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Item Name: ARE WE BUILDING THE KINGDOM OF GOD? Vol 2 - Grasping the truth and direction of the Word of God
Category: Videos
Sub-Category: Israel - Palestinians
Item Number: DVD - MAC-060-KINGDOM
Price: $19.99
This DVD contains the second installment of a study of the Kingdom of God that traverses the entirety of Scripture.

As the study continues from DVolume 1, we looked into the Word of God to ascertain the role of today's Christians in the construction of God's Kingdom.

In Volume 1, we answered questions that defined the Kingdom of God. We further began a study of the Old Testament Scriptures that firmly establish the fact that God will at some point in the future establish a literal, physical kingdom on Planet Earth which will be ruled by the prophesied Messiah of Israel.

Volume 2 begins with the examination of the Old Testament prophetic Scriptures that further define the details of the Kingdom and its ruler. We will discuss the New Covenant that God will make with the House of Israel as introduced by the prophet Jeremiah. We will then conclude the study in the Old Testament with a summation that lays the groundwork for and foretells of the coming Messiah-King of Israel that will rule over the entire earth---both Jews and Gentiles.

The study will then transition to the Gospel of Matthew that presents Jesus as the King. We will learn of the bonafide offer of the Kingdom to First Century Israel, their rejection of the Kingdom, and their execution of the King. From there, we will traverse a path that reveals the mysteries of the parables into the book of Acts, and ultimately to the Book of Revelation---the book that details the Kingdom of God on Earth.

Once we complete our in depth view of the Scriptures detailing the Kingdom, we will ask the question: So what's the problem? We will begin our investigation of the misapplication of Scripture, the perverting of Scripture, and the outright redaction of the Inspired Word of God that is leading to a general gross misunderstanding of the Kingdom of God in the Church Age.

Disc 2 will answer these (and other) questions:

What is the Gospel of the Kingdom?

Is the Gospel of the Kingdom the same as the Gospel the Church is preaching today?

Is there a difference between the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven?

Is the Kingdom of God in the New Testament the same as the Kingdom of God in the Old?

Do we need to redefine the Kingdom of God based on New Testament Revelation or lack thereof?

Is Jesus currently reigning in Heaven as King of the Church?

Will there be a literal 1000-year reign of Christ on Earth?

What is our role as Christians in these matters?


Join us as we continue this in-depth study that is critical to grasping the truth and direction of the Word of God.

Run Time 1 hour 50 minutes

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