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In January of 2005, Saddleback Community Church and its flamboyant pastor, Dr. Rick Warren, will be rolling out another 40-day program--“40 Days of Community.” The last 40 day program, “40 Days of Purpose,” that goes hand in hand with Dr. Warren’s best-selling book, The Purpose-Driven Life, was purchased by more than 25,000 churches world wide, and the same is anticipated for the new “Community” program.

However, the overwhelming success of Dr. Warren’s books and programs for “Evangelical” churches does not necessarily equate to the spiritual growth of those who read these books or attend the program meetings. As a matter of fact, a biblically discerning look into Dr. Warren’s teachings and philosophies reveals disturbing connections to occult terminologies and teachings embedded within the heart of these philosophies.

Dr. Warren does not deserve all of the credit for his “purpose-driven” formula, as the list of accomplices and allies grows larger with each passing day. The principles Dr. Warren touts have been in the process of development by many individuals for many years, but Dr. Warren, Bill Hybels, Bob Buford and a handful of others are now leading the charge for a new “revolution” within the Church. Individual “Evangelical” and “Fundamental” pastors are enlisting in the revolution and jumping on the band wagon by the thousands.

Because these events are transpiring so rapidly, this new book will be posted as it is written—1 chapter at a time—on the Cutting Edge site. If your church is undergoing a period of transition in order to embrace a “new paradigm,” “a new way of doing church,” or if your church has participated in “40 Days of Purpose,” “40 Days of Community,” or is planning to participate in either of these in the near future; this book is vital to your understanding of all of the “darker” ramifications of these programs that sound so good on the surface.


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