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Monday, August 10, 2009

New Prophetic Headline News Article

New Prophetic Headline News Article

"Will Antichrist Arise On 12/11/2012 And Be Pronounced World Messiah On 12/21/2012?"

The mathematics are quite startling!

Key News Events

President Obama is planning for government agents to invade individual homes using one of two separate pretexts:


I-A. Federal Government is planning to invade your home as part of Obama's Health Care Plan!

Finally, the radical proposals of Hillary Clinton's "It Takes A Village" are being enacted! "Government Health Care" is turning into "Government Child Control".

NEWS BRIEF: "Dirty secret No. 1 in Obamacare", by Chuck Norris, World Net Daily, August 10, 2009

"Dirty secret No. 1 in Obamacare is about the government coming into homes and usurping parental rights over child care development. It's outlined in passages like Section 440 and Section 1904 of the House bill (page 838) under the heading: 'Home visitation programs for families with young children and families expecting children', which would provide (via grants to states) for home visitation programs to educate parents on child behavior and parenting skills."

You would be absolutely correct if you spotted Hillary Clinton's manipulative hands behind this proposal. In 1994, Hillary penned a book entitled, "It Takes A Village" in which she aggressively advocated government intrusion into the rearing of America's children. In her worldview, normal, everyday parents could not adequately raise children; they needed help from the government.

Hillary was also pushing a radical government health care plan which incorporated many of the precepts from her book.

Americans were so outraged that they forced President Bill Clinton to shelve Hillary's health care plan; not only did he "deep-six" her plan, he forced her to the retreat to the background. Most of America did not hear much from Hillary for the next few years.

But, now, Hillary's radical plan is now back as Obama's Fascist Health Care Plan. And, it envisions "expertly trained government professionals" who are going to force you to raise your child according to government values and attitudes! If you refuse to comply, government experts shall call upon your home!

"The bill says that the government agents, the 'well-trained and competent staff', will 'provide parents with knowledge of age-appropriate child development in cognitive language, social, emotional and motor domains … modeling, consulting, and coaching on parenting practices, skills to interact with their child to enhance age-appropriate development'."

The terms "well-trained and competent" have never -- and will never -- co-exist with the term "government"! If you really want to screw things up, turn a problem over to the government. This maxim has applied to every government of every era and will apply to all human governments. It is simply a disaster to turn child rearing matters over to a government -- especially the Obama Administration which is anti-Christian to the core. Christian parents will discover that they could very well lose custody of their precious children to government agencies.

This is Communism.

This is the REAL agenda. Chuck Norris is right:

"Universal health care turns into universal hell care" in a moment's notice.

I-B. Government vaccination agents will be empowered to force their way into individual homes to enfore the "Mandatory Vaccination" program -- not just Swine Flu vaccinations but all recommended childhood vaccinations!

NEWS BRIEF: "Health Care Bill Will Fund State Vaccine Teams to Conduct ‘Interventions’ in Private Homes", Health Care Freedom Alliance, July 16, 2009

"There is a knock at the front door. Peeking through the window, a mother sees a man and a woman, both in uniform. They are agents of health-care reform. 'Excuse me, ma’am', says the man. 'Our records show that your eleven-year-old daughter has not been immunized for genital warts. And your four-year-old still needs the chicken-pox vaccine', says the woman. 'He will not be allowed to start kindergarten unless he gets that shot, you know', says the man—smiling from ear to ear. 'So, can we please come in?' asks the woman. 'We have the vaccines right here', she says, lifting up a black medical bag. 'We can give your kids the shots right now'.”

“ 'We are from the government', says the man, 'and we’re here to help'.”

These dictatorial powers are "actually envisioned by the health-care reform bill approved this week by the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pension Committee."

"The committee’s official summary of the bill says: 'Authorizes a demonstration program to improve immunization coverage. Under this program, CDC will provide grants to states to improve immunization coverage of children, adolescents, and adults through the use of evidence-based interventions. States may use funds to implement interventions that are recommended by the Community Preventive Services Task Force, such as reminders or recalls for patients or providers, or home visits'.”

All parents who have declined to allow their children to be immunized with the highly controversial and exceedingly dangerous childhood vaccinations will now be visited by government agents who will be able to worm their way into individual homes to force the vaccines into the children. Many of the parents who have decided against allowing their children to be vaccinated are homeschooling. This bill will give government access to children who are now outside the state-run educational system.

This is encroaching government dictatorship -- exactly what we have been warning against for the past 13 years on the Internet!

I cannot fathom these two plans actually becoming reality until after the Rapture removes genuine Christians from this earth and until Gun Control / Seizure is fully implemented.


II. The Masonic-led Fatah Palestinian party has just complied with the plan of the Global Illuminati as they endorsed the "peace process" with Israel, which is code for establishing a Palestinian State which would recognize Israel's "right to exist".

This development is startling and could lead to warfare between Palestinian factions.

NEWS BRIEF: "Palestinian Fatah Endorses Peace Process", By Robert Berger, Voice of America, 09 August 2009

"Palestinians leaders in the West Bank are winding up a conference with a mixed message of war and peace ... The Palestinian Fatah movement endorsed the peace process with Israel, but reserved the right to return to armed resistance. The party platform was approved at the first Fatah convention in 20 years and the first on Palestinian soil. It took place in the biblical West Bank town of Bethlehem."

However, this endorsement did not please Israel because it contained poisonous provisions.

"Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat says Israel must return all of the territory captured during the Six Day War in 1967. 'Fatah wants peace, but peace cannot be attained without Israel withdrawing to the '67 borders, establishing a Palestinian state on the '67 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital - two states living side by side', he said."

Israel also denounced the Fatah call for continued armed resistance, a new Intifada, if its terms are not fully met.

Withdrawing to the 1967 borders would be very dangerous to Israel's very existence as a state. Please take a moment to click on the map entitled, "Territories Conquered and Occupied By Israel as of 10 June 1967". You will see instantly how much larger Israel became following her victory is what has become known as the "Six Day War".

After she became larger, the Israeli Defense Force found it much easier to defend the country.

Conversely, if Israel gives back all this territory, she will become much harder to adequately defend, especially since Egypt possesses much more advanced forces than she did in 1967. As you can see from this map, Egypt would re-occupy the Sinai and would be much closer to all of Israel's population centers.

Egypt could even occupy the Gaza Strip, unless Hamas is allowed to control it. The new Palestinian State would occupy the West Bank. Do not be deceived: the very existence of the Israeli nation will be greatly imperiled by the establishment of a Palestinian State. Thank God that He is evidently not going to allow a Palestinian State to rise into existence. Listen to the End of the Age prophecy concerning the modern-days Palestinians:

"They shall call its nobles to proclaim the kingdom, but nothing shall be there, and all its princes shall be no more." (Isaiah 34:12; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary)

If you wish to verify our statement that the Masons control the Fatah Palestinian Party, please check pages 152 and 509 of the wonderfully informative book, "Codex Magica: The Innermost Secrets of the Illuminati Beckon You!". We highly recommend this book as it reveals the Masonic affiliation of many dozens of our world leaders -- both present and historically -- men you never suspected as being Masons.


III. President Obama attended his first North American Union (NAFTA) meeting this past week!

Once again, we see this Liberal Democrat following the same agenda as the "Conservative" Republican Bush, Jr., the Liberal Democrat Bill Clinton and the Middle-of-the-Road President Bush, Sr. We don't have change with Obama, just the same Illuminati Plan.

NEWS BRIEF: "'Three amigos' summit (NAFTA) dominated by swine flu, trade", Reuters News, August 10, 2009

"GUADALAJARA, Mexico, Aug 10 (Reuters) - Leaders of the United States, Mexico and Canada gather on Monday to present a united front to try to limit the spread of the H1N1 swine flu, but there is less unity on simmering trade issues. U.S. President Barack Obama, Mexican President Felipe Calderon and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper enjoyed folk dancing and a mariachi band late Sunday and now are getting down to business at a North American summit ... Obama held 45 minutes of talks with Calderon before they were joined by Harper for a dinner at the sprawling Cabanas Cultural Center. Crowds lined Obama's motorcade route."

Systematically, leaders of Canada, the United States, and Mexico are hammering out the small details required to join these three nations into the supernation known as NAFTA, or the North American Union. This supernation is Nation #1 of the Illuminati Plan to reorganize the world into 10 supernations, which is a fulfillment of the End Times prophecy of Daniel 7:7-8.

As we have pointed out in a recent article, you can judge for yourself how close Antichrist is to appearing by simply watching the development of these 10 supernations. Antichrist cannot arise until these 10 supernations are fully functioning nations, with a common leader, a common Parliament, a common Judiciary, and single currency (Read full details in NEWS2363, entitled, "There Is Only ONE Sequential Prophecy Which Shall Provide Us A Clear Gauge By Which We Can Know The Approximate Time That Antichrist Will Arise!".)

President Obama will find the going pretty tough to fully establish the North American Union.

Now, if he cound just get rid of those pesky Christians somehow -- supernaturally. That would allow him to forge forward rapidly.

But, that reality does not stop him from continuing to hammer out all the details of the North American Union. Prophecy is being fulfilled in your Daily News!

IV. The Senate has, indeed, attached the Death Penalty to the 'Hate Crimes Bill'!

Christian preachers and teachers can start going to the gallows simply for holding up the Biblical standard on homosexuality.

NEWS BRIEF: "A deadly amendment to the hate-crimes bill", Los Angeles Times, August 7, 2009

"The Senate has joined the House in expanding the definition of 'hate crimes' to include attacks on gays and lesbians. In doing so, however, it attached an amendment that would make some hate crimes punishable by death ... Also known as the Matthew Shepard Act, the legislation empowers the Justice Department to assist states and localities with the investigation and prosecution of crimes motivated by the victim's sexual orientation or gender identity, just as it currently does with crimes motivated by racial bias. In April, the House approved the bill as a stand-alone measure. The Senate version is part of a defense authorization bill."

"The bill also establishes federal penalties for some hate crimes, which provided an opening for an amendment by Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) to allow death sentences for certain hate crimes that end in the death of the victim, whether the death is intentional or not. "

Now, why would a Republican senator add a death penalty clause to this heinous Hate Crimes bill? You might expect something like this from a Liberal Democrat like Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts, but not from a Republican from a Conservative state like Alabama. This next segment tells us the reason, and it makes no common sense whatsoever!

"Republican strategists apparently see this as a kind of poison pill -- they're hoping that when a conference committee meets to reconcile the House and Senate defense bills, it will discard the Shepard Act rather than be sidetracked by a debate over capital punishment; if that happened, the measure would have to be approved all over again by the Senate as a separate bill."

The worst case scenario would be for the Democrats to simply use their significant vote advantages in both houses of Congress to pass the bill with the Death Penalty attached. Since the Hate Crimes legislation is very wide and nebulous, it is extremely dangerous to attach the Death Penalty. Even if the Death Penalty provision does not originally include pastors and teachers who would be charged for simply upholding the Biblical standard against homosexuality, once the Death Penalty is passed under any circumstances, the principles of the Six Step Attitudinal Change Plan tell us that it would be relatively easy to expand the offenses under which the Death Penalty would apply.

America is becoming the next Sodom, so we should not be surprised to see the real hate coming from the gay/lesbian agenda toward Christians who simply hold up God's eternal standard. Soon, pastors and teachers will be arrested and even put to death. Welcome to the New World Order.!

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