Shocking news comes out of Navy War planning meeting that Military scenarios have been developed once the Stock Market crashes

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On 16 June 1998, the Navy and Marine Corps were conducting their annual strategy meeting entitled "Current Strategy Forum". This year’s meeting was held at the U.S. Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island. One of the attendees was shocked by one sentence uttered by the Under Secretary of the Navy, simply and only because he knows the New World Order Plan. This one sentence passed right over everyone else’s head, as it will in every instance where a person does not know what the Plan is, or when they realize how close we seem to be in to its final stages.

After speaking for about 30 minutes from his prepared notes, the U.S. Under Secretary of the Navy, the Honorable Jerry MacArthur, then began to answer questions. After answering several questions, Mr. MacArthur made this statement, apparently off the cuff.

"Senior Military Pentagon officials have been working closely with senior officials at Wall Street to perfect several scenarios that could quickly be put into action once Wall Street crashes."

This attendee gasped and looked around the room, to see what the reaction was on the part of the other attendees. Each of them sat in their chair, showing no emotion and no visible reaction. But this man was jumping out of his skin at this revelation, for the following reasons.

We have wondered about this scenario, also, in several of our previous articles. Remember that this planned financial crisis will not be occurring by itself. Rather, this financial crisis will be occurring simultaneously, or concurrently, with other crises, the cumulative effect upon the minds of the people will be so great they will be panicked into allowing their beloved Constitutional Form of Government to be suspending and their freedoms taken away! Obviously, this crisis would have to be severe in the extreme for this to occur. But, this is just the scenario we have in store for us that will usher in the New World Order

  1. Annihilating war in the Middle East between Israel and her Arab neighbors. Western allies have given Israel such an edge in weaponry, and God has promised Israel that she will never again be thrown out of her land, that we believe Israel will overwhelmingly prevail once again. Further, the Muslim Dome of the Rock will be destroyed during the conduct of this war, allowing the Orthodox Jews to rebuild their Temple.
  2. Immediately after hostilities begin in the Middle East, all Arab oil producing nations will announce another Oil Embargo. If terrorists succeed in blowing up other sources of oil supplies, or taking any action that would constrict the amount of oil that can be pumped and delivered, economic confidence would be shaken in all the markets of the world. This action alone could possibly cause the stock markets to crash all over the world.
  3. Arab terrorists may announce they are willing and able to destroy certain American cities with small atomic bombs if America does not end her perennial support for Israel.
  4. The New World Order Plan calls for the initiation of nuclear hostilities on the Korean Peninsula to further panic the peoples of the world. Today, North and South Korea stand toe to toe, eyeball to eyeball. In fact, not too long ago, North Korea declared they were putting their armed forces on war footing. If nuclear war erupts or threatens to erupt, on the Korean Peninsula, at the same time the Middle East is exploding into nuclear war, panic would surely be dramatically heightened.
  5. If a huge natural disaster were to strike America at this time, we would all be more panicked. Since the U.S. Military can deliberately cause earthquakes to occur, in any spot they choose, we find it easy to believe such an earthquake would be possible. If San Francisco, for example, were hit with a 10.0 earthquake, devastating the city, Americans would be horrified to the point of panic.
  6. Since we have been obviously prepared for a global disaster caused by an incoming meteor, we wonder if this scenario might unfold. With today’s sophisticated movie making technology, and the technology of TV News, we would not actually have to have a meteor coming in to hit Earth; rather, all that would be necessary is that people believe a meteor is coming.
  7. New Age authors, like Bill Cooper, in his book, "Behold A Pale Horse", state that, during this panic, aliens flying UFO’s will begin appearing all over the world to "help" us poor humans cope with these multiple crises. In fact, Cooper says that Aliens will concentrate upon giving advice to the key leaders of the nations of the world at this time.
  8. At the end of the war between Israel and her Arab neighbors, Antichrist is scheduled to come striding through the dust and ashes and destruction to announce that he has come to finally bring "Peace and Safety" for all the peoples of the world.

This shocking news as casually declared by the Under Secretary of the Navy, Jerry MacArthur, to those assembled at the "Current Strategy Forum" at the U.S. Naval War College, seems to strongly suggest the time of the End of the Age is truly upon us.

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