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Subtitle: A thorough study of this sniper shooting pentagram reveals some shocking occult facts and clues that might lead to further revelation, that fills out our understanding of this occult-based sniper spree. Once you understand these facts, you will never look at this news story the same way again!


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In NEWS1710, we broke the story that the shooting spree pattern of the first six shots form a Broken Cross! If you have not read this article, we encourage you to do so now so you can have a solid basis of understanding before you continue here. This Broken Cross location remained intact even after five additional shootings showed us that the total pattern of the shots formed a Devil's Pentagram, with the one point upward. As you can see, Shots 6, 4, and 5 formed the upright portion of the cross. The Broken Cross has always symbolized Satan's fervent desire to crush Christianity, even to the point where Satanists assigned this symbol the meaning of the planned appearance of Antichrist.

Later, in NEWS1714, we revealed that a Satanic altar used for ritual is triangular in shape; therefore, this symbolism tells us that a crushed Christianity is lying on a Satanic altar, pointing North; the North direction is the hated "evil" direction in Freemasonry because it is the direction in which God's throne lies [Isaiah 14:13].

However, I thought from the beginning that the most potent Broken Cross has a circle around it, as a circle denotes that Satan has conquered the symbol contained within. Therefore, when Emperor Nero put a circle around the Broken Cross, he was signifying that he was going to crush Christianity through the power of Satan; that is the ultimate meaning of a circle surrounding a symbol. Satan has conquered.

Therefore, why did this sniper(s) not put a circle around this Broken Cross?

This morning, I realized he did place just such a circle around the Broken Cross, utilizing the same first six shots that created the Broken Cross to begin with!

Suddenly, as I was looking at the map, my eyes focussed in on the Broken Cross specifically, and my original thought returned to me: why had the shooter not placed a circle around the Broken Cross? I had been expecting further shots that would have formed that circle. "Out of the blue", I remembered my high school Geometry Class and the compass that I had used so often. I ran to the store to buy a compass as quickly as I could, as I suddenly could see the circle around the Broken Cross, using the same six shots that had formed the Broken Cross; the only question I had was whether the circle to be drawn would be precise, and for that, I needed a compass.

Please examine the circle I drew with my compass outfitted with a black ink pen. Placing the sharp point of the compass at Shot #4 -- the nexus of the cross -- and extending the pen out to Shot #5 to get the exact distance, I then drew a perfect circle around the Broken Cross, touching all of the points forming the Broken Cross, except for Shot #1. As an aside, I am now convinced that Shot #1 is now not counted by the shooter and his handlers, because the sniper missed his target. After he missed with Shot #1, he then killed at virtually the same location with Shot #2. Shot #1 is now unnecessary to make the Broken Cross; by discounting Shot #1, we have the same number of shots comprising each arm of the cross.

What does this revelation mean? It adds further strength to our original assertion that this Broken Cross symbol means that the force behind the shooter is planning to begin a persecution of the true Christian believer and his Philadelphia type church. This is the Illuminati plan, and it fulfills Bible prophecy fully. Now that we know a circle surrounds the Broken Cross, we know that, symbolically, Satan has surrounded the Christian Church, put her on the Satanic triangular altar, and is planning to crush her.


[NEWS BRIEF: "Inside The Sniper Manhunt", Time Magazine, October 21, 2002.

"Because the crime scenes ring the nation's capital ..." [Page 31]

When I read this description of the pattern of shots that had so clearly drawn a pentagram on the ground, I thought, "this pattern does not form a circle in any way, shape, or form. But, here, we had an Establishment magazine boldly stating that the shooting locations "ring the nation's capitol". Since I had just used a compass to solve the mystery of the Broken Cross, I decided to experiment to see if any circles were readily apparent. At this point, I want to strongly point out that what I am about to share with you is not conclusive, but is mightily interesting.

The major question in drawing a circle on this map was where would I place the sharp point of the compass? One subscriber that has been doing much research work for Cutting Edge on this sniper issue called to inform me that I should look at the exact location of the White House. She thought the White House was directly south of Shot #6. However, when we plotted the exact address of the White House on our GPS software, we saw that it did not lie exactly south, but slightly to the East. Our webmaster placed a green dot exactly on the map where the White House was located.

Almost as quickly as we realized that the White House was not located directly south of Shot #6, we realized that a small road did connect Shot #2 to the White House! This small road from Silver Spring where Shot #2 occurred is named "16th Street NW", the very road that dead ends at the side of the White House, and the very same road that the Masonic "House of the Temple" is located! This is the same House of the Temple that pays such great tribute to Albert Pike, that great and grand master who received the Three World War scenario in a demonic dream [Read NEWS1056 for full details].

Further, if you look closely, you can see that 16th Street NW runs right through the middle of "Scott's Circle", the rotary that forms the middle of the Devil's Pentagram, also known as the Goat's Head of Mendes. In Satanism, this is considered to be the top of the head of the goat, a very important point. You can see the Goat's Head of Mendes in NEWS1040, where we detail the this Satanic street layout of Government Center between the White House and the Capitol building. You can also see what the Goats Head of Mendes looks like.

Let us get back to the Masonic "House of the Temple". It is located precisely 13 blocks from the White House! Masonic writers have stated that numerous Presidents of the United States frequently received the director of this temple for "consultations". Since the number "13" to the occultist means the ultimate in rebellion and disorder, we can only think that, perhaps the presidents who received the director of the House of the Temple were receiving specific instructions in how to conduct the policy of their administration so that a maximum effort could be made toward the New World Order.

However, one thing is clear: the fact that the "House of the Temple" is a symbol on the ground, and its physical location 13 blocks from the White House, in conjunction with the Goats Head of Mendes produces a most powerful combination symbol on the ground; thus, the spiritual power from "Number 13" -- Satan himself -- would constantly reverberate throughout the whole of Government Mall, from the White House to the Capitol and to every institution of government.

Review Of Other "13"s In This Sniper Case

* The schoolboy shot and gravely wounded at the Bowie Middle School was '13' years of age. Most children in a middle school are between 12-13 years of age, so if the shooter shot at an older looking boy, he would have an excellent chance of shooting a 13-year-old; however, we all know Satan is in control of this entire operation, and details like this are within his power to carry out.

* This case contains another infamous instance of a #13, does it not? As we reported in NEWS1710, the sniper left a Tarot Card as a calling card at the location of the Bowie Middle School shooting. U.S. snipers have been known to leave a Tarot Card as a calling card after they have completed a hit.

However, this specific Tarot Card was no ordinary card; it was the Death Card, #13 in the Tarot Deck. We show a picture of a Death Card in NEWS1710; while it was not the exact one found at the scene, it does get the point across as to how evil it truly is.

* Within Masonry -- Eastern Star actually -- the Number 13 has a special significance. Reading from Dr. Burn's book, "Hidden Secrets of the Eastern Star", we read:

"The emblem of the OES (Order of the Eastern Star) is the five-pointed star with a pentagon in the star's center. The pentagon in turn has an altar with an open Bible in its center. Within the borders of the pentagon are the letters F.A.T.A.L. These letters stand for a Cabalistic message: 'Fairest Among Thousands, Altogether Lovely'. Moreover, juxtaposing these five letters spells FATAL, which is intended to remind each initiate that 'it would be fatal to the character of any lady' were she to divulge OES secrets ..." [Page 268]

Notice that this word - F.A.T.A.L. - is spelled out around the center of the pentagon, with the letters spread around the Bible.

Truly, the sniper shots have proven F.A.T.A.L. to nine victims thus far, have they not?

However, Dr. Burns wonders, "Is there a more sinister meaning to the word 'FATAL" than meets the eye? One day she decided to add up the letters numerologically -- as an occultist would do -- and was amazed to discover that they totaled '13'. In occult numerology, the word 'FATAL' would be figured like this:

F = 6

A = 1

T = 2

A = 1

L = 3

Total: 13 (6 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 3)

The key to getting these figures is the occult method of numerology commonly used. The table below shows you the equivalent figures for each letter.


By deciphering the letters in the Eastern F.A.T.A.L., you can see that the numerical equivalents add up to "13". This type of calculation is exactly the kind of mental gymnastics for which occultists of all stripes are infamous. Let us go back to Dr. Burns for more understanding.

"Since 13 is the number following the perfect cycle of 12, it is symbolic of death or the unknown. In cartomancy, the Ace of Spades, the thirteenth card in the suit, is in many cases a symbol of death." [Burns, p. 273]

Another New Age writer cast even more light on this subject, especially considering we are speaking here of the coming New World Order.

"Thirteen had negative connotations for many, being feared as an unlucky omen or the symbol of death. Indeed, it does represent death, but not in the ordinary sense -- death is merely a change of form. The thirteen used so significantly in American heraldry signifies the change the DEATH TO THE OLD WAYS and the BEGINNING OF THE NEW ORDER of the Ages." [Ibid., p. 273-4; Emphasis was in the original]

This revelation brings us full circle back to our original discussion about the Goddess Kali [NEWS1710], on whose first celebration day the first two shots and the first fatality of this sniper spree began. In Hindu mythology, the Goddess Kali, is a "Warrior Queen", the "only one who could restore harmony and set the world at peace". Her major weapons are the ax and the sword, with which she will knock the existing paradigm down so a new one could be restored. Isn't this exactly what the Illuminati plans to do? Of course, it is.

Now, we realize that the Number 13 carries exactly the same meaning! This is THE meaning behind the #13 Tarot Card -- the Death Card -- being found at the Bowie Middle School shooting. Now, we realize that Masonry symbolizes the word "FATAL" in such a way as to equal "13". As of this writing, this shooter has carried out nine F.A.T.A.L. shootings. This is all getting pretty obvious, don't you think?


A huge breakthrough when Dr. Cathy Burns called, asking me to check out the exact location of the George Washington National Masonic Monument in Alexandria, Virginia, and then to check its geographical location in relation to the rest of the Pentagram shooting map! What a breakthrough this information turned out to be! As you can see from this map, this Masonic monument to President George Washington is almost precisely in the middle of the pentagram! This monument is located with the green dot just to the left of the word, "Alexandria".

In fact, when I applied my handy compass to this map, I discovered a most interesting circle. I placed the sharp point of my compass on the green dot for the monument; I then put the pen point at the top most point of shooting, Shot #5, which formed the top of the Broken Cross/North Pyramid of the Pentagram. I drew the circle you see here. The only other dot this circle touches is the so-called Manassas shot. What all of this means, I do not know; but, if the sniper hits again, we shall be most interested to see how it lies on either one of these circles or on the pentagram.

Remember this fact about those who practice the occult: they love to create symbols, but in such a way as to hide the true meaning from anyone who is not an occultist. They also like to create symbols within symbols, which I believe we may have here. At this point, we can see how this police statement from the Time Magazine article, above, might be true: "the crime scenes ring the nation's capital".

Facts About The George Washington National Masonic Memorial -- Click here for picture

Remember, a Satanist worships the power of numbers. The number '11' is the most important number relating to the coming Antichrist, since the Bible lists him as the "11th" horn in Daniel 7:7-8. Occultists place great power in the number '11' and all its multiplications and groupings. Remember these facts as you read the facts about this most important Masonic monument to George Washington. From their website -- www.gwmemorial.org -- we gleaned these facts listed below.

* The George Washington Masonic National Monument is exactly '333' feet tall. [111 x 3]

* This location is the regular meeting lodge for the Alexandria - Washington Lodge No. 22 [11 x 2]

* The first meeting of the George Washington Masonic National Memorial Association took place in this Lodge Room on February 22, 1911. Not only is an '11' present in the year, but '22' comprises the day [11 x 2]. However, since February is month #2, the month-day combination was '222'. [111 x 2]

* The groundbreaking ceremony for this monument took place on June 5, 1922. Not only is "22' present in the year, but when you add the 6th month [June] to the 5th day, you get '11'. [6 + 5 = 11]

* This Masonic Memorial to George Washington was constructed on a hill known as "Shooter's Hill"! With this dynamic -- and pertinent -- name in mind, examine again the map above that depicts this location with a green dot next to Alexandria. Imagine yourself an expert marksman, and your #1 goal was to symbolically crush Christianity. You would have a symbolic direct line of fire to Shots #6, #4, and finally, #5, would you not?

What are the distances between Shooter's Hill and these three shooting locations?

Shot #6 = 13.8 miles [13 is the number of extreme rebellion against God's constituted authority]

Shot #4 = 18.1 miles [6+6+6 = 18 in the occult]

Shot #5 = 22 miles [11 x 2]

NOTE: Remember that distances could not be precise because the sniper had to use freeway systems and public places where people naturally congregate; therefore, distances that might have been exact in the perfect world cannot be exact in this real world. As we stated in an earlier article, the shooter was undoubtedly given several locations, with each one prioritized; if the preferred location yielded no suitable targets, or if police were too close, the shooter had to have been given a second priority, and a third, and a fourth. Some of these shots might have not been priority #1, so the distance and/or the location might be slightly off.

We propose to you that the shooter knew exactly what he was doing, and his handlers knew even more! Since the Illuminati is known to plan events over 100 years in the future, we are not fazed by the sheer magnitude of planning every detail so perfectly. They can plan this far out because they depend upon their demonic Guiding Spirits to guide them in the exact changes they need to make and the exact actions they need to carry actions out, in order to produce the global scene necessary to produce their Antichrist. None of these plans originate in the imagination and minds of mere men; they are literally communicated to men through demonic Guiding Spirits.


Please take a another look at the colored picture above, of the circle drawn around Shooter's Hill. This picture makes a perfect "Point Within A Circle", another commonly used symbol in Black Magick; in fact, it is so commonly used, Adam Weishaupt -- the founder of the Masters of the Illuminati -- adopted it as one symbols of the Illuminati. Because of the inherent secrecy of the Illuminati, Weishaupt insisted that individual members identify themselves only with "the astrological symbol for the sun, a circle with a dot in the middle." [Legenda, 32 Degree, Hermes, p. 109; also quoted in Burns, "Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated", p. 29; also quoted by Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma, p. 503.]

The "Point Within A Circle" is so beloved by the Illuminati because it symbolizes both Sun Worship [J.S.M. Ward, "Genuine Secrets In Freemasonry Prior To 1717", p. 256] and the sex act, with the circle representing the female and the dot in the middle representing the "erect" phallus [Masonic Short Talk Bulletin, "Point Within A Circle", to be read in Lodge meetings].

Regarding Sun Worship, and its representation by the Circle with the Dot inside, I find it highly interesting that the sniper chose a Sunoco gas station as the location for his seventh murder [Time Magazine, October 21, 2002, p. 30-31]

Therefore, this circle drawn with the George Washington Masonic National Memorial as its center represents the Illuminist's "Point Within A Circle" perfectly! Further, since this George Washington Masonic Memorial is a phallic symbol, it exactly represents the sexual meaning of the dot within the circle!

Masons profess great love for the Bible and have Masonic KJV Bibles that are very, very ancient. In President Bush's inauguration in 2001, he was to have taken the oath of office on the 1767 Masonic Bible on which George Washington placed his hand for his inauguration as president. That plan was called off at the last minute because that Masonic Bible was deemed too old and fragile to be sent to the White House. This particular Bible is located at the St. John's Lodge #1, in New York City.

But, Bibles are also used in ritual. As Albert Pike explains, Masons added a Bible to a "point within a circle" in many of their rituals [Pike, 33 Degree, Digest -- Index of Morals and Dogma, published by The Supreme Council, 33 Degree, A, & A, S. R. for the Southern Jurisdiction, USA, 1924, p. 16]

Did you know there is a very famous Masonic KJV Bible located in this George Washington Masonic National Memorial? Listen to the description of this Museum:

"The George Washington Museum, one of the most spacious rooms in the Tower area, is maintained through the generosity of the Northern and Southern Masonic Jurisdictions of the Scottish Rite. The room was completed in 1957; exhibit cases were fitted later, and now display a rich variety of Washington relics, paintings, prints, and historical documents. Prominently around the balcony area are flags of the thirteen original states. The most intriguing of the relics are Washington's family Bible and two military sabers." ["The George Washington Museum Displays Rich Relics", By John P. Riddell, http://www.gwmemorial.org/Tour/Museum/museum.htm; Emphasis added]

Therefore, just as Albert Pike insisted, we have a Masonic Bible "added to a point within a circle". This George Washington Masonic Memorial is perfectly within the center of the pentagram, and the circle drawn intersects two of the shootings. It also "rings the nation's capitol" just as the Time Magazine quoted above article.


Now we can see that this entire shooting episode not only is wrapped around Black Magick Witchcraft, as we have asserted in our previous articles, but it possibly now takes on the Black Magick Witchcraft of the Invisible Fraternity of Freemasonry. If you have not heard that Masonry has two fraternities, one Visible to which 95% of all Masons belong, and an ultra-secret Invisible Fraternity which is exceedingly Black Magick, you need to read our article on the subject [Free001a].

This Invisible Fraternity is the driving force behind the global effort to achieve the New World Order, a.k.a. the Kingdom of Antichrist. This entire investigation suddenly may have taken a turn that most of our readers have probably not expected. Illuminized Freemasonry MAY very well be the shadowy force behind this Shooter's Sniper Spree, using the "Point Within A Circle" on Shooter's Hill as their major reference point.

With this revelation, we at Cutting Edge Ministries feel the need to ask for your special prayers for a Hedge of Protection. We are well aware of the pervasive influence Freemasonry has within Law Enforcement, the Judicial Branch at all levels, and within the Government. Some years ago, Cutting Edge became aware of a proposal to create false charges against us and against Christian author, Ralph Epperson [Read Free20 for full details]. We suspected a lying smear campaign might be coming. After these revelations, that possibility might become reality, backed by the full effect of the law. Please pray daily for Cutting Edge.

Truly, these dark events of the hour, in their totality, point to the approaching appearance of Antichrist.

Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, but have been very lukewarm in your spiritual walk with Him, you need to immediately ask Him for forgiveness and for renewal. He will instantly forgive you, and fill your heart with the joy of the Holy Spirit. Then, you need to begin a daily walk of prayer and personal Bible Study.

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