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Item Name: Prophecies Churches Are Ignoring - 3 DVD Combo by David Bay
Category: Videos
Sub-Category: End of the Age
Item Number: CE-055-DVD
Price: $89.94
Sale Price: $49.99
Why are so many pastors so reluctant to teach prophecy? Why are so many pastors even more reluctant to teach how current events are uniquely fulfilling End of the Age prophecy?

Cutting Edge Director, David Bay, teaches six hard- hitting lessons on six unique End Times instances where events are fulfilling prophecy, but no one is talking about it. Five hot topics on three discs.

  • 1) Israel's Prophesied Triumph over the Palestinians
  • 2) Russian Bear Poised To Strike Israel
  • 3) Masons In The Pulpit
  • 4) World War III: History's Greatest Lynchpin Event
  • 5) Secret Societies Killed Jesus Christ

    Almost 6 Hours of Teaching

    Each message is followed by a complete Salvation Plan, so each DVD becomes a Soul-Winning tool.

    Also see Prophecies Churches Are Ignoring - DVD Combo by David Bay - Volume 1

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