by Mac Dominick

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The Great Man rose to his feet. A swelling silence rolled over the immense crowd as an ocean wave over the sand of the seashore. The silence rose in a crescendo of anticipation as he motioned to the high priest. The priest slowly lifted his staff, and a mountain of fire fell from the sky, exploding into a raging inferno. The huge crowd stood mesmerized as the prepared sacrifice was incinerated in the flames. The silence then erupted into choruses of praise as every individual fell prostrate to the earth in worship of the Great Man. Is this not the long-anticipated Holy One? Is this not the Second Coming of Christ to the Christian, Crishna to the Hindu, Maitreya to the Buddhist, Imam Mahdi to the Muslim, Hiram Abiff to the Mason, and Messiah ben David to the Jew? Is he not the fulfillment of the ancient prophecies concerning each of these and others? After all, he alone accomplished what all before failed to achieve: he became the provider of world peace, established himself as the rightful priest-king of all mankind, and provided both spiritual and political direction for the entire planet. With all the dissenters humanely removed to rethink their positions, he successfully blended the common values of all religions into a new, syncretistic, all-encompassing faith. The long-awaited "Golden Age" has at last arrived. WELCOME TO THE ONE WORLD CHURCH.

This Super Church will not appear out of thin air, as the plans for this organization are as old as the present antediluvian civilization itself. It will not result from a direct frontal assault on established religion; but rather, will be built piece by piece, as the mending of subplots in a complex mystery novel. The pieces are now falling into place, and the subplots are rushing headlong to the climax—the Rapture of the Church and subsequent appearance of Antichrist. Tragically, many well-meaning, sincere individuals are falling prey to the vast deception of Satan’s plan for the Super Church. This includes many Christians and Christian organizations who are becoming unwitting accomplices to the impending One World Church.

How could any Christian be so naive? How could God possibly allow His children to contribute to the plans of Satan? The problem lies in a lack of adherence to the doctrines of the Word of God. When a man is born-again, he does not mystically become immune to deception. It is the man’s responsibility to "draw nigh unto God" (James 4:8). This is accomplished by studying and taking heed to the precepts of the Word of God. A Christian must study to become established in Bible Doctrine (II Tim. 2:15). DOCTRINE is the key to discernment and fighting deception. Curiously, even the "Evangelical Church" of today is subordinating the teaching of doctrine to social issues, psychological development, cultural crises, worship and praise, and practically every other pseudo-spiritual "ism" or study imaginable. This course of events has resulted in a generation of Christians who have no clue as to what they believe or how to recognize heresy. Since so many are facing this dilemma, they have become easy prey for deception which comes "gift-wrapped" in a religious package. To fully understand the ramifications of this deception, the building of the One World Church, and the organizations involved in its establishment, one must look back to the year, 1948.

The modern downward spiral to religious apostasy began with two very significant events in 1948. On May 14,1948, the nation of Israel was reborn. Never before in the history of mankind has any dispersed nation been re-established in the same territory after an absence of in excess of 1000 years. The rebirth of Israel can only be attributed to the direct working of the hand of God. This rebirth signaled the start of the final countdown to the "end of the age". In his book, Jerusalem, a Cup of Trembling, Dave Hunt explains that the last days prior to the return of Christ will be marked by the following:

  1. " Israel in the ‘Promised Land’

  2. The Church in decline
  3. Growing apostasy
  4. The Church finally removed" (1)

If this line of reasoning is followed through to fruition, the influence of the nation of Israel on world events must increase, while the influence of the Church must decrease.

This scenario has been aided by the second significant event of 1948—the formation of the World Council of Churches. The WCC was formed in Amsterdam with 147 protestant denominations (today there are 307) (2). The organization’s goal was clearly stated at its inaugural meeting (August 1948) by General Secretary of the WCC, W.A. Visser’t Hooft :

"…there can be and there is finally only one church of Christ on earth…we are aware of the situation, that we do not accept it passively, that we move forward towards the manifestation of the ONE HOLY CHURCH." (3)

(Lest any misunderstand, the Universal Church certainly does exist. This is the "Body of Christ", consisting of all those who have been redeemed by the blood of Jesus. However, this Universal Church DOES NOT include every member of every church and/or religion. This "Body" also DOES NOT include those who merely claim Christianity but have never experienced the new birth.) The opposite view of the WCC has been correctly conveyed by Dr. David Cloud:

"We could describe the error of the WCC under a number of categories. We could speak of its Doctrinal Heresy, its Modernism….Universalism. The simple fact is that the WCC fails every Biblical test which could be applied. It is patently and grossly unscriptural." (4)

Though the Roman Catholic Church is not officially a member of the WCC, the Vatican has worked very closely with the WCC since the "Ecumenical Movement" of the 1960s (The Ecumenical Movement was a failed effort to reunite mainline protestants with the "Mother Church"). Dr. Edward Panosian, chairman of the Department of History at Bob Jones University, stated,

"Rome’s conception of the ecumenical movement is the joining of all churches- eventually all religions- to Rome. Rome does not join the WCC. She invites the WCC to join her…." (5)

The member churches of the WCC have been sliding into an ever-deepening chasm of doctrinal apostasy. They have turned their backs on the fundamental doctrines of the faith. Many member churches deny the Inerrancy of Scripture, the Virgin Birth, the Bodily Resurrection, and the Deity of Christ. They have been quick to endorse Marxist causes, gays and lesbians, feminism, and even promote goddess worship. While many true "blood-washed" believers may be members of this body, they are certainly supporting the building of the One World Church.

After the failure of the Ecumenical Movement of the 1960s, the 1970s brought forth the second wave of the "Charismatic Movement". The Charismatics actively seek unity on the basis of (supernatural) manifestations, many times at the expense of doctrinal truth. They have taken the position that differences in doctrine can be overlooked "as long as those with whom we seek unity confess the name of Jesus and appear to exhibit the gifts of the Spirit—particularly speaking in tongues . . ." (6). This has led many Charismatics into Dominion Theology (see page 6 for explanation), and has also given Roman Catholics the opportunity to regain credibility with many protestants (7). ("The ‘gift of tongues’ was received spontaneously by many Catholics as they were engaged in prayer to Mary.") (8) Many influential Charismatic leaders have begun to embrace unity with Roman Catholics. This includes such well-known men as Pat Robertson, Paul Crouch, and Oral Roberts. Meetings between Catholic and Evangelical Charismatics have expanded to up to 80,000 participants (9). This scenario is the direct result of the call for Charismatic Unity.

The two major common denominators of the Ecumenical and Charismatic Movements are: 1) the forsaking of biblical truth for the sake of unity, and 2) the influence of the Church of Rome. The forsaking of biblical truth is obviously the most tragic mistake an ecclesiastical body can make. Yet, so many have been willing to compromise truth for the sake of unity. As a result, the idea that theological teaching is dull, boring, or irrelevant for today’s society is creeping into even the more conservative churches. Churches (influenced mainly by high profile media ministries) are starting to cater to emotional, psychological, or social teachings. This reaction to the compromise by the high profile ministries is paving the way to find that "set of common values" with those of every religion. This is the groundwork for the One World Church.

The influence of the Church of Rome in these movements is obvious. One need not be a great historian to understand the desire of the Vatican to garner ecclesiastical control of the entire planet. From its earliest days, the intent of the Church of Rome has been to "establish the Kingdom of God on earth—under the headship of the pope" (10). The Bible is very explicit in its description of the One World Church. The Apostle John, under the direction of the Holy Spirit, records in Revelation 17 the image of a harlot riding a beast:

"And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains which the woman sitteth." (11)

This is a very clear reference to Rome. The entire passage not only accurately describes the Catholic Church, but many (including this author) believe the pope to be the "False Prophet" of Antichrist as described in Revelation 13. Pope John Paul II has been quoted by Catholic Priest, Malachi Martin and others, regarding his rulership of the planet. In an interview with the National Research Institute, Martin revealed the following:

"According to Malachi Martin, John Paul II is anxiously awaiting the reappearance of Mary, which will be seen by all on earth and will authenticate John Paul II as her’s and God’s personal ambassador to RULE THE WORLD—AND SOON . . . John Paul eagerly awaits this event, since it will confirm his claim to geo-political world dominion. It will be part of a great disaster which will transform minds and catapult humanity into chaos (from which John Paul will rescue it) . . . This event will particularly involve the sun and will be seen as ‘the glory of the woman clothed with the sun and giving birth to the child who will rule the nations with a rod of iron.’ (Malachi Martin, Keys of This Blood) . . . Malachi Martin told NRI, ‘The sign will be so potent you will have to (believe) . . . Your own conscience will scream out that THIS IS GOD!" (12)

As if the thoughts of the pope are not convincing enough, the Roman Catholic Church has now taken steps beyond the Ecumenical and the Charismatic Movements. In 1986, the Church of Rome sponsored the Vatican Interfaith Conference. This was not another effort to bring rebellious protestants back into the fold of the "Mother Church." This was a council of world RELIGIONS. The conference included Catholics, Protestants, Buddhists, Hindus, Zoroastrians, Native Americans, African Animists, and Aboriginal Snake Worshippers (13). This was an effort to find common ground, common values, and learn tolerance—the building blocks of the One World Church.

Since 1986, many other groups have begun similar efforts. In 1993, Chicago hosted the Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions. This meeting generated a proclamation for a Declaration of Human Values (14). This declaration included those values common to all religions. Also in 1993, Rev. William Swing (Episcopal) announced the formation of the United Religions (UR). The UR is to be fully functional by the year 2000, and will serve as a ngo (non-governmental organization) to the UN. One goal of the UR is the establishment of a "Value Bank" that will allow people to invest their money to "promote the values of the UR." The UR also desires to be a "symbol of unity in a world of disunity" (15). The World Conference of Religion and Peace, organized in 1970, gathered at Melbourne, Australia, in July 1997. This organization stressed "Acceptance, Tolerance, and Collaberation" among all religions EXCEPT those who hold to any form of exclusivity (i.e. "no man cometh to the Father but by me") or absolutism (i.e. absolute truth). They also endorsed the UR and sought the common values found in all religions (16).

The One World Church is nearing fruition. The UR and similar organizations are aggressively seeking to bond all world religions. The leaders of world religions are actively seeking common ground, common beliefs, and common values. The World Council of Churches is determined to participate in and aid these efforts. The pope and Church of Rome are "seizing the moment" to finally grasp their goal of establishing the so-called "Kingdom of God" on earth. Absolutism and exclusivity are rapidly becoming labeled as intolerance and bigotry.

This certainly reveals the serious threat of ecumenism to Bible-based Christianity. Yet, many Christian leaders are busy making their own overtures of unity. In May of 1994, the document Evangelicals and Catholics Together (ECT) was authored by Charles Colson of Prison Fellowship and R. J. Neuhaus, a Catholic priest. The document "laid the groundwork for Evangelicals to set aside their distinctive doctrines and unite with the Catholic Church and other religions which are coming together by the year 2000 A.D." (17). The ECT document was also signed by such notable Evangelicals as Bill Bright, Pat Robertson, and Mark Noll. Other Christian leaders have also been making statements that link them to this train of thought. The following are some prime examples:


"We (Catholics and Evangelicals –ed) have differences, but on the ancient creeds and core beliefs of Christianity, we stand together." --Charles Colson (19)

"I don’t know anyone more dedicated to the great doctrines of Christianity than the Catholics." --W. A. Criswell (20)

"I am eradicating the word ‘protestant’ from my vocabulary . . . it’s time for Catholics and non-Catholics to come together as one." --Paul Crouch (21)

"In all the Pope’s writings…he has hundreds and hundreds of Bible verses. If I dare to say there are less [sic] than seven to ten thousand Bible verses in the new catechism, backing everything they say, I wouldn’t be exaggerating. And he makes a statement and backs it with the Word of God. " --Jack Van Impe (22)

Why would these "Evangelical Leaders" praise the Catholic Church? Was the Reformation simply a misguided mistake? Were the millions murdered at the hands of the Office of the Inquisition really heretics? While only God knows the heart, these men do not pass the test of scrutiny when evaluated according to the principles of the Word of God. Scripture DEMANDS SEPARATION, NOT UNITY:

"Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteous- ness . . . light with darkness . . . Christ with Belial . . . he that believeth with an infidel . . . the temple of God with idols? . . . Wherefore COME OUT FROM AMONG THEM AND BE YE SEPARATE saith the Lord." (23)

Do these Evangelical leaders accept Apostolic Succession, Papal Infallibility, Transubstantiation, Mary as Intercessor, Salvation only of the Catholic Church, and/or the doctrine of Pergatory? Are any one of these found in the Bible? How can they possibly follow the commands of Scripture and unite with those who hold these unscriptural doctrines? The tragic truth of the matter is this: Whether intentional or not, these "leaders" are leading unsuspecting, undiscerning Christians into promoting the plans of Satan for the One World Church.

In 1990, an organization was formed that has the potential to ignite the flames of ecumenism already present in the "evangelical community" into a raging inferno. This organization is Promise Keepers. Promise Keepers (PK) was birthed into existence by former University of Colorado football coach, Bill McCartney. PK has as its basic premise "to see men become the spiritual leaders in their homes and make a moral impact on their communities" (24). The book, The Seven Promises of a Promise Keeper, goes even further to declare that the book is "for any male who wants to: know his Creator better, be closer to his wife and children, tear down the walls of division, see the entire world come to know God’s love" (25). This all sounds very pious and spiritual. However, based on the rampant ecumenism of our time, red flags should immediately be raised concerning "tear down the walls of division" and "see the entire world come to know God’s love." What are these walls of division? At what point in time is this reference to seeing "the entire world come to know God’s love?"

Found within these two goals of Promise Keepers is a conduit to connect many "evangelicals" and other conservative Christians to the effort to build the One World Church. The second goal, "to see the entire world come to know God’s love," needs to be addressed first. While the Lord Jesus Christ did indeed command His disciples to "go into the whole world and preach the gospel . . ." (Mark 16:15), nowhere does the Bible state that the entire world will know God’s love prior to the Millennial Reign of Christ. There exists a theological belief system among some Evangelicals and Charismatics known as Dominion Theology. This theological system, led by notable Charismatics Pat Robertson, Kenneth Copeland, Kenneth Hagin, and others declares the earth will be ruled by or come under the dominion of the Church.

Some Dominionists believe this will happen prior to the Rapture of the Church, while others believe a Postmillennial concept—a "Spiritual Millennium"—rather than a literal 1000 year reign of Christ on earth (as clearly taught by Scripture). For the purposes of this discussion, the primary danger of Dominion Theology is the embracing of ecumenical movements as the fulfillment of Bible prophecy. This is a major cause for concern with the PK organization. As a matter of fact, while interviewing Bill McCartney, "Pat Robertson suggested that PK is a fulfillment of Bible prophecy" (26). Furthermore, the upper echelons of the PK organization are filled with those from the largely Dominionist, Charismatic Vineyard movement. The current PK president Randy Phillips is a member of the Boulder, Colorado Vineyard Fellowship. The pastor of this church, James Ryle, is a PK Board of Directors member. Bill McCartney is also a member of this fellowship (27). This dangerous Dominionist connection to PK is clearly seen by the goal of to "see the entire world know God’s love." According to Scripture, this goal will not be reached in this present age. Furthermore, this is also the goal of those who seek to build the One World Church (it is not clear which "god" they desire to reveal).

Returning now to the first question (What are these walls of division?), nestled within the answer to this question are the same common denominators previously noted—the Church of Rome and the forsaking of biblical truth for the sake of unity. Therefore, red flags of warning quickly turn to alarm as one continues to inspect the Seven Promises. Promise One refers to a man’s relationship to God. This chapter, written by Jack Hayford, speaks of this relationship. Under the subtitle, "Redeeming Worship," Mr. Hayford relates:

"Redeeming worship centers on the Lord’s Table. Whether your tradition celebrates it as communion, Eucharist, the Mass, or the Lord’s Supper, we are all called to this centerpiece of Christian worship." (28)

This statement reveals the "walls of division" are the walls that separate the Church of Rome and the Orthodox Church from the balance of Christendom. The truth is that the Eucharist and Mass are not equivalent to the Lord’s Supper. The Church of Rome and the Orthodox Church teach that this sacrament is efficacious in and of itself. Furthermore, they believe the bread and wine became the literal body and blood of Christ via an act of alchemy performed by the priest (this is called transubstantiation). The commemoration of the Lord’s Supper is simply what Scripture demands—a memorial service ("this do in remembrance of Me") (29). The Lord’s Supper is IN NO WAY EFFICACIOUS—forgiving no sin of the partaker.

This exposes an attitude of unity at the expense of doctrine. Again, this is a direct violation of Scripture. The PK organization is willing to sacrifice Biblical truth for unity with the Roman Catholic Church. PK also includes Roman Catholics on the PK Board of Directors. Mike Timmis, a Catholic PK board member, prayed at the 10/4/97 Washington rally:

"We recognize that we do have doctrinal differences . . . but Father, we will not let these differences destroy our unity." (30)

This statement echoes the Ecumenical and Charismatic Movements—"Do not let doctrine prevent unity." PK takes the call for unity even further. They have extended their hand to the CULT of Mormonism. They contend that the Mormons believe in Jesus Christ. However, who is the Jesus of Mormonism? Mormonism teaches that Jesus was the elder brother of billions of spirit children born to a god and his wives in some spirit realm. Furthermore, all of humanity consists of his younger brothers and sisters. THIS IS NOT THE JESUS OF THE BIBLE! Yet PK is willing to exercise tolerance in ignoring these "insignificant, petty, miniscule, irrelevant doctrinal differences" in order to join into the bond of unity with Mormons. Lest anyone feel ignored, Reuters News Service reported the PK call for unity was also extended to Louis Farrakhan and his Nation of Islam in the form of an invitation to join the 1997 PK rally in Washington, D.C. (31).

Promise Keepers has many merits. Men certainly need to be the spiritual leaders of their homes and churches. There are those who have become better husbands, fathers, and leaders due to their association with PK. PK does present the gospel, and the gospel needs to be preached to all who will listen. However, the "encounter group psychotherapy" methods and unity at any cost are not biblical principles. The policy of blindly embracing other religious groups that simply "name the name of Jesus" is not sufficient. Jesus himself related that all who call "Lord, Lord" will not enter into heaven (32). In the final analysis, TRUTH MUST BE THE ULTIMATE GOAL—NOT TOLERANCE. M. K. Reynolds, in Foundation magazine noted:

"Separation from, not reconciliation with false teachers is God’s way of preserving the purity and power of the Church."(33)

In the spirit of the Ecumenical and Charismatic Movements, PK has sacrificed doctrine for unity. Doctrine will always divide because truth divides. Hugh Latimer, while burning at the stake, cried out, "Unity must be ordered according to God’s Word, or else it be better war than peace" (34). As the end of the age approaches, this PK policy of unity is creating a bridge from the "Evangelical Community" to the One World Church.

Jesus Christ will return. He will establish His Millennial Kingdom on the earth. Prior to that time, however, the inhabitants of the earth will witness the strongest deception in all of history. The One World Church is a key ingredient to that deception. All religions will worship Antichrist as God (35). The stage is now being set and the siren song of unity is invading every of established religion. Born-again Christians must pray for discernment to fight, not tolerate the ecumenical philosophies of the time. The Church is facing guerilla warfare, and the enemy is not easily identifiable.

The book of Jude instructs the Church "to earnestly contend for the faith" because "there are certain men crept in unawares" (36). I Timothy predicts "that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith" (37). II Timothy warns "that in the last days perilous times shall come . . . (men will have) a form of godliness but denying the power thereof" (38). These passages speak of the deception from within the ranks of the professing Church in the latter days. There is warning here of deceptive "wolves in sheep’s clothing" that will infiltrate the body of believers to turn them from the faith. Jude instructs the true believers to contend for the faith. Does contending for the faith include tolerance of and cooperation with those who deny fundamental doctrines? The conclusion of the matter can be summed up in the simple statement of Timothy:


Born-again Christians are obligated to obey the Great Commission. This includes not only evangelization but also TEACHING:

"Go ye therefore, an TEACH all nations…TEACHING them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you…" (40)

The ECT document prevents evangelization of Roman Catholics. Promise Keepers forbids the teaching of doctrinal truth to Catholics and Mormons so as not to threaten their unscriptural bond of unity. The bridge of the gospel, supported by the foundation of doctrinal truth must be extended to those trapped in false religious systems, while the bridge of unscriptural ecumenical unity must be burned. These are simply the requirements of the Word of God. May God give us courage and discernment to stand for the truth in these perilous times.


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