Subtitle: The spokesman for the INS Border Patrol Union reports that Asian men and other "non-Hispanics" were observed in the area when Mexican soldiers were firing on U.S. Border Patrol Agents.  Illuminati Plans state that Chinese soldiers are to patrol from Panama Canal to just north of Los Angeles.  Are Chinese troops getting in place?

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NEWS BRIEF:  "Official Border Inquiry Closed With Charges of Cover-up", by Scott Gulbransen, Strategic Jungle, 11/4/00, http://www.strategicjungle.com/scott/1104sg.html

"SAN DIEGO - The official inquiry of the October 24 incident in which U.S. Border Patrol agents were fired upon by what appeared to Mexican soldiers has been closed with no new light shed on why or how the incident occurred. Late yesterday, Border Patrol officials said there was no evidence that showed the agents were fired on and that Mexican soldiers crossed into the United States."

HOWEVER -----------------------

National Border Patrol Council Local 1613, who called for an investigation by the U.S. and Mexican governments, again reiterated their side of the story saying the incident was very real but for some reason the governments of both nations refuse to truly investigate it. 'The agents stick by their account of the incidents and they truly felt their lives were in danger,' said Keith Weeks, vice president of NBPCL 1613. 'We are all very disappointed that our own government refuses to see the severity of this incident."

"To Weeks and his agents, there's no question the INS is hiding something."

Now, what could the Immigration and Naturalization Service be hiding that is so important they will lie through their teeth in denying to the American people that American Border Guards were dodging real bullets?  We all know that the Clinton-Gore Administration has proven itself to be the most dedicated Illuminist Administration in history.  We all know that Clinton-Gore are doing everything in the conduct of their offices that the Illuminati Plan calls for them to do at this particular moment in history.

But, why lie like this, when the lives of your own men are at stake?

"The agency is making an attempt to minimize the incident and aim suspicion at our agents," he [Keith Weeks] said. 'They're not admitting there is a danger here for all U.S. agents for some unknown reason' ... A Border Patrol agent, who has spoken to the Strategic Jungle Syndicate on the condition of anonymity, was upset when learning of what he described as a 'political white-wash'. He offered no further comment and hung up the phone quickly."

"An official Border Patrol evidence crew scoured the area, located in Copper Canyon near the Otay Mesa port of entry, and said they found no shell casings or other proof to validate the story. Still, the agents and Weeks believe a cover-up has occurred and no one can offer answers why."

I find it highly interesting that Border Patrol agents who were on the scene are adamant that a fire-fight did occur, and that now a "political white-wash" was under way, involving both the United States' and Mexican governments.  We all know that the Clinton Administration has proven itself to be most adept in carrying out a political white-wash.

But, then, Scott Gulbransen delivers the devastating news, toward the end of the article.  After quoting Virginia Kice, a local spokesperson for the Immigration and Naturalization Service's Western region, where she officially denied any such shoot-out occurred, Gulbransen wrote that Asians and other non-Hispanics had been observed in the area!  Listen:

"Kice would not comment on eyewitness reports that Asian soldiers and others of non-Hispanic descent were in the area as well ... answers to why this happened, and to accounts that claim Asian and perhaps other soldiers were also in the area, have fallen on deaf ears."

Asian soldiers were observed accompanying the Mexican soldiers?  Could this possibly mean Chinese soldiers? If Chinese soldiers were accompanying Mexican soldiers in this shoot-out, then the Illuminist Plan for the Military Patrol of the United States is on track and on schedule.

We have written about an Illuminist plan to so eliminate national sovereignty that today's nations have been replaced by military patrol areas.  In 1952, in London, the Illuminati sponsored a meeting to re-draw the world into military regions after the One-World Government had been established.  In the early 1920's, Russian Communist leaders learned a very valuable lesson:  they learned that ethnic troops could not be depended upon to be brutal to their own people .  Therefore, Russian Communists devised a plan whereby Muslim Russian troops would be stationed in non-Muslim areas, and vice versa.  Therefore, troops would have no difficulty oppressing, jailing, and murdering people not their own.  As you will shortly see, this plan applies these lessons worldwide. 

We have much to fear, as you will see in just a few moments.

In 1952, the World Association of Parliamentarians for World Government decided which areas of the world would be occupied and patrolled by which troops. These worldwide forces would be commanded by a World Director, who would have an organization of 8 zone directors and 51 regional directors.  No regional director would ever be responsible for his own country, and no military troops would ever be stationed within his own country. [This information taken from the National Economic Council of New York City, 1962]

As we reported in NEWS1270, American troops were assigned to six (6) areas of the world, including Yugoslavia, Greece, Albania, Romania, and Bulgaria -- the Balkans Region [NOTE: Serbia, Bosnia- Herzegovina, Croatia, and Macedonia were originally part of Yugoslavia.]  This territory was assigned the number 55.  Now, you know that the "little" war in Bosnia, Serbia, and Herzegovina was a ruse to get Americans on the ground in that part of the world to which they had been assigned in 1952.

But what about America?  Has this wonderful country -- the land of Liberty -- been carved up into "military patrol" sections?  You bet it has, and every President since Eisenhower has known of this plan and has done his part in moving the country to this goal.  America was to be divided into five (5) areas, with Los Angeles down to the the Panama Canal being part of another military patrol area, a sixth area.


Let us now examine the troops that are to be stationed in North America according to this 1952 plan. View map.

1.  Northeast -- Colombian and Venezuelan troops

2.  Southern America all the way to California -- Russian troops. The line begins at Virginia and goes straight West to the border of California.

3.  Midwest -- Belgian troops

4.  Northwest, including California -- Irish troops

5.  Canada -- Mongolian [Chinese] and Russian troops

6.  Mexico -- Mongolian [Chinese] troops.  I find it highly interesting that the Mexico portion over which the Chinese are to exercise control includes San Diego, California!  In fact, this area might extend all the way to Los Angeles.

Foreign troops would be in total control of the entire North American continent.  No sizeable American troops would be allowed in this country.  Then, what needs to happen to the 1,146,959 American troops now stationed in this country?  They will either have to be disbanded or deployed overseas.  We believe this will occur rapidly as American troops respond to the combined crises in the Middle East, Korea, and China.  Once American troops are emptied out of this country by these crises, and our cities explode in riot -- as is planned -- then foreign troops would be "invited" in.

Now, you know the significance of our Border Guards seeing "Asian" and other "non-Hispanics" in the area with the Mexican soldiers, firing on our guards.  Why they opened fire is anyone's guess; the most likely scenario is that a drug deal or some other highly illegal activity was taking place in that vicinity and the Mexican soldiers did not want our guards to see it.

When the United States gave up control over the Panama Canal, the Chinese moved right in to control it.  Thus, we know the Chinese are in this general area given them to patrol the territory assigned them in this 1952 Illuminist Plan.  But, now we know the Chinese are evidently in the Mexico area, right up on our border!

Truly, the Illuminist Plan is on track, and on time.

Both Republican and Democrat parties are equally committed to the New World Order, so there is no one to turn to in this crisis.  My sense of the whole matter is that the world does not have long until Antichrist is on the world scene.  His appearance is the core goal of the Illuminati Plan, and all key leaders of the world are working in tandem to bring his appearance about -- America, Europe, Russia, China, Israel.

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