Subtitle:  Bill Clinton startled people in his 1992 campaign for the Presidency when he announced that Hillary was going to be a Co-President. Bill explained, "It will be like getting two for the price of one".  While no one really knew what to make of this announcement, occultists knew. The Pagan god and goddess were finally in control of the White House.

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In 1933, a funny looking man with a moustache swayed enough Germans so that he was first elected, and then allowed to rise, to the post of absolute dictatorship -- Adolf Hitler.  But, he was the most popular man in Germany, and remained so until just before Germany collapsed under allied firepower in 1945.  At the very beginning, in 1933, certain White Magic Occultists recognized that Hitler was demonically possessed, and that he was a practitioner of the Black Magick Arts. Their vigorous attempts to warn people absolutely fell on deaf ears.  Nobody believed him, and many of those who refused to believe died in Hitler's Holocaust.  If only more people had believed the warnings that Hitler had a dark, black, demonic side.  Now, in 1998, we are issuing the same type of warnings about Bill and Hillary Clinton.  Listen carefully to our proofs.

Throughout this series of articles on Bill and Hillary Clinton, we have reported on many odd, even weird, things that they have done that just don't make sense to the normal person.  For example, in NEWS1224 , we reported that Hillary had chosen ornaments for her First Lady Blue Room Christmas Tree that could only be described as "pornographic"; certainly, this tree was decorated as untraditional as anyone could have ever imagined.  The normal American would find this event so totally weird that they would just shrug their shoulders, mutter something under their breath, and try to forget about it. But, someone who was involved in the occult world would understand Hillary's actions completely.  Hillary was sending a strong and clear signal to anyone in the occult that she was one of them, and that the White House was firmly under the control of the Illuminists.  But, this is the value of the Cutting Edge Ministries, as we know the occult very well, and we have advisors that are experts in this field.  Thus, we can spot events that would be dismissed by the average person, and correctly peg its true significance.

One of these events that most people simply shrugged off, because it made no sense, is this statement from Bill that Hillary was going to be a "Co-President".  Certainly, the average American had every reason to shake his or her head when they heard Bill say this.  No President in American history had ever given his wife such public build-up or authority.  Most First Ladies have spent their time in public service projects, not in any substantive capacity.  And this is the way the Constitution is written; it provides no authority for the First Lady.  If Americans wanted their First Lady to hold a substantial position of authority, they would need to elect her, so she can be held accountable.

After his Inauguration, Bill Clinton did give Hillary some substantial responsibility on some issues.  For example, Bill made Hillary the head of the task force to draw up a new plan for Health Care.  Not only did Hillary generate considerable angst and anger among members of Congress, but her plan, when finally unveiled, was so radical and so Socialistic, that Congress immediately threw it in the nearest trash can. 

However, Bill demonstrated that he was not kidding when he said Hillary was going to be a Co-President.  Bill did give her a considerable amount of authority within the White House operations, as we discovered in Gary Aldrich's book, "Unlimited Access:  An FBI Agent Inside The Clinton White House".  We shall quote often from this book, as it again reveals the hidden occultism of Bill and Hillary.  We must understand this occultism if we are to hope to understand the events that are occurring, that will occur, and the times in which we are living.

We will demonstrate that things which Aldrich observed -- while it made no sense to him -- certainly makes sense from an occultic point of view.  This whole idea of a "Co-Presidency" makes excellent sense to an occultist, since it corresponds perfectly with their religious beliefs as to how the entire world is operating.  Occultists believe that the world cannot operate without "balance" in Nature.  There are many ways in which the occultist depicts this belief.

The Ying Yang symbol is one of the most important symbol in which occultists demonstrate their belief of the "balance" in Nature.  We depict two such symbols, below, for you.  Each of these symbols correctly divide the world into two equal parts, thus ensuring "balance".

Another way of expressing this "balance" in Nature is by the Male/Female Principle.  Obviously, the Male is the opposite of the Female, and both are inherently equal.  Thus, occult lore teaches that the Male god will rule the world for six months of the year, and the Female goddess will rule the world for the other six months.  Thus, the Male god will rule from September 21 to March 21, while the Female goddess will rule from March 21 to September 21.  This dividing of the rulership maintains the "balance" of Nature.  Most occultists call this type of "balanced" rule the "Rule of the God and Goddess".  The picture on the left demonstrates perfectly this type of dual rulership, as both the Male and Female occupy the same level of throne.  The Male is not higher than the Female; in fact, if you look closely, you can see them touching each other in obvious affection. But, notice that there is only one throne, even though each is wearing the same type of ruling headdress as the other.  Obviously, this pose was taken during the six months of the year when the Male god is ruling. This is the ideal situation as far as the occultist is concerned, because things are in "balance".

When Bill Clinton made his statement that Hillary was going to be "Co-President", this is exactly the scenario he had in mind, exactly the scenario Hillary had in mind, and exactly what each trained occultist in America had in mind.  Each occultist would know that, finally, the American Presidency was to be ruled with a Pagan god and goddess, ruling in "balance", or "duality".  The average American just did not know it yet.

Now, let us examine some specific ways in which this rule of the Male god and Female goddess took concrete form in the Clinton White House.  Again, we are indebted to former FBI Agent, Gary Aldrich, for professionally observing the events we are about to relate to you.  Remember, FBI agents are considered to be the most well trained investigators in the world.  Not only are they trained to thoroughly observe even the most minute detail in a crime scene, but they are trained to faithfully commit these observations to paper so that their later testimony in court will be faithful and believable.  FBI agents are also trained to be non-partisan, since they are likely to serve Presidents of both parties during their tenure. 

Listen now to Aldrich, in his book, "Unlimited Access" An FBI Agent Inside The Clinton White House", as he discloses "weird" behavior that he could not make heads or tails of, but which are perfectly indicative of the Pagan rule of the Male god and the Female goddess.  Gary's quotes will be in black, while our comments will be in blue, and the comments from  Former Illuminist Witch, Doc Marquis, will be in red.

"The Clintons are not as they appear to be ..." [p. xiv; Aldrich sums up the problem succinctly!]

1).  "Hillary was referred to as 'Mrs. President', a co-president." [p. 87-88] "Duality of ruler ship, AKA, the god and goddess"  The word was out in the White House and in Congress that Hillary was Mrs. President, a Co-President.  Even Democratic Senator Carol Mosely-Braun referred to Hillary as "Mrs. President".

2)  Aldrich recalls the conversation he had with "Frank the Framer", whose job it was to frame the jumbo pictures of each new, incoming President and Vice-President, to be hung in several places within the White House office complex. These jumbo portraits of the President and his Vice-President signified the Constitutional reality, that the White House specifically, and the Executive Branch generally, were being managed by these two elected men.

In the very early days of the Clinton Presidency, early 1993, Aldrich came upon Frank getting ready to frame the jumbo portraits and then hang them.

"As a testimony to his fine work, his walls were lined with personally signed photographs of Reagan, Bush, their chiefs of staff, and other senior officials ranging from cabinet secretaries to directors of agencies. [Frank greeted Aldrich as he walked up to him].

'There he is, Mr. FBI.'

'Hi ya, Frank. Hi, Roland.  How are you guys doing?  Busy?'

'Are we busy?  Man, don't ask.  Look at this.'

"Frank pointed to a huge stack of unmounted jumbos of the president.  I walked over and flipped one right-side up so that I could have a look.  It was a very good portrait of Bill Clinton. 'Do you have to mount these?' "

'Yeah, sure, and of course, it all has to be done yesterday as usual.'

"I looked down through the stack.  'Where is Al Gore?  I don't see any of the vice president.'

"Frank grinned.  He pointed over to another part of his shop where there was another stack of pictures. 'Take a look at those.'  I walked over and flipped one right-side up.  But it wasn't Al Gore, it was Hillary Clinton. 'Frank, seriously, don't you have any of the vice president?'

'Nope.  Not a one.  These all have to be framed right away -- and then we have to hang them, together .'

"In the weeks that followed the inauguration, almost every office received a giant picture of Bill and Hillary Clinton.  But in offices that had some connection to Hillary Clinton, there were few, if any, pictures of the president.  Al Gore did get some jumbos, but they were restricted almost entirely to the vice president's offices."

"In all of the administrations that I had been a part of, going back to Nixon, the president's and the vice president's pictures hung side by side in federal buildings and in American embassies .... But, to have no picture of the vice president sent an obvious message." [p. 33-34; Emphasis in the original.]

Boy, Aldrich was more right than he ever knew!  These jumbo pictures of Hillary Clinton hanging side by side with jumbo pictures of Bill sent a message to every occultist that the American Presidency was now firmly and officially in the hands of Illuminist occultists.  Bill and Hillary were to reign as the god and goddess; only the average American was not to be told just yet. 

Did Agent Aldrich get the right message, even though he certainly asked the right question?  No, he didn't.  His answer as to what kind of "obvious message" these jumbo pictures sent was, "Al Gore was just a pretty face".

3)  "Another permanent staffer tried to explain to him that Hillary was not like any normal first lady preceeding her. 'When 'Queen Hillary' walks down the hall, you're not supposed to look at her. You're actually supposed to go into an office if there is one nearby. She doesn't want staff 'seeing her. Look around; do you see anyone in the halls?'. [p. 89]

" 'Queen' is the rank of senior witch over a coven." We shall return back to this strange demand by Hillary that people not look at her, but dive into a room until she passes by, in another article; howver, no Queen of a witches coven wants to be "seen" by her inferior witches.  For a coven, this is proper protocol!  For the White House, such behavior seems strange to those people who either are not witches or who were workers under previous Administrations.  But, an occultist would have no trouble understanding this behavior.

4)  "Another new staff person tried to open a door for Hillary in the White House, as she was carrying bulky packages that were obviously very heavy. Just before he was going to reach the door to hold it open for Hillary, another staffer warned him not to help her. When Hillary was safely away, the staffer told Dennis that Hillary insisted that no man should assist her in any way ." [p. 90; Emphasis added]

"The goddess is above the god in the occult, no matter what anyone may believe. Hence the sexist mentality."

Very few people understand how deeply rooted in the occult the American Feminist Movement truly is.  In the occult, the goddess rules as "first among equals" over the god.  Even though the god and goddess share equally the rule of the planet, a goddess will almost always reign supreme in a coven.  Why is this so?  Because the Bible stipulates that, even though men and women are spiritually equal before God, in this era, God has given the authority to the man.  Since Satan always will do the opposite of what God does, his organization reflects goddess predominance over the god.  In this case, Hillary would not accept Bill's help in opening that door, so she surely would not accept the help of a regular male staffer.

5)  "President Clinton let his wife choose his lawyers for him. He certainly seemed to have no qualms about having her choose much of his staff and run much of the government for him as well." [p. 92]

"Why not?! She was a lawyer and an Illuminist who outranked him."

Once again, we see that Hillary Clinton has been given certain areas of the White House administration over which she ruled.  The only reason Hillary does not publicly share the official duties, responsibilities, and decision-making authority with Bill is that both of them know the American public is simply not ready yet.  We are not yet sufficiently conditioned to accept the Occult that we would allow such a public Co-Presidency.

6)  "... as co-president, Hillary not only ran the domestic side of the White House, she ran domestic policy as well ... But Mrs. Clinton was also the de facto White House counsel and director of presidential personnel, selecting and clearing staff ... the president generally kept a low profile in the staffing and management of the White House. I saw no evidence of a power struggle between the president and the first lady. The power was all hers. The president's role seemed limited to taking the blame." [p. 92; emphasis added]

"Duality of occult authority is being clearly manifested."

We can only echo the comment made in paragraph 5, above. Notice Aldrich's comments that Bill "kept a low profile".  Not only is Bill being respectful of Hillary's authority, he is keeping his head down, because Hillary outranks him in Witchcraft, according to Former Illuminist Witch, Doc Marquis.  Remember, "it takes one to know one".  As a former Illuminist Witch, Doc Marquis instantly recognized that Bill and Hillary were Illuminist Witches, but he recognized that Hillary outranked Bill by at least one level.

7) "And Hillary ... had an affirmative action program that favored tough, minority, and lesbian women, as well as weak, minority, and gay men. It was also apparent that when Hillary wanted a candidate, character issues were brushed aside." [p. 93]

"The preeminence of the goddess over the god, during her six months of the year."

Doc was responding to the last sentence of the two above.  When Bill and Hillary clashed over the selection of a candidate for a particular office, Hillary invariably won.  This fact clearly demonstrates that Hillary outranked Bill.  However, I want to focus on the first sentence, above.  Hillary chose staff people on the basis of her preferences as a witch.  She gave preference to women over men.  But, beyond that, Hillary chose the tough lesbian woman most of the time.  When Hillary did hire men, they were gay men who were weak and effeminate.  In other words, Hillary chose women with the personality of tough men, and she chose men with the feminine side.  This type of preference would be normal for a witch!

Let us hear Aldrich describe another observation of the type of people Hillary hired.

"There was an unusual quality to the Clinton staff that set it far apart from the Bush Administration. It was the shape of their bodies. In the Clinton Administration, the broad-shouldered, pants-wearing women and the pear-shaped, bowling-pin men blurred distinction between the sexes." [p. 30]

Doc's response was,  "Typical representation of the duality of the god and goddess of the occult."

    8) "... choosing the attorney general was Hillary's prerogative. Hillary had been told that Baird and Wood had problems, but she didn't care. She wanted them, and that was that." [p. 94]

    Once again, we see that Bill defers regularly to Hillary in choosing candidates for office.  This fact also explains the Bill Clinton tendency not to vigorously fight for a candidate once they get into trouble in their confirmation battle.  Since Bill did not choose this candidate, he does not feel strongly about whether they get nominated.  But, it goes a little deeper than this, does it not?  Bill probably had lost a battle with Hillary over the choosing of the candidate in the first place; therefore, when she gets into trouble in the nominating process, Bill can club Hillary oved the head with the failure!

    Believe me, this type of thing happens quite regularly.  Thus, we can better understand the next observation made by Agent Aldrich.  "The Clintons and their staff did not have a reputation for being good listeners, but they did have a reputation for losing their tempers. The president and Mrs. Clinton, especially, were frequently observed flying into rages at each other or staffers." [p. 94; emphasis added]  If any of you have any illusions that Bill and Hillary truly love each other, you can think again right now.  Hillary is angry that her rightful rulership over Bill cannot be publically manifested, because she knows the American public will not tolerate it.  Bill is frustrated because his dream of being President is constantly being undermined by a wife who outranks him in the occult.  Consequently, for the first reported time in the American Presidency, the White House staff are regularly treated to episodes of rage between Bill and Hillary, and between either Bill or Hillary, toward the staff.

    9)  "On January 20, 1992, Day of Inauguration:  After taking the oath, Bill and Hillary Clinton were taken to a holding room in the Capitol building. Minutes passed while everyone waited for bill and Hillary to emerge to commence the inaugural festivities. A Capitol Hill police officer was ordered to inform the Clintons that everyone was ready and waiting. The Policeman knocked and opened the door of the holding room. He immediately shut it, beating a hasty retreat. Hillary Clinton was screaming at her husband in what was described as 'uncontrolled and unbridled fury'."

    Let us stop right here to digest what we have learned thus far.  Hillary was screaming at Bill in "uncontrolled and unbridled fury".  She was doing this on a day which she should have respected as being very, very special to her husband, as he had just taken the oath of office.  Furthermore, Bill and his wife were about to walk out to a State official dinner and party where both of them should want to be on their best behavior.  Do you want to know about what they were fighting about?  Hillary was adamant that she should be able to occupy the Vice President's office!  Al Gore could just go to the Old Office Executive Building! Once again, we clearly see that Hillary fully saw herself as "Co-President".  Further, since she outranked Bill in the Occult, she knew she really should have been the President, not Bill.

    But, at the very least, she wanted that Vice President's office, and was enraged to a supernatural degree against Bill.  How enraged was she?  We shall let Aldrich tell you.

    "The Capitol Hill Police and the Secret Service quickly conferred about intervening if it appeared the president's life might be threatened by the first lady! The question before them, was 'How much physical abuse is too much physical abuse?' "

    Wow!  Hillary was obviously so mad she was physically attacking Bill!  In fact, she was attacking him so savagely that the trained Capitol Hill Police and Secret Service agents recognized that she just might kill him! This is the kind of supernatural savagery typical of an Illuminist Witch, but totally unseen by these law enforcement professionals.  This scene precisely proves our point on several assertions.  First, it proves that Hillary knows she outranks Bill, and since he was evidently not fighting back, he must recognize her authority, as well.  Secondly, such a scenario demonstrates that Bill and Hillary are deeply into the occult.  Listen to Marquis' reaction: 

    This is Indicative of demonic possession. This type of absolute demon inspired fury is very typical of someone who is thoroughly into the occult.  By Illuminati perspective, she should have her own office, since she outranked him as a 4th level witch." [Bill is a 3rd level witch]

    10)  "Hillary is the one to talk to, trust me .... she's the only one who can change things." [Craig Livingstone, Senior White House Staff Member, Head of Security,  p. 83]

    "On an occult level, she is the only one who can change things. This is possibly true on a governmental level also considering her occult rank."

    Once again, we have the confirmation, from the highest levels of government, that Hillary really runs the show at the White House.  If anyone within the White House had a problem, they knew they had to go to Hillary.  Again, this is confirmation that Marquis is right; Hillary is the Pagan goddess, Bill is the Pagan god, and Hillary is at a higher occult level than is Bill!

     In conclusion, you can only truly understand the drama being played out in our Daily News if you understand the occult spiritual nature of Bill and Hillary Clinton.  At this End of the Age, God has allowed Satan to place one of his own on the seat of power in the American Presidency.  We have an Illuminist god and goddess ruling at 1600 Pensylvania Avenue.  The evidence is overwhelming.  If you do not believe it, it is only because you do not want to believe it.

    But, for those of you who do accept this occult reality in the White House, you can easily see how this development has HUGE significance in the soon appearance of Antichrist.  A man who is an Illuminist just like Antichrist will be, is now in power, along with his wife, in America.  This development is HUGE !!

    Now, you know why God said, in Daniel 12:10b, that only those people who were in right standing with Him shall even know the truth about what is happening to the world in these Last Days!  And, now you can understand the awful truth revealed in this verse, that those people who are not willing or able to look at events through the prism of Scripture and prophecy, will be absolutely unable to understand what is going on.  Listen to God's Words:  "... the wicked shall do wickedly. And none of the wicked shall understand ..."   

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