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World Religions & Cults Clearly Exposed

Each Volume - Reg $19.99, Now Only $14.99

Written for the Laymen

"Counterfeits of Christianity"

Vol. 1 -- by Bodie Hodge, Roger Patterson

Religions in todays culture seem to be multiplying. Have you ever wondered why certain religions believe and practice what they do? Or how they view the Bible? In one way or another the Bible gets demoted, reinterpreted, or completely ignored. Mans ideas are used to throw the Bibles clear teaching out the window while false teachings are promoted.

This book is a must for laymen, church leaders, teachers, and students to understand the trends in our culture and around the world where certain religions dominate, helping you discern truth and guard your faith. When you understand a religions origins and teachings, you are in a better position to know how to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ as you take the good news to those in false religions.

425 Pages --

"Moralistic, Mythical and Mysticism Religions"

Vol. 2 - by Bodie Hodge, Roger Patterson

This eye-opening second volume deals with many Eastern religions like Hinduism, Taoism, New Age, Sikhism, Confucianism, Shinto, and Buddhism, as well as other pagan-based systems like Witchcraft, Voodoo, and Greek mythology (and many more)!
Religions of the Far East like Hinduism, Buddhism, and New Age have been gaining a firm foothold in the Western world. We even see witchcraft on the rise and paganism infiltrating the minds of the next generation even in Christian homes!

Followers should be set at ease knowing that all other gods are false as the All-Knowing God of Scripture has proven He is the only God.

492 Pages

"Atheistic and Humanistic Religions"

Vol. 3 - by Bodie Hodge, Roger Patterson

This final book in the series focuses on the atheistic or humanistic type of religions. It would be one of the most valuable for the church in the Western World where anti-god and pro-evolution religions are beginning to explode, for it was written to refute those religions and show how they fail. Unlike most books on world religions, this title dives into the secular humanistic religions. The book starts with God's Word as the absolute authority. In doing so, God becomes our guide to refute false religions.

12 Religions Studied

350 pages --

Critical News Headlines

1. What will happen when President Trump takes office, and his "Mad Dog" Defense Secretary wields the American military?

Will Trump follow the advice of President Teddy Roosevelt?

"Speak softly but carry a big stick"

2. Watch carefully at the Inauguration Protestors and their violent antics, for this is the true ugly face of the Leftist Elites!

Never before in our electoral history has the losing side tried to overthrow the legal winner through the very violence they accuse us of using.

3. Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters has even called for Congress to Impeach Donald Trump, before he has taken any action to warrant such a drastic step.

"Wise as Serpents" Training


"Joel Osteen - The Smile of Deception"

by Mike Oppenheimer - Lighthouse Trails

What are Joel Osteens beliefs based on, what has made him one of the most watched and popular TV preachers? Because of peoples lack of discernment they are unable to recognize what is obviously wrong.

The teachings of Joel Osteen are Biblically light and often out of context. Joel Osteen's open ended spiritual inclusiveness is misleading many. Osteen's teaching combines Positive Thinking and Kenneth Hagin's Positive Confession with 'The Secret'. He has it based on 'word faith teaching' that he learned from his father. His positive thinking and confession visualization techniques are aligned with the Secret that Oprah promotes. He is promoti,ng decreeing, creating by words; word faith declarations, with Visualization.

This amounts to a dangerous mix that departs from Biblical teaching into New Age/Mysticism.

Numerous video clips with PowerPoint presentations, makes it clear what has made Lakewood the largest church in America.

This video is over an hour long and very well worth your time.

Only $14.95

"The Need For Discernment In These Last Days"

Believers are told in the last days that false prophets and false teachers will increase and that deception will be pervasive in the world and in the church. What are the new spirituality movements and methods that are consistently springing up and entering the church? Spiritual Discernment is the need of the hour for our survival and keeping the faith of biblical Christianity.

In this DVD, we use some of the worst examples to demonstrate the dumbing down of the church in discernment, which has resulted in the church becoming deceived. We will learn where and from whom this originated in modern times. For Example:

* Revelations that contradict the Bible
* Dominionist goals of the New Apostles and Prophets,
* People claiming to go to heaven
* Prophetic interpretation of tattoos and piercings
* New Age healing
* Drunken stupors, and becoming frozen and silent.

What is passing for revelation and Bible teaching is astounding. We need to understand what is taking place and stand firmly in our faith. How do we identify and refute these deceptions? How can we protect ourselves and others?

The Bible tells us to grow in discernment, so we can mature and help others who are easily deceived. Being grounded in the core doctrines of the faith and building on them makes one immune to the many deceptions that surround us today. This two-part lecture series will show us why we need discernment and help us learn how to become a discerning Christian.

2 DVD Set | Approx. 2 hours -

Jesus' Final Word

"Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents (be spiritually discerning), and harmless as doves." (Matthew 10:16, KJV)

Revelation Five Is Shipping Soon!

"Fall of Babylon, Capital Of The New World Order"


by Mac Dominick of Cutting Edge Films

This DVD covers Revelation, Chapters 15 through 18, four of the most insightful chapters in the Book.
Mac starts in Revelation 15 with the 7 vials of wrath and then moves to Revelation 16, where a Godly angel proclaims that all Divine Judgments are now completed.

Therefore, Chapters 17 and 18 are 'parenthetical', meaning that while they are part of the seven years of Tribulation, they do not necessarily follow after the previous chapter (16). They can occur at any point along the Tribulation Timeline.

Rev 17 and 18 describe two Satanic behemoths called 'Babylon' which tightly control all the Earth with their monstrous spiritual power and their spiritual influence on all mankind.

Rev 17 describes the False Religious Prophet and his authority over men. Bible scholars believe this prophet is the Pope of Roman Catholicism.

Rev 18 is proposed to be the physical and political capital of Antichrists Kingdom, a.k.a., New World Order. Great video, and very revealing.

Almost 2 hours long, shipping on or before January 30 --

For more information and trailers on the DVDs individually select below


Combo Offer is Available, Volumes 1-4: You save $16

Headline News Analysis

1. What will happen when President Trump takes office, and his "Mad Dog" Defense Secretary wields the American military?

Will Trump follow the advice of President Teddy Roosevelt?

"Speak softly but carry a big stick"

NEWS BRIEF: "Trump, the Pistol and the Olive Branch", Opinion by Caroline Glick, Breaking Israel News, January 18, 2017

"With a gun on his hip, on November 13, 1974, PLO chief Yasser Arafat stood before the UN General Assembly and made the West an offer that it didn’t refuse. At the end of a long speech in which he rewrote history to erase all connection between the Jewish people and the Land of Israel and criminalized the very notion of Jewish freedom, Arafat declared, 'Today I have come bearing an olive branch and a freedom fighter’s gun. Do not let the olive branch fall from my hand. I repeat: Do not let the olive branch fall from my hand'.”

In other words, the Palestinian Terror Chief, Arafat, threw down a gauntlet of challenge to the West. If you support me in my effort to annihilate Israel and all its citizens, then I will extend to you my olive branch of peace. But, if you refuse to support me in my destructive schemes, then I will drop the olive branch, take up my "freedom fighter's gun" and wage war on you!

Since the Western Elite (Illuminati) is completely dedicated to the preservation of Israel (Read NEWS2417, entitled, "Global Illuminized Freemasonry Is Secretly Committed To The Preservation of National Israel"), began to draw up a plan whereby Western forces would destroy selected Arab nations who possessed organized military forces which could be used against Israel.

In other words, Western forces would destroy Israel's military enemies for her!

President George W. Bush began this insidious war against Israel's enemies in October, 2001. Consider the enemies of Israel which Elite Presidents bush and Obama crushed:

* October, 2001 -- Afghanistan - The Taliban government and military were overthrown within weeks and Western forces continue to fight the Taliban, grinding them down so they pose no danger to Israel.

* March 20, 2003 - Iraq (Ancient Babylon) -- Since Saddam Hussein possessed the most powerful military which could threaten Israel, Western Forces immediately concentrated their efforts to topple him and eliminate the Iraqi Army.

Even though President Bush announced from an American aircraft carrier on May 1, 2003, "Mission Accomplished", signaling that his invasion had been successful and was over.

American/Western forces fought a full-time battle with Sunni and Shi'ite military units until December 31, 2011, grinding over that land again and again and again. When President Obama withdrew American forces according to Bush's timetable, Iraq was uniquely destroyed, with Depleted Uranium weapons and an assortment of 'cutting edge' new weapons the world had never seen. Listen now to a description of the weaponry the West used against Iraq.

"We have ground-based radars, endoatmospheric interceptors, exoatmospheric interceptors, airborne sensors, space-based sensors, chemically propelled interceptors, electromagnetic railguns, particle beam weapons, high energy lasers, all tied together by a massive command and control systems ... Massive systems. Electromagnetic marvels. Nuclear-pumped lasers of staggering power. Perhaps even x-ray and gamma ray lasers. Directed energy RF weapons. Stupendous railguns. Sensors everywhere. Giant webs of communications. Banks of computers and control systems." (NEWS2183, entitled, "Will Russia Allow The United States or Israel To Successfully Attack Iran?")

Iraq's conventional military totally succumbed to this unprecedented invasion by a consortium of forces from around the world. In fact, Bush's invasion of Iraq has fulfilled to the letter two-thirds of God's judgment against Ancient Iraq as He revealed in Isaiah 13. We address this issue in the DVD shown above, "End Times' Judgment On Iraq (Babylon) Worse Than Believed Possible - Isaiah 13".

This remarkable prophecy will be completely fulfilled once the current war between ISIS (Sunni) and Iraq (Shi'ite) bleeds both sides dry, allowing a vacuum to open that will bring the new Kurdish nation -- the ancient Medes -- into Iraq to brutally fulfill the remaining prophecy.

When all is said and done in that tortured ancient land, this prophecy will become reality.

"And Babylon, the glory of kingdoms, the beauty of the Chaldees' excellency, shall be as when God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah. It shall never be inhabited, neither shall it be dwelt in from generation to generation ..." (Isaiah 13:19-20, KJV)

* Egypt, Morocco, Libya, Tunisia and Syria were all suddenly beset by internal dissent forces. In April, 2011, Egyptian President Mubarak was overthrown even though he was very strongly pro-American. Today, Syria is still fighting her civil war. After over five years of back-and-forth warfare using tanks and artillery against civilian cities, most of Syria has been reduced to rubble.

In fact, this civil war has fulfilled the End of the Age prophecy of Isaiah 17:1 -- "The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap."

* Saudi Arabia -- was targeted for a complete reorganization by this June, 2007, Pentagon Map (Full details in this DVD pictured, "Bringing Saudi Arabia Down")

Currently, Saudi Arabia is fighting against Yemen in a war which will undermine her current rulers and will allow the Western Elite to forcibly redraw the map, as shown above.

She gives up land on all parts of her current border.

* She gives up land on the Red Sea so Jordan can be expanded

* She gives up land on the Persian Gulf so Iraq's Shia State can be created

* She gives up land to the south so Yemen can be expanded. From time to time, we have posted articles to Daily News Updates where American forces are fighting rebels in that country. Perhaps we shall have to be more vigilant in paying attention to Yemen.

The incredible fact is that, if this map is implemented, Saudi Arabia will be stripped of almost all her access to the ocean -- both on the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf! This reality must mean that some other nation is going to control Saudi Arabia's oil export terminals!

Most shockingly, Saudi Arabia is going to be stripped of all management and control over the Islamic Sacred Sites! I cannot imagine any Saudi leader voluntarily giving up control of the Islamic sacred sites! Perhaps this map is the reason Saudi leaders recently received Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for the first time in modern history! Perhaps this map is the reason Saudi leaders are fighting the most serious outbreak of rebellion in any country other than in Iraq.

While Palestinian terrorist Arafat boasted to the United Nations in 1974 that he would bring warfare against the West if they did not accede to his "olive branch" offer, the Illuminati quietly set about to fashion a "Big Stick" military plan which had the objective of destroying Israel's Arab enemies for her!

Today, Palestinian President Abbas is threatening to "open the gates of Hell" in the entire Middle East if President Trump moves the American Embassy to Jerusalem, he had better stop and look throughout the Middle East to see that militant Islam has no credible organized armies with which Abbas can open any gates of hell.


2. Watch carefully at the Inauguration Protestors and their violent antics, for this is the true ugly face of the Leftist Elites!

NEWS BRIEF: "Sponsors of Anarchy: Hoodlums will be out in full force this Inauguration Day weekend", Conservative Read, January 18, 2017

"The American Civil Liberties Union has written the literal playbook for redefining violent protest as 'free speech' and obstructing police planning efforts to defend cities against left-wing chaos ... anarchists had manufactured “urine-filled eggs, acid-filled Christmas ornaments, and water guns containing urine, all meant to be used against the law enforcement security forces ... "

In one city, violent protestors even verbally targeted homes and families of officers attempting to keep law and order and the peace;

" 'If you try to close us down, we will look for your house. We will burn it. We will physically fight the police if they try to steal one of our places. We will go to war, and you will lose', one plotter threatened."

"While it’s been proven that funders like (billionaire George) Soros and the Democrat party have paid protest organizers and some protesters, groups like the violent Black Bloc typically aren’t motivated by money, but instead come to protests because of their anti-American ideology, base criminal desires and thrill seeking.”

And, now, these Domestic Terrorists are turning their tactics and their force against Donald Trump's Inauguration, January 20.

"Opponents of President-elect Donald Trump’s have accused him of “inspiring violence” and bringing out the worst in people. Wrong. The active and passive sponsors of left-wing political mayhem are the ones guilty of enabling it over the past quarter-century. Restoring peace and justice starts with restoring law and order. Either you’re against the rule of the mob or you’re with it."

We Christians need to pray earnestly that God's Holy Spirit restrain these Fascist Anarchists so that a rule of law can be restored. President Obama has overseen eight years of steadily increasing violent tactics, giving the anarchists victory after victory.

The time has come for "Law and Order" to be reinstated and enforced anew.

Watch these events carefully and take note of the leaders who are attempting to take down a new President. The time has come for us to take legal and ballot box action against these people who are encouraging their followers to break the law in the name of "Justice"!

Never before in our electoral history has the losing side tried to overthrow the legal winner through the very violence they accuse us of using.

NEWS BRIEF: "Unprecedented threats drive Secret Service inauguration security", Washington's Top News, January 16, 2017

"Members of U.S. law enforcement will deploy countermeasures to prevent a large truck attack, such as those that killed dozens in Nice, France and Berlin last year, from happening during the inauguration of Donald Trump as president."

"Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy says the threat environment for this inauguration and the campaign that led up to it is 'different' from previous ones. 'I think people today are willing to do things they may not have been willing to do in the past', Clancy said."

"IMPULSIVE OR PREPLANNED incidences of people jumping barricades are among the least of their concerns, though. The willingness of lone wolves and terror organizations to develop more creative plots are worries. 'We know that this (Washington region) is a high-profile [terror] target. It’s been attacked in the past, historically', said Paul Abbate, the FBI’s executive assistant director for the Criminal, Cyber, Response and Services Branch."

"Various law enforcement and intelligence agencies, have estimated that up to 900,000 people will attend the inauguration, Johnson said: “We know of 99 different organizations that intend to demonstrate in one form or another at the inauguration.”

"Clancy indicated they’re leaving nothing to chance as they prepare for what could be the most intense inauguration in history. But he made it clear — the Secret Service is 'intense' everyday."

"More than three-dozen law enforcement agencies are working together on security and safety plans in anticipation, including the Capitol Police, FBI, Secret Service and National Guard. Roughly 7,500 Guardsmen from across the country will come to Washington, along with about 3,000 police officers from various states, with the Secret Service taking the lead on security. " ("Massive security preparations under way for inauguration, amid protest threats to 'paralyze' DC", Fox News, January 11, 2017)

3. Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters has even called for Congress to Impeach Donald Trump, before he has taken any action to warrant such a drastic step.

NEWS BRIEF: "Jumping The Gun? Rep. Waters floats Trump impeachment as Dems vow boycott", Fox News, January 17, 2017

"As more Democrats get on the bandwagon of boycotting President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration, one lawmaker – Rep. Maxine Waters – took the opposition a big step further Monday and floated the possibility of impeachment ... saying if some form of collusion were found between the Russians and the Trump campaign, the question of Trump’s impeachment should be raised."

Waters then conveniently ignored Hillary and Bill Clinton's long record of illegal activies and financial irregularities as she announced:

"If we discover that Donald Trump or his advocates played a role in helping to devise strategy, if they are the ones who came up with 'Crooked Hillary,' if they are the ones who came up with 'she's ill,' 'something's wrong with her energy,' and the way that he basically described her in the campaign, I think that is something that would put the question squarely on the table whether or not he should be impeached', she said."

Truly, Waters is taking dubious lightweight molehill "offenses" and trying to turn them into momentous "Mountains". I have never heard of anything so ridiculous in my life. Waters should be laughed off her stage as Democrat Representative and should be voted out of office at the very first opportunity.

It is disgraceful that grown women should act like fifth graders.



"Rapture Ready --- Or NOT? 15 Reasons This Is The Generation Who Will Be Left Behind"

New Book by Terry James

Only $14.99, 314 pages

This book is uniquely written to those people who will be Left Behind following the Rapture of the Church! Jesus stated clearly that people will be living 'Business As Usual' right up until He catastrophically intervenes again in the History of Mankind. When Raptured Saints are quickly taken up to Heaven, everyone else will be part of the massive 'Left Behind'!

Read this detailed, precise frame of reference as to where this generation stands on God's Prophetic Timeline. Discover how each chapter points specifically what strange, troubling events are happening in a world seemingly gone insane, accompanied by unstoppable violence in the immediate future and beyond.

This book is for this generation of readers who are confused as they attempt to contend with a world whom God is preparing for the first Judgment, the Rapture of His Saints!

The Rapture is about to devastatingly strike an unsuspecting wicked and rebellious world. Jesus Christ is the Shelter from the coming Tribulation storm of God's wrath and Judgment

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