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Subtitle: "Relentlessly savage, 'The Passion' plays like the 'Gospel according to the Marquis de Sade' "- the French sexual deviant from whom we get the term "sadism"!

"I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes." [Psalms 101:3]

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In NEWS1893 we warned that Mel Gibson's movie, "The Passion" was not a Biblical account of Jesus' crucifixion, but a pre-Vatican II Catholic depiction heavily influenced by Jesuits and Opus Dei secret society members. We also detailed the demonic, personally destructive emphasis Opus Dei places on flagellation, personal blood letting and the splattering of one's blood. The members of this secret society are absolutely spiritually driven to this kind of destruction of their personal body. Why is this important? Part of the script was written by a Jesuit priest. The assistant film director was a "supernumerary" in Opus Dei ["Opus Dei Awareness Network", by Sandro Magister]. Further, as Mel Gibson revealed during his interview with Dianne Sawyer, much of his material was taken from the writings of a mystic nun of the 19th Century, Anne Emmerich, a stigmatist of the highest order.

Therefore, this movie is deeply rooted in occultism and will probably contradict much of the actual Biblical account, as people will discover when they view it.

In NEWS1894, we reported that a Baptist pastor was thoroughly devastated for three whole weeks after seeing a preview of the movie. After recovering from his devastation, he immediately began to uproot his church from its Baptist moorings, instituting an Ecumenical/New Age program! Other reports indicate that some people who reviewed the movie were reduced to great sobbing, emotional and spiritual trauma.

What does this movie contain that would so greatly impact these people in this manner? In NEWS1893, we reported our conviction that this movie just might be the practical outworking of the "Spear of Longinus" card -- of the 1995 Illuminati Card Game -- which revolved around the crucifixion. How the creator of the Illuminati Card Game know in 1995 that the Illuminati was planning some event revolving around the crucifixion that would be useful in tearing down the Old World Order so the New World Order could arise?

In an effort to understand how this movie could so terribly impact some people, we turn to an eyewitness account, from a journalist with Newsweek, David Ansen. Even though Ansen is secular by his own admission, his report of the movie is invaluable.

NEWS BRIEF: "So What's the Good News? The debate over 'The Passion' may be less harsh than the film", by David Ansen, Newsweek, MSNBC, March 1, 2004, issue, http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/4338528

"I have no doubt that Mel Gibson loves Jesus. From the evidence of 'The Passion of the Christ', however, what he seems to love as much is the cinematic depiction of flayed, severed, swollen, scarred flesh and rivulets of spilled blood, the crack of bashed bones and the groans of someone enduring the ultimate physical agony ... Relentlessly savage, 'The Passion' plays like the Gospel according to the Marquis de Sade."

This statement is quite shocking! This secular journalist felt like he was being treated to an exhibition of the sexual violence and perversion of which the Marquis de Sade was so infamous that we get the word, 'sadism' from his name. Let us consult a dictionary for the exact definition of 'sadism' or 'sadist'.

" 1) An abnormal condition in which a person derives sexual gratification from inflicting pain and humiliation on others; 2) Delight in cruelty; 3) Extreme cruelty" ["The Tormont Illustrated Webster's Encyclopedia Dictionary]

We cannot know whether the creators and directors of this film received sexual pleasure by depicting all the "flayed, severed, swollen, scarred flesh and rivulets of spilled blood, the crack of bashed bones and the groans of someone enduring the ultimate physical agony", but we can be certain that this film is guilty of displaying "extreme cruelty" -- definition #3. We know this to be a fact because of what David Ansen says next:

"To these secular eyes at least, Gibson's movie is more likely to inspire nightmares than devotion ... It's the sadism ... that is most striking ... There's always been a pronounced streak of sadomasochism and martyrdom running through Gibson's movies, both as an actor and as a filmmaker. The Oscar-winning 'Braveheart' reveled in decapitations and disembowelments, not to mention the spectacle of Gibson himself, as the Scottish warrior hero, impaled on a cross. In 'Mad Max', the 'Lethal Weapon' movies, 'Ransom' and 'Signs' (where he's a cleric who's lost his faith), the Gibson hero is pummeled and persecuted, driven to suicidal extremes. From these pop passion plays to the Passion itself is a logical progression; it gives rise to the suspicion that on some unconscious level 'The Passion of the Christ' is, for Gibson, autobiography."

Since I have never seen any of these horrific films, I would never have known that Mel Gibson has a penchant for creating such deeply bloody films. Let us examine all of the "sadistic" elements Ansen lists, above, that are typical of a Mel Gibson movie:

* decapitations

* disembowelments

* Gibson, the hero, "impaled on a cross"

* pummeled and persecuted

* driven to suicidal extremes

After all these things, David Ansen says: "From these pop passion plays to the Passion itself is a logical progression; it gives rise to the suspicion that on some unconscious level 'The Passion of the Christ' is, for Gibson, autobiography."

It does seem, after all, a short progression from a film in which Gibson, as the warrior king hero, is impaled upon a cross, to a movie in which Jesus is impaled upon a cross! Could "The Passion" be Gibson's autobiography? Is Gibson personally caught up in sadomasochistic activities? We have no knowledge of that; however, the Opus Dei Awareness Network states that "Jan Michelini, director's assistant to Mel Gibson", is a "supernumerary" of Opus Dei, that "blood-oath" secret society of the Roman Catholic Church. Let us examine Opus Dei, for their practices certainly are sadomasochistic!

Let us briefly again examine some of the practices and beliefs of this most of occult blood-oath secret society:

Opus Dei is a very mystical, occult secret society within the Catholic Church. They regularly practice self-mutilation and infliction of pain. They use several methods to "mortify the flesh", only two of which have a bearing on this bloody Gibson film. 1) Cilice - a spiked chain worn around the upper thigh for two hours each day ... generally Opus Dei members are extremely hesitant to admit that they use them. It is a painful mortification which leaves small prick holes in the flesh; 2) Discipline - a cord-like whip ... used on the buttocks or back once a week. Opus Dei members must ask permission to use it often, which many do ... the Founder was so zealous in using the discipline he splattered the bathroom walls with streaks of blood ... The real point is that even if the cilice and the discipline are acceptable forms of penance, their use shows that Opus Dei members are NOT ordinary people, not free agents." [www.odan.org/corporal_mortification.htm]

Let us now examine some pertinent quotes from the writings of the Opus Dei Founder, Josemaria Escriva:

* "Blessed be pain. Loved be pain. Sanctified be pain. Glorified be pain!" (The Way, p. 208)

* "... Deny yourself. It is so beautiful to be a victim." {Ibid., p. 175)

Is this the real reason "The Passion" is so terribly bloody? We are convinced that the "relentless savagery" portrayed in this film has less to do with the actual Roman savagery in beating Jesus, and more to do with the demonically compulsive urge to inflict pain, brutality and bloodletting -- a normal way of life for an Opus Dei adherent!

Before we go any further, let us examine a quote from a current Opus Dei numeray that should shed some great light on Mel Gibson and his exceedingly bloody "Passion" movie. Listen:

"(Father C. John McCloskey III) says people don't understand Opus Dei because they don't understand Catholicism. In his opinion, most Opus Dei members are only doing what good Catholics should be doing every day ... In response to criticism that its practice of self-mortification is too traditional, McCloskey insists that many Catholic groups still practice self-mortification and that Opus Dei's whips and barbs are minor compared to other, more secular forms of self-punishment." ["Thank You Lord, May I Have Another?", by Craig Offman, G.Q. Magazine, December, 2003.]

THIS is the true face of Catholicism! Pagans and Satanists of all stripes, of all countries, and of all ages, are driven by the demonic host within them to flagellate themselves in order to placate their gods! In Opus Dei, members are told that they must hurt themselves unto the flowing of blood so that they can "draw closer to God"! [Ibid.] But, here is the major point: when Mel Gibson says he a "traditionalist Catholic", the chances seem pretty good that he practices daily self-mortification ! If this is true, then Newsweek author, David Ansen, may be right - "The Passion" seems to be Gibson's autobiography!

Is this the reason "The Passion" seemed just as bloody and mutilating as "Braveheart" to this secular journalist?


In his interview with Dianne Sawyer, Mel Gibson admitted he had consulted a book entitled, "Delorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ", when the script was written and the movie directed. This book was written by a deeply occultic nun, Sister Anne Emmerich. Emmerich was a mystic stigmatist who regularly bled while she was in meditation. My research has proven that stigmata is regularly practiced by Hindu and Buddhist priests, powered by a powerful demon spirit called "Ranchung" ["Longing For Darkness", by China Galland].

Let us now examine Emmerich's accounts of the flagellation of Jesus Christ. While we cannot be sure that the movie will depict Jesus' bloody beatings in exactly this way, we do know that Gibson admitted taking material from her book to use in the movie. Listen now to how Emmerich describes the scourging of Jesus.

Scene: Jesus in front of Caiphas, the High Priest - Anne is viewing the scene spiritually - "Whilst Jesus was pronouncing these words, a bright light appeared to me to surround him; Heaven was opened above his head; I saw the Eternal Father; but no words from a human pen can describe the intuitive view that was then vouchsafed me of him. I likewise saw the angels, and the prayers of the just ascending to the throne of God. At the same moment I perceived the yawning abyss of hell like a fiery meteor at the feet of Caiphas; it was filled with horrible devils; a slight gauze alone appeared to separate him from its dark flames. I could see the demoniacal fury with which his heart was overflowing, and the whole house looked to me like hell .... I remember seeing, among other frightful things, a number of little black objects, like dogs with claws, which walked on their hind legs; I knew at the time what kind of wickedness was indicated by this apparition, but I cannot remember now. I saw these horrible phantoms enter into the bodies of the greatest part of the bystanders." [p. 156]

"... During the whole of this frightful scene, the devils were in the most tremendous state of excitement; they appeared to have complete possession not only of the enemies of Jesus, but likewise of their partisans and cowardly followers." (p. 157)

In other words, Caiphas and his Jewish bystanders are demon possessed! Is this why Jews consider Emmerich to be Anti-Semitic?

Scene: Jesus' Mother suffered with her Son at Caiphas' palace - "THE Blessed Virgin was ever united to her Divine Son by interior spiritual communications; she was, therefore, fully aware of all that happened to him-she suffered with him ..." [p. 162]

"Mary was with Jesus in spirit, and Jesus was with her …" (p. 166)

Watch for the movie to portray the emotional suffering of the Virgin Mary, remembering what Pope John Paul II stated about Mary's role in salvation: "She (Mary) completes in her flesh as already in her heart what is lacking in the suffering of Christ." [Pope John Paul II, Apostolic Letter, Salvifici Doloris, n. 25)

"When she reached the spot where Jesus had said that he was the Son of God, and the wicked Jews cried out, 'He is guilty of death,' she again fainted, and John and the holy women carried her away, in appearance more like a corpse than a living person." (p. 167) Emmerich depicted Mary as fainting repeatedly, even though the Scriptures mention it not at all!

Imagine that" Catholics believe Jesus' sacrifice on the Cross was IMPERFECT! How dare anyone call Omnipotent Jesus "imperfect"!

Scene: Jesus was before Pilate the first time, with Mary watching the events from afar - "The Blessed Virgin knelt down frequently and kissed the ground where her Son had fallen, while Magdalen wrung her hands in bitter grief … Thus was the holy devotion of the 'Way of the Cross' first practised; thus were the Mysteries of the Passion of Jesus first honoured, even before that Passion was accomplished..." [P. 190]

Barbara Nicolosi, a Catholic author, told us that this movie depicted the Romish "Stations of the Cross"! Emmerich mentions the "Way of the Cross", which is just another name for the "Stations of the Cross"! These 12 stations are totally unbiblical and very Roman Catholic.

Scene: Pilate orders Jesus to be scourged - ""THAT most weak and undecided of all judges, Pilate … determined to adhere to his resolution of not condemning our Lord to death, and ordered him to be scourged according to the manner of the Romans ... The pillar where criminals were scourged stood to the north of Pilate's palace, near the guard-house, and the executioners soon arrived, carrying whips, rods, and ropes, which they tossed down at its base. They were six in number … They struck our Lord with their fists, and dragged him by the cords with which he was pinioned … they tore off the mantle with which he had been clothed in derision at the court of Herod, and almost threw him prostrate again… they barbarously knocked him down against the pillar… Jesus trembled and shuddered as he stood before the pillar, and took off his garments as quickly as he could, but his hands were bloody and swollen ... he turned his face once towards his Mother, who was standing overcome with grief; this look quite unnerved her: she fainted, and would have fallen, had not the holy women who were there supported her. Jesus put his arms round the pillar, and when his hands were thus raised, the archers fastened them to the iron ring which was at the top of the pillar; they then dragged his arms to such a height that his feet, which were tightly bound to the base of the pillar, scarcely touched the ground … then did two furious ruffians who were thirsting for his blood begin in the most barbarous manner to scourge his sacred body from head to foot. The whips or scourges which they first made use of appeared to me to be made of a species of flexible white wood, but perhaps they were composed of the sinews of the ox, or of strips of leather … I thought I beheld rays of light issuing from our Lord and entering the hearts of the latter [people] … The two ruffians continued to strike our Lord with unremitting violence for a quarter of an hour, and were then succeeded by two others. His body was entirely covered with black, blue, and red marks; the blood was trickling down on the ground, and yet the furious cries which issued from among the assembled Jews showed that their cruelty was far from being satiated ... The two fresh executioners commenced scourging Jesus with the greatest possible fury; they made use of a different kind of rod,-a species of thorny stick, covered with knots and splinters. The blows from these sticks tore his flesh to pieces; his blood spouted out so as to stain their arms, and he groaned, prayed, and shuddered ... Two fresh executioners took the places of the last mentioned, who were beginning to flag; their scourges were composed of small chains, or straps covered with iron hooks, which penetrated to the bone, and tore off large pieces of flesh at every blow. What word, alas! could describe this terrible-this heartrending scene!"

"The cruelty of these barbarians was nevertheless not yet satiated; they untied Jesus, and again fastened him up with his back turned towards the pillar. As he was totally unable to support himself in an upright position, they passed cords round his waist, under his arms, and above his knees, and having bound his hands tightly into the rings which were placed at the upper part of the pillar, they recommenced scourging him with even greater fury than before; and one among them struck him constantly on the face with a new rod. The body of our Lord was perfectly torn to shreds,-it was but one wound. He looked at his torturers with his eyes filled with blood, as if entreating mercy; but their brutality appeared to increase, and his moans each moment became more feeble … The dreadful scourging had been continued without intermission for three quarters of an hour … he quickly severed the cords which bound Jesus to the pillar, and disappeared among the crowd. Jesus fell almost without consciousness on the ground, which was bathed with his blood. The executioners left him there, and rejoined their cruel companions, who were amusing themselves in the guard-house with drinking, and plaiting the crown of thorns. Our Lord remained for a short time on the ground, at the foot of the pillar, bathed in his own blood …"

"The archers soon returned, and after giving him some blows with their sticks, bade him rise and follow them. He raised himself with the greatest difficulty, as his trembling limbs could scarcely support the weight of his body; they did not give him sufficient time to put on his clothes, but threw his upper garment over his naked shoulders and led him from the pillar to the guard-house, where he wiped the blood which trickled down his face with a corner of his garment. " [p. 205-210]

Scene: Mary during the Flagellation of our Lord - ""I SAW the Blessed Virgin in a continual ecstasy during the time of the scourging of her Divine Son; she saw and suffered with inexpressible love and grief all the torments he was enduring ... When Jesus fell down at the foot of the pillar, after the flagellation, I saw Claudia Procles, the wife of Pilate, send some large pieces of linen to the Mother of God. At the termination of the scourging, Mary came to herself for a time, and saw her Divine Son all torn and mangled, being led away by the archers after the scourging: he wiped his eyes, which were filled with blood, that he might look at his Mother, and she stretched out her hands towards him, and continued to look at the bloody traces of his footsteps. I soon after saw Mary and Magdalen approach the pillar where Jesus had been scourged; the mob were at a distance, and they were partly concealed by the other holy women, and by a few kind-hearted persons who had joined them; they knelt down on the ground near the pillar, and wiped up the sacred blood with the linen ... " [P. 210-212]

Scene: The Crowning with Thorns -- · "In the middle of the court there stood the fragment of a pillar, and on it was placed a very low stool which these cruel men maliciously covered with sharp flints and bits of broken potsherds. Then they tore off the garments of Jesus, thereby reopening all his wounds; threw over his shoulders an old scarlet mantle which barely reached his knees; dragged him to the seat prepared, and pushed him roughly down upon it, having first placed the crown of thorns upon his head. The crown of thorns was made of three branches plaited together, the greatest part of the thorns being purposely turned inwards so as to pierce our Lord's head. Having first placed these twisted branches on his forehead, they tied them tightly together at the back of his head, and no sooner was this accomplished to their satisfaction than they put a large reed into his hand, doing all with derisive gravity as if they were really crowning him king. They then seized the reed, and struck his head so violently that his eyes were filled with blood; they knelt before him, derided him, spat in his face, and buffeted him, saying at the same time, 'Hail, King of the Jews!' Then they threw down his stool, pulled him up again from the ground on which he had fallen, and reseated him with the greatest possible brutality. The sufferings of Jesus from thirst, caused by the fever which his wounds and sufferings had brought on, were intense.* He trembled all over, his flesh was torn piecemeal, his tongue contracted, and the only refreshment he received was the blood which trickled from his head on to his parched lips. This shameful scene was protracted a full half-hour, and the Roman soldiers continued during the whole time to applaud and encourage the perpetration of still greater outrages." [p. 221]

"THE cruel executioners then reconducted our Lord to Pilate's palace, with the scarlet cloak still thrown over his shoulders, the crown of thorns on his head, and the reed in his fettered hands. He was perfectly unrecognisable, his eyes, mouth, and beard being covered with blood, his body but one wound, and his back bowed down as that of an aged man, while every limb trembled as he walked … " [P. 222]

"The ruffians who surrounded Jesus untied his hands for his dress to be changed, and roughly dragged off the scarlet mantle with which they had clothed him in mockery, thereby reopening all his wounds; he put on his own linen under-garment with trembling hands, and they threw his scapular over his shoulders. As the crown of thorns was too large and prevented the seamless robe, which his Mother had made for him, from going over his head, they pulled it off violently, heedless of the pain thus inflicted upon him. His white woollen dress was next thrown over his shoulders, and then his wide belt and cloak. After this, they again tied round his waist a ring covered with sharp iron points, and to it they fastened the cords by which he was led, doing all with their usual brutal cruelty." [p. 231]

How about this revelation? Jesus wore a scapular, that perfectly worthless piece of cloth hung around a Catholic's neck, a cloth possessing magical properties, including guaranteeing that, if a person dies wearing it, he or she will go to Heaven! Totally unbiblical and so very Catholic.

Scene: Jesus beginning to take His cross - "The archers led Jesus into the middle of the court, the slaves threw down the cross at his feet, and the two arms were forthwith tied on to the centre piece. Jesus knelt down by its side, encircled it with his sacred arms, and kissed it three times, addressing, at the same time, a most touching prayer of thanksgiving to his Heavenly Father for that work of redemption which he had begun. It was the custom among pagans for the priest to embrace a new altar, and Jesus in like manner embraced his cross, that august altar on which the bloody and expiatory sacrifice was about to be offered." [P. 233]

How interesting that Emmerich would have Jesus acting like a good pagan, embracing His altar, the Cross!

Scene: The Second Fall of Jesus - "He was almost sinking under the heavy weight of his cross, and his head, still crowned with thorns, was drooping in agony on his shoulder. He cast a look of compassion and sorrow upon his Mother, staggered, and fell for the second time upon his hands and knees. Mary was perfectly agonised at this sight; she forgot all else; she saw neither soldiers nor executioners; she saw nothing but her dearly-loved Son; and, springing from the doorway into the midst of the group who were insulting and abusing him, she threw herself on her knees by his side and embraced him. The only words I heard were, 'Beloved Son!' and 'Mother!' " [p. 237]

Scene: Simon of Cyrene picks up Jesus' Cross to carry it, after Jesus fell the third time - "· "THE procession had reached an arch formed in an old wall belonging to the town, opposite to a square, in which three streets terminated, when Jesus stumbled against a large stone which was placed in the middle of the archway, the cross slipped from his shoulder, he fell upon the stone, and was totally unable to rise … This fall caused a fresh delay, as our Lord could not stand up again, and the Pharisees said to the soldiers: 'We shall never get him to the place of execution alive, if you do not find some one to carry his cross.' At this moment Simon of Cyrene, a pagan, happened to pass by, accompanied by his three children. He was a gardener, just returning home after working in a garden near the eastern wall of the city, and carrying a bundle of lopped branches ... Jesus wept, and cast such a mild and heavenly look upon him that he was touched, and instead of continuing to show reluctance, helped him to rise, while the executioners fastened one arm of the cross on his shoulders, and he walked behind our Lord, thus relieving him in a great measure from its weight..." [P. 239]

CHAPTER XXXIV – [p. 240]
The Veil of Veronica
“… when the procession had advanced about two hundred steps from the spot where Simon began to assist our Lord in carrying his cross, the door of a beautiful house on the left opened, and a woman of majestic appearance, holding a young girl by the hand, came out … and was afterwards known by the name of Veronica … she made her way through the mob, the soldiers, and the archers, reached Jesus, fell on her knees before him, and presented the veil, saying at the same time, ‘Permit me to wipe the face of my Lord.’
Jesus took the veil in his left hand, wiped his bleeding face, and returned it with thanks. Seraphia (Jesus) kissed it, and put it under her cloak … No sooner did she reach her room than she placed the woolen veil on a table, and fell almost senseless on her knees. A friend who entered the room a short time after, found her thus kneeling, with the child weeping by her side, and saw, to his astonishment, the bloody countenance of our Lord imprinted upon the veil, a perfect likeness, although heartrending and painful to look upon ... Veronica kept this veil until her death, and hung it at the head of her bed; it was then given to the Blessed Virgin, who left it to the Apostles, and they afterwards passed it on to the Church.” [p.

We shall spare you the description of Jesus on the Cross, for it is just as brutal and bloody as the description of His flogging, above. If Mel Gibson took the writings of Sister Anne Emmerich as his source for how to depict the movie, you can tell this movie is one bloody mess. Once again, we warn you: we should not deliberately seek out a more brutal description of Jesus' trial, scourging, and crucifixion than the Holy Spirit gave us in the Biblical account. Anything more than the Biblical description is from the Evil One!

In fact, Mind Control begins with subjecting the mind -- through the five senses -- with such overwhelming horror that the mind begins to dissociate with reality. Once this dissociation occurs, specific techniques of Mind Control can be employed.

We are very concerned that Satan plans to use "The Passion" to dramatically change the minds, values and attitudes of entire populations. In NEWS1894, we printed an account of a long-term Baptist minister who was so devastated for three full weeks following a preview that he began to switch his congregation from a Biblical Baptist foundation to the "Renovare" program, a combination Catholic/Christian/Charismatic/Evangelical/New Age study.

All of us can only hope and pray that this pastor is not typical of tens of thousands of pastors throughout this nation. If his response is typical of these many thousands of other pastors, perfectly good churches may be turned in this pagan concoction described above! Truly, these events smack of End of the Age times.

Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, but have been very lukewarm in your spiritual walk with Him, you need to immediately ask Him for forgiveness and for renewal. He will instantly forgive you, and fill your heart with the joy of the Holy Spirit. Then, you need to begin a daily walk of prayer and personal Bible Study.

If you have never accepted Jesus Christ as Savior, but have come to realize His reality and the approaching End of the Age, and want to accept His FREE Gift of Eternal Life, you can also do so now, in the privacy of your home. Once you accept Him as Savior, you are spiritually Born Again, and are as assured of Heaven as if you were already there. Then, you can rest assured that the Kingdom of Antichrist will not touch you spiritually.

If you would like to become Born Again, turn to our Salvation Page now.

We hope you have been blessed by this ministry, which seeks to educate and warn people, so that they can see the coming New World Order -- Kingdom of Antichrist -- in their daily news.

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God bless you.

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