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This is David Bay, Director of Old Paths Ministries.

And this is the Cutting Edge, a radio program dedicated to warning and informing God's people. We are committed to the study and exposition of the inerrant, inspired and authoritative Word of God. The views expressed belong to us, and are not necessarily shared by this station.

Our society is deteriorating, and Bible-believing Christians are ill-prepared to face that deterioration. This radio program is dedicated to preparing God's people to meet the challenges of the Day, and to encourage obedience to the Word of God in being separated from worldliness and false doctrine.

The moral bankruptcy of our society is well-documented.

Few people understand why we have become morally bankrupt. However, when we look at society through the eyes of God, through the Bible, we can easily see why we are facing the unprecedented troubles today. This study of America through the eyes of God is what we will always do try to here; stay with us for some eye-opening truths.

Beginning with our first radio program in early November, last year, we have been alerting our listeners to the intense drive to achieve the Satanic New World Order. In that first program, we systematically showed that America, as a nation, has recently acted in such a way as to proceed through the Standardized Three-Step Process of Satanism. This incredible truth means that we have thrown out our traditional Christian Values National Foundation, and have replaced it with a Satanic Values Foundation.

This tremendous value-system change opens our eyes dramatically as to why we are facing the unprecedented troubles today, such as Drug Abuse, Murder, Violence every-where, Marital difficulties, and Child Abuse. All these traits are identifiable characteristics of Satanism. We also have realized how this change seems to be one more important sign-post pointing toward the close implementation of the Great Tribulation. This Satanic system, of which God so carefully prophesied in Revelation, now has a name: The New World Order.

In a later program, we showed how this Satanic system could not have been realized had it not been for the intense activities toward it by various Secret Societies in the past several hundred years. Chief among these Secret Societies are:

While there are many more Secret Societies which are having an impact on the march toward the New World Order, these four are the most critical in terms of longevity, power, influence, and wealth. All these Secret Societies are occultic in practice and receive super-natural power and inspiration to advance their agenda.

A recent program delved into the historical fact that a German Brotherhood of Death Society, called the Thule Society, selected Adolf Hitler to be their leader toward a concept which he also called the New World Order. Similarly, an American Brotherhood of Death Society, The Skull and Bones Club, selected President George Bush to lead America, and the world, into the same concept, called by the same title, New World Order. The current New World Order is simply sanitized Nazism, and shares over 40 common beliefs and goals. We show, at our Seminar, how clearly America is following a parallel path toward Holocaust which Germany followed 60 years ago.

At this point, we need to remind our readers that President Bush is not the same in his inner heart as he is on his carefully-prepared media surface. The American people, along with the rest of the world, are being deceived as to the real intentions of those leaders, lead by Bush, who are leading the charge into the New World Order. But, Christians were so forewarned by Jesus Christ Himself, in Matthew 24, where Jesus repeatedly warned that the Great Tribulation would be characterized by deception which is so very professional that it would deceive the entire unsaved world. We are at this point only today in world history with Mass Media and with Advertising Techniques.

For our purposes today, we need to focus on some of the parallels of tactics between the New World Order of Hitler and the New World Order of the New Age. We would like now to share with you one article which shockingly demonstrates that America is following a parallel path with Nazi Germany.

NEWS BRIEF: Providence Journal Bulletin, March 4, 1992, "N.H. House Debates Doctor-Aided Suicides".

"Legislation that would make New Hampshire the first state to let doctors help terminally-ill people kill themselves has prompted impassioned debate...Organizations representing Catholics and doctors say it would be immoral and unethical to enact a law encouraging doctors to end lives. 'I don't think doctors go to medical schools to be agents of death one step removed', says Monsignor Francis Christian.

But supporters say medical philosophy has not kept up with technological advances that keep people alive without letting them live. 'My own feeling is that the public is out in front of the profession on this issue' says one supporter, Dr. Paul Gerber of the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center....polls conducted nationally and in New Hampshire show more than 60% support for doctor-assisted suicides..."

Dr. Gerber continues to state his support for this measure, saying that "the option of assisted suicide is an immeasurable comfort to ailing patients who fear losing control over their lives. The bill would let mentally com-petent adults who are dying ask their doctors for drugs they could use to kill themselves. A second doctor would have to verify that the person was terminally ill, and the request would be reviewed by a medical ethics committee."

We need to briefly review the pertinent points to this incredible article to see how closely we are following a parallel path to Nazi Germany as she proceeded toward mass killings in the decade of the 1930's. Robert Lifton, in his classic treatise of the role of the German physician in the Holocaust, entitled "The Nazi Doctors", describes the steps which German society and medicine took that ultimately led to the mass death camps.

1. Individual doctors and nurses became convinced that people who were ill did reach a point where they were living lives which were "life unworthy of life". They then began to kill such patients under their care through a mis-application of medical care.

This article, above, also states this point when it quotes un-named supporters of this euthanasia bill as saying "medical philosophy has not kept up with technological advances that keep people alive without letting them live." American medical philosophy is now making these decisions for their patients, as is evidenced by a statement in this article which we have not yet quoted, where an opponent of this legislation "acknowledges that doctors sometimes help dying patients by prescribing strong pain medications that speed death as a secondary effect." Once we have reached the point where doctors are admitting that they kill their patients under any circumstances, you can bet your last dollar that doctors are going far beyond this point, and are killing patients without their knowledge. Indeed, a Jewish Holocaust survivor, and born-again Christian, Dr. Wolf Wolfensberger, states emphatically that American doctors are killing in this manner simply because patients under their care have reached a point that they are living "lives unworthy of life". In his book, "The New Genocide of Handicapped And Afflicted People", Dr. Wolfensberger states, "Nursing Care is killing patients in ways that disguise the true cause of death, mostly by the over-prescription of mind-altering and body-destroying psychoactive drugs..."It is my personal estimate that various forms of death-making account for at least 200,000 deaths per year of handicapped and afflicted people. If this estimate is correct, WE ARE KILLING FAR MORE HANDICAPPED PEOPLE PER YEAR, THAN THE NAZIS DID BETWEEN 1939-1945."

This incredible statistic comes from a Holocaust survivor, activist doctor on behalf of the handicapped. Dr. Wolfensberger is Professor at Syracuse University's Division of Special Education and Rehabilitation and Director for the Training Institute for Human Service Planning. I find it very interesting that he would compare America's current secret euthanasia program for ill and handicapped people to that of Adolf Hitler's Nazis. Dr. Wolfensberger then makes a statement which sums up the seriousness of the problem, especially as it relates to each one of us. On page 62 of his book quoted above, Dr. Wolfensberger states, "...the likelihood is relatively high that persons afflicted with multiple devalued conditions will not leave a hospital alive -- even if their affliction and/or illness is relatively moderate. In many locales in North America, it is dangerous to admit to a typical general hospital a moderately retarded person who is above the age of 60. Secretly, and without involving relevant relatives...death-dealing decisions about such individuals may be made by medical personnel. Often, the only way to assure the safety of such afflicted persons in hospitals is to place at their bed a 24-hour 'guard', family members, advocates, friends, private duty nurses...who want to see that person live."

Most of you are undoubtedly in shock by these statements, possibly to the point of automatically rejecting their truth. Remember, we are living in the point in history which is now being called the New World Order. Much of the value system of this New Order has been secretly laid for years in the hearts and minds of millions of people. Hospitals are not necessarily the kind and benevolent places which we believe them to be, especially when they are being operated by God-less, unsaved persons who have been infected with the values of the New World Order. Such was the case in Germany, as word began to spread among families who had experienced sudden loss of a loved one who was suffering from some handicap, but were otherwise very healthy when they entered a hospital or nursing care facility for routine medical work.

2. The second step toward mass killing occurred as the Nazi Government began to support the euthanasia killing. This began to occur immediately after Hitler gained absolute power in 1933. Lifton states that this newly-found govern-ment support also began very secretly. The first action was to dramatically cut funding for certain handicapped programs so as to increase the strain of caring for these people. This strain was relieved in two ways. Many institutions began to just eject some of their patients, casting them into the streets, adding to the problem of homelessness. Other institutions began to secretly kill many more people by misuse of drugs. The second action was to set up a system which would appear to legalize and legitimize the killing. This was accomplished easily by setting up a procedure of review by a committee of doctors, who were supposed to ensure that no one would be killed without their approval. However, Lifton emphatically stated that this was simply a ruse, because the committee was deliberately staffed with doctors who were determined to aggressively carry the euthanasia program forward. Over 90% of all cases which came before the medical review committees were recommended for euthanasia. Therefore, we should be alarmed to read, in this article, that this N.H. bill would set up a "medical ethics committee" to decide whether a particular request for euthanasia would be honored.

At this point, some of you may be thinking that this bill is only for those individuals who were requesting euthanasia; no one was killing people who wished to live. Again, I would only ask you to not be deceived. Dr. Wolfesnberger states the truth: deathmaking is so normally repugnant that, when you see one public instance of it, you can rest assured that as much as 100-fold has occurred secretly that no one will ever see. Also, when the point has been reached where advocates of deathmaking are pushing for public acceptance under certain conditions, the practice has already secretly progressed far beyond this point. Remember that the New World Order has a goal of forced reduction of the world's population by two-thirds by the year 2,000. We are beginning to see the shape of the entire iceberg if we will just admit it.

Notice that no one is quoted in this article who is taking his stand based upon the absolute standards of the Holy Bible. No one is stating his opposition based upon God's commandments that "Thou shalt not kill", and that God has commanded special attention and care be given to the poor, the needy, and the vulnerable. When the word "ethics" is used, it is used without any reference whatsoever to the Christian concept of ethics. Indeed, today's ethics are totally devoid of any reference to God's commandments found in the Bible. American society is today without that anchor and is thus headed down the path which would be dictated by the human heart. What does the Bible say about the human heart? God states, in Jeremiah 17:9, "The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?" This passage literally means that the human heart is exceedingly perverse, corrupt, severely, and mortally sick.

These warnings from God should cause us great concern. Notice the intensity of these words: "Exceedingly perverse and corrupt" and "severely, mortally sick", and finally, "deceitful above all things". No other words could more precisely explain the true condition of the situation in which we are finding ourselves today. Incredibly, America is killing tens of thousands of her handicapped people yearly, just as did Nazi Germany 60 years ago. But why should we be surprised; such actions and attitudes are clearly the result of a nation which has rejected its Christian Values Foundation, and which has replaced it with a Satanic Values Foundation.

This article also states that the "issue has been clouded by the case of retired pathologist Dr. Jack Kevorkian, who is to stand trial in the deaths of two women in Michigan who suffered from nonlethal diseases." At this point, I would like to quote from an article in the Providence Journal, 2/29/92, entitled, "Trial Ordered For Doctor In Suicides". "Dr. Jack Kevorkian was ordered yesterday to stand trial for first-degree murder for helping two women kill themselves..." Dr. Kevorkian's lawyer stated his belief that they would be victorious at the trial, thus vindicating Dr. Kevorkian's position. This position was described by Dr. Kevorkian himself, as being that of "..a physician, unconditionally dedicated to the honorable and ethical practice of alleviating hopelessly, irremediable physical suffering."

Throughout Lifton's book, "The Nazi Doctors", we can see that German physicians invoked identical sentiments as the driving force behind their murderous actions. These sentiments were so wide-spread that Lifton coined a term to describe them: The "Nazi Biomedical Vision". This special vision is defined as justifying "genocide as a means of national and racial healing." Lifton simply was horrified that doctors could so reverse the normal terms of healing and killing and thus justify mass murder. He stated, "This reversal of healing and killing became an organizing principle of the work [of mass murder], and I came to suspect the relevance of that reversal for other genocidal projects." We are seeing this very reversal of terms in our papers today, and this effort is being led by Dr. Kevorkian. In fact, this episode is nothing more than the Six-Step Attitudinal Change Plan in operation. Dr. Kevorkian is simply leading the charge to open the door just a crack, to allow doctor-assisted suicides in certain circumstances and with certain "safe-guards". Then, once that door is thus opened just a crack, later events will easily push it open even further. We are witnessing Step # 4 operating, whereby repeated conflict between two opposing sides in an issue will dull the public opposition to the repugnant idea.

We can easily see how this entire episode is being manipulated to provide a badly-needed "victory" for the pro-Euthanasia forces. Have you ever heard of a person being charged of a crime for which there is no law? Of course not. The necessary prerequisite for someone to be charged in a court of law for a crime is for the legislature to pass a bill mandating a particular action criminal, and providing the penalty. Yet, this newspaper article clearly states that the state of Michigan has no law on the books against assisted suicide. Yet, Dr. Kevorkian is on trial for first-degree murder. The stage is set for acquittal. When this inevitable acquittal occurs, many people will then change their minds about killing sick people. Again, we see this parallel in Nazi Germany. As word began to leak out that deliberate killing was occurring, so many decent people began to argue that this action could not be carried out, because it was illegal. What was their proposal? Make it legal!! The Nazi Government was all too happy to oblige. We are on this parallel course today.

How could normal people, either in Germany or in America, reach this point where they could condone, or aggressively carry out, killing of persons deemed devalued? We can find the definitive answer in two places, the Bible and in history. The Bible clearly states that the normal heart of man is wicked beyond belief, and that man is ruled by the Lord of This World, which is Satan. One of the many names which God gives Satan is Murderer. It was no accident that man's first crime against man was murder. Americans have historically considered murder to be abnormal only because our society has been guided by Christianity. Even people who are not saved have been influenced by this standard. Once society rejects Christian foundational standards, people within that society will reject even the most basic of values. The rejection of the prohibition against murder is just the more obvious of the rejection of Biblical standards occurring rapidly in America.

History also teaches us. Lifton traces the German descent into mass murder by identifying the path of the common person away from the Martin Luther Christian tradition. Once people rejected God, they then became susceptible to conditioning for murder. This conditioning occurred in literature, as the ancient German occultic traditions of Nordic lore became popular. Germans began to fill their minds with countless stories of the murder, war, and witchcraft of the Nordic tribes. These tribes were greatly glorified, with the new standard of the physical conditioning of the Nordic warrior gaining tremendous acceptance in the minds of the people. Anyone who was not physically strong was devalued. Finally, Germans began to lose their inhibitions against the occultic religious beliefs and practices of the Nordic tribes.

By the time Hitler arrived on the scene, he discovered a German people who were ready for the final phase of the hardening process, and Hitler had mass media at his disposal to accomplish this task. Propaganda films were produced which depicted terminally-ill people in hopeless situations. These people wanted to die, and they were begging their doctors to be "compassionate" enough to kill them. The scenes were so graphic and convincing that no one could argue against them without appearing insensitive. Not only were most average Germans pre-conditioned to the acceptability of euthanasia, but several hundreds of thousands had been conditioned to be the active agents of the slaughter. Hitler had the willing participation of several hundred thousand German soldiers. How could this happen? By gradual hardening of the minds and souls of these young men as they were growing up, through the mass media of books, magazines, and later, films.

America is being systematically hardened today. In our seminar, we study the devastating effects of several avenues of mass media in hardening our hearts and souls. Consider:

The 2/22/92 issue of the Accent and Arts section of the Providence Journal carried a report about a new type TV show entitled, "I Witness: Real People, Real Deaths". NBC News has created this show to depict actual instances of people being murdered. Members of the audience can watch, in slow-motion, actual deaths, most of which are very gruesome.

Some examples are provided:

"I Witness Video shows you a Texas lawman, who'd mounted a video camera on the dash of his patrol car, being killed by three drug suspects he'd pulled over...The sequence, played up for the irony of a man taping his own murder, is shown three times. The second time is in slo-mo."

This article explains that many of the segments were less grisly, but that they all showed real people being killed, either by crime or accident. The author of this story was correct when he stated, "The disturbing aspect of I Witness Video is that NBC News has bundled them into an entertainment package, complete with nerve-jangling music and slick, smiling host...I Witness Video can't honestly hide under the skirts of news legitimacy. Its sole purpose is titillation, smack in the February ratings sweeps. The face of death."

What kind of people would be titillated by such death scenes? Only a people who have rejected God consistently and who have subjected themselves to consistent scenes of actors playing similar parts. Indeed, this newspaper author addresses this issue. "It's no longer enough for actors to feign their demise. Maybe we're weary of reenactments on America's Most Wanted and the TV tabloid shows. We want the real thing, and taste be damned." This progression from depicted scenes to desiring the real thing has long be acknowledged in Pornography, and has been responsible for many crimes, including serial murder. We are now witnessing the same progression of events on a nation-wide scale.

I believe it probable that Satan is now preparing many individuals throughout the world, including America, to participate in the planned Holocaust of the New World Order. Remember, these events are not happening in a vacuum, but are occurring simultaneously with many other sign-post events heralding the advancing Satanic kingdom of which the Bible has prophesied for the end of the age: The New World Order.

We are not reporting these things to you to unnecessarily discourage you; on the contrary, we recognize that these signs are pointing to the imminent return of Jesus Christ for His church. We urge all of you to take the following steps at this time.

  1. If you are not saved through the shed-blood of Jesus Christ, do not delay any longer.
  2. Begin to earnestly pray for loved-ones and friends who are not saved. Waste no opportunity to witness to others about the free salvation of Jesus Christ.
  3. Recognize how you and your family members are being conditioned and deceived by Satan. Begin to decide which programs you are not going to watch and actively police these decisions. Perhaps you feel led to throw out your TV set altogether.
  4. Aggressively live your life for Jesus Christ every single day. Christians today need to be filled with the Holy Spirit daily to the degree exemplified by that wonderful old song, "Heaven came down, and glory filled my heart." This spiritual infilling is the only way anyone can victoriously live in today's world.

But, such victory is possible, even in the face of the consistently evil world which is unfolding in front of our eyes daily. Please recognize that the end result of all this evil of the New World Order is the planned persecution of the Christian Church. Their books and magazines are filled with references to such persecution and planned annihilation. Indeed, God foretells such persecution repeatedly in Daniel and Revelation. But, this should frighten us only to the degree in which it drives us to our knees in submission to the Holy Spirit. We are called to be victorious over Satan, even at the point of physical death.

Remember, the Christian Church has always dramatically expanded during actual persecution.

Are you spiritually prepared? There is no time like NOW to accept Jesus as Savior or to begin the process of spiritual maturity.

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