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We have culled these pertinent stories from many sources to keep you updated on the Daily News events pertinent to the coming New World Order. Truly, once you know the Plan to establish the Kingdom of Antichrist, you will never look at the news the same way again. For A Cutting Edge Analysis and Recap Of Current Events Being Reported In The News Visit our Headline News Area

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Saturday, April 30, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?


Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

North Korea 'could hit US with missiles'

North Korea nuclear talks 'in doubt'

U.S. Warning Allies About Possible North Korean Underground Nuclear Test

NYMEX oil ends below $50 /barrel on ample supply: Fall in prices continues

Israel - Palestinian War

Putin Pledges Assistance to Palestinians

Putin visit fires Mid-East press passions

Putin Heads to West Bank to Meet Abbas

Putin: Palestinians need weapons to fight terror

Russia, U.S. Want to Arm PA

Palestinians fear for Jerusalem's future

Palestinians Arrest Two Militants Over Rocket Fire

PA Chairman Abbas orders "iron fist" to keep Palestinian truce

Putin backs off Middle East conference plan

Putin carves out Mideast role

Putin’s Mid East Visits Signpost Unfolding Russian Penetration

Mortar shell hits Gaza Strip settlement: Damage but no injuries

Haifa School Defaced with Swastikas

Shas Religous Party: Evacuation Would Be Victory for Palestinian Extremists

Senior IDF officer injured in scuffle with settlers

Palestinian Jailed Uprising Leader Barghouti: Israel's Gaza pullout is partial, won't bring peace

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Iran says time running out for nuclear talks with Europe: Hinting that Iran would resume uranium enrichment if the two sides failed to reach an agreement

Iran Says It Expects to Resume Activities Related to Uranium Enrichment Next Week

UN gives go-ahead for Cambodian Khmer Rouge trials

Indonesian police kill man suspected of links to Bali 9


Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Depleted Uranium

IRAQ: Doctors warn of increasing deformities in newborn babies -- Depleted Uranium blamed - Reuters

DU Death Toll Tops 11,000

Massive Sandstorm Rolls Over Iraq: D.U. contaminates our soldiers in storms like this - quite common in Iraq

War News

Insurgents strike across Iraq, killing 50

Car bombs kill 31 in Baghdad

Four U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq

Bloody start for new Iraqi government

Iraq slides into democracy on an oil slick: Convicted embezzler in Jordan, suspected Iranian spy is Iraq's new oil minister

Terror, Sunni pullout bedevil Iraq's new regime

US, Italy at odds over Baghdad shooting of secret service agent protecting Italian journalist

Italy Pursues Criminal Probe Into Agent's Killing

Purported Zarqawi Tape Vows More Iraq Attacks - Web reports

'Leash Lady' to Plead Guilty of Iraq Abuses: PFC England takes the fall

Iraq's Neighbors Welcome New Government

US making really good progress in Iraq: Bush insists

Turkish Prime Minister Warns That Iraqi Stability Key for Neighbors

Casualty-hit US marines use dummies to fool rebels

Fasten your seat belts for Baghdad

Tory dismay at Howard's stance on war

Opposition chides Blair over Iraq war

Holocaust survivors win right to sue Vatican: Jewish seized assets were laundered by Vatican Bank and other Roman Catholic institutions immediately after the war

Australia told to sign treaty or miss inaugural East Asian summit

Gov. Praises 'Minuteman' Campaign: Schwarzenegger says group's patrols against illegal immigrants have been effective

House GOP Eye Social Security Draft

Global Warming -- "Smoking Gun" -- Said to validate forecasts of global warming


Friday, April 29, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

After the bombs, illness - and few to care: Depleted Uranium munitions taking death toll on Iraqi civilian population - Cancers of all types skyrocketing

Jurors Give Death Penalty to Soldier Who Apologized for Killing Comrades: In early days of Iraqi invasion

14 killed in four Iraq car bomb attacks: Targeting Iraqi security forces

17 die in Iraq violence

In Iraq, U.S. Forces and Insurgents Compete to Win Civilian Informants

Sunni representation low in Iraqi gov't

Pentagon between Iraq and a hard place: The Draft

Iraq's oil ministry goes after smugglers

Iraq oil exports officially resume to Turkey

New Iraq oil minister is ‘fox’ in henhouse: Experts warn as new minister was once convicted of bank fraud

Iraq has an elected government at last - Now for the constitution

Blair's dark day as Iraq fight erupts: Goldsmith legal advice published

British Report questions war credibility: Blair committed Britain to war, knowing it was illegal

Rescuers Discover Murder Weapon in Dumpster: Closed abortion mill trashes its suction machine

Kansas House Fails To Override Veto Requiring Abortion Clinics To Be Licensed And Meet Minumum Health and Safety Standards

International surge in numbers killed by terrorists

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- April 23, 2005

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Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Africa and Asia push for 'new world order': Represents two-thirds of mankind

Venezuela, Cuba Forge Anti-U.S. Alliance

Iran issues threat over nuclear talks: Will resume urnanium enrichment unless talks bear fruit

Gunmen kidnap Haitian political leader

Syria's Bashar Assad: Crisis follows young leader in old land

Zimbabwe rejoins UN rights body

Kuwait needs foreign technology for mega oil project

Russia may pull out its military bases from Georgia this year

Negroponte Takes Over Daily Bush Intelligence Briefings Amid Reassessment of Information Flow

U.S. Says More Terrorist Groups Are Seeking Deadliest Weapons

Pentagon moves to bar CIA 'ghost' detainees

Gun terror on LA's freeways: Has left four people dead from car-to-car gunfire in the past month

Bush's Press Conference Bumped By May Sweeps: CBS, NBC and FOX cut off President Bush, mid-sentence, in several time zones, after sacrificing one hour of prime time

Florida high court refuses to hear Limbaugh appeal: Fighting over seizure of his medical records

Statement released by Rush Limbaugh's attorney Roy Black

Jackson's Ex-Wife Calls Pop Star a Loving Parent: Prosecution case seems collapsing

Original Opinion Was That Ex-Wife Would Be Prosecution's Stongest Witness Against Jackson

Kremlin Following China's Lead: Setting up "Directed Capitalism" economy

Russian Protesters of All Stripes to March on May Day

Filibuster Controversy a Constitutional Issue, Not Religious: Vital for senators to be able to vote on judicial nominees without the threat of a filibuster.


New Article Just Posted - 4/27/2005


PHYSICAL EUTHANASIA: Infant Born Alive In Florida And Left To Die By Abortion Mill Doctors

US Intelligence Official Warns Senate: North Korea can arm missile with nuclear weapon

Related Article: U.S. Aide Sees Nuclear Arms Advance by North Korea, Could Possibly Hit Western US

Archived Article: North Korea Has 100 Nuke Warheads On Ballistic Missiles Capable of Hitting Eastern US -- Posted March, 2003

Oil Steadies, Funds Help End 3-Day Slide: Swelling U.S. oil inventories

OPEC set to increase output in May

Remember Kerry's Campaign Charge: Bush driving oil prices higher

Stop the REAL National ID Act!

Rice Calls for Acceleration of Democracy Worldwide

Israeli - Palestinian War

Palestinian - Arab News

Putin Heads to West Bank to Meet PA Chairman Abbas

Abbas names tough new security chief: Rashid Abu Shbak -- But, he is infamous "collaborator hunter"

How much does a Palestinian state cost? USD 33 billion

302,000 Palestinians are unemployed

Conspiracy Against Jerusalem: Arab viewpoint

US congressional draft resolution on Jerusalem as Israel's capital denigrates peace efforts

Israeli News

Massive Rally for Jonathan Pollard in Jerusalem on May 3rd

Tens of Thousands protest Israel's Gaza pullout

Sharon violating Israel’s covenant with God

Israeli MK Dares Attorney General To Indict Him Over His Call For Civil Disobedience

Samaria Anti-Disengagement Rally Draws 20,000

Police downplay rally anti-disengagement numbers: When evacuation begins not a single person will succeed in entering

West Bank Terrorists Have Anti-Aircraft Missiles, Anti-Tank Rockets

2 more Palestinian 'terror teens' nabbed: IDF soldiers recover 11 pipe bombs

Missiles for Syria pose no danger to Israel: Putin’s assurance to Israel's government

Putin carves out Mideast role: Russia returning to Middle East for first time since Cold War

Bush Offers New Social Security Plan With Some Benefit Cuts: Democrats Unmoved

Taiwan Opposition Leader Calls for Closer Cooperation in Historic Visit to Beijing

Human Waste, an Unsavory Import, Raises Concerns Among Some Farmers in Southern California

Seven Arab Americans sue Denny's owner alleging discrimination: Say they are compared to Bin Laden

Christian Teens Theologically Shallow

More Than Half of Tax Returns E-Filed

Outsourcing Outrage: Foreign Workers to Be Housed in Ships

Cracks in decaying shell of Chernobyl reactor threaten second disaster

Christian Parent Arrested After Being Denied Say-So in Son's Education: Had been attempting to get his son opted-out from discussions portraying homosexuality as acceptable

Actor Tom Cruise Opens Up about his Beliefs in the Church of Scientology


Thursday, April 28, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

New Article Just Posted - 4/27/2005


Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Iraqi Minister of Parliament gunned down: Female member of parliament

Related Story: Iraqi lawmaker and activist is slain in Baghdad -- Gunned down about 3:30 p.m in front of her home

US admits Iraq insurgency undiminished after one year of fighting: Chairman, US Joint Chiefs

Who Is Using Weapons Of Destruction? We Do! Depleted Uranium war has been unleased - Again!

Iraq's President Approves New Cabinet: Debate Continues Over Three Ministries

Rumsfeld defends smaller US force for Iraq

Canadian in Iraq may have been killed by U.S. forces

Australian contractor killed in Baghdad

Insurgency attacks kill 14 western contractors

Italian opposition says Iraq killing findings 'insult truth'

Army Officer Acquitted of Raping Soldier: Female accuser concocted story to keep from being sent to Iraq

Torture, Sexual Humiliation Scandal News

Amnesty blasts Abu Ghraib failure

Rights Group: Abu Ghraib Abuses 'Tip of Iceberg'

Army, in Manual, Limiting Tactics in Interrogation

Oil News

OPEC leaders say oil market is well supplied

US stocks gain as oil tumbles

Iraqi Overseas Fuel Smuggling Operation Exposed

Bush Calls for Development of More Nuclear Power: Concerned that high gasoline and energy prices are harming the U.S. economy

United Nations News

UN nuclear agency postpones vote on new term for ElBaradei: US opposes chief arms inspector

Secretary-General Annan says he never claimed exoneration in scandal

India pushing for UN Council seat

UN Probes German Companies in Oil for Food Scandal

Town Shocked by 10-Year-Old Boy Being Suspect in Shotgun Slaying of Father

Republican Gains Improve Senate Chances to Curb Minors' Crossing State Lines for Abortion

Mexico - NAFTA News

Mexican Broadcaster Files Charges Against Treasury Secretary

Mexican President Replaces Attorney General in Apparent Political Shift

Mexican Border Police Get U.S. Training on Anti-Terror Tactics

Jackson's Ex-Wife Sets Back Prosecution: Stunning testimony damages prosecution's case

Bush to Hold Prime Time News Conference Thursday: To tout his Social Security plans

Air America Radio Investigated By Secret Service: Aired skit in which warning gunshots were fired at President

Air America radio host: Punish me if I broke law - Rhodes apologizes to Bush, Secret Service for 'gunshots' skit she says was not funny

Stem Cell Research Guide Permits Creation of Human-Animal Chimeras: National Academy of Sciences issues "guidelines"

More Americans to Receive Implanted Microchips As Powerful New Religion Grows In United States

Supreme Court Upholds Individual's Right to Sue Pesticide Makers

New Revelations About White House's Gay Hustler

Pro-Lifers Hail HHS Pledge to Crackdown on Infanticide: Govt. Official Vows to Enforce Law Protecting Babies That Survive Abortion Attempts



CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- April 23, 2005

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Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

At least five die in gunfire at Haiti political demonstration

22 dead in Togo election aftermath violence: More than 100 hurt

US slams Togo elections: Presidential elections were disturbingly flawed

China - Philippine Governments Meet: 14 Agreements Signed in Manila

UN peacekeepers arrive in Sudan

'Bali nine' supplier killed in shoot-out: Indonesian police claim

Three Decades Later, Fall of Saigon Remembered

Australia Condemned for Allowing Drug Suspects to Face Possible Execution in Indonesia

Rice Defends U.S. Counterdrug Support for Colombia

Researchers Find Clandestine Graves at Former Military Base in Guatemala

Israeli - Palestinian News

Putin Promotes Peace Conference in First Visit of Kremlin Leader to Israel

Israel Reacts Coolly to Putin's Mideast Conference Proposal

US cool on Mideast conference: As called for by Putin

Sharon to Tell Putin of Israeli Objections to Russian Military Sales to Palestinians

Palestinians in Lebanon Say They Will Not Comply With a U.N. Demand to Disarm

Palestinians’ warn US over Jerusalem bill

Mixed Messages: Terror and Talk Escalate - Israel turning over another Arab city to the PA despite escalating terror

Unilateral Withdrawal News

IDF prepares for ‘Day After' Unilateral Withdrawal: Prepares elaborate Negev defenses

Palestinian mortar hit doesn't deter 50,000 in anti-disengagement rally

Hamas leaders may return to Gaza after Israeli pullout

What will be the fate of Gaza synagogues after the withdrawal? Likely to be demolished

Zionist Youth Movement drafting students worldwide to fight disengagement

MK Eldad Calls for "Civil Disobedience" to block unilateral disengagement

Filling the Jails With Protestors

For First Time, CDC Pushing New Mosquito Repellents: Best protection against West Nile Virus are Repellents containing the chemical picaridin or the oil of lemon eucalyptus

5-5-5 British Election News

Blair was 'advised war may be illegal'

Iraq leak jolts Blair

Lightning strikes Blair's campaign election plane

Gore Blasts GOP Bid to Block Filibusters

Bush Taken to Bunker After Radar Blip: Mistaken for an aircraft entering the restricted airspace around the White House

Was the Asian tsunami man-made?

Indonesia Adopts WWF Green Policy for Tsunami Reconstruction: Agrees to recommendations for "environmentally sustainable" reconstruction

Bookstore Resource: Combo Offer: Antichrist & A Cup of Tea PLUS Prince Charles: "Sustainable Prince"

Prince Charles: "Sustainable Prince" Boo k Alone

New Mexico Faces Worst Flooding in 30 Years

Porn writer bids to save US from hardcore invasion

Spielberg Says Aliens Likely Our Friends: Will be galactic good Samaritans like E.T. rather than the malevolent marauders of "War of the Worlds"

Promoters of Calif. Homosexual 'Marriage' Bill Not Above the Law

New ecumenical body aims for 2005 start - News - Christian Churches Together in the USA



Wednesday, April 27, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- April 23, 2005

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Oil News

Iranian Oil Minister Says Global Petroleum Markets Are Oversupplied With Crude Oil

High Gas Prices Unmoved by Bush Meeting with Saudi Leader

Bush to Propose Oil Refineries at Ex-Military Bases

Was the Asian tsunami man-made?

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Jaafari unveils new Iraqi cabinet

Related Story: 12-member Iraqi cabinet unveiled: Interior, oil portfolios not finalized

Americans growing weary of Iraq war

‘Civil War’ Is No Longer a Taboo Phrase in Iraq

Iraqi captors extend Romanian reporters' deadline

Berlusconi: US-Italy inquiry into killing not finished

U.S. soldier killed as roadside bomb explodes near convoy outside Baghdad

Park provides solace in the midst of violence in Baghdad

Hawaii Stryker Brigade Approved in Federal Court

Democrats Mark Anniversary of Abu Ghraib Sex and Torture Scandal

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

U.S. Soldier, Four Afghan Police Officers Killed in Ambushes in Central Afghanistan

Nigeria at risk of $33bn default

Syria notifies UN of complete pullout from Lebanon

Syrian Troops Leave Lebanon, but Influence May Remain

Start date set for Lebanese polls

Fidel Castro Suggests Mexican President Retire Early to Prevent Violence

Congressional Partisan Divide on Social Security Widens

Bush Plan Would Make Some People Buy Annuities With Personal Accounts

Extreme Environment Propaganda

Ozone layer most fragile on record

Nation's Largest Hog Population Wreaking Havoc

Sustainable Development Commission Fails to Sustain Enthusiasm



New Article Just Posted - 4/27/2005


Roman Catholic News

Suspended Catholic priest arraigned on rape charges: 80-year old priest arrested on charges he raped a boy 14 years ago

Pope Benedict Held Forth "Twisted Cross" During His Installation Ceremony: Adoring Masses Bowed To This Satanic Symbol of Antichrist

Papal Address to Representatives of Other Religions and Confessions: "The Common Passion for Unity Is Authentic and Great"

Cardinal Ratzinger's Haven in Tuscany

Lutheran Likes What He Sees in New Pontificate

Israeli - Palestinian War

Palestinians plan for Israeli exit from Gaza

Thousands of Israeli settlers flock to Hebron: Settlers attend inauguration of new Israeli homes

Abbas says he expects Hamas to disarm

Abbas asserts control over security services with revamp

Greek patriarch mobbed by angry Arab protesters in Jerusalem

Amnesty urges Israel to stop poisoning Palestinians’ livestock

Rocket Attacks Continue; Preparing for More

Settlers hope 100,000 to march in test of strength against disengagement

Will settler synagogues face the bulldozer's blade? Never has a Jew demolished a synagogue

Officials deny early pullout deal for West Bank settlers

Pentagon proposes sale of 100 bunker-busting bombs to Israel: Could prompt concerns about a unilateral Israeli strike against Iran

Sharon Visit to Bush Ranch Followed By That of Saudi Ruler

Bush Offers Boost to Embattled DeLay

Records Show Frequent Contact Between DeLay, Lobbyist

British Private poll reveals Labour fears: Neck and neck in key marginals

Tories focus on Blair lies

Fraud fear as 6m ballots are sent out: Envelopes clearly identifiable despite theft warning

Worldwide Terror Attacks Increased Sharply Last Year to Record High

Superjumbo Airbus 380 makes maiden flight




Tuesday, April 26, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

New Article Just Posted

Pope Benedict Held Forth "Twisted Cross" During His Installation Ceremony: Adoring Masses Bowed To This Satanic Symbol of Antichrist

Roman Catholic News

German Pope Shows Humor and Warmth, Jokes He's "very Italian"

Pope 'guided by God' on Church's stance

Pope Says Election Was Like 'Guillotine'

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

US closes book on Iraq WMD hunt: Inquiries into weapons of mass destruction in Iraq have "gone as far as feasible"

U.S. Weapons Inspector Finishes Work Without Finding Iraqi WMD

Report Finds No Evidence Syria Hid Iraqi Arms

An Army of The Unwilling: Compulsory draft looks more and more likely

22 Iraqis killed in Baghdad, Takrit explosions

Coffin business booms in Baghdad

Unready for combat: US soldiers trained for support roles feel they do not have skills necessary to defend themselves - Yet they are on front lines

Colonel Testifies About Attack on the 101st Airborne Division by Fellow Soldiers

Bloodied Marines Sound Off About Want of Armor and Men

U.S. report will show soldiers who shot Italian agent in Baghdad followed orders

US clears troops over death of Italian secret service agent

Sunnis drop demand for Iraq's new Cabinet

Iraqi president rules out Islamic regime

Iraq Government Impasse Continues as Violence Continues

Abu Ghraib prisoner seeks justice one year after scandal

Zarqawi escapes US troop trap

Turkey agrees to US base expansion: To fly into Iraq and Afghanistan

Kidnapped Pakistani embassy officer in Iraq released

Insurgency attacks kill 14 western contractors

Great Britian's Election On 5/5/5

With ten days to go, the election campaign is firmly fixed on Iraq: May 5 election

Blair under pressure as party member defects over Iraq war

Bush - Saudi Leader Meet At Crawford

Bush Urges Saudis to Boost Oil Production

Saudi Arabia to boost oil production

Oil Prices Slip As Bush Meets Saudi Prince

BP's Profits Rise 29 Percent: World's second- largest oil company

Utah Capitol Getting Shock Absorbers as Hedge Against Overdue Earthquake

Another Former Colleague Criticizes Bolton's Fitness for U.N. Post

Serb general surrenders to The Hague: War Crimes Tribunal

Bosnian generals surrendered to Hague February 28

To Worlds Horror Flu Pandemic Begins and Spreads Around the Globe by Migrating Birds: Human to Human transmission has begun

Vaccination Week in the Americas Launched Today: 44 million children and adults throughout the Americas with immunizations

UCLA physicists have world on a string theory: There are 11 dimensions – one of time and 10 of space

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- April 23, 2005

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Taiwan Bids to Avoid War with China

BP profits driven by boiling oil prices

Good News About Economy: America's current trade imbalance is $666 billion

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Russia's Putin to Visit Egypt for First Time Since Soviet Heyday

Iran plans to knock out U.S. with 1 nuclear bomb: Tests missiles for electromagnetic pulse weapon that could destroy America's technical infrastructure

Do Not humiliate Iran Over Nukes - Russia's Putin Warns

Threat of International Sanctions Not a Major Concern for Iran

China, Indonesia Forge Strategic Relationship

Afghan charged in $50m heroin smuggling

In Haiti, hope for democracy, future wanes

US Secretary of State Rice begins Latin America visit

Last Syrian military force to leave Lebanon on Tuesday

Kashmir solution ‘within 2-3 years’

Israeli - Palestinian War

Russian President In Jerusalem: Amending past wrongs

New Palestinian Maneuver

What will Gaza post-pullout be like for Palestinians?

Filling the Jails With Disengagement Protestors

Uncertainty at Gaza Coast Council: Israel has no plan for employment for settlers removed

West Bank settlers offered $30,000 grant to move voluntarily

American Mayors: Israel is Safe for Travel

IDF probes Arab driver's killing of army reservist near Hebron

Palestinian Authority TV Broadcasts PA Sponsored Sermon Inciting Against Israel/US

IDF troops to deploy in south to halt arms smuggling: Deploying elite units to the area of the Egyptian border

Hundreds visit Or Akiva auditorium to pay last respects to Ezer Weizman

Thousands turn out for 'priestly blessing' at Western Wall

Way cleared for stem cell research bill: House, Senate leaders agree on oversight

Mark of the Beast News

Are Americans Being Conditioned To Accept Coming Antichrist?

Some fear American driver's license law would create national ID card

Australia: National Smartcard Push

Travel agent to testify in Jackson trial

Jacko Lawyers in Public Spat: Oxman Fired

Judge: Mother of Jackson Kids Can Testify: Ex-wife taking stand could prove problematic for Jackson

Bergen County Chief Of Police Jack Schmidig: Leads Regional Roll-Out of VeriChip by Receiving a VeriChip

U.S. Indicts 14 Reputed Mobsters in Chicago

Gay parents win Virginia birth certificate case

Bush Family Skeletons 1918-2000

Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA): View a video on this explosive deadly agreement




Monday, April 25, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- April 23, 2005

Huge Selection of DVD and VHS Videos

Exotic Disease Update

Angola virus not a global risk: Scientist

Marburg Haemorrhagic Fever Update - 90% Death Rate: 244 Of 266 Cases

Bookstore Resource: Emerging Viruses - AIDS and Ebola - Video by Dr. Len Horowitz

AIDS: The Unnecessary Epidemic

Israeli - Palestinian War

Former Israeli President Ezer Weizman Dies at 80

PM Sharon Remembers: Ezer Weizman was symbol of Israeli sabra

Settlers Who Back a Pullout: Shunned by Their Neighbors but Unable to Leave

Disengagement will be postponed by 3 weeks: Will now begin August 15

Hamas official urges leaders abroad: Move to Gaza after pullout - Refuse to give up terrorist arms

PA Warns Israel: Coordinate pullout with us or face problems

Chief rabbis say they oppose disengagement

PM Sharon concedes claimed key US promise really more vague than he publicly admitted

Terror attack averted on Lebanese border

Israel's 30,000 Karaites follow Bible: Reject Talmud

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

USA Warns North Korea May Be Preparing Nuke Test

White House May Go to U.N. Over North Korean Shipments Intercept Plan: Wants to intercept shipments in or out of the country that may contain nuclear materials or components

South Korea Says Nuclear Tests by North Korea Would Further Isolate the Communist State

North Korea vows to bolster nuclear deterrent

South Korea, Russia Agree to Develop Jointly Arms

UN investigator says oil-for-food report WAS soft on Annan

Winter's Last Gasp: Parts of Midwest Get Up to Foot of Snow in Spring Storm

Alaskan Interior could undergo dynamic breakup this spring as snow melts

Partisan showdown looms on filibusters against judicial nominees

In Telecast, Senator Frist Defends His Effort to Stop Filibusters: Seeks Christian support

Bush's hawk is not fit to be UN envoy, says Powell

US begins to be more assertive with China as terror, Iraq concerns ease

Clinton backs Blair's Labour Party in British election: Blair called upon Bill, not George

British Opposition accuses Blair of lying over Iraq war

GM industry puts human gene into rice: Is GM Industry creating "Frankenstein foods"?

Spying: Giving Out U.S. Names - Agency is not supposed to target Americans

Online Hunting Firm Is Now the Quarry: Lawmakers nationwide targeting website that allows computer users to fire at game roaming a Texas ranch

Bush's War on the Press: Part of his "war on terror"

O'Connor Dismisses Ado Over International Law: Justices have been basing decisions on International Law!

Valero Energy Corp. Plans to Acquire Premcor Inc. Create the Largest Refiner of Crude Oil in North America: $6.9 billion deal

Bush Seeks Relief From Record Oil Prices in Meeting With Saudi Leader

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Four car bombings in Iraq leave 21 dead: Emboldened Iraqi insurgency

Death toll rises to 29 after twin Iraq blasts: Scores more injured in weekend violence

Bomb kills U.S. soldier in Iraq

7 U.S. security contractors killed in Iraq on one black day

Marines From Iraq Sound Off About Want of Armor and Men

But - Army counterattacks in war of words: Troops in Iraq testify vehicle repeatedly preserved lives in attacks

A Global Pact Against Depleted Uranium

‘Iraq’s major Shiite bloc to form Cabinet without Allawi’s party'

Two Bombs Kill 15 Near Shi'ite Mosque in Baghdad

Cutting Edge Related Article: 16 Naval Ships At The Bottom of the Persian Gulf: Includes One Aircraft Carrier -- War Games Disaster

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Six killed in Aceh clashes: Indonesian Army slays insurgents

'Iran technology shouldn't be limited'

Afro-Asian leaders sign strategic alliance: Aimed at boosting trade and tackling poverty

Nigerian National Fights Deportation: Accuses the Government of Breaking a Promise

Sudan militia rejects calls to disband

Floods kill 40 in Ethiopia

Terrorism on US-Saudi agenda

Thousands of Children Affected by Sustained Fighting in Colombia

World armed groups 'abduct girls'

Pakistan President's Musharraf’s Kashmir formula criticized

Pakistan economy unable to take off because of poverty

Four militants, Afghan soldier killed in clashes

Nepal king in key Indian PM talks

Czech Prime Minister Resigns

Roman Catholic News

Black Pope Book On CDROM - Vatican Assassins Is Based Largely On This Rare, Out of Print Book!

Pope Benedict XVI 'ignored sex abuse claim against John Paul's friend': Fr Marcial Maciel, the founder of the Legionaries of Christ

Cutting Edge Original Report On Pope John Paul II's Coverup For Fr Maciel

John Paul's Presence Still Felt Keenly Felt as His Successor Takes Over

Reaching out, pope asks for unity: Church is 'young,' pontiff declares

New Pope Sets Store by Lost Traditions

Pilgrims cheer new pope at installation -- Inaugural Mass

Excerpts from Benedict XVI’s inaugural sermon

In time of unrest, conflict met with contemplation

Cardinal: Pope will preserve sex abuse law

Pope 'obstructed' sex abuse inquiry: Confidential letter reveals Ratzinger ordered bishops to keep allegations secret

Related Cutting Edge Articles

New Pope Benedict XVI: Vatican Continues To Observe Occult Numerics, Times, Astrological Considerations

"REMEMBERING BACK: Cardinal Ratzinger Sold Out Christianity When He Authorized A Report Saying The Jews Were Right In Insisting That Their Messiah Had Not Yet Appeared" -- This damning theological statement is not unexpected, but its appearance now is just one more indication that the appearance of Antichrist may not be far off

Barbecue Wraps of Three Days of Wedding Festivities for U.S. Ambassador, Mexican Heiress

Train derails in western Japan, killing 28

Rice Shows Teeth in Chilly Russia Trip

Rice’s Plan to Inspect Russian Nuclear Sites Lost in Translation



Sunday, April 24, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- April 23, 2005

Roman Catholic News

Pope Benedict XVI installed as leader of Catholic Church

Pope In The Making: In time of unrest, conflict met with contemplation

Conservatives see win in rise of new pope

Opus Dei Hails Election of New Pope

World leaders flock to Pope's mass

Find God to Change World, Pope Tells Mass

Pope the 'Miracle Max' of Europe? Benedict aims to convert continent's Muslims

Pope says John Paul II was at home" among the saints in heaven"

Text of Pope Benedict XVI's homily

Pope Benedict woos media

Vatican condemns Spain gay bill

Related Cutting Edge Articles

New Pope Benedict XVI: Vatican Continues To Observe Occult Numerics, Times, Astrological Considerations

"REMEMBERING BACK: Cardinal Ratzinger Sold Out Christianity When He Authorized A Report Saying The Jews Were Right In Insisting That Their Messiah Had Not Yet Appeared" -- This damning theological statement is not unexpected, but its appearance now is just one more indication that the appearance of Antichrist may not be far off

New pope reaches out to Jews at Vatican inaugural Mass -- Pope seen as "good news" for Israel

Israeli - Palestinian War

'Greater Jerusalem' takes shape

Chairman Abbas announces security shake-up

Israel's Sharon Expected to Announce Three-Week Delay in Gaza Pullout

PA demands control of border crossings in the Gaza Strip during pullout

Take the settlers' rubble: Palestinian Authority tells Israel

Pentagon Mulls Changing Sodomy Definition: To decriminalize

Bush Administration: "It's terror when we say so"

Pacific nations plan for natural disaster

Bush defends environmental policies on Earth Day

New Czech government likely Tuesday

Snow Falls in Parts of Michigan, Ohio: Old Man Winter Visits Region One More Time

Tory fury as BBC plants hecklers in the crowd to bait Howard

New blow for Annan in oil-for-food scandal aftermath

Former GOP Insider Says He Has 911 Smoking Gun -- Can prove official story of attacks is a bold lie

Conservatives: Exactly How Bad Do Things Have to Get?

The Disaster That Is Planned Parenthood: Assorted articles


Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Rights watchdog demands US prison torture probe

Top US Army brass cleared over Iraq prison abuse

US military worried over change in Iraq attacks: Have become increasingly sophisticated

Bomb kills U.S. soldier in Iraq

7 U.S. security contractors killed in Iraq on Thursday alone!

Dual Car Bomb Attack Kills Iraqis Outside Police Academy

U.S. Forces Detain 6 Linked to Helicopter's Downing

AP cameraman killed in Mosul

12 killed as Iraq mosque bombed

Baghdad in crisis as prime minister struggles to form cabinet

From Beacon Hill to Baghdad's hell: Governor Romney deputy serves country in Iraq

British The Attorney General's advice on the Iraq war: Blair took Britain to war knowing it was illegal

Jewish soldiers in Iraq get Pesach food

Pentagon: China's military clout 'a problem here and now'

Cutting Edge Related Article: 16 Naval Ships At The Bottom of the Persian Gulf: Includes One Aircraft Carrier -- War Games Disaster

Japan 'sorry for war misery': PM apologizes to the world for World War II

Japan's Foreign Minister Criticizes Chinese History Textbooks

China, Japan Mend Fences, But Pitfalls Ahead

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Marburg Haemorrhagic Fever Update - 90% Death Rate: 244 Of 266 Cases

Ecuador former president 'to be flown out' for exile

Historic Asia-Africa Conference Was Marked by Superpower Hostility, Tragedy

Asia, Africa Turn to History to Re-Energize a Lagging Friendship

Afghan man killed his daughter for allegedly committing adultery

Thai bomb kills two police near border

Ethiopia says Somali insurgents killed

Senior Taliban official surrenders In Afghanistan

Togolese Vote for President Amid Violence Fears

Syrians Quit Lebanon Checkpoint as Deadline Nears

Pakistan, India agree to free inadvertent border violators

Bush urged to press Saudis for release of dissidents

Iran News

Iran, Tajikistan sign MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) on defense cooperation

Iran rejects call for jailed reporter’s release

Iran says it will eventually resume uranium enrichment

No chill in Russia-US relations: Russia's Putin insists

Colin Powell expresses reservations about Bolton nomination

Bolton Finds U.N. Nomination in Jeopardy

Released E-Mail Exchanges Reveal More Bolton Battles

Poll: 63% of Americans think Bible literally true


Saturday, April 23, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- April 23, 2005

Roman Catholicism In The News

Pope Meets Journalists for First Time, Thanking Them for Covering Papal Transition

Pope's Personal Tone Contrasts With His Stiff, Strident Image

Pope faces gay vote test in Spain

Annan's tenure as UN Secretary General shaky: US official declares

Top UN Aide Steps Aside During Oil-For-Food Probe

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

The shadow Iraqi government: New "democratic government" still under US control

Corpses keep coming from Iraq's river of death

Iraq: Tigris River corpses still a mystery

We killed chopper survivor: Insurgent leader Zarqawi declares

Australian private security contractor killed in Baghdad

Mosque death toll rises to 11: Car bomb

One of Slain U.S. Activist's Last Campaigns Stalls After Her Death

Roadside Bombs Wound Several Iraqi Soldiers and Policemen

Iraq cabinet postponed

Militants warn Australian troops to leave Iraqis unharmed

Army Says Top Commander During Abu Ghraib Prison Abuse Will Not Be Punished: Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez

1000 Iraqis dying each month: Expert

Israeli - Palestinian War

After 100 days, Palestinian leader's aura begins to fade

Hizb Allah threat to Israeli soldiers

West Bank sealed off for Passover

IDF Soldier moderately hurt in West Bank stabbing

Russia's Putin says Syria missile sale no threat to Israel

PM Sharon expected to meet Abbas to coordinate disengagement

Sharon: One Expulsion Delay Won´t Mean Another One



New Articles Posted

New Pope Benedict XVI: Vatican Continues To Observe Occult Numerics, Times, Astrological Considerations

"REMEMBERING BACK: Cardinal Ratzinger Sold Out Christianity When He Authorized A Report Saying The Jews Were Right In Insisting That Their Messiah Had Not Yet Appeared" -- This damning theological statement is not unexpected, but its appearance now is just one more indication that the appearance of Antichrist may not be far off.

16 Naval Ships At The Bottom of the Persian Gulf: Includes One Aircraft Carrier -- War Games Disaster

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

USA Warns North Korea May Be Preparing Nuke Test

Korean Leaders Meet to Restart Inter-Korean Talks

U.S. sees nothing definitive on N. Korea nuke tests

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

U.S. accused of Afghan abuse: Including torture

Ecuador's Ousted President Says His Removal Violated Constitution: OAS to Send Delegation

Dominica Election Debate Derailed by Opposition Leaders Refusal

Experts reassure on killer Marburg outbreak: Not contagious enough to be a global threat

Violence persists in Sudan despite deal

Making Kashmir the Peace Bridge Between India and Pakistan

U.S. Says Close to Deal with Saudi Arabia to Join World Trade Oorganization

Global Terrorism = Global Dictatorship

9/11 suspect pleads guilty: Zacarias Moussaoui

U.S. Government wants Moussaoui to die

Moussaoui Says He Had Bin Laden's Approval

Would-be shoebomber jailed: For 13 years

V.P. Cheney Weighs in on Judicial Filibusters

Moral Collapse

Connecticut serial killer competent to appeals: Execution set for May 11

Cops nab woman, say Wendy's finger in chili story was a hoax







Friday, April 22, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

New Article Posted Thursday

New Pope Benedict XVI: Vatican Continues To Observe Occult Numerics, Times, Astrological Considerations

Roman Catholic News

Pope Benedict XVI signals continuity with John Paul II

New Pope Keeps Vatican Hierarchy Intact While Showing His Softer Side to Faithful

Pope Benedict Accused of Being "Nazi Pope"

German paper outraged at British coverage of 'Nazi' pope

Pope invites chief Rome rabbi to installation on first day of Passover: Sunday, April 24

Pope Benedict Faces Challenge Attracting European Youth Disenchanted With the Church

Bishop urges Pope to talk AIDS

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel expects full-scale Mideast war in 2006

Israeli Defense Minister OKs Gaza pullout delay: Will now start August 15

Sharon: Only part of Biblical dream can be realized

Terrorism Rampant as PA Only 'Talks Tough' About Curtailing Terrorists

Gov't Watchdog to Probe Inaction Against Tunnel Terrorists

In and Around the Struggle Against the Disengagement: Massive demonstrations planned over Passover

Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz and Palestinian Civil Affairs Minister Agree To Coordinate Withdrawal

Government gave Jewish settlers in Gaza Strip every reason to believe they would remain there forever

Gov't land authority offers incentives to hasten construction for evacuees

How Insane It Is! Aftermath Sharon's Disengagement Plan May See Worst Terrorism Ever!

Sharon Warns: Russian anti-aircraft missiles being sold to Syria certainly do threaten Israel

Israel frees nine Jordanian prisoners as goodwill gesture to King Abdullah

Christian Theologian calls for response to 9/11: Says government officials knew ahead of time, and possibly orchestrated the attacks

Earth Day News

Antarctic glaciers shrinking: Scientists say -- Said to be clear sign of climate change

On Earth Day, Environmentalists Debate Next Steps

President Bush Marks Earth Day By Working On His Ranch

U.S. needs to end wasteful ways: Individual acts can make a difference

Tree-planting frenzy for Earth Day: Volunteers aim for 1,800 in one hour in Washington's Duwamish River greenbelt

Bookstore Resources

U.N. Sustainable Development Now Permeates Education: Extreme Environmentalism Is The Tool For Social Change - DVD - VHS

The Smart Growth Fraud -- DVD -- VHS

Liberty? Or Sustainable Development? - 6 Hours of Presentation! - DVD

Huge hail pounds Colorado, planes diverted, windows broken

Hail ranged from 3/4 inch to 4.25 inches!

Spanish MPs approve gay marriage law

Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi apologises for Japan's wartime record

Archeologists discover necropolis in Egypt: 5,000 years old, predating Pharaonic rule

Former Bush Ambassador Challenges Bolton's Testimony and Diplomatic Style

Cancer risk raises stem-cell doubts: Adult stem cells can cause cancer if they are grown too long in the laboratory

Kremlin power, Russia media "very worrying"- Secretary of State Rice

Walkouts add to heat on Annan: Credibility of UN chief Kofi Annan has been dealt another blow

Italy's President Opens Talks on PM

Time to Change the Channel? Rev. Sun Myung Moon may be functioning as middleman between Bush and Korean dictator Kim Jong Il

Rumsfeld Seals The Deal On Military Bases To Launch Attack On Iran

New Article Posted

16 Naval Ships At The Bottom of the Persian Gulf: Includes One Aircraft Carrier -- War Games Disaster

Related Article: Onyx and BrahMos: The Deadly Missile Duet -- Flies only 20 feet above water, denying American Phalanx anti-missile system

Dow Surges, Ends Up 206 Points on Strong Earnings Reports

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Missile fire downs chopper in Iraq: 11 die - dead from the crash included six American bodyguards for U.S. diplomats

Fresh bloodshed rocks Iraq as rebels set sights on Allawi

US soldier killed in Iraq blast

Family still has questions about son's death in Iraq: Soldier had lost 35-40 pounds since January deployment

Aussie contractor killed in Baghdad ambush

Iraq: Tigris corpses still a mystery - Probably not the civilians thought to have been taken hostage

Iraq govt seen delayed: Violence hits Baghdad

US Senate OKs $81B for Iraq, Afghanistan: Total war cost now hits $300,000,000,000

Representative Ron Paul Warns: HR 418 -- A National ID Bill Masquerading As Immigration Reform

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

CIA said to have wrongly held German suspect: For six weeks even after determining he was not an Osama bin Laden associate and despite an order from then-U.S. national security adviser Condoleezza Rice

Iranian girls in search of job to die for: More than 400 young women and men have agreed to carry out suicide bomb attacks against US troops in Iraq and Israelis

Bush Demands Syria Shut Down Hizbullah

Four die as Saudi forces, militants clash in Mecca

Pakistani PM announces opening of 10 more entry points on Pak-Afghan border

12 Taliban die in US air strikes

Death toll rises in Zambian factory blast

Sudanese Govt not specifically named in UN condemnation: By UN Human Rights Commission

Protests drive Ecuador's president from power

Ecuador's new president assumes control: 66-year-old former vice-president, Alfredo Palacio

Russia, U.S. clash over Rice's Belarus 'dictator' claim

US wants all "fly-over" passenger names: Even if planes do not plan to land

John Negroponte takes over as US spy tsar: America's first ever Director of National Intelligence

Background of Bush's Nominee for National Intelligence Director: John Dimitri Negroponte

White House Quickly Swears in New Intelligence Chief

Three Texas Women Found Dead in Their Closets in One Week in Port Arthur -- All three women were 82 years old

Colorado Lawyer Says Secret Service Investigating Removal of Three Activists From Bush Event

NASA Is Said to Loosen Safety Risk Standards for Shuttle

Clinton impeachment was retaliation for Nixon: Republican Congressman Henry Hyde

Thousands attend funeral for detective slain with his own gun: In Providence, R.I.

Border busts yield 147 illegal Brazilians

Police fear retaliatory attack, vow crackdown on gangs -- In Portland, Maine!

Cambridge, Massachusetts, biotech company sells for $1.6b

House passes energy bill: Conflict with Senate likely over gas additive, Alaska refuge oil drilling

Jackson judge bars testimony about lurid Vaseline incident at Neverland

2 Brits nabbed with $3 trillion in fake US federal notes

State Courts Organization Seeking Homeland Security Money for Courthouses' Protection



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