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CE-Bill-DVD-002 - Catholicism: Two Horns Like A Lamb - DVD by Bill Schoebelen, Part 1 of Scarlet Beast Series This item is on sale.
Why, oh why, has the Catholic priesthood been sexually molesting little boys, young women and married women for the past 1,000 years? The answer is simple: Roman Catholicism is NOT genuine Christianity, but a church founded upon Biblical doctrinal errors, many of which lead to sexual deviancy. Bill also reveals that in the Catholic seminary he attended he discovered that about 75% of the men studying for the priesthood were gay, many of them very openly gay. This percentage is very common throughout the priesthood throughout the world, even in America.

Former Catholic Seminarian, Bill Schnoebelen, proves that, given the true inner heart nature of Catholicism, sexual deviancy and molestation is what we should expect from many priests! Millions of Catholics are leaving the church and millions more are thinking about leaving and all are very confused and angry over the sexual fiasco within the priesthood. They cannot reconcile the church they grew up in, and established a family in, with the daily report somewhere that another Catholic priest has been charged with sexual molestation of young people.

Bill also shockingly reveals that Catholic priests teach that Jesus was able to perform miracles only because He had gone into the Occult and was using the power of Occult spirits! Jesus condemns this belief in the strongest of terms (Matt 12:22-31). Therefore, priests who believe this heresy are no longer subject to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and can fall into unusually hateful and hurtful sins.

Even Pope Benedict XVI is thoroughly caught up in this scandal, from the actions he took while Cardinal Ratzinger. Therefore, this scandal is simply going to continue until the Antichrist arises.

Nearly 2 hours

Quotes from King James Version

We present a Plan of Salvation, at the end, written specifically for Roman Catholics, making this DVD a most effective Soul-Winning DVD!

NOTICE: This DVD is virtually idenitical to 'Church On Haunted Hill'. People commented that they would like to share this DVD with their Catholic friends and loved ones but felt the very title and the front cover image was too harsh. Therefore, we created this cover and title and slightly modified a couple of things in the video, none of which changed the message one iota

Price: $24.99
Sale Price: $19.99

CE-Bill-DVD-003-SPANISH - DVD - Catolicismo: La Iglesia En La Montaña Embrujada This item is on sale.
NOTE: This DVD is the Spanish version of our original, 'Catholicism: Church On Haunted Hill', by bill Schnoebelen.

¿Por qué, oh por qué, ha estado el sacerdocio Católico Romano abusando sexualmente de niños, jovencitas y mujeres casadas por los últimos 1,000 años? La respuesta es simple: El Catolicismo Romano no es el cristianismo genuino, sino una mezcla de numerosas doctrinas y prácticas paganas y ocultistas, las cuales conducen a la desviación sexual. El ex seminarista católico y satanista, Bill Schnoebelen, muestra que, dada la verdadera naturaleza del corazón mismo del Catolicismo: desviación sexual, acoso y homosexualidad, es lo que debemos esperar, y no sorprendernos al descubrir tales aberraciones sexuales entre sacerdotes y monjas.

¡Bill también revela de forma estremecedora que los Sacerdotes Católicos enseñan que Jesús pudo realizar milagros solamente porque El se adentró en la Brujería y estaba utilizando los poderes del Ocultismo! Jesús llama esta clase de creencia “pecado”, el cual es imperdonable, ya sea en esta vida o en la venidera (Mateo 12:22-31). Así que, los sacerdotes que creen esta herejía ya no están bajo la influencia del Espíritu Santo y pueden tornarse crueles y llenos de odio.

Bill también revela que en el seminario Católico al que él asistió, descubrió que alrededor del 75% de los hombres que estaban estudiando para ser sacerdotes, eran homosexuales. El papa Benedicto XVI fue atrapado en este escándalo, a causa de las acciones que el tomó mientras era el Cardenal Ratzinger. Así que, estos escándalos simplemente continuaran hasta que surja el Anticristo.

Bill, luego revela que Satanás creó la Iglesia Católica- comenzando con Constantino en un esfuerzo por corromper el Cristianismo verdadero y derrocarlo desde su centro. Parece ser Cristiana, pero no es más que una mezcla de doctrinas y prácticas del Satanismo, donde billones de almas se están hundiendo y van camino al infierno.

¡Incluso la ubicación del Vaticano, es una pista de la verdadera naturaleza del Catolicismo; está erigida en una montaña Romana llamada Vaticanus un lugar de la Antigua Roma caracterizada por la adivinación y la brujería, un lugar que Bill llama “sumamente maldito”!

Aproximadamente 2 horas

Una Producción del Ministerio Cutting Edge

Price: $24.99
Sale Price: $19.99

NFBC-DVD-13 - The 10 Commandments - 4 Session Set - Fresh Biblical View This item is on sale.
This DVD is designed as a 'Soul Winning' video! The entire purpose of the 10 Commandments was to act as God's 'X-Ray' into your heart. The whole premise of the 10 Commandments is to drive you to Jesus Christ!

Most people think they have to be 'good enough' to go to Heaven, but the 10 Commandments show that person that 'human goodness' is a failure and cannot deliver you to Heaven. Only by recognizing the stark reality which the 10 Commandments teach and throwing yourself at the foot of Jesus' blood-stained Cross can you be saved

This DVD is a totally new and refreshing examination of the 10 Commandments! You can lead a person to Jesus Christ through this video. A Plan of Salvation is presented at the end of this video!

There are 4 sessions on this DVD of 30 to 35 minutes each.

Price: $24.99
Sale Price: $9.99

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