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Item Name: Ancient Giants: Origin of Freemasonry - DVD, Volume 3 of 3
Category: Hoggard DVD's & Books
Item Number: PRM-57
Price: $14.99
In this third video series on the Giants, pastor Mike Hoggard explains why God prohibited the mingling of seeds in plants, the mixing animal kinds and why God wanted these super humans annihilated. Using only Scriptures, Pastor Mike proves that all living matter is imbued with seedDNA. The angelic realm also has seed that was used to contaminate the human race to circumvent Gods plan of salvation for mankind. Modern technology has given us the ability once again to modify the human genome, and is connected to Daniels image of the 4th Kingdom which is about to enter the worlds stage. Secret societies have kept this agenda throughout the ages and the modern alien/UFO mysteries are the other side of the same Luciferian coin. Todays headlines suggest transformation is in the offing, will you know which transformation leads to eternal life and which leads to utter destruction? Dont be one who perishes for lack of knowledge!

1 hour 50 minutes

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