March 31, 2008

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"Fresh Unique Look At The "Mark of the Beast" - From A Witchcraft Perspective"

Was the "Thorn In The Flesh" spoken of by the Apostle Paul (2 Cor 12:7) simply a Satanic insert?

The long-awaited "Mark of the Beast" will be the latest in a 3,000-year-old tradition of "Satanic Thorns In The Flesh", i.e, inserts under the skin! Satan has been marking his followers and his victims with these inserts for over 3,000 years!

Special News

I. The Bush Administration is using the current economic crisis as an excuse to grant the Federal Reserve sweeping new powers.

We have long stated that the Elite plans to use the current, contrived economic crises to maneuver the American Dollar into the regional North American currency, the AMERO. That still is part of the Plan. However, President Bush is now proposing significant new regulatory powers for the Federal Reserve - a proposal which would never come from a genuine Conservative and which would never be allowed by the American people, were it not for the very frightening economic crises now gripping America.

NEWS BRIEF: "US prepares to give Fed sweeping new oversight powers", AFP News, March 30, 2008

"WASHINGTON (AFP) — US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson on Monday was to unveil a plan to beef up the Federal Reserve, in the latest US bid to calm economic turmoil stirred up by the 'subprime' lending crisis."

One of the key principals of the political Freemasonry which has governed this country for the past 200 years is "Order Out of Chaos". In other words, our political and economic leadership deliberately creates chaos so they can then step in with their "solution"; of course, this solution is merely the secret agenda they have been pursuing all along! In this case, the multiple current economic crises seizing this nation are being used as the excuse to "solve" the problem created by the Illuminati in the first place, by giving massive new powers to the Federal Reserve.

Remember, the Federal Reserve is not a government institution, but is privately held by the top Illuminati economists in the country at any given era. Let us now examine the true reason the Federal Reserve was created in 1913. As you read this material, below, remember the old adage which Cutting Edge has always taught, i.e., that the truth of the matter is usually discovered in the opposite direction of the Public Rhetoric (NEWS1558, "Breaking Out of the Mental Box - Learning To Look In The Opposite Direction of Propaganda To Discern The Truth", posted November, 2001)

A booklet published by the Federal Reserve officially explains the role this institution is to play in the American economy.

"An efficient monetary mechanism is indispensible to ... the nation ... The function of the Federal Reserve is to foster a flow of money and credit that will facilitate orderly economic growth, a stable dollar, and long-run balance in our international payments." ("The Federal Reserve System, Purposes and Functions", as quoted by Ralph Epperson, "The Unseen Hand", p. 173, Chapter 16, The Federal Reserve)

Obviously, the Federal Reserve has failed America for the past 70 years! However, the American government does not abolish a system which is not working. Oh, no, our political leaders give the failed system more money and more power over our lives! Let us return now to "The Unseen Hand" for more incredibly pertinent information.

"Could it be that the system was created to ensure that America didn't have an 'orderly economic growth, a stable dollar, and a long-run balance in our international payments'? In other words, the System was created to do exactly the opposite of what it tells the American people!"

We wholeheartedly concur! The Federal Reserve was created to place all the power to create the disorder and the chaos needed to establish the Illuminati Plans for America into the hands of a small group of independent bankers accountable to no one and completely unelected! Listen to the warnings of Congressman Charles Lindbergh, Sr., speaking before President Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Bill in December, 1913.

"Congressman Lindbergh warned the American people that the Federal Reserve Act ... 'established the most gigantic trust on earth. When the President signs this act, the invisible government by the money powers ... will be legitimized. The new law will create inflation whenever the trusts want inflation. From now on, depressions will be scientifically created'." (Ibid.)

"The Congressman had put his finger on the pulse of the problem: the Federal Reserve was created to foster economic emergencies. This instrument of economic destruction was now in place. (Ibid.)

By this definition, the Federal Reserve has succeeded brilliantly, and probably far in excess of expectations! With this understanding in place, let us now return to our AFP News article, above, to see the vast new dictatorial powers about to be granted to the Federal Reserve.

"The federal government was to propose giving sweeping new oversight powers to the Fed, including tighter surveillance of financial markets in a bid to avoid calamities like the current mortgage chaos ... US financial regulatory agencies have been accused by experts of failing to recognize rampant excesses in mortgage lending until after they set off what is now seen as the worst American financial crisis in decades."

Now, let us examine some of the new regulatory controls which the Federal Reserve will gain. You will realize, to your horror, that these new powers are exactly what a rapidly approaching dictatorship would want to have over the economy!

"... the Fed will gain the power to investigate any activities of financial institutions that threaten US economic stability, gather information and combat risks to the financial system as a whole."

Gathering information and gaining investigatory powers over financial institutions within the economy is exactly the kind of dictatorial economic power which we should expect an Absolute Dictatorship to possess. In other words, this type of dictatorial control of the institutions within an economy are exactly the kind of control which a political dictatorship will have to set up before it takes power.

In fact, the New York Times ran an article Saturday in which their editors used military, dictatorial terms to describe these new powers.

NEWS BRIEF: "Treasury’s Plan Would Give Fed Wide New Power", The New York Times, March 29, 2008

"The Treasury Department will propose on Monday that Congress give the Federal Reserve broad new authority to oversee financial market stability, in effect allowing it to send SWAT teams into any corner of the industry or any institution that might pose a risk to the overall system."

Given the language used in this article, I doubt that the "SWAT Teams" will be actual para-military troops heavily armed, but will be financial experts who will have the same kind of economic power that a real SWAT Team exercises against an armed intruder.

Treasury Secretary Paulson explained this new proposal this morning in a news conference. Experts say that Congress will pose a "severe resistance" to this plan, but if history is any guide, it will ultimately pass the bill with only minor changes. Perhaps the proposal will be timed to languish until the 44th President takes office.

And, yes, the ultimate goal of these current crises is to meld all three economies and their respective currencies, into the North American Union (NAFTA). The new regional currency, the AMERO, is still the ultimate goal.


II. Former President Bill Clinton seemed to be looking past the end of the primary schedule to the nominating convention itself, where he evidently believes Hillary will win because she will win enough "superdelegates" to secure the nomination!

In other words, Hillary and Bill expect that Obama will come to the convention leading in delegates but being slightly short of the total number needed to secure the nomination outright on the first ballot. If this is the scenario, the Clintons fully expect that Hillary will walk off with the Democrat nomination for President.

NEWS BRIEF: "Bill Clinton urges superdelegates to be patient", Los Angeles Times, March 31, 2008

"SAN JOSE -- Former President Clinton urged Democratic Party superdelegates and activists Sunday to be patient in selecting a presidential nominee and let the primary election process play out over the coming months ... Don't let anybody tell you that somehow we are weakening the Democratic Party," he told the 2,100 state delegates. 'Chill out and let everybody have their say. We are going to win this election'."

"Before his speech, the former president met privately with about 16 superdelegates who will vote at the national Democratic Party convention in August on the party's nominee. The nomination is expected to be in the superdelegates' hands; neither Obama nor Hillary Clinton appear destined to win the 2,024 pledged delegates needed to secure the nod."

"The former president also encouraged superdelegates not to decide prematurely on the nominee and deny voters in upcoming states the chance for their votes to count, several superdelegates said afterward."

Senator Obama is said to recognize the threat to his campaign, and is working to corral the superdelegates, although he has not committed really heavy political heavyweight politicians to the process.

"The Obama campaign declined to send a nationally known surrogate to the San Jose convention to counter the former president, but enlisted San Francisco Dist. Atty. Kamala D. Harris, one of Obama's California co-chairs, to speak on his behalf ... For Harris, the state's first female African American district attorney but little known outside the Bay Area, the chance to address the convention on Obama's behalf was a big opportunity. But she acknowledged that going head-to-head with the former president -- one of the party's "heroes," she said -- was daunting. 'Can you say 'gulp' ?' she joked Saturday."

Remember, this whole episode is scripted, so what you are seeing is merely the outworking of the plan.

III. The extreme battle in Basra, Iraq, suddenly came to an end over the weekend, as the Shi'ite clear, al-Sadr, ordered his troops to cease fire!

Since al-Sadr is Shi'ite and is controlled by the Shi'ite leadership of Iran, it should not surprise us to learn that Iran is said to have exercised the key pressure to get al-Sadr to order the cessation of hostilities!

NEWS BRIEF: "Iranians help reach Iraq reach a cease-fire", USA Today, March 31, 2008

"BAGHDAD — Iranian officials helped broker a cease-fire agreement Sunday between Iraq's government and radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr ... The deal could help defuse a wave of violence that had threatened recent security progress in Iraq. It also may signal the growing regional influence of Iran ... Al-Sadr ordered his forces off the streets of Iraq on Sunday. Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki hailed al-Sadr's action as 'a step in the right direction'. It was unclear whether the deal would completely end six days of clashes between U.S.-backed Iraqi forces and Shiite militias, including al-Sadr's."

Prime Minister Maliki is also Shi'ite and has long been rumored to be under the control of the Iranian leaders. This next segment describes how this agreement was hammered out.

"Osama al-Nujaifi, a Sunni lawmaker who oversaw mediation in Baghdad, said representatives from al-Maliki's Dawa Party and another Shiite party traveled to Iran to finalize talks with al-Sadr. Iran has close ties with both al-Sadr's movement and al-Maliki, who spent several years in exile there. Al-Nujaifi said the agreement was brokered by the commander of Iran's al-Quds Brigade, which is considered a terrorist organization by Washington."

This scenario absolutely screams Iranian control and manipulation! Whenever you see representatives of the Iraqi Prime Minister traveling to Iran and allowing the commander of the al-Quds Brigade to broker the agreement, you know that you are looking at tight Iranian control of key elements within Iraq -- including control of Iraq's Prime Minister!

Cutting Edge has long maintained that the policies of President Bush were driving Iraq into the arms of the Iranians! In fact, almost three years ago, we posted an article entitled, "Iran Winner of Iraqi War? How Could 'Axis of Evil' Nation Possibly Engineer The Defeat of the Mighty USA?", NEWS2060.

We noted that Iraqi officials were making a concerted effort to reach out to Iranian officials, and we postulated that, when the dust settled, Iran was going to virtually control Iraq. History would then judge that America had lost the Iraq War to Iran, thus building Iran to a regional superpower!

Sadly, this scenario seems to be working out in precisely this manner. In a recent news alert, we reported that President Bush was quietly reaching out to Iranian officials to establish security in Iraq as American troops withdrew. We wondered out loud whether Iran had stimulated al-Sadr to launch his attacks so that Iran could reach a superior negotiating position with American forces.

Now that Iranian pressure forced al-Sadr to quit the battle, this view seems substantiated.


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"Racial Slurs Are Threatening To Devastate The Democrat Presidential Primary!'

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