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Item Name: Invisible, Invincible Mind Control: Powerful Media Manipulation: DVD by David Bay
Category: Sunday School Lessons
Sub-Category: Director Dave
Item Number: CE-041
Price: $19.99
You will be shocked to learn how totally bombarded with Change Agents you and your loved ones are every day.

This crisis is all the more sinister because it is invisible to those who have already become captive to its lie. How did we get to this point? Over the next hour, we will demonstrate a Six-Step Process by which people's attitudes are being changed permanently on a population-wide basis by all forms of Mass Media.

This process was developed to change those most-deeply held attitudes, which naturally are traditional Christian values. Once you hear this process, and understand the examples of its use, you will realize it is being simultaneously utilized in many areas by the Mass Media.

Even more ominous is the reality that, once a person's attitudes and/or values are changed by this method, they will not realize they have been changed by external forces. Rather, they will believe they have arrived at this new set of values on their own and they will defend against any attempt to change back to the old values and/or attitudes. You must protect against these change-forces from the beginning or you can lose your children.

We identify the Change Agents and show you how to defend yourself and your precious children.

Run time is 1 hour

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