Wednesday 6/7/2017

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What Must I Do To Be Saved?

June 7, 1967 -- Israel Conquers Jerusalem Again

Fifty Years Ago To The Day


"In the early morning of June 7, Israeli paratroopers advanced on the city, using no artillery so as to preserve the ancient site. After battling for hours and suffering numerous casualties, the Israelis prevailed ... Israeli Army Radio broadcast a cry now famous in the annals of Israeli history - “Har Habayit Beyadenu, Har Habayit Beyadenu!” - the Temple Mount is in our hands, the Temple Mount is in our hands.

When Israel won this war against an aggressor Arab force, intelligence officials were amazed, because Israel had experienced major Intelligence Failures leading up to the war, failures that could have cause ignominious defeat.

NEWS BRIEF: 'Great intelligence failures before 'Six Day War': So how did Israel win?", Israel National News, June 7, 2017

" 'I discovered that there is no connection between official history and what happened on the ground ... the great flaw of the Six Day War was pre-war intelligence, or, more precisely, the lack of intelligence ... the Six Day War was the father of fathers of failure to collect and research'."

Why and how did Israel win this Six Day War when they were so badly led? THAT IS THE STORY of the DVD shown above, "Against All Odds, Israel Survives"!

"Against All Odds - Israel Survives" 6 DVD Combo -- Watch Trailer

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This question is extremely relevant today, as Israel makes final preparations to wage annihilating war against the Palestinians from within, from the North and from Gaza City in the South.

Modern-day Israel is truly a divine wonder of the current age. How has it triumphed through four major wars and survived relentless terrorist attacks, each time from an enemy who is far superior in numbers? Meet the actual people who lived through what can only be described as miracles of Biblical proportions, and share their remarkable stories.

Critical News Headlines

2. Meet the God Who Fulfilled His Prophecies of 2,600 years ago!

He moved with Omnipotent Power in the ranks of nations so that, in May, 1948, He caused Israel to rise out of the cemetery of nations to become a "nation born in a single day"

His prophecies are unbelievable and can change your life today!

3. Fully 67% of Jews desire that Israel permanently retain sovereign control over an undivided Jerusalem.

A "Peace Deal" with the Palestinians cannot compare to the promise of an eternal Holy City in Israeli control.

4. The "Bilderberg Conference" is being held now, and President Trump's envoy is a powerful leader.

Bilderberg delegates feel strongly positive about Trump, and that should concern us all!

5. Conservatives suffered a major defeat at the Supreme Court!

Republican office holders may be at a strong disadvantage to Democrats from now onward.

Who ever saw this coming?


"The Watchman Chronicles"

A Roswell Insider Speaks Out For the 1st Time!

by L.A. Marzulli

After spending the last 10 years co-creating the well-known Watchers DVD Series, L.A. Marzulli is off on another mission. Hes launched a new project called 'The Watchman Chronicles', a continuing look into the supernatural, UFOs, the Nephilim, and the ongoing hunt for ancient artifacts.

On this DVD in the new Watchman Chronicles series you will see and hear from real people who have had real UFO encounters. Some of the encounters are absolutely chilling.

The highlight of the DVD is the interview with a Roswell insider who breaks the silence and spills a few more of the alien beans! Spectacular! Where does L.A. find these people? Then theres live video footage of a UFO that was captured on a cell phone that lasts for over 3 minutes! This unknown object changes shape, color and pretty much puts on a show for the audience! The dark side is real. UFOs are real.

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"REVELATION, Volume 6, From The Millennial Kingdom to Eternity" DVD"

From Mac Dominick, Cutting Edge Films - Final Volume in this Series

JESUS CONQUERS ALL!! This video examines Rev 19-22, a most exciting and impactful chapter as Jesus Christ speedily concludes His dealing with wicked, sinful mankind, preparing the world for the purity required for his Millennial (1,000 Year) Reign!

Jesus begins this final segment with His holy angels proclaiming ' Alleluia; Salvation, and glory, and honour, and power, unto the Lord our God' and concluding with Jesus proclaiming to John 'Surely I come quickly'!

During these four chapters, Jesus consummates His 'Marriage Supper of the Lamb', His final judgment - the 'White Throne Judgment' - seizing Satan and binding him and his demons for Jesus' 1,000 year reign, the final battles as Jesus releases Satan for a short while, and the New Heaven / New Earth, and the glorious beginning of Eternity!

A triumphant wrap-up to a glorious book in which Jesus purifies Earth of its sinners and their sin so that He can begin the Eternal reign which He planned far back in Eternity Past.

1 Hour, 15 Minutes, Only $19.99

"Revelation Five"!"Fall of Babylon, Capital Of The New World Order"


by Mac Dominick of Cutting Edge Films

Watch the trailer now.

REVELATION 15-18 Runtime 93 minutes

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Headline News Analysis

2. Meet the God Who Fulfilled His Prophecies of almost 2,600 years ago!


In A.D. 70, the Roman Army conquered Jerusalem. Roman leadership was determined to finally rid themselves of the perennially rebellious Jewish nation. Therefore, they slaughtered untold numbers of people and began to systematically force the Jews out of Israel, into the nations which surrounded her. In doing so, they fulfilled God's many warnings that He would punish Israel in just this way if they continued to sin against His commandments. We will study these prophecies in a few moments.

But, the historical fact records that Israel was out of her land for the next 1,900 years. Israel's land was controlled by a succession of Gentile powers during that long period of time.

At this point, Israel should never have been expected to gain her land back, because no people who had ever been out their land for several hundred years had ever regained it. But, Bible scholars who believed the Bible literally consistently insisted, on the authority of God's Word, that Israel would be restored back to her land. In fact, there were scholars who maintained that the countdown to the End of the Age could not actually begin until National Israel was reestablished. Therefore, when Israel returned as a nation, Bible scholars knew the world had entered into the End of the Age!

And, against all historic odds, Israel was reborn in one day in May, 1948. Since then, she has fought several wars for her survival, against incredible odds. The rebirth of Israel in 1948 was truly an historically unprecedented miracle of God, accomplished against all historic odds.

But, we should not have been surprised that Israel returned back as a nation. God foretold in many places in both the Old and New Testaments that He would tear Israel out her land if she refused to obey His commandments but then he repeatedly turned around and promised national restoration. We need to study these Scriptures, and is so doing, permanently lay aside the false doctrine that God is finished with the Jewish nation as His Chosen Nation.

The Apostle Paul stated the matter succinctly: "I say then, Hath God cast away His people? God forbid ...God hath not cast away His people which He foreknew..." Even though Israel had sinned greatly and repeatedly, God had not cast them aside as His Chosen People. When we look back at God's covenant with Abraham, we see why God could not cast aside Israel and still be true to His eternal, unchanging Nature. In Genesis 17:7-8, God explains His covenant with Abraham. God promised, "I will establish My covenant between Me and thee and thy seed after thee in their generations for an everlasting covenant..." God repeats this commitment to an everlasting covenant in verse 8.

Notice God stated His covenant is with Abraham and his "seed". This word, "seed" most definitely refers to those physical descendants which will follow Abraham, to the nation Israel, which grew out of Abraham's descendants. Further, God stated that this covenant will be an "everlasting" covenant. The word, "everlasting" literally means, "forever" or "eternal." God could not end this physical covenant with Abraham's descendants without violating His unchanging Nature. He simply had to ensure that this National Covenant stood for eternity. Notice, also, that this covenant with Abraham was unconditional. Even if the Jews following Abraham were to rebel against God, this covenant would stand. In contrast, the Law, covenanted with Moses, was destined from the beginning to be abolished once the New Covenant of Jesus Christ was established. This is one of the great themes of the writer to the Hebrews.

Remember, we are talking two covenants here: 1. The National, Racial Covenant with Abraham, was given in approximately 1900 B.C. , which would last eternally

2. The Mosaic Law was given to Moses in approximately 1500 B.C., 400 years after the Abrahamic covenant. This second covenant was spiritual.

People confuse the Mosaic Law, most of which is abolished, with the Abrahamic National Covenant, which God never abolished. God brought Israel back to her land because He had promised Abraham an eternal covenant! God simply was forced by His own nature to bring Israel back to her land.

Of particular interest are the prophecies in which God angrily foretold Israel's destruction at His hand because of her repeated rebellion against His commands, but then He turns around to pronounce that, at the End of the Age, He would return Israel back to her land, where she would worship Him and would never be thrown out again.

For example: In Deuteronomy 28, God proscribed blessings in every area of Israel's life, if they would obey God. Then, in verse 15, Moses warned, "But it shall come to pass, if thou wilt not hearken unto the voice of the Lord thy God, to observe all His commandments and statutes which I command thee this day, all these curses shall come upon thee and overtake thee." Moses then took all the blessings which he had just promised Israel and he reversed them all, turning them into curses. From verses 15-68, Moses details these curses; we encourage you to read them in detail, for they are very instructive as to the Judgmental Nature of God.

But, then in verse 62, God gave even more detail to His warning of unbelievable punishment. He said, "And ye shall be left few in number...And it shall come to pass, that as the Lord rejoiced over you to do you the Lord will rejoice over you to destroy you...and ye shall be plucked from off the land whither thou goest to possess it. And the Lord shall scatter thee among all people, from the one end of the earth to the other..." In these few verses, we can see the outlines of the entire 2,500 year dispersion! This is one of the greatest faith-building verses in the entire Bible.

Please take the time to read all of "GOD'S MODERN DAY MIRACLE - ISRAEL A NATION AGAIN", NEWS1010 and you will be amazed how God cursed Israel on the one hand for rank disobedience, only to turn around and promise Latter Time's return to the land, this time FOREVER!

He moved with Omnipotent Power in the ranks of nations so that, in May, 1948, He caused Israel to rise out of the cemetery of nations to become a "nation born in a single day"

His prophecies are unbelievable and can change your life today!

3. Fully 67% of Jews desire that Israel permanently retain sovereign control over an undivided Jerusalem.

NEWS BRIEF: "Poll: Major Majority of Israelis Want Sovereignty in Jerusalem, Not 'Peace Deal'," Breaking Israel News, June 4, 2017

"While it is often reported that most Israelis favor a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, an entirely different picture emerges once Jerusalem is added to the equation, a new survey has found. The poll, commissioned by Israel Hayom and conducted by Maagar Mochot, found 67 percent of Israelis would oppose a peace deal granting the Palestinians partial sovereignty over the Old City of Jerusalem. Opposition to a peace deal rose to 84 percent if it allows the Palestinians full sovereignty over the Old City."

God's Holy Spirit is moving in the hearts and minds of His Jewish people, filling them with an intense desire to maintain Jewish control over all Jerusalem, even the Temple Mount. Of course, Israel must control the Temple Mount if the prophecy of Revelation 11 can be fulfilled.

"And there was given me a reed like unto a rod: and the angel stood, saying, Rise, and measure the temple of God, and the altar, and them that worship therein. But the court which is without the temple leave out, and measure it not; for it is given unto the Gentiles: and the holy city shall they tread under foot forty and two months." (Revelation 11:102, KJV)

A "Peace Deal" with the Palestinians cannot compare to the promise of an eternal Holy City in Israeli control.

4. The "Bilderberg Conference" is being held now, and President Trump's envoy is a powerful leader.

NEWS BRIEF: "Bilderberg Conference: Thumbs Up For Trump",

"At the airport, the Canadian finance minister, Bill Morneau, would not even grace journalists with a “no comment”. He had just spent a long weekend talking business and politics with the president of Canada’s largest bank.

O’Leary, at least, agreed to speak. I asked him about the top item on this year’s agenda: “The Trump administration: a progress report”. What was Bilderberg’s verdict?

O’Leary thought for a moment. “I would say … reasonable. He’s got things done, but there’s more to do.”

"Bilderberg is plugged into the very highest levels of high finance and intelligence ... At its deepest level, the group is dominated by transnational finance and big business ... if Goldman Sachs is the “vampire squid” that Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi said it was, Bilderberg is its brain: doing the deep thinking, inviting historians and futurists’ perspectives, trying to work out where the world is going, doing its best to make sure everything stays more or less on course."

In other words, Bilderberg members are charged with ensuring that the events which the Illuminati believes must occur so that a global New World Order can emerge, having overthrown the Old Order. This global Plan specifically guides government, financial, and religious sectors, and the Plan overall fulfills prophecy exactly.

Bilderberg delegates feel strongly positive about Trump, and that should concern us all!

Who is President Trump's envoy?

"Trump’s commerce secretary, Wilbur Ross, must have made a good case. Ross was a clever choice of envoy: a private equity billionaire, a former trustee of Brookings and a former Rothschild investment banker. He’d fit right in at Bilderberg."

5. Conservatives just suffered a major defeat at the Supreme Court!

NEWS BRIEF: "Another massacre for conservatives at the Supreme Court", Conservative Review, by Daniel Horowitz, Conservative Review, June 6, 2017

"Unless Congress acts to limit the power of the federal courts, the entire GOP dominance over state legislatures is permanently in jeopardy. Based on a unanimous opinion from the high court today, the ACLU and Democrat operatives could now sue in federal court over almost any GOP state legislative map, apply macro disparate impact theory to assert that there are too many Republican districts, violating the 14th Amendment, and then potentially demand immediate elections to rectify the maps, even during off years. "

"At the same time, even a 'more conservative' Supreme Court cannot be counted upon to protect real liberties and overturn terrible lower court decisions."

Republican office holders may be at a strong disadvantage to Democrats from now onward.

Who ever saw this coming?


"The Coming Convergence" DVD - Dynamic Prophetic Message Whose Time Has Come

Jesus boldly proclaimed that one of the major prophetic signs that His return was close was CONVERGENCE, "when you see these signs, lift up your heads, for your Redemption draweth nigh" (Luke 21:22) Jesus' second coming was also compared to a woman's labor pains, which converge at the end to give birth to the baby. Likewise, we are to expect a 'convergence' of prophetic labor pains just before Jesus returns. That 'convergence' is upon us NOW!

Jesus chastised religious leaders in the first century for not knowing the time of His arrival. Will we make the same mistake today? Christ stated how His second coming would be preceded by global events signifying the end of our age. We may not know the day or the hour, but we can know the season!

The Coming Convergence also pulls you deeper into the reality of an approaching apocalypse as you follow the story of a young girl that is living through the end of days. Her words of warning are a wakeup call to the horrors mankind will soon face. The conclusions of The Coming Convergence explain how the scenarios described within Revelation are converging before our very eyes.


This documentary-film features Kade Hawkins, Ray Bentley, Douglas Hamp, Tom Hughes, Brent Miller Sr and Jack Hibbs!



We truly need your support now to continue reaching the lost.

Do not believe that, because Donald Trump has become President, Christians do not need to feel an urgency to reach the lost for Jesus Christ. Trump is going to fulfill some critically important prophecies during the next four years.

In fact, we have just introduced our first DVD which details how Trump is going to led America to the prosperity foretold in Revelation 18:7 -- "A Tale of Two Babylons: President Trump's Appointment With 'Destiny".

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"A Tale of Two Babylons DVD: Trump's Prophetic Appointment With 'Destiny' "

by Cutting Edge Director, David Bay -- Only $19.99

The Bible mentions the name 'Babylon' 264 times in the KJV. Today, many Christians are confused about references in prophetic passages which use Babylon in seemingly difference ways. When a Christian tries to shoe-horn one definition into all references to Babylon he / she is unnecessarily confused.
In our study of 'A Tale of Two Babylons', we are going to demonstrate that prophetic literature speaks of God's judgment on one physical nation 'Babylon' (Judged in Isaiah 13) and one nation Symbolically called 'Babylon' ( Judged in Revelation 18).

If you understand this difference, you will properly understand End Times prophecy. But, if you do not understand the difference between these 2 Babylons, you will be unnecessarily confused, and will be open to being mislead on one of the most important End Times subjects.

Since the confusion begins with the definition of Babylon, let us begin at there! Bible scholars recognize that God uses the name Babylon in two distinct ways. (Quoting from The Free Dictionary Online).

1) "... the capital of the ancient kingdom Babylonia in Mesopotamia on the Euphrates. Established as capital c. 1750 bc, rebuilt in regal splendor by Nebuchadnezzar II after its destruction (c. 689 bc) by the Assyrians, Babylon was the site of the Hanging Gardens, one of the Seven Wonders of the World 2) A city or place of great luxury, sensuality, and often vice, corruption or a place of captivity or exile.

In this study of 'A Tale of Two Babylons', we are going to demonstrate that End Times prophecy speaks of God's judgment on one physical nation 'Babylon' and one nation Symbolically called 'Babylon'.

We will also reveal two major contributions to End Times' prophecy which Donald J. Trump is poised to fulfill. In fact, Trump may be the only leader who can fulfill these prophecies in America today. President Trump does not realize it, but he has 'An Appointment With Destiny', a favorite term uttered many times by 33rd Degree Masonic President, Franklin Roosevelt, referring to the New Age / Masonic Messiah, whom the Bible calls Antichrist.

1 hour 37 minutes run time



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 'The Shack' Movie Presents A Spiritual Danger Which Shall Introduce You To Satanism While Taking Your Breath Away

MK Ultra Mind Control Manuals

by Former Satanist, Cisco Wheeler



The official trailer contains colors and filters which creates a look and feel of the 'Wizard of Oz', which introduced hundreds of millions to the Black Magick world of the House of Theosophy, and created a most important "Mind Trigger" for the Master MK Mind Controller.

Just as "Wizard of Oz" movie created a new Mind Control trigger/controller, so might 'The Shack' today. Antichrist is foretold to control the minds and actions of most people on Earth. Did you know it is possible for entire populations to be mind-controlled without using super-natural mind control? How much easier would it be, then, to control entire nations using occult mind control?

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