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December 6, 2019       


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Breaking News

House approves resolution supporting 'two-state solution'

Three killed and shooter dead at US naval base in Florida

Shooter at US naval air base was a Saudi aviation student

How Israel-hating rulers ruin a country

Despite President Trump’s Achievements And Lack Of Evidence, Pelosi Pushes Forward With Impeachment

Nancy Pelosi’s ‘Article II’ Impeachment Rationale Exposed as Hoax

Democrats Reveal New Plot If Trump is Re-Elected

CNBC’s Cramer on Jobs Report: ‘These Are the Best Numbers of Our Lives’

"Wag The Dog" (Impeachment) News

The Democrat Party: An Existential Threat to the US Constitution and the USA

Impeachment farce butchers due process, rule of law, democracy, decency

Democrats offering passion over proof in Trump impeachment

Pelosi Jamming Through Impeachment with Same Partisan Power Tactics That Passed Obamacare: Then Lost the House

Law professor who testified against impeachment ‘inundated with threatening messages’

The Despicable Sanctimony of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Has Nancy Pelosi crossed the line?

Sanders: I Will Vote to Convict Trump Unless I Hear ‘Very Good Explanations’

Rep. Nadler Is caught in his own quid pro quo

Is Impeachment ‘Inquiry’ Providing Cover For Obamas’ Multi-Millionaire Status?

'Precious' to watch 'radical', anti-Constitutional professors claim to know about impeachment: Mark Levin

Pelosi: ‘Civilization as we Know it Today Is at Stake in the Next Election’

Impeachment Star Witness Pamela Karlan Forced to ‘Apologize’ for Mocking Barron Trump

Trump slams impeachment proceedings at NATO meet: ‘It’s a joke’

Fitton: Today’s Pelosi-Schiff Coup Attack on Trump is also an Attack on YOU

How House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy and his team tamed impeachment

Why Are There No Black Impeachment Witnesses?

"Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom (Palestinians). I have made thee small among the heathen: thou art greatly despised." (Obadiah 1-2)

Israel/Palestinian War

Palestinians to resume protests along Gaza-Israel border

'Israel must prepare for an Iranian attack in the near future'

Watch: IDF 'Game of Thrones' excercise in Cyprus

Israel tests rocket propulsion system from Palmahim

147 nations call to halt ‘aid’ to Israeli settlements

Bennett Warns EU: 'We'll destroy your construction in Area C'

If Anyone Claims Israel is ‘Apartheid’, Show them this

Palestinian state up for vote in US House resolution

The Greatest Threat? Opinion by Jerry Golden

Key News

Following legalized campus carry, universities report no increase in violence on their campuses

AOC Called Out For Trying to Claim Her Family May Have Starved Under Administration's New Food Stamp Rules

The U.N. Is Holding Its 25th Climate Conference — Please Don’t Let There Be A 26th

U.N. Climate Policy Could Would Threaten American Sovereignty

Science professor calls for fewer humans to ‘strengthen human rights’

Columbia professor who fled Communism resigns, says university is becoming Communist

US Formally Withdraws From Missile Treaty With Russia

As Kim Jong Un Begins Acting Up, Trump Reminds Him Of U.S. Military Might

Beijing's willingness to mend ties with Seoul seen as strategic move

Polish politician Tusk makes what appears to be ‘gun’ gesture at Trump’s back

Foreigners mocking President Trump is a sign he’s doing something right

Joe Biden verbally assaults Iowa voter, calls him a ‘liar’: Challenges him to ‘IQ test’ after he brings up his son and Ukraine

2 Armed Robbers, 2 Innocents Dead After UPS Truck Shootout

West Virginia corrections officers give Nazi salute in class photo

America Created 266,000 Jobs in November


December 5, 2019

Key News

Church Unveils Altarpiece Of Paradise Featuring Gay Couples And Transgender Serpent

Chick-fil-A Grantee Covenant House Hosted Drag Queen Story Hour

Trump Saves NATO: NATO survives and grows in strength thanks to one Donald J.

Two dead in shooting at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard

US Official: Indications of Iranian aggression afoot

Georgia U.S. Senate Appointee Kelly Loeffler Is A Corporate Welfare Queen, Reaps Benefit From Tens Of Millions In Crony Deals

"Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom (Palestinians). I have made thee small among the heathen: thou art greatly despised." (Obadiah 1-2)

Israel/Palestinian War

Iran reinforces Bushehr, Abu Musa, as Netanyahu & Pompeo talk in Lisbon

Iran waging ‘shadow war,’ seeding Iraq with short-range missiles that could strike Jerusalem, US troops

Czech military inks deal for Israel's 'Iron Dome' radar system

IDF Commander Warns: Israel racing to stay ahead of increasingly sophisticated enemies

Hamas officials make condolence calls to bitter rival Abbas

Nobel Winner Robert Aumann: We are witnessing ‘a coup of lawyers, I fear for the state’

Trump ends Arab preoccupation with occupation in Judea and Samaria

Liberman: No option left but another election

IDF Captures ISIS Terrorists Planning Attack in Jerusalem

US Congresswoman compares US-Mexico border to Israeli ‘oppression’ in Gaza

US Navy seizes Iranian missile parts bound for Yemen

Impeachment Hoax Update

GOP Witness Calls Impeachment Legal Case ‘Woefully Inadequate, ‘Dangerous’

Rep. Schiff Actually Exonerates President Trump In His Impeachment Report

Pelosi Announces Democrats Will Begin Drafting Articles of Impeachment

'Precious' to watch 'radical', anti-Constitutional professors claim to know about impeachment

Shock: Schiff Releases Phone Records of Rep. Devin Nunes and Other Trump Allies in Impeachment Report

Rep. Devin Nunes: Adam Schiff Violated My ‘Civil Liberties’ with Phone Snooping; Am Pursuing ‘All Legal Options’

Sen. Rand Paul ‘Alarmed at the Abuse of Power by Adam Schiff’ — ‘Abhorrent,’ ‘Exactly What He’s Accusing the President of’

Dem Impeachment Witness Takes a Cheap Shot at First Son Barron Trump

Liberals Angry About All-White Democratic Debate Stage After Kamala Harris Drops Out

Pollak: Kamala Harris Ran the Worst Campaign in Recent History

Self-Declared Climate Change ‘Global Leader’ Mike Bloomberg Enjoys His Own Fleet of Private Jets, Helicopters

Far-Left Democrats Hate Bloomberg

National Strike Halts France – Nation Paralyzed… Largest Strike in Decades


December 4, 2019

Breaking News

House Judiciary Committee Holds Impeachment Hearing

Democrats Kill Motion To Require Adam Schiff To Testify In Impeachment Inquiry

Prof. Jonathan Turley — A Democrat — Destroys Impeachment Hearing With Historic Speech

First Reports: Unidentified aircraft strike Iranian depot at Abu Kamal near Syria-Iraq border

Five rockets land inside US Iraq air base

"Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom (Palestinians). I have made thee small among the heathen: thou art greatly despised." (Obadiah 1-2)

Israel/Palestinian War

Erdogan’s Top Adviser Calls for ‘Islamic Army for Palestine’: Threatens to Bomb Israel

Netanyahu and Gantz meeting ends without accord

'A narrow right-wing gov't is better than new elections': MK warns

No progress on unity as Netanyahu-Gantz meeting breaks up after 45 minutes

Netanyahu expected to cry foul in request for immunity

Why Netanyahu is not planning to resign

Major Israeli media companies in crosshairs as justice ministry mulls charging them in Netanyahu cases

Pompeo and Netanyahu to meet in Lisbon

Israel Defense Ministry First: Black list to be compiled with aim of targeting terrorists’ personal finances

IDF Commander Warns: Israel racing to stay ahead of increasingly sophisticated enemies

IDF admits it published false ultra-Orthodox enlistment tallies for years

Broad Jewish [re-]settlement project in Judea and Samaria/the West Bank is NOT ILLEGAL

Trump ends Arab preoccupation with occupation in Judea and Samaria

Palestinian Culture Minister Claims Bible is From “Lying Author”

Key News

Iran Targeting 21 American Military Bases with Missiles for “Greatest War”

Pentagon: Signs suggest Iran may be preparing attack in the region

Trump meets Turkey’s Erdogan one-on-one at NATO summit

New Orleans Mass Shooting Glossed Over by Fake News Because It Doesn’t Fit Anti-White Narrative: Shooter was black male

HUGE NEWS: Senate Votes 80 To 15 – Historic Victory

Jeffrey Epstein’s Long-Time Banker Found Dead From Hanging: Immediately Ruled a ‘Suicide’

Feds Seize More Than 1 Million Copyright-infringing Domain Websites Ahead of Cyber Monday

UN Crying ‘Climate Crisis’ as the Means to Interfere In 2020 Elections?

Danish Academic: U.N. Might Use Military to Enforce Climate Agenda

The Extreme Views Of Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren Vows to Wear Pink Planned Parenthood Scarf if Sworn in as President

House Passes Uyghur Bill Urging Sanctions on Chinese Officials

Limbaugh: More Evidence Media Has ‘Failed Miserably’ To Sell Impeachment To The American Public

Kamala Harris Quits Presidential Race

Kamala Harris Taunts President Trump: ‘I’ll See You at Your Trial’

Republicans release scathing report against Democrat impeachment "evidence"

Michael Bloomberg Vows to Free 316K Accused ‘Non-Violent’ Criminals from Jail

14 Christians Slaughtered at Protestan Church in Burkina Faso by Suspected Jihadist Groups

Establishing "Free Kurdistan"


Olive oil production up as Kurdistan Region looks to diversify economy

Kurdistan to begin exporting mushrooms, calls for govt ban on imports

Iraq's protests deal blow to real estate sector, automobile market in Kurdistan

Even if Iraq gov’t falls, oil-for-budget deal can’t be scrapped: Kurdistan official

December 3, 2019

Breaking News

HUGE NEWS: Senate Votes 80 To 15 – Historic Victory

Adam Schiff Releases Democrats’ Intelligence Committee Impeachment Report

House Intelligence Committee Republicans Defend Trump in Initial Impeachment Inquiry Report

Trump Erupts on Schiff: 'This guy is sick. He made up the conversation. He lied'

Kamala Harris Quits Presidential Race

Obama made Americans buy insurance, but judge stops Trump rule that immigrants do the same

NBA TV Ratings Collapse After Bowing to China

150 Los Zetas Cartel Gunmen Crossed into Texas Before Deadly Attack That Killed 22

Stocks Decline After Trump Says U.S.-China Trade Pact May Come After Election

O mortal, turn your face toward Gog of the land of Magog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal. Prophesy against him.” Ezekiel 38:2 (The Israel Bible™)

Descendants of Gog & Magog Join Russia, Iran in Joint Military Drill

"Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom (Palestinians). I have made thee small among the heathen: thou art greatly despised." (Obadiah 1-2)

Israel/Palestinian War

A Coup in Israel: Do voters or unelected officials run the country

Netanyahu expected to ask for immunity at last possible minute

Trump speaks with Netanyahu on “Iranian threat”

Netanyahu, Trump Discuss Conquering Greater Jericho

Israel's war with Iran will cause never-before-seen images

DM Bennett Declares Targeted Economic Eradication Against Terrorists Abroad

New Prayer Campaign Pushes to Open the Temple Mount for Jews on Sabbath

Jewish Population in Hebron to Double following Defense Minister’s Authorization

MK Deri 'threatens' Jordan after Israelis forced to remove kippot

Jordan Backs Down on Jewish Ban After Deri Threatens Sanctions in Retaliation

New neighborhoods and neutralized terrorists

Key News

How Trump Runs For A Third Term

Easy Money in Government Creates Hunter Biden Type Corruption

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson fired by Mayor Lori Lightfoot

No Climate Emergency: Clintel Group of world scientists

White House says Trump won’t participate in House Judiciary impeachment hearing

Democrats between a rock and a hard place: Most people aren't neurotically obsessed with Trump

House minority submits 110 page report undercutting every allegation by impeachment witnesses

Trump meets with NATO chief before NATO summit

Supremes hear gun-rights fight despite Democrat threats to stack court

Woman Mauled to Death After Liberals Mock Locals for Carrying Guns


December 2, 2019

"Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom (Palestinians). I have made thee small among the heathen: thou art greatly despised." (Obadiah 1-2)

Israel/Palestinian War

Trump and Netanyahu confirm US-Israel military coordination against threatened Iranian attack

Iran Guards General: 21 US bases in our sights. Haifa and Tel Aviv too

Israel’s defense minister says IDF intends to erase Iran from Syria

PM Netanyahu: We have a historic opportunity with President Trump

It's Official: AG submits Netanyahu indictment, giving PM 30 days to get immunity

AG's decision to indict Netanyahu plunges Israeli politics into chaos

Netanyahu’s indictment could be a game changer for freedom of the press

Transcendence in Hebron: 50,000 Jews celebrated Zionism in Hebron last weekend

American college students 'support Palestine,' but can’t find it on a map

US-Backed Hospital in Gaza is a Plot Against the Palestinian Authority

Hezbollah energy threat could bomb Israel back to Biblical times

Iranian Mullahs’ Nazi-Fashion Murders Coupled with Cruise Missile Capabilities a Shocking Warning to a Complacent World

Key News

Top Republicans Prepare No-Holds-Bar Impeachment Defense Case Against The Democrats

White House Refuses to Participate in Jerry Nadler’s Impeachment Inquiry

Nadler Has Been in the ‘Witness Protection Program’ Since Botching the Mueller Probe

Adam Schiff Gives Democrats Only 24 Hours to Sign Impeachment Report

How Americans Have Lost the Ability to Spot A Con, Liar, Shill, Poseur and Phony

Pelosi Pulling Scarier Name Changes For Climate Change Out Of The Hat

Junk Science Jumps the Shark! UN Secretary General Says Global Warming Has Claimed 7 Million Lives …Where?

Gov Brian Kemp Is ‘Another Romney’ and About to ‘Appoint a RINO to the Senate’

Kamala Harris: I Will Snatch Patents from Pharmaceutical Companies that Don’t Obey Me

China Halts U.S. Navy Visits, Says ‘Correct your Mistakes’ over Hong Kong Human Rights

U.S. Birth Rate Drops for Fourth Year, Remains Below Replacement Level

U.S. Sees Record Low Abortions Since 1973 Roe V. Wade Decision

Mexico gunbattle near Texas border between suspected cartel members, police leaves at least 21 dead

North Korea threatens Japan with 'real ballistic missile'

Burkina Faso: Attack on church kills at least 14

Newsweek fires reporter after publishing mistakes in story about Trump's Thanksgiving plans

Portland FBI Office Has Important Warning For Smart TV Purchasers

Why the NYC gun case must proceed in SCOTUS even after the law was repealed

ICE Arrests Illegal Alien Who Is A Child Rapist with Multiple Offenses Released TWICE by Local Police, Despite ICE Detainer

Sanctuaries to Release Illegal Immigrants Jailed for Rape, Murder, Child Molestation

Christmas ornaments with images of Auschwitz are for sale on Amazon

Reports of Rape Surged by 33% in Sweden Over Past Decade: " immigrants commit about 85% of the rapes committed by strangers"

Trump Makes Energy History — America Hasn’t Seen This Since 1949

November 30 - December 1, 2019

Key News

Dershowitz: Trump and Netanyahu – both being investigated for made-up crimes

Jerry Nadler Gives Trump Friday Deadline: Impeachment to Include Russia Collusion

No Path to Impeachment II: Any path they take, impeachment or censure, will dive right over the cliff to the rocks below

Democrats trying to impeach Trump over ‘thought crimes’

Warning: The Democrats Have Found A New Sink Hole In Which To Plunge America

U.N. Summit to Hear Call for Rich Nations to Pay ‘Climate Damage’ Reparations

Millennials, America's 5th Column? Marxist takeover strategy that, left unchallenged, will alter the country forever

LifeSiteNews Walks Away From Chick-fil-A

Ilhan Omar praising Allah in a Catholic church

London Bridge: Attacker had been convicted of terror offence (They let a terrorist out of prison... to do more terror)

Latest on London Bridge Attack

The London Bridge knifeman was formerly imprisoned for terrorism

Search on for man who stabbed 3 people in The Hague

"Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom (Palestinians). I have made thee small among the heathen: thou art greatly despised." (Obadiah 1-2)

Israel/Palestinian War

UN Report: Hezbollah’s 'Cynical Use’ of South Lebanon as Base of Operations Against Israel

A rocket from Gaza explodes on open ground in Israel

Defense Minister: Now is the time to drive Iran out of Syria

Israel Renews Talks with Hamas about Truce, Returning Soldiers’ Bodies: Arab source

Terror Victims’ Families Outraged After Israeli Judge Expresses Condolences to Dead Terrorist’s Family

Terrorist confesses to murder of two soldiers and unborn baby

IDF destroys home of Jewish teen’s killers, but victim’s father says too little, too late

IDF Seizes Huge Shipment of Military Equipment on its Way into Gaza

Jordan conducts military maneuvers simulating war with Israel

False charges that Netanyahu supporters will turn violent threatens fabric of Israeli society

Israel struck by over 2,600 rockets and mortars over past two years

Dershowitz: Trump and Netanyahu – both being investigated for made-up crimes

Business Leaving Failing Left Wing States: Charles Schwab Latest To Leave California for Texas

American Media Blackout: The Dark Secrets of Saudi Arabia’s Royal Family — Slavery, Sex Trafficking & Pedophilia

Virginia to OUTLAW Krav Maga, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, kickboxing, Tai Chi, firearms instruction and self-defense training under proposed law SB64

Black Mob Attacks White Actress and Her Friends in New York City, Shout Anti-White Language During the Assault


The Democratic Party's ultimate coup d'etat

Thanksgiving happened only after Pilgrims abandoned socialism


November 29, 2019

Key News

Impeachment Shows the Limit of Media Power: Live by the lie, die by the lie

Blue State Blues: White House Should Boycott Jerry Nadler’s Impeachment Farce

CrowdStrike: a Conspiracy Wrapped in a Conspiracy Inside a Conspiracy

U.N. Summit to Hear Call for Rich Nations to Pay ‘Climate Damage’ Reparations

New York City to Free 125K Accused Criminals, Give Taxpayer-Funded Housing, Job Training

A Muslim Murder Spree In Canada's Capital

Leftists Protest New Mister Rogers Film For Controversial Message Of Being Nice To Everyone (Satire)

Thanksgiving News

Palestinian Activist Mansour: Instead of ‘Canceling’ Thanksgiving, Celebrate It as Our Founding Myth

The Left Hates Thanksgiving, Gratitude, and Coexistence

Happy Thanksgiving! 5 Facts about Thanksgiving That Leftists Won’t Tell You

The New York Times Really Hates Thanksgiving

President Trump Surprises Troops in Afghanistan for Thanksgiving

Hong Kong Protesters Hold ‘Thanksgiving’ Rally after Trump Signs Support Bills

Hong Kong: China warns US over Human Rights and Democracy Act

DECLASSIFIED: 3 Senate Committees Now Investigating the Bidens

Turkey reneges on NATO’s Baltic defense plan to extort US concessions in Syria

Trump Administration Moves to Cut Contribution to NATO Budget

Bernie Sanders Supporters Lash Out at Obama

"Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom (Palestinians). I have made thee small among the heathen: thou art greatly despised." (Obadiah 1-2)

Israel/Palestinian War

Cutting through all the nonsense after the indictments

New Israeli libertarian party to launch next week: Field already crowded in Center-Right

Jordan Holds Mass Military Drill Preparing for War with Israel

Jordanian Firefighters Conduct Fire Drill on Temple Mount Preparing in Case Mosque Burns Down

IDF Seizes Huge Shipment of Military Equipment on its Way into Gaza

Hamas Poised to Gain Power in Judea and Samaria, with Qatar’s Backing

Vatican Gives Christmas Present to Palestinian Authority in Bethlehem: A Piece of the Manger

Jewish teen pulled from German high school over anti-Semitism

Germany to Completely Outlaw Hezbollah Next Week

November 28, 2019

Breaking News

Rep. Dusty Johnson: Only eight working days left to pass the USMCA in 2019

Jared Kushner Now Project Manager: Development of Border Wall

Iran's Strategic View: Surrounded by United States

Blue and White, Likud negotiating teams to meet Sunday To Try Forming Unity Government

Truth topples as Democrats declare civil war of lies

Judicial Watch: FBI "Mysteriously" Uncovers New Clinton Emails

Chick-fil-A Busted Donating to Anti-Christian Hate Group SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center)

House Judiciary Committee Invites Trump to Testify in First Impeachment Hearing

Sen. Blumenthal: Lindsey Graham Will ‘Regret’ Investigating Biden


November 27, 2019

Key News

Mexican Cartels ‘Will Be Designated’ as Terrorist Organizations: President Trump

Mexico Wants ‘Meeting’ After Trump Discusses ‘Terrorist’ Label for Cartels

Hunter Biden: Cutting Through the Fog

Tom Fitton: Trump Targeted by Key FBI Lawyer In His Own Administration

As Democrats lurch left, black Christians stand firm in their values

"Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom (Palestinians). I have made thee small among the heathen: thou art greatly despised." (Obadiah 1-2)

Israel/Palestinian War

How Jewish is Israel? The Shabbat Test

Footage of warning sirens' impact on children goes viral

'No unity government with Netanyahu'

Government on Hold: The legal-political spiderweb

Bennet prepares to halt transfer of terrorists’ bodies to Palestinians

Israeli air strike over Gaza early Wednesday, second in 12 hours

At least 2 Palestinian rockets fired from Gaza

IAF Grounds Sikorsky CH-53 Fleet following Tuesday Night’s Crash

US Rabbis Call on Democrats to Withdraw Vicious Anti-Settlements Letter

Dems announce impeachment hearing next week, offer Trump first chance to play role

Adam Schiff’s Impeachment Antics Are Pushing This Key Battleground State Out of Reach for Democrats

Bannon: American people are losing interest in Dems’ impeachment push

Tucker: Impeachment has made Trump even stronger… Key Voters Flock To Trump

'A New Republican Star is born': NY Rep. Elise Stefanik rises amid impeachment drama

Border Patrol Agent Faces Dangerous Duty with ‘Trust in God’

New DHS chief unloads on sanctuary cities: ‘They endanger communities…not protect them’

Eastern Europe welcomes Trump's embrace after Obama's cold shoulder

Dow scores 100th record close under Trump

US growth revised higher to 2.1% in third quarter

November 26, 2019

Key News

Turkey practices launching its Russian S-400s against US-made F-16 jets

Legal Deposition: US Rep Ilhan Omar accused of being foreign agent

Does Our Constitution Need to Be Rewritten or Reread?

When the villain is Obama, not Trump, news suddenly becomes not worth reporting

Ukrainian Financial Report Reveals The Multimillion Dollar Payouts To The Biden’s During Vice Presidency

Americans Uniting for the Abolition of Black Abortion Genocide

Carney: Fed Economists Finally Admit Tariffs May Not Squeeze U.S. Consumers

Farmers Praise Trump After Tariffs Lead To Boost In Demand For U.S. Crops

"Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom (Palestinians). I have made thee small among the heathen: thou art greatly despised." (Obadiah 1-2)

Israel/Palestinian War

Stick with Netanyahu or face a lethal Two-State Solution

IDF gears up for 'day of rage' riots

FM Katz: Sa'ar has crossed a red line, I support Netanyahu

AG's decision to indict Netanyahu plunges Israeli politics into chaos

Ensuring ‘nobody is above the law’ shouldn’t mean changing the law

Syria strikes are Israel's way of sending Iran a very clear message

Ex-WeWork CEO Adam Neumann helped Kushner on Mideast peace plan

Support for Impeachment Collapses Among Black, Hispanic Voters

Democrats’ Worst Nightmare: Polls Show 34 Percent of Black Likely Voters Approve of Donald Trump

CNN’s Ana Navarro Attacks Black Trump Supporters over Poll Results

Notre Dame Students Call for the Removal of White Authors from Curriculum

Teachers Strive to Ensure Students ‘Unlearn’ Thanksgiving ‘Myth’

California Supreme Court Gives Trump Major Win

November 25, 2019

Breaking News

Iran poised to strike US/Israeli targets: US forces gear up for action. USS Lincoln carrier enters the Gulf

A-G says Netanyahu can stay in office for now

Sen. Lindsey Graham blocks Armenian genocide resolution after meeting with Trump, Turkish president

Establishing "Free Kurdistan"

Syria's Detailed Map

A US-Iran military front is fast shaping up on the Syrian-Iraqi border – with a role for the IDF - Pence meets w/Kurds

US General Hints at War With Iran As US Troops Mass on Border

Kurds regain international clout, but must not get complacent

Middle East states must choose dialogue over war: Kurd's President Barzani

Syrian refugees to have a ‘warm and safe’ winter in the Kurdistan Region: UNHCR

VP Mike Pence visits Erbil, affirms enduring support for Kurdistan Region

Taekwondo hall strengthens ties between South Korea and Kurdistan

Iraqi military refutes coup, says counter-terror page was hacked

US Commander Warns of Iranian Attack in Middle East

Iran’s protests expose fatal weaknesses

Iranian Kurds demonstrate in front of UN’s Erbil compound in support of Iran fuel protests

Iran Threatens ‘Crushing Blow’ to U.S, Israel for ‘Interference’ in Uprisings, Threatens ‘Crushing Blow’


"Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom (Palestinians). I have made thee small among the heathen: thou art greatly despised." (Obadiah 1-2)

Israel/Palestinian War

Gantz to Likud: I go first, hand over to Netanyahu in mid-term if he is cleared

'We were prepared for Hamas to join the battle'

Palestinians stage protest against Pompeo’s settlement statement

Hezbollah: US ‘Interfering’ in Lebanon

Will new election law end Israel's political deadlock?
Netanyahu green-lights bill being drafted by Likud MK to give voters chance to directly elect PM if Knesset is deadlocked

Netanyahu’s Rival Capitalizes on Indictment, Tries to Oust him as Leader of Likud Party

Trump Reverses U.S. Position on Israeli Settlements in West Bank

Jewish Rabbi From Judea thanks American Christians for US Support of Judea and Samaria

Poll: 62% of IDF soldiers say military lawyers interfering with missions, harming ability to defend country

Israel’s March Elections Fall on Purim: “The City of Shushan Was Dumbfounded”

Jordan’s King Threatens: Israel Won’t be a “Part of Middle East”

Has the time come to ban Soros' Open Society Foundation?

Key News

The Real Bombshell of the Impeachment Hearings: "Authoritarianism is the real bipartisan philosophy in Washington"

Regretful Democrats locked into Trump impeachment – and paying a price for it

President Trump: Whistleblower Is Fake, Sondland Call Never Happened

Polls Show Tories Could Win 64-Seat Majority, Has 19-Point Lead over Labour

More Virginia Counties Declare ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary’ Status

Pentagon: Defense Secretary Has Fired Navy Secretary for ‘Lack of Candor’ on Eddie Gallagher Case

Senate Republicans are secretly digging into Joe and Hunter Biden’s past

Hong Kong voters deliver landslide victory for pro-democracy campaigners

The Democrat POTUS Candidates' Trifecta of Disingenuous Class Associations (Warfare)

Scientists Admit: Snakes Once had Legs as Described in Book of Genesis

Trump Administration’s New Migrant Policy — It’s Already Working

Park Rangers Going to Border to Stop Illegals

Senators demand details of Obama-Ukraine meetings


November 23-24, 2019

Breaking News

A US-Iran military front is fast shaping up on the Syrian-Iraqi border – with a role for the IDF - Pence meets w/Kurds

Bloomberg enters presidential race for Democratic party

Game Over for Dems: Rasmussen, Emerson Numbers on Black Voter Approval for Trump

US General: Iran will probably launch another attack in the ME

Netanyahu: 'Iran is planning attacks on Israel - but we will foil them'

Netanyahu said set to give up 4 ministry portfolios after charges announced

Iran arrests 100 ringleaders of fuel price protests

The Unspoken Truth: What Impeachment Exposed About Trump and 2020

US Supreme Court says Ginsburg was released from hospital

"Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom (Palestinians). I have made thee small among the heathen: thou art greatly despised." (Obadiah 1-2)

Israel/Palestinian War

King Abdullah: Jordan-Israel relations at all time low

IDF Deterrence Revived: Hamas Nixes Fence Riots

Holland Stops Sending PA Money Over Payment to Terrorists

IDF Confuses Syrian Missile System and Returns the Missiles to Sender

100 Democratic House members decry White House’s softened stance on settlements


Netanyahu's Impeachment News

Indictment fever, Trump to Netanyahu: Cases against both leaders is "spurious", shaky

The Reign of the Prosecutors: "Investigate the Investigators”

Calls for Netanyahu to Resign After Indictment: He Claims it is a “Coup"

PM Netanyahu’s chances of survival are drowning under a concerted political, legal, media onslaught

TV report says top Likud leaders working behind the scenes to oust Netanyahu

'We will accept the court's decision': Netanyahu on indictment

Political stalemate could see Netanyahu’s formal indictment delayed by months

Trump's Impeachment News

The Curtain Closes on ‘The Schiff Show’

Rep. Will Hurd Holds Fast with Republicans on Impeachment, Angering Left

Devin Nunes to Sue CNN, Daily Beast over Fake News Attacks

Soros-Linked ‘Dark Money’ Group Is Funding Ads Urging Vulnerable Republicans To Impeach Trump

Rep. Turner Forces Sondland To Admit CNN Twisted His Testimony, Tying Trump To Ukraine Scheme

Key News

The Democrats’ Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week

Nancy Pelosi’s “Prayers” For President More Hex and Curse-Like Than “Prayerful”

Trump Previews ‘Historic’ Inspector General Report Going to ‘Highest Levels’ of White House

Horowitz Report will be Mass Media’s Judgement Day

Elizabeth Warren Rally Derailed By Pro-Charter School Protesters


History: November 22 – On this day back in 1963 President John F. Kennedy was assassinated

"Assassination is always the final tool the Illuminati uses to remove a person who has become problematic and who threatens the Plan for a New World Order"

"President Kennedy was killed because he was going to pulll troops from South Vietnam, severely curtail the CIA and reveal the secret plans of the Illuminati to the public."

"Robert Kennedy was killed because the Illuminati wanted no Kennedy to ever again sit in the Oval Office. Beleive me, Ted Kennedy certainly got the message!"

Farm Industry Backs Democrats in Amnesty-for-Cheap-Labor Swap

November 22, 2019


Trump predicts a ‘historic’ watchdog report about origins of Russian probe

Rudy Giuliani alleges Joe Biden tried to bribe Ukrainian president to fire prosecutor

Revealed: Adam Schiff Connected To Both Companies Named In $7.4 Billion Burisma-US-Ukraine Corruption Case

After Weeks Of Hearings, Impeachment Evidence Is Still Limited To Hearsay And Presumptions

AG's decision to indict Netanyahu plunges Israeli politics into chaos

Netanyahu refuses to step down as prime minister

Israel’s Attorney General: I charge the prime minister with a heavy heart

Last chance to avoid elections: Knesset given task to find new prime minister

South Korea pledges $10 million in aid for displaced in Iraq, Kurdistan Region

"Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom (Palestinians). I have made thee small among the heathen: thou art greatly despised." (Obadiah 1-2)

Israel/Palestinian War

Netanyahu Fast Tracks Bill to Conquer Greater Jericho: “Gateway to Redemption”

Calls for Netanyahu to Resign After Indictment: He Claims it is a “Coup”

Netanyahu: I will continue to lead the country in face of an attempted coup by the law enforcement arm

Full Text: AG’s decision to indict PM Netanyahu

In US, Netanyahu indictment seen as cross-Atlantic version of Trump saga

After charges, Gantz demands Netanyahu quit his offices: Right pledges faith

Political stalemate could see Netanyahu’s formal indictment delayed by months

Hamas again calls off Friday Gaza outbreak

INTO THE FRAY: A 660 lbs. war crime

Republicans, Democrats urge UN to defend Israel from Hezbollah

Israel’s Chief Rabbis, Hundreds More, Thank Trump for US Foreign Policy Decisions on Israel

IDF gears up for massive Shabbat gathering in Hevron

Dutch Parliament Ceases Foreign Aid to Palestinian Authority


Iran Expert: “This is a Full rebellion, Not a Fuel Protest”

"Wag The Dog" Key News

Once the House impeaches, it cannot retract its decision

If House Impeaches, Trump ‘Wants a Trial in the Senate’: Can call Schiff, Whistleblower, and Bidens

Roger Stone, Jeffrey Epstein and the Crackup of America's Leadership

Schiff-Led Impeachment Sham Mercifully Ends, Nation Will Suffer Worse Soon

Judicial Watch's Fitton: Coup Attack on Trump is about Protecting Obama/Clinton from Prosecution

Is America on a Slippery Slope to Becoming a Banana Republic?

The ‘Coup Klutz Clan’: Pistol-toting Gang Just Can’t Shoot Straight: Raging Democrats seem totally unaware, there’s no cure for stupid

Nancy Pelosi Puts Impeachment Ahead of USMCA, Delays Vote

Farage’s Brexit Party Launches ‘Contract with the British People’

Watch Tory Eurosceptic Dan Hannan: Despite the Criticism, Boris’ Deal is Real Brexit

FBI lawyer under criminal investigation for altering document related to Carter Page surveillance

Nike to Release Colin Kaepernick’s Signature Shoe in December

Elizabeth Warren Calls Killing Babies in Abortions Up to Birth a “Human Right”

Amy Klobuchar Falsely Claims Americans Support Abortion: But 60% of Americans are Pro-Life

Gay Pete Buttigieg: “My Faith Teaches Me to Help the Oppressed in Society,” Just Not Unborn Children



November 20, 2019

Netanyahu Indicted: A-G to charge PM with bribery, fraud, breach of trust

Israel on war alert for Iranian reprisal after IDF assaults

"Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom (Palestinians). I have made thee small among the heathen: thou art greatly despised." (Obadiah 1-2)

Israel/Palestinian War

Israel on war alert for Iranian reprisal after IDF assaults

Russian official slams Israeli air strike in Syrian territory

Israeli security official: Half the 20 targets struck in Syria were Iranian

Israeli and Russian national security advisers meet in Moscow

FM calls for 'effective military threat against Iran regime'

Israeli president Rivlin hands mandate to form government to Knesset

Likud's Gideon Sa’ar: I can form unity government

Jordan cancels interfaith conference due to expected Israeli participation

Poll exposes mistrust of police amid claims of impropriety in Netanyahu investigation

Key News

Senator Graham: Horowitz FISA Report Will Be Released on December 9

Date Set For Senate Hearing On FBI Abuses And Illegal Spying On The Trump Campaign: Dec 11

Jury's Hands Tied by Court in Planned Parenthood Trial

This MSNBC democratic debate was rigged against anti-establishment candidates

Democrats Turn on Obama

Far-Left Congressional ‘Squad’ Member Won’t Stop Laundering Campaign Money To Her Secret Lover

Sea Ice Coverage- Bad News For Alarmists

Impeachment Hoax

How Far Off Can The Impeachment End Game Be?

Storytime with Adam Schiff: Democrats twist Sondland’s words to sell impeachment

The Democrats’ Top Witnesses Completely Undercut Any Case For Impeachment

President Trump: “That means it’s all over”…. 5 Moments Dems Don’t Want You To See


Watchdog Firm Finds Another Troubling Conflict Of Interest In Hunter Biden’s Role At Ukrainian Gas Co

Team Trump Congratulates Hunter Biden As DNA Test Confirms His Love Child ‘With Scientific Certainty’

FAKE NEWS Cluster$&@!: Major FAKE News Outlets Publish “Breaking” False Story About 100,000 Migrant Kids in Detention- Immediately Deleted it After Realizing it Happened Under OBAMA

Sen. Warren Declares Abortion Rights Are Human Rights


November 20, 2019

"Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom (Palestinians). I have made thee small among the heathen: thou art greatly despised." (Obadiah 1-2)

Israel/Palestinian War

‘A milestone on way to sovereignty in Judea, Samaria’: Trump decision praised

The only question on settlement legality is: Why did it take so long?

Time to accept the truth: Use of 'Occupied Palestinian Territories' is a disingenuous term

Rules have changed: we'll hit back hard for every attack

Israeli air strikes knock over dozens of Iranian Guards and Syrian army targets

Russian official slams Israeli air strike in Syrian territory

Dershowitz: Israel’s justice system is being ‘weaponized’ against Netanyahu

Liberman: We won't back left-wing or right-wing government

Fires force evacuations west of Jerusalem and in Zichron Yaakov

Amazon Boycotts Proclaiming Justice to The Nations (PJTN) over Southern Poverty Law Center Listing

Amnesty: More than 100 Protesters Dead in Iran

Tehran Marks 40th Anniversary Of U.S. Embassy Takeover

Key News

Pelosi Admits NAFTA Replacement Is Perfect: Yet Refuses To Get It Passed

Top US trade officials take passing USMCA into their own hands

Chick-fil-A Will Stop Donating to Salvation Army, Christian Athletes Following LGBT Pressure

Chick-Fil-A Caves to the Rage Mob

Grand Valley State University Kills Pledge of Allegiance Tradition

Muslim AK-47s and Bombings Turn Sweden Into War Zone

Left Freaks Out Over Study on Child Detentions...Which Happened During the Obama Administration

Tucker Carlson Slams Pelosi’s Hypocrisy — ‘A Member Of The Church Of Partial-Birth Abortion’

Impeachment Hoax

Bill O’Reilly: Americans Know When They Are Being Conned-Impeachment Inquiry is a Con

Dems better JUMP while they can from the Schiff runaway Loco-Motive!

White House Official Sues Politico: ‘Conspired with Schiff’ to Leak False Info to ‘Further Impeachment Inquisition’

Hannity: This impeachment probe is embarrassing for the country

Vindman Confirms Ukraine Offered Him Defense Minister Post 3 Times

War Heroes Bash Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman: ‘Operative,’ ‘Disgrace’

National Security Council Superiors Voiced Serious Concerns About Vindman’s Judgment

Democrats Distort Morrison Transcript, Leave Out Pro-Trump Evidence

Links Between George Soros and Ukraine ‘Whistleblower’ Emerge

France Begins Shutting Down Mosques and Schools in Crackdown on 'Political Islam'

Boris Johnson Vows 'Tough' New Measures to Tackle UK's Knife Crime Epidemic

California to stop buying from Toyota, GM, other automakers that backed Trump in emissions fight

Guards in Charge of Watching Jeffrey Epstein’s Jail Cell Arrested & Charged with Falsifying their Records of the Incident


November 19, 2019

Breaking News

Secretary of State Pompeo: The U.S. no longer deems Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria “illegal”

The IDF winds down a war readiness exercise in the North

Rep. John Ratcliffe Turns the Tables on Democrats When It Comes to Bribery Charge

Supreme Court Temporarily Blocks Democrats' Subpoena of Trump's Financial Records

Trump Doctor Releases Letter in Response to 'Speculation' Over Hospital Visit

Trump Celebrates 'A New Republican Star' in Stefanik: She Completely Undermines Popular Leftist Narrative

Nasdaq Closes at Record High: Stocks Mixed Over Home Depot, Trump Trade Threat

Trump announces he's planning a 'very major' tax cut for 'middle income'

"Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom (Palestinians). I have made thee small among the heathen: thou art greatly despised." (Obadiah 1-2)

Israel/Palestinian War

Golan alerted by explosions as Iron Dome intercepts 4 rockets from Syria: Blasts near Damascus airport

Syrian Observatory: Israeli Missiles Hit Targets South of Damascus

Pompeo repudiates US position against Israeli West Bank settlement

Jordan Reopening Mosque Atop Hurva Synagogue in Heart of Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter

Anti-Israel Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib Under Investigation for Federal Crime

Last chance for unity government?

Hinting at Third Round of Elections, Netanyahu says Trump’s Settlement Declaration: Is “Meaningless If I’m Not Prime Minister”

Behind the scenes of the historic American proclamation

'This is a great day for Israel': PM hails US declaration that Israeli 'settlements' not considered illegal

Trump's Declaration: 'Political window for sovereignty expands'

Jews and Blacks: Can Trump save the Jewish-Black relationship? Probably

Yemen Houthis seize three ships, one Saudi-flagged: Houthis have opened a new, Red Sea front against Saudi Arabia

Impeachment Hoax

Coup Plotters Risk War with Russia

Alexander Vindman Admits Making up Parts of Trump Call Summary

Hard Facts: Ukraine Campaigned Against Trump in 2016

Democrats’ New Star Witness, David Holmes, Was Drinking Wine, Didn’t Take Notes

GOP Rep. Collins: This is what the founding fathers warned us against

Trish Regan: Impeachment is fizzling, voters are tuning out… desperate Dems, we’re tired now

Impeachment backlash fuels record GOP fundraising, massive $61M in bank

Key News

Pope Francis Warns: ‘Fundamentalism Is a Plague’

Kanye West Announces Christian Music Revolution at Joel Osteen’s Church: We’re Taking the Best Artists and ‘Bringing Them Back to God’

President Not Sick—Deranged Democrats Are

Poll Shows Most Americans Don’t Think Abortion is a Constitutional Right: Want Abortion Limits

Prince Andrew named in secret new evidence detailing further allegations against Jeffrey Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein Death: Two jail guards to be charged in suicide probe

Feminist Reboot of “Charlie’s Angels” Flops: Pro-Abortion Elizabeth Banks Gripes About Sexist Men

Hong Kong: About 100 protesters still hold out in University siege as Communists Crack Down


November 18, 2019

"Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom (Palestinians). I have made thee small among the heathen: thou art greatly despised." (Obadiah 1-2)

Israel/Palestinian War

Coalition agreements between Liberman and Gantz revealed

Netanyahu: "Gov't dependent on Arab parties - a terrible danger to Israel"

"There's a path to a right-wing government"

In Be’er Sheva, Frustration After Hamas Rocket Fire Follows Ceasefire

Iran claims manufacture of air defense laser cannons

India Accidentally Sets Precedent that can Lead to Construction of Third Temple

154 Nations Reject Israel’s Biblical Connection to Temple Mount

In Light of Rocket Attacks: Israel Looking for Volunteer Search & Rescue Dog Handlers Worldwide

Bernie Sanders Undermines Israeli, US Security -- Israeli UN envoy Danny Danon

Key News

Warren’s Tax Plan Would Hit Some With Rates Over 100%

Why Is Google About to Launch Checking Accounts for Online Users?

Trump Administration to Use 'Eminent Domain' to Build Border Wall in Texas

With Pentagon budget deadline looming, Democrats dig in on opposition to border wall funding

Trump Admin Tells UN: “There is No International Right to Abortion. Everyone Has a Right to Life”

Jury Forces David Daleiden to Pay Planned Parenthood $870,000 for Exposing Its Aborted Baby Part Sales

We Will Fight the Verdict Forcing Him to Pay Planned Parenthood: David Daleiden’s Attorneys


Impeachment Hoax

Summarizing America's Coup d’état: His opposition is Anti-American, anti-religion, and anti-family subversives

Reuters Poll: 36% of Independents Tuning Out Impeachment Hearings

Anyone testifying against the President, in the Democrat's impeachment scam, are part of the scam

Democrats Omit Exculpatory Information from Summary of Tim Morrison Transcript

Open Society Kept Alleged ‘Whistleblower’ Eric Ciaramella Updated on George Soros’s Personal Ukraine Activities

Even Fake News CNN is Bailing on Adam Schiff

IG report will be an indictment of Adam Schiff: Rep. Ratcliffe

Rep. Zeldin: The Facts Are Blowing A Hole In The Dems’ Impeachment Narrative

Schiff Finally Releases Tim Morrison Testimony — NSC Sr. Director Blows Up Ukrainian Hoax -- AND Blows Up Ukrainian Hoax — Lt. Col. Vindman

Iranian Regime Warns Protesters of Harsh Consequence as Clashes Continue

Iran's President, Speaker, Judiciary Chief Hold Meeting on Fuel Price Hikes

Russia sets up air base in Qamishli, challenges US/Israeli air force control of northeast Syria. the Kurdish capital of that region

‘Conservative’ Democrat Ekes Out Victory in Louisiana Governor’s Race

Mayor Pete Buttigieg Under Fire for Exaggerating Black Support

New Zealand Parliament Passes Bill to Allow Doctors to Euthanize Patients

Ohio Nurses Association Supports Killing Vulnerable People in Assisted Suicide


November 16-17, 2019

"Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom (Palestinians). I have made thee small among the heathen: thou art greatly despised." (Obadiah 1-2)

Israel/Palestinian War

Beersheba comes under rocket attack: IDF hits back at Hamas in widening cycle of Gaza conflict

Israeli Air Force strikes Hamas in Gaza after Palestinian rocket attack on Beersheba

The unbearable ease of terrorists firing at Israel: Half the country paralyzed

Blamed for Beersheba rocket fire, Hamas says Israel ‘won’t choose timing’ of ops

Hamas leaders booted from mourning tent for Islamic Jihad chief killed by Israel

Knesset erupts as Netanyahu slams Arab MKs for defending terrorists

Rabbi: Blessing Trump as King Shows He is the Final President Before the Return of Davidic Dynasty

Iran petrol price hike: Protests erupt over surprise rationing

Key News

Ukraine Foreign Minister Undercuts Democrats' Impeachment Case: No Connection Between Aid and Biden Investigation

Developing Money Trail: John Kerry and Family ALSO Received Millions from Ukraine

Schiff Blocks Republicans From Speaking – Justice And Fairness, what’s that?

Impeachment Witness Yovanovitch Admits Obama Administration Prepped Her on Hunter Biden

‘Systemic Sabotage’ as Left using ‘every tool’ against Trump: AG Barr

What? Nancy Pelosi Tries To Change Constitution To Explain Trump Impeachment

New York Times issues call for all white-majority cities and towns to be forcibly “diversified” with “refugees”

Those 11,000 “scientists” warning about an impending “climate emergency” are just “11,000 random people,” investigation reveals

DEMOCRAT DISASTER: 53% of Black Voters, 60% of Other Minorities Say Liberal Media Trying to Help Democrats Impeach Trump


Trump Gets Major Win For US Farmers As China’s Trade War Comes To An End

Latest Shooting In Blue-State California Begs Major Questions About Restrictive Gun Control Policies

Americans Reject Democrat Gun Control

Turkish warplanes conduct strikes inside Kurdistan Region

Erdogan’s US visit goes smoothly, but tough issues remain unresolved


November 15, 2019

Breaking News

Latest Shooting In Blue-State California Begs Major Questions About Restrictive Gun Control Policies

Americans Reject Democrat Gun Control

Trump Gets Major Win For US Farmers As China’s Trade War Comes To An End

Stocks Surge to Record Highs as U.S.-China Trade Pact Said to Be 'Close'

Impeachment Backfire — Trump’s Numbers On The Rise As Joe Biden Tanks

Yovanovitch Admits She Knew About Biden & Burisma: But Did Nothing

Quigley’s Greatest Con-Scam

Ceasefire threatens to break apart as rockets continue to hit Israel

Dem Voters Could Be on Verge of Handing Trump a Landslide 2020 Win

Gun Control = Dictatorship

Multiple victims reported in shooting at California high school: Saugus High School, Santa Clarita

Police: California School Shooter Used .45 Caliber Handgun

Bill Clinton to Trump: Ignore Impeachment, Pass Gun Control Now

Celebs Push Gun Control After CA School Shooting: ‘Americans Are A Violent People’

Alleged California high school shooter identified

Note Mr. Baltimore Mayor: 'Honest Gun Owners aren't Killing People Either'


"Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom (Palestinians). I have made thee small among the heathen: thou art greatly despised." (Obadiah 1-2)

Israel/Palestinian War

Israel’s New Defense Minister Begins Protecting Israel With Morning Prayers

Israel hits back for continuing Islamic Jihad rocket fire

Palestinian Islamic Jihad Breaks Ceasefire After Less Than Two Hours

Islamic Jihad announces new homegrown rocket: the Buraq-120

Confidentiality Agreement: Before presenting top-secret security updates

INTO THE FRAY - Gaza: Delaying the inevitable…again

On Again: IAF Warplanes Retaliate in Gaza Overnight

Arabs at Tel-Aviv University Hold Anti-IDF Protest in Response to Escalation

Islamic Jihad's Scam: Keep up rocket attacks to attrition Israel. Blame “rogue groups”

The unbearable ease of terrorists firing at Israel: Israel pounded by rockets fron Gaza - half the country paralyzed

Former Shin Bet deputy director blasts ‘weak’ response to Islamic Jihad's rocket barrage: We should have killed 2,500

Mayor Pete Buttigieg Condemns Jihad Rockets Unconditionally: But Dems Don’t Love It

Iran imposes rationing on gasoline, hikes fuel prices

Key News

Trump tells Erdogan purchase of Russia defence system is 'very serious challenge'

Lindsey Graham tears into Erdogan in tense White House meeting

When They’re Finished Investigating Hunter Biden Someone Might Want To Look At Nancy Pelosi’s Son Paul Jr.

Child sex predator arrests rise by 18% to 3,771 in fiscal 2019

CBP chief warns Mexican ‘super labs’ flooding US with meth, as seizures nearly double

Mexico is doing exactly what they promised to stop migrant caravans

Sickly Supreme Court Judge Misses Major Arguments Due To ‘Stomach Bug’

Impeachment Hoax News

Pelosi Says President Trump Has To Show The Impeachment Committee Proof Of Innocence - UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

Polling Shows Democrats Have Lost Faith in Impeachment in Just 1 Month

GOP Lawmakers Confirm Our Suspicions — Dems Regret Going Forward With Impeachment -- Democrat Voters’ True Feelings On Impeachment

Trump impeachment inquiry is Democratic election meddling and a one-sided charade

GOP Rep. Mark Green on Impeachment Hearings: ‘If This Is Their Shock and Awe, I’m Yawning’

Geraldo blasts Schiff’s reaction to first public impeachment hearings… Where’s the crime?

Democrats Scramble, Switch Impeachment Narrative to ‘Attempted’ Crimes After Lackluster Hearing

Why Democrats Moved From 'Quid Pro Quo' to 'Bribery' in Impeachment Push


Joe Biden is the elephant trampling on Schiff’s parade

Late-Night Hosts Salivate Over Impeachment Hearings: What We’ve Been Praying For

Schiff shifting story on knowing whistleblower identity -the basic facts

Most Say Media Working With Democrats to Impeach Trump

Impeachment witnesses pressed Ukraine to drop Soros-group probe

Barack Obama Slaps Joe Biden in the Face with Deval Patrick

Why moderates are still entering the Democratic nomination race now

Kavanaugh greeted with standing ovations during first public speech since confirmation

Protesters dressed as handmaids blare Blasey Ford testimony at Kavanaugh dinner

House Ethics Committee examining alleged Rep. Rashida Tlaib campaign finance irregularities

Not Even Hiding It: Democrats Strike Down Measure Opposing Illegal Immigrants Voting in Elections

No more surrender for Brexit Party's Farage in British election

Transgender activists are outraged at Hillary Clinton for implying trans rights are a threat to feminism

Senate confirms Trump appeals court nominee Steven Menashi over Dem objections

Texas Democrat drops envelope containing cocaine at Austin airport


November 14, 2019

"Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom (Palestinians). I have made thee small among the heathen: thou art greatly despised." (Obadiah 1-2)

Israel/Palestinian War

'Hudna' Ceasefire In Effect

INTO THE FRAY- Gaza: Gratuitous gobbledygook

Right Before “CeaseFire”, Israel Offs Another Terrorist Mastermind: CeaseFire Broken 4 Hours Later

The IDF confirms Gaza ceasefire after “our goals achieved”

Rocket sirens 90 minutes after Islamic Jihad, Egypt claim ceasefire

Live Updates: Rockets fly over southern Israel, despite ceasefire

Gaza ceasefire faces real test on Friday at weekly Palestinian border disturbance

IDF, Iranian-led PIJ battle was limited, will not be the last: REAL Challenge is From Northern Forces

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett: Rules of the Game Have Changed – No Limitations on IDF Actions

Liberman Continues to Fail as Kingmaker

'Terrorist with lots of Israeli blood on his hands'

Yehudah Glick: How Ascending the Temple Mount Brings Peace

State Dept.: U.S. wiped out 2M BBL of Iran oil

Key News

AOC Tells Scared Dem Establishment: We’re Not Pulling Party Left, but Bringing It “Home”

The Biden’s Became Rich With Back-Door Payments From The Ukrainians

Supreme Court Seems Inclined To Allow Trump To Terminate Obama-Era Immigration Policies

The Trump Bump Stumps Chumps

Senator Lindsey Graham Blocks Armenian Genocide Resolution on Behalf of Turkey's Erdogan

Assisted Suicide: First Step Take No Stand

Texas more than twice as attractive for oil and gas investment than Alberta

Impeachment Hoax

Hearsay is better than direct evidence, Dem congressman claims

Pass the Popcorn—It’s ‘Pencil Neck’s Big Soviet-Style Show

House Dems Going on ‘Narrowest Basis for Impeachment’ in U.S. History

Senator McConnell: If House Impeaches, ‘We’ll Have to Have a Trial’

Watch Live: Impeachment Inquiry Holds First Public Hearing

Adam Schiff Lied At Least Twice Today

Democrat Dud: First Public Impeachment Hearing Falls Short as ‘Complicated,’ Unclear Allegations Drive Inquiry Forward

Ukraine Foreign Minister: U.S. Aid, Investigations Were ‘Never’ Linked

Adam Schiff: Trump’s Potentially Impeachable Offenses Include Bribery

John Brennan hand-picked whistleblower for White House (2:17)

Tucker: Democrats have no actual plan for impeachment

Barack Obama's 10 most impeachable offenses: Jack Cashill

Far-Left Dem Senator Reveals True Intentions As She Equates Climate Change Activism With Religion

Former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick Announces White House Run

Is Technology Enabling Human CULLING? The Rise of Genetic Editing Suggests It Is

China Just Wants Tariffs Removed: They Will Just Lie About Everything Else



November 13, 2019

Breaking News

"Pray For Israel As We Prepare For War!"

Islamic Jihad leader admits: Tehran is calling the shots

Gaza: IDF Continues Assassinations, 3 Top Terrorists Killed: IDF Reserve Units Activated

360 rockets launched into Israel: IDF attacks

Jihad turns to using short-range rockets against Israeli locations close to Gaza

Thanks to Rockets: Police Inadvertently Order Jews to Fulfill Isaiah’s Prophecy on Temple Mount

Just Like Al-Baghdadi, Mainstream Media Refuses to Associate Al-Ata with Terrorism

Mexico Massacre New Ammo for U.S. to Designate Cartels as Foreign Terrorist Organizations

"Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom (Palestinians). I have made thee small among the heathen: thou art greatly despised." (Obadiah 1-2)

Israel/Palestinian War

When Will The War Begin? Opinion Column

Jihad rocket fire moves east to Ramle, Modiin districts

Day 2: Israelis Prepared for Gaza Rocket Fire to Come

State of emergency shuts down southern and central Israel

The IDF strikes a Jihad long-range warhead factory

Iron Dome intercepts 60 of the 160 rockets from Gaza: 156,000+ missiles can hit Israel in full exchange

Israel Under Fire: Interactive Map of rocket strikes

Assassinated Islamic leader was one of Israel’s most implacable foes

Israel Told Jihad via Mladinov: If Rockets Continue, Chairman Al-Nakhalah Is Next to be assassinated

'Israel will hunt down every terrorist till our kids are safe': Defense Minister Bennett

Jordan Condemns IDF’s Targeted Killing of Terrorist Leader in Gaza

Gaza death toll hits 22 as IDF retaliatory strikes intensify

52 people treated for injuries from Gaza rocket attacks

Release of Trump "Deal of the Century" could break Israel elections deadlock

Are Netanyahu and Gantz closing in on agreement?

Abbas: No elections without Gaza, Jerusalem: ‘Martyrs’ are not terrorists

Nikki Haley: Tillerson tried to stop US Embassy move to Jerusalem

Key News

Supreme Court Decision Against Gun Manufacturer

Trump Surges with Women in Suburbs, Tops All Democrat Candidates in Large Donations

Johns Hopkins Psychiatrist: Transgender is ‘Mental Disorder;' Sex Change ‘Biologically Impossible’

Clashes erupted at the Chinese University of Hong Kong

DACA Protesters in Country Illegally Promise to Stay in U.S. Regardless of High Court Decision

Journalism’s Top School Now Against Reporting The News If It Makes Anyone (Leftists) Feel Bad

Joe Biden Rejects the 'Moderate' Label: Calls for 'Fundamental Change'

Impeachment Hoax News

NY Post delivers the perfect encapsulation of the impeachment inquiry


Shady Schiff’s Show Trial is Collapsing

Rep. Dan Bishop Names Alleged Impeachment ‘Whistleblower’: ' Eric Ciamarella is a deep state conspirator'

Impeachment Hearings: Alexander Vindman, Kurt Volker, Gordon Sondland, and More to Testify Next Week

Name of Obama Mole ERIC CIARAMELLA Should Be Shouted From Patriot Rooftops


President Trump speaks at Economic Club of New York event – Our economy is INCREDIBLE!

Trump: Booming Economy Allows Tough Trade Negotiation with China

Trump: Open Borders Threatens the Wage Gains of America’s Lowest-Income Workers

Collecting Data On YOU!"

"Project Nightingale": Shame On Govt And Google

It's Google vs the Feds (again) as DHS opens 'Nightingale' probe

Billy Graham's Daughter: Trump's Actions Could Set Up 'The Last of The Last Days'

Establishing "Free Kurdistan"

Syria's Detailed Map

President of Kurdistan Region in Baghdad to discuss Iraq protests, bilateral relations

Kurdistan committed to Peshmerga reform, unification: President Barzani

Kurdistan: Senior Peshmerga and Coalition leader warn of ISIS resurgence

Kurdistan electricity output may increase by end of 2019: Official

Trump ignores controversy to host Turkey's Erdogan

Did Britain sell Turkey the white phosphorus used against Syria's Kurds?

Bolivia’s democracy shaky as interim leader prepares country for elections

Bolivia’s interim president faces challenge to organize vote



November 12, 2019

Key News

Israel is at war with Islamic Jihad: Tehran weighs opening northern fronts

Vatican Endorses U.N. Pro-Abortion “Sustainable Development” Agenda

Bolivia Crisis: Evo Morales accepts political asylum in Mexico

Flash mob wreaks havoc in heart of Hong Kong financial district

Trump says Baghdadi successor in US crosshairs

Ruling Socialists win Spain vote but fall short of majority as far-right Vox surges

Rep. Nunes: Transcripts Are ‘Devastating to the Democrats’

New Leftist ‘Racial Literacy Curriculum’ Brainwashing Elementary School Children

"Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom (Palestinians). I have made thee small among the heathen: thou art greatly despised." (Obadiah 1-2)

Israel/Palestinian War

Israel kills Baha Abu al-Atta, top Palestinian militant in Gaza

Netanyahu: Abu al-Atta was an arch-terrorist and ticking bomb

Who was the Islamic Jihad terrorist eliminated by Israel?

Israel is at war with Islamic Jihad: Tehran weighs opening northern fronts

DAY 1: More Than 150 Rockets Fired at Israel by 2PM

Second Islamic Jihad commander targeted in Damascus

State of emergency shuts down southern and central Israel

IDF tanks attack Islamic Jihad targets in Gaza

Watch: Gaza rocket hits Israeli highway

It’s Official: Defense Minister Naftali Bennett

“The People Demand Victory” (Im Tirtzu) Launches Campaign following Gaza Rocket Barrage: “Bibi – Give Us The Order!”

Democrats Worry as Filing Deadlines Cement Weak 2020 Field

Former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick Mulling White House Run

November 12, 2019

Veterans Day: The Forgotten History of America's Veterans Day and What It Commemorates (Official Version)

World War I Armistice Day (Veteran's Day) - History's Greatest Single Proof That International Conspiracy Is Ruling The Modern World

The Wars They Carry

Donald Trump Has Fired, Demoted, or Suspended over 8,000 Veterans Affairs Employees Since Taking Office

Key News

Has the Coup Already Happened?

Escalating Cartel Violence Demands a U.S. Response

Transcripts Reveal Ambassador Gordon Sondland Never Knew of Any ‘Quid Pro Quo’

UC Berkeley Instructor: Rural Americans Are ‘Bad People’

Republican strategist Kimberly Klacik announces run for Elijah Cummings' Baltimore seat

Conservative Activist Deanna Lorraine Announces Campaign For California’s 12th District: Will Oppose Nancy Pelosi

Trump Jr. Vs. The View: The president’s son takes no prisoners

National Security Adviser O’Brien: President Trump To Address Turkey’s Purchase Of Russian Missiles

Bill Gates Employs Over 100,000 People And Bernie Sanders Still Berates Him: Ultimate example of why Socialism fails

Brian Stelter Hides ABC’s Jeffrey Epstein Scandal from CNN Viewers

Joe Biden Tries to Win Over Catholic Voters: But He Supports Abortions Up to Birth

Joe Biden: No One Needs a ‘Magazine with 100 Clips in It’

"Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom (Palestinians). I have made thee small among the heathen: thou art greatly despised." (Obadiah 1-2)

Israel/Palestinian War

Hangars go up in Israel for hundreds of US F-35s

In Attempted Formation of Govt, Likud Official Calls Liberman’s ‘Bluff’

Gantz Booed in Bnei Brak, Outmaneuvered in Jerusalem

Netanyahu steps down as Defense Minister: Hands over to Bennett

Sanhedrin in Final Warning to Iran: Choose Path of King Cyrus Or Die Like Haman

One of Only Three Politicians who Voted to Protect Temple Mount Against Terrorists, Now Heads Israel’s Military

New Campaign Demands: Jordan Disconnect from Temple Mount in Exchange for River Island

Survey: 44% of Israelis Are Concentrated in 16 Cities

Once Loyal to Syria, Druze in Golan Now Pledge Allegiance to Israel

Abbas Claimed PA on ‘Verge of Financial Collapse’, Then Gave $1 Million to Harvard

Coup in Bolivia? Police in Bolivia side with protesters against Morales and government

Trump Applauds Exit of Bolivia’s Morales as Clashes Continue

Trump: Resignation of Bolivia's president spells trouble for Venezuela, Nicaragua

White Helmets leader found dead outside his Istanbul home

Impeachment Hoax News

Dems Tried To Impeach Every Elected GOP President Since Eisenhower

The Fight Of Our Lives in These Memorable Times

Republicans want Hunter Biden to testify in Trump impeachment inquiry

Schiff Rejects GOP Request for ‘Whistleblower’ Testimony as ‘Redundant and Unnecessary’

As Trump impeachment inquiry unfolds, biased media won't 'give him a fair shake': WH press secretary

McCarthy: This Is a ‘Calculated Coup’ Orchestrated by Adam Schiff

Any GOP Senator Who Votes to Impeach Trump ‘Is Signing His Own Political Death Warrant’

Scaramucci: Trump Has Engaged in ‘Full Blown Traitorous Activity’

Standing Ovation: Trump Cheered At LSU-Alabama Game, Crowd Chants “USA! USA!”

Iran Oil Minister Gives Details of Newly-Discovered Oilfield

Over 100,000 Celebrate 30 Years Since Fall of Berlin Wall

Establishing "Free Kurdistan"

Syria's Detailed Map

Facing ‘existential threat’ from Turkey, rival Syrian Kurdish groups meet to unite


Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi hosts Kurdistan Region president: discusses economy, security

Syrian Kurdish refugees arriving in Kurdistan Region surpasses 15,000

Iraq doubles number of Kurds on constitutional amendment committee as protests rage

Democrats Vote for Bill to Stop Abuse of Pets: But Block Bill to Stop Infanticide of Babies

United Nations Summit Will Push Abortion on African Countries That Don’t Want It

Former Abortion Clinic Owner Reveals: We Pushed Sex Ed on Kids to Create a Market for Abortion


November 9-10, 2019

Key News

Pope denies bodily resurrection of Christ

Another Family Attacked by Cartel in Northern Mexico–One Dead

President Trump, VP Pence deliver remarks at launch of ‘Black Voices for Trump’ coalition

CBS Reportedly Fired Innocent Woman For ‘Leaking’ Video On ABC Killing Epstein Story: I Am Not The Leaker

Elizabeth Warren Confirms: Her Medicare for All Plan Will Cover Illegal Immigrants

Impeachment Hoax

The Fight Of Our Lives in These Memorable Times

Poll: Most Americans Say Democrat Impeachment Effort Is Politically Motivated

Snopes Confirms Dems Tried To Impeach Every Elected GOP President Since Eisenhower

House Democrats Consider Drafting Three Articles of Impeachment Against Trump

House Impeachment Resolution Vote Endorses an Abusive Process : Judicial Watch Warning

Dems Pull Subpoena for Ex-Trump Adviser Who Took It to Court: Lawsuit Would Delay Impeachment

Maxine Waters Praises Schiff, Rants: Trump ‘Pack Up Tanning Bed and Leave’

Nikki Haley on Trump-Ukraine Dealings: ‘Nothing Impeachable There’

Ukraine witness said Steele dossier was 'rabbit hole' and likely contained Russian 'disinformation'

US: Drone downed by Iran wasn't American

"Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom (Palestinians). I have made thee small among the heathen: thou art greatly despised." (Obadiah 1-2)

Israel/Palestinian War

Grudge of the Century: Palestinians Still Fume

Analysis: Is Iran gaining the upper hand against Israel?

Netanyahu blasted by the Blue and White party for appointing Bennett as Defense Minister

Rabin’s policies can help break Gantz-Netanyahu deadlock

Exploding the Myth: All the truth about American aid to Israel

Israel's dangerous neighbors: The Palestinian Authority

Israeli Reporter: Trump Told Israel to Take Over US Aid to PA Security

Security agencies in India on alert for possible terrorist attacks on Jewish, Israeli targets

With hours to go on Jordan border lands lease, Israeli farmers await final word

Minister Peretz: Plan to launch public transport on Shabbat is ‘violation of status quo’

California’s Gasoline Prices Are the Highest in the Nation


November 8, 2019

Breaking News

Pope denies bodily resurrection of Christ

Another Family Attacked by Cartel in Northern Mexico–One Dead

FBI: Over 5 Times More Killed with Knives than Rifles

Warning Gun Owners: Google And Facebook Creating Firearms Registry

Democrat-Run Cities Have Highest Taxes AND Highest Homeless Rates

Poll: Most Americans Say Democrat Impeachment Effort Is Politically Motivated

House Impeachment Resolution Vote Endorses an Abusive Process : Judicial Watch Warning

Key News

Neither the US nor Israel knows for sure when Iran will have a nuclear weapon


The sweet and sour British election

Child Rape Stories Are Too 'Stupid' for ABC News to Cover: " All three major U.S. television broadcast networks implicated to some degree in covering for rapists of underage girls

Why so much depression in our public schools?

Mexican Drug Cartels: How Far Is Their Reach?

Can Michael Bloomberg Beat the NYC Mayors’ Curse?

Disbarred Lawyer, Convicted Sex Offender Democrat Joe Morrissey Wins Virginia Senate Seat

Senate Probing if Burisma Leveraged Hunter Biden Ties for Access to State Department

Snopes Confirms Dems Tried To Impeach Every Elected GOP President Since Eisenhower

Alleged “Whistleblower” Already Aboard 'Deep State Coup' During Obama’s Phony Trump Congratulatory Speech

Whistleblower’s Lawyer Reverses Course – Refuses To Let Client Eric Ciaramella Speak To Senate Intel Committee

Fox News Management Forbids Hosts from Using Alleged Name of Ukraine ‘Whistleblower’

Whistleblower attorney defends 'coup' tweet, as Trump calls for impeachment probe shutdown

Tucker Has Evidence Key Player In Dems Impeachment Probe May Have Perjured Herself

If Ciaramella Is The Whistleblower, Democrats Have Made A Major Blunder And Their Credibility Will Evaporate

"Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom (Palestinians). I have made thee small among the heathen: thou art greatly despised." (Obadiah 1-2)

Israel/Palestinian War

Grudge of the Century: Palestinians Still Fuming Over 1917 Balfour Declaration

Keeping Our Honor in the Middle East

Analysis: Is Iran gaining the upper hand against Israel?

Netanyahu appoints Bennett defense minister in his caretaker government

Former MK Analyzes Israel’s Political Impasse": Suggests to Avoid Another Election

Survey Shows: There will be new elections

Gantz’s party ready to annex Jordan Valley, agrees with Likud

Nailing Netanyahu: Storm in Knesset as justice minister reveals investigators’ dirty tricks

Netanyahu Prosecutors Playing Dirty Pool

Shin Bet Chief: 450 major terror attacks foiled this year

50 Jewish Groups Blast Threat to Withhold Aid to Israel Presented by Sanders, Warren and Buttigieg

US coalition launches operation to protect Persian Gulf

Iran shoots down UAV over southern port

5.9 quake in northwestern Iran kills 5, destroys 30 villages

US Rejects Jordan’s Refusal to Extradite Wanted Terrorist Ahlam Tamimi

Israel releases two Jordanian prisoners to resolve diplomatic crisis

At least 10 protesters killed over the weekend in Baghdad, Basra

Establishing "Free Kurdistan"

Syria's Detailed Map

Turkey's Goal of Establishing "Free Kurdistan"

Turkey intensifies operations in Kurdistan, northern Iraq


Israeli Official: Israel Assisting Syrian Kurds Via ‘a Range of Channels’

Iraqi Kurds boycott Turkish goods after Syria assault

Kurdish Prime Minister Masrour Barzani meets with US Congress delegation

Syrian Kurdish officials reject Assad’s plans to control autonomous territory

LeBaron killings in Mexico not necessarily random

Jeff Sessions Makes 2020 Alabama U.S. Senate Run Official

FISA Abuse Report Will Be ‘Worse Than You Can Imagine’ And ‘Careers Will Be Ruined’

Presidential Message on the National Day for the Victims of Communism, 2019

Kanye West's 'Jesus Is King' shoots to the top of the Billboard charts

Consumer Sentiment Climbs Higher

5.8 Million Individuals Off Food Stamps Under Trump




November 7, 2019

Democrat's Impeachment Hoax News

'Coup has started': Whistleblower's attorney said in 2017 posts calling for impeachment

Adam Schiff says public impeachment hearings to begin next week

Where are the high crimes and misdemeanors to justify impeaching Trump?

Boom: Kennedy Completely Blasts Pelosi for Leading Dems' Impeachment Push

Key News

Mike Huckabee: Ilhan Omar's anti-American rhetoric is the new normal for Democrats

Trump: Time for Mexico, US to 'Wage War' Against Drug Cartels

The Deliberate Misconception of Socialism

Why The Masses LOVE President Trump

Establishing "Free Kurdistan"

Syria's Detailed Map

Turkey's Goal of Establishing "Free Kurdistan"


Kurdistan Region receives only 5 percent of Iraqi budget: PM Masrour Barzani

Shingal Yezidis express fear for their future as Turkish airstrikes said to continue

US senators issue bipartisan call for ‘immediate’ sanctions on Turkey if they are violating NE Syria ceasefire

Iraqi President in Erbil to talk Iraq constitution edits, protests with Kurdistan Region leaders

Families of Peshmerga executed by ISIS: Baghdadi’s death ‘happiest day of our lives’

"Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom (Palestinians). I have made thee small among the heathen: thou art greatly despised." (Obadiah 1-2)

Israel/Palestinian War

'Israel has right to defend self, borders from Iranian lackeys': Saudi strategic expert

Trump refused Netanyahu's request to transfer aid to PA

United Arab Emirates Shatters Mideast Taboo, Welcomes Israeli Tourists

Extortion Palestinian-Style: ‘Give Us Dollars from Qatar, or We Rain Rockets on Tel Aviv!’

Nailing Netanyahu: Storm in Knesset as justice minister reveals investigators’ dirty tricks

Israel releases two Jordanian prisoners to resolve diplomatic crisis

Opinion: What J Street really is

Democrats: We don’t mind corrupt politicians, if they’re one of us

What Michelle Obama Leaves Out About 'White Flight'

Republican-controlled Kentucky Legislature could decide outcome of gubernatorial election


November 6, 2019

Establishing "Free Kurdistan"

Syria's Detailed Map

'Safe zone' in northern Syria not yet cleared of Kurdish forces: Erdogan

Top Kurdish officials, leaders meet to discuss Iraqi Constitution amid flaring unrest

US races Russia for military positions in NE Syria, including new air bases

Russian Lawmaker: US to build two military bases near Syrian oilfields

Security concerns forces two villages in disputed Khanaqin region to evacuate

Iraq is tired of sectarian rule: Kurdistan Region President

Peshmerga to receive more equipment, as cooperation continues: Coalition Spokesman

Kurdish PM Barzani, British delegation talks trade, economy in Erbil meeting

Kurdistan needs friends in Baghdad: British Consul General

"Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom (Palestinians). I have made thee small among the heathen: thou art greatly despised." (Obadiah 1-2)

Israel/Palestinian War

Israeli David’s Sling in Russian hands, Russian and Chinese sources

Russia Reverse Engineering Captured Israeli Missile?

Russian warships drill combat fire near Israeli coast

IDF Head of Operations: Expect Iranians Quality Attack on Israel

Asking for budget increase, IDF general warns of new Iranian threats

Poll: Netanyahu edges out Gantz in head-to-head election

Israeli police may have employed dirty tricks to turn Netanyahu confidante state witness

Opinion: Sanders and Warren offer ‘The Squad’ squalid Mideast peace plans

U.N. Palestinian Agency Chief Steps Aside After ‘Sexual Misconduct, Nepotism, Corruption’ Allegations

Leading Democrats Warn: Israel must embrace pro-Palestinian policies or risk losing aid

Israeli Shekel: Strongest currency in the world?

Major Rabbis Unite in Decisive Call For All Jews To Return From Exile: “It’s Time”

US-Saudi naval exercises ‘aim to maintain freedom of navigation’ in region’s waters

Trump nears new milestone with judicial appointments

Almost half of California Republicans may flee state over high taxes and liberal policies

Republican Tate Reeves wins Mississippi governorship

Kentucky elects first black attorney general, first Republican to serve in role in more than 70 years

Dems Ride Big Money to Full Control of Virginia Legislature

Key News

Democrats’ Real Impeachment Target: Far More Than Trump

The Dems Have Gone Completely Insane: There is no whistleblower, and there never was—just a treasonous liar - The Left refuses to accept actual evidence as evidence, choosing instead to justify their actions through baseless hearsay

House Intel Panel Releases Impeachment Hearing Transcripts: Gordon Sondland changed his testimoney - Sondland's transcript. Volker's transcript

Rand Paul Says He Will Probably Disclose Whistleblower’s Name, Calls Him a ‘Material Witness’

Trump Says “Angry Majority” Supports Him in Impeachment Fight

US tells UN it is pulling out of Paris climate deal

Alleged ‘Whistleblower’ Eric Ciaramella Worked Closely with Anti-Trump Dossier Hoaxer

All Activities Monitored: How military drone technology is quietly creeping into policing, business, and everyday life

NARCO-TERROR: 10 U.S. Mormon Women, Children Murdered by Cartel Gunmen near New Mexico Border

Suspect in Mormon Family Cartel Attack Arrested: Police discovered two bound and gagged kidnap victims were found

NYT: American Religious Fundamentalist (Mormon) Settlers Had It Coming in Mexico

Donald Trump Ready for ‘WAR’ on Drug Cartels in Mexico: ‘Wipe Them Off the Face of the Earth’

Trump Calls For War — Demands Mexico Handles Major Problem

Trump Signs Major Order Restricting Refugees

Ilhan Omar: Bernie Sanders ‘a President Who Will Fight Against Western Imperialism’

ABC News Killed Clinton-Epstein Story Three Years Ago

10 Politicians Jeffrey Epstein Paid Off

White House Mocks ABC News Editorial ‘Standards’ that Blocked Jefferey Epstein Story

Reorganization Into 10 Supernations

Fulfilling Daniel 2:40, 7:7-8

Nancy Pelosi's stall tactics on USMCA will hurt America's economy

Farmers and Ranchers Need USMCA

USMCA would help medical innovators

Federal Reserve Bank official believes USMCA will pass Congress

PhRMA urges Trump not to deal away prized USMCA provision

V.P. Pence fails to sway Democrats with USMCA sales pitch

Pelosi 'Stuck' on Impeaching Trump: Club for Growth President

Actress Patricia Arquette Declares ‘Trump a National Security Risk’ After Admin Warns Russia About Terror Plot

James Dobson: School news about 'most horrible' sex ed 'greatly angers me'


November 5, 2019

Key News

California wastes most of its rainwater, which simply goes down the drain: L.A. Times

Trump Threatens to Cut US Funding for California Wildfires

California AND New York Having Problems Delivering Energy: Venezuela in sight?

MK Bennett: ‘We’re in a state of national emergency

Iran reactivates Fordow uranium enrichment plant, advances towards nuclear weapon capacity

If Socialism and Communism Are Great, Why 100 Million Victims and So Many Freedom Fighters?

Dow, S&P 500, Nasdaq Close at Record Highs on Signs of U.S./China Trade-Talk Progress

Mark Cuban Calls for Government-Mandated Fact-Checks of News Opinion

The UN’s Enablement of Erdogan’s Neo-Ottoman Ambitions

Florida: Huge Majority (82%) of Hispanics Support DeSantis, Mandatory E-Verify

Poll: 59% Say Trump’s Interactions with Ukraine Neither Illegal Nor Wrong

Joe Biden Pressured Ukraine to Fire Top Prosecutor After Burisma Lobbying Effort

Four White House Officials Defy Impeachment Subpoenas for Testimony

Leftists Vow to Cancel Nats’ Kurt Suzuki for Donning MAGA Hat: He ‘Should Be Banned from Baseball’

"Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom (Palestinians). I have made thee small among the heathen: thou art greatly despised." (Obadiah 1-2)

Israel/Palestinian War

Russia Pulls Plug on Anti-Air System in Syria: Opening Skies For Israeli Air Operations

New Trend: PA Forces Confront IDF Troops at Gun Point

Hamas leader threatens to pulverize Tel Aviv: Praises Iran’s support

Ascending the Temple Mount on the Anniversary of the Pilgrimage of Maimonides, 854 years ago


Israel's Minister Smotrich Pushing ‘Sovereignty Through Transportation’

UK Labour Election Candidate Apologizes for Netanyahu Death Fantasy

Top Kurdish officials, leaders meet to discuss Iraqi Constitution amid flaring unrest

Syrian Kurds slam UN chief for meeting with Turkey’s Erdogan

Joe Biden Pressured Ukraine to Fire Top Prosecutor After Burisma Lobbying Effort

NARCO-TERROR: 10 U.S. Mormon Women, Children Murdered by Cartel Gunmen near New Mexico Border

CCRKBA Hails Pregnant Florida Woman Who Used AR-15 To Defend Family



November 4, 2019

Key News

Israel is in a state of national emergency"

UK Election: Boris Johnson poised to trounce Jeremy Corbyn

‘Nightmare before Hanukkah’: British Jews fearful of Corbyn win

Russia deactivates its S-400 batteries at the Khmeimim air base – and throughout all Syria

Moscow transfers air defense missile systems -- S-400s -- to Turkey ahead of schedule

Analysis: Trump does know what he’s doing in Syria

Turkey Is Not Limited To Anatolia: Aleppo-Mosul Line Is Strategic Priority

Veterans Oppose the Endless Wars, Back Trump: ‘A Lot of Wasted Lives’ for ‘a Goal We Never Accomplished’

"Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom (Palestinians). I have made thee small among the heathen: thou art greatly despised." (Obadiah 1-2)

Israel/Palestinian War

Bennett: ‘We’re in a state of national emergency"

Israel’s security cabinet discusses two troubled borders

Iron Dome Aerial Defense System Intercepts 7 of 10 Rockets Fired from Gaza at Israel

US Fighter Jets Upgraded with Israeli-Developed Electro-Optic Systems

New Right Leader Presents Bill to Annex Parts of Judea and Samaria

Palestinian Official Warns: Revoking Oslo Accord Will Enable Israel To Liquidate The Palestinian Cause

Pre-Sovereignty Move: Civil Administration Takes Over ‘Tabu’ Land Registry in Judea, Samaria

ISIS in Sinai, sitting on Israel’s doorstep, swears allegiance to new Islamic State leader

Netanyahu tells Christian Media: Arab Countries See Israel as “Indispensable Ally” Against Iran

First Herzl Conference on Contemporary Zionism Features Jewish Senator Praising Christian Support of Israel

Israel Bans Importing Swine


The Nuclear Option: Nancy Pelosi’s Waterloo

Conway: Dem impeachment probe is incurable 'flawed process' despite House vote

Democrat Willie Brown: ‘No One Thinks 20 Republicans’ Will Vote Out Trump

Trump tweets on wildfire aid to California: ‘No more’

Bernie Sanders: Trump Is Racist, Sexist, Xenophobe, Homophobe, Religious Bigot

Chinese Authorities link Bibles and porn in communist campaign

Trump Economy Sets Third Straight Month of Record Black Unemployment Rates



November 2-3, 2019

"Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom (Palestinians). I have made thee small among the heathen: thou art greatly despised." (Obadiah 1-2)

Israel/Palestinian War

Sderot house hit as 10 Palestinian rockets aimed at Israel from Gaza: on Friday night, Nov. 1

Israeli air force strikes Hamas’ Gaza facilities

Israel denies IDF drone shot down over Lebanon

Israeli Air Force Commander: Defending our skies getting more complicated all the time

Likud chief negotiator: Blue and White fakes talks, wants government with Arabs

Rabbi Explains Reason for Unprecedented Amount of Noahide Converts: Explains why so many Christians are converting to the Noahide philosophy

US Returns to Patrolling Syria With the Kurds

Key News

“Outstanding” Jobs Report: “This Is The American Dream,” “Whole Lot Of Good News”

QUID PRO FAUX: Treaty Invalidates Impeachment

Wanted: Justice & The Rule of Law


Steve Scalise Reveals All the Ways Adam Schiff Can Cheat in Impeachment Hearings

Impeachment Resolution ‘Loophole’ Allows Democrats to Reject White House Witnesses

Mark Levin on Alleged ‘Whistleblower’: National Security Council Was Exposed as ‘A Rat’s Nest’

The Progressives’ unrestricted war on America: Progressives have taken the human binary equation of male and female and converted it to a troubled confliction over gender identity

Worldwide Fertility Crash Threatens the Future of Western Civilization

Climategate: Ten years later, still promoting junk science, fossil fuel bans and wealth redistribution

Gov. Cuomo: ‘We Didn’t Have’ Hurricanes, Superstorms, Tornadoes Before Climate Change

Beto Out of 2020 Primary — Promise to Seize Guns Failed to Resonate

BYE BYE BETO: Robert O’Rourke Leaves Presidential Race Before A Single Vote Is Cast

John Brennan is Proud of Deep State for Launching Coup Against Trump

Establishing "Free Kurdistan"

Syria's Detailed Map

US-led Coalition: We’re committed to the Kurdistan Region and the Peshmerga

Peshmerga to receive more equipment, as cooperation continues: US-led Coalition Spokesman

SDF remembers Kobane anti-ISIS resistance, warns of Turkish threats to invade the city



November 1, 2019

Breaking News

Sderot house hit as 10 Palestinian rockets aimed at Israel from Gaza

6,500 Gaza rioters throw rocks and explosives at IDF soldiers


Trump moves his residence from New York to Florida

New Data Shows Veterans Suffer Higher Rates of Cancer: Depleted Uranium?


The Pelosi-Schiff Impeachment Masquerade

Washington Post Calls for Sharia Over the First Amendment

Key News

Iranian hardliner says PMU Iraq must seize US, Saudi embassies in Baghdad

Trump considers reading Ukraine call transcript in televised ‘fireside chat’

New California wildfire explodes to 8,000 acres: Zero Contained

S&P 500, Nasdaq Hit Record Highs on Stronger-Than-Expected Jobs Report

Establishing "Free Kurdistan"

Syria's Detailed Map

US continues repositioning forces in northeastern Syria

GOP Sen. Jim Risch Offers Amercian Citizenship to Kurdish, Syrian Populations

US Returns to Patrolling Syria With the Kurds

Kurdistan Region completes crisis response training with Germany

Iraq’s top Shiite cleric backs call for constitutional referendum

"Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom (Palestinians). I have made thee small among the heathen: thou art greatly despised." (Obadiah 1-2)

Israel/Palestinian War

Hizballah rocket misses Israeli spy drone over S. Lebanon

Israel’s Air Force Chief: Our air defenses ready for Iranian cruise missiles, drones

Temple Mount: Record Highs, New Wedding Trend Bringing About Prophecy of Jeremiah

Jewish Pilgrims Arrested on Temple Mount After Prostrating, Screaming “God is our Lord”

The propaganda war continues and it is a long war

'Economic development in Gaza could lead to terror': Chief of Southern Command

America Added 128,000 Jobs in October, Unemployment at 3.6%

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Returns to The Place She Cost Thousands of Jobs

The Kill Switch For The Democrats’ Impeachment Obsession

Pelosi’s Halloween Impeachment Plan Vote Scares Democrats, Splinters House Majority

A tragedy for the nation – and democracy

Rep. Gohmert on Impeachment: Dems ‘Coup’ Will ‘Push This Country to a Civil War’

Hollywood Celebrates Impeachment Vote: ‘Let’s Get On with It, Shall We?’

Schiff: I’m Concerned Republicans Will Propose Witnesses to ‘Smear’ Trump’s Opponents

Rep. Steve Scalise: Pelosi Using Impeachment Probe to Influence 2020 Presidential Election



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