00003 fatality rate

No Milk Or Water: Shoppers Face Shortages At UK Grocery Stores

Biden to Outline ‘6-Step Plan’ to Curb COVID-19 Delta Variant: White House

Following devastation of Hurricane Ida, American oil fields recovering



Afghanistan News

Joe Biden on brink as Kamala Harris tipped to take over after Afghan 'fiasco'

‘Adults,’ ‘Progress,’ and Disaster


State Dept blocking private rescue flights from leaving Afghanistan, organizers say: 'Blood is on their hands'

6 Reasons China, Not Just Taliban, Benefits as US Exits From Afghanistan

New Photo Supports Claim About the 'Hostage' Situation at Afghanistan Airport

Taliban shoot, kill pregnant police officer in front of her family

Pregnant California Woman Stranded in Afghanistan Claims Taliban ‘Hunting’ Americans

Botched Afghanistan Withdrawal, Southern Border Disaster Creates ‘Opportunity for Terrorists’

Taliban Is Holding American Citizens, Afghan Allies ‘Hostage’

GOP Rep. Mast: Biden Should Be Impeached for ‘Treason’

The Afghan Endgame and the Proxy Myth

Leaked Text Messages Confirm the Worst About Afghanistan

Top China diplomat scolds Blinken on Afghanistan, virus probe

Something Terribly Wrong in Top Ranks of US Military

Taliban battle for Panjshir as US warns of civil war

SAS troops fool Taliban by disguising as ‘devout’ women in burqas in dramatic Kabul escape

Afghan 'genocide' fears as abandoned US weapons allow Taliban to 'rule with iron fist'

‘Disgraceful’: Among those stranded in Afghanistan are employees of US Agency for Global Media

Biden Says Life Doesn’t Begin at Conception

Follow the Science . . . Toward Tyranny

China, Russia, and Iran may Form New Alliances That Ultimately Hurt America

At-Large Rioter Pours Gasoline on NYC Police Van with Officers Inside

Mexican Border Violence, Drug Smuggling Surge; Federal Agents Come Under Gunfire

World War III News

China sends nuclear bombers into Taiwan's airspace: Fears of war intensify

Taiwan fighter jets warn off approaching Chinese aircraft

If Taiwan is lost, US loses Indo-China

New pictures of secretive Chinese aircraft carrier with 'clear advantages' to challenge US

New Chinese maritime law could be ‘time bomb’

US on alert AGAIN as Hurricane Larry becomes 'very large and powerful' storm

Insurance price tag from Hurricane Ida to reach $18 billion

Social Worker Has Arrived To Defuse Angry Situation

Israeli PM Bennett schmoozes, Biden snoozes, mainstream media disabuses


Impeach Joe Biden News

Biden's Lies: Why Joe Collapsed Into a Sea of Dishonesty

Biden & Harris - Doin' What They're Told

Poll: One in Five Americans Want to Take Back Their 2020 Biden Vote

Time to Impeach Biden: He’s actively trying to destroy the America we know and love

GOP Rep. Cammack: Biden, Pelosi Will Cover up Afghanistan Debacle

Jim Jordan: Biden ‘Has Not Done One Thing Right’

Calls for Pentagon chief, Chairman Joint Chiefs to step down over Afghan debacle

Making ‘Allies’ of Terrorists: As Disastrous as You Would Expect

End Times On The Way For North America’s ‘Swamp of Surreal’

Another Fine Mess Joe's Gotten Us Into: Taliban Announce New Partnership With China

Key News

COVID-19 lockdowns caused more deaths instead of reducing them

Judge Temporarily Blocks Tennessee Governor's Order Allowing Parents to Opt-Out of School Mask Mandates

CA Assembly Employees Who Weren't Vaccinated by Sept 1 Have Been Placed on Unpaid Leave

Record Share of U.S. Small Businesses Have Unfilled Positions

Judge Dismisses Unvaccinated Jurors in Elizabeth Holmes Fraud Trial

Alexandria City Public Schools: ‘White Teachers Need Anti-Racist Therapy’

Defund Public Schools

There's Already Been a Legal Update to the Texas Abortion Case

USA Today Tried to Fact Check Biden's Watch Gaffe at Dover...And Totally Stepped on a Rake

The Afghan Endgame and the Proxy Myth

How the Air Force Could Turn F-15E Fighter Jets Into Navy Killers

Israel air strike reported near Damascus: Syrian air-defense missile explodes in sea off Tel Aviv

World War III News

If Taiwan is lost, US loses Indo-China

China's oppression on Tibetans serves as warning to Taiwan

Taiwan report warns Chinese will paralyze island's defenses during war

The U.S. Military and China Nearly Went to War over Taiwan Once—What Happened?

With China More Assertive, Taiwan Considers Bigger Defense Budget

New Chinese maritime law could be ‘time bomb’

US warship, Japanese cutter transit Taiwan Strait

China deepens her involvement in Ethiopia, Kazakhstan


Seeking clean power, Illinois Senate bill hopes to save nuclear plants



Afghanistan Debacle News

It’s Official: The US has no boots on the ground in Afghanistan

Biden's Lies: Why Joe Collapsed Into a Sea of Dishonesty

GOP Rep. Steube Warns: China’s Already Trying to Move into Afghanistan, Will Reverse-Engineer our Equipment

Blue State Blues: Fire Them All, and Start Over

There's Been a Media Blackout on One Major Afghanistan Story

CA Family Stranded in Afghanistan 15 Hours Away from Kabul

Sen. Mitch McConnell says no impeachment of Biden over Afghanistan

Far More deadly Than Biden’s Dementia-His Alliance With Taliban Terrorists

Biden’s Ugly Defense of His Afghan Failure

Media continue to blast Biden for leaving thousands of Americans in Afghanistan

Crenshaw Has a Warning After Biden's Disastrous Afghanistan Exit

Trump Comforts Gold Star Mother Who Lost Son in Kabul

Slain Marine who cradled baby at Kabul airport loved her job — and more details about those who died

Afghan news anchor Beheshta Arghand made history when she interviewed the Taliban: Then she had to flee

Biden Secretly Stuffs Pockets Of Potential Terrorists

Biden Heads to Delaware for Vacation Amid Afghanistan Disaster

Key News

The Competence Question

Impeach Joe Biden

This Guy Is Senile: Can the Media Stop Pretending He’s Not?

Disaster: Biden’s Economy Created Just 235,000 Jobs in August

Biden’s Polls Crash amid Amnesty Push, Migration Chaos

Dishonorable discharges for vaccine refusal would be blocked under congressional proposal

The ACLU Position on Vaccine Mandates is a Head Scratcher

Europe’s CDC Breaks With Biden Admin, Says COVID-19 Vaccine Boosters Not ‘Urgent’

New Israeli daily infections top 10,000 for 4th day: but serious cases fall further

A Congressman’s Truth Problem

AZ Planned Parenthood Chair: Calls For Riots After SCOTUS Ignores Abortion Emergency Request

Kamala Harris ‘Used’ For Joe Biden’s Ticket, Been MIA Ever Since

California teacher brags about turning students into far-left 'revolutionaries'

Obeying Politicians Is Not the Same as Obeying the Law

Israel/Palestinian War

Hamas ‘Should Be Very Worried’ by Gantz-Abbas Meeting: Says Senior Israeli Defense Official

Israel Opposes Reopening US Consulate in Jerusalem for Palestinians: Here’s Why

Israeli strikes said to target Syria: Fragments from defense fire land in Israel

Portugal, Sweden slap COVID entry ban on Israelis, including those vaccinated

Anti-vaxxers said exploiting loophole to obtain Green Pass without immunizing

Former California Democrat leader backing Larry Elder for governor

Matt Gaetz Exonerated In Sexual Misconduct Investigation


Afghanistan Debacle News

Is Our Military Woke, Broke or Both?

Retired Admirals and Generals call for Milley and Austin to resign immediately over Afghanistan

Biden Cut Deal with Afghan Government to Deceive World

Biden’s Functional Insanity is a Direct Threat to America’s Imminent Survival

AOC Defends Biden’s Afghanistan Withdrawal: A ‘Courageous Decision’

Rep. Jim Jordan: Same Song, Different Dance: Benghazi & Kabul

From Saigon to Kabu

Biden Left Most Interpreters, Allies Behind in Afghanistan

Over Two Dozen American Students, Including a 3-Year-Old, Still Trapped

Key News

Are China And Russia Trying To Attack The Law Of The Sea?

US, Israel stage naval drill to secure Gulf of Aqaba: Iran tests new interceptor for cruise missiles

Another Soros-backed DA destroying a great American city

If Elections Aren’t Free, Nothing Else Matters

Pro-Life Win: SCOTUS Lets Texas Six Week Abortion Ban Stand

Gavin Newsom’s Pitch: More People Will Die If I’m Recalled

On Terrorism, Biden Is Either Dishonest or Delusional

Supreme Court Rules 5-4 That Texas Can Become the First State in America to Ban Abortions

Biden Condemns Texas Abortion Ban, Celebrates Killing Babies in Abortions

America Has Now Murdered 50 Million Babies Through Abortion -- 2010

At Least 8 Deaths as Hurrincane Ida Smashes New York City: State of Emergency Declared


"Bumbling Joe" News

Russia and China eye a retreating US: John Bolton

Russian Sovereignty

Occupiers fire 120mm mortars on outskirts of Krasnohorivka

Donbas escalation, or Putin’s preparations for Zelensky’s summit with Biden

Chinese Sovereignty

Taiwan admits China could ‘paralyse’ its defences

Taiwan plans new defence agency to better prepare military reservists to step up during a war

6 Naval Task Groups From U.S., U.K., India, Japan and Australia Underway in Pacific

Israeli, US Navies Hold First Joint Red Sea Drill

Taiwan’s government reportedly makes last-minute request for Seahawk helos

Blockading Taiwan Could Be Painful for Taipei—and China


Afghanistan Debacle

Calls for Pentagon chief, Chairman Joint Chiefs to step down over Afghan debacle

Taliban commit 'house-to-house executions' in Kabul after US exit: Chilling audio demonstrates Afghans' fear

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) Calls to Impeach Biden, Harris: PLUS Sec. of State Blinken ‘if You Can Get Him Back from Vacation’

Biden Praises His Catastrophic Afghan Exit as Great Success

Fact-checking 9 major Biden claims about retreat from Afghanistan

Right move, wrong way: Israel's FM Lapid pans US pullout from Afghanistan

Pentagon admits that Americans are 'stranded' in Afghanistan after U.S. withdrawal

Oklahoma GOP Congressman Missing After Secret Rescue Attempt in Afghanistan

Marine Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller Resigns Commission over Afghanistan Debacle

State Department vows to evacuate Americans, allies from Afghanistan after military exit

Afghanistan’s fall may trigger other dominoes

Children, translator who rescued Biden 13 years ago among Americans left behind in Afghanistan

President Trump Calls Withdrawal Worst Decision In U.S. History

Biden calls Black adviser 'boy' during FEMA briefing

Follow the Science . . . Toward Tyranny

Registered nurse explains why she resigned over vaccine mandates

10,000 new diagnoses, number of serious cases decreases in Israel

California’s Recall Election Has Already Been Stolen

Amid Surge In Crime, Taxes, Homelessness, Poverty, Calif. Marks Sept. 14 To Recall Gov. Gavin Newsom

Israel/Palestinian War

In Washington, PM Bennett ‘collapsed’ instead of defending Israel’s security

Israeli, US Navies Hold First Joint Red Sea Drill

Palestinians riot along Gaza border for 4th night: Even after Israel allows goods in

Gazans burn tires, set off explosives on border for second night in a row

Israel-Jordan ties boosted by rare alignment in interests on water, energy

Politico’s US employees no longer required to pledge support for Israel

First Bahraini ambassador to Israel arrives in country to take up post

Rafael wins $80m contract to provide naval warfare systems in Southeast Asia

Sweeping abortion ban goes into effect in Texas

"Calamity Joe" News

‘I Hope You Burn in Hell!’ Families of Slain Servicemembers Recall Raw Response to Joe Biden at Dover Ceremony

Sen. McConnell on Total Withdrawal From Afghanistan: ‘One of the Worst Foreign Policy Decisions in American History’

Shocking video shows man hanging below Black Hawk flown by Taliban

Will Biden and Dems Shed Public Crocodile Tears For Those Left Behind In Afghanistan?

‘Hundreds’ of Americans Still in Afghanistan After Last Military Flight: CENTCOM

Americans told to leave Kabul airport gates again in echo of pre-attack warning

Taliban parade in Kabul airport after US leaves

Biden’s War: Image of President in Fetal Position Has Enemies Quaking

US ends Afghan war, its longest in history

Stranded American Citizen in Afghanistan to CNN’s Cuomo: ‘We Are Left Behind — It’s Heartbreaking to See That’

Pentagon Announces End of the Afghanistan Evacuation: Hundreds of Americans Left Behind

Ron DeSantis Demands Answers from Biden Officials on Americans Left in Afghanista

Pentagon slams leak showing US deaths in Kabul bombing could have been avoided

Taliban Tells America: Recognize Us as a Legitimate Government

Saudi Arabia's former intel chief calls weapons proliferation risk in Afghanistan very worrying: Terror threat grows

Rep. Mike Turner: Amid Afghanistan horror show, Biden seems completely oblivious to his own failures

GOP Congressman Mullin MISSING (Potentially CAPTURED) in Afghanistan?! (Reported by Washington Post)

Taliban members escorted Americans to gates at Kabul airport in secret arrangement with US

President Biden leaves American Contract Service Dogs in Afghanistan

COVID-19 News

"Soothing symptoms of anxiety" with graphene oxide; it’s in millions of masks -- This is not a joke; it’s real

Biden Admin Opens Civil Rights Investigations in 5 States That Ban School Mask Mandates

Florida Withholds Funds From 2 School Districts Over Mask Mandates

Fauci’s latest folly proves he’s incompetent as a trustworthy communicator

Biden, Fauci discuss requiring COVID booster shots every 5 months

Key News

Biden Admin Releases 18K Unaccompanied Migrant Children into U.S. in August

FBI Allegedly Funded White Supremacist Publisher: Court Documents Show

Texas Will Become First State to Ban Abortions: Court Allows Heartbeat Law to Go Into Effect Wednesday

MSNBC Says Pro-Life Americans are Like Suicide Bombers Because They Oppose Abortion

Wisconsin Lost Track of 82,000 Ballots in State Biden Won by 20,000

Biden calls Black adviser 'boy' during FEMA briefing

Archives: Biden accused of making racist comment with ‘you ain’t black’ retort




Key News

Kabul Catastrophe: Did Democrats Finally Destroy Them Selves with Trump Destruction Fixation?

Mitt Romney: Trump Administration Helped ‘Cause this Crisis’ in Afghanistan

Father of Slain U.S. Marine Warns Americans: ‘Be Afraid of Our Leadership or Lack Thereof’

BLAST HORROR Kabul explosion – Child killed after ‘rocket hits house’ near airport just days after ISIS-K bomb blasts kill 170

U.S. Missile Strike Eliminates Islamic State Suicide Bombers Bound for Kabul Airport

Blinken: U.S. Expects Taliban Won’t Seal Off Country After August 31

Americans told to leave Kabul airport gates again in echo of pre-attack warning

Pentagon Clueless on How Many Afghan Terrorists Have Sought Refuge in U.S.

Biden hails Baghdad, Erbil following regional conference; affirms continued US support

Inside Whistleblower Exposes Biden’s Darkest Military Secrets

Sen. Graham: Biden should be impeached if Americans are left behind

'The Horror': Congressman outlines 3 options for Biden, all have him gone

Reports Pour In: Biden's panicked Kabul airstrike killed several young children

Biden Administration Could Have Kept Control Of Kabul But Declined

"Calamity Joe" News

PHOTOS: Here Are Just Some of the Capabilities Thrown Away By US Commanders at Bagram Air Base -- "In the end, all the capability in the world doesn’t matter if leadership is worthless, stubborn, and makes self-defeating decisions. Abandoning Bagram is likely to go down as one of the most self-defeating decisions a president has ever made"

Department of the Indefensible: Who Decided to Close Bagram Air Base and Why?

American University of Afghanistan students were told: ‘We have given your names to the Taliban’ and there is ‘no evacuation’ coming

Blinken was vacationing in the Hamptons hours before Kabul fell: "Actions by U.S. officials suggested 'no immediate cause for alarm' leading up to collapse"

GOP Rep. Ellzey Urges Congress to Go Back into Session to Extend August 31 Deadline: Take Back Bagram Air Base

Dem Rep. Jeffries: Afghanistan Withdrawal Decision ‘Exactly the Right One’

ABC’s Jon Karl: Biden Admin Is Fake News 'That Isn’t Reality’ While Spinning Afghanistan ‘Disaster’

Biden's Panicked City-Center Airstrike Killed Young Children, Reports

Sen. Graham: Biden Should Be Impeached for ‘Dereliction of Duty’ on Afghanistan

Fed-up Marine who called out senior brass resigns, says: ‘Follow me, we will bring the whole f—ing system down’

Five rockets fired on Kabul’s airport late Sunday: US C-RAM missile defense system intercepts

US Special Forces Vets Go Rogue in Middle of Night: Rescue Afghan Allies That Biden Won't

Biden Must OwnWhat Comes Next as American Citizens Blocked from Kabul Airport

Obama blew window to ‘transition’ out of Afghanistan: Retired US Army general

Rep. Kevin McCarthy Answers Question About Impeaching Biden

Ida slams U.S. harder than Katrina: Virtually all gulf oil production now crippled by monster storm

Hurricane Ida Weakens into Tropical Storm but Remains a Threat

Flooding Begins as Storm Surge: Outer Bands of Hurricane Ida Move onto Louisiana Coast

First Casualty Reported as Ida Leaves Deadly Trail Across Louisiana

Ida slams Louisiana hospitals already brimming with virus patients

Thousands Call 'Cajun Navy' for Rescue from Hurricane Ida Floods

China's chilling warning of 'war provocation' as Taiwan and Japan hold historic talks

China conducts assault drills near Taiwan after 'provocations' of US increasing military and political ties with the island

Seizing On U.S. Weakness, China Warns Taiwan U.S. Will Not Defend Them

US Navy, Coast Guard ships enter Taiwan Strait, irking China

China Announces Discovery of a 'Major Shale Oilfield'

Fauci World: Top doc discussing recurring 5-month booster shots with Biden

Delta variant hits hard as debates over freedoms continue in U.S. states

Covid booster expanded to all Israelis over 12 from Oct.1

China will continue to 'disappear' citizen journalists like Zhang Zhan for COVID reporting

Covid, chip shortages cause UK auto output to fall to 1956 level

A Deserved 'Moment of Truth' for Public Schools as a Record Number of Parents Opt Out: "Parents and students have lost faith in the school system to educate"

Families Are Fleeing Government-Run Schools

Amazon rolls out 'pay-by-palm' in New York City Go Store: Lets customers purchase items with a simple wave of a hand

Public Schools still blocking family, faith and freedom websites

Texas Factory Production Crashed Unexpectantly in August



Democrat Insurrection

Taliban orders Kabul residents to hand over weapons, ammo & ‘state property’

US retaliates for Kabul attack, hits ISIS “planner” in E. Afghanistan

Kabul Attacks: Worst Day for America’s Strategic Interests Since Pearl Harbor

The Biden administration just made it easier for the Taliban to kill Americans: Thanks to the incompetence of Joe Biden

U.S. officials provided Taliban with names of Americans, Afghan allies to evacuate

Biden’s Approval Sinks Underwater as Afghanistan Crisis Worsens

‘Dead people were everywhere’: Carnage and chaos at Kabul airport

Hayward: 7 Major Biden Disasters in 7 Months

Blue State Blues: Voters Are Furious About Afghanistan, and California Is Their First Opportunity

KENDRA HAS IT FIGURED OUT! "Taliban Laughing All The Way To The Bank"

Surrenderer-In-Chief: Joe Biden lied to America and to the World

Biden Officials Gave the Names of Americans and Afghan Allies Trying to Evacuate to the Taliban

Five Reasons the Media Might Be Abandoning Biden

The Masking of America

‘I miss my son’: Chicago mother says judge stripped her of parental rights after learning she wasn’t vaccinated against Covid-19

CDC director blasted for going on CNN to talk about ‘serious public health threat’ of…gun violence

Thousands expected to rally for voting rights, D.C. statehood today in Washington

World War III News

Seizing On U.S. Weakness, China Warns Taiwan U.S. Will Not Defend Them

Type 075: The Warship China Uses To Seize Taiwan?

China Protests US Navy, Coast Guard Ships in Taiwan Strait

Taiwan splashes $1.4 billion on warplanes to stop WW3 with China

China boasts US would have ‘no chance’ stopping invasion of Taiwan


"Incompetent Joe" News

Rep. Meijer: Congress Needs to Reclaim War Powers

Trump: Biden Afghanistan Failure Is ‘Single Most Embarrassing Moment in the History of Our Country’

Biden Just Left 14 Million Women to Be Butchered and Raped Even After Death

Who Are the Americans Stuck in Afghanistan?

Joe Biden humiliated as UK's former Defence chief savages Afghanistan 'stupidity'

Trump claims Biden's Afghanistan evacuation could be bringing 'terrorists' to America

Biden says he expects Afghanistan evacuations to be finished next week

At least 95 Afghans and 13 US troops killed in blasts near Kabul airport

Afghanistan evacuation flights resume after blasts

Pentagon says Evacuations Will Not End in 36 Hours

Poland Ends Afghanistan Evacuation, Says It Cannot Risk Lives Any Longer

Biden says he has ordered a retaliatory strike on ISIS-K after the suicide bombings at Kabul airport

More Attacks Expected, US Flag to Fly at Half-Staff After Kabul Carnage

American Citizens Warned to ‘Immediately’ Leave Kabul Airport Area

8 US bases in Europe prepared to accept as many as 25,000 Afghan refugees

China blasts US over Afghanistan pullout, describes ‘effective’ talks with Taliban

Biden, asked about ‘kill list,’ doesn’t deny that names of Americans and allies were provided to the Taliban

Blood on His Hands

Biden’s Post-Terrorism Speech Ends In Total Disaster

‘Moral Responsibility’: South Korea is airlifting hundreds of Afghans out of Kabul

RINOs for Biden have blood on their hands: 'They have blood on their hands"!

Key News

Rep. Meijer: Congress Needs to Reclaim War Powers

Madison Cawthorn Asks Harris, Pelosi To Invoke 25th Amendment And Remove Biden From Office

Tomorrow We Get a Nero?

Biden Prepares to Scapegoat Americans He Abandoned in Afghanistan


Breaking Hearts and Minds: Strategy of Surrender

U.S. Flags Lowered To Half-Staff

Blue State Blues: Voters Are Furious About Afghanistan, and California Is Their First Opportunity

Moderna Vaccine Suspended in Japan

Nancy’s Democrats Seek To Destroy American Democracy Once And For All

Americans' confidence in economy slips amid COVID-19 surge: Poll

Larry Elder Receives Major Endorsements Going Into Home Stretch Of Recall Campaign

IDF prepared for war in Gaza: Hamas bears responsibility for what happens

World War III News

Biden must tell Beijing: 'War means instant independence for Taiwan'

As China-Taiwan Tensions Rise, Japan Begins Preparing for Possible Conflict

Landmark Japan-Taiwan ruling party talks yield agreement on coastguard drills

Taiwan, China not engaged in a civil war

Taiwan Spokeswoman Warns China: Quit comparing us to Afghanistan

Taiwan Is Rapidly Preparing for War with China

China warns Taiwan that US withdrawal from Afghanistan is a lesson that the US “won’t help” if war breaks out: Taiwan will “collapse in hours”

Will the U.S. risk war with China to defend Taiwan?

China Threatens the West With Hypersonic Wind Tunnel: Develops World's Fastest Missiles

ReMcCarthy Calls for House to Reconvene and Vote to Delay Afghanistan Withdrawal

Undersea tunnel to drain Fukushima nuclear water


FIFTEEN studies show natural immunity better than vaccines

'4th wave has stopped': Number of seriously ill patients falls

Fla. Treats More Than 10k Patients With Monoclonal Antibody Treatment: And treatments are FREE

‘It was never about safety': Here’s how schools are reportedly using Covid relief funds

Current COVID-19 Outbreak in China Is Controlled: Health Official

Welcome to the forever pandemic

‘Hell, no!’ Chicago union chief says police ready to walkout en masse over Lightfoot’s vaccine mandate

DC Comics turning Superman gay: Part of a trend in comic book industry

Texas Governor Authorizes National Guard to Make Border Arrests

Now they're removing urinals from school bathrooms


"Incompetent Joe" News

Joe Biden impeachment: Could 'sleepy joe' be REMOVED from office?

O’Biden’s U-Turn On Afghanistan A Brazen Attempt To Have Him Come Up Smelling Like A Rose

Security Alert: U.S. Tells Stranded Americans in Afghanistan to Avoid Kabul Airport or ‘Leave Immediately’

At least 10 killed in Kabul airport suicide bombing

Afghan Translator: Baby girl died in my arms after Kabul explosion

Western Troops In Kabul Have To Plan Their Own Evacuation As Deadline Looms

‘Do Not Travel’: UK Warns of ‘Very, Very Credible’ Intelligence on ‘Imminent’ Attack at Kabul Airport

‘This Is a Lie’: Marco Rubio Blasts State Department for Claiming Some Americans Want to Stay in Afghanistan

Antony Blinken: U.S. Doesn’t Know Accurate Number of Stranded or Evacuated Americans

'Almost a Certainty That Americans Will Be Left Behind' Following Suicide Bombings at Kabul Airport

Why Are Empty Planes Leaving Kabul As Americans Remain Stranded

Arab Reports: Thanks to Biden jihadists increase foothold in Middle East

Top Republicans Plan Joint Investigation into Biden’s Afghanistan ‘Fiasco’

Taliban appoints former Guantanamo Bay detainee released under Obama to leadership post in Afghanistan

G7 leaders cannot persuade Biden to delay withdrawal

Jesuit Cardinal Scolds ‘the West’ for Failure to Open Borders to Afghan Refugees

Biden’s Absurdly Cruel Afghan Exit Exposes Left’s Bulwark of Lies

Turkey exploits Afghanistan situation to attack Rojava

Key News

‘Don’t Be Fooled’: Jim Jordan Says Dems Are Ignoring Actual Crises

Imagine No Big Cities

Judges Are Thwarting Biden’s Agenda at the Border

Government Bloat Makes the Nation Less Secure

Jobless Claims Rise for First Time in Five Weeks

Former Football Star Herschel Walker Leaves the ‘Sidelines’ to Kick Off Senate Campaign

Iran's new oil terminal aims to bypass Gulf chokepoint

COVID-19 News

"Take control of the world ... to reduce ... the world to a safe level by a process of benevolent slavery and genocide ... The only alternative left to the world's ruling elite was to increase the death rate ... Dr. Aurelio Peccei of the Club of Rome ... advocated that a plague be introduced that would have the same effect as the Black Death of history." (Bill Cooper, "Behold A Pale Horse", p. 49, 167, Emphasis Added)

NY Gov. Kathy Hochul Admits Andrew Cuomo Covered Up COVID Deaths: 12,000 More Died Than Reported

In France: No Vaccine, No going to Grocery Stores

Japan suspends use of 1.63 mln Moderna vaccine doses

Dr. Fauci must apologize for comments on Hasidic Jews

World War III News

China mobilizes civilian ferries for Taiwan invasion drills

China Launches Massive War Exercises Near Taiwan

Taiwan spends $1.4 billion on warplanes to fight off Chinese invasion

'Breaking their own rules!' China sends warning to US over Afghanistan after Kamela Harris dig

Three U.S. Senators Send Letter Asking Taiwan To Increase Automotive Chip Production

GM Is Parking 1,000 SUVs And Trucks Every Day As It Awaits Chips

‘Biden is happy to see Bennett and not Netanyahu’

Israel/Palestinian War

Palestinian Authority Attacks Journalists

Washington ‘Committed to Israel’s Security’: US Defense Chief Tells Bennett

IDF Bolsters Forces on Border Ahead of Expected Gaza Riots

IDF preparing to strike Iranian nuclear sites as Gantz warns of nuclear capability within months

Hamas Official: Taliban’s expulsion of US legitimizes expulsion of Israeli ‘occupation’

IDF cadet attacked in Galilee, but prevents assailant from stealing rifle

Samaria Leader: Bennett’s limiting of Israeli construction ‘unacceptable’

Qatar receives first batch of US-made F-15 combat planes

New Mexico to cut off water to farmers to repay surrounding states

Atlanta Police Data Shows Rise In Crime

U..S. stocks continue to fly to new heights

Biden triggers attack on U.S. ammo supplies: Wants to banish supplies of ammunition that come from one country, Russia




"Incompetent Joe" News

Marjorie Taylor Green Calls For Kamala Harris To Be Impeached With Joe Biden

Reps. Moulton, Meijer After Surprise Kabul Visit: ‘We Won’t Get Everyone Out on Time, Even by September 11

Biden Admin Incompetence: Blinken can't even name Afghanistan's prez, gives name from 7 years ago

House Democrats Don't Care to Know How Many Americans Remain in Afghanistan

Dem, GOP reps make secret Afghanistan trip, angering US officials

Surrender: Antony Blinken Says U.S. Must Get Taliban Permission to Evacuate Americans

Biden Refuses To Push Back Aug. 31 Deadline Despite G7 Pressure

Afghan evacuation on ‘war footing’ as G7 holds meeting

Sen. Graham says Biden ‘should be impeached’ over Afghanistan withdrawal

Taliban going door-to-door executing Christians

Taliban Is in Possession of US Weapons: But They Have Something Else That's Extremely Concerning

Why Biden Has the CIA and the Pentagon Frothing with Rage

Afghanistan is 'weeks to months' from economic collapse: Experts

Sean Hannity says Biden got bullied into submission by the Taliban

Number of Philippine nationals to exit Afghanistan rises to 182

White House Calls Fox News Host ‘Disgusting’ After Saying Jill Biden ‘Failed’ America

Key News

SCOTUS Reinstates Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy

House passes $3.5T budget framework after 10 Dem moderates cave to Pelosi

The Photograph That Brought an End to 1918's Mask Mandate During Spanish Flu

"Just Say No": there are some things more important than safety, some things dearer even than life

Weak and inadequate, ASEAN yet remains indispensable

ASEAN Is Supernation #9

World War III News

China mobilizes civilian ferries for Taiwan invasion drills

Taiwan Will Fight China in a War For Its Freedom

Taiwan Is Rapidly Preparing for War with China: Will It Be Enough?

How Would China Respond to a Biden Pledge to Defend Taiwan?

How America Can Help Taiwan Defend Itself

World is displeased with China: Pew Research

China says Taiwan courting 'disaster' after pre-election comment on independence

Israel/Palestinian War

On Eve of Meeting Biden, Bennett Rejects Palestinian State, Favors Hard Line on Iran

Israeli PM Bennett’s “new spirit” for his first meeting with Biden is the same old tune

Bennett tells US Congressmen: Preventing a nuclear Iran is America’s interest

20,000 Join Prayer for Recovery of Israeli Officer Shot in Head

Big Shoes to Fill: What the press is saying about that new guy meeting Biden

IDF Prepares For Another 'Day of Rage' On Southern Border

Hamas Demanding ‘Impossible Terms’ as Deadlock With Israel Continues

Fresh balloon assault from Gaza ignites 9 fires

Rabbi Kanievsky: Unvaccinated Teachers Must Not Come to School

Dani Dayan’s Daughter Sings Hatikvah (Quietly) on Temple Mount

Xi calls for deeper China-Russia cooperation

Paypal UK customers given green light to purchase cryptocurrencies

Kathy Hochul Delivers First Address As N.Y. Governor

Jewish Republican Alliance Endorses Larry Elder for Governor in California Recall


Key News

Inflation Hits Highest Since 1974 in Philly Fed Manufacturing Survey: Growth Unexpectedly Slows

House Republican: Nancy Pelosi Pushes $5 Trillion Spending Spree Under Cover of Afghan Chaos

Poll: Majority Say U.S. Headed in the Wrong Direction

Biden Tries to Change the Subject from Afghanistan to ‘Infrastructure’

Trump becomes most vocal ex-president since Teddy Roosevelt: Over 400 statements since WH exit

"Incompetent Joe" News

This Horrible Fiasco Demands Change

Biden Walks Away from Questions About the Thousands of Americans Still Stranded in Afghanistan

Pentagon Spokesman Refuses to Give Specific Number of Americans Evacuated from Afghanistan

Iran Hostage Crisis 2.0? Biden’s Defense Chief Claims US Military Unable to Protect Americans Abandoned in Afghanistan

Taliban says it won’t accept extension to Biden’s Aug. 31 Afghanistan withdrawal deadline

Afghanistan: Iran Confirms Gasoline Sales to the Taliban

Pentagon asks airlines for help moving evacuees: Gunfire, beatings and tear gas, at Kabul Airport

Jen Psaki Insists Americans Are NOT Stranded in Afghanistan

Taliban in U.S. Military Gear Mocks Iconic WWII Photo of Marines Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima

Biden Tells Americans to Visit Wrong Vaccine Website While Reading from Teleprompter

We Mishandled This So Dramatically’: Trump Acting SECDEF Chris Miller On US Withdrawal From Afghan

Even a biased press is calling Biden out on his Afghan debacle

Taliban fighters have created a ‘gauntlet’ outside Kabul’s airport making escape nearly impossible

Vets groups plead for more action from White House on Afghanistan evacuations

Here’s all the US military equipment that likely ended up in Taliban hands

Fauci apologizes for latest gaffe in COVID analysis

Coronavirus Fears Surge Back to 2020 Levels: Putting Recovery at Risk

New Jersey Implementing Vaccinate or Testing Mandate for All Educational Personnel

Vax mandates are a cruel stick to beat people with: They will tear us apart

New York Judges Order Defendants in Minor Crimes Cases to Get Vaccinated Against Coronavirus


Taiwan’s planned US$7 billion missile boost may push PLA to step up combat readiness

As US exits Afghanistan, China’s military conducts assault drills in seas near Taiwan

Will the U.S. risk war with China to defend Taiwan?

Taiwan Wants Paladin Howitzers: Congress Should Say No

Marines will spend 2 years testing the Corps’ new ship-sinking missile: Traveled more than 100 miles, and not in a straight line

Goliath Strikes Back – Furious China Threatens Heroic Little Lithuania for Opening ‘Taiwan’ Office

Outgoing Gov. Cuomo grants clemency to convicted murderers during last hours in office

Cuomo’s ridiculous ‘farewell’ speech shows he hasn’t learned a thing




"Incompetent Joe" News

Blair Blames Afghan Fiasco on Biden’s ‘Imbecilic’ Election Platform

Biden’s Afghan debacle will make for a grim 9/11 anniversary

CBS Poll: Majority of Americans No Longer Believe Biden Is Competent

Biden’s 'Blame-Trump' Game

Biden’s Weakness Will Result in Aggression

The ‘American Taliban’ Bogeyman

33 US military jets to land in Kabul: 20K remain stranded at airport

Pentagon Does Not Deny that U.S. Military Is Buying Fuel From the Taliban to Evacuate People From Afghanistan

Biden Says ‘Terrorists May Seek to Exploit the Situation’ in Afghanistan: Warns of ISIS-K Attacks

Deep State Failure

Trump Administration’s Careful Afghanistan Withdrawal Plans Were Ignored By Biden Regime: Former Trump Aide

CBS Presses Blinken on One of the Most Humiliating Aspects of Afghanistan Debacle

State Department Cable Shows Team Biden Knew Afghan Collapse Was Imminent

Iran Hostage Crisis 2.0? Biden’s Defense Chief Claims US Military Unable to Protect Americans Abandoned in Afghanistan

With US exit, Russia’s power in central Asia grows ever stronger

Evacuation planes using combat landings, decoy flares at Kabul airport

Taliban issues death sentence for brother of Afghan translator

Key News

Trump To Be Reinstated As President Before 2022: 'MyPillow' CEO Lindell Predicts

FDA Fully Approves Pfizer’s Coronavirus Vaccine

FBI Destroys ‘Insurrection’ Lie – No Planning or Coordination to Change Election During Capitol Riot, No Attempted Coup

How Biden Broke NATO

Biden’s inflation-boosting spending will undo his own policy goals

Reject Federal Takeover of Elections—Again

California Investigating Larry Elder’s Financial Disclosure

Antifa, Proud Boys Clash on Portland Streets with Explosives, Weapons

Donald Trump Booed At Own Rally: Encouraging Vaccines Didn't Go Over Well In Alabama

Alabama Doctor Says He Will Not Treat the Unvaccinated

Israel Launches Covid Antibody Tests For Children As Young As 3

The Biggest Concern for Navy Commanding Officers? COVID

Taiwan’s president gets first shot of homemade Covid-19 vaccine amid concerns over its rushed approval

World War III News

China is already taking advantage of Biden’s bungling of Afghanistan: "US protection is always absent when needed”

Premier Su Tseng-chang dismisses Afghan comparison

US’ Harris begins Asia trip amid Afghan debacle

Taiwan Escalates Afghanistan Tiff With Beijing: 'China Dreams of Emulating the Taliban'

To Invade Taiwan, The Chinese Navy Could Mobilize The World’s Biggest Transport Fleet

President Tsai says Taiwan needs to be stronger

China's feverish missile frenzy

US holds no hostile intent toward North Korea, urges for dialogue: nuclear envoy

Korea's strategic importance growing amid US-China tensions

As Cuomo exits, Hochul to take office minus 'distractions'

Cuomo leaves Hochul with staff crisis at Health Department amid COVID

Israel/Palestinian War

Taliban Triumph: Israel, Arab States Can No Longer Depend on US

U.S. Exit From Afghanistan to End 20 Years of Israeli Weapon Deals

Border Police Officer Shot At Gaza Border Is Fighting for His Life

Israel strikes Gaza after border clashes



Afghanistan News

State Department Cable Shows 'Team Biden' Knew Afghan Collapse Was Imminent

Iran Hostage Crisis 2.0? Biden’s Defense Chief Claims US Military Unable to Protect Americans Abandoned in Afghanistan

Biden Keeps US Troops at Kabul Airport While Brits and French Rescue Their Citizens

How Biden Broke NATO: The chaotic Afghan withdrawal has shocked and angered U.S. allies.

With Afghan Collapse, Moscow Takes Charge in Central Asia

Pompeo on Biden’s ‘Tragic’ Afghan Disaster: ‘It Didn’t Have to Be this Way’

US struggles to speed up Kabul airlift, despite Taliban checkpoints and chaos

After Afghan failure, Czech president says no more money for NATO

Demands for Joe Biden’s Resignation Grow During Afghanistan Blunder

Biden to Resume Vacation in Delaware with Americans Still Stranded in Afghanistan

World War III News

Fact: China Wouldn’t Be Threatening Taiwan If Taipei Had Nuclear Weapons

China’s Xi Jinping is forecasting he will invade Taiwan: The US better listen

Will the U.S. risk war with China to defend Taiwan?

China building third missile field for hundreds of new ICBMs

President Tsai says Taiwan needs to be stronger

Taiwan, Japan to hold first-ever security talks

As Covid spreads, U.S. warns citizens not to travel to Turkey

Poll: Biden Job Approval Underwater in Majority of States

PM Bennett’s White House visit amid US Afghan collapse – a chance for gains on the Iranian front


Afghanistan News

China Sees Biden's Weakness: Is Ready to Pounce on Taiwan

'Taliban have Blackhawks!'

State Department Memo Warned of Afghanistan Collapse Back in July

Republican Lawmakers Demand Biden Use ‘All Means Necessary’ to Evacuate Americans from Afghanistan

Biden Plans Exit for Vacation in Delaware After Speech on Afghanistan Disaster

U.N. Report: Taliban Revenge Teams Actively Seeking ‘Targets’

Taliban going house-to-house and hanging those who worked with US. We left them a map: Oliver North

Obama Presidential Center: ‘In Honor of the President and Vice President Responsible for The Deaths Of All Those Left To Die in Afghanistan’

Afghanistan? It's All Trump's Fault!

Trump Calls Biden’s Botched Afghanistan Withdrawal: ‘The Most Embarrassing Moment in Our Country’s History’

Senator Cotton Warns: Biden could face hostage crisis in Afghanistan worse than Tehran

Biden Administration Continues To Tell Fleeing Americans To Pay Their Way Out Of Afghanistan: Hours After Telling The Press Otherwise

Here's the Key Memo on Afghanistan That the Biden White House Ignored Last Month

Taliban's chilling crackdown BEGINS: Faces of women brutally defaced at Kabul beauty salon

Taliban burn down amusement park after enjoying bumper cars

President Biden: Afghan 'Blood on His Hands"

Top House Dem: ‘Makes no sense whatsoever’ to try and rescue Americans outside of Kabul airport

Sen. Graham: Biden should be impeached if Americans are left behind

John McCain Warned of ‘Unqualified’ Antony Blinken — ‘Dangerous to America’

Gov. Ron DeSantis savages Joe Biden for his inability to lead

The Jonestown Approach to Vaccination

World War III News

White House Backtracks: After Biden appears to say US would defend Taiwan against China

China holds live-fire exercises near Taiwan in response to ‘provocations’

China Won't Dial Down Aggression: Taiwan Preparing for the Worst

RED FURY: China threatens Taiwan with ‘immediate war’ amid reports US has 30,000 troops in region as Beijing starts drills

Chinese media warn Taiwanese leaders against acting as ‘strategic pawns’ of US: calls Afghan crisis a ‘lesson’ for them

Australia may be left to battle China 'on their own' - war over Taiwan 'more likely'

Israel/Palestinian War

PM Bennett: If we get vaccinated now, we can avoid a lockdown

Israelis over 40 to receive COVID booster shot starting Sunday

Taliban Triumph: Israel, Arab states can no longer depend on US

Satellite Images Show How Jerusalem Forest Fire Was Caused By Arsonists

FM Lapid: Palestinian state won’t happen while Bennett leads gov’t

IDF Uses Super Hercules Aircraft to Extinguish Jerusalem Wildfires


Breaking News

Police Investigating Active Bomb Threat Near U.S. Capitol

Man gives up after threatening to set off multiple bombs on Capitol Hill

Afghan Women Fear For Their Lives

Taliban Are Rounding Up Afghans On Blacklist

China Won't Dial Down Aggression: Taiwan Preparing for the Worst

China See Biden's Weakness: Is Ready to Pounce on Taiwan

Afghanistan Vet: Every Enemy Knows How to Defeat the United States Now

Syrian media reports Israeli air strike near Damascus

World’s Top Crisis: Joe Biden Incompetency

Trump on Biden: Inconceivable that anybody could be so incompetent

Afghanistan News

Biden’s SECOND Horribly Deceptive Speech on Afghanistan – More Malarkey (Part 1)

Biden’s SECOND Horribly Deceptive Speech on Afghanistan – More Malarkey (Part 2)

Biden’s SECOND Horribly Deceptive Speech on Afghanistan – More Malarkey (Part 3)

Biden: Troops will stay in Afghanistan to evacuate Americans

US State Dept.: 2,000 evacuated from Kabul in 24h by US army

Taliban Official: No Democracy in Afghanistan, Council Will Likely Rule

Taliban moves into Afghanistan presidential palace: Elected president flees

Biden says as many as 15,000 Americans looking to flee Afghanistan

White House Sends Junior Official Kabul Airport to Explain How ‘Mission Was Accomplished’

Video: Chaos At Kabul Airport

Top US General: No one foresaw swift collapse of Afghani army

US contractors rush to get former employees out of Afghanistan

World War III News

War fears surge as China vows to ‘crush’ US troops in Taiwan after Afghan chaos

China Rising, Episode 8: Taiwan a ‘potential flashpoint’ for wider military conflict

China Cautions Japan Against Holding Party-Led Security Talks With Taiwan

China conducts live-fire drills near Taiwan: Chinese media warns island that US 'won't come to help' in a war

China State Media Issues War Warning After GOP Senator Tweets About Troops in Taiwan

Biden Just Handed Afghanistan's Mineral Wealth to China: by Nigel Farage, UK

Watch out, America! A crisis on the Korean peninsula might just be up next...

Huckabee: Democrat policies are not just 'unpopular', 'they're dangerous'

People Who Get 2 COVID-19 Shots Are Fully Vaccinated Without Booster: Surgeon General

Biden Admin Recommends COVID-19 Booster Shots: Will Start Wide Distribution on Sept. 20

Sydney lockdown fines hiked to $3,700


National security expert gives dire warning about the rise of terrorism

Texas Ban on Common 2nd-Trimester Abortion Method Upheld by Appeals Court

U.S. State Dept. extends support for Lithuania in China controversy

US food stamp recipients to see 25% jump in benefits

Israel/Palestinian War

Hezbollah taunts Israel with announcement of Iranian shipment

Hamas Leader Threatens Israel, Boasts About ‘Strategic’ Ties to Iran

Israeli Journalist Participates in Regular, Uninterrupted Afternoon Prayer on Temple Mount

Fire reignites in Jerusalem Hills


Democrats exposed as the 'party of crime'



World War III News

China's state-affiliated Global Times warns Taiwan: Afghan chaos is an 'omen' for the island

China threatens Taiwan with ‘immediate war’: Amid reports US has 30,000 troops in region

China holds assault drills near Taiwan after 'provocations'

China send 11 warplanes into Taiwan’s airspace during war games and threatens ‘immediate’ invasion

China warns Taiwan it should be ‘trembling’ as the US ‘won’t protect you’ from invasion leading to WW3 fears

China takes US withdrawal from Afghanistan as an opportunity for some sabre-rattling in Taiwan

'Don't Be Delusional': Taiwan Warns China Amid Afghanistan Comparisons

China holds assault drills near Taiwan after 'provocations'

China Warplanes Set New Record for Intrusions in Taiwan's Air Defense Zone

Deep State Intelligence Turns on Joe Biden After Afghanistan Failure

Congress Desperately Tries to Save Americans Joe Biden Abandoned in Afghanistan

30,000 US soldiers stationed in Taiwan, now ready for war vs China – Senator John Cornyn (R-TX)


Afghanistan News

Osama bin Laden Died 12/13/2001 (Subject #-V)

Taliban acquires US military biometric devices that can identify Afghans who assisted coalition efforts

The Afghan Taliban have changed 'drastically' since they were last in power 20 years ago

Taliban pledge peace and women's rights under Islam as they strike conciliatory tone

How Joe Biden Armed the Taliban

Afghanistan: Taliban Opens Fire on Hundreds of Protesters

After Afghan Fiasco, Europe Finally Realizes That Joe Biden Is a Total Moron on Foreign Policy

Taliban ask the world to trust them in lengthy press conference on women's rights, fears of revenge

Afghanistan’s neighbors nervously watch Taliban’s takeover as jihadists celebrate

Biden once said ‘F–k that’ on US obligation to stay in Afghanistan

Biden Told Diplomat ‘F*ck That’ When Asked About Duty to Afghanistan’s Women and Girls

George W. Bush: ‘Cut the Red Tape for Refugees’ from Afghanistan

Polling Shows Majority Blame Biden for Afghanistan, Trump Would Win Re-Vote

Tucker: We are led by buffoons, everything they touch turns to chaos

Analysis: More aggressive Tehran ready to pounce on Afghanistan

Rep. Green joins calls for resignations of Biden officials: 'Nothing but failure from this administration'

With US credibility gashed by Kabul fiasco, Israel may be bruised by association

After Afghan defeat, West must realize that not everyone wants democracy with ‘Netflix & LGBT marches’ – senior Ukrainian official

American missiles & choppers abandoned to Taliban by troops in Afghanistan could fall into Russia’s hands: Ex-President Trump

Russia, China, Iran, Pakistan Extend Hands to Taliban

‘Clown World’: Taliban on Twitter, But Trump Banned

Watch out, America! A crisis on the Korean peninsula might just be up next...

S.Korea, U.S. to begin joint military drills despite N.Korea rebuke

Israel/Palestinian War

One State or Two States?

PM Bennett orders IDF not to respond to Gaza rocket attack

IDF Allegedly Strikes Syrian Army Observation Point Manned by Iranian Proxies

2 Gaza rockets fired at south in first major attack since May flareup

Jerusalem hills fire completely under control

Israel and Jordan sign agricultural agreement ahead of Sabbatical year

Iran succeeding in producing uranium metal: Israel demands intl. action

OPEC Delivers Another Embarrassment for Joe Biden

White liberals lowering education standards to ‘help’ black students are actually condemning them to be failures

Afghanistan News

Osama bin Laden Died 12/13/2001 (Subject #-V)

"Swift and Forceful?" Biden describes Taliban takeover, not American evac, of Afghanistan

Trump Rips Biden’s Speech: ‘It’s the Grossly Incompetent Way We Left!’

‘A Pitiful, Helpless Giant’

Our Military Is A Woke Joke

Biden Couldn’t Have Screwed Up The Afghanistan Exit More If he’d Tried

"This Is Manifestly Not Saigon" and Our Society of Lies

UN Security Council Holds Useless Meeting on Afghanistan

The Fall of Kabul 2021 Reminds Me of the Fall of Saigon-1975

Biden on Vacation, Psaki ‘Out of Office’: As Taliban Takes Over Afghanistan

Shocking Footage Shows Afghans Dropping From Planes Leaving Kabul

U.S. Hastens Evacuation Process as Afghanistan Collapses

Biden's Incredibly Shrunken Presidency

White House Limited Number of Journalists Allowed for Biden's Afghanistan Speech

Hollywood Celebrities Blame Trump for Biden’s Disastrous Withdrawal from Afghanistan

Democrats Beg Joe Biden: Open U.S. Borders to Flood of Afghan Refugees

Key News

George Soros: Xi Jinping Is the ‘Most Dangerous Enemy’ of the Free World

China Celebrates ‘Complete Humiliation’ of U.S. in Afghanistan

Sen. Scott Float Biden’s Ouster: ‘Has Time Come to Exercise the Provisions of the 25th Amendment?’

Biden regime discusses setting up highway checkpoints to mandate vaccines for interstate travel across the United States

'Squad' Member Who Wanted to 'Cancel Rent' Received Thousands in Rental Income in 2020


Afghanistan News

Lesson of Afghanistan Debacle: No More Nation Building

'America Last': Pentagon won't give priority to Americans in Afghanistan evacuation

White House Posts Photo of Feeble Joe Biden Sitting Alone as Afghanistan Falls to Taliban

Republican Calls Biden 'Obviously Incompetent'

Joining others, Denmark, Norway evacuate embassies in Afghanistan

Taliban moves into Afghanistan presidential palace: Elected president flees

More Marines arrive in Kabul to aid urgent embassy airlift amid Taliban advance

About 8,000 US troops are deploying to secure evacuations from Kabul

Biden to order all US troops out of Afghanistan by Sept. 11

Kabul Mayor: US withdrawal from Afghanistan 'not brave'

Concerns over US terror threats rising, more troops deployed as Taliban takes over

Secy. Blinken: We’d Be Back At War With The Taliban If We Hadn’t Withdrawn From Afghanistan Now

China courts the Taliban in Afghanistan

Afghans Storm Kabul’s Airport in Desperate Bid to Escape

Fall of Afghanistan Shows Israel Must Rely on Itself, Warns Former Israeli Ambassador

Propaganda expert warns of global COVID psyop

Global supply chains are being battered by fresh Covid-19 surges

Eleven Senate Democrats Vote Against COVID Tests For Illegal Immigrants at the Southern Border

Israeli Hospital Director: 'A lockdown won't change anything'

Justice Amy Coney Barrett Refuses to Hear Case of Indiana University’s Vaccine Mandate

Pentagon Mandates Vaccines For Troops

Arrival of Lambda variant would force lockdown, Health Ministry warns

The Drug War at Sea Is Getting Bigger and Bigger

(Three) 3 volcanoes located along Alaska's Pacific 'Ring of Fire' are erupting at the same time

Meet Tori Cooper: 1st Black trans woman on the presidential HIV council

Israel/Palestinian War

Education minister’s adviser shot dead outside his Galilee village home

Homes evacuated, roads closed as wildfire surges toward Jerusalem

Gaza terror group takes responsibility for rocket fire

Mista’arvim Kill 4 Arabs in Jenin Shootout

Gaza terror group fires rocket at Israel, first since May operation

Armed Palestinian Terrorist Wearing IDF Uniform Captured On Way to Attack

US Watchdog Accuses Biden Administration of ‘Cover-Up of PA’s Support for Terror’

Hamas praises Taliban takeover of Afghanistan: ‘A crowning victory’

Poland-Israel war of words escalates as relations deteriorate

World War III News

Taiwan Considers Seat at Joe Biden's Democracy Summit Amid Warnings Out of China

Why the next major war is likely to start in Taiwan

Taiwan coast guard seizes Chinese oil ship

Would America Threaten China With A Nuclear War Over Taiwan?

Why Did China Just Threaten Japan With Nuclear War?

To Beat China In The Gray Zone, You Have To Be There


Cuba to allow limited ownership of small businesses


Key News.

‘Their Collective’ Comes for Our Republic

Why Andrew Cuomo REALLY Resigned

History Made: Mexico Just Sued Ten U.S. Gun Makers For Gun Violence

Federal Court Rules Biden Administration’s Termination of the Migrant Protection Protocols Was Illegal

DHS's Mayorkas: ‘Impact of Climate Change,’ ‘Surging’ U.S. Economy Are Some Reasons for High Number of Border Crossings

COVID-19 News

To ensure continued supplies, Moderna to build Canadian vaccine plant

False vaccinations cards for college students easily obtainable online

Biden Looking to Override COVID Policy in Red States

China fires, demotes officials due to spreading Covid Delta variant

Obama Variant: Martha’s Vineyard Hit with Coronavirus Spike After Superspreader Birthday Party

Delusional Los Angeles officials push new rule to STARVE OUT the unvaccinated by denying them access to retail grocery stores

World War III News

Senators highlight national security threats from China during rare public hearing

China’s Strategy To Control The South China Sea: Defense Of The Indefensible

US backs Lithuania amid China threat over Taiwan issue

US invites allies to engage with Taiwan

North Korea warns of retaliation for U.S.-S. Korea military exercises

Israel/Palestinian War

Is Israel Headed Towards War With Iran?

Ex-Intelligence Official Approves of Muslim Mossad Chief

Our Government of Shame

PM Bennett: Vaccinate on Shabbat & at night, it's a matter of saving of lives

IDF shoots down Hezbollah drone

US pressuring Israel to open Palestinian consulate in Jerusalem

IDF revolutionizes recruitment: Announces new AI-driven scoring system

Newly appointed Iranian minister complicit in bombing of Jewish center in Argentina

Partitioning Afghanistan Would Be A Historic Mistake

With Taliban at the gates of Kabul, Al Qaeda and ISIS also set for comeback

U.S. Embassy Staff in Kabul Told to Destroy Computers, Sensitive Documents

Biden Heads to Camp David for Extended Five-Day Vacation as Afghanistan Falls Apart

Biden’s Afghanistan Withdrawal Is Looking Like A Disaster

US to evacuate nationals from Afghanistan

Biden ‘dangling aid’ to 9/11 terrorists, to prevent attacks on Americans

Biden to Unleash a Wave of Jussie Smolletts on America

Why An A-10 Warthog Landed On A Michigan Highway (On Purpose)

6.9 magnitude earthquake strikes Alaska

Major 7.2 earthquake strikes off coast of Haiti

Why Did Cuomo Visit the Child Prostitution Capitol of the Hemisphere?


Key News.

Consumer Sentiment Crashes to Lowest Level in 10 Years

Why Do Capitol Hill Police Keep Turning Up Dead?

Biden Weighs Mandating Vaccines for Interstate Travel

Consumer Sentiment Crashes to Lowest Level in 10 Years

The Justice Department’s ‘Troubling’ Discovery Delays

Biden’s $3.5 Trillion Budget Plan Is Way Better Than A $1,400 Stimulus Check

OR Gov. Brown: Impacts of Climate Change Are ‘Absolutely’ a Public Health Emergency Like COVID Is

Maskless CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo Seen Boogying Down in Hamptons Nightclub

Texas Dept. of Family and Protective Services: Sex-Change for Minors Is Child Abuse

R.I.N.O. Republicans: Silence of the Shepherds

Here’s what will happen to US troops who refuse mandatory COVID-19 vaccines

Olympic Games Remind Us of the Necessity of Nationalism

India’s First Homemade Aircraft Carrier Passes Its First Big Test

The U.S. Sea Services (Navy, Marines, Coast Guard): Preparing For Great Power War

Are Russia And NATO Headed For A Black Sea Showdown?

20 To 1: That’s How Many Enemy Fighters Just One F-35 Can Kill In A Wargame

'70s Return: Biden Takes US Back to Runaway Inflation, Embarrassing Embassy Troop Withdrawal

Biden's Afghanistan bug out is being done all wrong



Key News.

American Armageddon

How Progressives Rewrote American History

As Cuomo Resigns, Fresh Calls From N.Y. Dems To Pursue Nursing Home Deaths Pours In

L.A. City Council Unanimously Votes Vaccination Requirement for Indoor Public Spaces

Biden White House Admits: We Are Not Trying to Increase Domestic Oil Production to Lower Gas Prices

Republican Betrayal on Fake Infrastructure Bill

Ayanna Pressley Takes Victory Lap, Declares ‘Climate Justice Is Infrastructure’: After GOP Caves to Biden Hoax Bill


Do black Americans commit more crime?

Robin Comes Out as Bisexual in DC Comics

Top Israeli Health Official: Vaccinated Account For 95% Of Severe And 85-90% Of New Covid Hospitalizations

Fauci: 'Inevitable' everyone will need 3rd vaccine dose

Biden Seeking to Overrule States on School Mask Mandates

U.S. Employers Get Religion With Vaccine Mandates

Olympics-South Australia Stands Firm On Double Quarantine For Returning Olympians

Dixie Fire Forces Evacuees Into Parking Lots

CIA Director in Israel: Iran at Top of Agenda

VP Harris Congratulates President Herzog: Stresses Commitment to 2-State Solution

Foreign Minister Lapid Lands in Morocco to Strengthen Ties: Launch Mission in Rabat


Breaking News

Texas Supreme Court Rules Dems Who Break Quorum Can Be Arrested

Racial Inequities in Police Stops

Bidenflation: Real Hourly Pay Suffers One of the Worst Collapses Ever

Rand Paul urges Americans to ignore COVID guidelines: 'They can't arrest us all'

An Early Warning Cartoon from the 1930s – How to Take Over the World – This is Their Plan To Control YOU!

AR-15 Owners to Fingerprint, Submit Photos to Federal Registry: Under Proposed Democrat Bill

Racial Inequities in Police Stops: Facts Undercut the Myth

Key News.

Bidenflation: Real Hourly Pay Suffers One of the Worst Collapses Ever

Rand Paul urges Americans to ignore COVID guidelines: 'They can't arrest us all'

Resignation of New York governor ends Cuomo dynasty

Cuomo is being forced out by the wrong scandal

Kathy Hochul Will Be Replacing Andrew Cuomo as Governor

How States Could Constitutionally Assume Abandoned Responsibilities of the National Government

New COVID Restrictions Won’t Stop, Until We Make It Stop

With Republicans Like These, Who Needs Democrats?

An Early Warning Cartoon from the 1930s – How to Take Over the World – This is Their Plan To Control YOU!

‘Ruthless’ Antifa Attack Christians, Children at Prayer Event in Portland: NO POLICE INTERVENTION

Appellate Court Overturns Pre-Trial Detention for J6 Detainee

Chicago Police Turn Backs on Mayor Lightfoot During Hospital Visit to Wounded Officer

Democrat in a Major Swing District Calls it Quits Ahead of 2022

The Most Educated Are Among the Most Vax Hesitant: Researchers Find

Experts Warn: Lockdown or Forced Inoculation

Group of Oregon bars agree to require Covid vaccinations for entry

Students ask U.S. Supreme Court to block university's vaccine order

Amid US Afghan withdrawal, Chinese, Russian militaries hold drill in northwest China

Stealth vs Firepower? Packing More Air-to Air Missiles on US and Japanese Jet Fighters

Watch: 'shock trials' rock aircraft carrier: Gerald Ford

World War III News

The US Is Ready’: INDOPACOM leader confident in armed forces’ ability to defend Taiwan

Blinken’s Warning on China’s Nukes: Her growing ICBM arsenal is finally on the Administration’s radar

US and China clash at UN over South China Sea disputes

Taiwan thanks US as arms approved

Chinese voice objections to U.S. sales of artillery to Taiwan

Nearly 90 percent of public identify with being called 'Taiwan': Poll Reveals

N Korea repeats threat as US says joint military drills are defensive

North Korea vows stronger attack capabilities over US-S Korea military drills

Blinken tells Asian countries of U.S. concerns over Chinese nukes

Overloaded van with migrants crashes in Texas, 10 dead

Afghan army chief changed amid Taliban offences

Robin explores his bisexuality in new Batman comic


Key News

Top Israeli Health Official: Vaccinated Account For 95% Of Severe And 85-90% Of New Covid Hospitalizations

Andrew Cuomo Announces Resignation as Governor of New York

BREAKING: Gov. Andrew Cuomo Finally Resigns

‘Nancy Pelosi Will Announce that She’s Stepping Down’

Bidenflation: Real Hourly Pay Suffers One of the Worst Collapses Ever

Bloomberg Gun Control Group Spends $3 Million Grooming Political Candidates

Pelosi’s Contemptible Fraud

Iran's President Raisi: “Palestine No. 1 issue of the Muslim world”

Senate Passes Hefty $1.2 Trillion 'Infrastructure' Package

If Democrats Succeed on Their Latest Agenda Item, We're Done As a Country

Florida Department of Health Calls Out CDC for Screwing Up State's Covid Count

Arizona AG Demands Sec. Mayorkas to Stop Releasing COVID-Positive Immigrants into the State

Is America Becoming a Failed State?

BOMBSHELL: Expert Cyber Team Confirms Votes Can Be Altered From Overseas

VIDEO BOMBSHELL: Antifa Terrorists Violently Attack Christian Families

Why is Fatah Boasting About Palestinian Authority Security Forces Committing Terror?

The Fall of Afghanistan Is Biden’s Inheritance From 9/11

US sends B52s to bomb Taliban after Joe Biden humiliated - major Afghan city falls

South China Sea tensions boil over as Biden and Harris throw down gauntlet to Beijing


Key News

What the Devil? U.S. turns to dark side as Americans make Satan mainstream

Nancy Pelosi’s Secret Police

Cuba’s Failed Communism Led to Protests

Fairfax County (VA) Tells Second-Graders They Should Feel Safe With No Police

Chinese Paramilitary Trained Cuban Security Forces Responsible for Suppressing Protesters

18 Senate Republicans Put So-Called Infrastructure Bill on Glide Path to Passing

Mayor Lori Lightfoot Blames ‘Guns’ After Chicago Officer’s Death

Minnesota Supreme Court Upholds State’s Gun-Carrying Law

California’s Dixie Fire Grows Into 2nd Largest in State History

China’s Communists Demand Concessions From Washington While Committing Thievery

Taliban fighters continue swift takeover of Afghan cities, government sites

How to permanently delete Facebook

COVID-19 News

Johns Hopkins Professor: COVID Infection Provides More Immunity Than Vaccines

COVID Hysteria: "On Dangerous Ground"

COVID restriction tightening 'chipping away' at civil liberties

Black and Hispanic New Yorkers Weigh Pros and Cons of de Blasio’s Vaccine Passport

WH Says 50 Percent of Americans Now Fully Vaccinated

Minneapolis Public Schools Order Mask Mandate: Regardless of vaccination status

Annual motorcycle rally in Sturgis, SD will likely cause a surge of new COVID-19 cases: Fauci Warns

Hundreds Protest Vaccination Mandates in Michigan

Will an Israeli Vaccine be the Solution to New Variants?

Shock executive order greenlights quarantines, involuntary commitment amid COVID fears

Thousands of COVID-positive migrants have inundated just 1 Texas city

Bill Maher Tells ‘Sleaze’ Andrew Cuomo to Resign: ‘They’re Going to Impeach Him if He Doesn’t Leave’

Sheriff Makes Huge Announcement on Investigation of Andrew Cuomo

Cuomo Accuser Commisso: What Gov. Cuomo ‘Did to Me Was a Crime’


In handling Iran, covid, Bennett’s hands are tied by airtight sync with US

Hezbollah has not been deterred

IDF Names Hezbollah Terrorist Who Fired Rockets at Israel

Lebanese Civilians Fed Up With Being Hezbollah’s Human Shields

EU: Iran clearly behind attack on Israeli tanker

Bahraini Diplomat Visits Israel, Blasts Iran Nuclear Deal

Ben & Jerry’s Board Chair Supported Radical Palestinian NGO

Blood Money: The PA Has Paid $1,183,257 to the Terrorists Behind the Sbarro’s Massacre

Lebanon’s Economy Quickly Collapsing Amid Hyperinflation, Power Outages

Climate Change Propaganda

UN Report: Global warming a ‘code red for humanity’

Humanity almost entirely to blame for hotter Earth

Upcoming IPCC climate report and why it’s a big deal

Firefighters try to stop Greek island blaze from reaching thick forest

California’s ‘Dixie Fire’ now second-worst in state history

Men Will Soon Outnumber Women Because So Many Girls Have Been Killed in Sex-Selection Abortions

The chip shortage is getting worse

At least 45 people shot in Chicago in a single night of violence


Key News

Ammunition shortage in U.S. follows largest-ever sales of firearms

Hizballah joins Iran offensive with 19 rockets against N. Israel – most knocked out by Iron Dome & Patriots

DoD pledges militarywide alignment on electromagnetic spectrum ops

CCP China is Hacking Putin’s Russia – And the Kremlin Isn’t Pleased

Apple’s Well-Intentioned but Extremely Dangerous New Threat to iPhone Users’ Privacy

Gov. DeSantis Smacks Down Biden Again: ‘What Else Has He Forgotten?'

The US Is Ready’: INDOPACOM leader confident in armed forces’ ability to defend Taiwan

Why the next major war is likely to start in Taiwan

Taiwan Will Fight China in a War For Its Freedom

Taiwan thanks US as arms approved

China Threatens U.S. Over Taiwan Arms Sale, War Games: ‘Hunting Rifles Ready Against the Wolves’

TENSIONS FLARE: WW3 fears as China stages massive ‘Taiwan invasion’ drills and boasts it would defeat US and UK in any conflict

China's Taiwan ambitions could drag Japan and US into war with Asian power

New Kestrel rocket to be tested on Pratas Island

US passes bill to support Taiwan's participation in WHO

Pineapple ban flops as Japan steps up

Taiwan, Israel deepen friendship, expand exchanges

MOFA condemns China for bullying Arab Times into deleting Foreign Minister Wu interview

COVID-19 News

Rep. Mark Green: Mandatory Vaccines for Troops Before FDA Approval Is ‘Against the Law’

Not Being Vaccinated Same as Drunk Driving — They Are Endangering Others’ Health

Ireland's restaurants required to check Covid passes of customers

To enforce quarantine, Japan to name, shame those violating rules

Tokyo Olympics has shown it's possible to keep pandemic away'

SF sheriff’s deputies threaten to quit over COVID-19 vaccine mandate

Kansas lawmaker tests positive for COVID-19 after being vaccinated

Dixie Fire becomes third-largest in California history

Subway franchisees are fed up with Megan Rapinoe’s TV ads

‘Shooting up all day long’: New records reveal rampant drug use at Bronx park

CENTCOM: Iran behind drone attack on tanker off coast of Oman

Israel/Palestinian War

Hezbollah Takes Credit for ‘Dozens of Rockets’ Launched at IDF Outpost, Threatens to Fire on Haifa

Druze Arabs in southern Lebanon seize Hezbollah rocket launcher

IDF General Asks Gazans: Are the arsonist balloons really worth it?

Petach Tikva Stabbing Now Believed to be Terror Attack

Top Israel and US Officials Meet Ahead of Possible Strike on Iran

Saudi Prince Praises Abraham Accords, Slams Iran

Israel’s currency strong as ever; can it last?

Michael Herzog, president’s brother, said to be next Israeli ambassador to Washington


Key News

California wildfire incinerates historic town of Greenville: "We lost Greenville"!

3 lessons for forest towns as wildfire destroys historic Greenville, California

Tanks Are Vulnerable Against Drones. Congress Wants a Fix, Stat

Payrolls Disaster? ADP Report Shows Hiring Falling Far Short of Expectations

Economy stimulated when banks relaxed lending standards, says Fed

Democrats’ Hypocrisy Is Now Impossible To Ignore

Same DOJ That Dropped Charges Against Rioters Now Opens Investigation Into Phoenix Police

Why Congress Won’t Investigate the 2020 Summer Riots

Biden's Eviction Comments Create a Constitutional 'Pickle'

Woke madness at the American Medical Association: Organization demands newborn’s sex be left off birth certificates

Coming Soon: America's Own Social Credit System

Mass Starvation: Biblical droughts on track to destroy U.S. crops, cattle… with unprecedented food shortages and price hikes to follow

7,000 Border Crossers Test Positive for COVID in McAllen, Texas

Cori Bush (D-MO) Defends Hiring Private Security: Still Says ‘We Need to Defund the Police’

Cori Bush Defends Use of Private Security While Calling to Defund the Police: "I'm too important'

After latest flight test failure, US Air Force hopes to keep first hypersonic missile on track for production

World War III News

Shoot It Staight On Taiwan

China reportedly converted civilian ferries for amphibious assault operations

China’s Nuclear Threat Against Japan: Hybrid Warfare and the End of Minimum Deterrence

Congress Wants To Cut Guam Defenses

For What Will We Go to War With China?

U.S. arms sales to Taiwan -- dirty deal, dangerous provocation

COVID-19 News

CNN Fires Three Employees for Refusing Vaccination

Call the COVID Hysteria What It Is

Biden’s DHS Admits: ‘Significantly Increased Rates’ of COVID-Positive Border Crossers Arriving in U.S.

White House Considers Withholding Federal Money to Pressure People to Take Vaccine

Now Americans are signing petition to jail 'anti-vaxxers': If they refuse to take shot, 'we'll arrest them'

U.S. citizens told not to travel to Ireland as Covid variant surges

To enforce quarantine, Japan to name, shame those violating rules

United Airlines to Require Vaccinations for All US Employees

Gov. DeSantis Hits Back at Biden: 'Virus Coming Through ‘Wide Open’ Southern Border'

‘Manageable’: Few Deaths Despite Jump in Reported COVID-19 Cases, Hospitalizations in Florida, DeSantis

U.S. archdiocese mandates COVID injections for all school staff

TYRANNY DOWN UNDER: Australia sends out cops, choppers to enforce coronavirus rules

Leftists’ Vaccine Passports Are RACIST — Under the Left’s Own Thinking

Top Israeli Professor Conducts Double-Blind Study That Seems to Confirm a Potential Antiviral Drug for COVID

Former Pfizer VP warns childbearing-age women: ‘Do not accept these vaccines’

Vaccine Disaster Ahead: Pro vaccine scientist sounds the alarm! “vaccines Must be stopped now to save humanity"!

Group Pleads with Federal Judge to Take Immediate Action and Stop Biden's 'Unlawful' Order

Israel/Palestinian War

IDF conducting 'extensive' attacks in Lebanon

Hizballah joins Iran offensive with 19 rockets against N. Israel – most knocked out by Iron Dome & Patriots

Dozens of Rockets Fired at Northern Israel: Iron Dome Activated

General Kochavi talks to US Centcom chief about drone strike on Israeli ship

King Abdullah's unfortunate intransigence

Envoy will first need to root out anti-Semitism in the Democratic Party

Why Is Male Fertility Declining?

So-Called Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Creates No ‘Significant’ Economic Growth

BBC Woman’s Hour Asks ‘Should There be Age-Appropriate Porn’ for Children?


Key News

Left’s lauded 1619 Project largely ignores at least one hugely significant historical fact: Role of Democrat Party in Slavery

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson Pardons Mark and Patricia McCloskey

Biden’s ‘Infrastructure’ Bill Is Actually Just a Backdoor Government Spy Network: Setting up the intense surveillance on individuals required for Dictatorship to function

American tech sector keeps blowing away the rest of the world

Defense Minister Gantz: Iran is 10 weeks away from being capable of nuclear weapon

US aircraft saw suspected Iranian gunmen take something from a hijacked tanker during 7-hour incident

Rising Tensions Over The Nile River Basin [Updated]

Iraq's Growing Water Crisis

Democrat Women Gather in D.C. to Discuss Kamala Harris Media Crisis

Biden admits he is proudly and deliberately breaking the law

Wildfire leaves California town in ashes: 'We lost Greenville'

Former Obama Official Demands ‘a No-Fly List for Unvaccinated Adults

‘WalkOutWednesday’ to Protest Forced Vaccinations at Jobs, Schools

Why China’s Aircraft Carrier Fleet Should Worry The U.S. Navy

Taiwan thanks US for approving $750 mn howitzer sale

U.S. Wrestler Tamyra Mensah-Stock Praises God, America After Winning Gold

ADP Report Shows Hiring Falling Far Short of Expectations


Key News

Mystery Surrounds Latest Police Suicides Linked to January 6: Four Officers Now Dead

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson Pardons Mark and Patricia McCloskey

British Government calls for national list of homeschooled children

Former Wis. Sheriff Calls For Election Audits

DOJ Warns States Not To Pursue Their Own Arizona-Style Election Audits: Up to one year in prison

Pentagon On Lockdown After ‘Shooting Incident’

Left’s lauded 1619 Project largely ignores at least one hugely significant historical fact: Role of Democrat Party in Slavery

Biden’s ‘Infrastructure’ Bill Is Actually Just a Backdoor Government Spy Network: Setting up the intense surveillance on individuals required for Dictatorship to function

Albany County DA Soares: Gov Cuomo Under Criminal Investigation

Biden finally says Cuomo should resign hours after blistering harassment report

De Blasio: Cuomo ‘Should Face Criminal Charges’ and Needs to ‘Be Impeached As Quickly as Possible’

Media Turns on Cuomo After Report Finds Sexual Harassment Claims Credible

These are the women who were sexually harassed by Andrew Cuomo: AG report

Cuomo Sacrifices Political Elites in Attempt to Save Face: Memo Implies 'Look, I'm Not the Only One'

The ‘Forever Wars’ aren’t really ending under President Biden

Afghan army tells civilians to flee city under siege

Democrats Escalate Attacks Against Republican Colleagues

Israeli Professor: High Likelihood of Extraterrestrial Life

Seized tanker heads for Iran; four ships immobilized in mysterious “incident”

Israel to start fortifying buildings along northern borders

Three rockets fired from Lebanon into northern Israel

Defense Minister Gantz: Iran is 10 weeks away from being capable of nuclear weapon

US has no right to lecture Russia over Crimea while it wholeheartedly backs Israel’s illegal occupation of Syria’s territory: Russian Think-Tank



World War III News

Should StratCom worry about China's 'Bouncy Castles of Death'?

As China’s Military Might Rises, the US Must Master Change to Prepare for Next War

Trio of exercises had soldiers and airmen island-hopping in the Pacific this summer

German warship heads for South China Sea amid tension with Beijing

U.S. doctors' groups endorse COVID-19 vaccines for pregnant women

Why is Taiwan not called Taiwan at the Olympics?

COVID-19 News

Criticizing scientists like Fauci could soon become 'hate crime'

Too Many Coincidences: Probable that Lab Leak in Wuhan Led to the COVID-19 Outbreak

Israel's Return to lockdown imminent as infections spike continues?

New COVID-19 Mandates: No Science Behind Them

New York City Mandating COVID-19 Vaccination for Restaurants, Gyms, Performances

District of Columbia Mayor Muriel Bowser photographed with celebrities at maskless party mere hours after announcing strict mask mandate

Tyson Foods company mandates COVID vaccines for all workers

Graphs: Sweden never shut down or masked up: America did and liberals will hate the results

Britain To Offer COVID Shots To All 16- And 17-Year-Olds

Mask mandates meet resistance

Biden Blames Texas, Fla. For COVID ‘Surge’ After Flooding U.S. With Over 100k Untested, Unquarantined Illegal Aliens

As Biden Admin Allows Covid Positive Migrants Into Country CDC Extends Trump-era Border Restrictions

Socialism fails at the ballot box: So Biden uses CDC to eliminate property rights

A year after we learned COVID rarely harms kids, Biden official tells vaccinated parents to keep masks on to protect them

Rand Paul on NIH chief’s mask-at-home remark: How can smart people ‘say such stupid things?’

Nightmare sex allegation: Soros' right-hand man claimed to rape daughter, had hideous sex dungeon

Iraq's Growing Water Crisis

Iraq -- Ancient Babylon -- is nearing the End Times' final annihilating judgment just as God foretold 2,700 years ago in Isaiah 13


Key News

January 6 was not an Insurrection in America

COVID-19 Is The Murder of Old People

CBS Slaps Down Fauci: CDC Claims Vaccinated Are Spreading COVID in Large Numbers

Archbishop Vigano: COVID Vaccine is a Human Sacrifice to Satan

Secret UK COVID Plan Would Deny Medical Care to Premature Babies and Elderly People

Former Planned Parenthood Director Now Calls Abortion the “Death Penalty” for Unborn Children

Fauci: US Likely Won’t Go Into Lockdown Over COVID-19 Delta Variant

Fauci: People who got COVID should still get vaccinated

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA): Killing Babies in Abortion Protects the “Functioning of Our Democracy”

Meet Deanna: The Hyde Amendment Saved Her Life from Abortion

Christian College Goes to Supreme Court to Fight for Its Right to Hire Only Christian Professors

Jim Banks (N) Slams Democrat ‘Infrastructure’ Bill: ‘Essentially a Green New Deal Lite’

Made in the USA or Made in China? The Glaring Problem with Biden’s Infrastructure Bill

So-Called ‘Infrastructure’ Bill Includes Racial Quotas for Broadband

Another Partisan Stunt by the U.S. Capitol Police

Dem Groups to Spend $100m During Recess to Promote Biden Agenda

First Iranian kamikaze drone against Israeli tanker

A US aircraft carrier and destroyer escort the Israel ship attacked by an Iranian drone, to safety

Khamenei slams door on US nuclear talks: Increases regional aggression

Jerusalem suburb evacuated as blaze rages out of control


Key News

Black supremacy group demands white parents stop sending their kids to college to “make room” for black students: No education for whites

Bipartisan ‘Infrastructure’ Bill Defines ‘Gender Identity’ as Protected Class

Bipartisan So-Called ‘Infrastructure’ Bill 2,700 Pages Long

Bipartisan ‘Infrastructure’ Bill Allows Feds to Bypass ‘Buy American’ Rules: Outsource U.S. Manufacturing

‘Infrastructure’ Bill Caters to ‘Climate Change’ with State-Mandated Carbon Reduction Programs

New home sales drop to lowest level since pandemic began: As engineered economic implosion spreads

Pension funds are buying up entire neighborhoods of single family homes: Contributing to America’s housing crisis

World War III News

China invasion of Taiwan would be on 'ultra-mega' scale: Defy 'human comprehension'

China doesn't scare us! Furious UK fires back after Beijing's nuke threat to Japan

South China Sea row erupts as Beijing threatens to 'expel' UK warships in retaliatory move

US military changing strategy after losing simulated war with China

TENSIONS FLARE: WW3 fears as China stages massive ‘Taiwan invasion’ drills

Obama Plans Monster 60th Birthday Bash at Martha’s Vineyard: Outdoors at 30-acre estate


Fauci: Amount of Virus in COVID-19 Breakthrough Delta Cases ‘Almost Identical’ to Unvaccinated

GOP Says Wuhan Lab Leak Source of CCP Virus

Florida Breaks Record in COVID-19 Cases, Hospitalizations: Numbers Reported to Rise Across US

BRANDED Like Cattle: In one California city, “fully vaccinated” people now have to wear a visible sticker if they decide to avoid wearing a mask

CDC, FDA faked “covid” testing protocol: Used human cells mixed with common cold virus fragments… PCR tests are merely detecting the common cold

Bill Gates- and George Soros-Backed Organization Buys Out COVID-19 Testing Company (If you control reporting, you can control the people)




UFO's / Aliens

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