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Subtitle: Arafat is now exposed as the Illuminist-controlled pawn we have always claimed he was. Since the Illuminati is already controlling Israel's Barak and President Clinton, we can see it is also controlling Arafat.  Surely, the Plan continues unabated. This is proof that the entire Oslo Peace Accord has been staged from the beginning, with the outcome never in doubt.

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NEWS BRIEF:  "Kremlin Puppets and how they work", by J.R. Nyquist, WorldNetDaily, October 19, 2000

"Americans should remember that the Kremlin has worked closely with Arab and Islamic terrorists for decades. Russia has supported and assisted terrorist states like Libya and Syria. It has given training and cash to the Palestine Liberation Organization. Russia has always been the first to give aid and comfort to Saddam Hussein in Iraq. Militant Arabists or Islamic extremists have often been found within the Russian camp -- working as virtual puppets of the Kremlin. In fact, Islam's strict moral code makes it easy for Russian intelligence services to penetrate Islamic countries and recruit agents, because sin is not taken lightly in such countries, and the KGB has always been good at creating thick files on people with something to hide. Such files usually assure a lifetime of loyalty to Moscow. And such loyalty, based on the law of self-preservation, is the only sure foundation for a puppet and his puppet master."

"One chief example should serve to illustrate. In 1970 the Kremlin became interested in an obscure Arab construction engineer and collector of racecars, named Rahman al-Qudwa. Evidence shows, contrary to later claims, that this "construction engineer" was an Egyptian, born in Cairo during the summer of 1929. Rahman graduated from the University of Cairo and served as an officer in the Egyptian Army during the 1956 Suez campaign. Later he set up a business in Kuwait and made a fortune. He then entered politics, founding a hopelessly small terrorist organization. But this terrorist organization would not remain hopelessly small forever."

"According to the former head of Romanian intelligence, Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa, one of the highest ranking communist defectors of all time, Rahman al-Qudwa became an important political ally of the communist bloc following the death of Egypt's president, Gamal Abdul Nasser, in 1970. Gen. Pacepa's account of Rahman's intimate relations with the communist bloc is related in a book entitled 'Red Horizons'. As it happens, Pacepa tells us that the communists trusted Rahman because he was a voracious homosexual. This alone made him a workable Kremlin puppet, because once the Romanian intelligence services had taped Rahman's sex sessions with men and boys, he was completely in their hands. Afterwards, Rahman's friendship for the communist bloc would be permanent -- if he valued his growing popularity in the Arab world. "

"Rahman al-Qudwa is better known as Yasser Arafat, the chairman of the PLO since 1968 and the president of the Palestinian Authority -- which is now at war with Israel. According to Gen. Pacepa's account, communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu ordered his people to bring Arafat over to Romania. In late 1970 the chief of Romanian intelligence in Egypt, Gen. Constantine Munteanu, arrived in Bucharest with Arafat in tow. Munteanu had gathered an extensive file on Arafat, which characterized the PLO leader as 'so much cleverness, blood, and filth all together in one man.' Pacepa says that this was Munteanu's 'standard definition of Arafat.'

"Given Gen. Munteanu's extensive file, Arafat could not exactly refuse the communist's 'friendly' overtures. There is little question that Arafat is fanatically devoted to destroying Israel, and would sell his soul to the devil to gain his devilish ends. Therefore, a compact between Arafat and the Soviet Union via communist Romania was not something that violated any sacred Islamic rule in Arafat's heart. Arafat is no Moslem. His fanaticism is completely secular. But since he operates within the Islamic world, he must sometimes appear as a would-be Muslim liberator."

This news is HOT , indeed!   But, it verfies everything we have been saying for years about the Oslo Peace Accord.  We have been saying that Arafat and the various Israeli Prime Ministers who have dealt with him over the Oslo Accord are simply playing out the role assigned them by the Illuminati.  The Kremlin is as thoroughly Illuminist as is America, or Britain, or China for that matter [Read NEWS1428 for details].

In fact, I wish J.R. Nyquist of WorldNetDaily would raise his sights up one more level .  He certainly understands much of what is going on in this world, and why.  He certainly seems to be aware that these events are fulfilling End of the Age prophecies.  But, he continues to print Conventional Wisdom about a conflict between America, Russia, and China, even though all the evidence from New World Order writings, and Biblical prophecy, dictate an intimate cooperation!  The Bible predicted great "harmony" between End of the Age national leaders [Revelation 16-17], and it even states that the End of the Age is going to be characterized by two distinct ideologies that would enter into a marriage bond, even though they were so very different [Daniel 2:41-44, Amplified Bible Commentary]

Therefore, today, we are still in the phase where the Illuminist governments of Russia, America, Europe, and China are secretly cooperating to achieve the plan to begin the Third World War to produce Antichrist in the Middle East, between Israel and her Arab neighbors [Read NEWS1056 for full details of this planned war].


Let us now quickly review these shocking revelations from WorldNetDaily about Yassir Arafat, the President of the Palestinian Liberation Organization [PLO].  The PLO has one overriding purpose, and that is to annihilate the Jewish state of Israel and all its citizens.  Toward that end, Arafat has labored long and hard from 1968; in fact, he was considered by the United States to be a terrorist leader and not a legitimate national leader, so much so that the U.S. refused to even talk to him.  This correct posture changed abruptly from that old "Communist hater" himself, Ronald Reagan.  In the last full month of his lame-duck Presidency [12/13/88], Reagan authorized his Secretary of State, George Schultz, to make the announcement that the United States was going to recognize Arafat as a legitmate national leader and would begin to open a dialogue with him.  Only now, 12 years later, do we realize that the Illuminati controlled Arafat as much as it did Reagan, and that the Oslo Peace Accords were about to commence.

These are the revelations from Nyquist about Arafat:

1.  Arafat is Egyptian, not Arab and not Palestinian.  Arabs are physical descendents of Ishmael.  We first read about Ishmael in Genesis 16:11, where God promised his mother, Hagar, that her child would grow into a nation great in number.  "And the angel of the LORD said unto her, Behold, thou art with child, and shalt bear a son, and shalt call his name Ishmael; because the LORD hath heard thy affliction."  Hagar conceived Ishmael when Sarah urged Abraham to have intimate relations with Hagar so he would have a male heir; Sarah simply did not believe God's promise that He would provide the male heir through her.  However, once Sarah realized Hagar was pregnant by Abraham, she suddenly despised her and forced her to leave.  In this verse, God is telling Hagar that her son will live and will be the progenitor of a race, which we call Arab today.

But, then, God foretold what kind of people Ishmael would produce.  "And he will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man's hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren." [Genesis 16:12]

This description of the Arab is very appropriate in the light of the last 4,000 years of history, is it not?  Even in the 20th Century, we see that this description of the Arab is very appropriate.  After all, it is the Arab who is conducting a terrorist campaign against the Jew, murdering innocent women, children, and men.  We see that every person's hand is also against them.

Arafat is no Arab; he is Egyptian.  The Egyptians existed before Abraham, and most definitely cannot be considered as physical descendents of Ishmael.  Historically, the Egyptians have been no friend of the Arab, and even today, attempt to keep them at arm's length.

However, the average Palestinian on the street apparently does not know that Arafat is not one of them. I have seen numerous quotes taken from Palestinians in which they expressed the belief that Arafat is one of them and knows their struggle.

However, the terrorist organization, Hamas, has no love for Arafat, calling him a tool of the Americans.  They must know something about which Nyquist writes.  Nyquist says that Arafat is a tool of the Russian KGB, and is being blackmailed into doing the bidding of the Kremlin.  The reality is that Arafat is a tool of a higher power, the Illuminati.  America, Russia, Israel, and Arafat are all players in this most elaborate scheme to produce the Third World War necessary to produce Antichrist [Read NEWS1056 for full details of this planned world war].

2.  Nyquist says that Arafat is a "flaming homosexual", and was trapped by the KGB to do their bidding.  Now, this is hot news!  Since I have no facts which would challenge this report, I will accept it.  If the Palestinian Arabs get hold of this news, they might just assassinate Arafat, so I would urge him to carefully watch his back.  Does Arafat have non-Arabs as his bodyguards?

3.  Communist Romanian Intelligence described Arafat as "so much cleverness, blood, and filth all together in one man".  This is probably an accurate description of Arafat, and so it fits that he would become a willing tool of the Illuminati, who fit this description perfectly in their heart of hearts.  Since there is never any "honor among thieves", I would imagine that the Illuminati plans to murder Arafat as soon as they are finished with him.  Is this the reason Arafat has completed construction of a 40-foot deep concrete command bunker that can withstand any hit other than nuclear?

4.  Arafat is also no Muslim.  He is no Arab and no Muslim.  Therefore, his fanatical statements about wanting to become a martyr for Allah is so much propaganda to feed the average Arab on the street. 

However, this fact answers one huge question in my mind.  I have always felt that Arafat must know that the Illuminist plan is to use Israel to annihilate the Palestinian nation -- man, woman, and child.  How could a man lead his own people into the slaughter, even as a goat leads the sheep up the slaughter ramp?  I thought maybe the answer might be that Arafat is a Manchurian Candidate, because I could see the fingerprints of the CIA in raising Arafat up in stature in the late 1980's so they could deal with him on the Oslo Peace Accords.  I thought it possible that Arafat might have been subjected to Mind Control practiced by the CIA so that he would willingly lead his people into the slaughter.  For that matter, the Russian KGB is even more accomplished in Mind Control techniques than even the CIA.  Since they had their claws into Arafat nearly 20 years before the CIA, it seems that, if Arafat were subjected to Mind Control, such effort would have come from the Russians.

However, now that I know Arafat is neither Moslem nor Arab, I can see why he would lead the Palestinians into the slaughter.  You see, the Palestinians have long been hated and feared by other Arabs.  In NEWS1057, we quote an article from the Jewish Press, January 31, 1997, where Emanual Winston quotes extensively from the U.S. House of Representatives' Task Force On Terrorism And Unconventional Warfare dated December 10, 1996, quoting specifically from an article within this massive report entitled, 'Approaching the New Cycle of Arab-Israeli Fighting'."  

After noting the plan between Muslim nations in the region -- Syria, Jordan, and Egypt -- to coordinate an all-out assault on Israel using the Palestinians to initiate hostilities from within the country, Winston than makes a most shocking statement about how these Muslim states view Palestine.  Listen carefully and you will gain a brand new perspective about what is really occurring in Israel right now.

"The Arab war plan does, indeed, call for the annihilation of the Jewish State, but there is another target. The Palestinian Arabs have been a hated thorn to most of the Arab world. While the Arab dictators used the Palestinian Arabs as a terrorist front to recover Arab pride for past battlefield defeats, they never allowed them to settle as citizens in their nations. They know that once these clever, hostile people have an operating state, they can and will cause havoc in the Arab world. They will constantly demand money, using the 'or else' blackmail, as in the past. Therefore, during this coming war, the two targets are both the Jews and the Palestinian Arabs."

Wow!  When you marry this concept -- just stated above -- with the concept that Arafat is an Illuminist plant who is neither Arab, nor Palestinian, nor Muslim, you understand that the current fighting has nothing to do with Palestinian aspirations, or rights, or freeing them from their Israeli "shackles".  The Illuminati worked through the KGB and CIA to recruit Egyptian Yassir Arafat, give him a new identity and a new position, as leader of the Palestinian Liberation Organization.  When Arafat began to "negotiate"  the Oslo Peace Accord, he embarked upon a mission knowing he was to lead the Palestinians straight into a trap in which 100% of their population was going to die!

Thus, you know that no "peace negotiations" are going to succeed; you know that the Palestinians will never live in peaceful co-existence with the Jewish state of Israel; and you know that Arafat is really working for the Illuminati, through the KGB and CIA.  Since Arafat is Egyptian, is it likely he secretly hates the Palestinians enough to lead them all to their deaths?  Yes, I think it highly likely.  He is certainly leading them into annihilation.

So Arafat is going to destroy the Palestinians through a "peace" process, working for Antichrist waiting in the wings.  That reminds me of a Bible verse:  Speaking of Antichrist, the Bible foretells:  "... by peace shall destroy many:" [Daniel 8:25]

Truly, End of the Age prophecy is being fulfilled, in both obvious and secret ways.

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