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NAFTA was sold to the American public as a brilliant economic plan. Very few people realize that they have just witnessed Biblical prophecy occurring before their unsuspecting eyes!! In the News!!


"Executive approval: Survey of American, Mexican, and Canadian executives show they feel the North American Free Trade Agreement has been successful in improving trade and logistics. CEO's and other senior executives at 250 U.S., Canadian, and Mexican companies see far more positives than negatives to the two-year old North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)". {Industry Week, April 1, 1996, V245, N. 7, page 48}.

"It was the best of times; it was the worst of times". With these words, the classic novel, "Tale of Two Cities" began, a novel set in the midst of the French Revolution. Today, the same thing could be said for Christians. While we are living in the worst time in American history in terms of declining moral standards, declining traditional faith, and economic stress, we are also living in the most exciting time in history. Since Israel was reborn as a nation in 1948, thus beginning the End of the Age countdown, all the signs of the End of the Age have been occurring together. In the past, many of these signs were seen individually, such as rampant wars, widespread disease, earthquakes, but they never occurred simultaneously as they have now been occurring. Christians who know their Bibles should be very excited, because all our beliefs concerning the accuracy of the Bible are coming to pass, in the daily news, right before our eyes.

This is the purpose of The Cutting Edge, to show you how you can see this advance to the Tribulation period right before your eyes, in your daily news. The Biblical term, "Tribulation" or "Great Tribulation" now has a secular name, The New World Order. Their plans to achieve this new order so parallel Biblical prophecy that, if you were to envision all Biblical prophecy about the End of the Age as a photograph, then the plans for The New World Order could be thought of as the negative, producing the positive picture!

Today's news concerns NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement, created two years ago, which economically joined Canada, the United States, and Mexico. Most Americans think of NAFTA simply and only as an Economic Entity, because that is the only context in which the media has ever portrayed it. However, the leaders of The New World Order have long been following a plan to recreate the many nations of the world into 10 Super Nations. And, not surprisingly, this Plan fulfills Biblical prophecy!

Let us first begin with the New World Order Plan to create 10 Super Nations.

In 1957, Alice Bailey, then the leader of the House of Theosophy, wrote in her collection of writings, "The Externalisation of the Hierarchy", that the world must first be reorganized into Spheres of Influence before it could be organized into a Global government (Page 209). She made it very clear that this reorganization would not follow traditional national boundaries, but would be a completely different organization.

Bailey did not specify how many "Spheres of Influence" would be created, but her plan was fleshed out in 1974, by New World Order authors, Mihajlo Mesarovic and Eduard Pestel, in a book entitled, "Mankind At The Turning Point". They wrote that the world would be reorganized into 10 Super Nation States, listed below.


  1. 1. North America
  2. 2. Western Europe
  3. 3. Japan
  4. 4. Australia, South Africa, and the rest of the market-economy of the developed world.
  5. 5. Eastern Europe, including Russia
  6. 6. Latin America
  7. 7. North Africa and the Middle East
  8. 8. Tropical Africa
  9. 9. South and Southeast Asia
  10. 10. China

Remember, this New World Order Plan was published in 1974. Firmly set this date in your mind, as it will become very important in just a few paragraphs. The first question is "Why 10 Nation specifically?" The answer lies in a knowledge of the spiritual beliefs of the Occult. They believe that man is to be spiritually "perfected" by undergoing the process of "Illumination" by achieving a long, arduous study of "Hidden Truth". Once a man is totally perfected, he is pictured as standing "upright" next to, but uncontrolled, by his world. This perfected man is thought of as the Number 1, while the world is pictured as a zero (0). Thus, the number 10 forms this picture of perfected man standing apart from his world. The number 10 is a very important symbolic number to the occultist. ("Magic Symbols", Frederick Goodman, Brian Todd Publishing House, London, 1989, p. 46-47).

Therefore, when the occultic leaders of the New World Order devised their plan to reorganize the world into Spheres of Influence, they acted in accordance with their occultic beliefs in deciding to create 10 Super Nation states. They were creating a New World Order, which, by its very structure, screamed to the peoples of the world, "We have created the 'Perfected" world organization, of 10 Super Nations". The symbolism is powerful: they are the "Perfected" men, standing apart, but controlling, the world. Ten had to be the number; Occult Doctrine demanded it.

But, this Plan also fulfills a most important Biblical prophecy. This prophecy was given to the prophet, Daniel, approximately 2,500 years ago, and is the only prophecy which gives a sequence of events which God foretold would flow from this creation of the world into 10 nations. Hang on to your hat, for we are going on an exciting ride.

First, let us review the prophecies. The Bible foretells in Daniel that there is a sequence of events which will foretell the appearance of Anti-Christ. Turn with me now to Daniel 7:7-8, remembering that Daniel is talking here of the End of the Age. Consider the Scripture:

"After this I saw in the night visions, and behold a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, and strong exceedingly ...and it had 10 horns. I considered the horns and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first plucked up by the roots..." These 10 horns are further explained in Daniel 2:41 and Revelation 17:12.

These prophecies are quite clear in predicting that the world in the last days of time, during the Great Tribulation will be reorganized into 10 Super Nation States, or 10 Regions. This is a shocking revelation, since the world has been controlled by individual sovereign nations since the Tower of Babel 5,000 years ago. Today, there are over 170 sovereign nations in the world today. A new governmental structure is being silently erected over these 170+ sovereign nations Before our very eyes, a new government is being erected; this plan, originally published in 1974 in "Mankind At The Turning Point", is being implemented. And when it is finally implemented, it will fulfill this Biblical prophecy of 10 Nations at the End of the Age.

Therefore, you see, NAFTA is not simply an economic super nation; rather, it is Nation #1 of this 10 Nation New World Order. Very few people understand this, because they have been conditioned by our national leadership, aided by our national mass media. No one has ever explained this before. Now, you can understand why Presidents as seemingly dissimilar in world view, style and philosophy as Presidents Bush and Clinton could support the creation of NAFTA. President George Bush began the push to create NAFTA, but was unable to see it created before he left for office. President Clinton supported NAFTA, even though he opposed nearly every other thing for which Bush stood.

At this point, I am going to state a truth which I have carefully enunciated in my radio programs, and which I will soon state again: The New World Order Plan was created officially in 1776, and has been consistently supported by Presidents ever since. In this 20th Century, nearly every President, both Democratic and Republican, has secretly supported the Plan for The New World Order. It has not mattered whom we have elected, because both political parties are united in this drive to accomplish this Plan. Generally, Republican Presidents have concentrated on changes in the Foreign Policy field, while Democratic Presidents have concentrated on the needed changes in Domestic Policy. But, whether we have a Republican or Democratic President, the New World Order Plan continues unabated. NAFTA is one example of a Foreign Policy change initiated by a Republican President and continued by a Democratic President.

Consider how privileged you have been to have seen fulfillment of Biblical prophecy that is 2,500 years old, fulfilled before your eyes, even though you had no idea at the time the significance of what was happening. This is but one example of Biblical prophecy being fulfilled by this Plan for the New World Order. Biblical prophecy states, in Revelation 17:12, that this reorganization will occur as the result of a conspiracy amongst the 10 rulers, for the express purpose of handing their newly acquired authority over to the Antichrist. Consider the exact wording, "Also, the ten horns that you observed are ten rulers who have as yet received no royal dominion, but together they are to receive power and authority for a single hour, along with the beast {Antichrist is the "beast"}. These [rulers] have one common policy, and they deliver their power and authority to the beast."

So, the Bible states that the one purpose of reorganizing the world into 10 Super Nations is to hand their authority over to the Antichrist. And, what does the New World Order Plan state is their purpose in achieving this New World Order? To deliver their authority to The New Age Christ, whom many authors call "Maitreya The Christ". ("The Reappearance Of The Christ", Alice A. Bailey, Lucis Press, New York, 1948, p. 5-35; also "The Externalisation Of The Hierarchy", Alice A. Bailey, Lucis Press, 1957, p. 556-557; also "Revelation: The Birth Of The New Age", David Spangler, The Rainbow Bridge Publishers, San Francisco, 1976, p. 156-157).

But, other writers are so bold as to call him "Antichrist". Can you imagine that these authors should be so bold as to call their Superman, Antichrist? But, they do, and often. ("The Armageddon Script", Peter Lemesurier, St. Martin's Press, New York, 1981, p. 239-241; also, "Herald Of The New Age", Ruth Montgomery, Fawcett Crest, New York, 1986, p. 200-201).

You cannot ignore the existence of this huge body of writings, which plan in such detail as to how to reorganize the world so the Christ, or Antichrist, can appear to take control. The last man to arise to power, thinking he was the Antichrist, was Adolf Hitler. Hitler's vision of the world was that Germany would forcibly unite the world under his leadership; and, just as Jesus Christ will rule for 1,000 years, so Hitler has his counterfeit plan, which he called the 1,000-year Reich. And, Hitler called his plan, The New World Order!!!

The one key point I wish to make is that this prophecy in Daniel 7:7-8, is that it declares that, once the 10 Nations have arisen, Antichrist will appear. Consider the Scripture again:

"After this I saw in the night visions, and behold a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, and strong exceedingly ...and it had 10 horns. I considered the horns and, behold, there came up among them another little horn ..." The Antichrist is called "another little horn" in this Scripture. The next prophetic event after the formation of the 10 Super Nations is the appearance of the Antichrist!! Please understand that this formation of all the world's nations into only 10 Super Nations is unprecedented in all of world history!! Never before has it happened, and it has occurred only after Israel came back to her land as a nation. And, this prophecy fulfillment has occurred along with dozens of End Time prophecies, all occurring together!! Jesus' words are the key here, "This generation will not pass away till all these thing take place." In the original language, the words, "all these things" literally means, "all these things, taken together". This is our key point: all these prophecies are uniquely happening only today, after Israel became a nation again. Never before has the world seen such a unique convergence of prophetic events.

The final part of this Scripture in Daniel 7:7-8 that needs discussion is the last phrase, after the Antichrist has arisen to take control of the 10 Nation Reorganization. The Scripture says, "I considered the horns and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first plucked up by the roots..." This term "plucked up by the roots" is a picture of a gardener completely plucking up a weed, roots and all, from soft, fertile soil. That weed is completely dead, with no chance of ever growing again. In other words, immediately after the Antichrist arises, three of the original 10 Super Nations are utterly destroyed. End of the Age accounts in Joel, chapters 2-3, and Revelation 18, speak of such national destruction, accompanied by huge columns of smoke and fire, where the entire nation is destroyed in one hour! Yet, this all-out war is preceded by constant promises of global "Peace and Safety". If you have been following the rhetoric accompanying discussions of this New World Order, you know that its advocates have been promoting it as the only way to achieve global "Peace and Safety".

Again, prophetic Scripture is right on target. In Daniel 8:25, the Bible prophecies that "by peace [he] shall destroy many". Please do not be deceived: This reorganization of the world's many nations into only 10 uniquely fulfills Biblical prophecy. The next prophetic event is the staged appearance of Antichrist, followed by all-out war in which 3 of the original 10 Super Nations are absolutely destroyed.

Now, do you realize the exciting importance of NAFTA? It is Nation #1 in the 10 Nation Reorganization Plan! All major nations in this Plan are now created; the minor groupings of nations [Super Nations #4, 7, & 8] are probably created secretly, as well.

The Bible is very clear that, when the prophetic countdown begins -- when Israel is restored to her land -- all these events will come to pass. There is nothing that anyone can do to prevent it, either by education or by force of arms. The only preparation you can have is to be in right standing with Jesus Christ, by being "Born Again". If you have never been spiritually reborn, write us, or go to a Fundamental, Christian church, where someone can lead you into this blessed experience. Then, you can look this coming global disaster straight in the eye, with the complete assurance that you have eternal life. The Bible also gives assurance that Born Again believers and all innocents, will be spared the agony of having to go through this terrible period, but that is the subject of another program.

And, if you are Born Again, you need to redouble your efforts to witness to others around you about Jesus Christ and the Salvation He offers, and to pray a specific Prayer List daily prayer for loved ones and for unbelievers. The Apostle Paul stated this Truth, in Ephesians 5:16, where he urges believers to "redeem the time, for the days are evil".

Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use this knowledge many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

If you have been blessed by this ministry, which seeks to educate and warn people, so that they can see the coming New World Order -- Kingdom of Antichrist -- in their daily news, then we need your support to stay on the Internet.

The sword is coming, and coming both quickly and with enormous power. But, most people, including most Christians, do not see it coming. Will you be a "Watchman On The Wall" with us? (Ezekiel 3:17-19, God's most solemn warning)

Finally, we would love to hear from you.

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God bless you, and may He maintain a "Hedge of Protection" around you and your family.

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