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Item Name: DVD: Are We Building The Kingdom of God Volume 3 - by Mac Dominick
Category: Videos
Sub-Category: Faith Building
Item Number: Mac-DVD-061
Price: $19.99
This title is #3 in the series 'Are WE Building The Kingdom of God' and focuses on the wide array of the type of false teaching prophesied in Scripture. If we ask such a question, we must then recognize the issues and problems that arise from a false, unbiblical view of the Kingdom and its establishment. Disc 3 will reveal why this view engenders, not only these problems, but also the false teachings within Christendom that have arisen specifically because of a skewed viewpoint of the biblical teaching of the coming Kingdom of God. What are the key false teachings we need to address?
  • Replacement Theology
  • Covenant Theology
  • New Calvinism
  • Christian Palestinianism
  • Dominion Theology (Note that President Bush used this false theology to encourage pastors to support his wars in Afghanistan and in Iraq)
    This DVD will also address some related subjects:
  • The truly Biblical teaching of the Doctrine of Election
  • The New Calvinism
  • The true Christian perspective of the modern state of Israel
  • The false kingdom within the Charismatic Movement
  • The New Apostolic Reformation
    Two hours long
    Plan of Salvation at the end, making this video a Soul- Winning tool!
    While we are committed to maintaining a Fundamental Christian Bookstore, we do not necessarily agree with everything every author writes in every book, or says in every video. The Bible requires every Christian to be a "Good Berean", who did not believe what the Apostle Paul was telling them until they checked their Scriptures! Likewise, every reader needs to check their Scriptures as they read the books and listen to the videos in this Bookstore.
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