Seminar #1 -- America's Leadership of the New World Order - $9.95 --

In this seminar, we take a very thorough look at American society from the aspect that America today is taking a precisely parallel path as Israel took for the last 100 years before God brought in King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon to destroy her in Judgment.

We further note that, of all the nations in history, Israel and the United States of America were the only nations that were founded originally on God's Covenant.

When Israel's original leaders were formulating the legal and moral foundation upon which the entire structure of the country was going to rest, they did so consciously basing their decisions on God's First Covenant with Moses. As a result, God tremendously blessed little Israel so much that she dominated the entire world until God brought her down in Divine Judgment. While Israel was walking with God, she was the centerpiece of God's Plan of Salvation for the rest of the world. God protected her from military disaster, even against foes of overwhelming power.

Similarly, when America's Founding Fathers were creating the basic foundation upon which our nation would rest, they consciously based their decisions primarily upon God's Second Covenant of Jesus Christ. As a result, God greatly blessed this country, causing her to have unparalleled wealth and influence. While America was walking with God, she sent out more missionaries to more countries than any other nation in history, or in the world. Similarly, God has protected us from military disaster, even during the depths of the beginning of World War II.

However, the decline in the national spiritual condition of America has also paralleled that of Israel. We chronicle this decline and then discover something shocking: America is guilty of grievous sin not ascribed to Israel. During this section we have had more people tell us that -- for the first time ever -- they have come to understand why America is facing the tremendous sin and disastrous moral conditions facing us today.

We end the seminar by examining the end Israel faced, and the end America is likely to face. We also discuss whether the Economic Babylon of Revelation 18 is the United States, and what the implications are if we are that country.

Christian Victory is the theme of the conclusion, along with a call to get your life right with Jesus Christ and begin living aggressively for Him.

Seminar #2 -- America Determines The Flow of History -- $9.95 --

We first study the little-known fact that the supernatural battle for America's soul between God and Satan began in the 1740's. Satan began to instruct his Guiding Spirits to tell the key human leaders of European and British secret societies that they were to make every effort to capture the new North American Continent for Lucifer. They were to establish America as the nation that would lead the world into the Kingdom of Antichrist [New World Order] over the next two centuries. However, God began His Great Awakening Revival in the same period of time, causing it to spread all throughout the American Colonies. Some historians feel that, by the time of the American Revolution of 1776, close to one-half the American citizens claimed Jesus Christ as Savior. As a result, Satan was able to place most of the political and business leaders to carry out his plan, while God had the hearts of the people and many influential spiritual leaders.

We discuss thoroughly how the occult leadership of the new America carried out the vision of their Guiding Spirits, but were forced to hide it from the public until approximately 1935, under the Presidency of Franklin Roosevelt. We demonstrate the occult meaning hidden in our national symbols so you can comprehend the seriousness of the historic -- and current -- occult leadership of this country.

We discuss the leadership of Freemasonry in this drive to the Kingdom of Antichrist, and of the demonic visions of Albert Pike in particular. When you understand that his demonic guiding spirit instructed him that three [3] world wars were necessary to stage Antichrist, and you understand that the first two world wars have occurred just as Pike's demonic vision foretold, you will understand how very close the world is to the final world war, out of which Antichrist is to come striding.

MP3 Format - Raging Spiritual Warfare in These Last Days - Seminar 4 This item is on sale.
Since most Christian churches no longer teach even the basics of Spiritual Warfare, we dedicated this seminar to that critically important subject. Once you understand that the prophesied religion of Antichrist is Black Magick Witchcraft, you can understand the importance of knowing spiritual warfare. You will better understand such things happening in our world today, like Foot-and-Mouth Disease, Harry Potter, Public School fiasco, Abortion, and the incredible slide into all things Witchcraft among our high school and pre-teen students. We spend nearly an hour discussing the Prayer of Jabez, one of the greatest heretical false gospels to ever hit Christianity.

You will also be able to better fight against it and protect your precious children. 4-Tape Set, nearly seven hours of seminar material.

CD - MP3 format can be played on your computer as well as some newer DVD and CD players that can handle the MP3 format.


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