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This is David Bay, Director of Old Paths Ministries.

And this is the Cutting Edge, a radio program dedicated to warning and informing God's people. We are committed to the study and exposition of the inerrant, inspired and authoritative Word of God. The views expressed belong to us, and are not necessarily shared by this station.

Our society is deteriorating, and Bible-believing Christians are ill-prepared to face that deterioration. This radio program is dedicated to preparing God's people to meet the challenges of the Day, and to encourage obedience to the Word of God in being separated from worldliness and false doctrine.

The moral bankruptcy of our society is well-documented.

Few people understand why we have become morally bankrupt. However, when we look at society through the eyes of God, through the Bible, we can easily see why we are facing the unprecedented troubles today. This study of America through the eyes of God is what we will always do try to here; stay with us for some eye-opening truths.

We have studied how New World Order Planners are utilizing the Six-Step Attitudinal Change Plan via Mass Media to properly conditional a substantial proportion of the population to accept the claims of the Anti-Christ. One group of New Age experts on UFO's, interviewed after viewing the movie, "E.T.", astounded the L.A.Times reporter by the statement: "Everything is being done through the children". Our precious children! Satan is trying mightily to sift our children's souls like wheat, as he tried to do with Apostle Peter.

Indeed, it only makes sense that Satan would specifically target our children, because it is through them that our nation draws its future leaders, educators, and parents. Thus, un-Godly influences aimed directly at our young children are pouring in daily through TV, movies, videos, magazines, books, and tapes. However, one of the most important avenues by which Satan is trying to capture children's hearts and souls is through our public school system. This will be the topic of our program today.

America is providing spiritual leadership in teaching New Age doctrines to American children in our public schools!! We should not have been caught unawares, however,because, as with most of the Plan for the New World Order, this plan to capture our public school system was well published. "C.F. Potter, author of `Humanism, A New Religion' (1930), said `Education is thus a most powerful ally of Humanism, and every American public school is a school of Humanism. What can the theistic Sunday Schools, meeting for an hour once a week, and teaching only afraction of the children, do to stem the tide of a five-day program of humanistic teaching?'"

But, the importance of education to achieving this New World Order was apparent in the 1800's. Remember, the New World Order is an absolute dictatorship under a One-World Government. The first published New World Order Plan was Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto in 1875. Marx listed 10 steps which any nation must take to bring about Communism. Step #10 was to institute manditory public education, with Governmental regulation. Since America has been committed to the New World Order since 1776, we should not be surprised to realize that education has been systematically moved from the private sector to the public sector, with heavy government regulation and power. This is not to say that all public school systems which have existed throughout history have been evil. However, the Plan has been to use public education as a battering ram to destroy the old system and then indoctrinate the children into the new system.

The first step is to destroy the old system, which in America is based on Biblical Evangelical Christianity. This system permeated all aspects of society, especially the Family and the Schools. Children received foundational home instruction in religion, morals, discipline, and normal person-to-person relationships as modeled in the home. The child came to school with this protective and sustaining foundation, and was thus ready to receive an academic education. Parents supported the education of their children in all these ways. Without this parental involvement and support, no child could properly learn.

The obvious first steps in destroying the old system of education, based on Biblical principles and upon the traditional family, is to destroy the Family. However, this is a most difficult task, requiring strong initial action and continuous action all along the way until the final goal is achieved of no family in the New World Order, and of children being indoctrinated in the values of the new system. Proper study of this most complex subject is obviously beyond the ability of this 30-minute program. However, we can zero in on the single aspect as to how schools are currently acting in such a way as to destroy Christian Biblical values generally and the Family in particular. We will examine, in this program how the school system is specifically designed to achieve this specific objective.

Before we begin, let us briefly review some of the key historical steps which have brought America to the point of our discussion today.

Step #1 -- After World War II, Americans began to move away from faithfully proclaiming the entire Truth of God's Word. Neo-Evangelical churches began to proclaim that we did not have to remain separate from the world, and Mainline Protestant Churches began to deny basic Christian doctrine. Symptoms of this malady were the establishment, in 1948, of the National and World Council of Churches. Thus, people began to drift away from the True God and their hearts began to grow cold toward Jesus Christ.

Step #2 -- In the early 1950's, Television made its debut. People began to drift toward un-Christian moral values and into materialism. TV also was the perfect medium by which people could be re-conditioned on a population-wide basis.

Step #3 -- In 1963, the Supreme Court decided it was un-Constitutional to have prayer in public schools. This infamous decision effectively threw God out of our schools. Since nature abhors a vacuum, Satan was waiting to fill this religious vacuum with his false religion. Beginning in the mid-1960's, traditional values of marriage and of sex only within marriage was rejected by millions of young people. It was the age of "Free Love". Sex and child bearing began to occur regularly outside marriage.

Step #4 -- By the early 1970's, the single-parent family began to become more common. Many young men saw no need to stay with the girl he had impregnated and the child he had fathered. Consequently, many families sprang up without the traditional Father-Mother leader-ship. Today, 1 out of 4 children are born outside marriage.

Step #5 -- This break-down in the traditional family began to seriously erode the essential foundation which enable children to learn. Further, attitudes of parents continued to move toward personal selfishness, violence within relationships, and abuse. All this is the direct result of both individuals and the government rejecting God.

Step #5a -- Respected psychologists began to advise parents that they should not physically discipline their children. This false teaching resulted in millions of children growing up rebellious against all authority figures in their lives. Since this phenomenon began in the mid-1960's, these rebellious children are now having rebellious children. Further, State and Federal Governments began getting into this arena by dictating that no physical punishment could occur at school and that parents should not be physically punishing at home. Rebellion became rampant.

Step #5b -- At the same time, textbooks and other learning curricula systematically excluded God from the educational process. Nowhere is this more apparent than the teaching of evolution in science and principles of humanism throughout the curriculum.

Step #6 -- With fatal consequences, the Federal and State Governments acknowledged the problem and stepped in with their "solution". However, Government rarely has properly solved anything. As Ronald Reagan stated in 1972, while Governor of California, "Government never solves a problem; it subsidizes it."

With this in mind, let us look at the state of affairs in our school system. You will see how Government's "solution" is actually creating New World Order values, while solving none of its original goals.

1. Abdication of Parental Authority within the home is creating the situation in schools where children do not respond to normal authority. These children have been allowed at home to control the house situation. Since they control their parents within the home, these children believe they should be able to control their school teachers and administrators. The result is anarchy or near anarchy in school. Teachers and administrators spend so much time and effort merely controlling the children physically that they have little time and/or energy left to academically teach.

The process works like this:

a. Teachers are afraid of the principals.

b. Principals are afraid of the superintendent.

c. Superintendent is afraid of the school board.

d. School board is afraid of the parents.

e. Parents are afraid of the children.

f. Children aren't afraid of anyone.

2. Single-Parent Families Are A Disaster

Well over half of children live in homes in which the natural father has left, so Mom is just trying to cope. She is faced with the following problems:

As a result, kids are not prepared to learn when they come to school. Many schools are barely maintaining physical control of the children. So much effort is being exerted in this area of control that teachers have no energy, either physical or mental, for anything else. The major objective for many teachers at the beginning of every day is just to get home alive. The long-term goal of many teachers is just to make it to retirement. So, when the observable goal of the administration is to pass kids through the system,

most teachers respond with obedience. High schools are under pressure to just pass kids through the classes, not to truly educate. This pressure comes from colleges, state and federal governments, parents, and school administrators. God forbid that any children should be failed; you would only get him back next year. It is far better that you just keep the system moving.

3. Assignments Are A Disaster

Everyone knows that teachers are giving out considerably fewer take-home assignments than just two generations ago. When I was in school in the late-Fifties/early-Sixties, I brought home 1-3 hours of home work almost every night. History and English teachers assigned term papers requiring considerable research, and Mathematics and Science teachers assigned pages of problems. I only had one home room class per day, not enough for me to complete my homework. Once I got home, my Mother followed up with me to ensure that I would be able to complete all my homework. Finally, communication between parent and teacher was continuous.

Today, even when assignments are given out, many children will only minimally comply; they give no extra effort. The over-whelming majority of parents do not get involved much less encourage their children to excel. Communication between parent and teachers are so poor that, during many Parent/Teacher nights, teachers will see only a handful of parents. Many Parents simply do not care anymore.

4. Christian Influence Is Gone

The Fundamental Christian restraining influence which has been normal in our past history is now gone. Even though only a small minority of teachers and students were truly born-again in my school, Christian values and principles guided the administration of the school. Ministers were regularly invited into the school to address the student body in the gymnasium or in individual classes. Ministers were regularly invited to graduations to either speak or to deliver the Invocation and Benediction.

Today's school systems have systematically thrown out all church influence. No longer can Christian ministers even deliver Invocations and Benedictions. No longer can any teacher bring a Bible to class or teach from it for any purpose, even for poetry. This sad state of affairs is probably a result of the apostasy of Mainline Protestant churches, who do not preach the entire Gospel and who have denied many fundamental doctrines.

5. Influence of Rock Music:

In many, if not most, schools, children's behavior is border-line out-of-control. Many teachers and adminis-trators squarely place the blame for this situation on the pervasive influence of Rock Music.

1. Lyrics are always suggesting undesirable behaviors:

a. Sex -- Always presented amorally or immorally

b. Violence -- Both boys and girls are virtually bubbling over with violence. The level of personal violence is barely under the surface of their emotions. The traditional difference between boys and girls in levels of personal violence is also rapidly disappearing.

c. Satanism -- Actual Satanism is prevalent in most schools today. Rock Music provides ample encouragement and many symbols. A quick walk through most Junior and Senior-High Schools will visually reveal the situation, as Rock/Satanistic symbols appear on walls, in lockers, in bathrooms, on books, and on T-shirts.

d. Anarchy -- Is one of the major themes of Rock, resulting in even more difficulty in maintaining adequate school discipline. Anarchy is rebellion against constituted authority, starting with God, but extending to parents and school officials.

f. Drugs and alcohol -- Rock Music glorifies this abomination, both in its lyrics and in the life-styles of Rock stars. One of the symptoms of our moral bankruptcy is that children have no wholesome heroes being portrayed in mass media. Teens' heroes are the Rock stars. These stars are literally the vomit of a sick society. Indeed, some Rock stars deliberately vomit during their performances.

2. Behaviors of children begin to match the lyrics: Surprise, surprise. Children continually act out the values which they have accepted on TV and Rock music. But, the Apostle Paul said, 2,000 years ago, "Whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, or praiseworthy, think on these things [fix your minds on them]".

3. The repeating start-stop sequence of Rock music, with its consistent 12-bar changes, create an altered state of consciousness in the minds of the children. After children have been at a rock concert, with its altered state of mind influence, plus the drugs and drinking, plus severe sleep deprivation, produce children who cannot learn the next morning. Some teachers call them Zombies.

6. Influence of Parental Immorality

a. One out of four girls in school has been sexually molested most of them by a relative or a family member.

b. One out of five boys has been sexually molested.

All children instinctively hate being sexually molested. This further destroys any possibility of meaningful education, by devastating both the home base and the school-ing possibilities.

The psychological damage is severe. Such a situation destroys normal trust in authority figures. It produces a deep-seated hatred for people specifically, and society in general. Boys will tend to react by acting out, doing drugs and getting violent. Girls tend to become sexually active. These young victims are so angry they want to hurt the parents by destroying the one thing parents are supposed to love the most, their children.

Many teen-age girls deliberately get pregnant outside marriage to get out of the house, to escape their existing home situation. At this point, the State and/or Federal Government step in to "help". Remember Governor Reagan's statement that "Government doesn't solve anything; it subsidizes it"? We need now to examine:

7. Government's Role In The Further Destruction Of The Christian Ideal Of The Family In The Guise Of Solving The Crisis

A girl who gets pregnant out of wedlock in order to escape an intolerable home situation qualifies for the following programs (These examples were drawn from the state of Massachusetts):

These benefits listed above only flow when the dependent child is under 5 years of age. Thus, the mother must get pregnant again in less than 5 years. This creates a tremendous financial dependency cycle, and encourages further immoral and anti-Family behavior. In fact, these benefits are either eliminated or are significantly reduced if there is a stable working father in the home.

These children are also the only source of someone who will love the mother. Therefore, when the child acts in a rebellious manner, this inexperienced mother might then either begin to abuse them or leave them. These girls got pregnant for the wrong reasons in the beginning. Now their lack of parenting skills, in many cases, are producing violent, neglectful, and abusive behavior toward her own children. Thus, she is creating the very atmosphere in her home from which she fled in the first place.

Many schools are attempting to destroy moral values even among children who are not anxiously attempting to escape home. They are accomplishing this through programs which encourage pre-marital sexual activity. Some of these programs are:

8. Anti-Family Assistance Is Now Big Business Within



Mothers are financially penalized if they go to work. Thus, we can clearly see that these programs are designed to ultimately fail so that this deplorable situation can be endlessly perpetuated until the time for implementation of the New World Order is at hand.

This is a typical Catch-22 situation. Our governments have created attitudes which spawn abusive homes, driving teens to do anything to get out. Then, Government and private service industry steps in to create a situation which encourages the teen to solve this problem by getting pregnant and staying pregnant at least every 5 years. But, since the girl is immature, she begins to abuse the children she has brought into the world.

The end result is that education has not occurred in these children and the traditional family has been destroyed. Once this situation has run its full course, the New World Order can be fully established because a substantial part of the population has not been inculcated with Christian values, or they have been inculcated with New World Order values. Further, most young people have not been taught to think critically for themselves or to appreciate their historically free heritage. A people who

does not understand why their government has provided individual freedoms is easy prey for any organized effort to take away those freedoms. Remember the Biblical teaching that man is inherently evil. Too many people today merely assume that because America has historically been free, we will continue to remain free. I believe more Americans today are guilty of this blind assumption than at any time in our history.

The final step in this process will be the implementation of a truly Satanic educational system, i.e., the New World Order.

What are parents to do in this anti-Christian situation?

Christian materials are available for Grades 1-12.

The time in which we live is truly a time of Spiritual Warfare.

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