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Subtitle:  In complete accordance with Masonic doctrine, former Demolay member, Bill Clinton, is acquitted from all charges. We could expect nothing less from one Mason to another. Masonic obligations demand such action.

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NEWS BRIEF: "Clinton Acquitted By An Angry Senate: Neither Impeachment Article Gains Majority Vote", The Star-Ledger of New Jersey, Saturday, February 13, 1999, p. 1, 6.


WASHINGTON -- The Senate yesterday acquitted William Jefferson Clinton of high crimes and misdemeanors, preserving a presidency indelibly tarnished by scandal, but unshakably sustained by public approval. Clinton, condemned even by senators who had voted to keep him in office, survived only the second presidential impeachment trial in history as the Senate rejected two articles charging him with perjury and obstruction of justice in attempting to conceal his sexual relationship with White House intern Monica Lewinsky."

" 'It is, therefore, ordered and adjudged that the said William Jefferson Clinton be, and he is hereby, acquitted of the charges in said articles', Chief Justice William Rehnquist declared following the second and final vote. With those words came the end of the historic impeachment drama that paralyzed the political system, tried the patience of a scandal-weary public, and brought the Clinton presidency to the brink of constitutional demise."

We predicted this turn of events about 8 months ago, in NEWS1233, "Are You Ready For Clinton's Exoneration?". We had considered the New World Order Plan, considered Clinton's role in it, and considered the part of the Plan to deliberately create scandals in the previous form of government. After considering all these factors, we concluded that the Plan would have Clinton getting off scot-free for felonies that he had publicly admitted to doing. Thus, the conservatives in America, who feel most deeply about our government, about Absolute Right and Wrong, and about Justice, would become discouraged about our Constitutional form of Government. When the planned crises hit, these conservatives would find themselves doubting our present form of government, and might be open to a strong declaration from the god-man Antichrist to abolish the Constitution, replacing it with himself. The Liberal voter out there has no deep moorings to our Constitution, and would not be hard to convince that we need to abolish our current system of government.


 President Clinton has just been acquitted of all impeachment charges against him, by a 50-49 vote no less. Because even a simple majority of Senators had not been reached, the President will be considered Not Guilty. This scenario is a far cry from the one envisioned by many just a few weeks ago, when most people thought the Senate would vote against him with 60 votes, short of the 67 votes needed to remove him from office, but a clear sign that the Senate viewed his actions as guilty, or at least reprehensible.

However, this scenario did not occur, as several Republican Senators "defected" within just a couple of days before the final vote. In past articles, we have stated that this entire Impeachment process was a charade, an act. We quote Peter Lemesurer, in his book, The Armageddon Script, where he speaks exactly in these terms. Let us reexamine his quote here, for it has great relevance.

"Their script is now written, subject only to last-minute editing and stage-directions; The stage itself, albeit as yet in darkness, is almost ready; Down in the pit, the subterranean orchestra is already tuning up; The last-minute, walk-on parts are even now being filled; Most of the main actors, one suspects, have already taken up their roles. Soon it will be time for them to come on stage, ready for the curtain to rise. The time for action will have come." [Page 253, published in 1981].

Anyone who thinks the events in Washington, D.C., were spontaneous, or that Senators truly voted their "convictions" are sadly wrong, and they will never understand the dramatic play that is being played out in their Daily News. President Clinton was exonerated because the Plan for the coming New World Order called for him to be exonerated, as we have said in many previous articles.


However, we have discovered an interesting link we had not previously noted before. We have learned that Bill Clinton was in Demolay when he was in high school; we have further learned that many key leaders in the Senate were high-ranking Freemasons. This interesting "coincidence" brings us to the pledges Masons take regarding charges against fellow Masons.

Consider the three steps of pledges applicable to this case.


  1. When a Mason is taking the oath of the 3rd Degree, he promises to conceal all crimes committed by a fellow Mason, except those of treason and murder. [Malcom Duncan, Duncan's Ritual of Freemasonry, New York, David McKay Co., p. 94] I find these two exceptions very odd, since Masons have always been committed to the abolishment of individual nation states in favor of a global government. If you look up "treason" in any dictionary, you will discover that the parameters of treason are taking action that is detrimental to one's own country. As far as murder is concerned, a Mason admits to no absolute right or wrong [Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma, p. 37, 165, 223]
  2. At the 7th Degree, the Mason promises that he "will assist a Companion Royal Arch Mason when I see him engaged in any difficulty, and will espouse his cause so far as to extricate him from the same, whether he be right or wrong." [Ibid., p. 230] \

Now, we are getting very close to the truth of the matter here. Mason Trent Lott [32nd Degree] sees fellow Mason, President Bill Clinton, in trouble over a silly little thing like Perjury and Obstruction of Justice. Since Lott took this pledge to assist a fellow Mason, "whether he be right or wrong", he is obligated to assistant Bill Clinton. "whether he be right or wrong".

Furthermore, Bill Clinton is a powerful Illuminist witch, and has long ago been selected to lead America into the coming New World Order. As we noted in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, the Plan calls for many scandals to break forth in the previous types of government, so much so that people are wearied to death of it all. [See NEWS1214 for full details of this part of the Plan]


3. At the 13th Degree, Masons take the oath to conceal all crimes, including Murder and Treason. Listen to Dr. C. Burns, quoting Masonic author, Edmond Ronayne. "You must conceal all the crimes of your Brother Masons … and should you be summoned as a witness against a Brother Mason, be always sure to shield him … It may be perjury to do this, it is true, but you're keeping your obligations." [Dr. C. Burns, Masonic and Occult Symbols, Illustrated, p. 224]

    Therefore, whenever any Mason was considering testimony in this whole sordid mess, they were obligated to keep Bill Clinton from being found guilty and removed from office. Certainly, 32nd Degree Mason, Trent Lott, was obligated to keep Bill Clinton from harm, and his position as the Majority Leader of the Senate gave him a unique opportunity to do just that.

    We have also learned that, when President Clinton was humiliated in the 1994 Congressional elections, where the Democrats suffered loss of both houses of Congress for the first time in about 4 decades, Trent Lott came to his aid. National columnist, David Bresnahan, told me over the phone that Trent Lott recommended to Clinton that he hire Lott's expert media manipulator, Dick Morris. Morris is recognized, on both sides of the political spectrum, as being a real genius in figuring out how to "spin" any issue. Why would Republican Trent Lott be so interested in helping out Democrat Bill Clinton? Part of the answer is that both men are equally committed to the New World Order, but another answer can be found in this fact, that both men are Masons.



      1. Senator Trent Lott [Republican] is a 32nd Degree Mason. Lott is Majority Leader of the Senate
      2. Jesse Helms, Republican, 33rd Degree
      3. Strom Thurmond, Republican, 33rd Degree
      4. Robert Byrd, Democrat, 33rd Degree. Byrd was the Senator who caused such a stir a few days before the actual vote, because he said that he felt the House Prosecutors had proven their case against Clinton, and said he felt Clinton was guilty as charged. He said he was, therefore, having "trouble" with his vote. During the actual vote, however, Byrd voted to acquit, along with every other Democrat. The Democrats showed incredible Party-line strength, as you will see when we get to the next section, below.
      5. Conrad Burns, Republican
      6. John Glenn, Democrat
      7. Craig Thomas, Democrat
      8. Michael Enzi,
      9. Ernest Hollings, Democrat
      10. Richard Bryan
      11. Charles Grassley

    Additionally, Robert Livingstone, Republican Representative, is a Freemason also. Livingstone was temporarily selected as replacement for Newt Gingrich as Speaker of the House, until it was revealed that he, too, had cheated on his wife.  Livingstone stepped down the next day.



    Several years ago, I chuckled at the announcement by Dr. James Dobson, that he had made a terribly upsetting discovery during the time he and several Christian organizations were fighting on Capitol Hill for outlawing Abortion on Demand. In the course of his fight, Dobson discovered that most votes, and especially votes on key issues, are fixed.


    In a controversial issue, those congressmen or senators in districts that were strongly in favor of a particular piece of legislation were allowed to vote Dr. Dobson's way. However, those representatives whose districts were more liberal, or were "safe", were told they must vote against the bill. Dr. Dobson discovered the dirty little secret that a very few leaders in Congress absolutely control the vote on any issue.

    In this Impeachment Trial, we can certainly see evidence that Senators and Congressmen were voting along predictable lines. The vote in the House of Representatives was strictly "along party lines", thus giving the Democrats additional ammunition to argue in the Liberal Press, that Clinton is being railroaded by extremists on the Far Right. The vote in the Senate was similarly predictable, even to the point where less than half the Senators voted to impeach on Perjury charges, even though Clinton admitted he had lied under oath on two separate occasions. Finally, the vote to convict on the Obstruction of Justice charge fell one vote short of a majority; isn't this convenient? The fact that a majority was not reached on either impeachment charge has allowed Clinton to be declared "acquitted".  If the Senate had voted 51 votes in favor of guilty rather than just 50 votes in the second article of impeachment, the law would have declared Clinton officially guilty, but not removed from office.  Now, Clinton is acquitted, which means he is innocent in the eyes of the law.

    Now, Clinton will further be able to make the claim that he was railroaded by an extremist Republican fringe group on the Far Right. We might even find that we Christians are singled out for "blame" in this entire sorry episode.  I tell you truthly, Fundamental American Christians are steadily and gradually separated out of the rest of society in much the same way the Nazi propagandists separated out the Jew from 1933-1939, blaming them for most of the ills of society.  When Hitler was ready to move against the Jews in 1938-9, he had properly prepared the rest of German society to tolerate the persecution.  We are at the same fork in the road in America today.  Just begin to notice how many times you see some mention somewhere of the "Radical Christian Right".  These are labeling words of the Liberal propagandist, preparing the rest of American society to fear, and even loathe, us.  Our time of persecution draws nigh, even physical persecution.  America is on a parallel path to Germany.

    However, be that as it may, we can clearly see the Masonic handwriting on the wall, guaranteeing Bill Clinton his victory. We predict Clinton will be more powerful than ever before, and much more dangerous to our personal safety and freedoms.


    Truly, the End of the Age is upon us.  Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

    If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, but have been very lukewarm in your spiritual walk with Him, you need to immediately ask Him for forgiveness and for renewal. He will instantly forgive you, and fill your heart with the joy of the Holy Spirit. Then, you need to begin a daily walk of prayer and personal Bible Study.

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