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Subtitle: The implications of this diplomatic flurry by the British government could deliver huge -- and possibly -- unexpected consequences. Britain may be moving slightly away from the U.S. in the attack on Iraq, quite possibly diplomatically positioning herself to stay clear of the possible fall-out of a disaster in the Middle East.

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NEWS BRIEF: "Envoys called home for Iraq talks", Guardian Unlimited, Friday, January 3, 2003.

"British ambassadors from around the world have been summoned to London for an unprecedented brainstorming session against the background of the looming war against Iraq and Tony Blair's stark new year warning about the serious dangers facing Britain from abroad. Officials say next week's 'leadership conference' - which will bring together around 200 ambassadors and high commissioners - is designed to make the Foreign Office more effective and handle crises better by anticipating rather than reacting to events."

One of the major lessons I received in U.S. Army Intelligence was that any abrupt change in routine activities of any country -- but especially a country that may soon be embroiled in war -- was cause for concern. When a buildup for war was under way, and tensions running high, any abrupt change of activity on the part of any of the major combatants would be cause for immediate concern.

Thus, when I heard that Britain was calling ambassadors scattered around the world to London for special talks on Iraq and other Middle East matters, all sorts of red flags flew up in my mind. You see, this type of recalling of ambassadors is simply unprecedented! Britain has never, ever recalled her far-flung ambassadors like this, not even during the buildup toward war in 1939, when Adolf Hitler was flexing his muscles on the European Continent.

The first question I was, why did England not use her special communications capabilities to either send out secure packets of information or to conference call on secure communications networks? She could have communication with each of these ambassadors in any number of secure means without having to call them to London.

Further, the next question I had was, why did the United States not feel it necessary to recall her ambassadors? What is so special about England in this coming planned war that necessitated her recalling her foreign ambassadors to London for special consultations January 6-7? What is so unique about England?

Let us begin by examining coverage of this special ambassador meeting.

NEWS BRIEF: "Britain: Do we know our place?", by Paul Reynolds, BBC News, 8 January 2003.

"Tony Blair, in a speech on British foreign policy, has made what might be called a 'declaration of independence' from the United States. The Prime Minister, who has been lampooned as George Bush's poodle, told the first ever mass meeting of British ambassadors gathered after their Christmas break in London that Britain should remain the 'closest ally' of the United States. But in return, he went on, the United States should 'listen back', especially over the Middle East, global poverty, the environment and the United Nations."

The remainder of this article explains how Prime Minister Tony Blair, and Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, were seeking to redefine Great Britain's role in this time period. Historically, Great Britain has had great difficulty in resigning to the realities of an empire lost. She seems to yearn to get that glory back, and yet, she realizes she does not have the resources in which to regain that control over much of the planet that she exercised so effectively in the 19th Century.

The beginning point may be for England to reiterate her specially close relationship with the United States; however, Prime Minster Blair was careful to state that this relationship was a two-way street, and that he definitely expected the United States to listen to the dialogue feedback from England. Blair stated:

"... Britain should remain the "closest ally" of the United States. But in return, he went on, the United States should 'listen back', especially over the Middle East, global poverty, the environment and the United Nations."

In other words, Britain is not the "poodle lapdog" of the United States. While she recognized the importance of maintaining a close relationship with Washington, D.C., Britain also reserved for herself the capability of making up her own mind, and differing with the U.S. whenever she felt it was in her best interests. You can understand how people have come to the conclusion that Tony Blair is at the end of a very short American leash; after all, he seemed to relish his close association with President Clinton, even to the point where some people called him "Clinton's clone". After George W. Bush ascended to the White House, Blair seemed to always be eager to jump through hoops for him.

But, now, Blair wants to ensure that everyone realizes that he is his own man, and will chart a foreign affairs path that has Great Britain's best interests at heart, even if that new policy differs slightly from that of the United States. Blair and Straw then enunciated some of the critical areas of interest fro Great Britain.

* Middle East -- While maintaining a close relationship to the United States, Britain wants to also "reach out to the Muslims". Further, Prime Minster Blair hosted the very dovish Israeli Labour Leader, Amram Mitzna, even though Blair had refused to meet with Israel's Foreign Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, a member of the Likud Party! Therefore, Blair was sending an exceedingly strong message to the Sharon Government that he was unhappy with Israel's current policy regarding the Palestinian issue.

Miztna, standing at the side of Tony Blair, repeated the tired, old, and repudiated doctrine of "land for peace". Why, Israel has been trying to offer Arafat "land for peace" for over 10 years! At one point, Israel was going to offer Arafat something like 90% of the West Bank, but all Arafat could do in response was to launch his deadly Intifada.

The only reason that Blair is trying to force Sharon to adopt this tired old, discredited program seems to be that he is trying to align England with the Muslims. As the quote, above, states, England is trying to "reach out to the Muslims". Fix this concept in your mind, for it will be greatly important as we conclude this article.

* Global Poverty -- This term is simply a euphemism for a massive, global "Re-distribution of Assets" among nations; this plan calls for money to be taken away from "rich" nations and given to the "poor" nations, through a system of taxation administered through the United Nations. Alice Bailey writes about this coming economic "paradise". Listen:

"... the new group of world servers and the men and women of goodwill must work together for an enlightened education, for a cooperative economic life, for right human relations in all departments of human experience ... the stage of complete economic reorientation; in this, humanity is relieved of all economic anxiety and is free to receive its due wages and the right reward of all service rendered ..." ["Externalisation of the Hierarchy", p. 486, 574]

How is mankind going to be "relieved of all economic anxiety"? The Illuminati plans to bring such a "worker's paradise" to all of mankind in exactly the same manner in which Communism "relieved all economic anxiety" -- by taking all money away, and then redistributing it as they saw fit, thus producing the failed policies of Communism, but globally this time. Remember what Karl Marx stated?

"From each according to his ability; to each according to his need." [Communist Manifesto]

Alice Bailey then speaks for a "economic synthesis" after the old system had been destroyed!

"... to demonstrate the need for economic synthesis, as part of the work of relating the nations to each other, so that the spirit which is evidenced by such an organisation as the Red Cross ... might also be evidenced internationally in the interplay of the nations with each other. It is needless to point out that material stress and strain and the wrecking of old political parties ... had to play their part ... people must be taught that the longing to increase possessions is a deterrent to real expansion." [Alice Bailey, "Esoteric Psychology", p. 172-3; Emphasis added]

Thus you can see that one of the ways in which "global poverty" will be eliminated is through teaching people to not desire the accumulation of possessions! Notice also that the old system needs to be wrecked in order to bring in the new. In the past, we have spoken much of the deep, inner plan to destroy our current Industrial Civilization, so this revelation should not come as any surprise.

Now, let us speak directly to the issue of United Nations' global taxation as a means by which to combat poverty.

"... the issue of resources for global purposes is one of paramount importance. These resources are essential if the activities the UN is expected to undertake, and the global services it is called to provide to bring an end to extreme poverty and prevent environmental crisis ... The basic needs of large numbers of people go unmet because of the lack of resources to combat poverty. Plans to achieve sustainable development remain plans on paper for the same reason ... The inadequacy and unreliability of present arrangements for financing the UN have led to proposals through international charges or taxes." ["Our Global Neighborhood", Commission On Global Governance, United Nations, Ingvar Carlsson Shridath Ramphal, 1995, p. 306]

Notice how this plea for global taxes is tied into several goals: Ending poverty, solving Environmental Crisis, and achieving "Sustainable Development". These are goals to which Prince Charles is totally and publicly committed. Keep this in mind as we reach the end of this article.

* Environment -- The New Age disciple is always called to live in harmony with Nature. Listen to Alice Bailey explain:

"The disciple in the past sought to establish harmonious relations with his environment -- harmony being one of the liberating forces ..." ["Discipleship In The New Age", p. 58]

New Age literature abounds that man today is NOT living in harmony with his environment, that our Industrial Civilization is raping, plundering, and killing Mother Nature, also called "Mother Gaia". In the U.N. "Charter for Global Democracy", we find this part of the plan.

"* Create a new institution to establish economic and environmental security by insuring sustainable development.
* Create a new international environmental court.
* Adopt a declaration that climate change is an essential global security interest that requires the creation of a 'high-level action team' to allocate carbon emission based on equal per-capita rights.
* Cancellation of all debt owed by the poorest nations, global poverty reductions, and for 'equitable sharing of global resources' as allocated by the UN."

How important is this issue to the committed globalist like Bush, Blair, Clinton, and Prince Charles? Consider this quote from Al Gore's book, "Earth In The Balance":

""... what's required now is a plan that combines large-scale, long-term, carefully targeted financial aid to developing nations, massive efforts to design and then transfer to poor nations the new technologies needed for sustained economic progress, a worldwide program to stabilize world population, and binding commitments by the industrialized nations to accelerate their own transition to an environmentally responsible pattern of life." [Page 297, Emphasis added].

Now you can understand the rold of the Kyoto Accords, now pending in the U.S. Senate.

This last phrase, which we highlighted in red, is a euphemism for the destruction of our current civilization! New World Order leaders look upon Developed Nations, but especially America, as posing a huge problem because we consume too much natural, and irreplaceable, resources, such as oil, gas, minerals, and ore.

The inner heart of all New Age believers beats with the sentiment expressed at the beginning of our article, "OUR PRESENT CIVILIZATION HAD TO DIE".

Prince Charles is also very, very committed to changing all the economies of the world so that they are "sustainable". Keep this in mind as we approach the end of this article.

* United Nations -- The U.N. was originally established as a satanic organization, as the ultimate government that The Christ would command when he arose. Listen to the demon, Master D.K., speaking through Alice Bailey once again:

"... The first step towards this release [of new life into the planet] ... is the ability of the United Nations to demonstrate ... the potency of the spiritual values by their constructive undertakings to restore world order and to lay those foundations which will guarantee a better a more spiritual way of life ... Bringing home to the nations of the world the truths taught by the Buddha, the Lord of Light, and the Christ, the Lord of Love." ["Externalisation of the Hierarchy", p. 358]

Since "The Christ" referred to in this paragraph, above, is Antichrist, we can see that the United Nations is designed to be his organization. This "Christ" will hold the United Nations in extremely high regard. Listen to Bailey again:

"... when the United Nations has emerged into factual and actual power, the welfare of the world will then be assured." [Ibid., p. 603]

However fine these words might be, the United Nations was designed with such potentially destructive teeth, one can only sit back in amazement and disbelief. Listen to Master D.K. again as he speaks of the release of atomic energy:

"This 'saving force' [atomic energy] is the energy which science has released into the world for the destruction, first of all, of those who continue to defy the Forces of Light working through the United Nations.' [Ibid., p. 497; Emphasis added]

Wow! Did Master D.K. just threaten all opponents of The Christ and his United Nations with atomic warfare? He certainly did, as this next quote reveals beyond any dispute.

"As a means in the hands of the United Nations ... the atomic bomb does not belong to the three nations who perfected it ... It belongs to the United Nations for use ... or threatened use when aggressive action on the part of any nation rears its ugly head." [Ibid., p. 548]

The real role of the United Nations is to rule the world with such a "rod of iron" that they will use atomic warfare upon any of their enemies! Now you can understand why such a push has been exerted by the United States and Russia to disarm, to destroy their nuclear forces; the real plan is that only the United Nations will possess nuclear weapons when Antichrist arises. While we know that such a complete global disarmament is not possible, that was the euphemistic goal since World War II.

Quite possibly, the only way in which all nations will disarm of nuclear weapons is after a huge war in which nuclear weapons nearly destroyed mankind and the earth on which he resides. That war may be just ahead of us.

This face is the true one of the United Nations, and it is the organization to which Great Britain's Tony Blair is committed. Of course, Prince Charles is also very committed to the U.N.


NEWS BRIEF: "'Britain's role is to unite the world' by George Jones, Political Editor, news.telegraph.co.uk, January 8, 2003.

"Britain's role in the world today is to act as a 'unifier' in helping to establish a new global consensus, Tony Blair said yesterday ... to a conference of more than 100 British ambassadors and High Commissioners in London. This shared agenda included security from terrorism and weapons of mass destruction (WMD), elimination of regional conflicts, a stable world economy, free trade, action against climate change, and aid and development."

"We must reach out to the Muslim world. It is about even-handedness."

British Prime Minister, Blair, sees Britain uniting the world! That seems like a mightily tall order for a country as limited in size and resources as Great Britain. Further, Blair definitely feels that, while it is imperative for the U.S. to go through the U.N. in order to take out Saddam, he feels that we are not "even-handed" enough with the Muslims. Thus, in order to demonstrate his "even-handedness" in the Middle East, Blair refuses to see the Israeli Foreign Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, a key member of the Likud Party, but then turned around and agreed to see the very dovish Labour Party candidate for Prime Minister, Amram Mitzna! With Blair standing at his side, Mitzna showed the kind of "even-handedness" Blair had in mind when he trumpeted the old, worn-out, and discredited "land for peace" nonsense! Not even Arafat believes in that concept any more.

Yet, Blair seemed to be positioning Great Britain as the friend of the Muslim. But, why should we be surprised? Soon after passing the Balfour Declaration of 1917, Great Britain turned against the Jews, and began to court the much more numerous Muslim nations. Britain tried her very best to repudiate her former support of the concept of the Jews as espoused in the Balfour Declaration. Where it not for the United States, Israel would never have become a nation. Since 1948, Great Britain has been a constant thorn in the side of Israel, as they have consistently taken stands favoring the Muslim position.

Now, we see Great Britain diplomatically carving out some visible space between themselves and the United States in the war against Iraq. In fact, creating this space gives the immediate appearance of Britain speaking out of both sides of her mouth; while she is sending troops, naval vessels, and airforce units to the Middle East to take up position against Iraq, her diplomatic corps is declaring that she wants to carry out an "even-handed policy" regarding Muslims in the region and Iraq.

Why is England carrying out these seemingly contradictory policy? If we look at Prince Charles, we might discover one plausible reason.


Now that we have examined the unprecedented recalling of British ambassadors from around the world, and the message Blair delivered to them -- at least in public -- what does this all mean? Great Britain seems to be trying to open just a bit of diplomatic daylight between the harsh rhetoric and policy of the United States and the more dovish sentiments of the members of the United Nations. Without alienating the Bush Administration, Prime Minister Blair sought to reassure the Muslim world that he "feels their pain", understands their plight, and wants very much to be "even-handed".

The very essence of the book, "Antichrist And A Cup of Tea" is that Prince Charles is the future Antichrist. Author Tim Cohen "calculates" the number of the beast [Revelation 13:18; Parallel Bible] and convincingly puts forth all the facts which demonstrates that the prophesied facts that apply to Antichrist apply to Prince Charles.

When Antichrist arises, he will claim to be the Jewish Messiah, Jesus Christ returned, Buddha returned, and the Muslim Imam. Yes, that is right; Antichrist will claim to be the Muslim messiah-figure, known as Imam. Now, if Antichrist is going to attempt to convince Muslims he is their Imam, and if Prince Charles of Great Britain is that man, then Britain now cannot afford to alienate all Muslims in the world!

Let us go to Tim Cohen's book, "Antichrist And A Cup of Tea" to discover the deep role Prince Charles has already played in Middle Eastern affairs. We shall see how his policies have shown such "even-handedness" as to be remarkable.

* "Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles sit at the real top of the entire Mideast peace process ... Moreover ... Mideast peace talks have orbited London for at least thirty years." [Page 364-5]

* In November 1986, while touring the Persian Gulf states, Prince Charles ... 'discussed ways in which the Prince could put his status to more effective use in a region where the [Arab] desert rulers have long presumed a special affinity with the British royal family', agreeing that the prince should 'establish a more effective and methodical framework for maintaining links with that region, and indeed with the Middle East more generally ... to Mrs. Thatcher, it seemed as though the Prince was in the throes of setting up a Foreign Office in miniature, which would formulate policy and conduct relations with the Gulf quite independently of the proper machinery of government." [Ibid.]

Now, that is hot news! In order to maintain a close working relationship with the "desert rulers [who] have long presumed a special affinity with the British royal family", Prince Charles set up his own diplomatic foreign office that was quite independent from the official Foreign Office who answers directly to the Prime Minister. Is it possible that Prime Minister, Tony Blair, has been suddenly "called on the carpet" by Prince Charles because his official pro-American stance on the Middle East generally, and Iraq specifically, is running strongly counter to the "even-handed" approach of Prince Charles? One has to wonder, doesn't one?

* The Madrid Peace Conference -- "Four years after the London agreement, in October, 1991 ... formal peace talks began at the (British) Royal Palace in Madrid, Spain. Contrary to what most people think, therefore, the Madrid peace talks, hosted by King Juan Carlos, did not begin in Spain, but in London! The London Agreement of 1987 was a precursor ... to the Oslo process itself." [Ibid.]

What is the importance of this revelation? Listen to Cohen continue:

"If this, or comparable circumstance should arise, such that Prince Charles becomes clearly associated with the peace negotiations, it would tend to confirm, along with all the other evidence presented herein, that he is, in fact the Antichrist. Now, it has come to light that the once-secret Oslo negotiations ... were, like the Madrid talks, first plotted in London." [Ibid.]

Cohen then describes the common glue binding Arab, Israeli, and British leaders together -- Freemasonry:

"Various Mideast rulers and leaders -- both Arab and Israeli -- are Freemasons, including those behind the Oslo peace process. As such, they share many of Prince Charles' occult beliefs and goals. Yitzhak Rabin was an active Mason ... In 1976, Rabin was caught on film presiding over a large international Masonic convention in Jerusalem. Various newspapers have likewise observed that Jordan's King Hussein is a high-ranking and proud Mason who frequently -- 'several times a year' -- travels to London to participate in Masonic ceremonies ... In November, 1994, at the signing of a formal peace treaty between Jordan and Israel, Rabin and Hussein were photographed exchanging a Masonic handshake as Clinton applauded. The shot was published two days later by 'the president of the Masonic Order of Masons' in full-page Israeli newspaper advertisements headlined 'MASONS OF PEACE'.

"Netanyhu is reported to be a Mason ... Teddy Kollek, the current Mayor of Jerusalem, is said to be a Mason. In April, 1996, Tel Aviv police raided an apartment reportedly 'used for ceremonies by the Freemasons, an organization whose membership boasts cabinet ministers and high ranking army offers'; the apartment's 'walls were covered in Latin script, skulls and bones graced the shelves, and crossed swords were mounted above and beside an altar'." [Ibid.]

Author Barry Chamish -- "The Masonic plan for the region is a well-kept secret, but Jerusalem is known to be especially important for the organization, as it traces its origins to the mythical Hiram Abiff, the mason wrongly believed to have been the planner of Solomon's Temple'. Christian author, Gary Kah, observes that Syria's Hafez Assad ... is reputed to be a Masons. He adds, 'For at least several centuries, Jordan has been a bastion for the secret societies in the Middle East and has much more influence in the region's behind-the-scenes politics than most people realize". [Ibid., p. 369-370]

As you probably realize now, the leadership on both sides of the Arab-Israeli war is Mason. During the 1991 war, I read that even Saddam Hussein -- cousin to former Jordan's King Hussein -- was also a high-ranking Freemason. Therefore, what we are seeing in the battles of the Mideast is simply the outworking of the Hegelian Dialect, where "Conflict Brings About Change; Controlled Conflict Brings About Controlled Change".

As we observed in our NEWS1643, events are being driven to set the stage so Antichrist could arise and rebuild Solomon's Temple. This goal is paramount to Freemasons and Rosicrucians the world over, for the past 500 years! Caught in the middle of this polytheistic religion called Freemasonry, and to be espoused by Antichrist, are all the major monotheistic religions of the world: Judaism, Christianity, Muslim. Once Antichrist is on the scene, he shall effect the slaughter of all these groups.

But, for now, Prince Charles cannot afford to be identified with a British government who is seen as a primary force attacking and murdering Muslims in the Middle East. Thus, it is entirely plausible that, suddenly, Charles seems to be yanking the leash he secretly holds on the office of Prime Minister, to force him to back Britain off her former position of strong, unyielding, and automatic support of the U.S. Position.

Yes, Britain has sent sizable forces to the Mideast to support the U.S.-led attack on Iraq, and she continues to send more forces even now; but, no deployment she has made has crossed an inevitable line. Every military unit sent can be recalled.


The Illuminati has long identified two major enemies of the global system of government, economy, and religion they are attempting to set up for their New Age Masonic Christ. These two major enemies are: National Sovereignty and Christianity. Today, the Bush Administration is exercising its right of National Sovereignty to attack Iraq, while President Bush has strongly identified himself as Christian.

Illuminist teaching is that every war, every conflict is caused by the foolish, selfish outworking of National Sovereignty. Therefore, they teach that the best, and maybe only, way in which to put a permanent stop to wars is to form a global government through the United Nations. The thinking is that, if all sovereign governments are abolished and mankind is ruled by a global government, and no nation is allowed its own armed forces, war will disappear forever from Planet Earth! Therefore, most heads of government are stressing that the issue of whether to attack Iraq must be taken through the United Nations Security Council. The U.N. is stating that President Bush cannot attack unless he is authorized to do so by the Security Council.

Further, all occultists, and that includes New Agers, view Christianity as a most bloody, violent religion. They point out that God, the Father of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, demanded that entire nations be annihilated -- man, woman, child, animal -- as Israel conquered the Promised Land. What few people realize, even Christians, is that the reason God ordered such annihilation is that these populations were totally given over to the most vile of Satan worship -- exactly the kind the Illuminati has planned for the entire world!

Today, President Bush is guiding the United States headlong into a massive display of National Sovereignty, and he does so from his position as a professing Christian. The United States embodies the very essence of the combination the Illuminati hates and wants to destroy: National Sovereignty and Christianity.

Our attack on Iraq may be viewed by the rest of the world as a Christian attack on a Muslim nation, utilizing the worst principles of National Sovereignty.


Therefore, we propose a plausible scenario.

"Christian" President Bush decides to attack Iraq virtually alone, with little or no support from England, from the European Union, or from the Middle East. As we initiate our attack, all the Middle East blows up in terrible conflagration. Israel is embroiled in horrific war with Syria, Egypt, Hizbollah, while the U.S. is forced to militarily turn on nations surrounding Iraq in order to defeat Iraq. Militant Muslims declare a global jihad, rightly understanding that Bush's attack on Iraq is really an attack on their brand of Islam.

In order to counterattack, Muslim and Arab nations use "asymmetrical" means; in other words, they initiate attack on other fronts. Pakistan may attack India, while the Plan has long called for North Korea to attack South Korea. China, long an ally to the Muslim as long as the enemy is the U.S., comes to the aid of North Korea, threatening us with nuclear war if we come to the aid of South Korea.

Entire Muslim nations largely disappear, victims of our Weapons of Mass Destruction. However, our troops take unexpectedly large losses.

Israel is attacked on all sides, and reacts in an almost unlimited manner, sparing no weapon she possesses to survive. In full fulfillment of Bible prophecy, entire nations are destroyed. We attack Iraq with a full range of new, sophisticated weapons to seize and destroy her land.

Muslim militant terrorists launch a furious attack on cities and other selected targets using Weapons of Mass Destruction. In order to cope with these terrorist attacks, and with riots in our cities, we turn to the United Nations to supply troops to restore order.

At the end of all these terrible hostilities, Antichrist arises, to restore "peace and safety" in the world. As he is not tainted with a strong original British stance against the Muslims in the Middle East prior to the onset of World War III, he is supported wildly by Islamic people throughout the Middle East. He will say to the peoples of the world:

"National Sovereignty, led by Christianity run amok, is responsible for this terrible World War III. We can never allow this to happen again."

He will announce that, from henceforth, all National Sovereignty is abolished, Fundamental Christianity is forbidden, and he will exercise all control, make all decisions, working through his United Nations. At that moment, a public seared by the wars that have just occurred, will applaud greatly.

"Peace is at hand", they will cry. The Christ is now on the scene, and all is well. The world will proclaim, "We finally have peace and safety" little knowing that Antichrist is about to "confirm the covenant", thus starting the 7-Year Tribulation Period and bringing the world to the beginning of Seals Two through Four and the rest of the Tribulation Judgments.


If this is the scenario being played out in our Daily News, then we can understand why the British Government seems to be charting a path that will deliberately open a diplomatic wedge between Great Britain and the United States. The British Ambassadors might have been briefed on the complex script now being enacted on the global scene, how they are to act and react at all stages of this time period. At no time can any ambassador of Her Royal Majesty take any action that might paint Britain with the same hateful anti-Muslim brush about to be applied to the United States.

If just a few British Ambassadors acted outside the parameters of this script, they might so taint the British Government with the anti-Muslim brush that Prince Charles might have severe difficulty winning Muslim support as he arises in the office of Maitreya The Christ.

Remember, we are not predicting this scenario; but we are pointing out that such a scenario does answer the question as to why all British Ambassadors were recalled in an historically unprecedented manner. Let's face it, the entire world is entering into historically unprecedented waters.

Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, but have been very lukewarm in your spiritual walk with Him, you need to immediately ask Him for forgiveness and for renewal. He will instantly forgive you, and fill your heart with the joy of the Holy Spirit. Then, you need to begin a daily walk of prayer and personal Bible Study.

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