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Item Name: Ancient Giants: Origin of All Pagan Mystery Religions - Babylon - DVD, Volume 1 of 3
Category: Hoggard DVD's & Books
Item Number: PRM-55
Price: $14.99
GiantsFact or Fiction? Is there any truth to ancient civilizations stories about giants roaming the earth? Can the Holy Scriptures shed light on this phenomenon, and reveal the history, purpose, and future ramifications for mankind? Pastor Mike Hoggard uses the sure word of Scripture to answer an astounding yes to all these questions. This video meticulously details the amazing number of Bible verses that refer to these super-humans and their origins. Pastor Mike presents evidence of their worldwide habitation through archeological remains, historical records and Scripture, revealing the fingerprints of the religion they instigated whose teachings still exist today through the Roman Catholic Church, Freemasons and their influence. 1 hour 46 minutes
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