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Subtitle: The Inauguration provided ample glimpses of both sides of President Bush.  Which is the real man, and how are Christians to approach this Presidency?

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NEWS BRIEF:  "Bush Pledges Unity, Civility:  43rd President takes oath, vows to heal divisions", by Frank Bruni and David E. Sanger, reprinted in The Providence Sunday Journal, January 21, 2001, Pages A-1, 16.

"George Walker Bush was sworn in as the 43rd President of the United States yesterday, and in an inaugural address that sought to unify the nation after one of the most disputed elections in American history asked a prosperous people to seek a common good beyond your comfort'.  He also sounded a call for a national unity and civility -- words he used over and over again -- that transcended political divisions and partisan tempers."

" 'America, at its best, matches a commitment to principle with a concern for civility', Mr. Bush said in relatively succinct inaugural remarks, which he delivered from the steps of the U.S. Capitol under a thick cover of clouds, against chill winds.  'I ask you to be citizens.  Citizens, not spectators.  Citizens, not subjects.  Responsible citizens, building communities of service and a nation of character ... Civility is not a tactic or a sentiment.  It is the determined choice of trust over cynicism, of community over chaos'."


We were further impressed by the obvious Christian references Mr. Bush made during his speech. 

1.  "... we are guided by a power larger than ourselves who creates us equal in His image." This seems to be a reference to the statement by the Trinity in Genesis 1:26, "... let Us make mankind in Our image."  The reference to "a power larger than ourselves" is as much Theistic statement as it is Christian, but it is at least great to hear a reference to God, after eight long years of supreme Humanism from Clinton/Gore.

However, this statement could have been made by a good Freemason, whose belief in God the Father is only matched by his the manner in which he ignores the Son, Jesus Christ.

2.  "A civil society demands from each of us good will and respect, fair dealing and forgiveness."  Now, these are Christian values. President Bush seems to be drawing a line in the sand against the nearly insane proclivities of the Liberal Democrats, who have become so Clintonized that they have learned the art of twisting any statement, any fact, into the most monstrous lie with which to convince the gullible American people. 

Further, it is extremely rare for any public leader to talk about "forgiveness".  Biblical forgiveness also demands that, after the victim has forgiven, he also forgets.  This is the essence of healing the most grievous wounds.

3.  "If we do not turn the hearts of children toward knowledge and character, we will lose their gifts and undermine their idealism."  I was excited to hear a public official declare that he believes it important to teach children both knowledge and character, as both of these elements are sadly lacking in America today.  However, I would have been more comforted had President Bush declared that the standard from which "character" was to be taught was the Holy Bible.  You see, after throwing God and His Son out of our society, we are consistently replacing His values with Humanism and occultism, even while we retain the same words like "character".  Teaching character not based upon the eternal precepts of Judeo-Christianity is worthless, and has been the direction in which we have been heading for a long time.

4.  "... to all nations, we will speak for the values that gave our nation birth."  Under President Clinton, the original ideals upon which America was founded were consistently rejected.  [Read NEWS1460] Thus, I was pleased to hear that Bush seemed to be reiterating the original Christian values which our Founding Fathers and the original American people possessed.  But, then, I was sobered by the realization that, parallel to these Christian values of our Founding Fathers, the exceedingly strong occult values of Freemasonry were also followed closely by key political and economic leaders of that day. So, once again, I would have been more comforted had Bush specified that he was planning on reinstating Christian values of our Forefathers, not their Masonic ideals.

5.  "And some needs and hurts are so deep they will only respond to a mentor's touch or a pastor's prayer. Church and charity, synagogue and mosque lend our communities their humanity, and they will have an honored place in our plans and in our laws."  President Bush recognizes that some hurts are so serious they can only be healed through the healing love of Jesus Christ. Wait a minute, Bush did not say that, did he?  I know he feels he is the president of all the American people of all religious persuasions, but I am not particularly comforted by this most Ecumenical of statements.

6.  "Many in our country do not know the pain of poverty, but we can listen to those who do. And I can pledge our nation to a goal: When we see that wounded traveler on the road to Jericho, we will not pass to the other side." This reference to Jericho is from the Good Samaritan parable Jesus gave as recorded in Luke 10:30-37]

In this parable, Jesus demonstrated that we Christians are not to ignore the plight of a person wounded and helpless by the roadside of life.  We are to give that person the necessary treatment so he or she can stand back on their feet, whole again.  However, note what Jesus did not say in this parable; He did not say that the Samaritan was responsible for supporting the victim for the rest of his life.  Rather, he was responsible only for giving him the treatment necessary for that person to become whole again.  To be truly effective, President Bush needs to lead the fight to deliver an entire class of people from the cruel trap of Welfare into which they have been pushed by Illuminist leaders of all colors and political stripes.  The massive Welfare State initiated by Illuminist President Lyndon Johnson never made anyone prosperous; rather, the State only delivered just enough money to keep people at the level of poverty, and acted actually to discourage them from taking jobs or taking risks so they could participate in American Capitalistic prosperity.  All recipients of Welfare can do is to be jealous of those who do work extremely hard, standing at the portals of government, demanding more.  As painful as it will be, all generational families of the Welfare system must be weaned off it, sent to work, so they can participate in the incredible American economic success story. Remember, all forms of Socialism have been tried in the 20th Century, and have failed.  Only Capitalism generates the wealth deeply and broadly enough so an entire population can advance their standard of living.

7.  "America, at its best, is a place where personal responsibility is valued and expected. Encouraging responsibility is not a search for scapegoats, it is a call to conscience. And though it requires sacrifice, it brings a deeper fulfillment. We find the fullness of life not only in options, but in commitments. And we find that children and community are the commitments that set us free."

Personal responsibility is inherent in Biblical Christianity.  It is so important in the function of government that one of our Founding Fathers stated that our Constitutional Republic could not function without Christian responsibility.  He warned that, if the people ever moved away from the personal responsibility Christianity teaches, America would fall.  The most insidious trend in our history has been the trend of psychologists, teachers,  and government leaders to preach that no one should be held responsible for their actions.  Former President Clinton embodied that belief, and his tremendous ability to walk away from criminal acts that would have imprisoned any average citizen of the land just lends incredible credence to the belief that no one should be held responsible for his actions.

8. "What you do is as important as anything government does. I ask you to seek a common good beyond your comfort; to defend needed reforms against easy attacks ..."  President Bush must have been looking over his shoulder at pursuing Liberal Democrats who have perfected the art of lying boldly to create a false crisis, and then push the lie to its extreme to falsely accuse and unjustly bring their political enemies to their knees.  America had better stop this Satanic nonsense very quickly, or it will bring God's swift judgment, as if America is not in deep enough trouble with God.

Bush then goes on to say that individual right actions by individual Americans is just as important as anything government can do.  This emphasis is absolutely correct and has never been so critically needed.  Bush concludes this vein of thought by saying, "When this spirit of citizenship is missing, no government program can replace it. When this spirit is present, no wrong can stand against it."  We must end the reliance upon government programs that too many Americans feel is necessary, but to do this we must seize control of the Public School System that is teaching this lie to our young people.

9.  "We are not this story's author, who fills time and eternity with his purpose. Yet his purpose is achieved in our duty, and our duty is fulfilled in service to one another." Only God "fills time and eternity with His purpose", so Bush was referring to God.  But, again, which God?  Was Bush referring to the God of the Holy Bible, or the God of Freemasonry? He does not specify.

As hopeful as I was at the apparent Christianity of President Bush's inaugural address, I was also well aware that he made no reference to the Jesus Christ whom he says lives within his heart.  This distinction is very important, because counterfeit religious groups like Freemasonry extol God the Father constantly but do not hardly ever mention the name of Jesus Christ.  When you dig deeply into the hidden, formerly secret writings of Freemasonry, you realize they believe Jesus Christ was not God, but a created god from a line of "inferior gods" [Pike, Morals and Dogma, p. 563, teachings of the 26th Degree].  You discover they believe Jesus "suffered in appearance only" [Ibid., p. 567], which fulfills the Biblical definition of the forces of Antichrist as found in 1 John 4:1-3.

Thus, the elimination of the name of Jesus Christ in Bush's inaugural address troubles me greatly, even though Franklin Graham invoked Jesus' Name at the very end of his prayer. Still, President Bush delivered an excellent speech, one that embodied his "compassionate Conservatism".  Many of the principles of which he spoke are sorely needed in American society today.


Because of the occult nature of our Illuminist Masonic and Rosicrucian Founding Fathers, our country is steeped in the occult.  The Washington Monument is the world's most famous phallus symbol, also known in the occult as an obelisk .  Freemasons and other occults absolutely revere the phallus.  The Washington Monument is strategically placed so that leaders of Congress and the White House can "face the obelisk" daily, just as all devout occultists are required to do.  As we report in NEWS1040, Masonic symbols are represented in Government Center by the way in which the original street layout plans were created.  As we report in NEWS1399, all of Government Mall is created in the form of the Satanic symbol, Sephiroth Tree of Life, also known as the Masonic Coffin! 

Every President is inaugurated, as we call it; this word comes from the Latin word, inaugurare, which means to "take omens" [Tormont Webster's Illustrated Encyclopedic Dictionary], a most occult term. For this reason, the very date of Presidential Inauguration is planned every four years on January 20; every month, the 20th day is the beginning of the occult cycle of Astrology!  Further, there are precisely 13 days between January 20 to the High Satanic day called Imbolg [Groundhog's Day]. 

George W. Bush admitted his membership in the Satanic Skull & Bones!  In a most telling interview with CNN, George admitted that he was a member, but said that this experience was part of who he was! ["George Bush:  My heritage is part of who I am", interview with CNN.com, August 1, 2000, with managing editor Walter Isaacson]. 

Since George W. has admitted that Skull & Bones is part of who he is, more Christians should be very concerned that Cutting Edge is correct in maintaining that Bush is not truly Born Again.  As we reported in NEWS1314, George W. Bush likely committed the Unpardonable Sin while undergoing occult training in this very elite Illuminist secret society.

But, even if George W. Bush is truly Born Again, his experience in Skull & Bones means that he knows Illuminist Satanism exceedingly well .  Therefore, no one could deceive him as to the true meaning of events, symbols, or practices.  Thus, we are very, very concerned about the following facts surrounding George W. Bush's Inauguration.  Satanic symbolism abounded, much more strongly than Bush's words of Christianity.

1.  George W. Bush took his Inaugural oath facing the obelisk.  This picture was taken as President Ronald Reagan took his Inaugural oath on January 20, 1981.  Reagan startled the occult world by taking his oath of office from the West Wing of the Capitol, and not the East Wing as all his predecessors had done.  When President Reagan decided to become the first U.S. President to take his oath from the West Wing of the Capitol, he faced the obelisk , as you can see.  This fact meant that he was sending the strongest possible signal to fellow Illuminists the world over that, after 205 years of pursuing the goal of establishing the New World Order -- Kingdom of the Antichrist -- the plan was entering its final phase.

Every president since then -- Bush, Clinton, and now George W. Bush -- have similarly taken their oaths of office facing the obelisk.  It is difficult to think of a more despicable Satanic symbol than the obelisk. All occultists literally worship the Egyptian Sun god, Ra, whom they belive resides within any obelisk.  By "facing the obelisk", a person is also worshipping the evil, Satanic spirit within.

Given George W. Bush's deep Satanic background within Skull & Bones, he would understand very well what the Satanic implications were of "facing the obelisk", and of the equally deep Christian concerns about it.  Therefore, if he were truly Born Again, he would have pointedly refused to take his oath of office "facing the obelisk".

As you can see from this diagram, George Bush most definitely "faced the obelisk" during his Inauguration. [Taken from The Sun Chronicle, January 19, 2001, p. A-1] The Washington Monument obelisk is located just beyond the Reflecting Pool in this diagram.  The Reflecting Pool is critically important to the entire scheme of Satanic symbols in this area of Government Center [Read NEWS1040 for full details], because in the occult belief structure, the pool is the "transfer point" for demon spirits transferring from this dimension to the spiritual dimension!  Satanists believe that mirrors are "transfer points" also, which is why you constantly see mirrors in occult movies and novels.

To illustrate how offended God is with obelisks, listen to the following Scripture:

"They [righteous King Jehu's men] brought out the pillars or obelisks of the house of Baal and burned them." [Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible]  This verse tells us not only that God ordered righteous King Jehu to burn the obelisks, but that such worship is from the hated Satanic god, Baal.  Thus, George W. Bush obediently faced "Baal's phallic symbol" when he took his oath of office, not a good sign for Christians who want to believe that George W. is truly Born Again.

"Israel is a luxuriant vine that puts forth its material fruit.  According to the abundance of his fruit he has multiplied his altars to idols:  according to the goodness and prosperity of their land they have made good pillars or obelisks to false gods. Their heart is divided and deceitful; now shall they be found guilty and suffer punishment. The Lord will smite ..." [Hosea 10:1; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible]

Now, please understand this Biblical principle:  if President George W. Bush were truly Born Again as he claims, and is led by the Holy Spirit, he would take the actions of righteous King Jehu, and would destroy the Washington Monument!  He would have signed an Executive Order his first day in office to destroy and burn this huge obelisk.  Further, if Reverends Franklin and Billy Graham were offering President Bush true Biblical advice, they would advise him that he had to destroy that obelisk, and begin the destruction of all symbols of Masonry now polluting America! For that matter, how could Dr. Franklin Graham "face the obelisk" when he offered his prayer prior to the Inauguration ceremony?

You protest that President Bush would encounter too much opposition to destroying such an historic piece of American history.  You are right -- enormous opposition would be encountered -- but since when has that deterred a true man of God, on God's mission?  Do you think King Jehu encountered no opposition?  He did, but he rode the right hand of Almighty God on a righteous mission, and swept the opposition away!  If George W. Bush were truly Born Again, he would have asked Christians all over the world to support him in this most courageous act!

The Washington Monument obelisk is a 555-foot erect penis of Baal in its sexually aroused state, for crying out loud! Why wouldn't God be offended?

Thus, when George W. Bush faced the obelisk like a good Illuminist would do, we are not convinced he is truly a Born Again Christian.  When you hear President Bush announcing he is destroying the Washington Obelisk Monument, you may truly believe in your inner heart that he is Born Again.

But, there is more to the Washington Obelisk.  It is created with a circle around it.  As we explain in FREE13, the circle to the occultist represents the female sex organ.  Thus, when the obelisk [the erect penis of Baal in its sexually aroused state] is placed at the exact center of the circle, the Satanist has just represented the Great Sex Act. 

Therefore, when the Washington Monument was created with a circular design around it, the Great Sex Act symbol was created!  Thus, President George W. Bush not only "faced the obelisk", he knowingly faced the world's most famous depiction of the Great Sex Act.

When viewed high up in the sky, from directly overhead, the Washington Monument will appear to be a simple dot in the middle of the circle.  This symbol of a "Dot Within A Circle" is one of the original symbols of the Illuminati created by Adam Weishaupt himself [See FREE13 for full details].  Thus, when President George W. Bush "faced the obelisk", he knowingly faced one of the original symbols of the Masters of the Illuminati.

Now, let us examine another disturbing sign during Bush's Inauguration.

2.  George W. Bush placed his right hand on a Masonic Bible to take his oath of office

NEWS BRIEF:  "Hands Off This Book!  It's Got Bodyguards", by Sharon Jayson, American-Statesman Staff, http://www.austin360.com/statesman/editions/thursday/news_27.html,  Austin-American Statesman Newspaper, January 18, 2001.

"Like President-elect George W. Bush, the Bible he will use to take the oath of office travels with an entourage. A trio from a Masonic Lodge in New York City will accompany the King James Version to Washington for Saturday's ceremony -- a trip made several times, so presidents from George Washington to George Bush and soon George W. Bush could place their hands on this 1767 edition and pledge to uphold and defend the Constitution of this country ... The King James Version is a standard Bible of Bush's faith, both as an Episcopalian in his youth and now as a United Methodist." [Note the Ecumenical nature of these two mainline Protestant denominations.]

When President George W. Bush supposedly placed his right hand on a Masonic Bible, he sent a message that should have been received by all true Born Again Christians loudly and clearly:  "I am Masonic, not true Christian".  How in the world Baal worshippers of the phallus could consider themselves to be Christian is beyond me.  Bush told CNN on August 1, 2000, that his past has determined who he is [CNN.com, allpolitics.com, "George W. Bush:  My heritage is part of who I am' "].  Well, his past includes lifelong membership in the elite Masonic Illuminist Skull & Bones secret society, and it includes his past cooperation with Freemasonry when Governor of Texas.


This picture shows a signing ceremony with Texas Governor George W. Bush, as he is signing the Texas School Proclamation on February 16, 2000, surrounded by Master Masons, Wardens and Secretaries of Masonic Lodges 50A and 50B under the jurisdiction of the Masonic Grand Lodge of Texas.  In his inaugural address, President Bush promised to "reclaim our public schools", a most noteworthy goal.  But, my question now is, will he do so in league with Freemasonry, as he did while Governor of Texas?

If he does enlist the support of nationwide Freemasonry, then we have a problem, as evidenced by the following quote by the state's highest Masonic officer, in his report to the members of the activities and accomplishments of the year 2000.

"The number of [Masonic] cornerstone ceremonies at public schools is an indication to me that there is still a place in our society for this meaningful ceremony. The administrators and students at these ceremonies have been very attentive and have asked questions about what we are doing. This curiosity tells me that we have made a favorable impression upon them and perhaps some of the children will join our fraternity when they are old enough." ["The Texas Mason"]

Wonderful, do we want to encourage our young children to become worshippers of Baal and his penis when they get older?  If we "reclaim" our public schools in this manner, are we any better off?  And do not think that the Texas Masonic Lodges are past the point of revering the obelisk, as this picture to the left so amply demonstrates.  In 1999, the Hubert Lodge Number 67 is dedicating a new obelisk.  Notice how proudly these men are standing around Baal's phallus.  Is this what we want our children to emulate?


For two three reasons, we remain convinced that President George W. Bush is an Illuminist and not a Born Again Christian.  Bush may take actions that are wildly popular amongst most Conservatives, and he certainly seems to have chosen a genuine Christian in John Ashcroft for Attorney General.  However, Bush has chosen blatantly Illuminist CFR members for the rest of his Cabinet, including General Colin Powell, who was co-chairman of the global Economic Conference, which was part of the three Antichrist Conferences at the United Nations last September [Read NEWS1395 for full details].  Christian faith in the Christianity of George W. Bush is not strengthened by the appointment of such blatant Illuminists as these to key posts within his administration.

In this very End of the Age, where the final prophecies are poised to be fulfilled, we must not now become deceived.  We must now be even more vigilant than ever. Christian author, Ralph Epperson, notes that, when the Illuminati wants domestic changes made, they cause a Democrat to be elected; but when they want international changes made, they cause a Republican to be elected.  Since this planned World War III, designed to produce Antichrist, is an international event, the Illuminati might have decided to cause George W. Bush to be elected President of the United States.

Further, if we are as close to this planned World War III as we think we are, then Republican President Bush will be the president during this war that produces Antichrist.  If this is true, then he will be the president who will stand in front of TV cameras to announce that, to deal effectively with the war, chaos, panic, and terrorist threats, he is going to have to dissolve the government, suspend the Constitution, and "temporarily" take our liberties away.

If Bill Clinton were the president attempting to take this action, Conservative gun owners would almost immediately take to the streets; however, if a president trusted and loved by Conservatives were to take this action, promising to restore the government, Constitution, and liberties once the threat passed, most Conservative gun owners might not be too alarmed.

If this is the case, then watch for President Bush to take actions that will be wildly acclaimed by most Conservatives, and Christian Conservatives in particular.  America may be a greater risk if this scenario is correct than it was even under Clinton.

We shall just have to wait and see, with patience, with Christian armor, and with great discernment.  Truly, the End of the Age is very close.

We would like Jesus Christ to make the last statement. Speaking in Matthew 24, Jesus revealed that unparalleled deception was the Hallmark Characteristic of the End of the Age, and strenuously warned against it.  Since we are at the very End of the Age, we should expect such deception, and be on the guard against it.  Listen to Jesus' Words:

"Take heed that no man deceive you." [Matthew 24:4]

"And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many." [Matthew 24:11]

"For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect." [Matthew 24:24]

"Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves."  [Matthew 10:16]  I find it highly interesting that Illuminists call themselves "wolves among the sheep", and their most important symbol seems to be the serpent.  Please keep your enthusiasm for President George W. Bush in check, so that you will not lose your discernment.  George W. has given us too many Illuminist symbols to ignore.

As my Daddy used to say, "Where there is smoke, there is fire".  

We have seen the smoke caused by these Illuminist symbols during Bush's Inauguration, and we have seen the many CFR members he has appointed to his cabinet.  We must be controlled and discerning.  The End of the Age is upon us, with all its prophesied unparalleled deceptions.

Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, but have been very lukewarm in your spiritual walk with Him, you need to immediately ask Him for forgiveness and for renewal. He will instantly forgive you, and fill your heart with the joy of the Holy Spirit. Then, you need to begin a daily walk of prayer and personal Bible Study.

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