Subtitle: Author Rowling uses the most vivid colors imaginable in her Harry Potter novels.  These colors are discovered to originate from the old Satanic Druid religion, and play a significant role in Ritual Magic.  This discovery is proof positive of the Satanism of Harry Potter novels, but its effect on your child will shock you!

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When I originally read J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter books, I was amazed at her intimate, arcane [old] knowledge of Satanism in general, and witchcraft in particular, which she exhibited in her books.  Contrary to her oft-repeated denials of active participation in Witchcraft, her books weave a remarkably accurate portrait of witchcraft in action.

The one issue on which I was puzzled was her use of vivid colors.  She uses such unique colors, and they gave such a unique flavor to her novels, I felt in my inner heart that she was using them with a specific purpose, or drawing them from a specific source.  Originally, I believed it possible that she might be using colors which were Mind Control triggers, so I asked Cisco Wheeler to review them in this light.  Cisco is a former practitioner in Black Magick Witchcraft, and has co-authored several books on Illuminati Mind Control.  Cisco reported back that these colors were not Mind Control triggers.

Then, a few weeks ago, I bought a book called The Pagan Book of Days , by Nigel Pennick, a foremost practitioner of White Magic Witchcraft.  This book was recommended to me by a person whose family has been generationally Roman Catholic.  She felt this book would enable me to better understand Roman Catholicism.  Basically, Pennick reviews the pagan calendars commonly in use today, and then details each pagan holiday and high holy day.


On page 23, Pennick begins discussing the Celtic Tree Calendar , and its importance in that pagan religion.  Pennick revealed that the "Celtic tree calendar is based on ogham, the ancient Irish and British tree alphabet ... each letter has a  corresponding tree and [sacred] color" and a sacred birthstone.  When I looked at the vivid colors associated  with the individual letters of this alphabet, and the accompanying sacred birthstones, I realized I had discovered from whence Rowling had drawn her inspiration!


From The Pagan Book of Days, by Nigel Pennick





Luis (Rowan)

Gray -- p. 27

21 Jan - 17 Feb


Nuin (Ash)

Clear, like glass -- p. 37

18 Feb-17 Mar


Fearn (Alder)

Crimson -- p. 46

18 Mar - 14 Apr


Saille (Willow)

Bright -- p. 57

15 Apr - 12 May


Huath (Hawthorn)

Purple -- p. 66

13 May - 9 June


Duir (Oak)

Black -- p. 75

10 June -- 7 July


Tinne (Holly)

Dark Gray-Green

8 July - 4 August


Coll (Hazel)

Brown -- p. 93

5 Aug - 1 Sept


Muin (Vine)

Variegated Colors

2-29 Sept


Gort (Ivy)


30 Sept - 27 Oct


Ngetal (Reed)


28 Oct - 24 Nov


Ruis (Elder)

Turquoise Blue

25 Nov - 22 Dec


Beth (Birch)


24 Dec - 20 Jan


As you can see from this table, the Celts [Druids] divided the year into 13 periods, Satan's number of rebellion.  Each period has a tree, a sacred color, and a sacred precious birthstone.  Notice the very vivid colors assigned to some of these periods; we shall study how they relate to the colors Rowling uses in Harry Potter

Pennick's book also listed the 12 signs of the Zodiac and their "correspondences".  Lo and behold, each Zodiac sign also was assigned a sacred color and precious stone.


















Dark Blue





























































Let us review some of these colors in Potter, relating them back to either the sacred color or to the sacred birthstone of either the Celtic Tree Calendar or the Zodiac.  You will see that it is from these Satanic sources that Rowling drew her inspiration for her colors.


Colors Used:

1.  Green -- is Satan's favorite color, typified by copper, Satan's favorite metal because it is bright and shiny on the surface, while soft and corruptible inside. When subjected to the outside elements, it turns green; therefore, copper has been the favorite metal of occultists the world over, because it is the favorite color of their god, Lucifer.

Thus, we see that the one Potter fraternity house totally given over to the Black Arts, Slytherin, has adopted green as its color. [P. 184]  Harry's eyes are green [p. 20] When Harry begins to have flashbacks to the time when his parents were killed by the powerful curse of evil Lord Voldemort, he distinctly remembers that a flash of green light had exploded upon him; but instead of killing him, the curse just burned the lightening bolt permanently in his forehead. [p. 29]

After rescuing Harry from the clutches of that stupid, ugly Muggle, Uncle Vernon, Hagrid the giant gave Harry a cake for his 11th Birthday.  The cake said "Happy Birthday Harry"  in green icing. [p. 48]  When the goblin opens the vault door in which Harry's money is stored, "a lot of green smoke came billowing out ..." [p. 75] 

We can see from the Celtic [Druid] Tree Calendar that Green is the sacred color of the period called Gort (Ivy), which runs from 30 September to 27 October.

2.  Emerald Green -- is a variation of Satan's favorite color.  One of the wizards who began appearing in Muggle Reality was wearing an emerald green cloak [p. 3].  Later, when the cat reading a map morphed back into human form, it became a woman -- a Professor McGonagall at Hogwarts -- dressed in an emerald cloak. [p. 9]

The letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry informing him that he had been accepted as a first-year student was written in emerald-green ink. [p. 34]

We can see from the Celtic [Druid] Tree Calendar that Emerald is the sacred birthstone of the period called Huath (Hawthorn), which runs from 13 May to 9 June.

3.  Purple -- a color of authority or royalty.  Headmaster Dumbledore's robes were purple [p. 8]  We can see that Purple is the sacred color of the period of time called Huath (Hawthorn), which runs from 13 May to 9 June.

4. Scarlet -- the color of the steam engine of the Hogwarts Express Train. [p. 93] The dictionary defines scarlet as a strong to vivid red; it defines a Ruby as a "dark to deep red". The Ruby is the sacred stone of the Zodiac sign of Leo.          


1.  Green -- Satan's favorite color -- The boil caused by wand against a professor were a hideous green [p. 104]. The robes of Slytherin Fraternity House, the Black Magick House were green [p 110]. Green was the color of the light caused by Ron's wand as he attempted to throw a curse against an enemy. A curse backfired against Ron, emitting a jet of green light, causing him to start throwing up  loathsome slugs for hours. [p. 112-115].  An evil-smelling green onion was bought by one of the students as a protective device against evil Valdemort and the monster of the Chamber of Secrets [p. 185].  Greenish smoke hovered over the scene after a battle between two student witches [p. 192].  Harry Potter's eyes are "green as a freshly pickled toad". [p 238].  The color of the King Serpent in the Chamber of Secrets [p. 303] described as "poisonous green" as it began to attack Harry p. 318].  . Chamber of Secrets was filled with a "greenish gloom that filled the place"; this sounds like a mist or a fog, and it was green [p. 306].

As we stated, above, Green is the sacred color for the period known as Gort (Ivy), 30 September to 27 October.  Since green is Satan's favorite color, we find it highly instructive that Rowling used it so extensively.

2.  Emerald Green -- Color of fire produced when Floo Traveling Powder was added to fire. Floo powder allowed wizards and witches to step into the Fantasy dimension to travel to whichever location they desire. The wall in Chamber of Secrets had two huge intertwined serpents carved with eyes of "glinting emeralds". [p. 304]

We can see from the Celtic [Druid] Tree Calendar that Emerald is the sacred birthstone of the period called Huath (Hawthorn, which runs from 13 May to 9 June.

3.  Aquamarine and Turquoise Blue -- The robes of Gilderoy Lockhart, the professor of Defense Against The Black Arts were Aquamarine.  Later, Rowling described these same robes of Lockhart as Turquoise Blue. [P. 89].  The sacred birthstone of the pagan period of Ruis is Turquoise.  In the Zodiac, the precious stone for the sign, Capricorn, is Turquoise.

4.  Lilac -- Color of the blot caused by Harry's panic; the blot appeared on the envelope Harry was addressing when he was startled by a venomous voice; this voice later turned out to be the voice of the monster of the Chamber of Secrets .  [P. 120, 137].  The Tormont Illustrated Dictionary defines Lilac as "pale purple", even though some of the genus of this flower has white flowers. The primary color of Lilac is purple. Purple is the sacred color of Huath (Hawthorn), which runs from 13 May to 9 June.

5.  Yellow -- eyes of King Serpent in the Chamber of Secrets was yellow - p. 299.  The sacred color of the Zodiac for the sign, Taurus is yellow.

6.  Gray -- Signifies cancellation and stalemate -- eyes of evil Voldemort.  Gray is the sacred color of the Celtic Tree Calendar for the period of Luis (Rowan), which runs from 21 January to 17 February.


Rather than going through the sacred color of each of the vivid colors Rowlings gives, we shall just list them for you.  If we see a new sacred color used, we shall give the Celtic Tree period or Zodiac Correspondence.

1.  Green -- A "faintly green witch " gets off the Knight Bus ... [p. 36] The special limousine cars owned by the Ministry of Magic were dark green, and each was driven by wizards dressed in a suit of emerald velvet. [p. 70] The Divination teacher wore long emerald earrings. [p. 103]           

2.  Purple -- "A pair of enormous purple toads sat gulping wetly and feasting on dead blowflies" in a witches shop in Diagon Alley.  [p. 58]

3.  Orange -- "Poisonous orange snailswere oozing slowly up the side of their glass tank."  [p. 58]  Orange is the sacred color in the Zodiac Correspondence for the sign, Sagittarius.

4.  Crimson -- The Divination teacher had devised a unique classroom.  Everything was lighted by a crimson light

Crimson is the sacred color for the Celtic Tree period known as Fearn (Alder), for the period of 18 March to 14 April. 

5.  Dark Red --The curtains at all the windows were closed, and the many lamps were draped with dark red scarves.  The room had many things scattered around it, like playing cards, "countless silvery crystal balls, and a huge array of teacups." [p. 102]

Red is also the sacred color in the Celtic Tree Calendar for Negetal (Reed), which is the period from 28 October to 24 November. 


Once again, Rowling uses most of the same colors, so we shall list them, without repeating again the sacred color from the Celtic Tree Calendar or from the Zodiac Correspondence list.

1.  Green -- When Lord Voldemort killed the old Muggle gardener, Frank, in the first chapter, he did so with a Killing Curse, but when Frank fell to the floor, writhing in his death throes, a green light flashed out of Voldemort's wand to finish the murder. [Page 15]. 

Lord Voldemort's Dark Mark, which was the ultimate curse by which he wanted to kill Harry, shot a colossal skull high into the air that glittered green, even a brilliant emerald green.  This gigantic skull even had a serpent protruding, and the entire symbol was a brilliant green. 

Dumbledore's "magnificent" robe was a "deep green". 

A blinding Green Light flashed across the class just as the Professor of Defense Against The Dark Arts raised his wand to utter the correct curse to enact the Aveda Kedavra Killing Curse. Satan's color always seems to accompany murder in the Harry Potter books!

2.  Deep Blood Red -- the robes of the Durmstrang students were revealed to be wearing robes of a deep bloodred." [Page 251]  We could not help but notice that the Bloodstone is the precious stone for Pices in the Zodiacal Correspondence.  While the dictionary lists bloodstone as a deep green, we could not help but wonder if Rowling took her inspiration from the name, Blood, of this stone.

3.  Maroon -- Ron's dress robes are maroon.  This purplish color is the color of royalty.  Purple is the sacred color of the Celtic Tree Calendar period known as Huath (Hawthorn), as noted previously. 


Cisco Wheeler then dropped the bombshell.  Not only are these colors the sacred colors and birthstones of the Celtic Tree Calendar and of the Zodiac Correspondence, they were also used to facilitate Ritual Magick!  Let us go to the book by Nigel Pennick, The Pagan Book of Days .  Pennick says:

"The Celtic tree calendar is based on ogham, the ancient Irish and British tree alphabet." [P. 23]

Cisco Wheeler gives us more light on the ogham, as she says:  "The Ogham ( pronounced owam), or sacred Druidic alphabet, contained hidden secrets for magic and divination. Only the initiated could understand these occult meanings. The ancient Celts had a kinship with trees which is shown in the magical alphabet and in their tree calendar."

Thus, when Rowling used these vivid sacred Celtic tree calendar colors, she was drawing upon her knowledge of "hidden secrets for magic and divination".  Further, she was divulging a part of a system where "only the initiated could understand these occult meanings."  We have stated repeatedly before that Rowling displays an uncanny inner knowledge of both current and ancient Satanism in the details she provides in her Potter story line, but using these vivid specific sacred colors crosses a line into actual Ritual Magick.  Children are being conditioned to accept the inner hidden secrets that are used for magic and divination.

Then, Cisco warned me:  "Please don't take this material lightly. One must go to the heart of the material and look for the mind control, the pattern and the hidden occult messages."  We feel constrained to warn you also not to take this material lightly, for it is quite possible these Harry Potter novels are conditioning children to Mind Control.  Certainly, such conditioning might answer the question as to why tens of millions of kids are so fanatic about Potter books!

For us to truly understand the hideous nature of this revelation, we need to also talk about Ritual Magick so we can understand the seriousness of this situation, and how your children may be affected.  Once again, we rely on Cisco Wheeler, former Black Magick Satanist, whose family is steeped in Generational Witchcraft.


Ritual Magick is simply an act of the magician deliberately laying hold of energy that does exist in the supernatural realm and bring it into this realm through the proper sequence of ritual.  To accomplish this feat of laying hold of supernatural energy and directing it, the magician relies upon using exactly the correct words, thoughts, and practices.  The entire essence of Ritual Magick lies in the ability of the magician to properly complete the ritual required to obtain this immense energy flow that he can direct and use it.

This is the essence of Witchcraft, and is the most coveted aspect of their position.  In other words, this ability is what Magicians, witches, or warlocks live for after they are inducted into the coven.  Witches are well aware they can accomplish this magic only through the cooperation of "energy pools", also known as gods, goddesses, deities, or elementals.  Everything used during a ritual is a symbol of the type of energy existing in the supernatural realm.  Thus, symbols ARE THE single most important element of Ritual Magick.  Symbols make the entire process work, so they are far more important to a witch than they are to the average person not practicing Witchcraft.  Many times, I have been told, "it is only a symbol", trying to convince me that the meaning is minor, and of no real consequence.  But, witches most definitely do not feel this way.  The proper use of the proper symbol at the proper time during the ritual makes the difference between life or death, success or failure.

Thus, you can then understand Cisco's next statement:  "Magic depends upon how well one understands its representative symbol which is used on this plane or world.  The study and meditation of ritual symbols is a must and a vital importance if one is to be a good witch."

Now, the time has come for the Magician, or Witch, to operate according to the established rules of Witchcraft.  Correct ritual use of symbols establishes a circuit of communication between this world and the supernatural world, along which this immense energy can flow.  By adding vivid visualization  and intense meditation to the ritual, the Magician can keep the incoming power from dissipating before being directed or aimed at a particular goal.  To enhance this process of protecting the incoming power flow and directing it properly, the magician will perform the ritual within a circle that has been cast and properly consecrated. 

Bringing power in this manner into a consecrated circle provides a "neutra", which is an energy area that will not allow energy to be dissipated or siphoned off.  This fact is why circles are so very important to the Satanist. 

To properly contact the desired energy pool, the magician uses as many symbols as possible that represents a specific deity power.  For example, a magician will use a color, incense, plant, stone, tree, or stone statue to aid in vivid visualization.  The ability to vividly visualize is exceedingly important, as the magician must call into herself or himself -- called invoking -- a godform [also known as an archetypal energy pool; the Bible calls it demon possession].

At the end of each ritual, the magician dismisses the godform power so that it can accomplish the goal for which the ritual was cast.  Then, the magician has achieved the desired physical manifestation and the stated goal of the ritual, and he or she can resume normal life again. During the time of the inflow of energy, the Magician is rendered inoperable of normal thought and action.  They are totally possessed by this power source; in fact, the rules of Witchcraft are designed to limit the amount of power that will pass through the physical body of the Magician, for too much will kill him.


Satanists believe that Ritual Magick opens the door to their conscious minds so their "Creative Mind" can be accessed in the Subconscious Mind.  This process is called "Raising Your Consciousness".  Usually, the taking of drugs is critically important to this Consciousness Raising, and to the proper application of this power.  Masonic author Manly P. Hall perfectly describes this flow of power from the supernatural realm that is possible through Ritual Magick.  Listen to his words:

"When the Mason learns that the key to the warrior on the block is the proper application of the dynamo of living power, he has learned the mystery of his Craft.  The seething energies of Lucifer are in his hands and before he may step onward and upward, he must prove his ability to properly apply energy," [Manly P. Hall, The Lost Keys of Freemasonry, p. 48]

Hall has just described both the enormous flow of energy released through Ritual Magick, but also its source:  Lucifer. 

Hall has also told you all you need to know as to the true nature of Freemasonry, the Invisible Fraternity.

Cisco Wheeler continues her explanation of Ritual Magick.  Ritual Magick opens the door to your Creative Mind and your subconscious.  To effectively perform Magick, one must get the creative side of your mind -- the right brain -- to operate independently of the analytical left brain.  In other words, a person must disengage that part of the brain which has been taught right from wrong -- especially Christian right and wrong.  This process is usually accomplished through vivid visualization -- which is accompanied by symbols -- and through spiritual occult meditation. 

Occultists believe that the left brain is the part that exercises the control over reality, and makes a person feel guilty when they do something they know is wrong. The right brain, on the other hand, is very creative, and can do amazing things once it is separated from the control of the left brain.  Thus, the entire Harry Potter novel story line can be thought of as a Left Brain - Right Brain exercise.  The Muggle world that operates without Witchcraft is totally Left Brain; but, as soon as a young witch or warlock steps into the next reality to attend Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft, they are living in Right Brain world.

And, Rowling paints such a vivid picture of this type of Creative World that she makes the average reader really unhappy with their Muggle existence,  really wanting to get into that Creative World offered by Witchcraft.  Thus, no one has any real fun unless they are living in this Right Brain Creative World of Witchcraft, where everything is in vivid color, and everyone is having fun.  The Wizard of Oz offered the same symbolism, where Dorothy's regular world was in black-and-white, while her Creative World was in vivid color.  The person really caught up in this type of mental visualizing can develop a belief so powerful that they can actually achieve contact with this supernatural energy pool!

In reality, the god or goddess of this supernatural energy pool will initiate contact with a person vividly spending time in this imaginary world. 

One of the first things a Witch or Magician must do is to thoroughly reprogram his or her mind, getting rid of all the old values and to eliminate all old feelings and thoughts of disapproval and/or failure.  Thus, Public Schools have attempted to replace the old grading system of A through F, with a grading system in which no one really ever fails.  Thus, the traditional values of the non-magical Muggles world are made fun of constantly in the Potter storyline, so that the child can begin his or her path of "freedom" from the restraints of these old rules.  This is the path your child is likely to attempt to embark upon, and one which they will never realize they are on, and certainly will never admit it, even to themselves!

The Creative Right Brain functions best when presented with symbols; symbolism is a kind of special language of the Creative Mind.  Remember, by itself, the Creative Mind, the Right Brain, has no sense of right and wrong.  When a child lives consistently in this vivid world of visualization, color, and meditation, they are likely to receive a Spirit Guide. 

Is this the type of mental and emotional activity you want for your child?  In my opinion, this startling information exposes J.K. Rowling for the practicing Satanist she truly is.  When she admitted to gathering firewood for the ritual fires when she was a youngster, she is telling us of her background in Witchcraft.  When she admits that the story line of Harry Potter suddenly "popped into her head fully formed", she is telling us that the storyline came to her as Thought Transplant.

In previous articles, I have recounted how Satan is a spiritual legalist.  He will tempt you and your loved ones to carry out actions which will "open doorways" into your heart and mind that will give him the legal right to be in your life, and either afflict you or outright possess you.  Sometimes, the type of action that will give him such a legal right may seem very innocuous:  it might be a Ouja Board, Tarot Cards, Palm Reading, watching horror movies a lot, reading horror novels where the storyline is steeped in Satanism.  

Public record will tell you that Adolf Hitter became demon possessed right in front of his friend after coming out of a Wagner's concert; Wagner steeped his music, and the storyline that accompanied it, in pure Satanism, thus giving Satan the legal right to step in at his choosing to afflict or to possess.

Your child could be in this same boat with Harry Potter.  They may have become so enamored by it that they just cannot wait for the next one to come out.  News stories are reporting that many children are so hungry for the next Harry Potter book that they are immersing themselves in other occult storylines.  This is the kind of action that can give Satan the legal right to afflict, or to possess, a young child.

This scenario is real, it is powerful, because Rowling is following pure Satanism in creating the Harry Potter books.  As we have said repeatedly, Satan has carefully chosen the children of the last several generations to be his special targets.  He has used drugs, Rock Music, movies, books, and a host of other traps, designed to lead your children away from traditional Judeo-Christian values and into his special set of values.

Truly, Jesus Christ spoke prophetically as He described the spiritual condition of the peoples living at the very End of the Age.  He said:

"Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?" [Luke 18:8b]

So many people are being sucked right into the seemingly very enticing world of Satanism without even being aware of it; this condition Jesus describes above -- of no true faith left on the earth -- is increasingly likely.  Remember the values of Satanism; it teaches indulgence in the following areas:  Greed, Pride, Envy, Anger, Gluttony, Lust, and Sloth (Laziness) [Anton LaVey, The Satanic Bible , p. 46]

These are the values of Satanism, and legions of Americans have already fallen into orbit around one or more of these values in their life.  You do not have to be wearing black and a member of a coven to be part of Satan's family at this End of the Age.

Jesus also said, very prophetically, of another condition at the End of the Age: 

"And the love of the great body of people will grow cold because of the multiplied lawlessness and iniquity."  [Matthew 24:12]

Too many of our children are so cold toward the things of Jesus Christ and His Word, and His Church, and His people, because they have been overwhelmed by the "multiplied lawlessness and iniquity".  The key word of understanding in this passage is "multiplied", not addition, but multiplication.  Sins have been so multiplied in a child's life in this era through TV, movies, Rock Music, videos, unchristian friends, godless public school teaching, and now, Harry Potter.  Only at this End of the Age has this type of multiplication of sin been possible.  Now, children from the largest cities to the smallest farming community are equally saturated with this multiplication of sin.

Harry Potter may be the final Pied Piper, leading children into the Abyss by the tens of millions.  Is your child going to be one of them?  The answer is up to you, the parent.  Truly, the End of the Age is upon us, now!  You and your children are caught in its web.  Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, but have been very lukewarm in your spiritual walk with Him, you need to immediately ask Him for forgiveness and for renewal. He will instantly forgive you, and fill your heart with the joy of the Holy Spirit. Then, you need to begin a daily walk of prayer and personal Bible Study.

If you have never accepted Jesus Christ as Savior, but have come to realize His reality and the approaching End of the Age, and want to accept His FREE Gift of Eternal Life, you can also do so now, in the privacy of your home. Once you accept Him as Savior, you are spiritually Born Again, and are as assured of Heaven as if you were already there. Then, you can rest assured that the Kingdom of Antichrist will not touch you spiritually.

If you would like to become Born Again, turn to our Salvation Page now.

We hope you have been blessed by this ministry, which seeks to educate and warn people, so that they can see the coming New World Order -- Kingdom of Antichrist -- in their daily news.

Finally, we would love to hear from you.

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God bless you.

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