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We have culled these pertinent stories from many sources to keep you updated on the Daily News events pertinent to the coming New World Order. Truly, once you know the Plan to establish the Kingdom of Antichrist, you will never look at the news the same way again. For A Cutting Edge Analysis and Recap Of Current Events Being Reported In The News Visit our Headline News Area

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January 15, 2003

Terror Alert

Anthrax Detected At Government Mail Facility

Birth of World Government Through Deception, Intrigue, War

Britain Warns of Terror Threat in Zanzibar

Arab Archbishop Praises Suicide Bombers: Greek Orthodox leader says Christians should join Muslims

Cop Killed in Anti-Terror Raid in Britain

Three N. Africans Questioned After Anti-Terror Officer Slaying in England

Afghan Teens Arrested at National Guard H.Q.

Pakistanis Called On To Kill Americans: 'Supreme duty' of Muslims to 'trace out' foe in city, air, sea, desert

Ratings Slip for Bush: For first time since terror attacks, approval is below 60%

Korean Peninsula

North Korea Threatens New 'Options' as China Offers to "Mediate"

U.S. Military: N. Korea Increased Patrols in DMZ

US-South Korean Alliance 'Precious,' President-Elect Says

South Korea Agrees to Host Cabinet-Level Talks

New North Korean Missile Could Reach Alaska, Hawaii, Experts Say

European Union -- Revived Roman Empire!

Battle of the Super - Systems: Europe vs. America

E.U. -- Final World Empire! Revived Roman Empire Has Arisen From The Ashes!

In Defense of Europe

Brussels To Probe TV Rights In Hollywood

EU Begins Asylum Fingerprinting

No To Europe's Road Map

Rock - Contemporary Music Scene

Elvis Tune Tops Controversial Magazine Poll: ‘That’s All Right’ named song that did most to change the world

"They Sold Their Souls For Rock-n-Roll"

Car Worker Challenges 'Sack For Singing Elvis Songs'

Contemporary Music Current Stars, Songs

Kmart to Close 326 More Stores, Up To 35,000 Could Lose Jobs

Toward Global Financial Control - Video

Inflight Internet Takes Off: Lufthansa will become the first airline to offer inflight Internet connection.

Mexicans Posing As U.S. Agents Obstruct Probe: Consular staff flashing INS badges retrieve illegals from detention

Sharp Rise Seen In Partial-Birth Abortions: With congressional battle looming, report shows it tripled in 4 years

Hillary Clinton to Join Senate Armed Services Committee

Gulf War Chemicals Can Damage Testes

Death Sentence Upheld on 'Double Jeopardy' Case

NFL Penalizes Las Vegas, Rejects Super Bowl Ad: "Most deviant athletes in professional sports"

"A Sermon for the West": Author urges West to stand up to Islam

Islam Connection As We Head Into 21st Century - Video

C/Edge Right Again: Cloning According To 6-Step!

Senators Prepare Bill To Permit Cloning

Convincing People To Accept Cloning Using Techniques of Six- Step Attitudinal Change Plan

Middle East -- Israel

Arafat’s New Terror Weapon: Exploding Toy Planes

Israel Shuts Down Two West Bank Universities; Seals Homes of Jerusalem Bombers

US Team Stationed In Israel Ahead of Possible Iraqi War

Three Palestinians Killed In West Bank Violence

The Future Looks Bright: Bible contest stirs the passions!

The Unbearable Lightness of Labour Party's Mitzna: Sharon to survive election scandal because of light-weight candidacy of opponent

Globalization and the Jews

Study: Dems More Anti-Semitic Than GOPers

PA London Meeting Takes Place Despite Objections

Middle East -- Iraq

When To Begin Attack?

Bush: 'Time Running Out' on Saddam: "Sick and Tired of Games of Deception"

Bush Deploying Huge Naval Armada To Replace Bases Lost In Turkey, Saudi Arabia

U.N. Inspectors Visit Saddam's Palace in Baghdad

Head to Head: U.S. vs Iraq Comparison

THE REGION: Bush's options in the buildup to war

US Soldiers Arrive For Air - Defense Exercises

U.S. Hits Iraqi Anti-Ship Missile Battery

United Nations

U.N. Chief Annan: Iraq Can Be Disarmed Peacefully

Final Countdown To World Government -- 2 1/2 hour Video

Twenty-Two People Killed, 40 Injured In Road Accident In Iran

America: Between the Religious Right and the Unreligious Left

Hearing to Determine if Malvo is Tried as an Adult

Study: It Helps To Have A 'White' Name

IRS Offers Leniency to Some Offshore Tax Cheaters

WorldCom Sets Agenda for Next 100 Days As Company Emerges From Bankruptcy

December's Retail Sales Trail Forecast

Libya's Nomination To Chair UN Rights Body Causes Controversy: Asking the Fox to guard Chickens

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Sex Assault On Boy, 4, Alleged On Boston Area Bus

"Sustainable Development" Raising Ugly Head

SUSTAINING SOCIALISM: In The Name of "Sustainable Development"

Prince Charles: The "Sustainable Prince"

American Parks in Trouble: 10 Most Endangered 2003

Our National Parks – Crime's New Frontier -- Government has not taken care of the land they have, yet lust for more

Ultimate Goal of "Sustainable Development" May Be The Coming "Superstorm"

World Rulers Hate Our Industrial Civilization And Want It Destroyed: This fact gives the lie to the assertion that "it is all about oil" in the Middle East

Boston Archdiocese Knew Of 2d Lawsuit When It Rejected Sex Abuse Claim

Former Cardinal Law Says He Relied on Others in Handling Allegations Against Priest Whose Case Sparked National Scandal

Boston Globe Complete Coverage of Catholic Sex Scandal



January 14, 2003

Middle East -- Iraq

Events In Middle East and Korean Peninsula Continue To Point Toward War

Navy to Send Thousands More Marines to Gulf

Oriental Bazaars in Ankara and Pyongyang: Saddam linked to both Turkey and North Korea in his defense against U.S. offensive

Troops From East Coast Ports Ship Out -- Britsh aircraft carrier sent out without aircraft, but has 144,00 choclate bars and 36,000 cans of beer

Democratic Rep. Skelton: Iraq War Seems Inevitable

Pentagon Builds Firepower in Persian Gulf: Possible goal is 250,000 troops, sailors, airmen

Bigger Buildup: U.S. May Call for More Military Buildup in Gulf Than Expected -- Total may reach as high as 350,000

US Military Starts Vaccinating Service Members In Kuwait Against Smallpox

More Than 56,000 Reserves Called

Britain's Flotilla Provides Iraq Options

Implications of Britain Opening Diplomatic Space From U.S. Iraq Position: Analysis

Britain Reserves Right To Strike Iraq Without Another UN Vote -- Saddam Is Guilty Without A Doubt, says PM, Already has "Smoking Gun" evidence

U.N. Arms Inspectors Want More Time -- Bush's gamble on inspections looks like a bad bet

UN Inspectors Hails Access To Secret U.S. - U.K. Military Information To Prove Saddam/s Guilt

Two Germans To Go On Trial For Providing Iraq With Long-Range Cannon Technology

Pope: Iraq War Must Be Last Resort

Rock-n-Roll, Contemporary Music News

"The Who's" Guitarist, Pete Townshend Released After Being Arrested on Suspicion of Possessing Child Porn

Ashanti, Eminem, Dixie Chicks and Alabama Honored at American Music Awards

Former Rock-n-Roll Star Reveals Truth Behind Entire Rock and Contemporary Music Scene: Hard-hitting, truthful expose'

Sheryl Crow Preaches Peace, Osbournes Poke Fun At Ex-couple Britney and Justin

President Bush's Tie To Ozzy Osbourne

Elton John "Very Shocked" by Townshend Arrest

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Study Shows Surge In Psychiatric Drugs For Young People

Al-Qaida Terror School Found In Caucasus: Suspected units in Britain, France learned to make toxic chemicals

Melbourne Taxi-Driver Suspected of Training With al-Qa'ida Arrested In Pakistan

EPA's Water Quality Trading Plan Wins Support

Moral Collapse Accelerates

Male Modeling: Goodbye Mr Macho, Hello Mr Androgyny

Normal Response To Homosexual Advance Now Illegal In California: "Heterosexuals should feel flattered when homosexuals express attraction to them"

Man Stabbed In NYC Subway Is Third Slash Victim On City's Trains In As Many Days

"Who Killed Grandpa?" -- Don't Get Sick In Holland

Dutch Parliament Authorizes Adult Euthanasi: Americans Strongly Support It!


Korean Peninsula

U.S. Would Send 690,000 Troops to Korea If War Breaks Out

U.S. Envoy -- Energy Aid to North Korea Might Resume If Nuke Issue Resolved: North Korea replacing energy supplies lost because of U.S. embargo

North Korea Possibly Working on Missile Capable of Reaching U.S.

North Korea Marketing Improved Scuds to Mideast

Has Russian and Chinese Technology Doomed U.S. Forces In Planned Third World War?

Middle East -- Israel

Hundreds of American Soldiers Arrive In Israel For Joint Maneuvers

God's Protective Miracle: Account of the Six Day War of 1967

Britain Urges Arafat To Reform PA In Preparation For Statehood: Arafat does not want state; he wants Israel destroyed

Labour Leader Mitzna: Unity Gov't Talk A 'Delusion'

Death Sentence Hangs Over Arab Christians

Palestinian's Propaganda War Against Jews, Israel

Troops Arrest 17-Year-Old Would-Be Bomber -- Use of naive young men on steep increase

Security Forces On High Alert Throughout Country

Israeli Experts Examine Ancient Tablet -- Might confirm Biblical Text

Jacob's Dozen: Prophetic Look At The Tribes of Israel

Hamas: No End To Attacks, Israelis Could Be Kidnap Targets

CIA Warns of Russia, China, Iran

Middle East: India - Pakistan

Hindu Mob Burns Muslim Shops In Central India Over Cow Slaughter Report

'Pakistan Can't Get Kashmir By Force'

Pakistani Civilian Killed As India, Pakistan Exchange Fire In Disputed Area

Getting Testy: India and Pakistan engage in another war of words

Ted Turner Documentary: How To Avoid Armageddon

Venezuelan Gov't: Oil Strike Costs $4B

End of World Has Already Begun: University of Washington Scientists Say in Book 'The Life and Death of Planet Earth'

Rise In Small Households 'Is A Threat To Planet'

Hollywood Attacks SUV Owners As Supporting Terrorism By Buying The Gas Necessary To Power Their Vehicles

Slide Presentation Demonstrates Twisted Logic Behind Hollywood's Claims -- NOTE: Not automatic slide show

Former Treasury Secretary O'Neill Assails Bush Tax Cuts

Fiji Braces As Cyclone Bears Down -- Two Children Dead

January 18, 2003 Antiwar Rallies

Veterans For Peace Rally Points -- No War Rally

The People's "Act Now To Stop War and Racism" -- Rally starts at 11 AM on 1/18

"Operation Dire Distress" -- Veterans Against The Iraq War

U.S. Will Challenge Libyan Bid To Chair U.N. Human Rights Meeting


January 13, 2003


Officials Reveal Threat to Troops Deploying to Gulf

Unprecedented Diplomatic Manuveur! British Ambassadors Recalled To London To Talk About Iraq -- ANALYSIS

UK 'Rejects' Lone Action Against Iraq

Chief Weapons Inspector Says Iraq Does Not Have Nuclear Capability

Washington Talks Up Threat of War

Birth of World Government Through Deception, Intrigue, War

US 'D-Day' Force For Iraq

U.S. Decision On Iraq Has Puzzling Past -- Bush ordered plans for Iraq attack only 6 days after 9/11 attacks

Iraq Inspections Could Go On for Another Year, IAEA Says

Ships Leave East Coast as U.S. Builds Up Forces

U.S. Troops Deploy for Possible Iraq War

Destiny 21st Century - Islam Connection As We Head Into 21st Century - Video

Spy Trial of Air Force Sergeant Allegedly Linked to Saddam to Open -- May face death penalty

Aussie Commandos Freeze Sperm Before Heading To Gulf

Australian Opposition Party Insists No Firm Case Has Been Made Justifying Iraq Attack

US Surveys Turkey's Military Sites Despite Firm Resistance From Turkey's New Fundamentalist Islamic Government


Soldier Killed In Egyptian Frontier Amid Sharp Rise In Border Clashes

Palestinian Children Foiled In Netzarim Attack -- What Israelis Are Fighting Against In Suicide Bombers

Palestinian Infiltrators Kill Israeli Farmer In Galilee

Three Kassam Rockets Fired At Sderot, Gaza Strip

Two Palestinian Uouths Die In Botched Attempt To Kill Hamas Terrorists

Day of Bloodshed In Middle East

Sharon Ridicules Arafat's Call To Suspend Terror Until Elections Are Over

Immigration of Ethiopian Jews To Resume Immediately

Hizbullah Fires Anti - Aircraft Shells Over Galilee

Palestinian Police 'Execute' Cars Involved In Road Accidents, And Send Drivers To Prison Immediately

Justice Scalia: Courts Go Overboard on Church-State Separation

South Carolina's Governor-Elect Sanford Says He Won't Alter South Carolina's Death Penalty

U.S. Sen. Bob Graham: 'I am going to be president'

Gephardt Denounces Confederate Battle Flag: Presidential candidate clarifies stance, saying it shouldn't be on display

New Yorkers Look To Plans For Fractured Skyline: Public hearings open this week for trade center proposals

"The Who's" Townshend Could Face Charges Over Child Porn

Sexual Perversion In Rock Music

Seb Clover, 15, Sails Into Record Books, Becoming Youngest Yachtsman To Cross Atlantic Single-handedly

46 Illegal Aliens Arrested In Chase In Arizona

"Big Brother" Surveillance

Face Recognition Cameras Stir 'Big Brother' Fears

You Have Already Lost Your Privacy!

Irridium Satellite Tracking Technology

Mark of the Beast The Final Connection With Surveillance Technology of Today

QUEEN Elizabeth II, 76, Has Been Admitted To Hospital

Bone Transplants Growing Success

Clonaid Exec Subpoenaed

Investors Meeting Attracted SEC, Clonaid Executive Says


Korean Peninsula

North Korea Warns of 'Sea of Fire' As U.S. Envoy Arrives

N. Korea Threatens 'Third World War'

US Still Willing for North Korea Talks, Energy Aid

North Korea Edges Toward Crisis

Envoy: U.S. Willing to Consider Energy for N. Korea If Nuke Issue Resolved

Environmentalists Seek to Curb 'Moothane' Gas -- Back to blaming the cow

Economic News

OPEC to Boost Oil Output Ceiling

Destiny 21st Century: Toward Global Financial Control - Video

AOL Chairman Quits His Post Amid Criticism

Former CEO of AOL/Time Warner May Divorce To Marry Lover

Corporate Earnings Hold the Cards

Revisiting a Painful and Crucial Subject -- Death

Unemployment: A Good Career Move? Why losing your job may pay off

Grocers Enter the Kitchen in Competition for Food Dollars

Terror News

Gaza Hamas Leader Calls For Suicide Attacks Against US

Greek Orthodox Church Spokesman Says Suicide Bombers Are 'Heroes' -- Later denies it

Nuclear Theft 'Not For Terrorism': Officials call stolen europium oxide 'ordinary robbery'

Drug Ads: Education or Endorsement? Patients shown clamoring for drugs they do not need

Sharon Refuses To Drop Opposition To London Meeting

Clemson Graduate Students Remembered Who Died In Commuter Air Crash: Sustained by hope in reincarnation

Crash at Charlotte Airport Kills 3 S.C. College Students, Plus One Bob Jones University Freshman

Gay News

Parks and Gay Sex A Good Combination For Some Men

"Pink Pistols" Challenging Notion That Gays And Guns Don't Mix

Why Are Gays, Lesbians "A-Glow" Over Bush Policies?

Concerned Women of America Sound Alarm: Bush's Gay Policies Are Identical To Clinton'

Police State Tactics

Local California Smokers Burn At Tax Plan

A Crime to Drink? Bar Patrons in Virginia Arrested Just for Being Drunk

Cops Go To Bars To Arrest Drunks: Gestapo-like tactics prompt outrage, complaints among owners, citizenry

Final Countdown To World Government -- 2 1/2 hour Video

Wanted: What's His Name Again?

India Plans Moon Mission Costing $127 Million While Her Millions Go Hungry

Zimbabwe Mayor Arrested As Mugabe Rumours Grow

New Deal Threatens Mugabe's Regime

Zimbabwe Descends Into Chaos

Cartoon Sparks Mass Iran Protests

Bitter Cold Claims At Least 910 lives In South Asia

Rare Marsupials Kicked To Death In 'Quokka Soccer'

Bush Heading For Record US Deficit: Could possibly hit $350 Billion -- Bush Touts Tax-Cut In Radio Speech

California Man Arrested For Selling Missile System Technology To China

Public Schools Embrace Islam - A Shocker


January 12, 2003

Cloning News

Congress Weighs New Cloning Ban

Clonaid Announcement Driving Six Step Attitudinal Change Plan -- Drive is underway to approve cloning in "limited" circumstances

Cloning Another Sign of Approaching Antichrist? UPDATE: How soul-less beings may be created

Bipartisan Coalition Moves to Ban Human Cloning

Sexual Perversion Inherent In Rock Music

ROCK STAR PERVERT Police may quiz multi-millionaire legend over child porn photos after he is named by US investigators

"They Sold Their Souls For Rock-n-Roll" Shows How This Kind of Perversion Is Key Heart of Rock Music

Who Star Link To Paedophile Probe -- Says he was at child porn site for "Research Purposes"


Defense Minister Mofaz: Israel planning major move against terror infrastructure

Palestinian poll shows Saddam is more popular than Arafat -- Now you know who the Palestinian people really are, and why they will never accept genuine peace with Israel

'Army of Martyrs' Would Defeat West, Says Hamas

IDF: Palestinian Killed Near Hebron A Hamas Gunman

EDITORIAL: Pulling The Plug On Democracy

Troops Capture PFLP Commander Who Planned Jerusalem Bombing

US Ex-mediator Says Palestinian Authority Must Abandon Violence

Greek Orthodox Church Spokesman Says Suicide Bombers Are 'Heroes'

Arafat Calls To Halt Attacks On Civilians

U.S. Prosecution of Ex-Nazis Sets Record

Blair Hosts Mitzna In London After Refusing To Meet With Foreign Minister Netanyahu

Because of Corruption - Vote Right

Birth of World Government Through Deception, Intrigue, War

Global Terror

Britain Charges 4 Terrorists With Making Chemical Weapons

Terror Fears Prompt Queen Elizabeth To Install Royal 'Panic Rooms'

FBI Details Hazards of Toxin Uncovered in British Plot

Gaza Hamas Leader Calls For Suicide Attacks Against U.S.

'Jerusalem Post' Story Helps Send Terrorist Mastermind, Abbas, Fleeing From Egypt

Gaddafi Says Libya Helps West in Anti-Terror War

Destiny 21st Century - Islam Connection As We Head Into 21st Century - Video

Weird Weather News

US Faces Worst 2-Week Cold Snap in 7 Years-Forecast

Chill Map -- Low Record Temperature Map

Wheat Crop Lowest In Thirty Years Due To Drought

Days of Hunger, Days of Chaos -- Food Shortages Coming!

A Warmer Alaska Creates Challenges

Lawmakers Tackle Global Warming: Edging toward approval of Kyoto Accords? Kyoto will destroy our current Industrial Civilization

Coming Great Thirst—That Astonishing Day

Pentagon Seeks Robots For $1 Million Arms Race

Baptists Apply Pressure to Gay Rights Proposal

Alleged Videotaped Rape of Teen Jolts Suburb -- Teenage "chugging contest" turns to rape after 4 men sexually assault girl who passed out


Tremendous Developments -- Iraq

Turkish Army Does About-Face: Now will not support US attack on Baghdad with her 70,000 troops, but may attack Kurds

Tukey's Abrupt About-Face In Last Election May Set Stage For Fulfillment of Prophecy!

U.S. Force in Gulf Is Said to Be Rising to 150,000 Troops: 62,000 more ordered out in last 24 hours

New Orders To Deploy: Graphic shows where troops are coming from and where they are going

Final Countdown To World Government -- 2 1/2 hour Video

Iraq May Have Devices to Throw Off U.S. Smart Bombs

UN Inspectors At Iraqi Missile Plant, Air Force Facilities

You're Losing The Labour Party Over Iraq, Cabinet Warns Blair

Bush Steps Back From Early Strike On Iraq

Allies Slow U.S. War Plans: British and French Urge Time for Inspectors; Turkey Delays on Troops

U.N. May Talk Privately to Iraqi Scientists This Week

Massachusetts National Guard Calls Up Troops -- Local armory a hive of prewar business

US Government Starts E-Mail Campaign to Key Iraqis

Chemical War Threat By Iraq's 'Taliban'

About 2,000 In Los Angeles March Against War

Korean Peninsula

North Korea Urges 'Holy War' Against U.S. -- Pyongyang vows to seek 'revenge with blood' against any threatening countries

Richardson: Diplomat Says N. Korea Does Not Intend to Build Nuclear Weapons

N. Korean Official: Future of Standoff Depends on 'Attitude of the United States'

North Korea May End Self-Imposed Moratorium on Ballistic Missile Tests -- Said to be restarting missile tests

Over 1,200 U.S. Priests Accused of Sex Abuse Since Beginning of Scandal

Board: 9,000 Massachusetts Sex Offenders Skirt List

Weizmann Institute Organic Scientists Solve Mystery of Radiation-Resistant Bacterium

American Jews At A Political Crossroads

Cy Creek High Hit by Viral Outbreak: 700 students sick

Illinois Governor's Blanket Pardon Spares Lives of 167 Condemned Inmates: Not punishing according to Biblical standards brings God's judgment

Mexico Puts US On Trial Over Executions, Taking Case To International Court of Justice At Hague

Global Court A Huge Step Toward New World Order

Maurice Gibb of the Bee Gees Dead At 53

Economic News

OPEC Delegates Seek to Reassure Oil Markets

Corporate Earnings Hold the Cards

Destiny 21st Century: Toward Global Financial Control - Video

Nasdaq Up, Dow and S&P Flat Amid Dismal Jobs Data

Fed Officials Say Economy Can Use Short-Term Fiscal Help

Beware of Market Cheerleaders

Don't Bother About Burglary, British Police Told -- Only investigate "serious" crimes

Logger Fined After Tree Cut Down With Eagles' Nest In It


January 11, 2003

Breaking News -- Will Iraq Attack Be Called Off?

Turkish Army Does About-Face: Now will not support US attack on Baghdad with her 70,000 troops, but may attack Kurds

Tukey's Abrupt About-Face In Last Election May Set Stage For Fulfillment of Prophecy!

Illinois Governor Clears Death Row: Granting clemency to all of the 156 inmates on the state's death row

London Terror -- "Ricin" -- No Antidote

Toxic Attack On City Is 'Likely Soon'

London Police Arrest Seventh Poison Suspect

FBI Details Hazards of "Ricin" Uncovered in British Plot

Germany Arrests al-Qaida Suspects

U.S. Terror News

Bush Administration Admits Interrogating U.S. Citizen For Months Without Lawyer, Rights Being Made Available

GOP Nixes Eli Lilly Provision In Bill: Measure would have limited lawsuits against vaccine makers

'Buffalo Six' Member Pleads Guilty

White House Dodging Anthrax Questions? Administration charged with withholding info about Cipro incident

Bush, US Naval Base Targeted By Anti-War Group

Red Cross Warns N.E. Blood Supply Critically Low

Italy Prosecutors Seek Trial Over Alleged U.S. Plot

Court Won't Block INS Alien Tracking

U.S. Troops Track Terrorists In Africa

National Guard Pilots' Kin Blame Geopolitics for Friendly-Fire Arrests

California Man Arrested For Selling Missile System Technology To China


Iraq May Have Devices to Throw Off U.S. Smart Bombs

U.K. Prepares To Launch Flotilla Toward Iraq: Biggest in 20 Years -- Map of Region

35,000 Troops Deployed for Possible War on Iraq

U.N.: Iraq Needs to Do More to Meet Requirements

Marines: Nobody Leaves for 12 Months: Freezing Normal Discharges Sure Sign of Impending War

Turkish Premier Calls On Iraq To Avert War

Allies Press Washington To Give Inspectors Time To Finish Work

Hackworth: Rumsfeld And The Liar's Club

Top 100 Rules of the New American Way of War

Appeasement Patterns: How We Could Lose

US Faces Worst 2-Week Cold Snap in 7 Years-Forecast: Artic Air blasting Rockies to Atlantic Coast

Economic News

Job Loss Exceeds Year-End Forecast

Destiny 21st Century: Toward Global Financial Control

US Airways Workers OK Contract Give Backs

Nasdaq Up, Dow and S&P Flat Amid Dismal Jobs Data

Demand for Home Refinancing Still Strong

Oil Prices Slip on Expected Production Increase

Legislation Introduced to Extend Internet Tax Moratorium, PERMANENTLY!

California Gov. Calls for $8.3 Billion Tax Increases

Cloning News

Congress Weighs New Cloning Ban

Clonaid Announcement Driving Six Step Attitudinal Change Plan -- Drive is underway to approve cloning in "limited" circumstances

Bipartisan Coalition Moves to Ban Human Cloning

A Few Ways to Win Mortality War

Former Attorney General Casts Jesus Christ as Terrorist

Neo-Pagan Worship Sets Stage For Religious Confusion Amongst Our Leaders and Citizens Alike

Ruling Would Be `Get Out of Jail' Card For The Worst Criminals Behind Bars

Board: Half of State's Sex Offenders Skirt List

Hatred of America Is The Socialism of Fools

Korean Peninsula

North Korea May End Self-Imposed Moratorium on Ballistic Missile Tests

North Korea Threatens 'Third World War'

NWO Plan Calls For "Hair-Raising" Nuclear Confrontation On Korean Peninsula!

Chorus of Global Condemnation Rises Against Defiant North Korea

U.S. Blasts North Korea for Quitting Nuke Treaty

History Revisited as North Korea Stokes Nuclear Crisis: Chronology

Bush, China's Jiang Discuss N. Korean Treaty Move

Final Countdown To World Government

ROCK STAR PERVERT Police may quiz multi-millionaire legend over child porn photos after he is named by US investigators

"They Sold Their Souls For Rock-n-Roll" Shows How This Kind of Perversion Is Key Heart of Rock Music


Evil Educators Defend The Indefensible: Suicide Bombers

Terror Attack On The Mind and Soul: Equating killing of terrorists with deliberate murder of men, women, children, babies by Muslim terrorists

Sharon Denies Knowledge of $1.5m. Loan

Income Tax Commission To Investigate Sharon Family Tax Accounts

ANALYSIS: Kerngate: Body Blow, Not Knockout

COLUMN ONE: The Voters' Fateful Choice

INTERESTING TIMES: Loathe the Likud, But Fear Labor's Mitzna

BEYOND THE NUMBERS: Corruption Scandal Might Save Us From Palestinian State

Destiny 21st Century - Islam Connection As We Head Into 21st Century

Public School Moral Disaster Continues

Senate Run Tackles 'Dumbed-Down' Education: Campaign focuses on alerting Americans to roots of its failing system

Education Deliberately "Dumbed-Down"

Texas School District Considering Add Anal and Oral Sex To Curriculum In Eighth Grade

School District Allows Clubs for Gay/Straight Alliance and Multicultural Club, But Denies Bible Club

Plundering 'For The Children'

Baptists Apply Pressure To Gay Rights Proposal

Catholic Monks Insist On High-Alcohol Beer


Federal Facility Accepts Mexican ID At Pelosi's Request

NAFTA Taking Shape As One Nation

U.S. War College Proposes NAFTA Military Force

Doctors Brace For Changes On Patient Privacy

Bigotry Backfires In Lewiston, Maine

Navy Will Leave Vieques, In Puerto Rico In May

Marines Warned About Fake Uniforms

Australian Customs Seize "Death Machine From Nitschke

Radical Environmentalism Attacked

Bjorn Lomborg -- Common Sense Prevails Over Radical Environmentalism

A Smear Continues Against Bjorn Lomborg's For Telling The Truth About Radical Environmentalism

Lomborg Frenzy Takes Hold in Denmark

Birth of World Government Through Deception, Intrigue, War

How Bismarck and the Tooth Fairy Created the Health-Care "Crisis."


January 10, 2003

Middle East -- Iraq

Iraq in 'Material Breach,' U.N. Ambassador Says: These are the key words that supposedly will provoke war!

U.S.: Iraq Has Not Proved It Destroyed Weapons -- US convinced Iraq has banned weapons

Covert Iraq - Russian Intelligence Cooperation: US afraid Russia providing secret UN data with Saddam

Iraq Buys GPS Scramblers From Russia: Devices could play havoc with U.S. smart bombs

Inspectors Hit Iraq Response, Demand More Cooperation: Admit no "smoking gun" has been discovered

New Reports Say Iraq Holding U.S. Pilot

EU Plans February Tour of Region In Bid To Avoid War On Iraq

U.S. War Aims Hurt by Lack of Arms Proof

Libya Denies Offering Asylum to Saddam

Engineer Combat Battalion Heads to Gulf

UN Official Confers With Powell, Rice On Lack of Evidence Against Iraq

Hamas Urges Iraq To Form 'Suicide Army': Wants 'thousands of squads of martyrs' to 'cause great damage'

Airline Chiefs Say War Could Mean More Money Troubles

Saddam, 13 Others On 'Blacklist' For Trial After War

Middle East -- India/Pakistan

India Raises Tension With New Ballistic Missile Tests

Israel Will Conduct Space Research With India, France, Ukraine And Holland

Musharraf Rules Out Accidental N-War With India

US, Allied Troops Begin War Games Along Pak-Afghan Border

Middle East -- Israel

Syrian Troops Caught Inside Israel

Muckraking Won’t Decide Israel’s Election

Sharon Rival Offers Land For Peace: Made announcement after meeting with Britain's Blair -- Why foreign leaders seem to always travel to London for consultations

Sharon Lashes Out At Opposition Over Corruption Charges, Is Taken Off Air

Palestinians Attempt Attacks Overnight

French Anti-Semitism Has Jews Heading For Israel, Hiding Religion

White House Unimpressed With Israeli Decision To Bar Palestinians From London

Family Taking Legal Action After Police Shoot Their Dog During Mistaken Stop

New congressman Sworn In, Tells the U.S. Attorney's Office There's An 'Atmosphere of Fear' On Border

Germany Destroying Hitler's Bunkers

Judge Cracks Down On Vulgarities On Checks

Bush Aide Threatens To Sue EU On Genetically Modified Foods -- Such a suit would strengthen World Court!

Bat Bite Packs Clot-Busting Potential For Strokes: Substance in animal's saliva may bring new treatment

Rural Tradition of Hunting Shows Signs of Decline: Loss of Father - Son relationship blamed

Heavy Snows In New England Bury Municipal Budgets

Silver Health Scams Spread Online

Human Cloning News

South Korea Investigating Human Cloning

Convincing People About Human Cloning Using Six Step Attitudinal Change Plan: Importance to staging of Antichrist

New Anti-Cloning Bill Offered in U.S. Congress

Korean Peninsula

North Korea Pulls Out of Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty! Likely to increase tensions over nuclear weapons development

North Korea Threatens 'Third World War'

South Korean President: Nuclear Standoff Matter of 'Life and Death'

Japan Demands N. Korea Reverse Decision

Global Terrorism

Britain Fears More Ricin At Large: No antidote exists for Ricin

Pakistani Scientist Offered To Sell N-Technology

Australians Buy Protective Suits And Masks In Fear of Terrorist Attacks

1,000 al-Qaida Terrorists Roam America's Streets

Pakistani Authorities Interrogating Arrested al-Qaida Operatives

Couple Arrested After Fake Bomb Discovered at California Airport

Terrorists Using Tunnels To Come To U.S.? Feds think passageways built for drug smuggling have dual use

Foreign Students Worried About New US Tracking System

INS Still Can't Find More Than 300,000 Immigrants Ordered Deported

Sen. Murray Defends Bin Laden Comments

Three Dallas Airport Terminals Evacuated After Alarms Go Off During Screening

High-Living Celebs Tie SUV Owners To Terror: Backers of TV ad campaign against SUV's have 21-car garage, private jet travel

Leaders Honor Slain Colombia Police

Plane’s Weight Worried Workers: Elevator mechanism repaired two days before plane crashed in N.C.

NTSB: Tail Equipment on Plane That Crashed in N.C. Was Moving Erratically

Peruvian Airline Reports Plane With 42 Passengers Missing In Jungle

Rains Hamper Search for Peruvian Airliner

Research Links Food Stamps and Obesity: Government program to blame for encouraging the eating of fatty foods

Personal Privacy Lost!

Man Accused of Using Satellite Tracking To Stalk Ex-girlfriend: Man bought tracking device on the market!

Nowhere To Hide: Iridium Satellites Video -- Privacy and Surveillance State -- You have already lost your privacy!

Mark of the Beast: Final Connections Video

Border Patrol Took 'Kickbacks'

Death Row Waits For Word: Illinois Governor considering issuing massive reprieve to 150 Death Row inmates

President Losing Ground Among Maryland Voters

Political Correctness Strikes Again

4-H Indian Practices Eyed By USDA -- Using tribal names offensive to American Indians

The True Face of P.C. -- "Political Correctness"

Catholic Sex Abuse News

Accused Priests Were Often On Law's Personal Appointment Calendar

Will Cardinal Law Escape Justice?

15 Sexual Abuse Victims Settle Against Jesuits

Diocese of Worcester Details Abuse Payments: $2.1 million has been spent in five decades, proving Diocese knew of sex abuse and covered it up!

Frequent Drinking Said To Cut Heart Attack Risk -- But how many people are turned into alcoholics?


January 9, 2003

Inching Toward "Legal" Dictatorship

Federal Court: U.S. Can Hold Citizens Captured Abroad as Enemy Combatants -- Opens door just a crack to start detaining citizens here without charges, rights

Foundations Are In Place For Martial Law In The US: Has planned to hold up to 21 million Americans in camps!

Barbed Wire On America: God's Final Warning

Gulag: Concentration Camps In America

More Opinion On Court Ruling

Cop Took Just 3 Seconds To Shoot Dog: Video of controversial traffic stop shows quick kill of family pet. Action shows we are walking legal thin line already

Korean Peninsula

Colonel Hackworth: Rumsfeld And The Liar's Club

North Korean Complication: Must stay focussed on Saddam

U.S.: North Korea Conventional Forces Large but Outdated

South Koreans Still Divided Over U.S. Military Despite Standoff With North

Taipei Reserves To Practice Resisting China Annual Exercises: Focus on Beijing's 'unrestricted warfare' tactics

CIA: North Korea Tried To Buy Nuclear Rquipment In 2001

Analysis: North Korea Sees Through 'Talk'

Global Jihad

British Police Look for More Ricin in Suspected Terror Plot: No antidote exists for "Ricin"

Ricin Terror Flat Was Rented For Asylum Seekers

Revamp of Special Operations Forces Planned: Pentagon Envisions Larger Budget, More Authority to Pursue Terror Networks

Keep Track of Global Terrorist Hotspots With Map

Northern Va. Likely to Be New Homeland Security Site -- Graphic shows possible sites

Pakistani Police Arrest Three Suspected Al-Qaida Operative After Shootout in Karachi

Immigration Crackdown Leads To Arrests At Sikorsky

Powder That Can Be Used In Nuclear Reactors Stolen From Kyrgyzstan Plant

Human Cloning News

South Korea Investigating Human Cloning

Convincing People About Human Cloning Using Six Step Attitudinal Change Plan: Importance to staging of Antichrist

New Anti-Cloning Bill Offered in U.S. Congress

Seventy-Five Dead As Turkish Passenger Plane Crashes In Fog

Europe's Central Bank President Duisenberg Says He Fully Supports His Pro-Palestinian Wife

Multiple Miranda: Judge's strange 'split' decision means extra warnings for other personalities

Developing South America "Axis of Evil"?

Venezuela Won't Press Charges 'For Now' Against Miami DJs Who Duped Chavez Into Thinking He Was Talking To Castro

Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil -- "Triple Border" Region Producing Muslim Terrorist Army Capable of Wreaking Devastation On U.S.

Chavez Forming 'Axis' With Cuba, Brazil?

Brazil Wants To Master All Facets of Nuclear Technology: Raises fears they desire to build nuclear weapons

Sterilization Group Hit With Charges of Racism

Governor Hodges Apologizes for S.C. Sterilizations:
1935 state law was aimed at preventing births of 'unfit' children

Nuke Lab Strips Top Cops' Badges: Shakeup At Los Alamos National Laboratory

Man Slips Onto Parked 737 Jet, Sat Down In 10th Row: Where Was Security?

White Supremacist Charged With Soliciting Judge's Murder

Anti-Drug Campaign Blamed In Dawson Arson Deaths

Proof: Einstein Was Right All Along: Gravity travels at the same speed as light.

Rare-Disease Drugs Find Homes

Americans Give Thumbs Up To Biometrics

Videos Explain How Modern Surveillance Sets Stage For Antichrist

Iraq Attack Gathering Momentum

Britain Urges US To Delay War Until Autumn -- Iraq war must have UN backing, Labour MPs tell Blair

U.S. Troops Begin Arriving In Kuwait

Poet Laureate Joins Doubters Over Iraq

War Clouds Are Flying: Some Pilots Have Psalm 91 In Their Helmets!

UN Moves to Take Iraqi Scientists Abroad

Saddam to Troops: Don't Fear Technologically Superior U.S.

Iraq: U.S. Preparing a 'Devastating' War -- Britain to send 120 tanks to Gulf while RAF jets head for Jordan

American Way of War in Saudi Desert: High-Tech Command-and-Control Center Makes Air Power Supreme

U.S. Has Serious Bioterrorism Holes In Protection

USS Constellation's Final Deployment: Now just miles off Iraq shore in Persian Gulf

U.N. Inspectors to Give Report on Iraq: Key Security Council Meeting Today

Philippine Official: Some Arab Governments Urging Saddam to Step Down

Rumsfeld Opposes Compulsory Draft

Iraq Denies "Gaps" In Its Weapons Report -- Blix To Tell UN There Are "Serious Omissions" In Iraqi Report, But No Banned Weapons Found

Iraqi Ambassador To Moscow Says Saddam Will Not Leave His Country

Hizbullah: We Won't Retaliate Against Israel For US Strike On Iraq -- Standard disinformation ploy

Middle East - India/Pakistan

India Test-Fires Nuclear-Capable Ballistic Missile

Tests Come As India - Pakistan Threatening Each Other With Nuclear War

Middle East - Israel

Home Front Command To Open Gas Mask Distribution Centers For Foreign Workers

Israel's Sharon Slams Corruption Reports

PA Reports 3.6 Million Palestinians In Territories, 9 Million Worldwide

Israel's Population At 6.6 Million As She Enters 6th Milennium

Fight Against Terror Depends On Peace In Middle East

Britain To Send Fighter Jets To Jordan For Military Rxercise This Month

Infiltrators Killed, Captured By IDF On Golan Wearing Syrian Army Uniforms

Syria: Israel Violated Ceasefire Terms While Shooting At Infiltrator

Israel Adamant In Refusing To Allow Palestinians To Attend London "Peace" Conference

European Envoy Asks Palestinians To Declare Unconditional End To Violence

Black Boxes Recovered From N.C. Crash

Charlotte Airport Crash Kills 3 S.C. Students, 18 Others: All 21 on board plane die when it plunges to the ground, hits hangar

Bush Signs Jobless Bill

Jobless Welcome Aid, but Question Delays

GOP Vows Fast Action On Stalled Agenda

Feds' Education Act May Fall Behind

Time To Pull Your Precious Children Out of Public Schools!

Homeschooler Resource -- Nationwide!

British School to Use Eye Scanner for Lunch Fees

Davis Insists on California Tax System Changes

Australian New "Privacy Laws" Forbid Putting Person's Name on Prayer List at Church Without Their Consent and Is Making It Difficult For Pastors to Visit People In Hospitals

N.J. Woman Sought in Child Abuse Case Involving Death of 7-Year-Old Is Captured

Wrong Color Clothing Makes School See Red

A Zeal For The 'Rings'

Lord of the Rings: Paganism, Christianity, or the Deadly "Syncretized Christianity"?

Devil Worshipper Gets 30 Years For Killing, Cannibalizing Mom

The Pagans of Suburbia -- Sydney, Australia -- Australia's fastest-growing religion

Catholic Priest Freed By Statute of Limitations

Gay Porn Pops Up During Army News Show On Cable

A Plan to Stop Online Kiddie Porn


January 8, 2003

Middle East -- Iraq

Road to Baghdad Goes Through Tel Aviv -- Iraq: U.S. Preparing a 'Devastating' War

Britain Mobilizes 1,500 Reservists; France May Be Next to Deploy

Col. Hackworth -- Saddam's Doomsday Weapons: Poisonous Cauldron

Some Democrats Urge Broad U.S. Military Draft

U.S. Takes Another Step Toward War -- UK woos Turkey on Iraq

Top U.S. War Planners Heading to Persian Gulf

Of Bush, Saddam and Thugs

Reign of Saddam Hussein Chronicled: Graphic Included

Rumsfeld: Iraq Still Not Cooperating

Revving Up The War Machine -- Chances of War Less Than 50-50!

ARe We Really Attacking Iraq Because of Weapons of Mass Destruction? Join discussion board

Britain, France Get Ready For Iraq

War Could Cause Police Shortage

OPEC May Consider Increasing Oil Production

UN Prepares For Huge Iraqi Casualties

Middle East - Israel

Three Angles to the Sharon Bribery Investigation

U.S. Policy In Middle East Called Zionist - American Plot

Facing Unpleasant Facts in the Middle East

Unleashing the Dogs of War

Blair In Personal Plea To Sharon To Allow Palestinian Leaders To Attend London Talks Next Week

Israel Tightens Curbs On Palestinians

Eminem, Springsteen, Newcomers Favorites For Grammy Nods

"They Sold Their Souls For Rock-n-Roll" Reveals Truth Behind Artists Like Eminem and Springsteen, and Many Others

Strange Facts About The Attack on America

Events Continuing To Occur "By The Numbers" -- Occult Sacred Numbers, That Is

States Look at Universal Health Care Options

Economic News

A Dollar A Gallon Or $5?: Iraq war could bring changes to oil market

Will The Dollar Fall Before Saddam?

Bush Unveiling 600 Billion Stimulus Plan

Stocks Close Mixed as Wall Street Eyes Bush Stimulus Plan

Carmakers Courting the Super-Rich

U.S. Toughening White-Collar Crime Penalties

Post Office Records $1 Billion Profit For First Quarter of Fiscal Year

White House Says Bush Tax Cuts Worth 11-hundred To Typical Family

Police Hunt Max Factor Heir Who Is On Trial For Drugging, Raping 3 Women

Muslim Judge Orders Man's Leg Cut Off -- More proof of the True Face of Islam

France Toughens Stance On Attacks On Jews

California "Loses Track" of More Than 30,000 Sex Offenders: Staggering Number of Sex Offenders In One State!

Cancer Patients Given Fertility Hope

The True Face of P.C. -- "Political Correctness"

The Sky Is Slowly Rising: Upward movement of atmospheric layer points to global warming, human activity blamed again. Current civilization "Not Sustainable"!

Prince Charles: The "Sustainable Prince"?


Korean Peninsula

U.S., in Joint Statement, Endorses Dialogue With North Korea

North Korea: Sanctions Mean War

Defiant North Korea Warns of War In Nuclear Stand-off

IAEA Gives North Korea One More Chance

Shame of the South: S. Korea needs to be reminded that 33,642 Americans gave their lives to keep that country free from Communist enslavement

China Denies U.S. Claim That Hughes, Boeing Offered Rocket Technology Illegally

Polls: Many See Iraq As A Greater Threat Than North Korea

Is Britain About To Play Unique Role?

'Britain's Role Is To Unite The World'

Prince Charles Antichrist? Antichrist And A Cup of Tea

Prince Charles: The "Sustainable Prince"?

E.U. Foreign Policy Chief, Solana, Fears Widening Gulf Between EU and US Based Upon 'Religion'

Global Terrorism

Interview With Afghan Islamist Leader On Jihad Against U.S.

Train Terror: 'All Americans Will Die!' -- Amtrak passengers subdue man with knife cursing U.S.

Al-Qaida's Biological Warfare Program More Advanced Than Previously Thought --Israel, Islam: Biochemical and Nuclear Terrorism Video

Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil -- "Triple Border" Region Producing Muslim Terrorist Army Capable of Wreaking Devastation On U.S.

Are Terrorists Behind Rise In Identity Theft?

Chavez Forming 'Axis' With Cuba, Brazil?

Dozing Airport Screener Is Fired

Indian Border Lands A Risk To Security? INS caught Belarus man marking likely smuggling route from Canada to U.S.

Australia Gives Up Guns: Now, Criminals Are 'Wearing Guns Like Jewellery' As Gun Related Crime Soars

Astronomer Links UFOs To Occultism

Globalism, UFO's, Iron Mountain All A Package Deal

Hip-Hop Label's Foray Into Vodka Business Stirs Controversy

New York City Picked To Host 2004 Republican Convention

Daschle Decides Against Running For President

Disabled, Gay Rights Issue Stirs Dispute At Hearing

Pakistan Threatens India

30 Million Chinese Face An End To Job For Life Guarantee

Over-exposed Japanese Schoolgirl Victim of High-tech Bullying

Hospital Patients Surprised To Find Out They're Dead

Astronomers Space Out in Seattle

New Technique Finds Farthest Known Planet: Method could be used
to find Earthlike planet

First Test of Gravity’s Speed Upholds Einstein

Hologram Display Controls Coming In Future Cars!

Australian Doctor to Unveil New "Death Machine" In U.S.


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