The United Nations established a global War Crimes Tribunal that will exercise control over sovereign nations in certain types of crimes. Six-Step Attitudinal Change Plan is working here. This is a huge step to the global government of Antichrist.

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NEWS BREIF: "UN chief hails war crimes tribunal", by Candice Hughes, Associated Press, reprinted by The Sun Chronicle, Sunday, July 19, 1998, page 8.

"ROME – Appealing to the United States to sign on, U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan on Saturday hailed a treaty international war crimes tribunal as a ‘giant step forward … It’s a great hope and a giant step forward in the rule of law that a few years ago nobody would have thought possible’, Annan said."

"The new court will be a permanent tribunal for what the treaty calls ‘the most serious crimes of international concern’ – genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and aggression. The idea was born half a century ago with the Nuremberg tribunals that tried Nazi war criminals."

Before we go on describing this most serious and threatening development, let us stop here to examine some of what we have already learned.

    1. Genocide – While most people will agree that this term means the systematic elimination of a people, we must be prepared for some special redefinition of terms. Would the U.S. Government be liable for the disaster in Waco, Texas? If our National Guard, or local police forces, killed numbers of people in putting down a riot in one of our cities, could they be held liable for Genocide? Doubt it not!
    2. War Crimes – Again, this term could be expanded and stretched to mean almost anything anyone wanted it to mean. For example, if American troops fought an enemy victoriously somewhere in the world, could they be tried for Genocide? Doubt it not!
    3. Crimes Against Humanity – Now, this is one vague term, open to all sorts of abuse! The Judges comprising this Court can decide on their own, evidently, what "crimes" fulfill this type of offense.
    4. Aggression – Was it "aggression" for the United States to react to Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait? While most Americans would angrily say, "No", Arab friends of Iraq would say, "Yes"! Thus, what would happen if the Judges on this Global Court sided with Iraq? Would we just stand by and let Former President Bush, and other American leaders, be tried for "Aggression"?

The only reason our current leadership is raising this obvious objection now, is because their "Focus Groups" are telling them that enough American Conservative voters would be so incensed over surrendering American Sovereignty to this Global Court that they would finally rise up as one and demand that we not abide by this court. In fact, conservatives might be so angry over an American President and a Congress that allowed this action, that they just might vote everyone out of office, and establish a whole new set of leaders in office. This new leadership then just might pull America out of this whole New World Order business, thus suddenly negating over 200 years of steady movement toward global government.

In fact, one American soldier refused to serve under United Nations’ command already, and has already been court-martialed. His name is Michael New, whose objection was based on his Biblical understanding of End Times events. He recognized that America was leading the way to the establishment of the final World Government that will soon be under the control of Antichrist. Therefore, he refused to be placed under United Nations’ control. If America had more Biblically literate, and courageous, men like Michael New, we would not now be heading straight into the gates of Hell, into the global system called the New World Order.

Now, let us return to this article.

"Ironically, the United States – a moving force behind these earlier tribunals – fought hard to limit the reach of the new court. Failing to curb the court to its satisfaction, the United States was one of only seven nations voting against the treaty; 120 countries, including most of America’s best allies, voted for it."

"Humanitarian and human rights groups lobbied hard for the court and they praised the final treaty, although many had hoped for even broader jurisdiction. ‘No doubt many of us would have liked a court vested with even more powers’, Annan said. ‘But we must not minimize the breakthrough of this achievement.’ " [Kofi Annan is the Secretary General of the United Nations]

"The International Committee of the Red Cross on Saturday urged governments to ratify the treaty. It goes into effect once 60 have ratified it. ‘The road ahead of us is still long and war criminals must be swiftly and relentlessly prosecuted so that the law has a deterrent effect for the benefit of all those whom they would otherwise massacre, loot, rape, and torture’, it said."

Thus, the establishment of the World Court is set forth to the peoples of the world in high and lofty moral language. What better organization is there, than the "Christian" Red Cross, to come out front to promote this horrible development? While we certainly have seen too many examples, in this 20th Century, of war criminals who might have been curbed by this type of World Court, we have far more to worry about a Global Authority. We have read too many times, in New Age literature, of the type of dictatorial authority planned for the New World Order. This Plan envisions that all people who do not accept their Christ [Antichrist] will be "set free" from this dimension! In other words, they will be murdered!

We have read so much material of this type, by various authors, that we understand the true Antichrist nature of this coming Global Government!

Our Founding Fathers knew that the best defense against dictatorship from the outside was strong National Sovereignty! They received this understanding the hard way, from seeing and feeling, suffering under the centuries of despotism from the Kings of Europe and England. Thus, they labored strongly to set up a government strong enough to resist these foreign despotic tyrants, but weak enough so it would not enslave its own citizens. This is the reason strong States’ Rights were created. You must admit they did a good job, because Americans have been kept free for over 200 years now.

After World War II, Jewish survivors were reeling from the disclosure that Hitler had systematically murdered 6 million of their brethren! The obvious question they asked themselves was, ‘How could this atrocity have been prevented’? After much discussion, they concluded that the best defense of the Jew was a nation strong enough militarily to defend its citizens. A Jewish nation would be far more sensitive to the needs and desires of Jews than any Gentile nation could possibly be. Thus, Jewish leaders from all parts of the globe, but especially American Jewish leaders, began to strongly argue for a Jewish nation to be re-established in Palestine. Since President Truman had several key leaders of his Cabinet and advisors that were Jewish, he was mightily influenced to support the creation of Israel.

Do not be deceived: the rights, property, and the very lives of individual citizens are best protected by individual nations of their own brethren, not some monstrous global nation! The last time Satan came close to establishing a global government, economy, and religion was at the Tower of Babel. God moved forcefully to prevent this Satanic goal from being established. From that moment on, God’s plan for the nations was to have many nations in the world, each of them responsive to their own citizens.

This movement toward a new Global Government, Economy, and Religion is Satanic, not Godly. Further, our examination of their Plan in detail reveals that this planned system fulfills the Biblical prophetic picture of the Kingdom of Antichrist. Their own writings are even so bold as to call their future leader, "Antichrist".

The establishment of this World Court also is clearly just an opening of the proverbial door. Too many people will be falsely satisfied by the fact that the powers of this World Court are "limited", are without enforcement capability right now, and does not include the United States. Thus, these people will relax, assuming that nothing will ever come out of this new World Court that would adversely affect them.

Believe me, future events will prove these suppositions totally wrong!

Soon, we will see legislative action by the United Nations to expand the judicial reach of this World Court. We will see U.N. legislative action that will provide for enforcement capability by a U.N. army, navy and air force.

Finally, we will even see the day when America is forced to comply. How can this happen? Folks, this scenario comes closer with every army unit we transfer to the United Nations’ command. This scenario comes closer with every new weapon we transfer to the United Nations’ command. This scenario comes closer with every new action we take to submit to the authority of the United Nations. Every time we say that we cannot act unless we have specific United Nations’ authority brings this scenario closer to reality.

This establishment of the World Court smacks terribly of the Six-Step Attitudinal Change Plan. We are suddenly on Step #5 and proceeding at breakneck speed to the final Step 6. Let us quickly review this Six Step Attitudinal Change Plan.

    1. A RESPECTED expert in a RESPECTED forum advocates some practice so offensive that it can scarcely be discussed in public.
    2. At first, the public is shocked, then outraged
    3. But, the VERY FACT that such a thing could be publicly debated becomes the SUBJECT of the debate. In other words, the focus of the debate is shifted, from the facts of the debate to the fact that "aren't we proud of ourselves that we can even be discussing this subject in public"?
    4. In the debate, sheer repetition of the shocking subject gradually dulls its effect.
    5. People then are no longer shocked.
    6. No longer outraged, people begin to argue for positions to moderate the extreme; or, they accept the premise, challenging, instead, the means to ACHIEVE it.

Now that this World Court has been established as a permanent judicial body, we stand at the mid-point of Step 6. The only real debate we will see now is whether the United States should join. This debate will continue only as long as it takes for one of two actions, or possibly both, together, to occur.

The idea behind these articles is that Liberal, New World Order leaders are like a huge dog straining at his master’s leash, desperately wanting to be free. New World Order leaders can sense victory so close they can hardly stand it. In so many different areas of our lives, from Government, to the Economy, to Moral and Religious issues, they are so-o-o-o very, very close to completely establishing their full system based upon occult [Luciferian] views. Yet, the Holy Spirit of God continues to restrain them, keeping them from their final victory.

However, on the morning after the Rapture of the Church, all these restraints will have been lifted, and the New World Order will be established within a very few days.

Conservatives have been very worried, and very opposed, to the slowly emerging concept of a Global Court, which will exercise control over all the sovereign nations of the world. For over two decades, we have fought this development tooth and nail. Steps 1-5 have been reached very slowly over this period of time.

However, the breach over the last obstacle has been accomplished. This ominous development sounds the death knell to National Sovereignty. Like few other developments, this one tells us solemnly that our days of freedom are numbered. Listen to Master D.K., the Guiding Spirit of Alice A. Bailey, lay out the philosophical groundwork for this destruction of National Sovereignty.

"The national spirit is not dead as yet in any country. It must be helped to die … This is a hard saying, but the nationalistic spirit constitutes a grave peril to the world. If perpetuated in any form … it will throw the world back into the dark ages …" [Externalisation of the Hierarchy", page 375]

Soon, very soon, the planned crises will break upon us, and we will see the American people panic so much they will allow our freedoms and our present form of Representative, Constitutional, form of government to be "temporarily" taken away. I wonder what direction Rush Limbaugh will take? My gut feeling is that he will be on the airwaves, deploring the sad fact that the President, or whomever is in charge, felt like he had to take this action. However, Rush will say that, because of overriding national interest, he reluctantly supports the President. Maybe Rush will even have the President on his show via telephone hookup to tell us why this action was necessary. If this does occur, the President will assure Rush and his Conservative listeners, that this suspension was only temporary, and will be reversed once order is re-established.

Then, all of the lemmings who follow Rush will blindly follow him over this cliff as well. No one will ever know, much less remember, the snide comment of the "Protocol of the Learned Elders of Zion", as they anticipate the moment when freedoms are taken away under the guise of multiple crises. Listen to these words, penned over 100 years ago.

"The goyim are a flock of sheep and we are their wolves. And you know what happens when the wolves get hold of the flock? There is another reason why they will close their eyes: for we shall keep promising them to give back all the liberties we have taken away as soon as we have quelled the enemies of peace and tamed all parties …" (Protocol #11)

Truly, the End of the Age is upon this Old World system of individual nation states! The vast majority of Americans just don't know it yet!

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